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The Hollow Child

The Hollow Child is a movie starring Jessica McLeod, Hannah Cheramy, and John Emmet Tracy. A troubled foster teen, Samantha, works to expose a dangerous supernatural impostor in her new family and rescue her foster sister.

Other Titles
Espíritus en el bosque, Đứa Trẻ Bị Nguyền, The Hollow Ones, La niña de la oscuridad
Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
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Mystery, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Jeremy Lutter
Ben Rollo
Jana Mitsoula, John Emmet Tracy, Hannah Cheramy, Jessica McLeod
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A troubled foster teen, Samantha, works to expose a dangerous supernatural impostor in her new family and rescue her foster sister.

Comments about mystery «The Hollow Child» (18)

Kenneth Richardson photo
Kenneth Richardson

Great performance from Sam Neill, though it wasn't quite as creepy as I would have hoped. The entire family and I agreed that this movie was the perfect mix of suspense and suspenseful. The father and mother were played by Adam Scott and Patricia Clarkson, respectively. Most of the children were played by female actors. Best part of the film was probably the funeral. And the chemistry between Scott and his kids was the greatest part of the film. If you are a horror fan, then this is the movie for you. You will like it, but the story may not be for everyone.

Beverly E. photo
Beverly E.

This movie is outstanding. Every single actor and actress was phenomenal. It's a movie you will never forget.

Debra photo

If you are expecting a really deep and thought-provoking thriller this is not the film for you. It's actually a pretty light film, with a few jump scares here and there. The thing is, though, that the film is worth watching if you don't expect it to be much more than what it is. As a thriller, the film works and is fun to watch, but there's not a lot of blood or violence in it. There is one slight oddity in the film, and that is the closing scene. The ghost that we see on the television screen for the first half of the film is actually a figment of someone's imagination. The reason for this is that the character of the actress who plays Anne was originally supposed to be someone else. But it was in the writers notes and it's made clear that the ghost was never meant to be real, and therefore should be a figment of someone's imagination. So that leaves us with a really cool ending. However, if you do look up the ending, you'll find that it is just not in the movie. It's in the commentary and it's explained by the writers. There's actually no ending in the movie. Instead, it's in the film's commentary and it's explained by the writer of the movie. So, if you see the ending on the DVD, it's probably not the ending that was intended.

Philip photo

When you first think of a classic horror movie you think of the good old-fashioned style and on that level the 'Hollow Child' does have some moments of atmosphere and horror. However it's the characters and the plot that we feel bad for. Things aren't always resolved in the way we expected. It's not like it's wrong in itself, just that we're thinking that it's a little off. You wonder why the bad guy is doing what he's doing or what's going to happen next. It's all a little confusing at the start and then it all starts to make sense. Things just make more sense as it progresses. Maybe you think it does make sense when you first watch it but you might not think that well after a while. It's not a classic but it's still a very good horror movie. I can't say that it's a perfect movie, but if you can watch it with an open mind you might enjoy it. If you're not afraid of the mystery and you like a good thriller with a little mystery as well as horror and if you can watch it without a preconceived idea about the plot, then give this one a go.

Carl photo

A few years ago I was watching a documentary on the undead and suddenly my attention was drawn to a few scenes. The girl with the purple eyes was covered in blood and he was trying to clean it up. I was thinking to myself that it could be a zombie or it could be a supernatural phenomenon. I think it was a supernatural phenomenon because when I saw the girl in the past I saw her and I was scared because I thought she was a ghost or a werewolf. After watching this documentary I was convinced that it was a supernatural phenomenon. I think that this movie is the most underrated film ever made. The whole movie is a horror movie and it is a very well done horror movie. It is a true horror movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you want to scream or to run away. I give this movie a 10/10 and it is my favourite movie of all time.

Maria Rice photo
Maria Rice

So I finally got around to viewing this movie. After watching it for a while, I realized how good it was. While many have said how this was a "make your own movie" movie, I believe that this movie was made to be a special and artistic film. Most of the acting is brilliant and the story is original. The use of lighting was also brilliant. And to me, the movie is what it is because it is not made to be an "audience pleaser". In fact, if you are not having a lot of fun, it will not be for you. I have seen this movie twice and recommend it to anyone who is interested in discovering what the movie "is".

Melissa Duncan photo
Melissa Duncan

The Hollow Child was a surprise hit at the Sundance Film Festival, in the film of the year, and earned director Emily Blunt the Oscar for best actress. With a story of a mother (Winona Ryder) who is still grieving after the death of her son in a car crash, the movie is about a mother who has to face the grief of losing a child and attempts to cope with her grief. With a beautiful visual and sound design, a strong storyline and a strong directorial performance, The Hollow Child is a great film. This is a movie that will make you cry, and be moved to tears, and it does this flawlessly. Emily Blunt has to be one of my favorite actresses, because she is one of those actresses who is so versatile. Blunt is a movie star and a movie star does whatever it takes to get her job done. Her performance in this film is amazing, and what makes it so great is that she doesn't try to act or do anything new. She just does what she is, and she does this exceptionally well. And she is able to do this because she has great material. The Hollow Child is a very well made film, and with a great cast and great direction, it is a very good film. And if you are a fan of Emily Blunt, then this film is a must-see. 8/10

Terry A. photo
Terry A.

Not being a huge fan of the Halloween franchise, I found the Hollow Child to be a real treat. It's something I have never seen before and will probably never see again. The characters are all interesting and the film is very believable. The use of a slow, quiet, sensual soundtrack also adds to the atmosphere of the film. The film is not completely about a child. The film gives the viewer an insight into the mindset of the writers of the story and the beliefs that the child has. As a fan of the Halloween franchise, this film was a huge surprise. It is truly a rare, underappreciated gem.

Brandon photo

I found this movie very unique and thought provoking. I love a good mystery and it was very satisfying. The cast was great and each actor played their role to the hilt. I think this movie will be a classic in the years to come. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good mystery and would like to be scared to the bone. Go watch it. it's a keeper!

Lori Brown photo
Lori Brown

I went to see this movie after hearing great reviews. I was not disappointed. I was not expecting to see a traditional ghost story, and I was not disappointed. The first 15 minutes or so are very eerie and scary, and then the story jumps into a more traditional ghost story. The story is really intriguing, and has a nice twist at the end. The music is excellent, and so is the direction, both of which are major points in my book. I will not spoil the story for those who haven't seen it. I have seen this movie twice and plan to see it again this week. I recommend this movie to anyone. It will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Lauren C. photo
Lauren C.

The Hollow Child is a ghost movie that is one of the best of all time. The plot is somewhat confusing, and the plot development is rushed, but I don't care. It's an incredibly suspenseful film that takes place in a haunted house. I recommend the Hollow Child to anyone who likes horror films and supernatural events. The movie is beautifully shot, and the eerie sounds of a haunted house are amazing. The Hollow Child is definitely worth a watch.

Shirley photo

I really liked this movie. I first saw it about 3 years ago and I love the fact that it wasn't afraid to throw out the cliches about vampires. This movie, like The Ring, manages to hit that box that a lot of movies don't. I was really excited when I saw this and was never disappointed. The movie is beautifully shot and has a very good twist at the end. I recommend it to anyone who likes movies that don't try to be like every other horror movie out there.

Emma H. photo
Emma H.

I have seen this movie twice and liked it much better the second time. I find it much better this time. The idea of the story is also interesting, and the characters are just as interesting, and just as believable. I am interested to know what happens in the second part, because it seems to be a lot like the first one. I thought the acting was really good, especially by Dylan and Selma. And finally, I was very surprised to see some of the actors in this movie, like Chuck Barris, William Katt, even Justin Long. I am very happy that this movie has made its way to DVD. All of these actors should really be in the sequel. In my opinion, it is better than any horror film you have ever seen. I suggest you see this movie, and decide for yourself.

Russell Payne photo
Russell Payne

I saw this movie at the Hallmark Hall of Terror movie festival. I think it was a great movie and I would like to see it again. I didn't understand the plot or the ending but I really liked it and I think it's a really good movie. The music was really good and I think that a lot of the people who didn't like this movie were just trying to see it to see what was going to happen. It's a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I think you'll enjoy it.

Pamela photo

I must say that I am in love with this movie. It is a very unique story and I found myself completely absorbed in the movie. It is very intriguing and very disturbing at times. The story is of a family of three that moves into a new house and their children are forced to live in a world of their own making. The movie is very good, very imaginative and well acted. I highly recommend it.

Katherine photo

This film was a very interesting, stylish and captivating film. I loved the way it was filmed, the colours, the camera angles and the atmosphere, and the constant pace and mood throughout the whole film. It's got everything you need from a suspense film, the characters are very interesting and interesting, it's a very fun film and it just goes on and on. The script is very clever and it's not too predictable, but there's enough suspense to keep you interested. This is a very dark film, and it will keep you guessing right to the end. I also love the direction of the film. It was very well made and the sets were stunning. The photography is also very well done, as I said earlier. The main thing I liked about this film is the music, it's great. The way it was used was great and it fits perfectly with the film, making it a very stylish film. Overall I really liked this film. It was a very unique film, and it really does pay off. It's definitely a must see for fans of thrillers and suspense. I also thought the acting was excellent. The only thing I didn't like about this film was the very heavy-handed and contrived ending, it was extremely unnecessary and just unnecessary, but I have to say I do not like ending the films in that way. So overall I give this film a very very good and very good 10/10. * out of 10.

Rebecca R. photo
Rebecca R.

I've read many reviews on this movie and found the majority to be quite negative. I think the movie was great, in my opinion. The plot was interesting, and the actors did a great job, especially Ryan Gosling. In the film, the lead character, played by Ryan Gosling, finds himself being stalked by an unknown individual, who is a copycat, of a recent murder he committed. The leads character is, in his own words, "a psychopath." The lead character then becomes very determined to find out who this man is, and prove his existence to the world. This film was great. It was very suspenseful, and gave the viewer a feeling that they were really there in the house with the lead character, watching this person in his own personal nightmare. I think this is one of the few horror movies I've seen that is good to watch on a rainy day. The music in the movie is excellent, as well. I thought the music fit the mood of the movie, and it was very well done. If you are looking for a good horror movie, and you don't want to think, go see The Hollow Child. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Rachel S. photo
Rachel S.

A very well crafted and well paced thriller that pulls you in and keeps you guessing until the very end. The acting is top notch. The story is captivating. The direction is top notch. The cinematography is amazing. The direction really brought the story to life. The script is extremely clever. The use of sound is very good. The sound design is great. The photography is good. The music is great. The characters are very well developed. The pacing is great. The tension is very high. The conclusion is very satisfying. The film leaves you wanting more. I highly recommend this film. I am now anxiously waiting for the sequel. I rate this film a 10/10. It is a must see!