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Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a movie starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe. The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.

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Αφανείς ηρωίδες, Me'akhoray ha'misparim, Elementos Secretos, Hidden Figures - Unerkannte Heldinnen, A számolás joga, Les figures de l'ombre, Hidden Figures: varjoon jääneet, Hidden Figures: Unerkannte Heldinnen, Skriti faktorji, Figuri ascunse, Ukryte działania, 隐藏人物, Avastamata arvud, Pasleptos figuros, Il diritto di contare, Figuras ocultas, Dolda tillgångar, Невидљиви фактори, 關鍵少數, Dream, Talentos ocultos, Gizli Sayılar, ドリーム, Estrelas Além do Tempo
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2 hours 7 minutes
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Drama, Biography, History
Theodore Melfi
Allison Schroeder, Margot Lee Shetterly, Theodore Melfi
Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe
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As the United States raced against Russia to put a man in space, NASA found untapped talent in a group of African-American female mathematicians that served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in U.S. history. Based on the unbelievably true life stories of three of these women, known as "human computers", we follow these women as they quickly rose the ranks of NASA alongside many of history's greatest minds specifically tasked with calculating the momentous launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, and guaranteeing his safe return. Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Gobels Johnson crossed all gender, race, and professional lines while their brilliance and desire to dream big, beyond anything ever accomplished before by the human race, firmly cemented them in U.S. history as true American heroes.

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Helen B. photo
Helen B.

I have seen the movie "Hidden Figures" a couple times, and I was very moved by the movie. I was really impressed that this movie actually looked like the real movie. The acting was superb, and the dialog was great. The story itself was very touching, and I was moved by the story of this group of African American women. I felt very sad for them, and I was hoping for them to get some justice. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is definitely a movie that I will watch again and again, because it is truly a must-see movie. I think that it is the best movie I have seen this year. I am going to see it again in the theater.

Peter photo

This is a movie that will not be missed. It tells the story of a woman who dared to put her mind and heart to this project. Every day she was alone, her fate was unknown, but she fought against all odds and achieved her dream. This movie is not for everyone, but if you have the courage to stand up for something, you can do it. I was moved by the journey of this woman. I would recommend this movie to anyone, regardless of their age. I was saddened by the stories of the other people who were not able to achieve what she did, but she did. We are all human and the film shows that. I believe that people should not be afraid to fight for something they want to do, no matter how difficult the journey. She proved that. If you are able to, I highly recommend it. I believe that there are no easy wins in life, and this is what makes this movie so powerful. You can't change the world, but you can be a champion in your own life. I hope everyone can take the time to watch this movie.

Patricia Snyder photo
Patricia Snyder

We are not talking about a love story, this is about an African-American woman's struggle to be accepted. This film is one of the most important documentaries of the year. It also has a very strong message. If you are looking for an excuse to go to a movie and have a great time, this is it. You will not be disappointed.

Ethan G. photo
Ethan G.

This is the film about the greatest woman in the history of the human race, and she did it through her achievements and experiences. It is an inspirational film, and I am glad to see that it has been so well received. There are no other films like this that I know of, that celebrate a woman, who's achievements are so incredible, and also have such a high opinion of her. Even her husband, was of the opinion that she was a great person, who deserved all the credit in the world for what she did in the world. Her brilliance was so far above all the rest, that I was not expecting this movie to be such a success. I think this film is well-worth seeing, and is a great way to introduce yourself to a woman who is so extraordinary. I was very moved by this film, and it left me with an urge to go back and read the books, and watch the documentary, to learn more about this woman. It is amazing, and I am sure you will enjoy this film.

Megan T. photo
Megan T.

I can't believe that it's been almost seven years since I last saw this movie. I first saw it in the late '90s, and just recently I rewatched it. The reason I rewatched it was because it was just recently that I learned of the movie's true identity. As a white man I can say that the only thing I remember from the movie was that it was set in the late 50s, and the only African-American character was Gail Finney. But it's not just the movie that's inspiring me. It's also the story and the acting. Emma Stone is a huge deal to me. She's the most versatile actress I've ever seen in a movie, and she's a very complex woman, I think. I've never been able to define her, but this movie makes it clear to me that she's a lot more than just an actress. It's the movie's portrayal of her character that made me appreciate this film so much. It's the same with JK Simmons and Eddie Redmayne. They're both very complex, and they're very interesting characters, too. The whole world is made up of a lot of people who are not like us. We're the lucky ones who have the privilege of seeing so much of the world in the movie. You're lucky if you see the very best of the world. The difference between this movie and the rest of the movies out there is that this movie didn't feel like a Hollywood-made movie. It's based on a real story. It's based on a real person. I don't think you can ask for much more in a movie than that. And even though the movie is set in the early 60s, it was set in the early '40s. You get to see the beauty of the country and the culture of the time. It's a shame that the world isn't like that anymore. If you want to see a movie that has an impact on you, I recommend that you see this movie. It's powerful, and it's important.

Emma B. photo
Emma B.

I love the movie and I love the story. It's not a Hollywood blockbuster. It's just good story telling. It's about a black woman in the 1950s and the struggle she had to go through to achieve her dreams. But it's also about how far people are willing to go in order to achieve a dream. And that's what this film is about. It's about two women who believed in their dream and worked hard to achieve it. And how far people would go to achieve their dreams. So if you love the story and love the movie, I think you should see this film.

Teresa C. photo
Teresa C.

I watched this movie at a special screening with the largest audience ever for a movie. I'm not sure what it is about this movie.but I've seen it three times now. It's been a long time since I've been on the edge of my seat and the actors are so good. They portray their characters with such honesty and sincerity. I've never been on the edge of my seat as much as I was watching this movie. The scenes with Dr. King are so touching. They could have easily been a tearjerker, but they are not. You have to have a heart of stone not to cry during these scenes. The real-life story is so touching and all the actors give it their best. The supporting cast is also fantastic. The director and writer/producer I'm not sure what to say about them. All I know is, they took an interesting subject, a historic one, and told a story that is both entertaining and touching. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.

Vincent P. photo
Vincent P.

In an era of Hollywood blockbusters that mostly cater to the most affluent among us, you can't be surprised when a movie like this one breaks through and is seen as a great representation of the human condition. As a huge fan of the original film I was disappointed that the movie didn't show the history of the black women at the center of the story. And while that was a shame, it was also a relief. Instead of having to deal with the history of the movie as a whole, the audience can take the time to focus on the two central characters: the astronaut and the civil rights activist. Each one of them is complex, but each is uniquely human. For some reason, I didn't have any expectations going into this movie. I'd never heard of this film before it was released. I had no idea that it would be an historical masterpiece. And the fact that this was directed by one of the most prominent filmmakers of our time, a guy whose work has been praised by many of our greatest writers and critics, left me in complete awe. No matter how many people you have around you, you can never completely know the people you are surrounded by, so how would you know how they felt about this movie? If the human spirit can be demonstrated through film, then this film does a marvelous job. The movie is short, but it doesn't feel like a hundred minutes. The story is well written, and the characters are so well written that you can't help but love them. This is not your typical superhero movie, so don't expect any action. Instead, I would encourage you to go into this movie with an open mind and don't be surprised when the story unfolds in a way you never imagined.

Joyce T. photo
Joyce T.

I went to the cinema to see this movie with my father who is a movie fan. He wanted to see the movie and he also wanted to see the cast, so I went along with him. I was very disappointed by the ending. I thought it would be better than the original movie. I don't know what else to say, I really don't think that the director could have done better. I think he should have made a sequel.

Matthew Hicks photo
Matthew Hicks

I will admit that I haven't seen the original movie, so I had no idea of the kind of movie that I was going to watch. I didn't know that it was going to be a biopic, and I didn't know what it would be about. I am so glad that I decided to watch this movie because it really is a great story about a group of people who were either black or white and who were either of these two racial groups. I don't know if it is the racial mixing of the country or the mixing of the races, but the movie is really about this group of people, and how they dealt with it. It is also about the new generations, and how they have to deal with the racial issues that are happening now. I think this is a very good movie, and it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. If you want to watch a great movie, you can't go wrong with this movie.

Theresa C. photo
Theresa C.

This is the story of the remarkable African-American woman, Margaret Mitchell (Octavia Spencer), who was the first woman to receive a doctorate in physics at the University of Pennsylvania. Her career was cut short when the United States government tried to suppress her research, and she was blacklisted. Her life was changed forever when she was accepted to the prestigious University of Chicago, where she was given a position as a professor of astronomy. Her research on the Hubble telescope helped to lead to the discovery of the universe. This film tells the story of how she overcame the odds to become a woman in the 20th century, and how her achievement changed the world. The performances were very good, and the story was well told. It was a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the United States.

Tyler photo

I went to see this movie with very high expectations. I love this movie and I think it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's a great story about the life of the civil rights movement and how it was brought to the forefront in the 1960's. The movie has a very strong message about the importance of education, which is shown in the movie as the key to a successful life. The movie also has some great performances from the cast, especially by Octavia Spencer and Lupita Nyong'o. The movie is definitely worth seeing and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies about the civil rights movement.

Bryan photo

This film is not only a very impressive film about an important subject, it is also a beautiful piece of art. The acting in this film was superb, and even though the story line is somewhat slow and confusing at times, it's really easy to follow and understand. The cinematography is also great, and I really liked how the film was shot. The film is also visually stunning. I loved the film's use of color, and the different backgrounds, and the way they made it look really unique. The film is also set in a time period that is somewhat unique to this day. The film is a little slow and sometimes the actors may have exaggerated a little, but it's still an awesome film. I think the performances in this film are very strong, and I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the civil rights movement, or just want to see a great film. I give this film a 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend this film.

Elizabeth W. photo
Elizabeth W.

I think there are few films that can be as affecting and inspiring as this one. It was very well-written, and the performances were phenomenal. It was very sensitive and touching. I cried at the end and I wanted to cry again at the beginning, and I think that the whole family will go and see this film. It is truly a must see. I thought the acting was great, and all of the actors did a great job. I think this is the first time I have seen such a well-written script. I can't wait for the director's cut to be released on DVD.

Gerald J. photo
Gerald J.

I've read the book and the movie and both are equally good. I was expecting this movie to be much more of a historical drama than it was. It's a movie about a black woman who is a mathematician and a civil rights activist. The movie is really good about the history of the women's movement and how it affected the lives of many people. It's really well done and really interesting. It's not a movie that I would recommend to people who are looking for a historical drama. It's more about the women's movement than the history of the civil rights movement. The movie is a bit slow at times but that's probably because the movie is so well done. I think that the movie is really well done and I recommend it to people who want to learn more about the history of the civil rights movement.

Janice photo

I saw this film at the cinema. I found it to be a very moving and moving. I was impressed by the fact that it was not just a story about black people, but it was a story about the people that were black in America. I was very impressed with the acting. I was very impressed by the acting by both Hugh Jackman and Octavia Spencer. The only actor I found to be a little bit lacking was Michael B Jordan. I think he did a good job in this film. The direction was good. The movie was very moving and I was very moved by it. I think it was a very good movie. It was a good movie.

Jean photo

This film is a great piece of history, but in a big way. I know that some people would see it as propaganda, but it isn't. The film is a great history lesson about how women were used and who they really were. In fact, this film is really about the lives of the four women, rather than their achievements. As I watched the film, I didn't see a single "white woman" as a great or good person. I saw the men they were in the real world and that's how they were. They were just the same, but no one was more deserving than the other. It's also a great history lesson about racism and how it affected the lives of the women. This is a very important film. It shows how a group of black women were discriminated against, but how they were still able to work and have children. It shows how a group of black women who had the same rights as their white counterparts, but still had to struggle for equality. It shows how society is still divided on race, but how some people are able to move on and be part of society and society in general. It shows how society still has problems with race, but some people are able to be strong enough to overcome the problems. This film is very important and I think that it should be watched by all people.

Denise H. photo
Denise H.

I am a black woman who has never seen an African American lead in a film. I have read a lot about the movie and have been looking forward to it ever since I saw it. The way this movie portrayed the people of the 50's was very real. The way they were portrayed was so complex and so true to how we lived and talked. The acting was excellent and the story was well thought out and had a lot of layers to it. The whole movie was well written and well directed. It is a very thought provoking film that shows how much history has been hidden from the public. I also found this movie very entertaining and I have been watching it since it was released. I am sure you will find this movie to be very entertaining as well.

Robert photo

What a story this is. It is truly a landmark story of the civil rights movement in the United States. A movie that will not be forgotten. The acting is superb. The movie is really powerful. The story was not set up with a "bad guy" in the movie. It was set up to show the world the discrimination that African Americans suffered and the sacrifices that they had to make to get them out of slavery. I will watch this movie again and again. It is truly a beautiful film. Thank you for the opportunity to see it.

Jack Palmer photo
Jack Palmer

This movie is really well done, but I do think that the movie itself has a little problem. It's just not enough action. Yes, there is a lot of action, but it's really not enough. The action scenes are great, but they are not overused. The movie tries to keep the audience in suspense, but the movie really has a problem with a lack of action. If you look at the summary on IMDb, you will see that there are several other reviews of this movie. I would recommend to see it, but I can't say that I will be going to see it again. I think that this movie is really great, but I don't think that it will be as good as "Glory", because the movie has a lot of drama. There are some scenes in which I really could not take my eyes off, but I think that the movie is not perfect.

Alice photo

This is a great film. I am very impressed with the quality of the film. The acting is superb. The cinematography is beautiful. The sound is great. The story is moving and the characters are really well drawn. The directing and writing is perfect. I think the story could have been better because it just ends abruptly at the end. I would have liked to see more of the "hidden" aspects of the sisters. However, this is a great film and I highly recommend it.

Cynthia C. photo
Cynthia C.

I think the reason why this film was so well received was because of the fact that it was not the usual Hollywood love story. Although the story is not as good as the "Naked Gun" movies, it is a very good film nonetheless. The actors all did a wonderful job, the writing was superb, and the direction was superb. The only reason I did not give it a 10 was because of the subject matter. It did not exactly call for a film that went deeper into the lives of these two wonderful women. But still, it was very good. The acting was very good, and the writing was excellent. I think this film is a MUST SEE!

Nathan Obrien photo
Nathan Obrien

I'm not a fan of the history of the civil rights movement but I found this film very interesting. It is based on the book by John Kennedy Toole. The movie was well done and it did a good job of showing the progress that the black community made. I thought that the acting was great. The only reason I did not give it a 10 was because the story was a bit predictable and the ending was a bit anticlimactic. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the history of the civil rights movement.

Douglas photo

This is one of the most beautifully filmed movies I have ever seen. The cinematography and music is flawless. This movie is in my top ten of all time.

Carl photo

If there is one movie that will touch your heart, this is the one. The color of the lights, the sound, the emotions of the people that were trapped in that time period, the story itself, the actors and actresses. I had a hard time not falling in love with this movie, and every time I watch it I am captivated by it. It is beautifully filmed, very well written and extremely well acted. This movie is a story that is not only about the women but about the men as well. I'm in awe of the quality of the writing, and how well the actors have portrayed their characters. The diversity of the cast is what makes this movie such a joy to watch. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, if you can get a chance to see it.

Jack H. photo
Jack H.

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was not excited at all. I was expecting a movie about the civil rights movement, but this movie really focused on the women. It was an interesting movie. I loved the way that it portrayed the hardships of their lives. It was so dramatic and really made me think about the history of the civil rights movement. The plot was good, and the acting was very good. I think this movie really represents what life was like for African-Americans during the civil rights movement. The story was very interesting and it kept me interested throughout. The cinematography and sound design was excellent. The story was not the greatest, but it was great. The director did a great job with the story. Overall, it was a great movie that I would recommend to anyone.

Sara O. photo
Sara O.

While I was not a huge fan of the movie I was not a fan of the book. This movie brought all of that out. A great story about African American history with a great message for all people to learn from. This movie will go down in history as a great representation of what it means to be a Black person in the United States. I have read the book and the movie but I was not disappointed at all. I am looking forward to seeing the movie again and can't wait to see the director's cut. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes to learn about the African American experience. This movie is about us all, all of us, from the beginning of our lives to our deaths. I truly believe that this movie is going to change the way people view history and how people feel about it. The movie is about us and is going to change the way people see things. This is the best movie I have seen in a long time.

Heather photo

I loved this movie. I saw it at the cinema, and it was not disappointing. It is certainly a movie that is much like the Academy Awards and I am sure that I will get it at the Oscars. The acting is first class and I would love to see this movie on the big screen, because it is absolutely worth the wait. The movie is very close to the book and I was very impressed with the book, which I read as a child. I will be hoping that the Academy Awards will recognize this movie as a great adaptation of a great book. As well, the movie is very romantic and does not drag, and is enjoyable to watch. I am sure that I will be going to see it again on the big screen. I think that this movie deserves to win best picture, best actor, best actress, and best director. I can see how this movie will be nominated for best picture and best picture, and I believe that it will win best director, but I cannot see how this movie will win best actor, best actress, or best director.

Megan Owens photo
Megan Owens

I really enjoyed this movie. The characters are well developed, the story is interesting, and the special effects are quite good. I enjoyed the story and the acting of the main characters. I liked the actors' voices. I also liked the movie's setting and the cinematography. I thought the movie was quite well done.

Timothy L. photo
Timothy L.

This movie is a masterpiece. It is based on a true story about the African American woman who was a physicist at the NASA, and was a pioneer in the field of space travel. The movie is about the life of this woman, and how she was an incredible woman, and how she changed the world, and how she was a woman who was not only a pioneer in her field, but also a mother, and a woman who was brave. The movie is a must watch for anyone who is interested in history, and who is interested in the women who were pioneers in their field. The movie is very entertaining, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to know about the life of a woman who was a pioneer in the field of space travel. I give this movie a rating of 7 out of 10, because it is a great movie, and it is a very entertaining movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in history, and who is interested in the women who were pioneers in their field.

Teresa Jenkins photo
Teresa Jenkins

As a fan of the original movie, I had high hopes for this remake. I loved the original movie, and I'm sure many people will as well. But I was disappointed. It wasn't a great movie, but it was good. It had the feel of a great movie, with the good acting and great special effects. I was disappointed in the direction of the movie. The movie was rushed and the story was far from the original movie. The movie was a bit too short, and the story was rushed. I think the director could have focused more on the characters, and more on the historical aspects of the movie. Overall, I think the movie was a great movie, but I think it could have been a great movie if it had more focus on the historical aspects of the movie. It was a great movie, but it could have been better.

Mary R. photo
Mary R.

The movie is about a group of African-American women who were used as spies during the Civil War. They were considered to be valuable assets, and they were paid a lot of money. The movie is based on the true story of the women, and the men who were spying on them. It is a great movie, but it could have been better. The story could have been better, but it was still great. I recommend this movie to everyone, but if you have a little bit of knowledge about the Civil War, you might be a little bit disappointed.

Mark photo

The story of the Civil Rights movement is a fascinating one. I think that this movie did a good job of telling that story. It's not a documentary, but it's still very much about the subject. There's a lot of drama in this movie, and the actors do a good job. The movie is a bit long, but it's not boring. It's definitely worth seeing. I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

Edward photo

I can't really say anything about this movie. The movie is very well done, with some really amazing performances from the actors. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the history of the civil rights movement, or the history of Hollywood. It's a movie that is a bit slow in places, but overall is very well done. The acting is great, and it's a movie that everyone should see.

Juan R. photo
Juan R.

The movie was great! It's a great movie and I think it is the best movie I've seen in a long time. The acting was amazing and the story was amazing. I don't know how they did it, but it was amazing. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I give it a 10/10.

Gary photo

I watched this film a few days ago, and I was absolutely blown away. It's an amazing film, that I think will be a classic. I'm not sure how many of the people who are rating this film low are actually aware of the fact that it is based on a true story. This is a film that has been produced and directed by a black man, and it was released by a black man. I'm sure that a lot of people are going to hate this film, but I think that they will be pleasantly surprised. It's a great film, and I highly recommend it.

Ryan C. photo
Ryan C.

This is a well done movie. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this film. I have always been a fan of the civil rights movement. This film did a very good job of showing the people who were at the center of the movement. The movie did a great job of showing the ups and downs of the movement. The characters were well acted and the film was very well paced. The movie was a great movie to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone.