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Loving is a movie starring Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton, and Will Dalton. The story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a couple whose arrest for interracial marriage in 1960s Virginia began a legal battle that would end with the Supreme...

Other Titles
Uma História de Amor, Lovingai, Loving: Uma História de Amor, El matrimonio Loving, 愛侶, Loving - L'amore deve nascere libero, Sevmek, ラビング 愛という名前のふたり
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2 hours 3 minutes
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Drama, Romance, Biography
Jeff Nichols
Jeff Nichols
Will Dalton, Dean Mumford, Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton
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Richard Loving, a white construction worker in Caroline County, Virginia, falls in love with a local black woman and family friend, Mildred Jeter. Upon Mildred discovering that she is pregnant, they decide to marry, but knowing that interracial marriage violates Virginia's anti-miscegenation laws, they drive to Washington, D.C. to get married in 1958. Richard makes plans to build a house for Mildred less than a mile from her family home..

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Tammy G. photo
Tammy G.

This is a very moving film. The story is very real, the acting is superb and the music is haunting. It is about the story of a young boy who has been abandoned by his mother and raised by his grandmother. He is a lonely boy who is learning to walk, talk, and feel. He is a very brave boy who decides to make his mother's house his own. He is very brave, he doesn't like to take things that belong to other people and he is very honest. The acting is very good and the story is very moving. It is a good movie and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in this subject.

Paul L. photo
Paul L.

It is not a movie for the whole family, but the kids in the audience will enjoy it. I was not surprised at all by the Academy Award for this movie. The movie is a drama about the relationship between a young girl and a man. It is a very good movie and I am sure that it will be a success.

Dennis L. photo
Dennis L.

I am a big fan of Paul Thomas Anderson. He has made two great films: Boogie Nights and Magnolia. I was really looking forward to seeing this film, but I was not impressed. The film is extremely slow, and the music is completely unmemorable. The performances are good, but the film does not make me feel any empathy for any of the characters. I was not moved by any of the characters. I am also a big fan of cinematography. I love the way Anderson creates his film. The colors are beautiful and the camera movements are also beautiful. However, I did not like the way the film was shot. The camera is too close, and it gets in your face a lot. The film also does not focus on any character. The film is really boring, and I think it was very slow and slow. I was really looking forward to seeing this film, but I was disappointed.

Angela photo

I was so glad that I watched this film. I've seen this movie before and I didn't enjoy it, so I decided to watch it again. It was wonderful. I loved the story and the acting was great. I thought the movie was very realistic. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of romance movies and who doesn't mind a little bit of romance. I think this movie is great and I can't wait to watch it again. I really hope that this movie is nominated for a Oscar. I think it's a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes romance movies. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

William J. photo
William J.

This movie was a big disappointment. I was expecting it to be much better. It's a movie about a man who is in a coma and spends his life going through various phases of his life. I don't understand how someone who knows nothing about the human condition could like this movie. The only reason I can think of is that it has a happy ending. It's not a movie that I would watch again. I think this movie is better if you just think about it, rather than trying to figure out what it is about. I don't want to spoil anything but the ending of the movie was the most disappointing part. It was not what I expected. I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

Martha Riley photo
Martha Riley

I had never seen this film in the cinema, and when I saw it on the television I felt very uncomfortable. The young actor Dominic Cooper was unbelievable, and I would love to have been one of the Americans. The story line was not that great. The idea of love, and trying to show that in a film is a very good idea. But the story line was not that good, and in my opinion the film didn't show much of the love story between Andy, and Grace. There wasn't a lot of a way that I could connect to the story line. The casting in the film was pretty bad, the poor choice of Andy, who looked too old to play a younger Andy. We are not a bad film, it just lacked a lot of good points. I think that it could have been a bit better if they would have made the movie longer and cut out a lot of the parts that were a bit boring.

Anthony W. photo
Anthony W.

An American man, Roger Ebert, is in Paris to promote his latest film. On the plane, he is told that he is to be sent to a home for the terminally ill. Upon arriving, he finds himself in a place where the environment is run by the nuns and doctors, with a bed for each patient. When he asks why, he is told that the patients are too sick to be treated by humans. When he asks why they can not just kill the patients, he is told that the patients cannot be killed. He is then sent to a monastery where he is given a simple task: to write a report for the doctors and the nuns. He does so, and is told that he has been selected to be a priest. This is where the film begins. The film shows the inside of the monastery, with the priests and nuns, the doctors and nurses. It is very clear that the film is based on a true story, and the atmosphere is extremely depressing. The film is a drama, but I would not call it a drama. I would call it a documentary, because it is so accurate in depicting the atmosphere in the monastery. The film is very well-done, and the acting is excellent. It is hard to describe the plot because it is a very hard movie to describe. It is a drama, but the emotions are so strong that you cannot stop watching. I would say that this is a film that you should see at least once, and then watch it again. It is a very interesting film, and I recommend it highly.

Billy S. photo
Billy S.

So, based on my love for the movie and the quote from the opening credits, I went into this with pretty low expectations. I had no idea it was directed by Michael D'Arcy and was not sure how it would be received. Then I saw it and it was one of those films that was totally and utterly engrossing, and I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. It's well written, well directed, well acted, well filmed, and just a damn good movie all around. I've never seen the original, but this is clearly a faithful adaptation of that film's story, but with more of a story being told. It's not just about just being sad and confused and in pain over the loss of your loved one. It's about a person and their way of dealing with that loss and then about finding some resolution. It's about figuring out how you can move on and about how you can move on. This is a very beautifully made movie, one that has all the ingredients of a good drama but not just relying on it being a drama to tell a story. It's not the most complex story ever told, but it's just enough to keep your interest and your soul in the movie. And it does it very well. It has a very strong, very beautiful and realistic look to it, with beautiful art direction and cinematography that is just beautiful. The cinematography is beautiful and breathtaking in this movie, one that's quite often overlooked when you go to the movies. The photography in this movie is gorgeous, with lots of really beautiful shots of the countryside, in particular the blue skies of Alaska, the reds of the snow, the reds of the landscape and the reds of the water. The color scheme is especially beautiful. The scenery, the acting, the dialogue, and the character design all are wonderful. I'm a pretty big fan of the first-person camera and in this movie it works really well. It gives the viewer a sense of how the characters would be seeing what they're seeing, and it makes you really feel like you're actually there, and this is very important for a movie to do. It does all of these things so beautifully that it's easy to get lost in the story, but it's done so perfectly. The score is also really wonderful. The opening theme is amazing, but when you get to the second theme, that is a real song, one that is really beautiful and really impressive. I also loved the use of instruments. The guitar is used in the beginning as a theme, but when it plays through the credits, it becomes the main theme, and the bass guitar is used throughout the rest of the movie as the main theme. I was especially pleased with the use of piano in this movie. It's just beautiful and sad and beautiful all at once. The score is really really good. I can't praise it enough. The script is also good. The movie is a little disjointed and confusing and a little short, but I think it works because it uses flashback as a way to tell the story, and it also uses many different kinds of flashbacks. The flashbacks are used very well, because they help you to get a better understanding of what's going on in the characters

Jean J. photo
Jean J.

Loving is a very well-done film. It's a great story of a very strong woman who overcame a lot of obstacles to get where she is. It is very inspirational and is about a woman who is successful in many areas and who is a very positive person. It is about a woman who has many issues in her life but is able to overcome them and get back to what she needs to be. I think the movie is very good. I liked it because it was very inspirational and because it was about a strong woman who overcame many issues and was able to get back to what she needs to be. It's also about a strong woman who overcame her husband's alcoholism and the issues she had with her daughter. I think that's a very good reason to watch the movie.

Diana photo

I am a big fan of "The English Patient" and "Love in the Time of Cholera", so when I heard that one of them was made into a film I was intrigued. I did not have high hopes for this one, but it was definitely not what I expected. This is a film that does not try to be a film that is not a film. It is a film that is a film and it does it well. The film is set in the early 1900s and tells the story of an English woman who becomes a nun in order to save her daughter. This is a great film that tells a story that is not about nuns and nuns are not the focus of this film. This is about love, and it is a film that is not about being a nun, but about love and how it can change a person. The film is a bit slow at times, but it does not slow down the film and it is definitely worth seeing.

Amy photo

I am so glad to see that Will Smith is back and here's a quote for you. "Loving" is a story of the life and love of Landon, a 21 year old black college student who was born to a white father, who was not at all happy that his son was black. The film is based on his autobiography of his love affair with Ray Charles, who he was barely old enough to legally marry. His father sees no reason why his son should marry a white woman, he wants him to be a jazz musician. Ray Charles saw no need for his son to be a professional musician, he was only a child who wanted to play the trumpet. The other interesting aspect is that the film has a two-hour running time, and it doesn't just end at the end of the film, it goes on for another 30 years. We get some very interesting flashbacks that show how Landon gets to be a professional musician, and some really interesting scenes that show how the relationship between the two changed over time. I really enjoyed the film, and I think that many will enjoy it too. I would recommend that you give it a shot.

Anthony T. photo
Anthony T.

I've seen the movie, and I'm still waiting for the movie to come out on DVD. Yes, the main character's age has been changed.but that's not the main reason for the change. In the end, we are left with a loving and meaningful movie that will leave you with a feeling of peace. And that's a great achievement. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for this movie, because it was all too good to be had for free. It's a well done movie, well made, well acted, well scripted and well directed. I give it a 7 out of 10. But then again, if you're going to watch a movie with your significant other, I can't imagine anyone not liking it. You'll probably love it too. If you're into heartwarming movies that have an emotional punch, then go see this movie. I know it's a love story, but it's really a story about love and acceptance.

Billy photo

Three things in the movie I really liked: 1. The scenery. Great shot and locations. 2. The acting. All of the actors gave a great performance. 3. The soundtrack. It was the perfect soundtrack. The different part of the movie where same shot and scenery were used together really added to the story line. As it was almost same shot and scenery repeated in the same order everytime. The only thing I could find a flaw in was the fact that it was a little too long. It could have been shorter. That is the only thing that could have made it less appealing. It is still a great movie and I recommend it to everyone who likes a good drama or love story. Enjoy.

Karen R. photo
Karen R.

Loving (2010) * 1/2 (out of 4) Goldie Hawn is good in her role as a single mother who is also determined to have her daughter, Jean Grey (Emma Watson), adopted and put into a home with a wealthy family. Hawn is excellent in her role as Jean Grey and it is good to see her again after the various television specials she has done over the years. The story of Jean Grey is interesting but the screenplay for the movie is slow and a little confusing at times. I liked the performances of the young people who play Jean Grey and the father of Jean Grey. The two young actors who play the parents of Jean Grey are good but they don't get enough screen time. Emilia Clarke and Justin Chatwin are good in the role of Jean Grey and Alex Pettyfer does a good job as the adoptive father. The direction by Brian Helgeland is pretty good and he has a lot of good scenes in the film. The score for the film is good but the soundtrack is one of the least memorable things about the film. There are a lot of strong visual images and scenes in the film but it doesn't have the visual flair of Schindler's List or Lawrence of Arabia. Loving is an interesting story but it is not memorable and it could have been much better.

Harry Cole photo
Harry Cole

I have never been a fan of Liza Minnelli but this film was a breath of fresh air. I think this film should have been nominated for an Oscar for Best Film and that is a bold statement to make but this film is worth watching. Liza Minnelli is brilliant as the woman who became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. I think she deserves it but she is going to be hard to top. I think the film does a good job of showing how a woman becomes a woman and how she is able to become a woman. The story is that Liza was a hard working, talented and determined woman who wanted to do more with her life. This was not her only motivation. She also had a little brother who was very much a part of her life. I think this film will not be the one to end all films on but it is a very well done film. I think this film will be a classic. I also liked the part where she had a dream of being a woman and of being famous. I think this was a good message to show to young women. I thought the acting was good and the film was very well made. I also thought the music was very good. I think the film was a great film to watch with a date.

Eugene Garcia photo
Eugene Garcia

As I read all the positive reviews, I was looking forward to seeing this film. After reading so many great reviews, I was left with the sense that everyone was just being overly critical. I would only recommend this film if you have to sleep with the lights on. This film is a huge miss. Why do so many people praise this film? I don't know, but I know for a fact that they're fans of the time period. This is one of the most stereotypically bad movies ever made. It's not even that it's bad, just that it's so bad, I can't understand why anyone would enjoy it. The acting is so over the top that it's almost unbearable to watch. The dialog is so stilted, it just comes off as annoying. The lead character's way of talking and his mannerisms are completely over the top. Some of the cinematography in the film is just absolutely atrocious. It looks like it was shot on video. The film is so unrelatable, the plot is so messed up, and the characters are so absurdly strange, I'm afraid it's impossible to take this film seriously. I love Billy Bob Thorton and Robert DeNiro, but they're not the only characters in the film. The rest of the film just drags on and on, and never feels like it's actually telling a story. The only thing that keeps it from being completely worthless is the love story. I do think the love story is one of the best things about this movie, but it doesn't add much to the film. Even so, the chemistry between the two actors, the script, and the direction are all terrible. It's one of those films where you have to wonder what's going to happen next, and the only reason to keep watching is because of the love story. It's like the writer and director were drunk on cheap drugs, and thought it would be good to have a love story in a film. It's also worth noting that the way the love story is shot is really, really bad. It's really hard to watch, and you can't help but feel very sorry for all the people that are suffering through it. This is one of the most disappointing films of the year, and I can't imagine it being any better next year.

Jonathan W. photo
Jonathan W.

I'm a fan of "The Hours" and "The Truman Show" and this film was just a fun watch. It was a nice take on an era that has been so much talked about. The movie itself was a bit slow, but I'm sure the audience that went to see it were going to be entertained. I'm a fan of Lily Tomlin, and she did a great job in the film. I have to say, though, the ending was a bit of a let down. It was a bit of a let down for the audience. The film was a bit long, but it was well worth it. I'm glad that I went and saw it, because it was definitely worth it. I recommend it to fans of the genre and I hope that it will become a cult favorite.

Sandra photo

This film is beautiful, very sweet and very moving. A beautiful film! Its beautifully made, wonderfully acted and what a great story. Great to see Ed Harris back on the big screen, he was so good as the father who couldn't get away from the past. Sarah Paulson did a great job playing both the mother and the daughter. Ed Harris also did a fantastic job, making it look so realistic. And no wonder he's got so many Academy Awards! He did such a wonderful job! As for the characters, I thought of many different women in my head as I watched this film. Some were very good and some were very bad. But I still loved this film and all I can say is that its a great story. I recommend this film to everyone and have watched it multiple times. Don't miss it!

Joe Montgomery photo
Joe Montgomery

This film is a remake of the original movie. It is about two people who are in love, but their love is not enough. The remake is a bit different than the original, but it is the same kind of love story. I think it is a good film, but it is not a classic. I think it is a good film for everyone to watch.

Ronald S. photo
Ronald S.

I first saw this film on TV and I thought it was really great. I didn't know it was based on a true story and I was really surprised when I read the summary. I liked the film so much I bought it on DVD. I love the story and I really liked the acting. I don't understand how it has been rated as a bad movie, it is very well done and very touching. It is a great film and I recommend it to everyone.

Lisa photo

I have been a fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal since 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?' she was brilliant in that film and also in 'The Wicker Man'. However, she seemed to be underused in this film. However, I am not the only one who felt that she did not do enough to carry the film. But she did quite well. Maggie Gyllenhaal is beautifully beautiful. She looked beautiful, and was even more beautiful when she sang. The film was filmed beautifully, the costumes were perfect. But the film is not 'art'. I felt that the film was just about her. I never got any feeling for the rest of the characters in the film. It did not seem that the characters were real, or that they were part of the story. It was just about Maggie. I did not care about any of the characters in this film. The acting is wonderful. The cinematography is fantastic. The plot is great. There were some great scenes. I enjoyed the music, but I felt that it was not used enough. I am not sure if I liked the direction. I thought it was good, but it was also kind of boring. But I think that the director made a really good film. The editing was good. The direction was good. I thought that the music was very well done. There were some very good songs. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves Maggie Gyllenhaal, or anyone who is a fan of music. It is very enjoyable. It is a very good film, but it is a bit disappointing because I did not like the direction of the film. I did not like the acting, but the direction is good.

Brian photo

I watched this movie because of the fact that it was a film about a gay man who died of AIDS, and was supposed to be the last movie to be made on the subject. I was not expecting much from it, and was pleasantly surprised. It's a very well made movie, with great performances from the actors, and some very touching scenes. It's a very poignant story, and it's not easy to watch. The characters are all very real, and you feel for them. You get a sense of what it must be like to be with someone who is dying, and you see that the lives of those around them are not as simple as they seem. It's a very good movie, and one that I will watch over and over again.

Megan Richardson photo
Megan Richardson

In Loving, director David O. Russell (The Fighter, The Fighter II) takes a look at the life of the country's most famous gay icon, writer and singer Hank Williams (played by Dustin Lance Black), who died in 2004 at the age of 50. During the filming of this film, he was often asked by his family about the gay community and his life. After hearing these questions, he became fascinated with the people who lived in the town where he grew up, and he began to study their lives. His first step was to interview the town's only gay resident, town lawyer Alan Berg (played by Danny Glover). He also interviewed several gay people from his childhood, including a high school friend, and a friend of his mother's. He also visited the local bars where he was a regular, and he talked to the patrons about the lives of the people who worked there. He also talked to a number of people who worked at the local newspaper, and he learned a lot about the community's attitudes towards the gay community. After reading a few of the interviews, he realized that the people he interviewed were very understanding of the gay community. He decided to make a film about Hank Williams, and he did so with the help of his wife, Mary, (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). He wrote the screenplay and directed it himself, with the help of his friends, his father, and his mother. The film is very well-made, and it's interesting to see how the community of the town reacted to the death of Hank Williams. It's also interesting to see how his family reacted to the death of their beloved husband. In the film, the actors are very good, and they do a good job of portraying the people they were interviewing. I really liked the way that they portrayed the people of the town, and I think they did a very good job with that. There are some wonderful scenes in the film, such as when Hank's mother visits her son's grave. The scenes are also very touching, and I think that they portray the love that Hank Williams had for his mother. I also like how they showed how Hank's father, an alcoholic, tried to keep the family together, and how he and his mother both worked to keep the town's only gay man, Alan Berg, from being fired from the newspaper. Overall, Loving is a very good film, and I think it's worth seeing.

Sandra photo

I thought this film was excellent, with the exception of the ending, which I thought was stupid. This film was good, but I can't believe they couldn't get this movie on DVD. It's a must see for any rom-com fan.

Bobby photo

This is a very good movie. I'm not sure why it's so highly rated, maybe it's because of the subject matter, maybe it's because it's from the same family, maybe it's because it's so similar to the work of Peter Jackson, who I have never seen. But it's a very good movie. The acting is very good, and it's an interesting look at the way that society operates. It's not one of those movies that's going to make you laugh, or cry, or make you think, or make you feel anything about life in general. It's just a movie, and you have to see it to appreciate it. I don't know why this movie has such a high rating, it's not one of the most great movies, but it's definitely one of the most interesting movies of the year. I recommend it to everyone.

Matthew Pearson photo
Matthew Pearson

Bourdain and Dicaprio are in the best form ever as they are both one of the best actors working today, and the film is surprisingly good too. As far as my interests go, I love watching documentaries, especially when they are about the 'oldest profession', and I love American History. For the last couple of years I've had a passion for studying the British Empire and the United States. I love seeing how different cultures clash with each other, and to be honest, I find American History an interesting topic. If you have any interest in this film, it's probably because you enjoy American History. If you are looking for a great love story, you won't find anything better.

Richard photo

This is a great film about two very different men who are so close, that they are willing to die for each other. The acting is great and the story is very touching. I think the story line is good and that the story is told very well. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good romantic drama.

Henry photo

This is a film about love, it's not about the events that took place, it's about the people in that town. I think that the film has a lot of potential to be great. But the script is too slow, and the character development is not good enough. The movie could have been more exciting, but it doesn't really go anywhere. It's a nice drama, but it's not the film that I expected.

Beverly photo

A lovely romance for fans of Gillian Flynn, Penelope Ann Miller and James Van Der Beek. This is quite possibly the most straightforward and boring love story I've ever seen, and is definitely not the most memorable. There's a bunch of cute elements, and some well-acted moments, but overall the movie feels like a large segment of a much longer movie, which leaves a lot of room for improvement. It really is quite depressing when you have to read the book about ten times to really get the point. I hope someone could make a "Director's Cut" or a "Director's Cut+". Just give the actors the scenes they need to do their job and get rid of the unnecessary stuff, but not the original cut. It would make the movie completely more enjoyable.

Keith Ramirez photo
Keith Ramirez

Loving is a film that is interesting, but very difficult to watch. There is a good, intelligent script that is executed brilliantly, but it is so frustratingly over-dramatic that it can be difficult to know where to put your hands when you feel you need to hold onto the hilt of the axe that is your movie-going experience. The film's plot is a familiar one: powerful, passionate, and basically modern, one that is only sometimes served up with the fullness of the ingredients. For instance, this movie seems to be about the marriage of two men with the desire to escape from the traditional roles that have shaped their lives. But, what I have not enjoyed is how the marriage of the two men is portrayed in the film. Throughout the film, they are supposed to be presented as totally different individuals, with their own personalities and relationships. While I found the film to be interesting, it is not interesting enough to provide a good story or a good dramatic expression of their relationships. The reason that the characters are presented as having such different personalities and emotions is so that they can appear to be having a connection with each other, but actually the men are trying to escape from their past and their present, and so it is that they both seem to be mentally unstable. However, this movie is not really worth seeing if you are looking for a good, moving drama or a film that will make you think. In the end, it is just a film about two men who are trying to escape from their past, who ultimately try to get away from themselves. As it is, it is not worth seeing, and that is the main reason that I have rated it below average. 7/10

Samuel R. photo
Samuel R.

I have to admit that I've never seen a biopic on Marilyn Monroe before, but I was intrigued by the trailer and decided to watch this film. I had seen the trailer for "The Virgin Suicides" and was intrigued by the idea of the story, but I was expecting it to be a horror movie. However, the story of "Loving" was very much in the vein of a romantic drama. The story was not only interesting, but very well told. I thought that the film was very well directed, and that the actors were very believable. I was very impressed with the performances of all the actors in the film. The film has a very good pace, and the story kept me interested throughout the film. I was very surprised at the quality of the film. The only thing that I thought was a bit off was the music. The music seemed to be very appropriate for the story. Overall, I thought that this was a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Laura photo

I just saw this movie last night. I thought it was a great movie. It was a different movie. I'm not a big movie fan. I do like movies that are suspenseful, and dramatic. This movie is not suspenseful at all, but it is also not dramatic at all. In this movie, it's not supposed to be dramatic. It's supposed to be a movie about two people who got married in the beginning, but were caught up in the craziness of love. The story is about Marcy (a strong performance by Kerry Washington) and Louis (a brilliant performance by Billy Crudup). One of the greatest things in this movie is the beautiful photography. I love the lighting and the colors in this movie. This movie is great, because it's different. It's good, because it's different, and it's a good movie. A great film.

Jacob W. photo
Jacob W.

It's a beautiful film, if you are looking for a drama about a guy who cheated on his wife and in the end decided to make love to another woman, then this is the film for you. Set in 1970, at a small Californian town, an unemployed music teacher named Walter Schreiner, played by William Hurt, decides to go to Los Angeles to do his studies. The reasons for his visit are not as clear to me as his reasons for going to Japan, but, in any case, he is there to study, and he meets an American girl named Ruth (Naomi Watts), a musical genius, who he falls for. So, that's how Walter Schreiner met his wife. It's a pretty interesting plot. It is kind of sad that this film has nothing to do with the real life Walter Schreiner. If you want to see how Walter Schreiner's life was and how he met his wife, then this is the film to see. For a movie with such a great, inspiring and emotional story, I thought it was a little too slow in some parts. There were no great dramatic scenes, I would say it was a little slow at times, but the scene where Walter Schreiner first met Ruth and the movie ends in 1970 and Walter's wife is married, was great. It was sad that the end of the movie was so quickly, but then, I felt that this was a great ending for a great movie. The scenes were exciting, emotional and so sad. I definitely recommend it. This is my second favorite movie of all time. I would have to say that it is my favorite movie of the 1990s. It's a great story and a beautiful film. 8/10

George M. photo
George M.

I have never written a review for any film before, but this one was so important to me, and I couldn't resist. I am very familiar with the life of the writer and his family and I am absolutely certain that this movie is a true representation of their lives. I am very grateful to the cast and crew for bringing this story to life. I was saddened and amazed by the way that it portrayed the great love that a family can have for their child. I was amazed by the love and support that the family members were able to give their child. I was moved by the portrayal of the relationship between the father and the mother. I was also moved by the story of the father's struggle with his son's cancer. I am so glad that I watched this movie and that it gave me the opportunity to see this amazing family in a different light. I know that many people who have not seen this movie will be moved by the powerful story that this movie has to tell.

Howard A. photo
Howard A.

After reading about the movie, I started to think it will be about the life of a successful author. But, when I read about the other characters, it turned out it was about the life of a young man. I wondered if it was a biographical movie. So I went to watch this movie and I came to see it. The main character was very good. He was a kind hearted, polite, and easy to get along with. He was nice to his wife and to his family and was a decent guy to his friends. He got along with his friends and he was not mean spirited. He was nice to everyone. He was a good man and I liked his personality and I thought he was a nice man. This movie had many funny parts, but it also had a lot of sad parts. It was a little too much for me to watch. It was a little too much of a drama and I thought it was too sad. But the movie is a good movie and it is worth watching. I thought the movie was good and I would recommend it.

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Martha Crawford

A beautiful film, and one of the most heartfelt of this year. I saw it on its release and I have to say I was moved by it. I'm not usually one to fall for films like this, but I think it is a masterpiece. The acting is superb, and the directing is first-rate. The story is told in a very subtle way, and the music is beautiful. It's a wonderful film, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was well-worth seeing.

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Ethan C.

I saw this film about ten years ago when it came out on video, and was struck by the emotional power of the piece. I was unaware of the book, and the film in fact left out some elements of it, although not much. If you are a fan of The Terrence Donovan of England's Second World War experience, this film is definitely for you. I was told the film was not really about Donovan, but that the film was based on him, which is true, and the only significant incident in his life which the film shows is his fighting with the Germans. That is a little bit simplistic, but I think this is the best way to describe the film. The film is beautifully filmed and edited, and the whole story is very well-told. The acting is good, but it is the acting by the two leads, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, that really makes the film. In fact, Firth has done a lot of British drama and a lot of the acting in that field. He is not an amazing actor, but he is a very fine one. He is the perfect fit for this role and there is no faulting him. The supporting cast is really good too. Michael Sheen, Paul Giamatti, Hugh Laurie, Judy Parfitt, Thomas Kretschmann, Naveen Andrews and Barry Whittaker all give strong performances. Firth, as well, is good, but not excellent. The problem is that he does not get the attention he deserves. For a British actor, Firth is very English. He is played by the same guy who played Anthony Perkins in "The French Lieutenant's Woman". His accent is all wrong and he doesn't give himself a chance to get out of his role. I don't know who wrote the script, but it was a really bad one. It has more than one major problem: Firstly, it is really, really hard to get out of the role of a male lead. It is one of the few roles where the director, a fellow Brit, makes it really hard for Firth to be anything but English. In that regard, Firth is very English, but he is not good enough to play the male lead. Secondly, it is a really bad screenplay, full of plot holes and in many cases nonsensical. The storyline, too, is really a mess. It has lots of other things going on, like a young reporter's obsession with a TV reporter, but the film doesn't really take off until the reporter makes a big revelation about her life. But then, the film seems to slow down again and the whole thing seems to end. The film really should have ended about fifteen minutes earlier. This is where the film really suffers. I saw it in a theatre, so I didn't have a lot of choice. I liked the film when I saw it, but I think it was a terrible disappointment to the actor and the director. The film has a strong moral message, but it does not seem to have any emotional depth to it. It just seems to be a film with a lot of scenes of Firth smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. The film is much better if Firth is the male lead and that is the case. The film is good, but not great.<|end

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I am a huge fan of the book. I was glad to see that it was adapted into a film. I found the film to be a great continuation of the book. It's also very entertaining and entertaining to watch. I think it was a great way to tell the story of Jane Austen. I don't think it would have been as good if they had changed anything about the book. I also think that the film did a good job of portraying the period. The costumes and the settings were well done. I think the movie did a good job of showing how the times were in England. I think the costumes were beautiful and the sets were well done. I think that it was a great way to tell the story of Jane Austen. I think that it was a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Terry L.

It is my favorite English movie of all time, I can't understand why it is so beloved by American audiences. The movie has many great performances, but only Dustin Hoffman is really remarkable, and in a film where everyone is incredible, he is the one who stands out. His character, Tommy, is so totally and thoroughly sympathetic, and in the end his character has grown even more powerful as a result of the movie. In any case, this is one of those films that stays with you long after the movie ends. It is an emotional film that makes you think about yourself and about what you want in life. The writing and direction of this film is so impressive, you don't feel the need to see the other movies in the trilogy. The one that stands out for me is the beautiful music score by Hans Zimmer, which gives it an extra punch. I also like the fact that the story itself is a common one, and that the viewer is never left wanting. It's something that every great film should have.

Joe photo

I just watched this film with my son and we both loved it. We both felt it was the most important film of the year and the most emotional. We both had tears in our eyes at the end of the film. The story is about a family in England in the 1960s. A couple of the kids are brought up by their mother and the father is in a mental institution. There is a child who is abused and neglected and she does not want to leave her mother. Her father comes to live with the family and he is a kind and loving man. His son goes to live with him and the daughter decides to leave her mother. There is a storm and the family is evacuated to a house in the country. The father and the daughter go to live there and they are reunited. The father starts to have feelings for the daughter. The daughter wants to leave her mother and she has a change of heart. The father and the daughter go to the country and she is reunited with her mother. The father starts to have feelings for the daughter and they start to fall in love. This film was very moving. It was very funny and the scenes where they were on the beach and they were crying were very moving. It is a wonderful story about a family and it is a great film.

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Eric R.

I was fortunate enough to see this film at the recent L.A. Film Festival. I was not disappointed. The film is set in New York City in the 1960s, during the anti-war movement. A very young, naive, and often naive woman named Kim (played by the beautiful and talented, Haley Joel Osment) is the main character. We see the beauty and sophistication of New York City at the time, and the ways in which it was being shaped by the hippies and the counterculture. The film shows how Kim is an outsider, who has to struggle to find her place in the world. This is not a happy story, and there are some very dark scenes. The ending is sad and depressing. The film is a bit long, but it is well worth seeing. I highly recommend this film.

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Doris S.

A movie from the 70's with a very popular theme. Actually, I was surprised that this movie was released in 1970. After the turbulent period of Sino-Soviet relations, this movie shows how underdogs of the times were betrayed by people who were in power. The acting of the actors was outstanding, especially played by Simon MacCorkindale as Lee Chang Chun. The pace of the movie is excellent. I can say that this movie is one of the better ones from that period. I also liked the music from the band "Kitten, that One Look" which is really amazing. I would also like to say that the cinematography was wonderful, especially when we see Chang Chun in his birthday suit and his special school bus.

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I am a big fan of the book. I read it many times and I love the story. I am also a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence. I really loved her in this movie. The only reason I didn't give it an 8 was because of the couple of scenes that were a little too "long" (though I do understand why they were necessary). If you haven't read the book, this is a good movie to watch. I highly recommend it.

Thomas J. photo
Thomas J.

This is a great movie about a man who is struggling to make it in the big city and he's getting more and more desperate as he gets to know more and more people and gets closer and closer to his dream. The way the story unfolds and the way the characters are portrayed is great. The story is quite sad and sad, and the movie is very touching. I really recommend this movie to anyone who is a lover of great movies.

Ruth Jensen photo
Ruth Jensen

Julia Roberts, an Australian, has been considered the breakout star of the movie world. A trend seems to be building that has her winning Oscars. That's not the case with this movie. The film is a bit slow in parts but it has been a long time since I watched a movie where the story didn't drag. However, I was disappointed that there was no explanation on what happened in the original movie. The one thing that this movie does not need is a big twist or two. The movie was not in my top five favorite films of 2011.

Eric S. photo
Eric S.

It's a shame that this film wasn't much better than it was. The performances are top notch. The acting is the reason to watch this film. The story is very interesting and the ending is just plain genius. If you're looking for a film that is fun and exciting, this is it. If you're looking for a film that has great performances, you won't be disappointed. The film is not for everyone, but if you can put aside your preconceived notions and just watch it for the performances, you will not be disappointed.

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Raymond Reed

It is hard to believe that it was made in the 1980's. A truly remarkable film that will leave you spellbound. A story about a woman who wants to be a writer, and then finds herself writing a book about her experiences in a small town in North Carolina. This film is extremely well acted, with a script that is not only insightful, but touching. This is a story about a woman who writes about her experiences, and what she did to her family. The characters are well developed, and the acting is not only excellent, but outstanding. I have never been a big fan of Cate Blanchett, but she has proved herself to be one of the best actresses of our time. Her performance is not only stunning, but also powerful. This is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. The film is a real tearjerker, and I highly recommend this film. I rate it 8/10.

Douglas Montgomery photo
Douglas Montgomery

This movie is very touching. The whole story is very beautiful and the acting is wonderful. I really like the way they show the people's love for each other. The main character is so very real. She is not a "typical" woman. She is just like everyone else. I also liked the relationship between the main character and the doctor. I also think it is a very realistic movie. The movie is very beautiful and the cinematography is very good. I also liked the background music. It is really nice and it really adds to the mood of the movie. This movie is very touching and I think it is a very good movie.

Victoria Owens photo
Victoria Owens

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of this film when I heard it was a lesbian romance. But I am glad I watched it. It was a really enjoyable film. There were some funny moments, even though it was a love story. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good love story. It also made me want to see another film of the same cast and storyline, "The French and the Battle of the Somme."

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Kathryn B.

this film stars Scarlett Johansson as Helen Keller, a social worker who makes the effort to help all the homeless people in her town. This film is a good look at the character Helen Keller. It is based on an original play by Laura Ingalls Wilder and is directed by Paul Haggis. The film is full of amazing shots. It has a good pace. I also really liked that it had a story that was both humorous and touching. Overall, it was a good movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Kathleen photo

While this film is not flawless, it is certainly an extraordinary one. I watched it as a companion piece to "Tristan + Isolde" and while the "middle" of the two films are very different, they share a very similar artistic and philosophical focus. Both are very beautifully shot and filmed, with some very lush, gorgeous photography, but which sometimes feel a bit like a step or two above what "Tristan + Isolde" could have been. Both have a very strong female lead and both also have several male leads. They both deal with the love and the hurt of loss. Both are very beautifully done. I have to say that this was one of the best films I've seen this year, and one of the best films I've seen all year. I'm actually looking forward to seeing "Tristan + Isolde" again. This film was really good, but I have to say that I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen "Tristan + Isolde".

Mark Reyes photo
Mark Reyes

I was skeptical going into the film, since I just know that these actors are very talented and that most of them do not really play that many movies. But it was good to see them in such a film. Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Robert DeNiro, Robert Patrick, Sean Penn, Willem Dafoe, Alec Baldwin, and Julia Stiles did an excellent job at portraying the lives of these guys. The story was really good and I liked the ending. It was a little sad that Matthew McConaughey's character was not able to make the end of the story, but it was OK. I also really liked Robert DeNiro's character, the way he played him. I hope to see him in other movies, because he was a great actor. All in all, I recommend this movie to everyone who likes good drama and romantic movies. 8/10.

Dylan Gibson photo
Dylan Gibson

This film is a bit different than what you'd expect from a romantic comedy. It's not too much to expect in a romantic comedy to have the two main characters going through a series of ups and downs and have them grow closer and closer as the film goes on. The story here is not really a romantic comedy. It's more of a drama. I won't go into the story, because it's not really important. It's about the relationship between two people who are separated for a long time and who are finally reunited. The movie itself is very simple, but it does manage to be very interesting. The performances in this movie are really good. Keanu Reeves is very good, and he's very believable as a man who is in love with a woman who is not his wife. Kate Winslet is also very good, and she's very believable as the mother who loves her son, but is in love with her husband. The movie is really great. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a very good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes romantic comedies.

Marilyn G. photo
Marilyn G.

Love is a fascinating subject for film, but it's also a difficult one to make. That's what makes this film so interesting. It's about a young man (David Caruso) who is in love with a woman (Melanie Griffith) who is in a relationship with a man (Bill Murray). The two are so in love that they actually go to the trouble of disguising themselves as a married couple. Their disguises are so effective that they are able to make a successful and happy relationship. However, when they are caught, the deception is exposed and they must face the fact that they are in love. Although it is a very good film, I feel that it could have been better. It is a bit too long and the plot is very confusing. There are some great performances from the cast. David Caruso is really good as the young man who is in love with Melanie Griffith. His acting is very believable. Bill Murray is also very good in the role of a married man who has a great affection for his wife. The supporting cast is also good. The supporting cast also includes (from left to right) Jim Carrey, Kate Bosworth, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The supporting cast is also very good. The film is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a good film about love.

Roger photo

This film was a treat for me, being a big fan of 'The English Patient' and a fan of The Guardian. I had no idea what to expect. This is a tale of the relationship between a woman and her son, the son in question being a twenty-one year old who has just moved to London. The story begins when the mother dies in a car accident, and the son is left to raise his younger sister and a younger brother. The story develops into a heart-wrenching tale of loss, and the difficulties in adapting to the new life. The cinematography is incredible, and the acting is very good. The movie doesn't focus on the struggles of the family, but the struggle of the son. The film is very emotional, and the viewer will feel a sense of loss and longing for the family. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a love of films, and is looking for a good story with some heart. I give this movie 7/10, and would recommend this movie to anyone.

Emily Adams photo
Emily Adams

I think the first half hour of this movie was pretty much fine, I just felt the ending was a little rushed. I don't know if it was a time crunch or the director just wanted to get it over with but I don't think the ending was really well done. I do think it was a good movie though, the acting was great and the characters were well developed. The story was well written and the cinematography was very nice. I think this movie is definitely worth a watch, I think it's definitely worth seeing on the big screen. I think it's also worth seeing in a small theater if you can find one, I think it's a good choice to see it on the big screen.