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Suntan is a movie starring Makis Papadimitriou, Elli Tringou, and Hara Kotsali. On a hedonistic Greek island, a middle-aged doctor becomes obsessed with a young tourist when she lets him tag along with her group of hard partying...

Other Titles
Nacktbaden - Manche bräunen, andere brennen, Nacktbaden, Toplotni udar, Lesülve, Idegis
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Argyris Papadimitropoulos
Syllas Tzoumerkas, Argyris Papadimitropoulos
Makis Papadimitriou, Milou Van Groesen, Hara Kotsali, Elli Tringou
Germany, Greece
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Kostis is a 40-year-old doctor that finds himself in the small island of Antiparos, in order to take over the local clinic. His whole life and routine will turn upside down and fall apart when he meets an international group of young and beautiful tourists and he falls in love with Anna, a 19-year-old goddess.

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Jessica Butler photo
Jessica Butler

In my opinion, this is a great movie. The soundtrack is great, the actors are great, and the story is great. This movie is definitely a must see. The acting is great, and the story is great. This is the kind of movie you will enjoy watching with your family. I also think that it is one of the best movies to come out of South Korea in the last ten years. I definitely recommend it to everyone who loves a good movie.

Kelly F. photo
Kelly F.

This is an excellent film. It takes place in the period of the late 1950s. It follows a man, Paul (Christian Bale), who loses his wife and his child and is on the verge of suicide. He then meets a young woman, Fiona (Katherine Waterson) who works as a masseuse and helps the depressed Paul. He takes her to a local disco and she falls in love with him. This is a great film. I loved it, it's very realistic, and it's very sad. I don't think it's too graphic, but it does show a lot of things that are not shown in other films. The soundtrack is also great. It's very catchy and catchy, and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Zachary photo

This film is the kind of film that you would not want to miss. The story is very strong and the performances are very good. I am not sure if the title is in reference to the Suntan but the movie is also about being a human being and the emotions that the people feel. This movie is a must see for anyone who has ever felt sad, lonely, or confused. I highly recommend it.

Johnny K. photo
Johnny K.

I love this movie! I saw it when it was first released in 1979. I have not seen it since then, but I have seen it several times since. I still love it! I have never been so moved by a movie in my life. It has such a great story, and the acting is amazing. I am always amazed at how great John Travolta is, and the fact that he was able to put in such a great performance. I am so glad that he is able to show the world how amazing he is. The only reason I did not give this movie a 10 was because I am not a big fan of the Beatles, and I don't like them very much. I would have given it a 9, but I gave it a 10 because of the acting, and the great story. I have watched it over and over again, and I still love it!

Alexander photo

A gripping story of a woman who has to deal with the loss of her son, a man who has been so well loved by so many that he is no longer needed, and a man who is now out of the running for his father's seat. This movie was a treat for me. I don't think I've ever seen a movie that has so much to say about a story that has been told so many times. It is very well done, and is a must see for any true movie buff. I think the actors all did a great job, and they all seemed to be having a blast. There are some really wonderful performances, and I was really happy with the direction that was given to the movie. I've never seen a movie that has been so well done, and I'm very glad that I went to see it. I can't wait to see it again.

Debra photo

The film "The Big Short" is the most realistic movie ever made about a financial disaster that happened in 2007. The film is based on a book by Michael Lewis that was the basis for the movie "The Big Short" which was also based on the book. This movie was able to tell the story of how the big banks got into trouble and how they responded to it. The movie had a great cast and great actors like Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Michael Douglas, Michael Shannon, and others. The movie had a very good message and a very good message for people to take home and to think about when the economy gets down. The movie was very realistic and showed the right things that happened to the banks and the people who worked there and the people that didn't. The movie was also very funny and was funny at times. Overall the movie was great and the message was the right message for the people to take home and to think about. The movie was a great movie that I recommend everyone see. My Rating for this movie is 9 out of 10.

Juan photo

If you want to see a film that will make you think and make you reflect on the world around you, then this is the film for you. A true story about the love that you will never forget. This film is a must watch.

Teresa M. photo
Teresa M.

A very moving story of a young man's journey through life. It is a very personal story about a man who has a lot of problems and the life he leads is just not for him. He feels like he is running away from his past and his life is just not for him. This film is very moving and very realistic. It has a lot of emotion and the actors really shine. I was very moved and it was very moving. It is also a very emotional movie. It shows the pain of loss and the joy of life and the beauty of the world. The film is very touching and it is a very sad movie. It is a very moving story and very real. It is a very moving movie that really gives you something to think about.

Gary Brooks photo
Gary Brooks

This film is absolutely brilliant. This is a film that will stay with you for a long time. The acting is absolutely brilliant. It is very powerful. This is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is very intense. It is very real and it shows that life is cruel. It is also very emotional. This film is not to be missed. It is an amazing film. I cannot wait to watch it again. I can't believe that people do not like this film. It is absolutely brilliant. I have never seen a film like this before. It is the best film of the year.

Joan photo

I have never seen a movie before with such a good story and great acting. I've never seen a movie like this. There are so many different levels of emotions in this movie, and you really have to pay attention to see the whole picture. You will find yourself thinking about the movie for days afterwards. I also like the fact that the story is very true and very simple, but very complex and well-thought out. I've never seen a movie like this before. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is a great movie, and I hope to see more movies like this in the future.

Lori Aguilar photo
Lori Aguilar

This movie is really good. I was skeptical about this film, but it was actually a good one. I saw it in the cinema and it was really good. There are a lot of different scenes, some good and some not so good. But overall it is a good movie. I recommend this film to people who like comedies. It is a lot of fun. It is not one of those movies that you can watch once and not get bored, but you will want to watch it again and again. This movie is definitely not for the people who don't like comedies. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Alice Pierce photo
Alice Pierce

This movie was great, not because it was so bad, but because it was so good. It was very well written and the acting was superb. The characters were well developed and the storyline was well-paced and interesting. I was very happy that the movie did not resort to cliches or cheap plot devices. It was realistic and believable. I did not think it was a cheap movie. I thought it was well written and well acted. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie with good characters, plot, and acting. This movie is an excellent choice for a date night. It is a must see for anyone who is into foreign films and Asian cinema. I will definitely be purchasing this movie when it comes out on DVD.

David Anderson photo
David Anderson

This is a great film, well acted and directed, and well-written. It also has a very good ending, and an ending you would not expect. I think the ending of this movie is amazing. I really don't understand the negative reviews, because this movie is so much better than most of the crap coming out of Hollywood these days. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Victoria Parker photo
Victoria Parker

The reason I'm not giving this a 10 is because I think the story was just a bit too unbelievable for the simple reason that it's not possible. I think the people who made this movie obviously knew that the fact that it's based on a true story would make it unbelievable. But they decided to make a movie out of it, so I guess that's OK.

Deborah photo

This film has a great beginning and middle and a great ending. I saw this movie a few weeks ago and i was really surprised. I liked the first part of the movie, I was thinking that it was really boring but it turned out to be the best part of the movie. It was really moving and it really made me feel sorry for the actors. I recommend this movie to everyone. I really enjoyed this movie and i hope that the director of the movie will make a sequel to this movie. I think that this movie deserves to be in the top ten of best movies of all time.

Tiffany H. photo
Tiffany H.

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I was so touched by the movie. I can't believe that this movie has not been nominated for any awards. The movie is so good. I recommend this movie to all who have the chance to see it. I am not a big fan of English films, but this movie is so good that I can't help but like it. I love the way they show the different characters. The way they show the love between the characters. It is so romantic. I think the director did a very good job in showing the story. I don't know why there are so many bad reviews. I think that everyone who has a chance to see this movie should see it. It is so good that it will make you cry. I really recommend this movie to everyone. I really hope that this movie will be nominated for an award.

Christine R. photo
Christine R.

If you're looking for a great movie that will move you, then look no further. This is a great film that will make you feel great and think about life and all the things that matter in the world.

Julia photo

In the first place, I am surprised to see that this film has received such low rating. I believe that it is a good film, but with its low rating, I think that it is only suitable for the teenagers and adults who want to see a different kind of film, which is more realistic and less dramatic. The film is not about a boy who is suddenly transformed into a girl. It is about a boy who is thrown into a totally unexpected situation, which changes his life. The boy's father is a brilliant writer and is able to write a novel about the transformation of the boy into a girl, which is shown in the film. The film has a good ending, but it is not very satisfactory. This is a good film, but I think that it is more suitable for the teens and adults who are interested in a different kind of film.

Evelyn photo

One of the most interesting films I've seen in the last few years. I was lucky enough to catch the DVD premiere at the New York Film Festival, and was immediately caught up in the story of three different characters. This movie has the potential to be one of the most original and poignant films in a long time. The actors were all exceptional, and the story is compelling. I was very impressed with the cinematography and the use of lighting in this film. I am also glad to see that the film does not rely on a large budget to tell a great story. This is an independent film, so the film was shot in Los Angeles, and the film is shot on 35mm film. The film is a homage to the great films of the 1950s, and the 60s. The soundtrack is very reminiscent of the movies of the past, and the movie is well shot. I was very impressed with the ending, and the actors portrayed their characters perfectly. There are a few cliches in this film, but I would say that it is all in the execution of the story. I would recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in the history of the early Hollywood film industry. I was impressed with the story, the acting, and the cinematography. This film is worth the watch. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the history of Hollywood.

Karen Walker photo
Karen Walker

In the first few minutes, this film starts off with a totally disjointed storyline and a confused narrator, but quickly we realize this is only the start of a journey into the life of a mentally challenged young boy, who is forced to live in an apartment with his loving family. It is hard to explain how great this film is. It is not at all what you would expect from a film of this type. I cannot describe how amazing this film is without giving anything away. I will say this though, I loved this film and I will probably watch it again, because I cannot wait for the sequel. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a story about a mentally challenged boy and his family, and how the support from his family and the community is needed to keep him from becoming the person he is destined to become. I think this film will make you laugh, cry and be completely satisfied by the end of the film.

Theresa Hernandez photo
Theresa Hernandez

I just watched this movie today and I have to say that it's the best movie I have ever seen. It has a very good storyline and the acting is very good. The story is about a man who is a big fan of Japanese pop music and is in love with a girl from Japan. But when she returns to Japan, he wants to be with her again. The movie is a drama but it has a good message about love. I love this movie. I really recommend this movie to everyone.

Bobby photo

I don't know what it is, but for some reason, whenever I see a movie that involves a transgendered character, I feel like crying. I mean, it's just so sad to see someone who is really who they are, but that person is not seen as a woman. There are a lot of people in the world who have to live in this kind of situation, and that is a part of life, and you just have to deal with it. If you know someone who is transgendered, watch this movie, and then watch it again. I can't recommend it enough. I have watched it about four times, and it never gets old.

Joan R. photo
Joan R.

I didn't know how to rate this movie. I wanted to give it a high rating. But it's not that good. It's very well made, with a great script, but the plot was weak. The director seems to be lacking the script. The characters weren't developed well. There were a lot of characters in this movie. A lot of people who I knew had been killed or hurt. I felt sad when the character A told the story about how his son was killed. I didn't feel like it was his story. It seemed that his son was killed in the beginning of the movie. It was a very sad movie. I would give it a 8/10. But it's not good enough to be a 10/10.

Andrew Snyder photo
Andrew Snyder

I can't believe that I didn't see this movie when it came out. It was a good movie, I think it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It's not a comedy, but it is very serious and sad. It's about a girl who is in love with a guy, and she is so in love with him that she goes to a very difficult and painful place in her life. I think this is a very good movie, I would give it 10 out of 10.

Ann photo

I have seen this movie many times, and always like it, and I still enjoy it every time I watch it. The acting is great, the music is great, and the story is just great. The movie is one of the most emotional movies I've ever seen. It is about a father who has lost his son, and who has not been able to deal with it. He is trying to cope with his feelings for his son, but is not able to deal with it because he is also dealing with his feelings for his girlfriend. But she is a much older woman, and has not been able to cope with her feelings. The movie is really great, and I am not sure that it is possible to see the movie a second time. This movie is great, and I recommend it to everyone who likes the movie.

Daniel O. photo
Daniel O.

Suntan is a very well made movie. The story is very good and the actors play their parts very well. I like the way they show the relationship between the characters. The movie is very interesting and it keeps you guessing the whole time. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie.

Terry Scott photo
Terry Scott

This movie is really good. It's not for everyone but it's a great movie to watch. The movie is based on the true story of a couple who lived in the country. It's a story about how a couple can be so much happier and have so much more fun than they thought they could. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that's really good. I think this movie is really good.

Kelly photo

This movie was a must watch for me. It was a little slow at first but it was worth it. I can't believe the average score on IMDb, I thought it was amazing. It was really different from all the other movies. The story was different, the characters were different, and the way the story was told was different. The acting was amazing, the characters were amazing, and the story was amazing. This movie is definitely one of my favorite movies. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. I give this movie an A+.

Jeremy Wilson photo
Jeremy Wilson

I read the other reviews and I see how this film could have been better. I was disappointed because I had so much hope for this film. I have watched it twice and it is still good. I am a huge fan of the first film and I have been waiting for this film to come out for a long time. I was so excited when it was released and I was expecting a lot. I was so happy that it was good but I was still disappointed. The story is interesting and the actors are amazing. I am glad that the film was not ruined because it is such a great film. I hope that this film is better than the first because I think that it was. I am so glad that the film was made because I love it so much. I am going to see this film again and I hope that it is better than the first. I will be very sad if it is not.

Tyler B. photo
Tyler B.

This movie was the best I have ever seen. I think this is the best movie of the year. I think the movie is great and I hope that they make a sequel. The story was great and the actors did great. I loved the movie and I think you should watch it. I think it was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Arthur photo

I watched this movie and I thought it was very good. I'm not a big fan of Asian movies. I'm not a fan of movies that are "too serious" or have a lot of violence. I don't like movies that show that violence to be justifiable. I thought this movie was very realistic and the story was very interesting. I think this movie is very good because the acting was very good. The story was very interesting and I really liked the way that the movie was shot. I liked the way that they showed the different emotions that were going on in the movie. The ending was good, I think the movie was very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Asian movies. I would recommend this movie to people who like a good story, a good acting, and a good ending.

Angela photo

I thought this film was a great tribute to the classic short story 'The Man in the Moon', written by Stephen King. The film was beautifully shot and the cast was excellent. The story is about a man who gets stuck in a room in a psychiatric hospital. He is there for twelve years and sees a lot of things. The film is very slow paced and keeps you guessing. The story is told in flashbacks. There is a lot of symbolism and symbolism in this film. The actors were excellent. It is one of the best films I have seen in a long time.