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The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker is a movie starring Noynoy Aquino III, Benigno Aquino, and Corazon Aquino. An extraordinary look into the controversial political career of Imelda Marcos, this documentary tells a cautionary tale of a powerful female...

Other Titles
Ważniejsza od królów, Kungamakaren Imelda Marcos, 大權在后:前第一夫人伊美黛, Kungamakerskan, Imelda Marcos, kuninkaantekijä
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
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Lauren Greenfield
Lauren Greenfield
Benigno Aquino, Corazon Aquino, Noynoy Aquino III, Andres Bautista
Denmark, USA
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An extraordinary look into the controversial political career of Imelda Marcos. As the former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos is best known for her opulent lifestyle, but it was her behind-the-scenes influence of her husband's presidency that rocketed her to the global political forefront. A journey through the Marcos family's long history of corruption, extravagance and brutality, this documentary tells a cautionary tale of a powerful female leader whose questionable sense of reality divided a nation.

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Richard photo

I am a history major at the University of Iowa. I love history and have been to a lot of history conventions. I was excited to hear about this documentary because it is a true story. I have also read a lot of the reviews and I can tell that a lot of people didn't like the movie. I thought that the movie was excellent and I thought it was more than a movie. I also thought that it was educational and that it was also a true story. I recommend this movie to anyone. There were some parts that were a little scary for me but it was worth it. I would recommend it to anyone. I highly recommend this movie. I gave it a 9/10.

Christopher Murphy photo
Christopher Murphy

I have never seen such a depressing documentary on the decline of Britain. I was expecting to see the British Empire, but the Empire is a thing of the past. Britain is a country that is struggling to survive and not even the financial meltdown can bring it down. When the young people came in, we had to adapt, but it is not that easy. We have to learn to stand together and to face up to the challenges that are coming our way. I do not think that this film has ever been done before. This documentary has done an amazing job of showing us the power that we have and the ways that we can use it. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to see an important documentary that shows the true meaning of our country. I am going to give it a 10/10 because of the great production quality and the fact that it is well done. It does a good job of showing us the very reality that we have and the way that we have to face up to it.

Grace Jimenez photo
Grace Jimenez

It's really a shame to see how hard it is to be a filmmaker in the 21st century. This film was really one of the most well made I've ever seen. It was very well paced and kept me interested for the entire length of it. The director did a wonderful job of staying true to the book. The only criticism I have is that I wish there had been a bit more dialogue in the beginning. It would have made the story more believable and made it more realistic. I think a lot of people just want to watch a documentary and that's fine. But if they want to see a film that has a real story and not a lot of CGI, they need to go see this film.

Jesse M. photo
Jesse M.

A documentary that stands out for its artistic approach and because it's unique, it's very enjoyable to watch. The way it's presented is almost as if you're actually there, the camera rolling and panning as you follow the group of people in this weird and dark dungeon. The production values are superb and the soundtrack is quite stunning. The footage is used to great effect, the people are seen as they really are and they interact in an interesting way, while still remaining mysterious. There's not much plot to this, there's a lot of really intriguing footage that shows how people interact, but not much story to it. It's really intriguing and I love it, but I wouldn't recommend it to people who are easily offended. I think it's really intense and weird, and I can understand why people might be a little offended, but I also think it's really beautiful. It's just the right combination of disturbing, surreal and mysterious. I can't say more without spoiling the film, but I can say that the footage is just beautiful and weird. It's also beautifully shot and the camera is always moving and never static, it just grabs your attention. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a unique and interesting documentary, and who is looking for something different. It's very unusual and I love it.

Gary S. photo
Gary S.

I'm not sure why I liked this film so much. I didn't know what to expect. I expected the usual chick-flick that has a romantic and heartwarming story. But I was wrong. This is the first time I've seen this film since I was in college. And I can honestly say that this is one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I've watched it several times and I still find it entertaining. I can't understand why it was rated so low. I think that's because people were expecting a typical romance film. I think the film's message is very important and important to show young people that you don't need to be beautiful to be successful. You can be a great artist, you can be a great athlete, or a great musician, but you don't need to be beautiful to be successful. So in that sense, it's a very good film. I would give it a 10 out of 10. If you're a guy, or if you're a girl, or if you're a person who's had a lot of success, or if you're someone who's never had success, or if you're someone who's never had success, you should definitely watch this film.

Andrea Wagner photo
Andrea Wagner

The movie is about a man, a bit of a rogue, who takes the decision to kill people who he is not even friends with. The movie does not hold back on the violence, which makes it very hard to watch. However, I think that the movie does show that sometimes there are things that are necessary in life, such as a friend, family, and society. I think that the movie also does show that there are a lot of things that a person can do without having any particular reason. The movie shows that if you have a problem, you can do whatever you want, and people will still help you. However, if you need help, you can get it, no matter what. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn about the human condition.