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American Dharma

American Dharma is a movie starring Steve Bannon, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. A portrait of controversial political strategist and former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon.

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Errol Morris
Errol Morris, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Steve Bannon
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A portrait of controversial political strategist and former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon.

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Zachary photo

This film is a must-see for anyone who wants to see a balanced, documentary style look at a dysfunctional yet amazing community. A documentary is a film that is produced and/or released with the intention of making the viewers think about what they have just seen. This film is not produced with the intention of entertaining the viewer or teaching a lesson to them. It is an honest and objective look at a community that is trying to come out of the doldrums and restore its self-worth and self-esteem. This film brings the community together, for the first time in a long time, and allows the community members to interact with each other in a non-judgmental manner. This film is not preachy, it is not a call to action, it is not a light-hearted film, it is a honest look at the realities of this community. If you want to know what is going on in your neighborhood, this film is for you. It is a very honest look at what is going on, and in the community, and it is not just something that happened in the past. It is something that has been happening for a very long time, and is taking place right now in the community, in the neighborhood, and in the world.

Martha M. photo
Martha M.

The first hour of this movie, the other 90 minutes of the documentary are absolutely the most stunning and enlightening I've ever seen. The real facts and the events reported are so much so not to be considered just biased. The director interviews as well as highlights that the things that happened at the Buddhist Temple in Thailand are still happening today and is happening in Indonesia today and elsewhere. Everything and anyone can have been involved in these events that are still happening today and everyone can have been part of them. Some of the interviews are not recorded. You will be able to hear the sound of the men and women giving statements and also the discussions of what went on. I think that there is a lot of truth to this and I am very glad that the director has put out this documentary. I am not sure if I can understand all of the accounts of the people interviewed or maybe the people themselves just were so emphatic in their statements that they cannot possibly understand what was said in the interviews. It is also very interesting that the documentary is made on this Buddhist Temple and not the actual Buddhist Temple itself. Maybe the events that happened there are not real or maybe the people themselves don't know. I am not going to comment on the interviews but I strongly recommend you see the movie and then make your own decisions about it. I think the director did a fantastic job. I have the worst feeling that people who know what happened will not understand that the real events that are happening today are happening right now and you will be very surprised to see that the events that were reported actually happened. The power of the people's voices is truly astounding. I don't think that I have ever heard such a powerful testimony. I'm not sure if the director has seen the movie or not but the documentary is definitely worth seeing. There are many things that I could talk about but I will not. I think that it is a great movie and I think that it is very difficult to see and listen to. I hope that it is just a film that we will never see in the cinema. I think that the people who did not like it or didn't understand it were probably looking for an example of how to film something or understand something. I'm sure that there are other documentaries that have better quality than this. I am just glad that we are able to see the things that are happening right now. In the end I'm glad that I saw this movie and I hope that you will be able to see it as well.

Emma photo

This is an extraordinary film. I watched it a few days ago and it was hard not to watch it all over again. The concept of 'selfhelp' and 'life coach' was always pretty abstract to me. The subject matter is different from any other film I've seen. To me, there are two types of people. One, are the 'real' 'genuine' people, who actually have a great deal of emotional warmth and empathy. They make themselves understood, and all of the challenges of life appear to them. They have a life in their own. They understand and accept that things happen in life and this makes it real, real to them. And then there are the 'life coaches', who have the power to make themselves understood and accepted by others, but never seem to have a life of their own. They are, in a word, on a par with the real people. They are abstract and with a limited understanding of reality. It's almost as if their lives are like a video game, so they don't have to actually live or deal with real life. It's almost as if their lives are artificial, and a coach is a life coach. This movie explores the second type of people. And although they're almost never the life coaches, they can be even more abstract and abstract. They know themselves and know what life means, but they don't understand and accept it. It's as if they don't care. They're not concerned with what people do or how they live, they care only with what they want, how they live, and their own happiness. In the end, this movie takes on this question: Is self-help really for you? Is it useful? Is it worthwhile? Is it really for real? Or is it just a form of escapism that gives you a sense of control and contentment, and doesn't have much to do with the real life? I think it's a very important question to ask, and it's one that a lot of people don't know how to answer. Some people think self-help is useless and doesn't really help people, some think it's helpful. And there's a third group, people who think it's just a waste of time. It's a very interesting film. The subject matter is very interesting and the film certainly has a good amount of tension and tension builds. And of course there's the 'fake life coach' and the 'real life coach' in this film. And this film does have

Donna P. photo
Donna P.

Anyone who has ever had to say "Yeah, I'm a Buddhist" is going to be surprised by the absolute mess that this documentary brings into focus. Not only does it make it seem as if Buddhism is a trendy and trendy religion, but it also makes it look as though Buddhism has some nasty problems. What exactly are these "controversial" Buddhist teachings, and why should we listen to them? Or should we? Just because a religious leader has a message does not mean he should be preached at. We should just listen to what he says, because if he doesn't say anything we would be more enlightened, right? Well, this is exactly what this documentary does. I did not know that the word "Dogen" was actually an original Japanese word, but after watching this film it is clear that there are some people who still don't know what Buddhism is. I guess that there are some people out there who are still trying to get the basics of Buddhism, but for the rest of us it is clear that Buddhism is a complicated and a wonderful religion. But if we think about it we should learn from each other. This is exactly what I believe is happening in Buddhism, and for the most part what Buddhism is teaching is love. This is something that most of us are still trying to get the meaning of. If we just focus on what is right or wrong and ignore all the stuff that is wrong, we can reach the point where we are enlightened. It is really a great film, and I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in Buddhism. Unfortunately, I am not one of them, and therefore I have to put my ego aside and just give this film a rating of 10/10. I actually really liked this film, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Buddhism.

Jane A. photo
Jane A.

I will admit that I was hoping for a more balanced depiction of the drug policy in America. I mean, isn't that the argument most frequently made in favor of "legalization" of all drugs? We know that prohibition isn't working, don't we? That's not what the documentary is about. What it is about is the unintended consequences of drug policy, and the rampant corruption that comes from that. It's about a bunch of people who have been brought up with some beliefs about drugs, and can't see beyond the evidence. It's about the effects of drug abuse on both individuals and society at large. It's about the corrupting influence of money on our government. I don't mean to come off as a pushover, but if you're looking for a film that shows some of the effects of drug use, this isn't it. However, if you're looking for a film that shows the story of a few people who try to change things, and the work that they do, then this is it.

Emily Ward photo
Emily Ward

This is a very well made film about the life of John Lennon. The two-hour presentation seems to come out of nowhere, and is unexpectedly touching. It has a wonderful sense of humor, and is not too heavy on the emotional content. The pacing of the film is relatively slow. There are no one-note characters and very few dialogs that require any thinking. It is difficult to go anywhere in the film, because it moves along at a slow, steady pace. What struck me most was the film's artfulness. All of the visuals are stunning. The characters and the settings are well chosen and designed. The director has a unique style and the writing is well done. I found the music extremely appropriate, especially during the closing credits. There are some inaccuracies in the film that I found frustrating. However, I believe that they are minor and are only distractions that distract from the main message. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in this story.

Jennifer Fowler photo
Jennifer Fowler

The Dalai Lama's show at the University of California, Los Angeles, was a long awaited event for the hundreds of university students who participated. The purpose of the film is to show the power of music and the power of the whole human experience to connect with others. Unfortunately, the Dalai Lama was not able to speak for a long time and the main stage was very crowded. The film talks about the reasons that lead to the need for music. It is a very heavy topic for many. The Dalai Lama shows that music can make you feel better about life and you can change the world. You can show people how you want them to feel in your own way. The film has some disturbing images, but it is a must-see for the whole family. Even if the Dalai Lama isn't able to speak in a few minutes, it's still a great experience.