Steam Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire is a movie starring John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key, and John Leguizamo. A crew of rugged firefighters meet their match when attempting to rescue three rambunctious kids.

Other Titles
Quem Brinca com o Fogo..., Playing With Fire, 烈火湊仔公, Non si scherza col fuoco, Jouer avec le feu, Şimdi Yandık!, Ne igraj se sa vatrom, 救火奶爸, Παίζοντας με τη Φωτιά, Chaos auf der Feuerwache, Igra z ognjem, Đùa Với Lửa, Igra s Vatrom, Mesakhakim Be'esh, Spēlītes ar uguni, Jugando con fuego, Brincando com Fogo, Ne játssz a tűzzel
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Family, Comedy
Andy Fickman
Dan Ewen, Matt Lieberman
Keegan-Michael Key, Tyler Mane, John Leguizamo, John Cena
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A crew of rugged firefighters meet their match when attempting to rescue three rambunctious kids.

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Nicole P. photo
Nicole P.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought that it would be very cheesy and not at all funny. It looked like the whole movie was just going to be about the father and son relationship. However, the movie had so much more to offer than just the "family" relationship. This movie was actually a little better than I thought it would be. It was actually kind of good. I thought that it was better than most other comedies that are rated "PG-13" for that matter. I thought that the acting was actually pretty good and that the chemistry between the actors was really good. Overall, this movie was actually good. It was a little better than I thought it would be and I definitely recommend watching it. 7/10

Jeremy photo

This is a great movie for all ages. It is very well written, with lots of funny parts and a great message about family. The main character of the movie is a "rock-n-roll" singer who's family is put in a very difficult situation. The character of the Rock-n-Roll singer is really fun to watch and the movie is well directed. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a great comedy or to see a movie with lots of funny parts. I recommend this movie to anyone.

Vincent C. photo
Vincent C.

I have to say that I have seen the original version of this movie but I thought this was a really good movie to see the different types of animal personalities. The original version had a lot of swearing and sex and this movie didn't have any of that. There was some good humor and a lot of action in this movie. It was very good to see the original cast together again and I thought they were very funny. I thought the animal characters were great and they were very real. I think this was a very good movie to see and I think it is really worth seeing.

Ronald Daniels photo
Ronald Daniels

Loved the movie. it's a little bit hard to follow, but it's entertaining. Everyone's acting was great. the special effects were good. if you're a fan of horror movies or other chick flicks, you'll probably love this one. not to be taken seriously.

James W. photo
James W.

I am a big fan of movies like A Star Is Born and Forrest Gump and this movie was quite good, I loved the scenery and the cast. It was a well made movie that was worth my time and money. I will see it again! I am planning to buy the DVD now.

Eric M. photo
Eric M.

I was a little disappointed when this movie came out. First, it had the shortest running time of any of the films I saw in theaters. I was surprised to see that. Second, it was a PG-13 movie. I expected much more action and more action-packed. I did like the actors, but the movie was just OK. I do think it was better than some of the other movies I have seen in the theaters. I did like the plot and the characters, though. Overall, it was OK. I am going to see it again, but it will be on DVD. 7/10

Jack Alvarez photo
Jack Alvarez

Let's face it. If you like fairy tales or like animals, then this is a movie for you. But if you're not, I can't imagine why you would even watch it. And I'm not saying that because I'm a dog lover or anything. I just don't like movies about animals or stories with animals. But I still think it was pretty good. It's a movie that you can watch once and then forget about it. It's a little short and the storyline isn't the greatest, but I like the way it was set up. The characters are all great. Especially the two main characters. The only problem I had was that the cats are not exactly like the animals. They are really cute and the cats just seem like the animals in this movie. But I don't mind because I think the cat and dog characters are actually cute and funny. And it's just a fun movie. I have no problem watching it again. I can't really say that I really liked it. But I still think it's a good movie. It's not really anything amazing, but it's a fun movie that's worth a watch. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anybody, but if you're a cat lover, I can't really tell you what you should watch. But if you like fairy tales, then you should definitely watch this movie. Just don't take my advice and don't watch it if you're not a cat lover. I know I wasn't.

Beverly P. photo
Beverly P.

I watched this movie for the first time in a long time. I was surprised by the fact that it is not as cheesy and cliche as I thought it would be. This movie is so different than I thought it would be. It is actually fun and entertaining. There is a great balance between the comedy and the drama. The actors did a great job, and the storyline was very interesting. It is a great movie to watch when you are bored and want to laugh.

Shirley photo

This movie is pure entertainment and is not to be taken seriously. The story is fun, the acting is great, the characters are cute, the actors have a lot of fun. The movie is very different from other holiday movies that have been made. The acting is top notch and the story line is entertaining. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to laugh and has a good time. It is a great family movie, it is not for the faint of heart.

Victoria M. photo
Victoria M.

I'm not a big fan of Ian Somerhalder. He's a good actor, but he's not a particularly good writer. But that is a good thing, because I'm a big fan of Ryan Gosling and Emily Mortimer. These two actors played their roles extremely well, and I could not have been happier. I didn't think that this would be a good movie, but I was wrong. I loved it. The music was great, and the scenery was breathtaking. I didn't want it to end. I would have loved to have seen the sequels, but I was happy that this movie was over with. It was one of the best movies I have seen in 2014. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It's a great family movie, but it is not a children's movie. This movie is for all ages. 9/10

Betty Daniels photo
Betty Daniels

A little wonder how a film with so many interesting characters can stay so funny? Well, it's because it's an intelligent film. And it's funny too. I can't really explain why this movie is so good. Maybe it's because it's very entertaining and has such a good cast. I love Jennifer Aniston and Tim Allen's performances, but they have to be on top of their game. I also like the way they make fun of real life celebrities. I would have liked to see the movie to the end more. It's not that they never finish the movie, but it could have been a little more, especially with such a well developed plot. It would have been a better movie if they stopped at the end and didn't have to explain what really happened. I really like how they added in the magic at the end. It just seemed a little too rushed, and a bit contrived. I also like how the main character uses the magic to make her own dreams come true. I think this is a great movie. If you like a good family movie, then you should see this movie. It's a winner. 9/10

Christine Munoz photo
Christine Munoz

The idea is good but the execution is a little bit terrible. If you watch this movie without any expectations you might be able to enjoy it a lot. However, if you are expecting something a bit more sophisticated than that, you might be disappointed. I enjoyed this movie very much and I have watched it many times, but I have to admit that I sometimes get a little bored of the stupid, weak, predictable, and unimaginative plot. Nevertheless, this movie is very good, especially for children. It's very enjoyable, a great movie for kids, but for adults it might be a little bit too stupid and predictable. I have to admit that the whole "I'm a genius" feeling is very fake. However, if you want to see a movie with a lot of funny, funny, funny scenes, this is the movie to watch. I'm sorry but I think that this movie is a bit too stupid for everyone.

Douglas C. photo
Douglas C.

All I can say is wow, did this movie really hit the mark. I'm not one for Tom Cruise movies, but I've seen some great ones in the past, and I've enjoyed most of them. All of them have a simple story line, which most of them have a good heart. The plot in this movie, was about a young boy who gets kidnapped by a cult, and when he gets back he finds out that his friend has been taken, and his mother has disappeared. All he can do is try and find her. The movie is great, with a great storyline. The acting is good, and the acting is great, it's so well done. The characters in this movie are great, and the plot is good, it's great. It's one of the best movies I've seen. I recommend this movie to anyone, because it's a great movie. It's a great movie. It's really really good. The acting in this movie was great, and it's a great movie. The movie is great, and it's really really good. I really recommend this movie to anyone, because it's a great movie.

Mary photo

It's a simple story, which makes it a bit hard to understand. But that's the point. This is a very light-hearted movie. It doesn't have any serious message, but it's still good. The cast is great, the plot is well thought and the production values are very high. It's a nice movie for a family, and it's a good movie for a date night. It's one of those movies that you can watch with a group of friends, but it's a good movie to watch alone.

Jerry H. photo
Jerry H.

A kid who has been bullied his whole life, who is turned into a one-legged man by the bullies, is transformed into a human being. I had some trouble with the plot but it was still good. It was really good to see the old prodigy turn into a guy who plays with his hands, a guy who talks, and a guy who is really cool. It was really funny to see the kid who had his leg removed talking about what a great person he was. If you have kids, I would recommend this film. You would have to have kids to watch this but it would be a good choice.

Rebecca photo

I like the movie a lot, and I really don't understand why people hate it. I think that people who don't like it just don't understand the story. The movie is full of comedy and romantic moments. It has a lot of action and action scenes are very well done. I really like the movie, and I really think that people who don't like it are missing out on a good movie.

Virginia Lane photo
Virginia Lane

The movie is great. I love the plot of the movie and the actors who play the main characters. It's a good movie for all ages.

Alexander W. photo
Alexander W.

The film was great. I've seen it several times. The story is great. I hope that more people see it. I thought that the film was full of laughs and not a lot of crying. This is a great film that is worth watching.

Dylan Stone photo
Dylan Stone

I watched this movie last night, and have to say that it was a very good movie. I thought the acting was very good, the story was very good and the plot was very good. I thought the way they were filming the movie was a little odd and I think it could've been better, but I can't really say anything about the movie itself. It is just a very good movie that I think a lot of people would like. If you are a fan of the main characters or you have ever seen any of the movies that have a girl in the lead, I would definitely recommend this movie to you.

Roy P. photo
Roy P.

I saw this film at the BAFTA awards in London, and was genuinely surprised. It's a wonderful story about friendship, pride, friendship and so much more. It's a simple story, but the stories, the characters, the themes, are all so rich and believable. I hope that all who see it will be inspired. I was delighted by the ending, but it's more than that. The film is a story about the importance of life, and the fact that friendship can make all the difference in the world. I thought that the supporting cast were superb, and I loved the beautiful music. I felt that this was one of those films that you have to see in the cinema, it doesn't get better than this. A wonderful film that has to be seen in the cinema.