Steam L'économie du couple

L'économie du couple

L'économie du couple is a movie starring Bérénice Bejo, Cédric Kahn, and Marthe Keller. After 15 years of marriage, a couple with two kids is about to divorce. Until the husband find a new place to live, they have to cohabit, and...

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Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Joachim Lafosse
Joachim Lafosse, Thomas van Zuylen, Fanny Burdino, Mazarine Pingeot
Cédric Kahn, Jade Soentjens, Bérénice Bejo, Marthe Keller
France, Belgium
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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After 15 years of marriage, a couple with two kids is about to divorce. Until the husband find a new place to live, they have to cohabit, and figure out how to share their belongings.

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Jacob photo

In the early 1980s, the French film industry had become saturated with so many of the same kinds of movies, that it was virtually impossible to create a new one. This film, "Le Samourai" (the Sarge) is one of the few that is actually original. It is a surrealist comedy about a young woman, a woman who is in love with a man who does not love her. She is sent to an orphanage to get away from the cold and the loneliness. When she returns, she finds a man, a man who is in love with her. Their relationship is like a friendship. There is a sexual tension that is not only physical but also psychological. In the end, the woman will marry the man she loves. This is the most original film I have ever seen. It is also very good, but I have never seen it in a theater. I would love to see it in a theater. The movie is very well-acted, the director is very good. The music is excellent. I also recommend "Les Samourai" to anyone who is interested in French cinema.

Bruce Miller photo
Bruce Miller

I really enjoyed this movie. It was the first movie I have ever seen where I really felt like I was in a different time and place. I did not feel like I was in Paris, but rather in the back country of Montana. I enjoyed the fact that the characters in the movie were very believable. The characters had the "character" of a real person. The movie did not take itself too seriously. The only thing I did not like was that it was too long. I think that it could have been cut by half an hour and it would have been a much better movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie that makes them feel like they are in a different time and place.

Mary Stone photo
Mary Stone

This is a very interesting film, which gives us a different perspective on the subject of prostitution. The film has a very interesting premise, as we follow a prostitute named Jules as she attempts to cope with the death of her lover. It also shows us how a prostitute becomes involved with her boss and then with her boyfriend, and how the relationship changes. This film is also very funny, as it has a very funny story to tell. The only problem with the film is the fact that it is very slow, and it does not have a lot of dialogues. However, the film is very interesting and well worth watching.

Samuel H. photo
Samuel H.

This film is a love story of two people who want to be a couple but are separated by cultural differences. It is about how the two meet and fall in love and how they cope with their situation. The first half of the film is a love story between two young men who are both in their 20's and want to be a couple. The second half of the film is about the two men's relationship and how they cope with their situation. The film is really good and the story is very moving. It is not your average love story, but it is one of the best I have ever seen. I recommend this film to everyone.

Douglas Boyd photo
Douglas Boyd

The story of a man who has a personal relationship with his dead wife, and his attempts to make sense of it, is interesting enough, and the characters are interesting, but the movie is a little too long. It is a good drama, but not as good as it could have been.

Mary Wong photo
Mary Wong

This is a slow, meditative film about two friends, both men, who are in the middle of a divorce. Both are essentially old-fashioned men, who are always looking for a woman. One, a successful, successful businessman, is married to a woman who is clearly not in love with him. The other, a playboy, is happily married to a woman who seems to be in love with him, but is clearly not in love with him. Both men are obviously attracted to each other, but one is in love with his woman and the other is in love with his man. The two men in this film are portrayed as people who are looking for a relationship. Their lives are not that of people who are seeking to find love, but rather people who are looking for a relationship. There is an element of voyeurism in this film, and it is not something that I find particularly disturbing, but it is something that I found interesting. It is not necessarily a negative thing, but it is something that I would not necessarily recommend. I would say that it is a film that could have been done better, but it is certainly not a bad film. The acting is good, the direction is good, and the plot is good. The film has a few weaknesses, but overall I would recommend this film.

Helen Washington photo
Helen Washington

A few years ago, I was introduced to this film by a friend, who recommended it to me, because he said it was great. I'd never heard of it before, but I'm glad I've decided to watch it. The plot: The family of a young man who was wrongly convicted of murder is now suing the people who made him a scapegoat, in order to get him released. They also want the people who tried to free him, to be sued. In order to get the film made, they have to convince the people who tried to free him that he was innocent, and in the process, they're going to ruin a lot of people's lives. It's not a very good film, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The acting is pretty bad, the script is very weak, and the film is full of cliches. However, it is worth watching. The film is a little slow in parts, and the performances are just not that good, but I enjoyed it. It is a little bit slow, but I enjoyed it. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but it's worth watching. 7/10

Helen photo

The movie's been released in the US, and the reviews have been mostly negative. There are a few things to be said about it. First, the acting is first rate. And second, the plot is very interesting and thought provoking. The first half is a good time. The second half is a bit boring, but that's okay. The main problem with the movie is the ending. It's an interesting twist, but I wouldn't recommend this movie to people who don't like surprises. It's a good movie, but it's not a great movie. The movie is worth seeing, but it's not a must see.

Doris Kelly photo
Doris Kelly

Faye Dunaway, an actress with a certain ability to convey a certain level of realism in her roles, is the lead in this film. I am not sure how many times I have seen her in films, but she is always good in them. She plays a woman who has lost her husband and is now in a long-term relationship with a man. The man is very distant and looks like a cold, uptight guy. Faye Dunaway is able to convey a level of vulnerability and longing for love that is quite compelling. She has this unique ability to convey a level of warmth that is very hard to achieve. The film is about a woman who is in a long-term relationship with a man who is cold, uptight, and distant. She is struggling to overcome the loneliness and sadness that she is feeling, but is also trying to figure out a way to express her feelings to the man. The film is a bit slow-paced, but is quite good. It is a film that is worth seeing.

Kenneth Austin photo
Kenneth Austin

A man and a woman are at odds over a man who has been sent to a mental institution for being "abnormal". They have been friends for years and in fact have a mutual friend, but he has come to visit and the woman is suspicious of his motives. The man in question is a very interesting character, and the movie shows his journey to the end. The main problem is that the story is rather thin and the ending is rather unsatisfying. The movie could have used a few more scenes, more characters, more events, more twists, and it could have been a lot better. The performances are great, especially the two main actors. The director is a good choice for this film and it is very interesting to watch. The best scene is the one where the two characters are in the mental institution, which is the best scene of the movie. I recommend it.

Rose C. photo
Rose C.

A first rate performance by the cast, a very interesting storyline and a little bit of humor make this movie a treat to watch. The actors play their parts very well, and the plot develops nicely. I was pleased to find that the film had a "soap opera" feel to it. I especially enjoyed the "love story" between the two principal characters. The only thing I found "off" about this movie is the ending, but I have to admit that I was a little confused about it, and had to do a little searching to figure out what the heck happened. I was glad to find that the DVD has an alternate ending, which I thought was much better. All in all, I would give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Matthew Keller photo
Matthew Keller

The movie is a bit slow but it is also a good way to spend some time. The cast is very good, especially by the young actors. The story is very interesting and the movie is about love. A young man and his wife move to a new country, and they have a very interesting and complicated relationship. It is a bit boring in some parts but overall it is a good movie. It is worth watching and I would recommend it to all those who like romantic movies.

David C. photo
David C.

I am a huge fan of the series and I thought the first film was good, but this is a very different film. It is a very slow film and you really need to pay attention to it. It is very philosophical and very important to understand. The acting is great, especially the character of Nathalie, who is very complex. This film is very difficult to explain, but it is a very deep film that is very difficult to explain.

Kelly photo

A highly controversial and entertaining film. An interesting mixture of satire and drama, with a strong message about the social and economic divide between the two sexes. The film is often criticised for being too "politically correct" (it is an explicit political statement) but I think it does the right thing by its message, and it is definitely worth seeing. The main issue with the film is that it is too long, and the characters are too drawn out. The film should have been longer to allow for more development of the characters, but as it is it just ends up feeling too long. The film is also too dark, and the characters are just too "hollywood-like". But all in all, a good film. Definitely recommended!

Karen Evans photo
Karen Evans

I remember my Dad telling me about this film when I was younger, so I have always had an interest in it. Since I was a teenager, I have been trying to get a copy of it, and finally found it on DVD. I was a little confused about what to think of it, but I kept watching it until the end, and I can honestly say that it is a great film. The story is told in a very realistic and realistic way, and I would say that the way the story was told was the most believable thing in the film. The acting is amazing. I can honestly say that no one can play a character like Bernard. Bernard is a young man who is very self-absorbed, and at the same time, very emotionally disturbed. But, despite this, he is very well acted and has great emotion. The music in the film is fantastic. The music is very realistic, and fits perfectly with the scene. The music is very well-made, and fits the mood of the film very well. I have a small issue with the film, and that is the fact that it is not very well-made. The cinematography in the film is amazing, and the photography is excellent. But, the photography could have been better. I think that it is a little bit over-dramatic, especially the part in the beginning of the film. But, I think that it is still a great film. Overall, the film is very good, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film.

Henry photo

This movie, which I had the chance to see in 2011, is one of the best political dramas I have seen in a long time. It is an intense, almost voyeuristic drama, which is based on real events. It is a drama that takes place in the period of the French Revolution. The film is divided into three parts. In the first part, the movie concentrates on the year 1793, during the French Revolution. We see how the peasants, the French aristocrats, and the French King (Emile Zola) are divided in a fight for power. The second part is about the year 1796. During this time, the people were still divided in different parties. The third part is about the year 1797. The people were still divided in different parties, but the King had come to power. The king is a stern and brutal dictator. The main character is not the King, but the man who was the deputy of the King, who is the most corrupt of the members of the government. The third part is a farce of the people who have nothing to do with the real struggle of the people, and are only interested in their own political interests. The movie ends with a dramatic and explosive scene, which is very exciting. This movie is a drama of historical events, but it is also a political drama. It is not a film that focuses on the political aspects of the revolution, but on the political and social aspects of the struggle between the aristocracy and the people. It is a political drama that is not about politics, but about a historical event. This movie is very interesting, and I highly recommend to watch it. 8/10

Evelyn photo

I was a little reluctant to see this film after reading some negative reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was curious about the way that the story unfolded, and also about the director's political leanings. What I thought I knew of Mr. Fassbinder, I found out was quite a bit more. I found his films to be disturbing, and disturbing to me. I am also a big fan of the writer-director, and he is not only a talented storyteller, but also a very talented artist. This is a very well done film, and if you have a chance to see it, don't hesitate to do so. As a matter of fact, I saw it on the big screen, and it was a really beautiful experience. It is very hard to make a film like this, especially a movie with so many themes, which is what makes this film so fascinating.

Bryan photo

This is a lovely film that stands out as a true example of what the French have made so well in the last twenty years. It has an excellent cast, a great score and an interesting idea. I really enjoyed the film, it is really well made, and the story is very well told. I am not sure that I would recommend this film to anyone, it is a bit slow in places, but the actors are excellent, and the dialogue is good. I would certainly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story, and a story well told.

Jordan photo

If you have seen the original version of the film, then this one is the same story, but not nearly as engaging. It's not all that great, but it's a solid one. The characters are interesting, the story is well done and the acting is quite good. The editing is somewhat choppy and the music is poor. It's not exactly bad, but it's not really that good. I don't think it's a film that should be seen more than once, but I'd certainly recommend it if you are a fan of the original.

Donna photo

I haven't seen this movie in years, but the first time I saw it I was disappointed. I thought it was a good movie, but it wasn't a great movie. The story is good, but the acting is mediocre. I'm not a big fan of Meryl Streep, but she's not horrible here. Vincent Cassel is also good, but he does little more than make the audience think he's a great actor. It's all about the story. I think it's interesting, but the story is so simple and predictable that I can't recommend it. If you want to see a great movie, see "The English Patient" or "Moulin Rouge" or "Ordet." They're all about the real life stories of real people, and they're all about real relationships. But this movie doesn't even come close to those. I still give it an 8 out of 10, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

Ruth C. photo
Ruth C.

It is very difficult to describe the atmosphere of this movie without giving too much away. But I do want to say that there is a real sense of loss in this movie. Even though this is a romantic drama, it is not about romance, it is about loss. And what makes the movie very interesting is that the characters are very real and it is difficult to believe in the whole idea of a relationship between two people, not to mention how there is a gap between them. I really loved the way that the movie is shot, the characters and how the plot develops. The actors are great, especially the one who plays the girl who is the bride. I think she is very good, because she really seems to be the girl that they are trying to portray. I really think that the movie could have been much better if they had not portrayed the actual bride as being such a bratty brat, but rather as a girl who was kind of afraid to lose her parents. She is too good to be true. The story of the girl who is the bride is very interesting. She is the kind of person that you can't really sympathize with, and the story is really interesting because of that. I really love the way that the movie ends. It is very sad and I don't think that I could say more without giving away too much. I just wanted to say that this is a very interesting movie and I recommend it to everyone. It is a very good movie and I think that it deserves to be watched.

Jessica photo

Saw this film on a VHS copy that I had sitting around waiting to be rented. The main reason I rented it was to see Jodie Foster and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Jodie was good, but Philip did not have a lot of screen time. I have always been a big fan of Philip. In this film, he plays a character that is as real as the people he plays. He is a great actor. The film is not a drama. It is more of a romance. The film is good. I thought it was a good movie. You should rent it. I would give it an 8 out of 10.

William R. photo
William R.

This is a very nice film about the relationship between two people, especially the one between a male and female. There are some very good scenes in this film. It's not a perfect film but it is well worth seeing. The acting is good, the story is great, the cinematography is nice. It's the story of a young girl who is very lucky to have a very nice male. You'll like it if you like real love stories.

Walter Ward photo
Walter Ward

This is a very good film about a middle class family in France during the years of the post-war boom. The father is the man who is at the centre of the family life and the wife has to sacrifice her career to support him. The film is a mixture of funny and sad, like the father and the wife in a normal family and the husband in a normal marriage. The mother is also the woman who sacrifices herself for the family. The family is not always happy but the film does not judge them harshly. The film is really well made and it is well acted.

Ann G. photo
Ann G.

It's a documentary on how to live together in a typical French family, about what it means to be a father, mother and daughter. The first half of the movie is a sweet story about the kids, the other half about the couple, the story is very touching and touching at the same time. I think this movie is worth seeing, because it is very funny and touching at the same time, and it has a message that is very nice. The only thing I could say negative about the movie is that I found the first half a bit slow, it is a little bit too long. I would recommend this movie to people who like to watch documentaries.

Lauren H. photo
Lauren H.

A brilliant movie, a great portrait of a tragic and troubled life. Anne Bancroft is perfect as the widowed mother who has lost her husband, a man who was the best friend of her son. I like the way that the director portrays how she is trying to get through life, how she is trying to make sense of what has happened to her. I was glad to see the absence of the usual film ending. It was a great relief to have the real ending. The story is very true to life and I like the way that the director showed it. The actors did a great job with their characters. I like how the director was able to portray the mood of the time. It was very moving. I do not know if the movie is for everyone, but if you like movies that are true to life, you will love it.

Shirley D. photo
Shirley D.

When I first saw this movie I thought it was a wonderful film. However, I had to see it again to understand it fully. The French version of the film is definitely better than the English. When the French version was released I rented the French version and loved it. However, I never bought it. I was too embarrassed to show it to my friends. I am now going to see the English version. I love the story of the journalist, Catherine, and her quest to find the truth about the corruption of the French government. I loved the characters, especially the two children. I also love how Catherine's husband, Paul, a very honest man, chooses to be with Catherine. I loved the ending, the song "Marche n'est pas une" by Bruno Mars. The French version also has a wonderful story to tell, but the English version has a very different ending. I love the ending in the French version, because it gives the viewer a sense of closure. The English version, on the other hand, does not have the end of the movie. It is just one more scene in the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone, especially to those who like movies that have a lot of words. It is a very important movie to watch, especially for French people.

Nancy Porter photo
Nancy Porter

There are no words to describe how I feel after watching this movie. I do not understand why people are so negative. I like this movie because it makes me think about love and relationships, and it makes me realize that there are people out there who really love someone. I think that people who are not ready to accept the reality of the situation can't understand it and they don't know how to feel. I think this movie shows that even in this life, love and commitment is the only thing that can save it.

Jack photo

A French film that is both sad and funny, and at the same time is also meaningful and very human. The film is about the relationship between a mother and her two children. It is about the respect of love, that should be a part of any relationship. The film's main character is Lea, the mother, and her two children. She is an extremely talented artist who is involved in several artistic projects. She is the artist who is able to express her love in the most beautiful way, and the two children are her children who are learning to express their love and respect to the mother. The film is very interesting to watch, and it is a very sad story. The emotions are really strong. The emotions of the mother are really strong, and I believe that this is something that will be very interesting to see. I also think that the acting of the mother is very important, and I believe that the performances of both children are also very important, and the child actors are really great. The directing is great, and the cinematography is also very great. I also think that the music of the film is very good, and the composition of the music is very good. The film is also very meaningful, and the film is also very touching, and the film is a very touching story. I think that the film is very beautiful, and the film is very beautiful.

Dorothy Payne photo
Dorothy Payne

The female star, shown in a lot of movies, had an amazing talent to make her roles interesting. When it comes to playing the female lead, the leading lady is not needed, if the main character is a very good actor. That's why I don't like these kind of movies, and this movie is not a good example of a good movie, but it's a good movie, I really liked it. The movie was very sad, so I think that it's not a movie that you should see. I think that the movie is very good, and it's one of the most underrated movies I've seen. I recommend it, but I don't think that you should see it.

Edward Howard photo
Edward Howard

This is a wonderfully made film. It is also beautifully shot. This is one of those films that could have been made a couple of years ago, but it is so well made that it is now a classic. The direction, acting, writing and editing are all excellent. The only thing that did bother me was the ending. I think the writers should have cut a few scenes. The final scene with the father and son, and the scene with the mother's boyfriend was unnecessary and showed that the movie was still in progress. But all in all, this is a really good film.

Adam N. photo
Adam N.

As a film student, I came to this film with no expectations. I came to see how I would react to an art film. This film is a story about a man who is on a journey to find himself and the people who surround him. What I loved about this film was the cinematography and the way it presented a world where one could see the beauty of nature but also the destruction and devastation of the human race. I was impressed with the way the director portrayed the landscape of France and the way he put together the film. The acting was great. I think that the character of the man is the most interesting in the film. I found him very believable and that is because I could relate to him. The music was also very strong and added to the film. I thought that the ending was beautiful and I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a movie that will make them feel something.

Marilyn Clark photo
Marilyn Clark

I don't think I have ever seen a movie where the music is so compelling. I was really impressed with the lyrics and the emotion. I think it is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. I think it is one of the most important movies that I have ever seen. I am sure that the actors and the director did their best with the limited resources they had. I believe that the whole world could learn a lot from this movie. It is definitely a movie worth watching.

James photo

The most beautiful movie I've seen in a long time. I have never had such a vivid imagination when it came to the movie. The director, Benjamin, had the "sophistication" to use many cinematic techniques to display the picture. And he did it so well. I was able to see many different characters and their situations, I had a feeling of the passion between the father and daughter. And I was able to understand the role of the father and the daughter. I believe that this is the most important factor that makes a movie beautiful. The acting is very good. Benoit Poelvoorde, who played the role of the father, is a very talented actor and he was very good. Another actor who played the role of the daughter, was also very good. She did a great job. The movie is very realistic and you can feel the pain and the emotions of the father and the daughter. I really enjoyed this movie.

Phillip D. photo
Phillip D.

The story of this film is told through the eyes of the young woman who suffers from anorexia nervosa. This woman is always the center of attention, and the viewer is constantly waiting for her to snap out of her delusions and make a decision to turn her life around. However, there are a number of situations that are created to be emotionally manipulative and make the viewer question whether the young woman really wants to live a normal life. The director has created several different scenarios in this film that seem to be trying to drive home the point that we need to have faith in ourselves. However, I believe that the film is supposed to be about the young woman's struggle with the delusions, rather than her struggle with her eating disorder. However, if the director was going for an emotional message it would have been more effective if she had chosen to focus on her eating disorder instead of her delusions. Overall, this is an excellent film and I would recommend it.