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De la guerre is a movie starring Mathieu Amalric, Asia Argento, and Guillaume Depardieu. After a freak accident, Burt finds himself locked in a coffin overnight. After surviving the ordeal, he decides to live his life purely for...

Other Titles
De la guerra, A háborúról, O wojnie, Peri polemou, Na Guerra, On War, De la guerre - Della guerra
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2 hours 10 minutes
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War, Comedy, Drama
Bertrand Bonello
Bertrand Bonello
Guillaume Depardieu, Clotilde Hesme, Mathieu Amalric, Asia Argento
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After a freak accident, Burt finds himself locked in a coffin overnight. After surviving the ordeal, he decides to live his life purely for pleasure, but ultimately he finds himself in a bizarre war of the sexes. Starring Lea Seydoux (BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR).

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Jessica photo

I actually enjoyed this movie, but I am not sure what I would do if I saw it again. It's very hard to say whether I would want to see it again or not. It reminded me of some of the films that I like, but I would definitely watch it again. To me the movie was about three actors who have survived in an almost impossible situation. The actors who play them are very good. They are amazing actors. The story is very interesting and the ending is very sad. The ending was really depressing. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch it. It's a good movie. It's like one of those movies you see when you were little but you can watch again and again and again. This is one of them.

Joyce Matthews photo
Joyce Matthews

I saw it at a sneak preview in London. To be honest, I was very disappointed. I don't usually like this film. I love David Bowie. I love all music from rock to classical. I love all art from great to 'meh'. I'm not a child of the 70's. The 80's was a period of transition. And for me, it was very trendy. The only thing I really liked in this film was the French girls. They're always amazing. Especially the one that played the drummer.

Bryan J. photo
Bryan J.

I'm a big fan of the French-speaking cinema and I'm also a big fan of Arab and Moroccan cinema. I must say that both these two countries have a lot of talent and there is nothing to say about this movie. It is one of the most realistic and accurate movies I've seen in a while, it combines a lot of the things you'll never find in the Middle East, like humor, real friendship and some serious stuff. I've read a few bad reviews about this movie and I think most of them have nothing to do with the movie and are written by people who just want to say something about the movie. I've never been to the region but I'm a big fan of it so I did the research and I really loved it.

Jack W. photo
Jack W.

Guerre.a word which could mean a myriad of things. One is the extreme, be it war, Communism, war.history, spirituality, etc. Some people find the expression innocent, sweet, perfect and that it describes a certain idyllic, dreamy, and dreamy world. For me, it is the ultimate definition of the word. Guerre, when translated into English, can mean the point of view on war. War, I can understand, is a brutal business, but, Guerre is the pain that war brings to people. It takes a lot of psychological toll on the people. Guerre can be something as simple as: I can't understand the war! People can become, or come to know, the pain that war brings them and the fact that Guerre is the most dreaded of pain, can turn people into soldiers. I came across this movie while watching "Life is Beautiful" and was very impressed by this film. Not only because of the movie's excellent performances and screenplay, but also because of its originality. It was a very interesting, unique, and beautiful movie. The storyline and the characters are very well developed, and this movie really takes a look at the complexities of war. Not only from a war's point of view, but from a psychological point of view as well. The movie shows a diverse cross section of characters. The story is really fantastic. It has a great cast, most notably (as I said in the beginning of this review), Gerard Depardieu, who was wonderful in the movie. The actors also did a great job, especially the characters of Anna (Zia), the main character and Antoine (Chen Dacian), the main character's brother, as well as Chantal (Anne-Marie Perrier), the main character's sister, and Geofrey (Michael Alagie), the main character's son. The movie has a wonderful pace. It goes from beginning to end in an almost natural way. There are almost no slow moments in the movie. In fact, the entire movie feels like a dream. As much as I hated to admit, Guerre is an extremely romantic movie. I really enjoyed the romantic scenes and the whole vibe of the movie is one of passion and love. The cast really shows their potential in this movie. It is truly remarkable that people like Gerard Depardieu and Anne-Marie Perrier took the risk to direct this movie. They were just incredible in this movie. It

George Phillips photo
George Phillips

The film seems to have a good central idea. Lots of references to the Vietnam War in the beginning, and then, just as quickly, the film devolves into an existential tirade about the meaning of life. Many of the characters in the film are either leaders or followers of a particular movement. But there's something a bit off about the way it's presented, with the films narrator playing a key role, and with the ending playing out rather abruptly and without clear resolution. So, the characters are worth following. They are complex, engaging, and interesting in their own ways. But what seems to be the point of the movie, it has no bearing on. Which is a shame because the ending is something of a bonus.

Diane Brooks photo
Diane Brooks

The climactic scene that comes as a surprise to the viewer is the last of three scenes that chronicle the life of young brothers, one of whom is so ill he will die in a few months' time. One of the boys, Matthieu (Michel Serrault), has already served time in jail. Meanwhile, the other one, Andre (Michel Roeg), is in the hospital bed. Matthieu asks for a break, in order to let the doctor see him. So, there is a break for the first time in the movie. But there is still another break, in the town. The ending is very personal, but one which the viewer has already experienced. Andre has one last chance to save his brother from the frontlines of war, but he can't help but want to surrender to the Nazis, even if it means the end of his own life. Matthieu, being the older brother, has not seen the fate of his brother since the time of the war, when he was serving in the army, and he knew that he had done a very bad thing by helping the Nazis. His final choice is that of the youth of his generation, to be a fighter, to fight for freedom, and to end his life in fighting on the front lines. Andre feels that Matthieu will take him, and he will never see his brother again. "The young man knows he has done a very bad thing"

Jonathan Morales photo
Jonathan Morales

This is the second film by Olivier Assayas and is a splendid work. It's the first movie with more than one hero, so I'll start with the title character, Pascal and Leo, and his, err, ahem, adventures. Yes, it's just about Pascal being in France in 1941 and then in another country. A German occupation soldier comes to the camp and we meet Leo, a young, naive officer. Leo is just trying to help his buddy to do the "job" that his superiors ask him to do. At that point, a French merchant man that happened to be Leo's father brings him in and tells him that his father had been sold. It's the merchant man's first black friend and he can't bring himself to be a Christian and raise his children to be Christian. So, Leo tells him that he can't serve with the Americans anymore and that he must be a man and not a merchant. He is very, very confused and puts him under a lot of pressure from his superiors and his father's relatives to be a Christian. What's worse, he is still a good son and has a desire to be a good soldier. Leo goes on the same road that Pascal has gone and although he is missing a lot of his relatives, he finds one of them, a man that runs an exchange station in France. Leo tries to help the man get his family back, but he was shot at the end and he is in a coma. Leo is taken by the ex-soldier's wife and mother-in-law, who tells Leo that there was a rich man that tried to make Leo go to the US and that he had died, so Leo needs to return to France and then do a job that the American doesn't want to do for him. Leo agrees and, he meets the ex-soldier's son. The son is also confused about his father's death and wants to help Leo to find out about the merchant man. So Leo runs away to Paris and ends up in a rousing, amazing, ballroom-full-of-famous-actors, musical sequence that shows the life and times in the war. The movie is beautiful, exciting, funny, and informative. I liked that Assayas used the soundtrack that he used in 'La Cierta de Navidad'. The film has a kind of drama in it, but it's also a musical sequence and I really like that. The script is very good and you never know

Lisa photo

Pleasantly surprised with "La Guerre." A tale of a Spanish guerilla who succeeds in his plans to destroy the Nazi armaments. He could have been an actor or a journalist, but instead he is a man of rare ability who is part of an elite unit that vanquishes the Nazis. Obviously the problem with this movie is that the plot is a bit confused. While it is one aspect of the movie, it is a lot more than that. The whole thing is much more complex than just the conflict of the guerillas against the Nazis. There is a few segments where he has to get things done in the upper echelons of the Nazi government, and there is the romance between his troops and the woman they go through together. In fact, the whole thing has quite a complex story, with many twists and turns. I can see why a lot of people don't like this movie. I saw this on a DVD, and my friend bought it for me. When I first saw it, I thought it was a really good movie. I loved the music, the art direction, the atmosphere of the movie. But I think there are a few points where the story lost some of its authenticity. For example, the girlfriend is a prostitute and the music was all kind of a bit hard for me. So in general I would say that "La Guerre" is a very good movie. It is an honest movie that is still entertaining. I would not watch it again, but it is a great movie.

Jesse M. photo
Jesse M.

I just saw this film today and was very pleased with the way the story was told. I am a film buff and thought it was a great example of how a low budget film can be a masterpiece. The actors/actresses did a wonderful job and really made you care about what they were going through and the story. All in all a very nice movie, and I hope more people will see this film because it is worth seeing over and over.

Emma Jones photo
Emma Jones

I saw this film at the International Documentary Film Festival in Orlando, Florida. I am a documentary film buff. I love watching films and watching people make a film. At first I was very hesitant to see this film. I figured it was one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen. I turned to friends and told them that I had read that this film was great. They told me they had never heard of it and would not be going. I was like "Okay. I need to learn more about this film so I can watch it." I went to the library and read the short film on Wikipedia. I was amazed. This film is absolutely fantastic. The set up is brilliant. The camera work is gorgeous. The actors are brilliant. This film is a study of the interrelationships between three different worlds. The filmmaker goes back and forth between a World War II photography session and a Vietnam War movie. I would not recommend this film to anyone under the age of 18. This film is a masterpiece. One of the best films I have seen in my entire life. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Samantha photo

Wes Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most gifted story tellers in the English language. I cannot remember seeing a film that has more plot twists than what I just saw in this film. I am a big fan of his, so I was really intrigued by the subject matter of this film, which is not only about warfare but about love as well. To have directed this film with such style and precision was a feat that was the envy of most. The camera movement, the lighting, the angles, everything worked perfectly. All in all, I would say Wes Anderson is the one who out-did himself. The visual aesthetics were also a highlight to this film. There were many iconic shots in this film that I will always remember from my childhood and they will stay with me forever. I loved everything about this film and can not recommend this film highly enough.

Andrea Lawson photo
Andrea Lawson

The dark side of colonialism and the extraordinary feats of the human spirit is brought to the screen in the film 'Desparate Times'. The story of a good woman who gets dragged into a Spanish purge is one of the most remarkable tales I've ever seen. How the regime turns her into a slave to her own will is heart-breaking to watch. Through her bravery, courage and determination, she manages to defy the expectations of the strict regime and bring the local people, who are not happy with her idea, to their senses. This film has something for everyone. There are the humorous scenes of her in the Amazon jungle trying to attract her reflection in a rock, and at one point she manages to get into a limo and drive herself through the jungle with a shopping cart, only to get stopped by the guards who want to arrest her for stealing her shoe. You cannot tell me that such is not a wonderful film. It is a tragic story, and the film pulls no punches at all. However, the true heroes are not in the story, but in the character of Fernan. She is truly heroic, courageous, persistent, brave and courageous. Her story is heart-breaking, but still endearing. I highly recommend this film to anyone.

Lawrence Day photo
Lawrence Day

Before I go into my criticism of this movie, let me make one thing very clear. This film was very well done. The acting was very good, the special effects were great, the story was brilliant and it was fun. It wasn't as heavy handed or heavy-handed as one might expect, but it definitely was. If you want to see a heavy handed, heavy-handed film, go watch the modern day fairy tales. But even if you don't want to see a modern day fairy tale, I recommend seeing this movie. It will be great for you. If you have any questions about this film, feel free to ask them, but be prepared to be ridiculed.

Howard photo

I don't know if this was actually a French film, but that didn't stop me from watching this very much. I've seen it a few times now, and it never fails to make me laugh, and always endear me to the characters. There are a lot of great characters here, including at least two that would make other foreign films blush, especially not a French film. The cast here is fantastic. Nudeelle is a little girl who plays ballet to escape her boring life, but she meets a new girl in town, also a dancer, who gives her a reason to dance again. And she dances, and they dance, and they dance, and dance. I've seen this movie in the theater, and it's been on DVD for awhile, and I'd always watch it on DVD, and I'm glad I did. The film is sometimes depressing, but mostly uplifting. The characters are all different. There's a rich kid, a kid with a disability, a hot mom, and a guy with AIDS. I don't know how this is supposed to be funny, but it's genuinely funny. The romance is great, and you get to see how Nudeelle is taught to be a dancer, and learn to like the music, and the music is what she looks for. This is definitely not a film for people who like to just sit there and complain. The people who complain about it being shallow are those who never had any problems being something that they are, and who never had to work hard to get there. It's refreshing to see that French people can be as different as you can be. I was shocked at how good the French dancing was. I haven't seen a lot of dance films, but this one is a great example of what a good dance film should be. Highly recommended, especially for those who can relate to the film. The music is good, too. In fact, I'm even looking forward to hearing the original French version of this movie, because I know it'll be better than what I've heard. 9/10

Michelle C. photo
Michelle C.

From a first glance, I have a problem with this film. If I had seen this film when I was fifteen, I would have hated it. Now, almost twenty years later, I really like it. It's the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, and I just don't understand why this film is not regarded as a classic. The film tells the story of an American Army officer who is sent to the front to fight a war he doesn't believe in. The movie follows him on a journey that includes several American soldiers, as well as civilians. These people become the subjects of the film's plot. The general idea is that war and political pressure affects everyone and they are essentially at war. This is how the film ends. But it doesn't end like a conventional war movie. The film opens with a personal diary entry and the next morning the general is called in. The story is told from his point of view. From his point of view, it's one thing to have his life lived up to his expectations. It's another thing to have his life lived in such a way that he is unable to live up to those expectations. It is this contradiction that is the central theme of the film. I can't think of any reason why this film isn't a classic. The acting, the dialogue, the pacing, the direction, the pacing, the story, the script, the editing, the sound, and so on, are all outstanding. There is nothing I can say to praise about this film. All I can say is that the whole thing is simply beautiful. And I wouldn't be lying if I said that. It's so beautiful. I don't know why this movie is not considered a classic.

Phillip photo

I'm probably not one of the most educated viewers on this site but I've never seen a movie like this before. The creators put everything that they knew into this movie, but they went much further than the narrative. I think this movie shows us what is most important in our life. Good and Evil. It shows us that you can't have everything. That what you have will affect the ones you love the most. What else you have, you can use, and what you can't, you can give away. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

George J. photo
George J.

The first thing I have to say is that this is not exactly a comedy, it is a drama but it has a comedy at the end, so what are you going to do? Pick this film up? The answer is no. I am a lot of film enthusiasts and I have to say that this is one of the best films I have ever seen, in my opinion. It is a real masterpiece and is so really well done. I give it a 9.9 out of 10.

Teresa photo

Even the more extreme critics of French cinema have an ax to grind with this movie. That being said, it's a well-crafted film, shot in a familiar style that's based in truth. The film moves between the things that happen in WW2 and the United States during the war. We also see the evolution of Charles de Gaulle (no relation to Napoleon) as a political leader. For a long time the war was a way to avoid foreign entanglements for France, but now it's an excuse to increase exports and become more influential in world politics. Charles de Gaulle wanted to be a peacemaker and to use the power of the presidency to restore the French people's national pride. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened. If he wasn't assassinated, the government would've collapsed, the economy would've collapsed, and the French military would've been eliminated. However, not the least important thing would've been the loss of the country's identity. De Gaulle wasn't a person who was willing to lose the French nation for the sake of unity. He was willing to have his country divided and annexed into Germany. Charles de Gaulle's biggest problem was that he didn't understand history. He believed that Germany was a country that would become strong in history. If the U.S. had never been built up, France wouldn't have been able to keep its identity. The people of France were driven into isolationism in order to avoid the whole mess that would've happened. It's a story that seems to be a constant with France during the war. People in France were afraid of being driven from the country because the U.S. was on the verge of becoming a fascist regime. French people were afraid of losing their national identity. The film is still relevant and enjoyable even today. I think it's one of the better political dramas out there.

Grace photo

This film is a movie about the French resistance against the Germans in the final years of WWII. The film, as described by the film-maker, is about the lives of people of France during and after the war. It is a very interesting film that is worth seeing. I highly recommend this film.

Marie photo

The film "The Departed" is set in Hong Kong in 2013 where Matt Damon (Liam Neeson) is a disgraced detective working as a private eye investigating the warlord Lee (Andy Lau) for the murder of one of his men. Matt's plan is to find the head of the mafia and make sure they get justice. With the help of a young conman (Paul Giamatti) and an ex-cop turned private eye (Charlie Hunnam) he begins a journey through Hong Kong to the metropolis with no memory of who he is or who he is fighting. This was directed by Martin Scorsese and I thought it was very well done. It really felt like an independent film. The cinematography is amazing and the story was well done. The acting was pretty good, especially from Neeson and Giamatti. Matt Damon does a good job as a private eye who just wants to find out who he is fighting for. Giamatti does a good job as the ex-cop who is a little different than the norm. The movie was very well done. I highly recommend this movie to any action fan and anyone who likes to watch a drama. This film is definitely one I can watch again and again.

Roy R. photo
Roy R.

Eloquent film, very funny, similar plot to 3 Godfather films. Many funny scenes, history lesson, real war time events, humor, right between the lines, great movie, i will recommend it to all the people, because it is good. Can not say much about the director, i have only one word to say, about the director is great. This movie is not so new, but it is a new way of making a movie, really good. With some characters, and some old techniques. The actor, Jordi Molla, is one of the best actors in the movie, is very versatile, and was chosen for his role. I love him! In the beginning, it was like most of the other war movies, but it is so good, it is so good, this is just my opinion. All in all, a great movie. It is worth watching, and hopefully will be more like it. great movie, very good story line, great acting. More actors, more drama, more humor, and more of these things would be really good. I recommend it to all people. The movie is a must see. It is a good movie, for everybody, not just for a few. 9/10

Harold T. photo
Harold T.

This movie is definitely a must-see for everyone. After seeing it, you just feel like your watching it for the first time. It is one of the most original movies I have seen in a long time. The characters are all different. They are very real. The movie follows three war veterans who are trying to get out of the war alive. The characters all are different. One of the characters has a serious heart condition. The other two are drunk and all suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The whole movie is a dream that the veterans have. I was just amazed by the uniqueness of this movie. It is definitely a must see for everyone.