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The Romans is a movie starring Daniel Keith Barone, Byron Brown II, and Constance Caldwell. A modern day take on Julius Caeser set in Buffalo, New York that finds mobster Earl Roman running his empire with an iron fist, but a soft...

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1 hours 37 minutes
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Korey Green
Larry Quinn, Korey Green
Jon Cesar, Daniel Keith Barone, Constance Caldwell, Byron Brown II
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A modern day take on Julius Caeser set in Buffalo, New York that finds mobster Earl Roman running his empire with an iron fist, but a soft heart towards his people. Unfortunately his rivals, C. Murph and the corrupt Councilman Green, threaten his domain and all that he has built. While trying to navigate the underworld, treachery, and a detective who is doggedly on his tail he leaves his poor son, the Reverend and his former protégé Brucey B behind to pick up the pieces of his empire, save his life, and avoid everything blowing to pieces.

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Joshua McCoy photo
Joshua McCoy

I read the reviews here before going to see the movie and they were very helpful in this decision. I am glad I did not go with a group. I love movies that are full of action and intrigue. I am glad I had this movie. The whole movie is filled with interesting characters and a captivating plot. It is well-acted and the acting is really good. The acting is all over the map and a lot of the time is very good. I felt like it was a really good movie with a lot of action. I did not get the feeling that it was a long movie. I really loved the acting, the setting, the characters, and the plot. I think this movie was worth seeing. I do think that people who didn't like it will hate it. I think people who like movies that are full of action and intrigue will love it. This is a movie that you will love and will enjoy.

Jeffrey photo

I have always enjoyed movies about the Roman Empire and I have to say that the Romans is a great movie. The movie has a great cast and it is a must see for Roman fans. All of the actors and actresses are very well known in the Roman Empire. Robert Duvall as Calpurnius Scipio is the most famous character. However it is Varney who steals the show. He is a man who is hard to hate and he is an incredibly good actor. I thought that all of the performances were very good and they do not let you forget that the movie is about the Roman Empire. I thought that this was an excellent movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes Roman movies.

Jose Ruiz photo
Jose Ruiz

What is the message of this movie? The Greeks were just as bad as the Romans, and some would argue they were even worse. However, the Romans did commit some unforgivable sins, such as genocide, slavery, and the killing of innocents. However, that is not the focus of this movie. The focus is on what we would call the "Roman psyche". There are many quotes that are quoted throughout the movie, as if they are the truth. There is no denying that the Romans were brutal, but what is the purpose of the movie? The message is to show us the Roman mindset, and it is a pretty good message. The Romans were far from being nice guys. However, they were civilized, and had a good sense of humor. They did not commit horrendous acts, but they also did not practice the atrocities of the Romans. The Romans were just as barbaric as the people of today, and the movie has many quotes from Roman literature to illustrate this. The movie also shows us what the Romans were like. The Romans did not believe in fair play, or the right of slaves to join their societies. They were ruled by the same code of justice, where even murder was not forgiven. In the end, the Romans were just as barbarous as the people of today. However, it is an interesting movie, and I do recommend it.

Jerry Carter photo
Jerry Carter

I really liked this movie. It is one of those movies that you should watch once and forget about. This is the sort of movie that you can just sit back and enjoy, without worrying about the story line. It doesn't try to tell you anything and you just sit back and watch it. The plot is simple, but it is done well. If you have the chance to watch it, do so. If you don't, watch it anyways. It's worth the watch. 8/10

Judy photo

Yes, the plot is predictable, but what is the point of it? As is the case with most movies, there is a twist and a conclusion. As a whole, the movie is very well made, in spite of the predictable plot. The cast was excellent, and the direction was crisp. The story was one I could enjoy, and that's a good thing. I saw this film the day it came out on DVD, and I really enjoyed it. In spite of the disappointing ending, I thought the movie was a winner, and I'll definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

Heather Henry photo
Heather Henry

This is a very well made movie. It is very dark and a little disturbing at times. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it, but I think it is very interesting. I don't know if it was based on a true story, but I am sure it was. Some of the acting was very good and the sets were great. The actors in the movie really did their job well. It was not like a movie that is just for children, because some of the adult scenes were quite graphic. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see a movie that is good, but not over the top. I would give this movie 8 out of 10.

Deborah R. photo
Deborah R.

While the film is one of the most detailed depictions of the destruction of Rome by the forces of Christianity, I find that the film suffers from a lack of depth and clarity. The film may be over 2 hours long, but it is still a fairly simple story. The film simply shows the return of Rome to the two Jewish families who lived in Rome, and the destruction of Rome. This is a problem for me, as I prefer a story of conflict and change over the simple "return of Rome to the people of Rome." It is a bit of a cliche to say that the story of the return of Rome is about Roman "backsliding," but the story is really about the Christians returning to Rome, not the Jews. When we see the Christian families return to Rome, they are not returning to a city destroyed by the Romans. In the beginning, the Christians simply want to have a home to live in, and they are met with much resistance from the Roman soldiers. They are essentially ignored. The first Christians are basically ignored, and it is the Jews who are called upon to become the spiritual guides of the returning Christians. In the end, it is the Jews who are called upon to become the spiritual guides of the returning Christians, and they are met with a wonderful story of a Jewish community coming to Rome. While the Christians may be the most important people in the story, I felt that the Jews were the most important. The story of the Jews is presented in a very human way. I feel that it is not very realistic that the Jews would be living in a situation that was so very different from their own, but the story was told very well. The film is an excellent representation of the human experience, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Amber F. photo
Amber F.

This film is definitely one of the best I've seen in years. Although the fact that it was made in 2013, I think it holds up pretty well to it's 1980's predecessor. The costumes and sets are great, as is the action. It's a film that will be remembered in it's own right, it's so much better than most of the zombie films that have come out in the last few years. I'm not sure how many of the people that saw this movie before it was released will remember it, but I sure will.

Mildred photo

I am very glad I finally got to see this film. I watched it last night and it was so worth it. It was a very moving film. I was emotionally engaged throughout the entire film. I do believe the director, Doug Liman, and the cast did a great job. I feel the movie was very realistic and I felt that it really made me think about the period in my life and the things that really affected me and my family. It also made me think about the things that happened around the world today and it made me want to get involved and help make a difference. It was a very moving film and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a sense of history and especially those who have a sense of morality.

Aaron photo

In the late 1940's a British teacher named James Mangold (John Hurt) falls in love with his students (also of the English School of Athens). James develops a deep bond with the students and they all share the same sentiments. It is a relationship that gradually develops into a lifelong friendship. As the years go by and James becomes more and more popular, he is torn between his ideals of fairness and his love for his students. Will he allow the boys to leave the school? Will he take the boys into his home to find them a home? Is he just a man with a heart or will he actually change his mind and let the boys go? "The Romans" is a highly original story that combines elements of "Roman Polanski's "Roman Holiday" and "Lawrence of Arabia". "The Romans" is a drama that is quite well done and the performances are wonderful. John Hurt plays a very believable teacher who slowly grows to love his students. He does not say "I love you" but that he does. Hugh Grant plays a student who is very sincere in his feelings. The friendship between the two leads to some interesting ideas. The direction is top notch. The set design is well done. The special effects are very good. The movie is a bit slow but there are enough humorous moments to make it worth watching.

Carol Payne photo
Carol Payne

The Roman version of "The Gods Must Be Crazy", based on John Donne's "The Gods Must Be Crazy", is a far better film. It does have the charm of the older film, but the style of the new film is more modern. It's certainly an improvement, but the older film was very good. The first thing I like about the film is the performance of John Hurt. He's not a major actor, but he is the standout in this film. It's a bit cliched that he gets the best lines, but that's how the film is. It's a nice change of pace for Hurt, and he was great. The other thing I like about the film is the direction. It's different, and it's exciting. It's like a typical Clint Eastwood film. He's got a unique style of shooting, and it's very well done. The photography is great, and the cinematography is just great. The costumes and sets are really well done. The costumes are simple, but the clothing and the designs are great. The sets are also great. There are some great looking shots of Rome. The camera shots are great, and they are usually the best parts of the film. The direction is quite good, and the acting is very good. There's also a nice message in this film, but it's really not important. It's a fun film, but it's not really important. The film is a little bit cliche, but I'm not really that bothered about that. The direction is good, and the story is entertaining. It's not as good as the older film, but it's still a good film. It's a little different, but it's not too different. I like the style of the film, and the direction, and the performances are good. The older film was not a very good film, but it was a good film. The film was well made, and I liked the film. It was a good film, and it's not bad. 8/10

Christian B. photo
Christian B.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought I would hate it. But, I am glad I watched it. I love Roman history, and I am also very intrigued about the subject of this movie. The story was based on true events that happened in Rome in the 4th Century. The movie does a good job of portraying the view of Rome during that period of time. The movie was also good at portraying the character's personalities. They were likable characters that I really liked. The acting was also good. The movie was very suspenseful and the acting was believable. I also loved the fact that the actors did not really show their bodies. There was no nudity or sex scenes. There was only the touching, and it was very touching. Overall, this is a great movie to watch. It will make you think, and will make you feel something. This movie is worth watching.

Michael R. photo
Michael R.

It's a movie that tries to tell the true story of one of the most evil men in history. What I liked the most about the movie was that it tries to show that this was a man with his own agenda, and not just a human. It makes you wonder what it would have been like if Hitler had the same ambition as John Wayne. If you are a Roman or an anti-Roman, you should not watch this movie. This is a must-see, because it tells us the true story of a man who lived and loved Roman history. Overall, I give it 8/10. See it for yourself. And remember: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Judy F. photo
Judy F.

From its very beginning, the director of this film has succeeded in making the viewer sympathize with the protagonist. This is done through a wonderful mixture of acting, direction, and a compelling plot. It is very difficult to determine whether or not this film is entirely realistic, but I think it is. For example, the overwhelming number of guns used by the protagonists to ensure their victory is a great representation of the very real feeling of the Romans to invade and conquer. If I were to point out the flaws in this film, I would say the acting, the lack of any character development, the movie's lack of pacing, and the fact that the camera work, especially the camera work used to portray Rome's warfare is rather disjointed. However, in spite of these flaws, the film is nonetheless highly recommended. I would definitely recommend this film for any Roman lover. It is truly a beautiful movie, that will change your perspective of history, and the things that go on today.

Lauren photo

The Roman Empire, is a strange movie. The story is simple but the way the movie is made is a little strange. I will try to explain this: the story is about the reign of a character called Caesar and his life during the Roman Empire. The movie follows the story as the history books show it, but then they go a little weird. The story tells us how a character called Caesar died. So Caesar dies. And then the story goes on. The movie is very nice, and is full of wonderful things, but the story is a little strange. The story is told as it is, and not as it is written. If you have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. If you have not seen the movie, I suggest you to see it, but if you have seen it, I suggest you to watch it again, because this time you will see the story a little bit differently.

Sara photo

I wasn't prepared for what this film is about. As a Roman, I have seen, read and heard the legends of Rome and its people. So, my expectations were very low. And my expectation was not met. I think the director has done an excellent job at balancing the artistic with the historical aspect. The scenes are very well composed. The costumes are stylish. The lighting is perfect. And, the dialogue was brilliant. So, I was totally satisfied with the film. But the story, well, that is all there is to tell. I have not seen the original, so, I can't comment on it. But I think that this film is very well done. It is visually stunning. The actors have done a fantastic job. The director and the scriptwriter have done an excellent job in the choice of their characters. But the story is not the most important aspect. The most important aspect is how it is presented. So, I would say that I would recommend this film to people who are interested in Roman history and culture.

Cynthia W. photo
Cynthia W.

Paul Bettany gives a brilliant performance as the fearless Roman leader Marcus Aurelius. He shows us his lust for power, his fear of losing control of the Empire, and his relationship with his beloved wife, Livia. Bettany is a great actor. I have seen him in numerous films, and this is one of the best. The plot is good and the themes are strong. The cinematography is beautiful. I have not seen any other films by the director, Terry Gilliam. I rate this film 8/10. It deserves a better rating.

Emma photo

I like Roman life. It's a part of my past and part of my present. I like this movie because it is also a metaphor of a society of blood and the way that it is. The Romans weren't the best people ever. They could do more harm than good. This movie shows how much the Roman Empire really did to the people of the world. The documentary was the reason I wanted to see the movie. I had to watch it. It was a great way to spend an hour and a half.

Jerry photo

To be honest, I went into this movie with very low expectations. I mean, I had read all the negative reviews on here, and I was really expecting a bad movie. Well, it is a good movie, but not a great one. The movie is about what life was like for the Romans, as a group of people they were outnumbered by the German, British and French. The Romans were on the verge of being wiped out, but they managed to survive, but the movie paints a very dark picture of what life was like in the time of the Romans. They live on the frontier, and some of them have to fight for their survival. For example, the main character, Cassius, has to fend for himself in the jungle. Then, he meets a woman named Lucilla, who shows him how to survive on the frontier. And later, when he meets other survivors, he shows them what he has learned. Now, to some people, this movie was full of stereotypes. For example, the main character was portrayed as being weak, and useless. However, there are some things that the movie does right. I think the biggest thing is that the movie shows us a group of people who were once slaves, who had to fight to survive, and that's why it is called "slave movies." The movie also gives us a clear picture of the Roman world. The Romans lived in a civilization similar to ours, but the Romans had their own style. They wore Roman clothing, wore Roman shoes, and had their own style of clothing. This movie really does a good job showing us how the Romans were living, but it is not a perfect movie. I think that the biggest problem is that some of the parts of the movie are slow and they don't seem to go as far as they should. In other words, some parts are hard to believe, but the movie is well done. Finally, I will say that the Romans are portrayed as a bunch of idiots. I think that the Romans were the best-run civilization of all time, and the Romans were a group of people who believed that they were better than the Germans, the British and the French. Therefore, the Romans were portrayed as idiots.

Patrick Pearson photo
Patrick Pearson

This movie was a real eye-opener for me. I can't remember ever seeing a movie that got so much into the real stories of Roman history and the attitudes of the people who lived and worked in those times. I was overwhelmed by the use of real locations and their real inhabitants. It was like a small version of The New York Times Magazine's "Landscape of Rome" which had an amazing story about the everyday people in Rome and the way they lived and how they behaved. The story of Marius was one of the most interesting parts of the film. In my opinion, the reason why this movie did not get much attention by critics is because the historical scenes of the main character Marius were not very well portrayed and this is what we are seeing today in the movies. However, as a whole the movie was very good. It is worth seeing, if you can find it.

Aaron Ferguson photo
Aaron Ferguson

I was in a movie theater with my girlfriend the other day and we were going to see this movie and I really wanted to see it. I was a huge fan of the "Kiss the Girls" TV show and thought it would be a great idea to see it. I didn't know what to expect and I was so pleasantly surprised. I was also really excited to see a movie about Rome and I was not disappointed. This movie has a great story line and it is a great way to spend your time. I think the casting was really good and the actors played their parts well. I think it was a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie about a time period that I don't know much about.

Helen Pena photo
Helen Pena

This is a great movie, and is one of my all time favorites. I love the whole movie, the story, the actors, the music, and the cinematography. It's a real classic, and a real film. I don't see why this movie is getting such bad reviews, because it's one of the best films ever made. I also like the fact that the director had so much experience working with both music and cinematography. I love that he could go from film to film and never get bored. This movie is a great example of how a great director can make a great movie. And when you look at the history of film, it's amazing that the great directors like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Ridley Scott have been able to do so much with such a small budget. This movie is just a great example of how a great director can make a great movie. It's one of the best films I have ever seen. 10/10

Timothy Mendez photo
Timothy Mendez

A beautiful and thoughtful film. The story is about a group of children, about their parents, about the story they tell each other, and about the events that occur in their lives. The acting is excellent, and the story is very moving. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film that is a little different than the usual Hollywood fare.

Evelyn H. photo
Evelyn H.

This movie was a real treat. I am not sure if it was the director's intention to make a historical movie but I am sure it was. I loved the setting, the costumes, the story and the performances. It was very touching and very moving. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is both entertaining and educational. It was very well done.

John B. photo
John B.

I thought this movie was very good. I thought it was a little bit slow at times but it was very well written. The performances were excellent and the directing was great. The story was very well told and I thought it was very believable. I really liked the movie and I recommend it to everyone. It was a very good movie.

Frank H. photo
Frank H.

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I first saw this movie. I had seen a few of the other Roman movies (which are a bit more graphic and violent), but not really liked them. I was convinced that this would be a mediocre film. I was wrong. The acting was great, the cinematography was great, and the story was really intriguing. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes historical movies. I would also recommend that you see the other Roman movies before you watch this one, because you will get a better understanding of the Roman Empire and the Romans. I give it a 10/10.

Matthew Fields photo
Matthew Fields

Just after seeing the trailer for "The Romans", I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation for this movie. And, I was pleased to find that the trailer was not misleading. I have to admit that I was disappointed by the trailer, but it was a fairly decent movie with some good action sequences. I liked the special effects and the acting was good. The movie was not very long, but it had its moments. It is a well-written movie, but I didn't care for the characters in this movie. I felt they weren't developed well enough to care about them. I found that a little too. In general, I did enjoy this movie, but I don't think it was a great movie. I would recommend this movie to people who liked the previous movie, but would not recommend this movie to people who did not like the previous movie.

Jack W. photo
Jack W.

I'm giving this 8 stars because it was really well done. I also like that it was a family movie, the action was fast, the acting was good, and it was a lot of fun. I found it really interesting that this movie was based on the book of the same name, and in this movie, the movie is basically the same as the book, but the book is better because of that. So if you haven't read the book, I'd still recommend it, but I'd recommend it to people who have read the book first. If you haven't read the book, you probably won't like the movie, but if you like the book, you probably won't dislike it. My daughter liked it, so I gave it 8 stars. She liked it, so I gave it 8 stars.

Victoria Russell photo
Victoria Russell

The Roman war is about the fall of Rome, as the story begins at the beginning of the empire, from the conquest of Gaul, in 55 BC. The rise and fall of Julius Caesar and Augustus and the world history is written in the people who live under their rule. The story follows the rise and fall of the Roman empire from the reign of Caesar to the conquest of the rest of the world. Some of the highlights of the story include the first victories of the Roman army against the barbarian tribes, the lives of soldiers who live under the rule of Caesar and the people who are controlled by him. Some of the best moments of the story include the opening battle, where the Romans take control of the Roman army in Gaul. The Caesar is portrayed in a unique way, the way you would expect him to be portrayed in a Roman movie. The execution of the movie is beautiful, the action is realistic and the story is worth seeing for all ages. A must see movie for the whole family.

Edward P. photo
Edward P.

I'm not going to make any accusations about the acting, because I have never seen any of the actors in other movies. I was very impressed with the direction of the movie. It is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again, and still find something new. The movie is about a man named John Coltrane, who is a jazz pianist, and a singer. One day, he is told by a man named John Coltrane, that he is not good enough to play music, and that he needs to get into the business of music. He goes to New York City, and he meets the man, John Coltrane, who is a musician. The two of them meet up, and they decide to work together, and become a band. The movie is about their life, and how they try to make a living, and be accepted by the people, who they meet, and the people who they are trying to make music for. The music they play, and the way they make music is very important to the story, and the movie. The movie is very sad, but very good. The ending of the movie is very good, because it shows that the two of them will meet again, and they will be together, and they will make music together. I recommend this movie, because it is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again.

Daniel C. photo
Daniel C.

In the midst of the civil war, a group of young men travel from Rome to the countryside. The group is led by a Roman soldier, who is a bit more than a soldier. He is a young man who is a bit of a rebel. The film is a unique and moving story. The acting is excellent. The film is a must see for everyone. It's a great story of people and the hardships they have to endure.