Steam Tadeo Jones 2: El secreto del Rey Midas

Tadeo Jones 2: El secreto del Rey Midas

Tadeo Jones 2: El secreto del Rey Midas is a movie starring Michelle Jenner, Adriana Ugarte, and Óscar Barberán. Tad Jones, the most awkward explorer, must rescue his beloved Sara from a millionaire who is looking for King Midas'...

Other Titles
Tadeo El Explorador Perdido 2: El Secreto del Rey Midas, Tad Truy Tìm Kho Báu: Bí Mật Của Vua Midas, タッドの大冒険 失われたミダス王の秘宝, Tadeo Jones 2: el secreto del rey Midas, Tad, az utolsó felfedező, Tad e o Segredo do Rei Midas, Tad Stones und das Geheimnis von König Midas, Ταντ: Το μυστικό του βασιλιά Μίδα, Hazine Avcısının Maceraları 2, As Aventuras de Tadeo 2: O Segredo do Rei Midas, Ted, izgubljeni pustolov: Tajne kralja Mide, Tad et le secret du roi Midas, Tedi i mapa skarbow, Tad, the lost explorer and the secret of King Midas, Tad si secretul regelui Midas, Tadeo el explorador perdido 2: El secreto del rey Midas, Tad ha'khoker ha'khofer, Tad the lost explorer and the secret of King Midas, Tadeo Jones 2: El secreto del rey Midas, Taddeo l'esploratore e il segreto di Re Mida, Tad Stones und das Geheimnis von Köng Midas, Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas, Tad den bortkomne eventyreren og kong Midas' hemmelighet, Tad Jones: The Hero Returns, Tadeo, el explorador perdido 2: El secreto del rey Midas
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Family
Enrique Gato, David Alonso
Jordi Gasull, Javier López Barreira, Neil Landau, Paco Sáez, Javier López Barreira, Jordi Gasull
Michelle Jenner, Luis Posada, Óscar Barberán, Adriana Ugarte
Spain, USA
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Tad Jones, the most awkward explorer, must rescue his beloved Sara from a millionaire who is looking for King Midas' necklace.

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Amber photo

I really enjoyed this movie. I don't think there's much else I can say about it. It's a lot like a B movie, but I like that it isn't. I love the animation and the music, the characters and the story. I really recommend it to all people who like movies. It's a bit like "Aladdin" for kids. It's fun and full of action. I like it. I recommend it to everyone. I think you'll like it too. I give it a 7/10.

Deborah S. photo
Deborah S.

There's a reason why this film has a 4.6 rating on IMDb, but I don't think it's because it's so bad. If you like Disney films you'll love this. It's a simple, silly, lighthearted, charming, and funny movie that's just great to watch with your friends. It's also great for young kids. If you're the type of person who likes animated films that are a little too childish for kids, you might not like this film. It's got a few "family friendly" scenes that could make some parents nervous. But it's still a great family movie for the whole family.

Joyce Long photo
Joyce Long

Tadeo Jones was a good character for the kids and an excellent role for the adults. I loved the way the movie used the series of movies to create a new story and introduce the characters. I also loved the way they created new settings for the movie. It was a great addition to the series and I would watch it again. I loved how they got the original characters from the series and combined them with the characters from the film. I loved how they mixed the two different worlds together. The animation was great, and I loved how the creatures from the series were used in the film. The characters were all different, but I felt they were all unique and fun to watch. I loved the ending. The last scene made me feel like I had just watched a great movie. The story was good and there were some great moments. The acting was great, but I think the voice actors did a great job in their roles. Overall, I would recommend this movie to any fan of the series or any movie fan.

Grace C. photo
Grace C.

Back in 1999, The Secret of Inanimate Objects was released to great fanfare. This movie is even better! It is a great sequel to the original film, the characters are still the same as the original, but this film also sets the stage for the second movie that was to come a year later. There is a lot of Easter Eggs that go into this sequel that we didn't get in the original, so look out for them! Fans of the original film should enjoy this sequel with as much nostalgia as possible. (7.4/10)

Peter photo

This is the sequel to the first Disney Channel original TV movie. In the original, three sisters find themselves locked in a school as thieves. They are then forced to go on a scavenger hunt for treasure in the backwoods of the earth. This sequel is set in modern times and yet looks as though it was filmed in the 1800's. The movie begins in 1812, where the mother of the three sisters (Tania Burden, Madelyn de la Pena, and Nia Long) is already dead. The mother died in a car accident. The three sisters are now going on a treasure hunt in the woods of the woods of South America. It is a great adventure of discovery. It also includes a great romance with the mother's niece (Judy Greer). The sister's must face the powerful gold mine owners (Rae Dawn Chong and Adrian Pasdar) who are after their treasure. In the end, the mother's husband (Cedric The Entertainer) shows up and tries to have them locked in the basement forever. The sisters of the original reunited on this movie and it was a great movie.

Michelle W. photo
Michelle W.

Even though i liked the original movie,I really didn't care for the sequels.They seemed to be more of a money grab by the studios and an attempt to capitalize on the success of the first movie.Even though it was the first version,it's still pretty good.It's a really nice movie.I love the characters,they are all funny and I like the whole world that they live in.The story isn't bad either.And of course the ending is great.This movie is great.I give it 8/10

Walter R. photo
Walter R.

The most famous cartoon character in the world, the mouse (with his heart) has returned to help us with a simple yet strong story. The title "El Secreto del Rey Midas" is Spanish for "The Secret Midas" and this is the best title for this animated feature. The main character is a mouse, the story of which is the origin of a mythical hero. The mouse finds out that the secret of the Midas heart has been hidden in the heart of a white horse. The mouse must search for it and find the true meaning of the Midas heart. This movie is also directed by Spanish cartoonist Juan Carlos M. Gomez. The animation is done in a way that the movie is quite fresh and unique. I am not sure that I am the only one who is not impressed with the animation. The way the characters move and the animation of the "robin" character is a very original. The story is not the strongest and is sometimes boring, but that does not matter, since this movie is for children. This is a good animated movie for all ages.

Scott Johnson photo
Scott Johnson

This is the second in a trilogy of short movies. In this movie, two children are kidnapped by a man and a woman. They find that the man has a secret identity that has been hidden from the public. The man, Lalo, has a secret he has to tell, and the children must find the truth about the man. This movie is funny, but not as funny as the first one. The first movie was really funny, but this movie is much better. I still think that this movie is good, but I have not seen it in a while. The story is similar to the first one, but the jokes are a bit less. This movie is very entertaining and very funny. It is better than the first movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the first movie. It is worth watching.

Vincent C. photo
Vincent C.

This movie is a funny one and is entertaining. It is a family movie and not a kid's movie. The voice of the voice actor was great and he fit well with the character. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes family movies. This movie is great for people who like to laugh.

Pamela photo

A young little boy named Elvira, we later meet, has dreams of a princess, and the little girl who is his dream girl. They are to meet by a mysterious man called Midas, who is also Elvira's father. He makes a contract that he will share with Elvira that she will have a prince when she is a little girl. In the beginning, he uses the usual magic trick to make her come to life. But when she is a little girl, Midas changes his mind, and decides that she will not be a princess. However, there is a way to help Elvira find out where she will be from. But when she finds out, she feels like it's too late for her and she can't let her be an only child. But Midas agrees to let her go and get married and raise her. But there is another problem, her brother doesn't want her to go and do what she wants to do. So she tries everything she can think of to get away from him, including running away to a forest where there is a giant bird. But when the bird comes, the little girl starts to be with it. This brings the story to its climax. The animation is the typical Disney way, with lots of water, flowers, people running around, and the other usual features. The film is also a nice touch of happiness for little kids. Also the soundtrack is fantastic, especially the last few songs, and the final song. I also love the way the girls get together. It's another great film that will keep little kids happy.

Eugene photo

I like this movie for it's humor, it's colorful animation and the characters are nice and all. The plot is more simple than the first one and the characters are a bit more exaggerated. However, I still like it and I think that it's one of the better films of the summer. I would recommend this movie to everyone. The characters are fun and the story is well developed. It's a nice family film and I'm happy that it's one of the more family friendly of the summer.

Peter Stone photo
Peter Stone

Not Rated, Out of 5 stars! An entertaining and easily recommended sequel to the 1989 film that gave us the amazing Blue Carpet, starring Burt Reynolds, Sherilyn Fenn, Charlie Mcconaughey, Charlize Theron and Martin Lawrence. Today we have a new actor, Dwayne Johnson, and he's a lot of fun as the titular Blue Carpet. Johnson is cool and goofy, and provides the comedy that is what made the original such a hit. There's a great supporting cast, too. Rebecca Hall as the beautiful lady with a heart, Emilie De Ravin as the ever-so-desperately perky-goofy secretary and Helen Hunt as the all-female detective team are fun and interesting. Everyone is just thoroughly lovable and good-hearted in their own way. Johnson seems to be having fun, too. He isn't like the character he plays. He's witty, and quite funny, a man who thinks that just because you have a goofy new-age color scheme you're instantly cool. On top of that, he's very smart and incredibly likable, which is refreshing. The music and visuals are equally great. Director Michelle Westberg is very enjoyable in this film. The cinematography is amazing, and the way the film was shot was simply excellent. The scenes looked great, and the script was very good, too. It was good, but still wasn't great. It was all right. I like the film very much. I really do. If you liked the original, then you'll like this. If you didn't, I'm not sure why you're even here. But it's nice to know there's still people who do enjoy Dwayne Johnson. Overall Rating: *1⁄2 out of *

Olivia Bradley photo
Olivia Bradley

I have to say that this is a very good movie. I've seen it on TV in the Philippines, and I found it very interesting. The animation is very good, and the characters are interesting. The music is very nice, too. The acting is very good, too. The only thing that I found very boring is the dialogues. I can't say that they are good, but they are not that bad, either. I recommend this movie to people who are into animation, and who like a good movie. The actors are all good, too, and the story is very good. I have seen it once, and I would like to see it again. I give it a 7/10.

Rose Nelson photo
Rose Nelson

This movie is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. The plot is the same as the first one, but it is a lot more fun and interesting. I really enjoyed it and the animation is much better. The movie has a lot of funny jokes and a lot of heart. It is a great movie to watch with the family. It is a great family movie. It is a great movie for everyone. I highly recommend it!

Henry Wells photo
Henry Wells

I was pleased with the movie. It was fun, and you felt for the main character. The ending was good, but not as good as I thought it would be. It seems like the story is quite different, but if you don't pay much attention to it, it shouldn't be a big problem. It was a nice story, and fun. It has some bad parts, but in some places, it has really funny parts. You don't get the full story in the movie, but it is good enough. It wasn't great, but it was enjoyable.

Elizabeth Morales photo
Elizabeth Morales

I watched this in a 2-hour long movie class, and was surprised how many times I laughed. There were a few moments of pouting (several times I had to stop the movie because I was giggling uncontrollably), but most of the laughs come from the tongue-in-cheek, slapstick-y moments of the movie. In particular, the opening scene, where the father loses his son, is one of the funniest scenes in any movie. And the ending, while a bit far-fetched, is probably one of the best/funniest endings you could come up with. The part of the movie where the dad leaves the son behind on a mission was hilarious, and I think it's exactly what the movie is about: He loses his son, leaving him to fend for himself. I also think the part where the son finds the grail was a great punchline. Overall, I think it's a great movie, but I would give it a 10/10, instead of an 8/10.

Albert Hanson photo
Albert Hanson

I'm not quite sure what to say about the sequels. The first one, that was a good story. The second one was a better story. Now that they're releasing a third one, I've come to the conclusion that the third movie will be a rip-off of the first one and the second one will be a rip-off of the third one. I was really looking forward to this movie. I've never seen the third one, but I love the first two movies. The idea of this one is to make the first movie out of a short film that the characters watch when they were young. The idea of seeing the characters doing their very first songs was just fantastic. They have the same good ideas, which makes it a lot better. I don't want to give it away, but the jokes are great, the characters are great, and the voice-over job is great. All in all, a great movie. 9.5/10

Melissa Walters photo
Melissa Walters

I've just come back from seeing "El secreto del Rey Midas" and I really enjoyed it. The plot is good and the animation is great. It has some great characters, like Tadeo Jones, the donkey, and the talking turtle. This is the second movie in the "Lucky Charms" series, and it's just as good as the first one. I recommend it to anyone who loves animation and has a young child. 8/10

Howard H. photo
Howard H.

The only thing that I can say is that it was not as bad as I expected. I went in expecting a movie that was extremely dark and not as funny as I expected. I really thought that the story would be boring and dull, and I am glad that I went in with that expectation. The story is about a boy named Tadeo Jones who has been kidnapped by a gang of robbers and brought back to a place called "The Secret of Midas". The story is that Tadeo is an amazing swordsman, who is a legend in his town, but the gangs of robbers have taken advantage of him and he is now being hunted by them. He is given a new identity and given a mission to find his parents, and also to help his town and his town's people. I do not want to spoil the plot, but it is a very light-hearted, and not as dark as I was expecting. It was not too long, and I think that it was very well-done. I did not find the movie boring, and it was very fun to watch. The characters were not the most memorable, but the actors did a very good job. I would definitely recommend this movie. I think that it is very well-done and very well-written. I will give it a 7 out of 10.

Ann D. photo
Ann D.

This movie is just a good movie. It's not a good movie, but it's just a good movie. The animation is great, the music is great, and the voice acting is great. The story is just a little bit long, but I think it fits the movie. If you have kids or they are little, you will enjoy this movie. If you have nothing to do, you can still enjoy it. Just a good movie, I recommend it to all. You can't expect too much from this movie, but it's still a good movie.

Olivia photo

For me, this is a perfect family film. It is a film that doesn't take itself too seriously, but is very much for children. It's the perfect mix of comedy, adventure, and family entertainment. I found it very enjoyable and it was a great film to watch with the whole family. I recommend it to everyone.

Rose photo

After watching the first part of the first film I thought it was pretty boring, and thought the first film was pretty awful. So I decided to watch the second part, and I thought it was better. So I was surprised to see that they made a sequel to this, and was very pleased that they did. This film has a wonderful cast of characters, some of which I haven't even heard of. First off I think it's good to give a nod to the original film, and this is definitely one of the better ones I've seen. I like how there is no black and white or happy ending, but rather a unique ending that you won't see in other sequels. I also like how it has a number of sub plots that make you think and are great story-telling. I was especially impressed by the story of the daughter. One of my favorite characters in the film is Kat, and she was very good in this film. Her father's dream of coming to South America to meet with his son was also very well told. Overall the film is great, and a great adaptation of the book. There were a few annoying parts, but overall I liked this film.

Kevin V. photo
Kevin V.

I thought this was a very cute movie. My only real complaint was that it was a little too short for me. I'm not complaining about the length of the movie. I'm complaining about the length of the film. There was a lot of really interesting and funny scenes that I found myself just laughing out loud at. It was one of the best movies I've seen this year. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves cartoons, cartoons, or movies in general. It was also funny for adults as well. I think this movie has a lot of potential for future sequels. It was a great movie for a family to watch together.

Laura Johnston photo
Laura Johnston

First of all, I am not a huge fan of the original movie. However, I did enjoy this film. The animation is pretty good, and the voice acting is quite good. It is a good story. And it has some pretty good moments. It's not perfect, but it is good enough. The main character is really annoying, but you don't really like her, so that's fine. But, it is still worth watching. The story is a little bit confusing at times, but it is good. It is good enough. I like how the main character is weak, and the antagonists are really strong, but they are still weak. Overall, it is a good film. It is a good film, and I recommend it.

Raymond Franklin photo
Raymond Franklin

This is one of the few movies that combines a story line with an actual plot and story. Unlike most animated movies that are too fast and leave too many holes to be filled, this one has an actual plot and actually tells a story. The voice of this movie is very much a delight to listen to, the voices are full of humor, much like the movie itself. The movie is very dark and gritty. This gives it a "I'm coming for you" feel and it is also rather spooky and gloomy in places. Although the plot is un-dynamic it does have some character development and a solid story. When it came out this movie was similar to the original film in many ways, but it is still a very good movie. It definitely is worth watching.

Louis Arnold photo
Louis Arnold

A sequel to The Secret of Midas in Spanish, is the second most well-known animated film in history. It was one of the top-grossing Spanish-language films ever, during the first decade of the 20th century. It won the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, and it also received the Grand Prize at the Paris film festival. It was directed by Salvador Carrasco, with art direction by Luisito Parilla. The film is a retelling of the Legend of Midas, which is popular throughout the world as well as the United States, and is told by two brothers, Nicolas and Gonzalo. The story follows the lives of the Brothers, their siblings and their families and the way that they live their lives. The film's soundtrack is by Agosto Rosales. The song "El Secreto del Rey Midas" is sung by The singer, Joni, one of the children of a whorehouse, who also sings the song in the film. This is a fun, family film for children and families. There are so many jokes, and funny situations, that children will love, and adults will enjoy. This film has a fantastic soundtrack. You will enjoy the music. This is a great film for kids. And also a good film for adults. Highly recommended!

Amber photo

I know this movie has gotten a lot of bad reviews. But for me, it's a fun, entertaining, and a good movie to watch with your kids. This is the first movie I have ever watched that I loved more than I laughed. I will be watching it again and again. It's great for kids and adults. It has a good message. It's not a movie that you have to have a lot of money to see. You can get this movie for a dollar and enjoy it. It's worth every penny. I would definitely recommend it to anybody. I think that everyone should see it. This movie is definitely worth watching. I will definitely watch it again and again.

Johnny Ford photo
Johnny Ford

I'll admit I am not an avid fan of Disney's animation, so I was a little hesitant to watch this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I like most of the Disney movies, but I like this one the most. I like how they capture the world of the film, and I like how the characters are the same as the books. The movie is very similar to the book, and it has a similar style. There are also some funny parts that are just funny, and the musical numbers are great. It has some great moments, and I recommend this movie to anyone who loves Disney's animation.

Terry Hayes photo
Terry Hayes

After the success of the first movie, I was excited to see the sequel and I was not disappointed. This movie has a lot of humor and a good story line. The jokes were really good and the movie has a good message. The story was really good and it is a lot of fun to see all the characters. This movie was very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. I also think that this movie was very well made. I have watched it twice and I have been very impressed. I hope that they make a sequel to this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies with a lot of action and a good message. I give this movie a 8/10.

Lauren photo

This sequel to the 2000 animated film was surprisingly good, not only for its story but also for its animation style. The movie borrows almost completely from the first movie in the series, but the animation style is completely different. It is bright, colorful, and whimsical. The voice acting is also much better. The characters have a more pronounced "style" than they did in the first film. Not only is the main character who appears to be a fairly young adult, but all of the minor characters are also much more mature and independent. Most notably, just about the entire cast of characters have a clear relationship with each other. In the original movie, these characters had no solid relationships at all. Some characters were closer, others were further apart, but they didn't develop a clear and coherent relationship. In this sequel, most of the characters are still main characters, but they have more depth to them. They interact more with each other, and the relationships between them are more obvious and dynamic. This is actually something that I have rarely seen in animated movies. I feel that it is just one of the things that makes the whole movie much more interesting than its original counterpart. I did not find the plot to be as strong as the first movie, but overall it is much better than the original movie. I liked how there was much more focus on the main character, as opposed to the character development that was present in the first movie. The film was a bit longer than the original, but in my opinion that made it better. Overall, I think the film was good. I like the style, and I really liked the characters. I think that this movie does better as a sequel to the first movie. If you have seen the original movie, you should probably skip this sequel.

Kimberly Hicks photo
Kimberly Hicks

This is a really cute movie, with a very unique story. The animation is so nice and the story is very interesting, and has a very unique plot. I really enjoyed it, and it was really good to see a Pixar movie again after a long time. I think this is a really good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone, if you have any interest in animals or animation.

Lisa G. photo
Lisa G.

After seeing the trailer for the movie, I was curious to see it. I love animated movies, and was very excited to see this. The movie was great, and the story was amazing. It was really fun to see the characters grow, and it was a great movie to watch with your kids. It is a good movie for the whole family, and I hope that everyone who saw the trailer enjoyed it as much as I did.

Julia photo

I wanted to see this movie for quite a while, but I never could find a way to get a DVD. Well, I finally did. And this time I was not disappointed. I went with my friend. I have to say that this movie has a good heart and love story. The two main characters are so adorable, and it is really nice to see a movie like this where the animation is so great. The songs are really nice too, and they are fun to hear. The story is also very nice. My favorite parts are the ones where the characters are being chased by the monster, and I also like the two love stories. I also like the ending part too, where the two characters finally meet in the best way possible. I also really like the thing in the movie where the monster "begins" to be in the picture. The CGI is really good, and they have done a really good job on the animation. So, go see this movie, I really recommend it!

Eugene photo

For what it is, a fun family film, LADY ANTILLES 2 is in my opinion more charming and creative than the original. This time the chief antagonist, Lady Antilles, is a young dinosaur, complete with a cape and red and black hair, and in this she has the ability to leap ten feet into the air and fly to wherever she wants. The characters in this film have been changed and are more human and more young. This is an adventure that adults can enjoy, and kids can enjoy with their little ones. The action is non-stop and the story is entertaining enough to keep kids entertained for the duration of the film. I rate this film 8/10.

Margaret Harrison photo
Margaret Harrison

Cliche, Spoof, and Slice-of-Life the Disney version of Scrooge Jr. takes a chance and does it well. Like the original, it never fully delivers and leaves something to the imagination and imagination is just plain better. It's almost like that for the main characters, who never seem to give much character development. They're all just very much like the original while trying to give them some more. The big change is the sound, which has more sounds of ice, fire, and wind that does a lot more to the scenes. This lets you really feel the excitement that the original did. For example, in the "Dummy Box" scene, when the little girl runs to her father's grave in an old farm house, it sounds like a witch's broom. And then, when they try to get away from the "Dummy Box" at the end, it sounds like a tornado. The thing is, when the original Scrooge came up with his scheme to steal the Christmas money from his dead wife, he didn't talk in a pompous voice like any parents would do. He came up with his schemes so that he could pay for his wife's funeral and in return, he's gonna get his wife's money back. In this new version, he actually does give a pompous voice to convince the father to give up the money, and it's much more effective. It helps fill the void of having a regular voice. All of the voices are great. The old Scrooge was, of course, the scariest character of all. The new Scrooge is really adorable, and as a person who is scared of all things scary, it's really awesome that his voice sounds scary in this version. It doesn't sound like any of the other Scrooge children. And the old Scrooge was so full of personality and charm. The new Scrooge is so laid back and can't say much. He's got just the right amount of grumpiness, and he's very funny too. And his voice also sounds a little bit like the original. It's like the old Scrooge always had that distinctive voice, but they took the old voice and took the new voice and turned it into something different. Overall, it's a good movie that will get you on the edge of your seat. It's not perfect, but it's good. It's really good.

Scott photo

I loved it. It was a fun movie. All the girls had a funny and cute personality that it was fun to see how they would react to a strange situation or to each other. And the storyline was great. There were tons of funny jokes. I think people who don't like this movie will probably hate the plot. But I think it's a good movie to watch.

Sandra photo

This is a movie based on the famous Disney musical 'The Little Mermaid' by Hans Christian Andersen, written and directed by Ron Clements, with music and lyrics by Andrea Garelick, based on the novels by Charlotte Walker. It was released by Disney on November 15, 1998, and was directed by Bob Peterson. It stars Eva Green, Kate Beckinsale, Abigail Breslin, Sean Young, John Spencer, and Donald Faison. It was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Inc. (Walt Disney Pictures), under license to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Inc. (Walt Disney Pictures). Starring: Eva Green, Kate Beckinsale, Abigail Breslin, Sean Young, John Spencer, and Donald Faison. This is a great film, especially for anyone who loves Disney films. I would recommend this movie to everyone of all ages and for people who loved the original Little Mermaid.

Brittany photo

This is a great movie that will keep you entertained. It is a fun movie for kids and adults. The storyline is fun and it has lots of special effects. It is also a very good movie to see with your family.

Dylan G. photo
Dylan G.

This is a fun animated feature about the famous Midas Cup and the following events. It's a nice touch to have the characters as the main characters. The story is simple but the animation is beautiful and the animation is as good as Disney has been for many years. I recommend this film for everyone, but I would recommend the older kids younger teens to see this movie. This is one of my favorite Disney films and it's also one of my favorites animated movies. There are a few funny moments, and the story is a bit predictable. I did find some things to dislike about this movie. I did find some parts to be a bit cheesy and I thought that some parts were not needed, but this is not really a bad movie. I would recommend this movie to all ages and I think it is a great film for children and families. The only thing I would say is that it is not as good as the original, but I still think it is a great film.

Teresa photo

Anime have been surprisingly popular, and of late, animation is at its best. With the success of "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" and "Haruhi Suzumiya" it is certain that "Comet" is the most anticipated and successful anime of 2009. "Comet" follows the story of Shaguro, a kid who works at the Comet Observatory. One day he is shocked by seeing the comet's ice forming and the comet crashes on Earth. Shaguro meets a alien boy named Meiko. After the comet disappears, Shaguro decides to become a full time storm chaser and Meiko decides that Shaguro should be his boyfriend. As the series continues, Shaguro wants to find the comet that causes the comet's destruction. The story is exciting, the animation is spectacular, and the plot is full of mystery. The combination of "Legend of the Guardians" and "My Neighbor Totoro" are truly stunning. The ending of the movie will make your mouth water. This is a must-see!

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I like this movie very much. I have seen it a couple of times and it's a great family movie for all ages. I've seen it more than a couple of times, and it still gets me. It's the best animated film ever. As a kid I loved this film very much and when I heard that Disney had it in the works I was excited, but it never made it to the theatres. I thought it might be possible, and then on the morning of the release I saw a poster for it. I love how the film is lit. The characters have all nice colors. The music is also nice and the voices are very good. The voice actors are the best of the best. The animation is nice. But the story is very good. The characters are very likable. The voice acting is pretty good. There is a lot of comedy in the film, and also some drama. The film also has a great message. The message is that people should love what they do and how they live. But there are many other stories in the film too. The movie does feel a bit like a kids film, but it is so much more. It was a good movie, but I do wish that it would have been more like the older Disney films, because this is definitely a kids film.

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Joseph Rogers

I'm not a fan of Toei animation but I do know how to appreciate movies based on Japanese folklore and legend. I think the movie was well done. One thing that bugged me though was the animation. Some of the faces were obviously fake but there were also some really good ones. Overall the animation was top notch and well done. I think it could have been a little better if they had given the entire story a better polish but overall it was a good and entertaining movie. I really loved the humor that was included in this movie. It was well written, funny and even a little bit surprising. The movie had a good mix of magic and science fiction. There was also a good mix of both. The movie had a mix of drama and comedy. Overall I think the movie was well worth seeing.

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Christine C.

It's one of those films that you either love or you hate, but I loved it. I loved that this was not a sequel or a reboot, as the plot was mostly unchanged, so you could watch it and enjoy it on its own merits. What made it special was the way it was animated, that's all. Every scene was an animation and the animation was done very well. The characters were cute, while still retaining the characteristics that make them what they are. The story was well done. It was a simple tale that the kids could understand. It had the usual "Woo-hoo! What an awesome film" bit. It's not exactly worth a full movie length, but it does hold your interest the first time you see it.

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The secret in the meat of this film is the skillful hand-wringing of the author, Roland Hunt. That skill is used to subtly explain the deeper secrets of the film. Like Mr. Hunt, I am left speechless by the artistry of Mr. Jennifer Delgado, whom the movie takes as its principal character. The story is a stunning story about a magical mid-eighties Texas-based giant space pod. The story is not only about the fantastic creatures and ideas behind this mid-eighties-based space pod. It is also about the transformation of the human race into the creature of our imagination. This is a story that I hope to re-read many times over. I am also impressed by the technology of the film. For example, when a news crew in Austin, Texas watches a live feed of a commercial going over the Texas Gulf Coast, a unique television satellite dish rises out of the ground to take over the feed. It looks like something you would expect to see in a Hollywood movie. There is not one point in the movie that you will say, "Wow. This is a wonderful, fantastically inventive movie." It is instead a story that takes place in a manner that makes you believe in the story. I am always grateful that I have this movie as a favorite of mine. It is not only a movie that will remain with you, it is a story that can still touch you when you're just out of the cinema.