Steam Xiao zhu pei qi guo da nian

Xiao zhu pei qi guo da nian

Xiao zhu pei qi guo da nian is a movie starring Yun Liu, Michelle Wai, and Yawen Zhu. Tang Yuan, Jiao Zi and their family enjoy Chinese New Year together, learning about traditions, and sharing Peppa Pig stories.

Other Titles
Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year
Running Time
1 hours 21 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Family, Animation
Dapeng Zhang
Dapeng Zhang, Qingling Liu, Ming Hao
Yawen Zhu, Michelle Wai, Yun Liu
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Tang Yuan, Jiao Zi and their family enjoy Chinese New Year together, learning about traditions, and sharing Peppa Pig stories.

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Walter Reynolds photo
Walter Reynolds

I was a little disappointed when i first saw this movie. My daughter, who is 15 years old, would always laugh at the monsters. The only way she could laugh was when she heard the sounds of a monster. She even used to make noise in the car when she saw the monster, like "e-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o". I told her, "Don't go to sleep! The monsters are scary! They'll make noise, so make noise too!" But, when i took her to see the movie, she wasn't scared at all. I must say the action sequences in this movie were excellent. I hope that in the near future, the same team will continue the movie's story.

James photo

i'm so surprised that i didn't see this film before this year. This is one of the best animated films i've ever seen. I think, aside from Frozen, the animated film of the year. I love it! The character animation is fantastic. A person at the moment was saying to me that they thought the characters were drawn more like caricatures. But i think that the fact that they've drawn all the characters as much as they've drawn them. The plot is amazing. I believe this one deserves ten out of ten stars. I wish I had more. :)

Rebecca photo

I have seen this movie several times and have enjoyed it very much. It is a wonderful animation for children, the story is touching and the animation is simply beautiful. I would love to see more of these movies, the story is great. There is a great cast of characters and the story is beautifully told. This movie is a must-see for children and adults alike. My only regret is that I did not see it when it was released in China. I would like to see the original Japanese version.

Robert R. photo
Robert R.

Although this movie was more of a drama than a children's movie, I still really enjoyed it. It was even one of the best Disney movies I have seen! I absolutely love all the characters in this movie. The great idea of the story was well executed. The way the characters were portrayed was just brilliant. I absolutely love all the characters, and I would like to watch all of the movies once again! I'm the youngest member of the family in the family, but I also really love it, and I still love this movie. I would like to encourage you to check it out! Also, I really liked the songs that were in the movie. There were two songs that I really loved, and I thought the other songs were also good, but I won't mention them for now. I really liked the story, because it was perfect! I can honestly say that I don't find any movie that has a more realistic story. The idea of the movie is really cool, but also it was really good. I'm really glad that this movie won awards at the Academy Awards, because they really did an amazing job! Even the characters in the movie really gave you a sense of the importance of a good story. I hope this movie will have a long lasting effect on the world, because it is really a good movie that people will love.

Katherine photo

This is a very accurate, straight forward, almost poetic Disney movie. It has one of my all time favorites, and in this case, arguably my favorite, as well. It is amazing to me that the visuals are so fantastic. My mind has started to wander about this movie again, as it relates to many of the elements of the story. Here is my interpretation of the story, while it is not an exact science, I would be very surprised if this movie did not include elements of the original story, as it is such a deep, almost mystical/divine world that my mind is already fleshing out and painting in my head. First off, I love how the story and the visuals are intertwined. The animation of the water droplets are so realistic, and the background that Tang rides on is incredibly lovely. It feels very tangible, and also uncluttered. This movie is based on the characters of Zhu Pu Yao and Tang Fei. So, I will talk about this separately, and they are not necessarily related. Zhu Pu Yao, Tang Fei, and Tang Ming are part of a family, and the Tang family is told in the film, to include their love for Tang Fei. The Tang family is for some reason tied to the Chinese Iron and Steel who is building a giant statue. Tang Fei goes off to search for his younger brother to get some resources to build the statue, and encounters Tang Ming, and they both meet Tang Fei's father. These 2 then find a way to join forces, and start to search for the Tang brothers. That is just the beginning. While the movie is very successful in bringing a modern fairy tale to life, I feel it is the characters themselves that are the real draw. We follow them through their journey, and it feels very organic, and not forced. In a lot of modern fairy tales, we feel the characters as a trio. It is more important to the story, to show us how their relationship/coping system works. In this story, they are both leading individuals. Tang Fei is very much known as a fire and sword wielder, and Tang Ming is very much a protector. In the beginning, I felt like the Tang family was very very good natured and friendly to Tang Fei. However, as the story progresses, I felt that Tang Fei became very distant and they do not speak to one another for a while. The Tang family actually becomes a bit more distant than we were shown, as we are not given a good reason. They become even more distant and not very fond of Tang Fei. They become distant with Tang Ming, but I believe that they do not really dislike Tang Fei. The Tang family really do not like Tang Fei, and we see Tang Fei using his inner strength, which is in essence, Tang Fei's strength. Tang Fei uses his talent to save Tang Ming, which is the key to the whole story. The Tang family is also dealing with their inability to have a son, and Tang Ming does not want to have a son. This story, however, doesn't follow this traditional story. Instead, this story is told in a very different manner, much more complex and mystical. The story is told from the point of view of the children. The Tang family, Tang Fei, Tang Ming, and Tang Yu are all kids who are very underdeveloped. The kids are not really meant to be likeable or to have strong feelings towards the story

Jesse Boyd photo
Jesse Boyd

My friends and I are huge fans of the Dragon Ball series and this movie is one of my all time favorites. It has everything from awesome action to beautiful animation to great characters. It's very well done and will be remembered for years to come. The whole cast is great and it shows that there are some great talents out there in Hollywood. The movie is a must see for all fans of the Dragon Ball series and it is a great addition to the series. I'm gonna go see it again so I can say I've seen it all. The movie is just so much fun to watch and it has tons of action and it has the most amazing soundtrack ever. I really recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Megan photo

I think it was a great story that is meant to be suitable for children. It is not meant to be beautiful or something like that. Some people might be upset about such a thing, but I would like to see that they can see it through their child's eyes. I think it is a very appropriate movie to be watched with your child and I am not talking about the whole thing, but about what is shown. I like the animation, music, and the story itself. I would also like to say that this is a movie about values and will tell you a lot about what values are and what they mean. My suggestion would be: take your child to watch this movie, but don't expect too much.

Carol P. photo
Carol P.

Story is clear and simple, the animations are amazing, good and creative, the flow is good, the characters are great. Animation is very good, in conclusion we have a great animation in our collection.

Albert photo

This is one of my favorite animations of all time! It is a true classic! The characters were very colorful and the animation is brilliant. This movie has a lot of heart and beauty and is very respectful to Chinese traditions and culture. The music, the story, the humor, the family values.everything is very very good. This is definitely one of my favorites and I will not see a Pixar film until at least the first one, this one is definitely better than the last one! I hope they don't make another one, it is just so far away from the original.

Barbara photo

So much amazing and comical and "dark" scenes that makes you say, "wow." It is a remarkable story that carries much meaning, and it is fascinating for kids and adults. The story unfolds over two stories and a great old-fashioned film camera. The first story is about the rabbit whose life was changed by seeing and talking to the rabbit he owns. It's so cute and surprising to see the young rabbits and think of them as children. That's really unusual, and really profound. The second story is about the human who belongs to the third family of rabbits, who have a good reputation for being kind. It's quite interesting to see this two-faced rabbit who is trying to be all good and gentle, but then shows his feelings for humans. And so much important scenes play in this story that it's really challenging and heartwarming to watch. What I can say about this movie is that it's a marvelous and terrific experience.

William Dean photo
William Dean

This is one of the best animated movies that I have ever seen. The animation is spectacular, and the storyline is deep. The story revolves around a group of orphans in the same place, and how their lives intersect. The same actions they all take and the same situation they face are inter-connected and ultimately have consequences. This movie has a great message, but it's also very fun, full of action, and cute. I love this movie and I would watch it over and over again.

Walter W. photo
Walter W.

In 1949, a great typhoon of immense magnitude rolls across the south of China destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, causing millions of injuries, and more to die of starvation than a flu pandemic. The survivors are ordered into thousands of cities where they live in squalid conditions under a system of forced labor in the cities. The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Culture collaborate to provide social services and housing. An injured doctor is sent to the city of Jenghu in search of medical supplies and medical care for people under his charge. He goes to the city and is picked up by a professional rescue group who send him to the city of Canton to see for himself the welfare of its population. The rescue group soon learns about the vicious epidemics ravaging the entire region, with the death toll at over 3 million. The film plays like a documentary, having a real earnest feel to it. It can't help but make you feel for the people and the plight of the people of the countryside. While I would have liked to have seen the film continue to tell the story of the health problem of the south more in depth, the film comes up with a simple and effective way to do it without losing the documentary feel. The idea is to have the rescue group go to the ruined areas of the south and recover medical supplies and medical care that the people of Canton have to receive in order to survive. This leads to the film showing the restoration of civil order. The scene in the movie of a rescued doctor playing a piano to the distraught townspeople is an effective metaphor for the people's plight. It all ties together in a neat package with the information about the origins of the diseases, the doctors' efforts in recovery, and the great compassion and decency of the city citizens. The movie's only criticism is the film's treatment of the relationship between a doctor and a husband. The Chinese doctor is introduced with the typical negative stereotypes about doctors in the world. In this film, he is shown as a ruthless, arrogant, overbearing old man who cares little about the social good of the city and whose life is his own. One should like this film because it does a good job of putting the viewer in the shoes of the people of the south, and it does a good job at showing them as real people who have nothing to be proud of. You may not agree with the film's treatment of the relationship between doctor and husband, but you will enjoy the film because you will see it as a gift from the Chinese government to the world.

Russell Thomas photo
Russell Thomas

When I was seven years old I saw this movie in an early childhood collection. In the beginning I was so bored, but the scene with the spider was great. It was the last time I saw a movie with a spider. Now I watch it every day. I have tried to re-watch it a few times. It doesn't seem to be as good as before, but it still is a very good movie.

Scott Turner photo
Scott Turner

This is an extremely popular story, starring the two stars of the children's film 'Spirited Away' to a chime at the end. As with 'Spirited Away', the story is set in a dream world where children spend their lives. It is about a family who lose their mom and father and decide to send their child to a magical world, where they have a lot of fun. The cast include the children's characters, including the children in this story. In it's time, the star of the film is 'Kotaro' aka Yubaba, a child who comes out of a dream world and has to go to normal world to find his father. Like the rest of the children, he doesn't get to know his father, but does have to grow up. It's a story of survival and how the children choose the one that best suits them. I won't give too much away as I have heard that it's very hard to say much of it, but I think I said enough about it.

Joe photo

It is fun to see more accurate portrayals of old kung fu. While watching this movie, I had a blast of pure entertainment. It has plenty of humor, action, beautiful girls, and a sense of nostalgia. The movie does a good job in explaining the old heroics of kung fu. It also explains how kung fu and political upheaval have played a role in the transformation of people in China over the past 200 years. The movie manages to show the human nature of all three major characters as well as the contradictions of politics and their constant fight to maintain their freedom. All in all, this is a movie that a good family movie can be enjoyed.

Olivia Keller photo
Olivia Keller

I really don't understand the negative reviews. I had watched the film twice and enjoyed it each time. The story is a story of love and friendship, and the emotions of the characters are beautifully portrayed. The song of the film is also a beautiful and romantic song. The film is great for all ages and children will find it easy to relate to the characters. The story is full of humour and keeps you guessing. If you like Pixar films you will enjoy this film. I really hope they make more films like this, because the quality of this film is really amazing. The voice acting is very good, the animation is very good and the story is very good. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did. I am very impressed with this film and would recommend it to anyone who loves Pixar films.

Nicholas L. photo
Nicholas L.

I am surprised that there are only 3 reviews here. Why? Because this is a masterpiece of a movie. I don't even know where to begin. From the animation to the story, everything is so stunning that it almost feels like you are watching a movie in 3D. I have never seen a movie so beautifully animated that I was almost in tears of joy when I left the theater. This movie is truly a masterpiece. It is very rare to find a movie that has such a great message, and a perfect mix of comedy and drama. I cannot praise this movie enough. I have seen it 4 times in the theater and every time I was in tears of joy. It is the best movie I have seen in a long time. This movie is a MUST SEE!