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Dark Horse is a movie starring Jan Vokes, Howard Davies, and Brian 'Daisy' Vokes. An inspirational true story of a group of friends from a working men's club who decide to take on the elite 'sport of kings' and breed themselves a...

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Caballo ganador
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Drama, Documentary
Louise Osmond
Louise Osmond
Brian 'Daisy' Vokes, Howard Davies, Jan Vokes, Angela Davies
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An inspirational true story of a group of friends from a working men's club who decide to take on the elite 'sport of kings' and breed themselves a racehorse

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Juan Dunn photo
Juan Dunn

When I saw this film in the theater I was floored by the special effects, and the effects were outstanding. I remember the make-up team staring at the actors like the robot in Star Wars. But that doesn't count for the story. This is about how two families found a way to survive and thrive without money or help. I knew a few of them personally and was amazed at how different they were from the poor, working class people they knew. And it shows how much the world was willing to do for them. The movie has it all: simple life, jealousy, marriage problems, financial difficulties, fights, lies and theft. It's a love story, an emotional story, a financial story, a romance story, and most of all an epic story about how people can have enough food to survive and live longer without working for others. The budget is much less than what people assume it was. So just imagine if that film wasn't made and we could see the destruction of their lives. We would be watching the same events today and we would not like it. The people in the movie are so positive and confident. I think they should be given a lot of credit.

Madison Cooper photo
Madison Cooper

I had the pleasure of viewing 'The Shining' at a sneak preview during Comic-Con. I was expecting it to be good, but was pleasantly surprised. The movie was short, yet the visual effects are remarkable. The acting is good (except the guy who plays Jack). The plot is simple yet effective. The story is fairly accurate with the book. There is very little to spoil for anyone. I believe that all the fans of the book will enjoy this film. If you like horror movies, but are not a big fan of Stephen King's writing, I suggest you watch this movie, you will not be disappointed. I am very happy that this film is finally being released. I hope that a sequel to this movie will be released. I can't wait to see what Stephen King will come up with next.

Gregory photo

I loved this film. I think it is an excellent portrait of an important subject. The movie does a great job of showing the human, and what it is like to be a little person, and how they look at the world. It is very well done. It is a wonderful story, that has been told many times. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to be challenged.

Hannah Dean photo
Hannah Dean

As a child, I watched this movie as a kid and got involved with it as an adult. I haven't watched it in years, but I still remember this movie and am curious to re-watch it. The setting is wonderfully realistic and the characters are true to life. This movie is NOT Hollywood product and is actually a documentary about what it is like to be a girl in the 1970's, circa 1980. You can't help but feel for every character, especially Cindy, who just wants to make it in life. I was always fascinated by her because I was like her age. There are no statistics on the physical, mental or financial abuse that women faced during this period of time, but one can easily relate to this movie. I highly recommend this movie for all ages.

Jack Castro photo
Jack Castro

It is a great shame that this movie has not been released on video. This is a must-see for anyone who is a true horror/suspense fan. There are many shocking moments which I thought would shock me, but this movie is more about the inner psyche of a man. It is a true story and has to do with the US government, the secret government and the male-of-the-house complex. It has a rather low budget and may be difficult to find in the small number of public domain DVDs that are available. However, if you can find a copy, you will love this movie and never have to hear "The Green Mile" again. When people ask me about the movie, I always say: "This is a must-see for all true horror fans!"

Cheryl Alvarez photo
Cheryl Alvarez

I was looking forward to seeing this film, because I have been a fan of the comic and the film's subject matter has been one of my favorites. I was extremely disappointed, because I expected more. The characters are one dimensional and the storyline is predictable. The film is a lot like the comic, and is very one dimensional. The one dimensional characters are just stupid. The storyline is predictable and has been done before. The film has a great cast, but the characters are one dimensional. The film is a big disappointment to me, because it is not as good as the comic. I am not disappointed that I wasted my time watching this film, but I am disappointed that I waited so long to see it. I am sure that the comic will be much better.

Sandra M. photo
Sandra M.

I have not read any of the other reviews, so I guess this is the kind of movie that will be "important" to everyone. I didn't read the comic book series, so I don't know if it was completely accurate to the original story, but I am glad to see that there are people out there who are attempting to make movies with these characters and characters that are loved by millions of people. I am also glad to see that Hollywood is trying to do something that they haven't done in years. I am also glad that my kids and nephews are seeing movies, and there are so many more movies that are waiting in the wings to be released, that it has never been so refreshing. I think I will be seeing this movie more than once.

Douglas Alexander photo
Douglas Alexander

I'm not a fan of Mike Mignola's work, but I'm a fan of the first two Hellboy movies. I've seen them both and enjoyed them greatly. It was my favorite Hellboy movie. But when I saw the movie, I thought it was kind of lame. It was like the first one, but not as good. I had a hard time believing that a guy like Hellboy could take on the forces of Hell, but I guess it was just a human being trying to save the world. Hellboy was not as smart as Hellboy was in the first movie. But in this movie he does not seem to be as smart as he was in the first movie. The movie does not have the same impact. I'm not sure if it was because I was looking for something different in the movie or if it was because I just wasn't looking for something like Hellboy. I do not know if it was just the movie, or if I just wasn't looking for it. I think the movie would have been better if it was longer. I think it was a good movie, but not as good as the first two movies.

Maria photo

In a way I can relate to many of the problems that this family had to go through and I would like to think that it was not just their story, but that of the entire community. I thought that most of the subjects were fairly accurate in their portrayals and I think that the majority of those affected by these problems, could have access to some form of help and that there is a need for it. If you are going to see this movie, I would recommend that you keep in mind the time line in the film. For many of the subjects, the time frame has moved from 1995 to the present day. This makes the story very topical and gives a real insight into the issues faced by the majority of those affected by these issues. Also the information contained in the film is very useful for people looking to seek help for themselves or those they know. I would recommend this film to anyone and I believe that everyone should be able to watch it and be able to understand the situation that these people were faced with and for some that is a long time ago.

Eugene R. photo
Eugene R.

Barry Egan's "Filth" is a must-see documentary that offers insight into a dark corner of the history of films and their cultural impact on American society. The documentary is beautifully photographed, and features interviews with key players in the film industry, film historians, and the directors of "Silence of the Lambs." The film is really well-made and really informative. I was really impressed by the fact that Egan and his crew were able to interview the leading actors and producers of the film, and not just present a bunch of random people who spoke about their own opinions about the film. As a documentary, "Filth" is really great, and it is a great educational resource for anyone who has a strong interest in film history and/or the history of film in general. I highly recommend watching "Filth," and I hope that everyone will be able to find it on Netflix, or wherever it is that they can watch it. 10/10

Jacob Powell photo
Jacob Powell

SPOILER ALERT: I have to say, while this movie doesn't reveal too much, it is very revealing and I was interested in the lives of the four men in the film. While it is very hard to be sympathetic with the men, I was interested to see how the story evolved, as the story had changed from what was shown in the film. I think that the story did develop well, it was very moving and it made me think about this issue and the reality of it and how it affects us all. I did not want to go into too much detail, but to people who have not heard about this subject matter, I urge you to see this movie. You may find yourself asking yourself, "If this could happen to me." or "If this could happen to my child?"

Julie photo

This film really gets to the heart of what actually happened in Iraq and how that affects people who live in this world. This documentary has an emotional impact on me. I personally don't like war movies as such but I really enjoyed this one. It's about the men and women who worked in the war and the families of the people who were killed and wounded. The violence and the everyday life of people and their friends and families who were killed in the war are powerfully shown in this movie. Although it is quite graphic, it is not without meaning and it does hit home to anyone who has ever felt the sadness of not having been able to play with your child, your wife, or your brother or sister. It is also really touching to see the support that the veterans of the war received from the people who worked with them and the people who were actually in the battle. This film makes you realize that when the most vulnerable and needy are under attack, that any means are necessary. When you see one person lose a limb or even a limb itself, it really makes you think that you are going to be next. This film has a strong message that every man and woman should watch. For those who haven't seen it yet, I suggest you see it. It will be a reminder to everyone of what we were doing in Iraq.

Kyle Soto photo
Kyle Soto

Tristan is a young gay man from Nigeria who was at the peak of his life when he left his homeland to attend the University of Manchester in England in 2000. Tristan lived for a time in Manchester but has now moved to Paris where he is completing his degree in Political Science and hopes to become a member of the National Assembly. We have been following Tristan's story since his departure from Nigeria to Manchester, seeing his relationship with other gay men, his religious background, his experiences in the gay cruising grounds of Manchester, and his relationships with other men in his life. We also see the fact that Tristan was often subjected to homophobic abuse from other gay men. His memoirs have now been made into a movie, which is now available on DVD. This is a heart-breaking film that should be seen by all gay men living in the UK who have been affected by homophobia. The gay cruising grounds in Manchester have now been destroyed, but it's too late for Tristan.

Samuel H. photo
Samuel H.

In a rather unusual film, the subjects of human trafficking are discussed in a manner that shows the hypocrisy of what is an incredibly complex problem. The film is an excellent portrayal of how things get done in the world of human trafficking and how it is often done in ways that are beyond our control. The film is also very moving and it makes one question the morality of the actions that we are called upon to take. The film, The Hijab, is a must see for all who are aware of this topic.

David Taylor photo
David Taylor

Ben Hur's "Hark Back" is a moving, frightening tale of the "nasty side of the Roman Empire" (read: the Nasty side). Although this is a tale of the death of a child, the story goes beyond that and delves into the psychology of the Emperor and the Emperor's son, Brutus. In his defense, it is a pity that the film is so difficult to watch. While the acting is decent, the characters are very stiff and lifeless. There is almost no emotion in this movie, except for a few brief bursts of crying. Although the story is very realistic and moving, the actors do not bring the story to life. They are just mere props to the movie. Overall, this is a very well made film with good acting. However, it is not quite as good as a good story. If you enjoy Roman history and the Roman Empire, you might like this film, but otherwise, you may be disappointed. However, if you are interested in the psychology of the Emperor, this film may be a worthwhile film to watch. Finally, this is a great movie to watch when you need to stay alert during the day.

Rachel photo

Just watched this on Netflix. I remember seeing it in the theater and thinking, "Wow, I want to watch that again!" The acting, the director, the subject matter, and the music - it all fit together like a dream. If you like the Fifties, you'll love this. If you're not a fan, you'll enjoy it anyway. This is a movie that I want to watch again and again, and every time I get a new perspective. I know, I'm a sucker for a movie that makes me question my life, and what makes me think about it. I'm just glad I watched it on Netflix, and not at the theater. This movie is a must-see, and it will change your life. And if you are an artist, this is a MUST-SEE. If you don't like movies like this, then you can always go back to what you are doing, and watch something else.

Susan photo

Most documentaries are worth watching and this one is no exception. It's about the horrors of the Holocaust and how it affected the Jewish community in Poland. The film is pretty much a collection of interviews with the people who were affected by the Holocaust, they are from a variety of backgrounds and each of them has a story to tell. This is a good documentary but also shows the kind of attitude towards people of Polish origin who were not Jewish. The film also takes a look at how the Nazi's made money out of the Holocaust and how the Nazi's tried to profit from the Holocaust. The film is definitely worth watching.

Maria L. photo
Maria L.

I was surprised to find out that this was the last director's cut of the movie, after seeing the theatrical version. I am a fan of this movie and I have watched it many times. It is a wonderful movie to watch with your family. I always find myself falling in love with the characters. I hope that the director's cut will be released soon, because I hope to be able to see this movie again.

Lori F. photo
Lori F.

This documentary is very good. It shows the people who were involved in the making of this film and why they were so involved. It also shows the people who worked on the film and how they felt about the production. It is very informative and gives a sense of what it was like to be involved in a film and how this film was made. It also gives a sense of what it was like to be a part of this project and the people involved. I also liked the way it went back to the original documentary. It showed the audience what the original film was like and how they got involved. There is also a bit of an explanation about the movie and what the story behind it was. Overall I would recommend this film to any movie fan or anyone who enjoys documentaries.

Catherine Price photo
Catherine Price

I don't understand how some people can be so impressed with this film. For me, the movie just plain sucks. I can't believe some people are giving it such high praise. It was poorly made, the acting was terrible, the editing was bad, the dialog was horrible, the plot was ridiculous. It's a movie that should have never been made. The only redeeming feature is the acting. For someone who says "It's a great movie", I would say that it's more of a B-movie. There's nothing about the story to make you care. It's just a collection of random things that happen. The biggest complaint I have about the movie is that it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. It's like it tries to be a drama but only succeeds at being dull and empty. Then there's the people that are like "It's a great movie!" or "It's a great movie that I recommend!" and some people are praising it like it's amazing and amazing, and there are people that think it's a great movie. I can't really say whether this movie is good or bad because I've never seen a movie like this. It's one of those movies that you can only watch once and then it will completely blow you away. However, I can say that I don't think I would watch it again, since it's that bad. It's not very good but I'll be the first to say that I don't recommend it. If you want to watch it once, it's OK, but if you want to watch it twice or more, then don't watch it.

Zachary photo

When I heard that the film was going to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, I was excited, but I wasn't sure what to expect. After all, the trailer looked kind of silly. When I saw the film, I was completely blown away. It's a film that leaves you with a feeling of wonderment and awe. It is not a film that is purely entertaining. The director has a very real sense of style and has captured the essence of the art that was Cezanne. The cinematography is very beautiful. The scenes are shot in a very intimate way and the lighting is very beautiful. The music, especially the score, is absolutely perfect. The film is not like other films that have been made about Cezanne. It's not a typical biopic, or a typical biopic of a genius. The film is a biopic of Cezanne. I can't wait to see the film again. I would highly recommend this film.

Melissa Andrews photo
Melissa Andrews

I can't understand why people can't accept that this film is not a documentary. The only thing I can think of that this movie is documentary is the fact that it was made by a small group of people. What would you like to see? (click on a box to find out).

Joan photo

I remember watching this film as a teenager when it first came out and the documentary was simply breathtaking. The use of high quality home video footage, particularly the footage from the school trip to Camp North Star, as well as the interviews with the students, is excellent. It shows how the film went from a simple short story, to an enormous success. I have read the book, and it is truly a work of art. I know many will not like this film, but I can't imagine anyone not liking it.

Shirley W. photo
Shirley W.

I am a huge fan of Peter Jackson and, as I have said, I am sad that the last Hobbit film was not great enough. However, this one was outstanding! It was beautiful to look at, and it had some amazing special effects (what I love about the Lord of the Rings films!). The story was great and the characters were very well developed. I thought it was very well acted and everyone in the film did a good job. I also liked the way the characters were presented. The story was very well told and the humour was very well handled. It was one of the few films I saw in the theatre and everybody in the audience loved it. I would recommend this to all of my friends! I would say, if you are looking for a good film to go see, go see this. Go see it. You will not be disappointed!

Janet B. photo
Janet B.

I went into the movie theater and watched this movie as a part of the Indiana Jones movie marathon. I am a huge fan of Indiana Jones movies and one of the reasons I like them so much is because they never feel too long, too slow, and too long. This movie really does feel like an hour and a half long. There are parts that really seemed like they lasted forever, and there are other parts that felt rushed or rushed too quickly. The movie does a great job of conveying a sense of doom and fear, however the pacing of the movie does start to drag. The acting is also a little uneven. I feel like Harrison Ford is a bit too wooden in some scenes, while in others he's a little too loud. Some of the actions scenes are just underwhelming in quality. The first 3 or 4 of the movie are really solid, but in the last act, it does start to lose its steam. The storytelling is also a little uneven, and this movie tries to do too much, it's definitely a pain in the ass to sit through. In the end, this movie really did feel like a lot of effort went into it, and it really does work as a really good movie, but there's a ton of things that could have been done better to make this movie more appealing. Overall, I think it's a great movie, but it's still not perfect.

Louis R. photo
Louis R.

The film is a compelling and well done documentary about the lives of the children and their families in the town of Youngstown, Ohio. The films focus is primarily on the children. The film looks at their daily lives from the moment they were born until the day they died. It takes us on a journey through the lives of the children as they live out their final days. Some of the interviews are very candid and sometimes even painful. The film also includes the voices of the parents, who have lost their children to their illness, who are now dealing with the same type of loss. The children themselves speak of the love and compassion they have for each other and the way the world is right now. The documentary is also very insightful. It talks about the challenges of caring for a sick child. It shows how difficult it is to balance a child's needs with the needs of the other children in the community. The film also looks at the medical and financial challenges faced by families who lose a child to illness. It is not easy to do that and it is not always easy to pay the bills. This documentary is a very powerful one. It's the most important film of the year. I highly recommend it.

Aaron Beck photo
Aaron Beck

The first 30 minutes or so of the film provide the background on the subject of child sexual abuse, and that subject is explored with some insight and clear-cut narrative. After that, the film becomes more and more about the victim and her attempts to deal with the situation, and this works well for the first half of the film. However, when it becomes more about the perpetrator and his or her actions, the film becomes very confusing, and the ending makes no sense at all. The end is very abrupt and makes absolutely no sense. This film could have been an outstanding film if it had been shot better, and handled the subject with a bit more professionalism.

Dennis G. photo
Dennis G.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who loves comic book movies. This movie is about a guy who is a big comic book fan and a documentary on his life. He had a stroke at the age of 25 and had to live a life of extreme isolation. He was alone for nearly a year. This is a very personal story about a guy who really wanted to do something with his life but had no one to help him. He was not very well educated and his father was not very supportive of his son. He was also very depressed. This is a very emotional story and the most well-acted movie I have ever seen. There is also a documentary about this man and his journey and it is very good. I think the most important thing in this movie is that it shows that comics are real and not just comic books. This movie is not just about comic books, it is about all comic book fans and how they can get help. This movie is great for anyone who loves comic books and comics fans.

Mildred photo

I loved this documentary. I'm not sure what it was about but it was very interesting. It was very informative and I really liked the fact that it didn't give away the ending. I think this documentary would have been a great one for anyone. It's not about a movie. It's about a very important issue. It's about a young woman that was abused by her stepfather and her sister. I think it's a very important documentary. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this subject.

Matthew photo

Well done! This is a truly inspiring and remarkable story. It's not a "fact" documentary, it's a documentary film. This movie is an expression of the love of humanity and of democracy, of the love of the person for another, and of the love of the children to the teacher, of the young girl who has a special talent for music, and of a kid who has become a good human being through loving her brother and sister. This film deserves a good rating, and the DVD should be released soon! I can't wait to see the other amazing films in the upcoming years. What I have in mind is that this film could be a "way" for us to see the true power of love. The power of a video! Thank you for reading.

Gary S. photo
Gary S.

For those of you who don't know, "The Dark Knight" is a superhero movie that was directed by Christopher Nolan, who also wrote the script. The movie is based on a comic book by Frank Miller. He was a writer for "Batman: Year One" and "Batman: Year Two". The movie is set in the late 90s. Batman, the character that is the Dark Knight, has to fight for his life when a villain, Bane, takes over Gotham. Batman must team up with his friends, Robin, Catwoman, and Bane to take down Bane. The movie is very different from the comic book version. There are some changes in the movie, and it is very hard to understand the difference. The movie is very interesting, and you don't know what is going to happen. The story is very complex. The characters are very interesting. The movie is very exciting and the action scenes are very good. I think the movie is very entertaining and I recommend it. I really liked the movie. It's a very good movie. I give it an 8/10.

Andrea photo

I watched this film for the first time last night and I really liked it. As someone who has had a few issues with the concept of LGBT people in general, I found the film very interesting and thought provoking. I am a little surprised that it is not rated higher on IMDb, but it is worth a watch. It is worth seeing, I think.

Donald Wood photo
Donald Wood

One of the most interesting films I've ever seen. It's difficult to see how the film could be considered anything less than a masterpiece, as the director was able to capture the life of a family that has lost its most important member. The film features interviews with a variety of people who knew or lived with the Lee family. It is a great story, but I think that it could have been better. It is, in my opinion, the weakest part of the film. The story is told in a very detached manner, and I felt that it was more about the Lee family than the Lee family. This is a great film to watch, but I think that it could have been much better. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the life of the Lee family. I think that this is a great film that deserves much more attention than it has received.

Andrew B. photo
Andrew B.

When I first watched it, I had very little idea what I was in for. This movie was a revelation for me. It was a movie I wanted to watch more than I have watched anything in my entire life. The story was incredible, the cinematography, and the acting. It was a true artist's vision of a documentary. For me, this movie is like a magnifying glass to a very complex and personal story. I will never forget it. Some people may be disappointed with the quality of this film. For me, it is not a movie, it is a movie-a memory. I hope the director and producer will continue to make these movies. I give this film an A-.

Teresa K. photo
Teresa K.

I enjoyed this film immensely, and I was particularly impressed by the way in which the interviews were shot. I feel that the film has a realistic look, and it made me think about the lives of the people who made the documentary. I also found the interviews very moving, and I found that I connected with all of the people in the film very strongly. I think that the film should be shown in schools to show students that there are many different paths that a person can take in their lives, and that the path that we choose can have a positive impact on our lives. The film does a great job of showing how this documentary was made and the people who made it. I really hope that this film is shown at all film festivals and that it is shown in schools to show students that life is more than the path we choose to take in our lives, and that we can have a positive impact on our lives.

Johnny Gonzales photo
Johnny Gonzales

This is a very powerful and thoughtful documentary about the work of the legendary Carol Kane and her struggles with the pressures of her profession and her personal life. The film is told from the perspective of Kane herself, as well as from the viewpoints of her co-workers, fans and friends. There are many interviews with Kane herself, but this is by far the most revealing of all. You learn a great deal about her relationship with her wife, her struggle with the pressure of her profession and her own life. And you can hear her voice through many of the interviews, as she talks about her experiences with her profession, and about the difficult and sometimes terrifying times that she had with the end of her marriage. The film does not focus on any one person, but the film is very informative and helpful for anyone interested in the world of comics. This is a must-see for anyone interested in the art of comics, or in Carol Kane.

Harold E. photo
Harold E.

I was a fan of the Batman comics, and this movie was awesome, but the acting was a bit stiff. It's a little too long for me, and I think the movie should have been shorter. I think it would have been better if it was shorter. I also think they should have given Batman more action. There are a lot of action scenes, but they don't seem to fit. I think they should have made the movie longer. The movie was good, but it could have been better.

Dylan L. photo
Dylan L.

After reading the reviews on this film, I really was expecting to enjoy it. But I did not. It was hard to get into the film because I was still seeing the film in my head. I would say that the cast was good, but not great. I think that the main characters were well written, but I was expecting a bit more from them. I am sure that they have had a great deal of hard work to come up with the characters, and I am sure that they have done a great job with them. The direction was good, but it did not seem to have the impact that it did on the audience. I think that this movie would have been much better had they given it a little more time to develop the characters. It was an interesting film, and I would recommend it to those who have never seen it, but do not expect a great film.

Michael S. photo
Michael S.

I'll admit, the first few minutes of the movie grabbed me. I liked how the movie started off with the flashbacks and the narration of the story, and the introduction to the world of the children. I didn't realize that the boys were autistic until the very end, and that was a very cool scene, and also the fact that all the boys in the movie were taken away from their families as infants and that their entire lives were watched over and approved by the boys. I was completely drawn into the movie, and it was very moving and made me feel so many emotions. I never thought that a movie would make me feel so much for a family, and when I found out that they lost their son, I wanted to be there for them. I am now a parent of three boys and all of them are autistic. We just lost our second son to a similar situation. And now we are trying to get into college, and I'm going to have to go through this whole process alone, so all of this happened to me. The movie did a good job of showing what that was like, and it didn't just show one particular family. Every family has it's own story to tell. But I think the message that the movie is sending to all of us is that it's important to have each other in your life. It's important to have a support system in your life and I think that the movie gave us a few people to relate to in that world. Even if you didn't know, you felt for them and you felt sorry for them. Even if you didn't know the family, you felt their pain, and it was great. It showed me that having a supportive family doesn't just go to one set, it goes to all of them. I think the message in this movie is very important, and I would recommend it to anyone. It really shows that just because you have a different disorder, doesn't mean that the family doesn't have to be there to support you or to love you, and to protect you from yourself. I think that the movie is very honest and it really shows the struggles that are going on in today's society and the challenges that we face. I think that is one of the things that makes the movie really important, is that it shows that the family has to support the family.

Thomas photo

I am a huge fan of this show, and I have been for many years. I just got the DVD, and I have to say I am glad I got it. I had heard of this film for many years, but never got around to watching it. This is a must see! I haven't seen a documentary like this one. It is just so great, and so informative. It is like a personal glimpse into the lives of the people that were in the show, and the people that were affected by it. The film is very very well made. It is very well edited and very well put together. The music is incredible, and really puts the show into perspective. I think the music fits in so well with the stories, and the people that were involved. I am really happy I found this documentary, because I was never able to find it anywhere else. I hope everyone that is interested in this show, and has a love for the show, will check it out. It is worth the price of the DVD, and it is a must see! I highly recommend this film!

Julie photo

In the early 1990's, after a "no show" period during which he was recovering from a failed comeback attempt, the Beatles were joined by a group of their friends for a "Roma exhibition". George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney joined a group called The Beatles. It is a long time ago now, but the story of their friendship remains interesting. In fact, this documentary is about the friendship of the three men. The most notable scenes are when they are at the hotel in Rome and when they meet each other at their favorite restaurant. There is also the famous meeting in the garden of the presidential palace. The documentary provides some fascinating facts and also some strange observations about the group. The subject has been covered in detail in "The Beatles: A Celebration of a Classic Album". The film is excellent as a whole, but the three friends are the prime focus of the documentary. They deserve much credit for being able to speak for themselves. Although it is hard to say anything about the Beatles without giving something away, this documentary deserves much credit for revealing their true essence. The real essence of the Beatles was something other than being the greatest music group ever. It was something else.

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I've read a few reviews here about how this documentary is too slow and has too many slow scenes, well, if you look at it on a visual level, it is slow. The camerawork is quite long, the interviewees are very intelligent people (of course, most of them were not people interviewed by the filmmakers), but it takes too long to get the basic story of a group of 14 to 18 year-old women. This is not so much a documentary, it is more like a series of interviews that is interrupted by the newer, more advanced interviews. If you watch the interviews carefully, you will see this. And you will notice that there is a pretty easy way to skip from one to another without knowing that you have to know it, so long as you know the basic story of each interview. On the other hand, the style of the documentary is very interesting. It doesn't try to describe the group of girls, but it is rather descriptive of their behavior and how they think and behave. It is really interesting, and it makes you feel you are right there with them. It also allows you to see how intelligent they are and how they think, as they are interviewed by different experts, sometimes at the same time. This is the key for me. It lets you see how smart they are, and how they act. If you watch it the right way, you will enjoy it. I'm not sure if I have the intelligence to understand it myself, but I do like it and I do like it for its visual value, and for the commentary from other people. And the commentary is about how well they explain things and why it is important. If you like this style, or if you have a chance to check it out, you should.

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Catherine Walsh

I have been a fan of the manga since I was a kid. The anime version is better than the movie. But this movie is better. It has a better cast, a better script and a better story. I was shocked when I saw the ratings of this movie. I am an anime fan. I have no problem with movies or tv shows that don't use real footage, but I think it is important that the video game is made and not made. Anime stories do not really have a point in a movie. I think a story needs to be told in a movie to tell the viewers something and to enjoy the movie. I understand the time is short, but this movie should have been made on a much larger budget. I recommend this movie to anime fans and to movie fans. I also recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of anime or video games. I think everyone should see this movie.

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Jennifer C.

The documentary has some of the most compelling footage from a variety of perspectives, but the film is marred by an unrelenting agenda: a claim that the oil industry has been a successful force in American society, even if it has contributed to climate change. The documentary presents a timeline of how the industry has worked to bring about its own destruction, including the takeover of Texas, the destruction of the environment, the destruction of wildlife and the use of poison gas, to name a few. But the narrative is not a narrative. It's a series of stories that are often misleading and misleading. The film's most important statements are delivered by Al Gore, who, like the film itself, is only marginally present in this documentary. The most powerful story is that of Chris Mooney, a young man from Texas who became an environmental activist in the early 2000s and then became a citizen reporter for The Houston Chronicle. He talks about the attack on his home and the subsequent actions of the company that tried to destroy it. It's a powerful statement that should be taken seriously. But the narrative is wrong. The story that drives the documentary is one of the most misleading and misleading documentaries I've ever seen. The narrative is almost entirely the voice of the company and its executives, who present their point of view and attack the messenger. The narrative is completely one-sided, as are the stories presented. And the narrative is also misleading. It's not clear why the film is so obsessed with the environmental movement. It's not clear why it is so focused on the destruction of the environment, including the destruction of the Gulf Coast region, which is rich in biodiversity. It's not clear why it is so focused on oil companies and the impacts of their work. And it's not clear why it's so interested in the attack on the activist. The most important points are presented in a very similar way as the case of the EPA. The film presents the corporate opposition as the best defense of American democracy. It presents the activist as the only legitimate voice of the American people. It presents the activist as a threat to democracy and freedom. And it presents the American people as ignorant and uncaring. It's a film that is both misleading and deceptive. It presents an agenda that has nothing to do with the documentary's subject, climate change, and it presents it as the only good point of the documentary. The narrative is simply an attack on environmentalism and on the activist. It's not a film that is primarily about the environmental movement. The best part of the film is the archive footage from the documentary, and it's extremely compelling. But it's not a documentary about the environmental movement. It's an attack on the activist.

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I first became aware of the work of artist Erika Eleniak (born in Poland) when I came across her paintings in a local art bookstore. I had not previously heard of her, and was intrigued to see what she had to say about her work. While I am not familiar with her work, the way she uses the medium is amazing, and it is amazing that a young artist can make such stunning images. The two people who inspired this documentary were the people who bought her paintings. They expressed their admiration of her work and their love of her. This documentary makes a great case for why this artist should be recognized and rewarded. Eleniak is one of the most important artists of our time, and I hope her work will inspire many more artists to do what she does. If you have seen her work, you will know what I am talking about. If you have not seen her work, you will find this documentary very inspiring. Eleniak is a young artist who is making her mark on the world with her images. It is amazing how a young artist can create such beautiful images. She does not just paint pictures. She has created amazing art that is both art and a form of art. I can only hope that more people will see this film and appreciate what she has done.

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Kenneth Bailey

This documentary is about a man named Tommy Trager who created a new language for the deaf people of the United States. It's an amazing story of the man's dedication and dedication to what he wanted to do. I've never seen a documentary that is so touching and inspiring. Tommy Trager is a hero to me and I was so impressed by his story. I wanted to see more of Tommy's story and I was happy to see how he got this far. It was amazing to see how he kept his head so high and his determination to make the deaf world a better place. The documentary is so great. It is so inspiring to see that people have dreams and can make a difference. I recommend this documentary to anyone.

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Angela Daniels

This is a real tragedy in the human story. It is the story of a young boy, who, with a small amount of money, can create a new life for himself and his family, even though his parents are dead. This story is heartbreaking. But it is also a very real story. And it shows how our parents may have the power to make us feel like we are alive but, it is possible to die. And we cannot make the future. A sad story, but an excellent film. A great movie.

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An excellent documentary that covers the history of the comics industry. It's not just for the comic book fans, but it's a great documentary for anyone who loves movies. The film is divided in three parts, but the first one is really the best, and covers the early years of the industry and how it came to be. The second part covers the first 20 years of the industry and how comics were made, and the third part covers the rise of the superhero. Each of these parts is really good and should be watched in their own right. In fact, I would recommend this film to anyone who loves movies. The only problem is that there are only three parts, and the film doesn't go in detail about any of them. I think that the best way to watch it is to read the three parts before watching the film, so that you can see each part in its proper context. But that's just me. I really enjoyed this film and I highly recommend it. It's a great documentary that I would recommend to anyone who likes movies.

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Ethan N.

I have not seen this movie, but I have read the comments on the other reviews of it. I think the movie was not really a documentary about the old man. It was more of a look into his life. It was a very interesting look into the life of this man. I really enjoyed the movie. The acting was great. I think the actors were great. I think the only reason I gave this movie an 8 instead of a 10 was because I have not seen the other reviews on this movie. I am going to go watch this movie. I really hope that this movie is nominated for an Oscar.

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William B.

This is a great documentary. It is a very interesting look at the environmental movement and the environmental movement as a whole. It is also very informative, with a lot of historical footage. It is a very well done documentary. It is about how the environmental movement started and how it evolved. It is also about how the environmental movement has changed over the years, and how the environmental movement has changed over the years. It is also about the impact of the environmental movement on the people who are involved in it. It is a very interesting documentary.