Steam Tyrel


Tyrel is a movie starring Christopher Abbott, Trust Arancio, and Nicolas Arze. Tyler, a sole black man, attends an otherwise all-white weekend of drunken bro debauchery on a birthday trip to a cabin in the Catskills.

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1 hours 26 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Sebastián Silva
Sebastián Silva
Trust Arancio, Christopher Abbott, Max Born, Nicolas Arze
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Tyler joins his friend on a trip to the Catskills for a weekend birthday party with several people he doesn't know. As soon as they get there, it's clear that (1) he's the only black guy, and (2) it's going to be a weekend of heavy drinking. Although Tyler is welcomed, he can't help but feel uneasy in "Whitesville." The combination of all the testosterone and alcohol starts to get out of hand, and Tyler's precarious situation starts to feel like a nightmare.

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Olivia photo

The Gung Ho Girl (Kate) is not a drama, nor is she an action thriller. It is more than just that. She is a character who has found her own identity, who lives as she wishes to live, and who can and does change her past with the right and proper decisions. She doesn't want to be a criminal, or a criminal, or a violent monster, or a woman who is unsupportive of others. She is a grown-up person who sees that life is better when it is just a little bit better. It is much more than a film that is all about survival. It is a film that talks about the good that comes with growing up, about who we are, about what we want, and about what we are willing to give up. The Gung Ho Girl is a work of art. The performance by Kate is outstanding. She is an actress who can really take off the mask and show us how fragile she is. She brings out the best in what is already the best, and shows us what we can do with what we have, and what we need to do to reach our goals. This film will be one of the best films of the year.

Thomas Beck photo
Thomas Beck

A British author, his girlfriend and his best friend, all of whom are portrayed in a loving and supportive light, go on a road trip, finding each other in the process. The film is different to the book, not because it is anything like the book but because it has a different theme. The point of the film is not to show the author's self-loathing and grief, the point is to show how close the two people can be. The character of Alex is more than the book describes, and so is his girlfriend, who is more than the book describes. This is not a great film, but it is worth watching and that is the point. The director has a great deal to say about the nature of relationships and how much is sacrificed in the pursuit of happiness. All the cast is great, and the story is simple enough to not drag you away from the screen, and the end is more than appropriate. It is a sweet film, but a sweet story. It is not an epic, but it is a sweet movie.

Samantha Hudson photo
Samantha Hudson

I was actually looking forward to watching this film because I've always liked Tilda Swinton (her more dramatic roles are my favourites) and wanted to see what she'd done with the character she's playing, but I was quite disappointed. It was kind of slow going and the humour felt forced. I felt it was a bit over-the-top, and not that funny. I also felt that it didn't really have any depth to it, it was just a big budgeted adventure movie and the actors didn't have a good enough chemistry together to really be believable. The story is the same old thing: poor rich kids must travel the world to find out about their rich parents. It wasn't very original and the characters aren't very interesting. It's a rather pointless film that seems to have been made only to make some extra cash, which it does in the last 10 minutes or so, but it does not make up for the rest of the film.

Heather G. photo
Heather G.

Even though this is not the first comedy to come out of the Hollywood in the last decade, I have to admit that this movie did manage to reach the majority of the people I was trying to reach. I liked it. I liked it, actually. It's a bit silly, it's a bit dark, but it also manages to be funny and uplifting at the same time. Even though it is a kind of a wacky and silly film, it is also quite good. The acting is excellent, and it also manages to hold your interest throughout the film. The story is good. It's a bit confusing at times, but not too confusing. There is a lot of back-story to the characters. The movie is rather funny, but it isn't as good as one would expect. In the end, I really liked the movie. I give it a 7/10.

Alexander Crawford photo
Alexander Crawford

It's the 80s and the Fast and the Furious films are becoming more and more popular. For a long time, I avoided watching these films because I thought they were just lame. But I decided to give this film a try because of the star power and I was very impressed. This is definitely not a trashy film and the actors really made it work. The story is very realistic and the director/writer pulled off the movie really well. This film may be one of those that you can watch and not get bored. It has the perfect blend of action, romance, comedy, and action. This film is definitely worth a look. It will have you laughing and has a very good ending.

Henry Cruz photo
Henry Cruz

The film comes as a pleasant surprise. There are no stars, no major stars, and no major titles. A modestly budgeted movie about the art of an actual performer, who uses "regular" actors and yet does a remarkable job of bringing the star power to his work. The art in this movie is in the illusion. As we watch the movie, we are not watching the actor, but the art of the performer. For instance, the scene in which the character at the beginning of the movie uses "playful" humor as an excuse to express his frustration with his wife is no different than the same scene in any comedy. The actor is acting out a part in the movie. It is not the actor who is the actor, but the scene itself. But the film is about a performance, and as a performance it is a tremendous success. The title "Homage" in the opening credits is quite misleading, because the film itself is a homage to the acting that produced it. This film should be considered one of the best films of 2004. I would give it 8.5 out of 10.

Craig photo

Despite the strong reviews of this film, it doesn't seem to be gaining much traction. I watched the film on TV last night and it was the most anti-social film I have ever seen. As if it was meant to be some kind of statement about the film industry itself, it seemed more like a comment on the film itself, rather than the film. Although it may be true that it is one of the most visually interesting films I've seen in a while, I wasn't all that impressed with the performance of either of the leads. I'd have to give the nod to the relatively unknown Celine Dion as the Canadian girl who is thrust into the drug-dealer world. She seems to be getting quite a reputation for being a good actress. While I'm not sure if the film is one of her best, it certainly isn't one of her worst. I also liked the way she handled the introduction of the drug-dealers. She gives them a pretty bad introduction, and they probably didn't really have anything to say or do with each other. She makes them seem real. While it's clear that Dion is more of a singer than an actress, she does have a fairly good performance here. I also liked the way she handled the drug-dealers' bad relationship with her parents. I'd have to say that Dion has become quite a star. This film had a lot of potential. It had a well written screenplay and a compelling premise, but the acting and dialogue were just. kind of. bad.

Ruth B. photo
Ruth B.

I've had a few short-term memories of people taking me to see "The Piano", or to see Andy Warhol on TV, or just going to see Woody Allen's films. It's nice to finally get a look at the guy behind the camera, from when he was young and had a studio in New York, to when he was in Hollywood, where he had become a well-known name. And of course, the movie "Piano", or "The Piano", as it's called in English, is a comedy, and he uses a lot of slapstick humor to make a point. But it also contains some very interesting and thought-provoking scenes and dialogues, such as "Can you tell me about the voice in your head?", or "Why do you think I'm doing this?", or "Do you know what the sign of a good work is?" or "What's the difference between a dream and a nightmare?" or "When you're dead, you're no longer the same." or "All the time, I'm thinking about you. But, you'll never leave me." "The Piano" is not like other Woody Allen movies, because he keeps talking about his relationships, but it's very personal. It's a good movie, for sure, but I'm very disappointed that Woody has lost his style and wit. I've got to admit, I was very disappointed with the ending. But he still deserves an Oscar, because of his artistic and artistic sense. A good movie, but not for everyone. I gave it 7/10.

Cynthia Walsh photo
Cynthia Walsh

Before I went to see this film I had heard a lot of negative things about it, and most people I know don't like it either. I was also expecting something in the vein of 'Do You Believe?' but I'm glad I went to see it, because it did the thing I was hoping for and more. I won't tell you the story but I'll tell you that it's a story about the lives of two siblings who are doing everything they can to make money, and their experiences with the police and the legal system. It's funny, in a small way, and also sad, in a small way. The whole idea is to make money for their parents and to be a real 'social', but it's not for everyone. The actors are good, the music is great and the story is good too. I really liked it and I highly recommend it.

Samantha M. photo
Samantha M.

I really like movies about all kinds of people. That's why I like this movie so much. It is really interesting to see how people's lives have been changed by death. The movie also reminds me of my own experience of life, like when I lost my job, my wife left me, and I was going to get a new job. Death is a big thing in my life, but I like it because it reminds me of my own life. It is very realistic, too. All the main characters are sad, they want to find out what happened to them. It is a good story and a good movie to watch. I give it a 7/10.

Linda photo

This film was really good. Its basically a satire of the life of a college student. The film is an hour and a half long, so you have to watch the whole thing, and it is definitely worth it. The characters are well written and the dialogue is good. I love the plot twist towards the end. The whole film was a little slow, but I really liked the characters and story. I would recommend it to anyone who loves college films. 7/10

Anna Long photo
Anna Long

I'm not a fan of British movies. They always seem to be a little too dull and boring. But this movie has got me hooked. It is a dark, sad comedy with some really touching moments. If you like British movies, you'll love this one.

Jesse Wade photo
Jesse Wade

This was another one of those movies that started out as a semi-serious drama, but quickly became more slapstick and comedic. The main character, John, was clearly a lovable loser, but he was only so because he was so self-absorbed. He doesn't care about anything other than his own enjoyment. His mother and sister are constantly at odds with each other because of their different lifestyles, and even his father, a former professional athlete who is a recovering alcoholic, doesn't understand how his son has the attitude that he does. It's quite hilarious when the son says that his father is always depressed because he never cared about anything but himself. And of course, John is portrayed as a complete nerd. In the end, John's obsession with his hockey team and his love of his hockey girl are too much for him, and he accidentally runs over a deer in his backyard, killing it. He then begins drinking and becomes an alcoholic. In the end, John gets into a bad accident, and he is charged with manslaughter. It's at this point that the mother, who has been acting so horrible to her son, finally realizes that John is not a bad guy. She is actually really nice, and she realizes that she has to forgive John for his mistakes. I was really disappointed that she didn't go the whole way and get her son back. That would have been a real good movie, but instead the mother gave him a half-way-decent job, and he continued to get drunk. I found the movie to be a bit far-fetched, but it was still good. My rating: 7/10

Danielle L. photo
Danielle L.

I'm not sure I liked this film as much as the first, and I think the reasons for that are: 1. I thought the first film was a bit too long. It dragged. I'm not sure why, but the first film seemed like it needed more story and a more interesting resolution. But this one seemed to be a bit too long for what it was. 2. The character of Ray (Celeste Clarke) is actually quite annoying. I don't understand why he was so desperate to get into Harvard when he was really no good at anything else. I thought his character was unnecessary. 3. The acting in this film is actually quite good. Even the guy who plays Ray's brother was good. But as I said before, the story is pretty weak. 4. The ending is kind of disappointing. It's like the film started out strong, but they just decided to end it with a really lame song and dance number. 5. I think this film really doesn't work as a character study. It's not really necessary. It's kind of pointless. I think this film would have been better as a stand-alone film. The characters and the story just don't work. But it's still watchable. 8/10