Steam Stalker


Stalker is a movie starring Alisa Freyndlikh, Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy, and Anatoliy Solonitsyn. A guide leads two men through an area known as the Zone to find a room that grants wishes.

Other Titles
Stalker: La zona, İz Sürücü, Στάλκερ, Stalkeris, Calauza, Sztalker, Stalkeri, 潛行者, Vandringsmanden, ストーカー(1979), Сталкер
Running Time
2 hours 42 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sci-Fi, Drama
Andrei Tarkovsky
Arkadiy Strugatskiy, Boris Strugatskiy, Arkadiy Strugatskiy, Andrei Tarkovsky, Boris Strugatskiy
Alisa Freyndlikh, Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy, Nikolay Grinko
Soviet Union
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Two men and their guide, a 'stalker', travel through a mysterious and forbidden territory in the wilderness called 'the zone." In the zone, nothing is what it seems. In the zone, there's said to be a bunker, which contains: a 'magical' room, where people who make wishes...come true. Only by following the Stalker's lead can the two men hope to make it to the bunker - and the room. As they travel, they realise it may take something more than just determination to succeed.

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Jeremy photo

I remember when I first heard about this movie I just thought "That would be a great idea". It's a remake of the first movie of the Cold War with Robert Redford and the good guy (Kurt Russell) being an ex KGB officer turned "dogcatcher". The idea is great, and it was a very entertaining movie. But I'm not sure that they took it a bit far in the story. It's a story of a former KGB officer who finds himself being chased by a group of people in a black market/human trafficking operation, trying to escape from them. They are also searching for his old girlfriend, a former KGB agent who he is now trying to destroy. He finds out that the group of people are operating in the same area where he has worked as a dogcatcher, and he tries to take them down. It's a pretty good story, but they could have done better with it. There are some problems. Firstly, the main bad guy is played by a very bad actor, who has absolutely no charisma. He just seems like a Russian guy who doesn't speak a single word of English. It's really hard to believe that he's a KGB agent, and also that he's the one who killed his girlfriend, his family, and is now trying to destroy him. He doesn't act like a bad guy. The last thing that really bugged me is the fact that the movie has a lot of language, including Russian, but no subtitles. Why is that? I don't get it. The actors don't really seem to understand English, and so don't know what to say to each other. There's a lot of talking in Russian, but when they try to use English they just can't do it. It's really bad. And there are a few other things that were a bit weird, such as the fact that there's a lot of nudity, but not really many people are seen, which makes it hard to identify with the main characters. They were pretty much in a way too good, because it's a movie that you can watch again and again and never get bored of it. You just never get bored. The movie has a lot of action and the idea is great. I can't really think of anything bad about it. If you like action movies you should definitely watch this one.

Eugene photo

I just got back from seeing it. I was surprised to see such a high score, even for a movie I saw in college. I thought the acting was superb, especially the lead actor. It is hard to find actors with talent like he does. I have always loved sci-fi and this was the best Sci-Fi I have seen this year. I am going to see it again soon.

Ethan Bradley photo
Ethan Bradley

One of the things that the Sci-Fi channel usually do is feature movies on their main channel that are not very popular. That is why I decided to check this one out. A movie with an interesting premise, who is "shocked" by what he sees in his dreams. His only clue is that he is probably schizophrenic. When he sees the giant alien, he has no idea that it is his subconscious mind that he is seeing. It is actually more terrifying than anything he has ever seen. The man believes that the aliens are coming to Earth and that he must stop them. But as he gets further into the movie, it starts to be more and more of a nightmare. As he begins to realize that he has fallen in love with the woman who sees him in his dreams. As he begins to see them more, it is becoming more and more of a nightmare. I thought that this movie would be scary. And it was scary. There were times when I was in complete terror and could not move. But it was also a movie that was interesting and worth watching. I think that people who like movies with a "black out" kind of theme, like "Predator" or "Resident Evil" will enjoy this one. And it is one of the best horror movies of the year.

Ethan Mendoza photo
Ethan Mendoza

I saw this movie on TV and I liked it. I also liked the visuals of the movie. The atmosphere was very well captured. The movie is about a science project. It is about a man that wants to find out what the meaning of life is. He sees what is happening to his family. He starts to lose the interest in his work and his life is changing. This movie is not about the result, it is about the attitude and the way of looking at the universe. It is a movie about life and death. If you have time, I suggest to watch this movie.

Ethan W. photo
Ethan W.

Czechoslovakia during the Soviet era. In a hospital, a computer hacker with a geeky haircut and an imaginary girlfriend ("O.W.C.D."), threatens to kill the nurse if she doesn't send a virus to his room. He has the real name of a female prisoner who is about to be executed. The programmer decides to take revenge and so begins the creepy tale of a woman-hacker-candy-snatcher. I must admit that the concept of this movie was a bit of a cheap parody, but the acting is actually really good and the movie has some very well done CG effects. Some of the scenes are quite scary, even though it's not really a horror film. I recommend it.

Jeremy Hansen photo
Jeremy Hansen

I watched the movie a few days ago and was surprised how many similarities were apparent in the movie. The plot and the story of the movie is basically the same as the plot in "The Andromeda Strain", but they still manage to give this movie a more fresh feeling to it. I like the movie, but I cannot say that it is one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. But it is a movie that will definitely get some attention, because it is a very good movie with good acting, good directing and good effects. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the sci-fi genre, because it is a good movie, but not one of the best. I also recommend this movie to people who like to watch movies that deal with the space and space alien problems.

Andrew photo

The "Star Trek" movies are always popular, but this one is a little more serious and engaging. I'm not sure what people are expecting, but this is certainly not "The Next Generation" of space travel, but it does have a great amount of thrills. I liked the philosophical things about the human race and what the human condition is. It's about being human and trying to get along with the universe. The acting is pretty good, but some of the performances are a little stilted. I thought that the guy who played Picard was a little too long-haired and old-looking, and his performance was kind of awkward. I thought that James Cromwell was a little too abrasive and he was really annoying in his "Dr. Zefram Cochrane" role. He did a really good job though, but I think he could have done better. It was a good movie though, but I think it would have been a great movie if it wasn't for a couple of flaws. There is a point where the computer thinks that it is the "Sheriff" and the girl plays the title role. I think that they should have played it a little more realistic. The ending is very similar to the Star Wars episode of the same name, where they have some superweapons that destroy the whole universe. I think that would have been a better ending for this movie. Overall, I liked the movie, but there were some flaws that I couldn't overlook. This movie is definitely worth watching, but if you are expecting Star Trek, then you probably will be disappointed. It is still a very entertaining movie, but it could have been better.

Laura photo

The movie is "The Uninvited" from 1995. I have to say I really liked this movie. I was very impressed with the story and the acting. This movie had everything I wanted and expected from a Star Wars or Star Trek movie. The characters were believable and I really enjoyed how the characters were developed. I was very much impressed with the visual effects and special effects in this movie. I like this movie very much and recommend it to all Star Wars fans, Star Trek fans, SciFi fans and Action fans. This movie is a great Star Wars movie and I recommend it to all fans of SciFi, Action and Star Wars.

Russell photo

While I'm not sure how much of this film is a remake, I can't say for sure, but I do know that it's essentially an extension of a small film called THE CROW, which was released in 1979. The similarities are uncanny, but THE CROW is better-made, better-acted, and more visually exciting, and most of all, far better-looking. However, as much as I loved THE CROW, THE CROW-Remake is a significantly inferior film. The pace is a little too slow for my tastes. The cast is incredibly forgettable, and some of the characters (like the main character) are so poorly developed that it's almost impossible to care about them. All in all, THE CROW-Remake is a bit better than THE CROW, but a very different film all the same.

Kenneth Tran photo
Kenneth Tran

An exceptional film. Never thought I would be watching a remake of a film from 70 years ago, but the remake of "Jaws" was a great film, but it lacked a few things. I am always impressed with filmmakers who, even if they don't understand a certain film, they can pull off a well-done remake of it. However, this is not a film that is easy to watch. Its over the top, more of a thriller than a horror, with a few twists and turns thrown in. What makes it worth seeing is the performances of the cast, especially Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays a scientist who can see things that others can't. The score, while in it's original form, is pretty good, but it is pretty weak when compared to the original score from Stanley Donen. I like the film, but it is not one I would want to watch again.

Albert photo

We all know the idea of the alien, how he has to be destroyed before the end of the world, to be the only survivor, but this movie actually has a good message to it, where we all have to try to live on. The aliens do have a purpose, and the survivors have to find out what is the purpose of the aliens. I found this movie good, it's entertaining, but some parts are boring. 7/10

Evelyn photo

This is a modern day survival story of a man trying to stay alive. From what I gather the film has the ability to create a deep, meaningful experience. What I mean by this is that it takes a certain mind set to really get into it. That is not to say that it is not enjoyable. I thought it was very well done, the cinematography was fantastic and the score was quite good. I also thought the acting was very good, especially from Ralph Fiennes. There are also a couple of very funny moments and I thought the ending was very touching. There is nothing else to say. This is a good movie, but I don't recommend it to those who are looking for an action packed movie with a lot of action.

Tyler photo

This movie is very cool, I watched it in the theater, and it was great! But for the first time I saw this movie I was thinking, that this is not like my kind of movies. But I was wrong! This is like an adaptation of a comic book, because the movie is like a comic book, there is action and a little drama. The only difference is that in the movie it's more real, in a comic book it's not. It's a movie about survival, it's a story of a vampire that is fighting against a werewolf. I would recommend it to all people, and I am not a fan of horror movies, but this movie is one of the best movies I have seen in my life. I have seen the movie 3 times, and I will see it again. It is great!

Kyle photo

When a movie has such a fine set of actors as Sam Raimi and Bruce Willis, you know you are going to have a great film. For "The Stepfather", that is exactly what we have. Sam Raimi has again created an entertaining film with his unique style. In "The Stepfather", we are introduced to a young woman named, Janine. She has been the victim of a terrible crime and has been locked up in a mental hospital. A new patient, Harold, visits Janine, hoping to get a favor. In the mental hospital, the wards, the doctors and nurses are all lowlifes and criminals. Janine is sick with the guilt of having let her daughter die. She tries to save her daughter and even tries to take her own life. Her life is saved by the daughter's friend, Barbara. She tells Janine that she has already found the place where the killer is living, and she knows where he is. But Janine refuses to go there. She tells Barbara that she can't go and that if she does, she will die. Barbara tells her that she must go. Janine runs to the end of the hospital and she finds the place where the killer is living. She finds out that she is going to have to kill her daughter. And she does. Sam Raimi has created an entertaining film, which is not a perfect film. But it is very entertaining and it is very enjoyable. The movie is not too long, the acting is not too good, but it is very entertaining. The acting is not good, but it is not too bad. The script is good, but the characters are not that good. The story is not bad, but it could have been better. I recommend this film to people who like action, action films and to people who like Sam Raimi's movies. 8/10

Lauren Marshall photo
Lauren Marshall

Even though the movie is very realistic, the cast and the script are very good. The movie has the ingredients of a great science fiction movie: action, excitement, romance, suspense, a lot of special effects, a lot of action, a lot of tension, and a lot of heart. Although this movie does not have the depth of "Blade Runner" or "Empire" or even "Alien", but it does have some great qualities: The story is very good and is the reason why I think the movie was good, the cast is very good. It is not a special effects movie, it does not have a special effects movie, it is a good science fiction movie, and I think that is why I like it so much. I really enjoyed the movie, it is a very good movie. If you like "Blade Runner" or "Empire" or "Alien" or "Independence Day" or "Star Trek" you will like it.

Larry photo

When i watched this film i was very excited for it. I watched the special edition of the DVD and i had a feeling of disappointment after watching it. First of all, I can't believe that this film was in the special edition. I mean it wasnt supposed to be in it at all. The only reason that i have watched it was to see some great scenes. I was very disappointed after watching it, and i'm sure i will not watch it again. The whole story is too unrealistic, but the main idea is to show how people can become obsessed with killing and torturing people. The idea of being in the bunker at night and hiding from the cops is just not plausible. The plot is way too cliche. It was supposed to be realistic, but it's not. The idea of a stalker going from one city to another, building a bunker, and going out to kill people at night is just unrealistic. The ending is not good, it doesn't make sense, and the ending is completely changed. The film really disappointed me and i recommend that you don't watch it. It's not the best film, but it's not the worst.

Joshua photo

After reading some of the other reviews, I was a little concerned about the film being too hard to follow. But, I came out of it totally enjoying it. I feel that it was a better film than I expected. The pacing was good, the pacing and story were very interesting. I think this film was really good and I would highly recommend it.

Andrea photo

This is one of those movies that is made in order to be remade several times over, and you'll still find enough to enjoy in it. The performances are fantastic, and the special effects and the atmosphere are almost worth the time it takes to watch it. But the story is not too interesting, and I couldn't figure out why the scientists were acting so much like humans. The effects are also not too spectacular, and the camera-work is pretty amateurish. But you'll enjoy this movie if you just don't pay too much attention to the technical aspects. You won't miss anything, but you will certainly appreciate it more if you have more time to spare. There are a lot of people who were disappointed with the movie, and I can't blame them. If they had more time, they probably could have done a lot better. My vote is 7/10.

Dennis P. photo
Dennis P.

The movies of Italian Sci-Fi writer Dario Argento is a unique amalgam of surrealistic fantasy and dark political commentary. The plot is simple, the characters are unappealing, the film is impossible to explain and is based on an idea that is seldom explored. As far as I can remember, the title of the film is not in any way linked to the actual story, but it is an arbitrary gimmick, which has the benefit of keeping the viewer wondering. The plot revolves around a dark new age cult in the 1970's. The cult leader, Willy Loman, is an embittered artist who has become too decadent and has become a recluse in his high-rise apartment. Loman's girlfriend, is a free spirit, but she is also a rebellious rebel. The cult leader has three disciples, all of whom follow him into the dark night of the soul. These three followers are the leader of the cult, his second disciple and his third disciple. Each follower is a bizarre, off-beat character, with a unique physicality. The movie is only loosely based on actual events, but the plot is set in the 1970's. As with many Argento films, the themes are thinly veiled allegory and metaphor. In this case, the cult leader and his followers are representations of the first century's savage Roman Empire. The cult leader is a figure of strength and terror. The cult followers are wild and free-spirited, the power is based on their inability to control their inner desires. In a strange way, the plot is reminiscent of Roman culture and religion. For instance, the cult leader wears a costume that is reminiscent of a lion, a sort of animal-god of the ancient world. The cult leader also wears a helmet that resembles a helmet of Roman power. The cult leader uses the world's cruelty and cruelty in order to attain a kind of enlightenment. He kills his own followers in order to gain some sort of power over them. The third follower is a member of a special unit of the Roman army who is a direct successor to the first Roman Emperor. When he is released from the army he is assigned to assassinate the cult leader. His mission is to eliminate the leader. The movie is worth seeing if you enjoy Argento's work. The imagery, the imagery, the imagery. He is a one-of-a-kind. The movie was released in the same year as Oliver Stone's film "Roman Holiday". The film was released in the same year as Richard Lester's film "Carnage". All of these films are excellent in their own way. However, I have found the movie "Possession" to be better, based on the use of imagery. While "Possession" is well-made, I feel that the movie has a better story, more depth and more depth. I felt that the movie was less about the plot and more about the symbolism of the cult leader. The movie was a lot more interesting, deeper, and I was gripped for most of the movie. It was a better movie, and I recommend it to people who like Argento's films.

Walter A. photo
Walter A.

I watched this on TV and found it quite good. I can understand why it isn't one of the most popular "old" Sci-fi films, because the acting is also quite poor and the story line is a little ridiculous. The character of "The Doctor" is rather strange in that he seems to be mostly in the shape of a mannequin and not to have much of a personality. He also acts very confused about what he wants to do. In fact, I have no idea what he wants. At times I really couldn't understand what he was saying, but I thought it was mostly about a possible escape of an alien from the planet, but when he makes that statement it turns out to be a little more.well, a little more. And then he says that he wants to stay and be a scientist. It seemed to me that he was saying that he wanted to do something else than he was actually doing. I think he was getting more and more confused by the end of the film and it is a shame that he did not get the chance to develop a little more in the second part. I think he was a good actor in the first part of the film but in the second part he seemed to lose his focus and personality. I think he would have been much better in the second part than he was in the first part. Anyway, I recommend it to Sci-fi fans who want a very good film that they can watch over and over again.

Louis Larson photo
Louis Larson

I liked this film more than I thought I would. It's an interesting and often disturbing look at what a person could be in their head. The director was clearly influenced by Ridley Scott. He seems to be a particularly strong stylist who creates films of this quality and intensity. He's one of the greats. If you like this kind of thing, you should see his films.

Christian F. photo
Christian F.

Dennis Quaid has starred in many great movies.but the movie "The Quagmire" is his best movie yet.The plot is quite simple and straight forward.We have two brothers that are stuck in the middle of a desert and have to find a way out of the desert by finding a nuclear warhead that is in the desert.The script is very simple and keeps the viewer interested.The characters are quite flat but that doesn't mean that the movie is not interesting.There are some funny moments and the main character is quite likable.There are many scenes that are really great and the movie was not predictable.It was a nice movie to watch and to watch again.I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Dennis Quaid and sci-fi movies in general.I would say that it's a 7/10