Steam Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is a movie starring Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, and Paul Whitehouse. Skeptical professor Phillip Goodman embarks on a trip to the terrifying after being given a file with details of three unexplained cases of...

Other Titles
Historias de ultratumba, Vaiduokliu byla, Historias de Ultratumba, Ιστορίες φαντασμάτων, Vaimude lahkaja, Przebudzenie dusz, Historias de fantasmas, Priče o duhovima, Ghost Stories - Noites de Terror, Histórias de Além-Túmulo, Hayalet Hikâyeleri, ゴースト・ストーリーズ 英国幽霊奇談
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Horror, Drama
Andy Nyman, Jeremy Dyson
Jeremy Dyson, Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman, Andy Nyman
Alex Lawther, Paul Whitehouse, Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Skeptical professor Phillip Goodman embarks on a trip to the terrifying after being given a file with details of three unexplained cases of apparitions.

Comments about horror «Ghost Stories» (23)

Jose photo

I'm not a fan of horror movies, but this one was pretty damn good. It had a good story, good actors and it kept you interested. It was very scary, and not a single person in the theater seemed to be scared. I can't wait to see what happens next in this movie. Definitely recommend!

Mildred photo

I've seen a lot of films in my life. I've seen them all. I've seen them all at least three times and I've seen them all at least once more. The thing that makes me keep watching is the fact that I don't know what to expect. I don't know if I'll enjoy it or not. If you like this movie, I really can't recommend it enough. It's got a very great story and I think that it's got a very great message in it. It's a movie that I can watch again and again. I think that you have to have a very open mind to watch this movie. This movie is very disturbing and very disturbing. If you have any kind of a problem with that, then you might not like it. This is a movie that you have to watch more than once to really get into it.

Ann Stewart photo
Ann Stewart

A very dark and very twisted movie that is not for the faint hearted. It's really a movie you have to watch with a lot of patience and a very large amount of skill in reading between the lines. There are a few scenes in this film that will make you jump, but most will be very hard to watch. You will probably be asking yourself, "What the hell was that?" A lot of this film is reminiscent of the film "The Shining", which is another movie that may be a bit hard to watch for those with a weak stomach. The acting in this movie is fantastic. The script is very good, and the direction is very well done. You'll be surprised at how good this movie is. If you are a fan of the horror genre, you should definitely check this out. 8/10

Eric photo

The subject of this film is disturbing, and in its originality, this movie stands out. It is not a straight horror film. The movie takes time to explain how the characters got to the place they were, and it does a good job of it. This movie is a thought-provoking and touching film. I highly recommend it.

Harry H. photo
Harry H.

Some things are better left unsaid. I found myself caring about these two characters more than the film itself. I think I was intrigued more than anything else. I found myself sitting in the theatre with my eyes glued to the screen and thinking to myself 'if only I had known this was going to be this good'. The use of multiple camera angles to give the film a unique feel was superb. The film is very dark and depressing. However, the film manages to draw you in and keep you interested. It has a great story and the characters are very interesting. I recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in horror films.

Ruth photo

I have seen this movie many times, and I will always remember it. It is one of those movies that you can watch over and over and still be fascinated by it. The plot is not very complex, but it's the details that make it so. The characters are all interesting, and the relationship between the father and his daughter is a perfect example of a father and daughter relationship. It is a movie that you will not forget. I also liked the ending. It was very satisfying, and I was happy that it ended on a good note. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror films and/or psychological thrillers. It is a great movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes movies.

Jerry L. photo
Jerry L.

I was in a theatre when I first saw this film. I was excited to see the trailer and was very intrigued. I was thrilled to finally see it and was so very disappointed to find out it wasn't worth the hype. I felt the writing was weak, the acting was very weak, and the direction was too sloppy and amateurish. I didn't understand why they put so many characters in the movie. I also found that the movie was very slow and some of the acting was so cheesy and the story was too sketchy. Also, the plot was extremely thin. I was very disappointed. I still don't understand why they did that. The ending was very poor. I was so disappointed. I think that the director should have waited for this to come out on DVD before doing another horror movie. I don't understand why they did that.

Jordan Foster photo
Jordan Foster

I read a review about this movie that was pretty negative and a lot of the comments in the movie were talking about the low budget and what it cost to make this movie. They also did a great job showing how much effort went into it. I have seen this movie 3 times and I still think it is a very good movie. I think it is a great movie because it is a little different from all the horror movies out there. This movie is not really a horror movie. It is about a girl who gets possessed and wants to take revenge on all the people who have hurt her and she also wants to make a pact with a demon. She is pretty sadistic and she wants to make a pact with a demon and she wants to be a vampire. This movie is a lot more than just a horror movie. I think people should see this movie because it is a very good movie and it is not just a horror movie.

Samuel Moreno photo
Samuel Moreno

It is a very dark, disturbing and disturbing movie. The acting is great, but the story is the best part. I have to say, this is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. This movie is very disturbing and scary. It is a must see for anyone who likes horror movies. If you don't like this movie, you are a person who needs to get help.

Grace photo

This is an excellent film and I recommend it to anyone who wants a great psychological horror movie. The story is intriguing and the characters are realistic and you feel sorry for them. The cinematography is top-notch and the score is very good. The acting is very good. I think the only drawback is that the movie is a bit slow in places. If you like psychological horror movies then I highly recommend this one.

Stephanie Hill photo
Stephanie Hill

I was apprehensive to watch this movie. The trailers were so bad that I wasn't expecting much. Then I saw that the movie was rated PG-13. So I bought the movie. I have to say that it was well worth the money. I liked the characters, and the movie was really good. I have seen it twice now and I have to say that I have seen better horror movies than this one. The best part about this movie is the music. I think the music is the best thing about the movie. It really keeps the suspense going and keeps the movie interesting. I really recommend this movie.

Vincent B. photo
Vincent B.

I loved this movie. I think this is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. I am a huge horror fan and this is one of my favorite movies. The acting was great. The directing was great. The story was great. The ending was great. I loved it so much I watched it over and over and over again. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies and has a love for great acting. I have seen it 4 times and I am getting tired of it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies and likes good acting.

Jane photo

I just saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival. It was absolutely amazing. I don't think there is anything I could say about it that hasn't already been said. I've seen this film three times in the past three months and I still don't get tired of it. The acting was great, the plot was fantastic and the film is extremely well directed. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone. It is a must see!

Ruth F. photo
Ruth F.

I liked the first movie better than the second, but I am still looking for the sequel. I am still curious what happened to the second film, but I don't think I will get the chance to see it again. I still think that the first one is better, but I would not be surprised if the second one is better. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Eugene photo

This is a movie that really gets you into the story. I'm not going to give the plot away, but this movie is one that has it all. The acting is great, the photography is beautiful, the soundtrack is fantastic, the sound effects are great, the directing is great, the script is great, and the writing is great. The film is a very unique take on the vampire genre and I have to say that it is one of the best films I have ever seen. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the genre and is looking for a great film.

Tammy Watkins photo
Tammy Watkins

I thought it was a great film. I thought it was very well done and the story was told in a very effective way. I think that I would have liked the ending a bit different though. I think they could have done a better job in showing the fact that the main character was in fact a child murderer. But I think they did a pretty good job. I think it was a very good film. If you like films like Nightcrawler or The Master then this is a must see. If you like films like Silence of the Lambs or Halloween then I think you'll like this as well.

Amy C. photo
Amy C.

This is a horror movie and not a romance. This is a movie about what happens when a woman goes to an old haunted house and meets the spirits of the people who died there. This movie was quite good. It had good acting, and the special effects were well done. The story was interesting, and was suspenseful. The special effects were good, the movie had good special effects, and was well done. The story was about a woman who goes to an old haunted house. She is with her boyfriend, and they go into the old house. They go in, and she meets the ghosts of the people who died there. The ghosts try to kill her boyfriend, and the boyfriend tries to save her. This movie was a good horror movie. I enjoyed the movie, and I recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies.

Emma photo

I can't believe how many people disliked this movie. I loved it. It's a great movie, the actors are good, the direction is great, the story is good, the music is great, the story is very scary. I give it a 10 out of 10. I can't wait to see it again. It's a very good movie.

Keith photo

It's a horror movie, but it's also a drama. The story of the movie is about a girl who was raped and murdered by her family. The movie is a dramatization of the real story. The acting is really good. The movie is also a little bit scary. The movie is really scary and I can't say I've seen a movie that scared me that much before. The movie is really good and I really recommend it to anyone. The movie is also a good drama and a really good horror movie. I really recommend it to everyone.

Donna Gonzales photo
Donna Gonzales

I thought this was a very well done movie, I thought it was well paced, and the acting was very good. I also thought the story was very interesting. I thought the actors did a great job, especially the lead actress. I thought the movie was very disturbing and graphic. The movie is very disturbing, but also has a very good message. I think this movie was very good, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Adam W. photo
Adam W.

This film, unlike many, is not for kids. The violence is actually quite disturbing. The plot is simple, but well thought out. The acting is great. The story is very well told. There is no real "spoiler" or "exploit" for you to take away from this film, but the film is not for everyone. However, it is very well acted, with good performances from all actors involved. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a film that is not for children.

David G. photo
David G.

I loved this movie, I have watched it three times now. It's got a lot of great horror elements. The acting was good, the story was interesting and the plot was good. I enjoyed the music in this movie. The ending is a little weird, but the movie is worth watching. It's worth the time to watch it. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. It's worth watching.

Joseph photo

I watched this film for the first time a few days ago and it was a great film, and i recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film. It is a really good horror film, with a really good story, and a really good cast, and i think everyone should watch it. The story is good, the actors are good, the special effects are really good, and the music is good. The thing that i liked about the film is that it was very short, and it is not like a big film, and i think that this is a good thing for the film, because it is a short film, and you don't have to wait too long for the next part of the film. If you liked this film, you should also check out "The Shining" which is also a really good horror film, but i think that this film is a little bit better. The Shining is a really good film, and i think that everyone should watch this film.