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The Bronze

The Bronze is a movie starring Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, and Haley Lu Richardson. A foul-mouthed former gymnastics bronze medalist with local celebrity status reluctantly trains a rising Olympics aspirant.

Other Titles
Tökéletlen talajfogás, The Bronze: Sono la numero 1, Medalha de Bronze, ブロンズ! 私の銅メダル人生, Bronce, Coeur de bronze, O Bronze, Bronze
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
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Comedy, Drama, Sport
Bryan Buckley
Winston Rauch, Melissa Rauch
Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch, Haley Lu Richardson
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A foul-mouthed former gymnastics bronze medalist with local celebrity status reluctantly trains a rising Olympics aspirant.

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Olivia Sullivan photo
Olivia Sullivan

WOW. This is just about the most perfect movie I have ever seen. I mean, really. The only movie I can think of that had this much style and polish to it is, dare I say it, what a delight to the eye. Like most films, this one is low budget, but it's also well put together, with actors and an overall theme that is truly great. The story is simple but heart-warming, and the casting is flawless. It is fun, it's funny, it's sweet, and it has an artful look to it. I haven't laughed this hard in years, and the only problem I had was that there were just a couple of scenes that just didn't have the emotion that they needed. I'm talking about the end of the film. It was an outstanding scene. The most I have ever cried watching a film. I think it's the perfect way to end this film, and it really feels like a movie that I will see again and again. It's about time. I can't recommend this enough. Give it a chance. See it, love it, hate it. If you like film, you will love this. If you like sports, you will love this. If you like to see well-done film making, you will love this. This is an indie film that will touch you, and then you'll be thinking about it for weeks after it's over.

Christopher Jones photo
Christopher Jones

I love all sports. The only sports I don't like is basketball and baseball. I grew up with my Grandfather on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and my mother was a sports reporter for WRC TV. I don't think I have ever really been in the sports movie business. I like both baseball and football, but I have never seen a movie about the sport. So I had no idea what to expect when I saw the poster. I loved the first one, even if it was a little cliche at times. The first one was fun. The second one was good, but the third one was a little over the top. But this one is actually fun. It is a very unique movie that I think is going to be a hit. The first movie was funny, but this one is very funny. The characters in this movie are very likable. I like the actors in this movie. They all fit into their roles. I also really like the special effects in this movie. The special effects are also very special. They are very unique. I love that they used the different lenses that they used to create the effects. I also love the fact that they did not stick to the real life story of the National Champions of Baseball. They did stick to the story of the story of the wrestlers who were made in the 70's. This movie is unique. It has very unique special effects and it is very unique. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I think you will love it.

Betty King photo
Betty King

I think that this film is great. It is a more personal film than a typical sports movie, but it still manages to tell a great story. The characterizations are great. You get a better sense of each character and even better actors play their roles. It is a film that really does show the feeling of being on the brink of greatness, the high moments and the low moments. You get to see so many different situations and situations that some of the best sports movies have dealt with. There are several parallels to what some of the best sports movies have dealt with, like the locker room and the emotions that you have during games. And the movie is able to use a few great sports quotes that make the movie. I also like that they were able to use many of the classic basketball quotes to the athletes in the film. That really helps the movie flow. It is very different than most sports movies and I like that. It does not feel like an NBA sports movie. It has a great story and I really like that. The cast is great and really give us a chance to see how they are on the verge of greatness. They all are great and so are the characters. I give this film 8 out of 10.

Linda Keller photo
Linda Keller

I was not sure what to expect when I first heard of this film. I had heard it was a remake of the 1970 film, "The Gooding, Jr. film" and thought that it was going to be a fun film, but I was wrong. I was right about that. This is a good film, but it is not a great film. It has a few funny parts, but the film is not as funny as it could have been. The film does have a few moments of excitement, but it does not last long enough to be as exciting as it could have been. I would recommend this film to people who like sports films, but I would not recommend this film to people who are looking for a good film. I think that this film is worth watching, but it is not a great film.

Megan photo

This is not a "bad" movie. I could watch it for hours and hours. My husband and I love this movie, even though we were skeptical at first. I thought the plot was fantastic, the characters were well developed and the plot was a surprise in the end. If you like sports and have a group of friends who have always wanted to see this movie, go see it! We are really enjoying it so far and plan to buy the DVD soon. My husband has also enjoyed it, so I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good movie and has a group of friends who are ready to share their experiences with you.

Jessica photo

I think that this is one of the better movies of the year. It is a good movie that is not for everyone. If you are not a sports fan or if you are a sports fan and you have not seen this movie you should see it. It is a good movie that will give you some good laughs. I liked it a lot. The story is not as original as some of the other sports movies but it is still a good story. It has good acting, a good plot, and a good story. I think that this is one of the better sports movies of the year.

Sandra Ward photo
Sandra Ward

It's hard to explain why I love this movie so much. It's so unique, it has great acting, great story, and great music. I can't say enough about how great this movie is. I was about to go to see it when I saw that it was on Netflix. I couldn't wait to watch it. The movie is so good, I've watched it 4 times in one day. It's so well made and so entertaining. I think the cast did a great job. Everyone did a great job. I think this movie is great. I'm going to buy the DVD now. It's so good.

Dorothy Johnston photo
Dorothy Johnston

I've seen this movie twice now and each time I find it more entertaining. There is a certain "cool" to it that I can't help but find appealing. This movie has a certain "coolness" that I'm not sure I could ever get to enjoy. The plot of the movie is simple, but the execution is complex. I think the movie would have been better with a different director. I really didn't like this movie until the last 30 minutes. The "dark" ending really surprised me. It was a great ending. I'm really glad that this movie was made. It's definitely not for everyone. But I really enjoyed it.

Anna W. photo
Anna W.

This movie is great! It's about a man who is very good at basketball but bad at life. He is given a new chance to start his life over again after his sister is killed in a car crash. He doesn't want to take the chance, so he finds a job as a basketball coach. He is still the same, but he doesn't care, he just wants to win and not think about anything else. The movie is funny, it's really great. You can't stop laughing. The guy is so funny, it's so good. It's a movie that you have to see.

Amber M. photo
Amber M.

Very good movie. In my opinion, the movie is about boxing. It tells about the different views and opinions about boxing, about boxing and about people in general. It's a good story and I really liked the actors and the story. It's also about brotherhood, about family and about love.

Tammy W. photo
Tammy W.

I love this movie. I think it's a very underrated film. It's an important film to watch. It has great performances from all the actors. The actors are great in the film. The film has a great message about life, about your relationships, and about sports. It's a very important film for all of us to watch.

Edward photo

A different type of sports film. I am a big fan of boxing and even though I only saw this film once, I got hooked. I have a feeling this film will make it's way to the video store someday. It is really not what people say it is. It is a little different in it's style, but you will enjoy it. A good story line, good acting, and even if it is a little far-fetched, it is still entertaining.

Lori H. photo
Lori H.

The U.S. women's soccer team lost the gold medal match to France and is held to an absolute embarrassment. After this embarrassment, the media demands that they hire the greatest coach ever to ever coach women's soccer. As he prepares for a trip to England to coach the British women's team, he discovers that he is dealing with a psychological problem. What does he do? Find out in this brilliant film. Directed by the incomparable Martin Scorsese, it is one of his best and bravest films. It is funny, sad and even dramatic. The cast is excellent and includes wonderful performances by every single member of the cast. It is just one of the great films of the 90's. It is not just about women's soccer, it is about a true athlete. The lead actress is the only outstanding performance in the film. She is believable and one of the best performances of her career. She is utterly convincing and really makes the movie for you. I have not seen so many good female performances in any movie. The other cast members are equally good and are the reason why this film is a classic.

Alan photo

I am generally very tolerant of political/social issues. The truth of the matter is that I am generally liberal and believe that there should be something better for everyone in this world. I don't think it is appropriate that someone is disadvantaged due to his/her race. There are certain things that shouldn't be done that are done, or not done, that should be avoided. I'm a huge fan of Jackie Robinson. I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone was treated equally. There are a lot of problems in the world, and one of the main things that I believe in is the idea of equal opportunity. It should be up to people to try and overcome some of the issues that they face, and to make their lives better. I am not going to pretend to be an expert, but the way this movie portrays the civil rights movement is a very interesting way to view things. I like the fact that they try to portray it as being something more than just a fight for equality, and that is something that I think a lot of people can relate to. This movie also has some very interesting acting, especially when I watch a movie and a character does something, and the actors are able to make the character very real, even if they are acting. It's interesting how they are able to take someone and make them seem like they are not just a racist, but a person who is very intelligent and thinking about their life. This is one of the movies that I think can make people think, and the actors are able to do that very well. The acting was also good, and there were some really great scenes that I was able to get caught up in. I think it's important to see something different in a movie. It's not always necessary to see the same thing that is going to be shown to you, but there are certain things that are shown that make you think, and then you watch the movie and try to figure out what's going on. I think that this movie has helped me in this way, and I think that it can help anyone, but it's not for everyone. I think that the movie is good, but it's not a great movie. I like it, but I think it's not for everyone. I don't think that it's the right movie for people who are too young to be watching it, and I think that it would be good for people who are over the age of 18, because it's more about the society and not about the personal issues. I also think that the film needs to go back to the original idea of the movie, because it's one of the things that made the original movie so good. Overall, I think that this movie is worth watching, but I don't think that it is a great

Christopher A. photo
Christopher A.

I thought that this movie was a pretty good watch, but not the best. There was one specific scene that made me cringe, but that was not the whole movie. The main reason I watched it was because of how the characters were portrayed. For instance, while on the court, Will Smith's character was portrayed as a robot. But in the end, he did win. This is a big part of the movie because it's how these characters are shown. All the people are portrayed in a certain way, which made the movie watchable. There are also parts that are supposed to be funny but are not. There is a scene where the President goes to the bathroom and is saying that he doesn't have the strength. His co-workers are standing around him. All of a sudden, they stop laughing. I mean, is this supposed to be funny? But the humor was there. My favorite character in the movie was Ron Woodroof. He was a real sports fan. He was used to playing baseball in the past, but that's not the case anymore. But it's still funny because he is a weak guy. He was talking to Will Smith about his loss. Then, when he was talking to Will Smith about his winning streak, he was a little bit sarcastic. But then when he started talking about how he didn't get into school because of his father's illness, it was just too much. The one thing I hated about this movie is that Will Smith didn't get a real breakout role. In the beginning of the movie, Will Smith didn't do a lot of speaking. But then, he started to show his personality and that's when the movie started to show some dramatic scenes. But Will Smith also got a good breakout role. The movie doesn't just focus on the great relationship between the two players, but the relationship between the two people that represent the country. It's a little bit of a cheat because he didn't get a bigger part in the movie, but that's the way it is. Overall, it's a movie that's worth watching. I would recommend it to people who have never watched it or people who have watched it a couple of times. Overall, it's a movie that is worth watching.

Jesse R. photo
Jesse R.

At first I wasn't that impressed with this film. Then I began to watch it, and in my opinion it was absolutely fantastic! The acting was great, the cinematography was great, and the storyline was very original. The main character is actually a great person who didn't get to do very much. He lived a relatively boring life, except for a brief time where he was suspended from baseball. The best part of the film is when he finally gets the opportunity to go on the field for a real game. This film is definitely one that I would recommend to everyone. It will definitely give you a good feeling inside. The ending was also very nice. 9/10

Paul H. photo
Paul H.

I have seen some bad reviews on this site for this film, but really, if you haven't seen it, what's the big deal? I think that a lot of people are watching this film with expectations of watching a great film, and in my opinion this film is a great film. Although the plot is a bit weak and not too well executed, the acting is great, and the cinematography is outstanding. The actors play their parts very well, especially Steve Carell who I think has made a very good comeback after his appearance in The Sixth Sense. I really enjoyed the film and would highly recommend this film to anyone. It is a very strong story, with a very good ending, and it's not like it is the only film that was made about a boxer. This film has a great message, and it will make you think. 8/10

Ralph Spencer photo
Ralph Spencer

I don't remember ever watching the original "B" film. I never even heard of it until recently. I started watching it again and I was stunned by the amount of talent involved in the production. It's worth checking out if you're a hockey fan or an interested in the sport. It's so much fun to watch.

Kyle Walsh photo
Kyle Walsh

This movie was great. It had some of the best fighting scenes I have ever seen in a movie. The movie was very well written, and it had some good acting in it. The movie was also very good in it's characterization of the characters. The acting in this movie was excellent. I really liked it, and I think that it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Melissa B. photo
Melissa B.

I had a few problems with the movie. First, the plot was hard to follow. The second was that the movie was too long. I know that is not the director's fault, but the story line was just too long. The third was that the movie was too sad. I know that was the director's fault, but it was a little too much. But the movie was great. The movie was about two brothers and how they cope with the loss of their fathers. One brother has a younger brother who is always fighting for him, but the older brother is a different type of brother. The older brother is very much like his father and he has no qualms about fighting for him. But the younger brother is a little different. He is a very good kid and has a lot of faith in his father. So the movie is about a little brother who has to deal with his father's death and how he tries to take care of his younger brother who is growing up without him. I really liked the movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Ralph photo

Pleasantly surprised by this movie. The first time I saw it I didn't know what to expect, but it was enjoyable. I don't know why the critics were so harsh on this one, I thought it was a fun movie. It's a little slow at times but not at all a boring movie. I am also surprised by the kind of reviews the audience has given this film. Not for Oscar level stuff, but it's a decent movie.

Tammy H. photo
Tammy H.

I was very surprised with this movie. I was expecting a classic "everyman" movie, but it turned out to be a very funny movie. It's a little bit more than just a sports movie, but it's not a sports movie that is just for sports fans. The movie has a lot of good comedy, and it's a great way to spend an afternoon. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes sports movies.

Laura Walsh photo
Laura Walsh

I watched the movie because of the name of the movie and the fact that it was about the greatest basketball player in history. I was not disappointed. This movie is about the career of the greatest basketball player ever. The movie is about his life, and his journey through life. It is also about his family, his friends, and his life. The movie is a great movie to watch and learn about the greatest basketball player of all time. It is about his life and his life and it is a great movie. This is a great movie.

Anthony photo

Astonishingly smooth and graceful and a brilliant portrayal of a man going through his own personal struggle to find himself. The man who is put on the role of 'the bronze' is really David Koresh, and he does a superb job of showing his pain and anxiety as he tries to find a life for himself and find meaning in it. The film was great and I really enjoyed it, a film that was not to be missed by any true football fan. It was also a good representation of the modern age, showing the struggles of the younger generation of football fans who are in their teens and twenties, trying to find themselves and find their way in life. I was glad that the film focused on this age group, because it was the only age group in the film that really showed their struggles. I think that there should have been more focus on this age group. Overall, it was a very well done film, with great direction and acting. I would definitely recommend this film, and I would give it a 9/10.

Debra photo

The Bronze is a film that I am happy to say I saw. I am a huge fan of the sport of hockey and this film is a great showcase of the sport. It is a story of two men and their lives in the sport of hockey. They both have different goals and ambitions and they both have to deal with their own personal demons. The story is told from the perspective of the players. There is a lot of emotion in this film and it is very entertaining. The actors are all very good and the cinematography is top notch. The direction is very good and the editing is very good. The screenplay is very good and the music is great. I am glad I watched this film and I am looking forward to seeing it again. It is a great film and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the sport of hockey.

Adam Armstrong photo
Adam Armstrong

I enjoyed this movie very much, and I hope to see more from it. It was very well done. I liked the way it was filmed, and the acting was very good. I thought the story was very good and it kept you interested. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good story, great acting, and a good story.

Nancy Gibson photo
Nancy Gibson

The Bronze was a good movie, with a good cast. But the movie was too predictable, and not that funny. I would not recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a fun comedy. If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh, then this is a good movie to rent. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Jane photo

Some people, especially hockey fans, tend to view the game of hockey as one for the glorification of the game. While this is true, it is not the whole story. The fact that this movie was made about hockey is just the beginning. In the film, a hero named Jack Aubrey, played by Kevin Kline, is a professional hockey player who plays for a small hockey team in a big city, in this case, Detroit. After a near miss with a bigger team, he is being treated for an injury and his mother, played by Kerry Washington, contacts the local newspaper to see if he can be given a tryout to try out for a new team. While on the team, he meets a few people and they introduce him to their culture, which includes some of the same language as hockey. This causes his status to rise and he is a main attraction to the entire team. The most outstanding thing about this movie is that it is a drama, not a comedy. This is a dark, gritty drama, which I think that the entire hockey world can enjoy.

Linda P. photo
Linda P.

Lack of focus on the most important issue in baseball, the money, is a bad way to start the new season. It's a great thing to be aware of the fact that the White Sox are doing the playoffs of the American League, and in doing so, and for the second straight year, they won a World Series. For the season in question, White Sox fans know that their beloved team has been in the basement for quite some time, and many fans have openly said that they're tired of seeing the team win so much money. It was this constant feeling of dissatisfaction that this movie was trying to go around, and in doing so, it took us out of the story and made us sit back and reflect on the real issues that are affecting our beloved franchise. The movie is a roller-coaster of emotions. It's never one person's fault, and in fact, the main character (Scott's character) is a man with a problem that needs to be addressed, and has to be. His problem is his addiction to the money. We see him literally burn through it. When we see him on the roof, trying to make a profit, it's clear that he has plenty of money, but no care for the people he takes care of, as shown by his inability to turn away a couple of drunk women who are being harassed by some fans. He tries to sell the baseball team, but he is scared to death of losing the money. While he's making money, he spends all his time at home watching baseball on TV, when he could be at work, making money. He spends the rest of his time working, and doesn't seem to care if his work is producing enough money for him. He's worried about his girlfriend and decides to be with her while she's at the hospital, while he's waiting for the delivery of his daughter. There's nothing wrong with that. That's normal, and that's something that any father would do. It's the way he deals with his love for his daughter that is wrong. He has no concern for the people he's caring for, and that's why his character was so flawed. He had no care for the people he was raising, and his daughter was taken away from him. And he's a very selfish man, as we see at the end of the movie. We see Scott take a break from his work to go and do something, but he's so ashamed that he does, that he gives up the job he's doing, which was his life, and the money he has, and starts smoking weed. His lack of concern for his wife and child, and his lack of love for his daughter, was the driving force of this movie. The fact that Scott was addicted to money, it's not just

Debra Crawford photo
Debra Crawford

The Bronze has something to say about the game of baseball and the culture that surrounds it. But more importantly, it has something to say about the corrupt and underhanded things that take place in the most precious and important of all commodities: the game of baseball. In the mind of the people who are running the league, baseball is a purely competitive game, and the job of a baseball player is to get on base. The movie does a great job of making you feel like you're part of the culture that surrounds the game of baseball. It does a great job of showing the corruption and corruption that goes on behind the scenes. It is true that baseball does not always win, but the corruption of the league and the players is pervasive. This movie will not get an Oscar, but it is certainly worth watching. The film is well directed, written, and acted. And it's definitely worth seeing.

Samuel photo

I've watched this film for the first time a few days ago, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was decent, and the acting was good. It was a bit long at times, but the first half was enjoyable. I thought the ending was rather disappointing, but it did tie up a few loose ends. I thought the characters were all well developed, and the plot was interesting. I don't think it's a masterpiece, but it was enjoyable. I do have a few problems with it, though. I don't think the movie was that realistic. For instance, the characters all seemed to have no real life experience. They were all from the upper-middle class, and they all seemed to have lived their lives as if they were completely content with the way things were. There were no real conflicts or problems that were ever in the way of their enjoyment of life. It seemed like they were content with their lives, and had no real desire to change them. I also thought the movie was a bit too long. The film seemed to drag on a little bit at times, and I thought the first half was too long. I would have liked to see a bit more of the characters. I thought the movie was a bit too long, and I think the first half was too long. The movie was good, but I think it could have been better. It's a good movie, and I think it's worth a watch, but it's not great.

Barbara photo

The movie is very interesting and entertaining. I thought the acting was good, but the story was a bit too predictable. I was disappointed by the ending, I thought it was too predictable. The movie is not very long, but it could have been longer. I thought the actors did a good job. The characters are not very developed, and the story is a bit too predictable. I recommend this movie to people who like sports movies, and want to see a good movie.

Megan Palmer photo
Megan Palmer

I liked this movie a lot. It's one of those movies that you really don't know what to think of until the very end. I think that it's a good movie to watch if you're into sports movies, and you like to see sports movies that aren't too serious. It's definitely not a movie that you have to see in a theater, but it's a movie that you can rent or buy. I think that it's a movie that you should watch a lot. I'm sure that you'll like it.

Philip W. photo
Philip W.

After watching the movie "The Bronze" I was really impressed. It is a story about a young boxer who was never able to get into the ring because he was not strong enough. His father was always trying to get him into the ring but he never had the guts to get into the ring. One day he meets a girl named Claire (Elisha Cuthbert) who is a former boxer and she is a really good boxer. She gets into the ring with him and she gives him a lot of advice and teaches him about the game. He also meets a couple of people who are trying to make it into the ring and they help him with his boxing. The movie is very entertaining and it is full of comedy. The story is very good and it keeps you interested all the way through. The only problem I had with the movie is that it is too long. It is about two hours long and it is very boring. I think that if they cut some of the unnecessary parts that it would be better. I think that if they cut some of the things that it would make the movie better. Overall, "The Bronze" is a good movie and I recommend it to all boxing fans.

Jack P. photo
Jack P.

I'm not sure how to describe this movie, but I think it's a perfect example of how a movie should be made. A group of friends play a "team" game called the "Bronze" in which the team's score is determined by the number of times they successfully complete the task. The task is to get to the final round, where the score is decided. The movie is very simple, but the execution is quite brilliant. The characters are all well-written and the dialogues are very well written. The characters are all likable, and the characters themselves are not the main focus. The movie is very well-made, and the acting is really good. I think it is probably the best acting of the year, and it's one of the best movies I have seen this year. The music in this movie is also very good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good comedy. I gave this movie 9 out of 10 stars. The only downside of this movie is that it's not as good as "The Princess and the Frog", but then again, that's a good thing.

Dorothy W. photo
Dorothy W.

I loved this movie. I have seen it twice now and I am still laughing out loud. It is a great movie for a Sunday afternoon. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I also have to say that I have seen some of the better comedies and this is one of the better ones. This is a great movie for families and also for adults. I give it a 9 out of 10. It is a great movie and definitely a movie to watch over and over again.

Mildred G. photo
Mildred G.

This movie has it all. Great actors, good story, great music, and an ending that will leave you speechless. It's a movie you don't want to miss, and it is one of the best sports movies I've ever seen. If you have not seen this movie yet, you are in for a treat. I highly recommend it.

Janice photo

It was only the realization that the entire cast and crew knew all about this film that brought back my memory of this film. I loved it. The story is about a young man named Josh (Kevin Hart), who becomes a tennis pro. However, the game doesn't seem to fit him, and he wants to play golf. However, when he is turned down, he resorts to playing tennis. The script is great. The dialogue is spot on. The humor is well done, with some memorable quotes. The acting is very good. Gary Cole as the coach is a master at doing this type of role. I enjoyed watching him do this type of role. On the other hand, the most memorable performance is by Chris Rock. His dialogue is the best part of the film. He's perfect at this type of role. The biggest disappointment of this film is the two leading actors. While they do a good job, it is hard to find them likable. Their characters are not likeable. The chemistry between the two actors is terrible. And while they do a good job, they are not believable. When they make bad decisions, they seem like they're in over their heads. This film was definitely worth the money and the time. It was a great story, and the characters were great. Overall, I think this is a great film. I love it. It's my favorite film of the year, so far. I highly recommend this film.

Matthew H. photo
Matthew H.

The Bronze is a great movie that is extremely underrated. This movie is the best baseball movie ever. The Golden Era of baseball is what is known as the "Golden Age" of baseball. People believe that baseball is the most exciting sport ever. They have never seen the competition in the first place. They have never played the game. They have never even heard of baseball. This is a great movie that shows how baseball was brought to the people and how it changed their lives forever. The soundtrack to this movie is great as well. The theme song is also great. The movie was directed by Tim Story and is based on the true story of the most famous baseball team of all time, The Detroit Tigers. The movie was written and directed by Tim Story. The script is good, but I didn't like the film's voice overs. I found them too loud and too annoying. However, the movie is really great. The acting is very good, especially from Tom Hanks. He did an amazing job playing Hank Aaron. The music is very good. The score is great and adds to the movie. The editing was very good. I really liked this movie. This movie was very good. This movie is one of the best baseball movies ever made. The movie is excellent and will be remembered for many years to come.

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Cheryl Barnes

This is an important movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. In this movie there is a man that you don't know anything about, he's a member of a wrestling team that trains, he's a great runner and he's not a little over-the-hill. This is the best I've seen of a movie like this. The guy, Tommy Gunn, he's a jerk, he's selfish, he's a liar, he's a drunk, he's an asshole, he's all of the above. And this guy's called The Bronze, he's an underdog, he's a real jerk, and it's his responsibility to put him in the worst situation possible. If he doesn't then he'll be in the NBA, and if he does, he'll get a spot in the NBA. And what will happen if he doesn't? That's a pretty good question, you'll have to watch it to find out, because it's funny. The good thing about this movie is that it's not trying to be too serious, but it's not supposed to be. It's just a movie. It's funny. You don't have to like sports or anything like that, but it's not about that. It's just a good movie. And for those who like sports, you will love it.

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Somebody who has lived in New York City for a while, and who understands the humor of this place, will appreciate this movie more than others. I think the whole movie was written and directed with a New York accent in mind. Michael Cera was terrific as the tough guy and it shows. Jonah Hill is hilarious as always, but the chemistry between him and Cera was there, and I would not be surprised if this film wins a few Academy Awards. There are a few really cool and hilarious lines in the movie, and some very nice and unexpected twists and turns. I'm not sure if you can say this is the best film in the series, but it is definitely a very good one. I would recommend this movie to any fan of the series. It has some really funny parts that you just can't take your eyes off of. I would definitely say that it is a must see for anyone who likes this type of film. 8/10

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Sharon Richardson

I've seen this movie in a cinema many years ago, and it still has the same effect on me. I just love the way the film is told. I've also watched the movie on DVD, and it's also great to see the amazing cast. I'm a big fan of Diahann Carroll, who plays her character with amazing energy and attitude. But it's the standouts in the movie. You'll see Denzel Washington and Jesse Eisenberg, and they are both perfect in their roles. Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin are also very good in their roles, and it's nice to see Tom Cruise play a character who isn't him. The best part of the movie is the story, which is simple, but good. It's based on a real story, and it shows the whole world that boxing isn't everything. You need courage, and you need courage to win. The only thing you need is for those who are the best to make you a champion. But don't forget that even if you are the best, you have to work hard to get there. All the actors do a great job, and it's very easy to follow the story. I'm really looking forward to see what happens with the upcoming sequels. But I do want to say that I do recommend this movie, because it's very good.