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Kraftidioten is a movie starring Stellan Skarsgård, Bruno Ganz, and Pål Sverre Hagen. After his son is murdered by drug dealers, a snowplow driver starts seeking revenge.

Other Titles
Uno tras otro, Faithingu dadhi: Ikari no josetsu sha, Fi orf al-ekhtefa, The Prize Idiot, Obywatel roku, Power freaks, Redoslijed nestanka, Metu pilietis, Lumiauramies, En iskall jävel, ファイティング・ダディ 怒りの除雪車, Με σειρά εξαφάνισης, În ordinea disparitiei, In Order of Disappearance, Az eltűnés sorrendjében, Refroidis, Por orden de desaparición, In ordine di sparizione, Po redu nestajanja, Einer nach dem anderen, Amaterji, Be tartib-e khorooj az sahne, Kadumise järjekorras, O Cidadão do Ano
Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action
Hans Petter Moland
Kim Fupz Aakeson, Finn Gjerdrum
Jakob Oftebro, Stellan Skarsgård, Bruno Ganz, Pål Sverre Hagen
Norway, Denmark, Sweden
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the snow-capped Norwegian town of Tyos, Nils Dickman, the hard-working family man and quiet snow-plough operator, has just been named Citizen of the Year for keeping the roads open. Then, his son, Ingvar, ends up dead by the local gang of drug dealers, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a result--refusing to believe the police report--Nils embarks on a blood-drenched journey of revenge, working his way up in search of the man behind the murder of his only son. Now, as the dead bodies keep piling up, Dickman and his powerful sawed-off hunting rifle will stop at nothing until they find the elusive drug lord known as "The Count". Who can stand in the way of a wronged father turned icy avenger?

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Louis photo

Nolte plays a mentally unstable and extreme man with an IQ of 10 who lives in an extreme environment and lives with his brother, who is a man with a strong opinion and has almost nothing in common with Nolte, especially the fact that they were separated when they were young. On the day of the party the brother is brutally beaten and Nolte, also mentally unstable, kills him and locks him in a closet. That night Nolte goes to his brother's room and his brother doesn't want to leave. So, he tries to kill himself. The next day he has the only option left and it is suicide. The last scene shows him shooting himself with a shotgun and dying. We know he was a better man than we thought. Also, it is the only way to end the story. The movie is very dark and shows no light in the scene of his brother's death. You never see his face. The last scene is very disturbing and shows a lot of people dying. This is a very good film.

Roy Oliver photo
Roy Oliver

This is a totally unbelievable story, with almost no plot. And the few minor details are completely out of place. Like, the half-Dutch mother, and the seemingly soft Russian mother, are practically the same character. I can't imagine a film where the Russian mother was given a job. But of course, the parents are extremely stupid. The whole story is completely unbelievable, I don't think. It's like a fairy tale, where things are happening and you think you know what's going to happen, but it's all a dream, you don't know what is really going to happen. The movie is a masterpiece, though. There is no way to describe it, it is the best movie I've seen in my life. It is completely believable, it's not forced, and everything just seems so believable, and you don't think about the ridiculous things that the characters are doing. The movie is directed, acted and filmed beautifully, the actors are not the most skilled, but the most believable. The characters are quite dull, but the actors all deliver extremely good performances, the scene where they talk in a bar about how they love to drink, they are totally unbelievable. It is not a stupid movie, it's not a stupid movie with "good guys" who are trying to be good, it's a movie where you want to watch, and you will want to watch it again. A complete masterpiece, in every way.

Jeffrey photo

This film was pretty good. There was a lot of shooting and it was more realistic than some other films. I would recommend it. A real joy.

Nancy C. photo
Nancy C.

I was truly impressed with this movie. It was very much worth my time. If you are familiar with Norwegian law enforcement, you would know that it is very easy to convict people of murder for the death of another person. The man who did it is innocent. The police force only uses the law to try and catch him and get him in jail. I really liked this movie because it showed what is wrong with the justice system in Norway. I really liked the crime angle because it made it more real and more exciting. I think this movie is really a must see for any crime film fan.

Ashley photo

After finishing the "policeman" series (the one starring Adil Hussain, the one starring Rama), I decided to make a movie of the same story. I wanted to make it a fun movie, but this movie is not for that. The story starts in a drug-addicted, no-family, working-class neighborhood in Paris. The director clearly goes to great lengths to make the story seem authentic, and the way he tells it is so clever that it's hard not to feel you're watching a real film. The cast is great. The protagonist, Daud, is a mysterious drug addict. His actions, and the way he carries himself, are not what you'd expect from an addict, and he seems to be very real and real. The actors are all very believable and I could really feel how they were feeling. The actress who plays his mother, Nafisa, is very real, and her scenes are terrific. Her love for her son is shown in all the right places, but also her anger, and sometimes, her helplessness. I particularly like the way the director uses the mother's language. I can't describe it in words, but the movie feels like a documentary. There are many scenes where I was reminded of a documentary, as I was wondering what was happening, and why. I was also thinking about this movie for a long time afterwards, and I can't explain why, but I realized it was a great piece of cinema. 9/10

Frances Bradley photo
Frances Bradley

From the previews it seemed like it would be a tough film to pull off. The teaser I saw before the screening was on YouTube. It looked like a kind of thriller where you think you know what is going to happen and then it ends in a surprise. There were even some closeups of the stars. But what happened was a great story with great acting and a great story. I liked the guy who played the villain and the fact that he was pretty damn cool. I didn't think there was any doubt that he was going to be the bad guy. I felt like I knew what was going to happen. But then, when they found out he was the bad guy, I knew it was going to be really bad. I still liked the ending, it was the best ending in the whole film. I mean, I thought there would be a bunch of bad guys and he would win, but there was some good stuff. There were some great action scenes and I felt like I was watching the best martial arts movie ever made. Overall, a great film with a great story. The actors are great and the acting is great. The acting in this film is great, the story is great, the action is great, the villain is a badass, the plot is good, and the villain is a badass. It is a good story, but if you have a weak stomach, I would not recommend watching this movie. But I would give it a 9 out of 10 because I think that is an awesome movie, and I liked it so much I am going to buy the film. If you are a fan of movies like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Three Kings" and "Kill Bill" and "The Raid" then you should definitely watch this film. This is a great film, and I think it will be one of the best films in the world this year.

Howard Wright photo
Howard Wright

I have watched this movie twice and have seen the very last scene in it. I think it is really excellent. I think it is a very good movie. It is not to be taken seriously. It is just a movie about the work of the police and how the process works. The action is great and the acting is also very good. The plot is good but it is a bit messy, it is like a kid playing with the refrigerator. I think it is worth to watch and to get used to a first time viewer, because you might think something is going to be not so right, but it's not, it's a movie. Watch it.

Donald H. photo
Donald H.

A few years ago, I did some research on the role of unions in Denmark, and found out that I was not the only one to be surprised. It turns out that Denmark has had a labor movement since the middle of the 20th century. It's certainly not the New York City union, but they sure do exist, and they don't get enough credit. In the first few minutes of the movie, a woman in a wheelchair speaks of her disgust with the way the workers in the rubber factory feel about the bosses. This is about all she has to say. Soon after, the factory worker turns on his own gang to murder him. This is when the good guys go to their bosses. It's not just the "good guys" that are now evil, they're not only bad, but they're evil. It's as if the unions had become the ones doing the wrong thing. I don't want to give away the story, but if you think about it, it's a pretty good one. After the good guys make an example of the bad guys, there's a lot of explaining, explaining, and more explaining. That was also true in the movie (I only knew one of the main characters, but it wasn't the leader), and it's all well-presented. It's hard to explain exactly why it's so good, but I think the message is pretty clear. It's not the perfect movie, but it's worth the time it takes to watch it. It's better than any of the films that were released the same year. I liked the direction, I liked the actors, and I thought it was a well-acted movie. I'm sorry, but I can't rate this film higher than a 9 out of 10.

Crystal photo

This film is really an insight into the role of the police in the police-state and it was the first film that made it so clear to me that the police really exist and that they really do a lot of things that are not really a part of police work. I think there is a scene at the end when they get to the jail and the policeman puts his hand on a cell door. You see the soldier go in and out of the cell, and then the policeman has this hand on the door, and you can see that he is holding a gun. I really thought that was a really cool scene. That's what really took me into the film and the reason why it is so great. The film is very realistic, it's not the kind of film you'd expect, there are no big explosions, or nice cars, or big sum of money thrown around, it's all the same thing. The film really has a real meaning to it. The film is really interesting, the police-state thing is something I really liked, the film does a really good job showing the effects of the police-state on the police. It's really depressing to think that this is the way that the police really are. I also really liked the way that the film shows how they get arrested. The police do a lot of things like this, and the film shows you that it's really hard for the police to take care of themselves and the way that they do. The film really shows you how the police really are, they do really stupid things, and it really shows you how stupid the police really are. This film really has a meaning to it, it really does, and I recommend it to anybody who is interested in this kind of thing.

Evelyn photo

WOW! What a beautiful story! It's a non-linear plot that works on several levels. I've seen many action movies that are also non-linear, and yet have such strong moments of structure and continuity that they leave a profound impact on you. I think this film succeeds on all levels. From the opening credits to the end, the characters and the story keep you engrossed. There are so many different perspectives and stories you get to hear and see, and it doesn't matter if you're a fan of Action, Drama, Thriller, or even Horror. The characters and the story are very complex and deep, and it is always refreshing to see these two great talents at work together. I saw it with my partner, who was skeptical about the film, but liked it. It is extremely emotional and powerful. Definitely a great piece of work.

Ethan B. photo
Ethan B.

Stiffler, apparently the biggest Dutch gun fan in the world, gets an opportunity to sell his personal collection to a Belgian company, with no reservations. When he refuses to accept any of the handguns, he gets in trouble with the company and the government. This is a great story, showing the real story of Dutch gun culture. The real Dutch are not shown. Instead we have an evil company trying to get guns and a middle-aged gun owner who must make a decision. It is very different from the "Star Wars" or "Die Hard" movies, but it is a great film and is recommended. I also like the way it tells a story about the Dutch gun culture without the stereotypical portrayals. I also like the middle aged guy who is trying to stay in control and why he does it.

Evelyn W. photo
Evelyn W.

This movie does a great job in the movies of being authentic. A few characters can't help but look like members of the French Army. But in this movie, it is not necessary to look like someone who is part of the French military. It can be anyone who knows about these two countries, who are always making war movies. The sound of this movie is really good. It is not like the sound of the American movies. You can really hear all the sound effects. This movie is full of suspense. It will keep you awake. It is full of action, and it is full of gunfights. It is also full of strong and attractive characters. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is full of action and great dialogs. This movie is the best movie of 2001.

Janice photo

This is a film that was extremely important to me and it is extremely well made. The only problem with this film is that it is not very well known outside of Germany. It is truly one of the best films of all time and is a definite must see for everyone.

Jessica Nichols photo
Jessica Nichols

I have seen this film more than ten times and every time I watch it I find something new. There are many themes in the film, such as religious fanaticism, nationalistic feelings, the gradual decline of the Karelian state and a relationship between a group of prostitutes and the elderly man that becomes an increasingly unstable influence. The plot is not very original and is also complex, but the film is so compelling that you will never get bored with it. There are many characters in this film, all of which are interesting, especially if you are into the whole drama thing. Some people may say that it is too long, but I think that it should be compared to other films of this genre. The film is really well made and the acting is very good, especially from the actors. I recommend this film to people who are looking for a really good thriller and are looking for a really good Danish film.

Zachary Little photo
Zachary Little

This is a pretty good story. If you like the "gangs vs. cops" type of movies. This one is pretty good. The acting was good and the story was pretty good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. It has a great ending. There are many movies like this but this one is the best and one of my favorites.

Amanda O. photo
Amanda O.

I watched this on TV some years ago and it had a major impact on me. There is a scene where a man called Charlie is sleeping and finds himself the victim of an attack by a gang of thieves. The thugs immediately start beating and raping him and Charlie does the only thing that he can do - he rapes them. I was completely horrified and I did not think that the scene was in the script. I couldn't believe that such an idea was used, which is why I watch this movie again now and again and wonder how I got so close to that scene and whether it was the right choice or not. I would not call this a good movie. I did not like the acting and I could not like the plot but I love this movie because it is so hard to watch and the violence is so realistic. I think that it is a great movie and I would recommend it to anybody who likes great violent movies.

Sarah Dixon photo
Sarah Dixon

What an excellent movie. I saw it at an international film festival in Prague. The story is about a detective in a corrupt German police force who is also a serial killer. But he doesn't kill by himself. He has to deal with the many dark secrets that he is in contact with in his investigations. The ending was extremely strong and effective. The actors were excellent. And you really get to know the characters and see what they do. All the characters were really interesting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a strong story.

Dennis photo

The plot is simple: a Finnish librarian and his Russian girlfriend must try to get out of Russia. There is a twist that is never explained but it doesn't matter. The acting is good and the story is realistic, especially with the subtitles. This movie is really worth seeing. It's not for everyone, but if you are looking for a good crime drama you have to see it.

Carol Graham photo
Carol Graham

This is a German crime thriller which makes a great thriller about a genius of the art of computer hacking. He has the means of his own computer but as it is now over, he loses his purpose. The best part of the film is that the director, Frank Strahm, makes us see the protagonist by his game. He makes us forget the bad things that he does and make us really feel for him. He made us laugh, cry, and all of these emotions as he takes the role of the character. The action of the film is great, the whole film is like a computer game, and the director and the actors make this film to be a great thriller. This film is very good and is a great thriller about the great hacker, who is the character in the movie. The plot of the film is great, the characters are great, and the director makes this great thriller to be a great thriller.

Juan photo

Another one of those movies which reminds you about the 90s and shows the progress of the democratization of Sweden. It's about a cop from the West, a young guy from the East, a communist and the police who want to make an example out of him, but in the end it's the ordinary citizen who gets the better of the police. The story is very interesting and the cast is excellent, although I think one of the best performances is by Niels Arestrup who plays the young cop and tries to make a more independent personality. The movie is not too violent and there's only one sequence which is a bit scary, but it's more of a climax than a climax of the story. The ending is even more unexpected than the movie itself. I think the one criticism is that there are some characters who are not really important, but they are not bad characters anyway. It's just the problem of Swedish movies. Overall this is a very good movie and I highly recommend it.