Steam Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Runs a Marathon is a movie starring Jillian Bell, Jennifer Dundas, and Patch Darragh. A young woman decides to make positive changes in her life by training for the New York City Marathon.

Other Titles
A Maratona de Brittany, Brittany non si ferma più, La carrera de Brittany, ブリタニー・ランズ・ア・マラソン, Brittany Runs A Marathon
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Comedy
Paul Downs Colaizzo
Paul Downs Colaizzo
Patch Darragh, Jennifer Dundas, Alice Lee, Jillian Bell
USA, Canada
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A young woman decides to make positive changes in her life by training for the New York City Marathon.

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Lauren R. photo
Lauren R.

RUNNING MARATHON is a surprisingly good film. It has a real heart and it has a real message. It also has a real sense of humor that is funny but not over the top. There are a couple of funny parts but they are few and far between. The film is very well written and directed and the performances are very good. It is a very original film that is very well made and is well worth watching. It is one of the better films of 2007.

Emma photo

Brittany runs a marathon and this is her first. I was interested to see what she was doing and I found it to be very educational. It is a good movie to see and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Michael photo

I absolutely love this movie. I was watching it in my college, and I realized that it's based on a true story. I remember seeing it on the TV one time, and I was laughing so hard. I'm really glad that I watched this movie. It is definitely not a typical romantic movie. The movie's plot is funny, and it makes you think. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good comedy. I give it a 9 out of 10.

John Chapman photo
John Chapman

This movie is for anyone who wants to have a good laugh and is in the mood for a good drama. It's about the lives of three people who are living in a house in the middle of nowhere. The house itself is a piece of art. It's been in the family for years and has never been sold. When the owner is diagnosed with a brain tumor, the family tries to sell the house. At the same time, a family of four moves into the house and is having trouble adjusting to it. The movie takes place in the beginning of the movie, where the people are getting ready for the race. The pace is very slow, but the story is full of funny and exciting moments. Brittany, the mother, has to do a lot of housework and the father, played by Sean Astin, has a hard time adjusting to his new family. But he tries his best. This movie is a must-see!

Mildred B. photo
Mildred B.

I am a big fan of music. I am also a huge fan of Jackie Chan, I've seen many of his movies and I think that he is one of the best action actors of all time. I am also a big fan of Oprah Winfrey. I have seen her in many movies, but I have never seen her in a movie where she really appeared on the screen. I think that this movie is a great movie. It's a movie that everyone can relate to and that is what makes it so great. The acting is great, the story is great, and the music is great. You just can't get any better than this movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Janet photo

What a fantastic movie! So well done on all levels. First and foremost, I would like to say that this is not the best movie of all time, but it's far from being the worst. I was pleasantly surprised that the movie had a story line and story beats that were not too far off. The characters were very believable and I was completely involved with them. It was a great movie. I loved the music and the acting. I loved the story. I was completely invested in it and I was not bored one bit. I was just so in love with this movie that I couldn't stop myself from watching it over and over. I was completely captivated. This is one of those movies that I plan on watching again and again and again. I hope everyone who watched this movie has a wonderful time watching it. This is a movie that will stay with you and you will never forget it.

Andrea W. photo
Andrea W.

I really liked this film. It's a really great story. There's not much of a plot, but it's really entertaining. The characters are really well drawn, especially the main character and the guy who plays the kid. I thought the movie was really good, and I thought the acting was really good. The ending was really good. I really liked it. It's not really for everyone, but I really liked it. I think it's really good.

Samantha C. photo
Samantha C.

I just saw the movie for the first time in my life, and I'm in love. I've watched it a couple times and now I have a tape of it. I have to say, the movie is great. It has a great story, great actors and great music. The movie really makes you feel like you are part of it. It is about Brittany and her family, but also about her relationship with her dad. Brittany is a strong woman, but her dad is not. It really is a story about how a person can overcome a situation in life. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has ever wanted to go to the marathon or wanted to see a movie about a person who has gone through something like that. It's a great movie and I'm in love with it. I've given it a 9 out of 10.

Helen photo

I first saw this film when I was in junior high school, and I thought it was pretty funny. I've since seen it a couple of times and I still think it's pretty funny. The acting is pretty good, and the plot is very simple. It's also pretty well done, and has some pretty good moments. I think this is the first time I've seen this movie, but I think I would recommend it to anyone who likes comedies.

Jessica J. photo
Jessica J.

I'll admit that I am a person who is not easily offended, but I found this movie offensive to me. I guess that it is a comedy, but I thought the jokes were just not funny. I also thought the movie was too long, and there were too many unnecessary scenes. The movie also had no redeeming qualities. I was very disappointed in this movie, and I think it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I think the reason this movie was so successful is because the movie is very funny. If you are easily offended, then you will not like this movie. If you enjoy a good movie, then this movie is not for you. I give this movie a 6/10.

Karen T. photo
Karen T.

I saw this movie last night and it is very well done. The characters are so well done and the acting is so good. I love this movie because it is realistic. The story is so great. I love the way they show the problems that a person like Brittany has. Brittany is a pretty person that just wants to run. She has problems with her family and she is not happy. She is not a good person. She has a boyfriend that has problems with his girlfriend and she is not happy with her family. Brittany is very sad and she is just trying to run and get back to normal. The people that are in this movie are not like the people that Brittany is in. Brittany is a really good person. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a good movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Philip D. photo
Philip D.

This is a movie that just works. There is no need to say more about the movie. I can't even begin to describe the brilliance of this movie. It has everything that a movie needs to be a success. The acting is excellent, the directing is great, and the script is fantastic. I really recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good movie, and is looking for a fun, smart, entertaining, and exciting movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. I gave this movie a 9 out of 10, and I have to say that I am not sure what more to say. If you haven't seen this movie, you must. I am not sure how long you will like it, but I guarantee you that you will love this movie.

Tyler C. photo
Tyler C.

I really enjoyed this film. I didn't expect much when I saw the poster and the title but I thought it was an interesting story that had some good surprises. The cast is fantastic and I really enjoyed the way they carried out the story. I think it's a great idea to keep the story a mystery but I guess that would be a bit boring. I didn't really like the ending but I guess I should have been expecting that. I really liked the film and I think everyone should see it.

Frank B. photo
Frank B.

When I saw the trailer for this film, I was so excited to see this movie. I was a little skeptical, but I thought it was going to be another mindless slasher movie. It wasn't. I really enjoyed this film. The acting was really good, the script was good, the story was really good, and it was pretty funny. Brittany is a really interesting character. I'm not sure if I would say she's a hero or a villain. She's not trying to save the world. She's just trying to make her life better. That's pretty badass. Brittany is definitely someone to watch. She's a good person to root for. It's a really good movie. I'm giving it a 9/10.

Diana photo

I have to say that I was really surprised by this movie. I was expecting it to be a typical chick-flick that wouldn't be very good. Instead it was surprisingly good. It was well-written and it was very realistic. It was a nice change of pace for me from the typical chick-flick movies I usually see. It also had a nice ending that made me feel like it was a good ending. I recommend it to everyone, especially to those who have an interest in women's running.

Kathryn photo

This movie was a very good watch. It has a lot of laughs, and a few tears. It is the perfect movie to watch when you want to get away from all the stress of everyday life. You don't have to feel guilty for laughing or crying, you just have to enjoy it and you'll be fine. If you have kids, I highly recommend this movie.

Sarah W. photo
Sarah W.

I think that the movie is very good. I loved it. It is about a young girl that wants to run a marathon. She has a boyfriend who does not want to see her run. So she has to find someone who will help her. Her friend Katie is there for her. The movie has some funny parts. There are some very funny scenes. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to see a good movie. I think that the movie is about the people that are not the best. They are just trying to do what they can. The movie is very good. I would like to see it again. It is a good movie.

Christine Fisher photo
Christine Fisher

It's been awhile since I've seen this film and I was surprised to see it at the cinema. The plot is simple, it tells the story of a young woman (Samantha Mathis) who runs a marathon and, after her first race, decides to quit the race and go back to school. She comes back and is told by her mother (Mary-Louise Parker) that she can't run a marathon again and that she must go back to school. So she goes back to school and meets her new school teacher (William H. Macy) and they become close friends. The film is very well done. It is very funny and, although it is a little slow, it's still very well done. The film is very moving and shows the positive side of people who are dealing with things in their lives that they never thought they would have to deal with. It's also a very touching film because it shows that even though you have problems, you can overcome them and be strong for your friends and family. The cast is great. It is very good to see Mary-Louise Parker and William H. Macy together again. I also like the relationship between Samantha and her new school teacher. This film was very well done and I recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a good film.

Gloria W. photo
Gloria W.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see a movie about a girl running is: "Oh, I want to watch that!" The plot is very simple and follows a very predictable path. The movie is a little bit slow in parts and the music is not that great. However, the movie does not bore you and you will enjoy it. It is very funny and the girl is very beautiful. This is a great movie for a girl to watch and it is a must see.

Mark Walters photo
Mark Walters

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I was surprised that it was going to be about a female running a marathon. I was actually pretty excited. I thought it would be a little goofy, but I was wrong. This movie is very funny and romantic, and the characters are actually very well-developed. I think it's the best movie I've seen in a long time. I'm not sure what people were expecting when they went into this movie, but I think they were expecting a chick-flick. I think that's what they got, but I think it's a great movie. I don't know if it's a classic or not, but I think it's a good movie. If you're a fan of the movie, you should go see it. If you're not a fan of the movie, you should go see it. I think this movie is going to be a big hit.

Arthur B. photo
Arthur B.

I watched this movie at a charity event and was shocked to see how much I enjoyed it. I've been an avid fan of Christina Applegate since I was about 7 years old and I've watched her in so many movies. I have been waiting for a good movie to be released that would make me fall in love with her again and this movie did that. I've seen her in a lot of movies, but never really had a reason to watch the one that I really liked. I watched this movie and I loved it. It was funny and it was a heartwarming story about how one person can make a difference in someone's life. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of Christina Applegate.