Steam Memory of the Camps

Memory of the Camps

Memory of the Camps is a TV movie starring Jasper Britton, Adolf Hitler, and Sidney Bernstein. Cameramen from Britain's Army Film Unit capture footage of concentration camps in German in 1945.

Other Titles
Memorie dei campi, German Concentration Camps Factual Survey, F3080
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1 hours 10 minutes
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Alfred Hitchcock, Sidney Bernstein
Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Crossman, Colin Wills, Richard Crossman, Colin Wills
Alfred Hitchcock, Adolf Hitler, Jasper Britton, Sidney Bernstein
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Cameramen from Britain's Army Film Unit capture footage of concentration camps in German in 1945.

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Austin P. photo
Austin P.

The homeless people in the streets of London are not just "ragged" individuals who struggle with life. They are a group of people who have been removed from society. Their stories are not just one dimensional and dull. They have hopes, dreams, dreams, dreams, and dreams. The film takes us to see their struggles, how they came to be homeless and what is it that makes them the way they are. It shows us their struggles, and it shows us their dreams. It shows us how to help these people and make them feel like it is not a choice. It shows us the way to help these people to feel like it is not a choice. The film is so well done, that I can't help but to give it a ten star rating. I would recommend this film to anyone. I know I am not alone in that opinion.

Eric J. photo
Eric J.

This film was beautifully shot, and as it opens, we are shown footage from the Texas City Holocaust Memorial, which has been a burial ground for the Texas City Jews for many years. The film then shows a scene from the archives of the Jewish Museum, which is in Washington, DC, and includes footage of a memorial to the 70,000 survivors of the Texas City Holocaust. This is a very moving film. The film includes interviews with survivors, as well as families of the victims. The film ends with a message to those who may have been living in the camp: "I'm here to tell you that you have been wrongfully punished. This is a terrible injustice, and I want to warn you that the Nazis will never forgive you."

Emily photo

I loved this documentary. I was shocked at the people who are supposedly some of the greatest people in the world. And I was completely shocked at the people who are "famous" in the world and in the media, but don't have any skills whatsoever. I would have never thought that there would be so many people in the world who are just plain stupid. To be honest, it was very sad to see the high class celebrities and the really amazing people who are not really in that world, but who are just so incredibly self centered. I didn't even think that there would be so many people who are just as bad as the people I mentioned above. In a sense, you can't blame the people who are in the world, because if they weren't, they wouldn't be in the world, but you can't really blame them either, because you know how bad they are. I think it's one of the best documentaries ever made. It is well done and it's sad that there is such a difference between people and the people who are really in the world, but that's what makes this film really special. I think the people in the film are really good, but it's not easy to be a really good person. It's hard to be that. I think it's the most important thing in the world, but most people are just really really stupid.

Donald S. photo
Donald S.

Every year in America, nearly 40,000 children die during summer camp, and countless thousands of other young people are traumatized by this experience. This film chronicles the life of the two main protagonists: Steve Seagal, an ex-cop, who has escaped from the justice system for the sake of his family and his two kids, and the manager of Camp Crystal Lake, who is both the villain and the hero in the story. I could not agree more with the authors of this review who had to go to a summer camp as a child and who survived and was traumatized as a child. I cannot say how much this film has effected me as a child. I cannot help but feel that it is my duty to try to find some way to help the millions of young people who are having to suffer as a result of the 'abuse' of the justice system and the media. I am a child psychologist, and I would like to suggest that anyone who has been to a summer camp should see this film, for it really is a must-see. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to go to a summer camp during my childhood and to meet some of the children who have survived. I really hope this film does not end up on video, because I think it will be an important piece of film-making.

Ashley photo

The National Geographic Channel has been in my home for years and I loved it when I was a kid. I was afraid that the network would pass the message down to me that I was supposed to do more of this and that is exactly what has happened. When I found out that the film was now being released in the United States I was extremely excited. I was so grateful to the network for making this movie possible. I was so glad to hear that this is being released on DVD and I plan to buy it when it comes out. I plan to watch it again and again. The only thing that I would have done differently is that I would have not watched the documentary again at all. The first time I saw it I was disgusted and I didn't want to watch it again. I would have watched it once and then I would have watched it again and again. The only other thing that I would have changed is that I would have watched the documentary and then I would have watched the documentary again. I was so glad to hear that it was being released on DVD and that I will be able to watch it again and again. It's a great story and I have watched it again and again.

Catherine L. photo
Catherine L.

I was a little sceptical about watching a documentary on the Holocaust, but after watching the film, I have changed my mind. The documentary made me think that if the people who came to America for freedom and liberty, had to endure the horrors of Nazi-occupied Europe, what would they do if they got here? What would they think about those who were enslaved? What would they think of the people who were exploited? What would they think of the people who were deported? The majority of the people were willing to give up their lives for their freedom, but the one thing they didn't have to give up was their soul.

George R. photo
George R.

I would like to thank the guys from Anonymous for giving the World the view they have not been given in Hollywood. They have created a huge movie that will bring people out of the shadows, and people that have never been exposed to the truth before. I am not a big fan of the holocaust, but this movie made me understand why it was so bad. I am glad I have seen it, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in seeing a true story.

Jessica photo

The documentary does a great job of capturing the original moments and to bring you up to date on the news of the very long history of the camp and the attempts to re-build it. I was very excited to see this film, and I couldn't wait to read the book! It's definitely a good read, and will provide a lot of insight on the history and the workings of the camp.

George photo

This documentary is about a Canadian film crew that made a documentary on the horrors of modern day slavery in the Middle East. The film is really a cry for help. The film crew took a year and a half to travel around the Middle East. They met with these people, who they met through the media, and learned about their lives, their hopes, and their concerns. It was a journey of a lifetime. I hope that you will see this documentary. It will give you a chance to look into the world you live in, and see how a single person can change the world for the better. The film crew was not paid for their work, but it was worth it. It was such an inspiring story, and I hope that you will see this documentary. I urge you to see this film. It is a beautiful film. The footage was very candid, and real. The cast and crew were very good. I would recommend it to anyone. The film is worth seeing.

Edward S. photo
Edward S.

I am a 50 year old American who grew up during the Korean War. I was not around during the war, but my mother was stationed at a local army base. She had been stationed at the same base in Okinawa for 12 years. She was a good and caring person. When I first heard about this movie, I was skeptical. The beginning of the movie tells the story of the horrific war that raged between the US and the Japanese. It is not easy to watch. I was very skeptical when I heard that a movie like this was being made. But, I have to say that it was a wonderful movie. The movie does a great job of telling the story. This movie shows the whole war. It also shows the aftermath. I would like to say that the acting in this movie was excellent. I was very impressed with some of the actors. I thought that they were very realistic. I do not know what the movie is about, but I know that it was very important to me. I am still upset that my mother was stationed at a military base in Okinawa. She was a good person. She would do anything to help people. This is a movie that should be shown in schools all over the country. I know that it is important to show the horrors of war. I am glad that I saw this movie. I hope that it will be shown in every school in the United States. I know that it will be shown in many schools. It is important to show the horrors of war. There are very few movies that have been made about the Korean War. This movie is a wonderful movie. It is a great movie. This movie is very important to me. I give this movie a rating of 10 out of 10.

Kelly photo

I have been watching movies and documentaries about the Great Depression and the American Civil War for more than 30 years, and I can say that this documentary "The White Sands" is truly one of the best I have ever seen. It is a very very long movie, but it is very important to learn about the real conditions of the U.S. during the time period. It is very graphic and depressing. It shows how the workers were forced to work on the hottest and driest days of the year, but at the same time, how their lives were destroyed by the harsh weather. The movie was so important because it helped to convince the people to keep their jobs, and also because it told the people about the millions of unemployed that were still out there. In one of the interviews, one of the workers said that the worker who made a fool of him was so much like his own son. I think that this documentary is the only one that is truly worth watching.

Philip C. photo
Philip C.

I just had the chance to see this documentary on DVD at the Denver International Film Festival. This documentary was so well-done, that it felt like I was actually there at the camps with the kids and counselors. It was so sad to hear stories of the brutality that was going on in the camps. This documentary was well-done, it had good music, and I really enjoyed the interviews. It was really sad to hear stories of the abuses that the children were subject to, and how those were forgotten over time. I think this documentary is going to be a good reminder to many people of the true horrors of the camps, and how some people are still talking about them. I am glad that this documentary has been made, and I would like to see a sequel. I really hope that this documentary is released soon.

Megan C. photo
Megan C.

Some people have said this movie was uninteresting. I disagree. It was very well done, especially the opening shots. I didn't know what to expect, but it was just an amazing movie. The whole story behind the film was very well done, but that's not why it was good. The music was great, too. It was a great way to tell the story. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good movie. If you like movies that take you to another place, and if you have a lot of energy, this movie is for you.

Patrick M. photo
Patrick M.

In order to view this film, please see it on video, not the computer. In fact, I can't imagine the computer screen going blank while viewing this film. I've seen a few documentaries on this subject and this one is definitely one of the most accurate and informative ones I've seen. I read a few other comments about the documentary that this film is not about the Holocaust. Well, it's about the Holocaust and the stories of the survivors of the camps. If you want to see a documentary about the Holocaust, see the great documentary, "Zwartb" by Denys Wyatt. The war crime at Auschwitz is covered in that film. However, I think that this documentary is far more accurate and accurate in terms of presenting the experiences of those who survived the camps. I was fortunate enough to have my mother who survived Auschwitz, in Holland, when it was under German occupation. I was only 5 years old and had to live in a concentration camp with other Jews. I was fortunate enough to have a nurse and help me through the camp, which was very hard for me. I don't remember all of the stories of my mother and her family, but the ones I do remember are extremely disturbing. I can't even imagine the terror and the fear that was put in the hearts of the Jewish people during this time period. This documentary is very well done and has wonderful photos of the camps and a lot of great stories. It's not only about the Holocaust, but also about the suffering of the survivors and their families. I highly recommend this film to everyone.

Susan B. photo
Susan B.

I have watched the other "Camp" films with great admiration. I feel that this documentary is a "must-see" documentary on the subject of slavery. I have had the pleasure of seeing it twice. I found it to be informative and informative. I wish that the person who made this documentary had given the viewers a different perspective on the subject, but in the end, it's up to each viewer to decide what to make of it.

Kenneth Baker photo
Kenneth Baker

I know some of you might be thinking that this is a documentary about the "bloated" federal government, but really it's a documentary about the human race. It's like an old-school time capsule for all the things we thought were important in our lives, and it's interesting to see how our history has been shaped by our decisions, and how they're shaped by our dreams. To me, this is one of the most fascinating documentaries I've ever seen. It's an excellent documentary because it shows how our dreams have a lot to do with how our lives turn out. It shows how the world is changing and how we have to make decisions that are best for ourselves, and that's what makes it fascinating. I hope you see this as well.

Carl photo

This documentary follows the journey of four youth into the world of substance abuse. The documentary takes us through their experiences from getting hooked on drugs to overcoming addiction. The film does a good job of getting their stories and developing a deeper connection to the people they are going to meet. This is a great documentary to watch if you have ever had a friend, family member or loved one who has struggled with drugs. The group of four are very inspiring and I wish more people would watch this film.

Arthur B. photo
Arthur B.

I have been following the plight of the refugees for decades, and have been a proponent of the concept of resettlement for decades. In all of my years of research, I have never been told of such a great story. I was not told that the families from the camps are made up of the oldest survivors and their grandchildren. The children who were not orphans have grown up to be parents and grandparents. The stories of the children are a testament to their resilience and their struggle to overcome their past. The pictures of the children are priceless, and the stories of the mothers are beautiful. They told us that they were happy to see the children of their own people returning to their own homes. We all must remember the children who are orphaned. They are a burden to the countries they were raised in, and a source of shame for their families and nations. The families of the children from the camps are a source of shame for the countries that adopted them. The stories of the children are a tribute to the strength of the people who care for them, and to the strength of the countries that adopted them. The story is a tribute to the humanity that has endured. The stories are a tribute to the resilience of the people who live in the camps, and the strength of the people who care for them.

Linda photo

This documentary is not for everyone. There are many elements to it. But what it does is makes the viewer understand the "story of the generation" and the war in Vietnam. The issues are not just for people who want to know more about the Vietnam War. People who want to understand more about war and the human psyche of war are going to be very interested in this film. This film is a must see for people who want to understand what really happened during the Vietnam War and the impact of that war on people who lived through it. A must see for anyone who wants to see more about the Vietnam War and how it affected people in a very personal way.

Tammy W. photo
Tammy W.

This is a documentary that shows the horrific abuse of children by the Catholic Church. The only way to fix the problem is to make this film. Thank you to everyone involved with this project and hope that the film will be available soon. The Catholic Church has many people that work for it that are very interested in seeing this film and would like to see the film. Thank you for your time.

Sandra photo

I have never seen a film about the Holocaust, and I'm glad I did. It was shocking to see what these children were doing. These kids, no matter what they did, were laughing at their captors, and they were laughing at the white man. That is truly disgusting. I will be asking for my money back when I see a film about the Holocaust. This film made me sad. I want my money back. I don't know why I haven't heard about this film before.