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Gisaengchung is a movie starring Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, and Yeo-jeong Jo. Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan.

Other Titles
寄生上流, Parasito, Parasaito: Hanchika no kazoku, Parazitas, Parasite: Hanchika no kazoku, Parasit, Parasiit, Parazit, Élősködők, Parasitt, Παράσιτα, Parasite, Parásito, Parazitim, 上流寄生族, Parasita, Паразит, 寄生虫, Parásitos, Ký Sinh Trùng, パラサイト 半地下の家族, Parasitas, Parasite: Parásitos
Running Time
2 hours 12 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Thriller, Drama
Bong Joon Ho
Jin Won Han, Bong Joon Ho, Bong Joon Ho
Yeo-jeong Jo, Sun-kyun Lee, Kang-ho Song, Woo-sik Choi
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Jobless, penniless, and, above all, hopeless, the unmotivated patriarch, Ki-taek, and his equally unambitious family--his supportive wife, Chung-sook; his cynical twentysomething daughter, Ki-jung, and his college-age son, Ki-woo--occupy themselves by working for peanuts in their squalid basement-level apartment. Then, by sheer luck, a lucrative business proposition will pave the way for an ingeniously insidious scheme, as Ki-woo summons up the courage to pose as an English tutor for the teenage daughter of the affluent Park family. Now, the stage seems set for an unceasing winner-take-all class war. How does one get rid of a parasite?

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Harold Fisher photo
Harold Fisher

Korean cinema is not very common nowadays. As soon as we see a korean film there is always a bad title and a bad director, so it's not very easy to get to know anything about it. But since korean cinema is still making people happy, I decided to watch it. So I watched it and I have to say, the movie is just good. With the director, the cinematography is awesome and the music is great. The story is very good and there are no weak moments in the movie. I would like to say this: everyone can enjoy it. If you don't like it then you are just crazy. But I do believe you can enjoy it. I am giving it a 7/10.

Richard W. photo
Richard W.

After watching so many interesting films of Bong Joon-Ho I came across this movie and even though it was very small in scale it felt very good to me. The movie was created in one of the most extreme and vivid scenes of violence that I've ever seen in a movie. I mean, I mean, it really made my blood boil. I just felt like I needed to cry. I mean, I don't care what happens to the protagonist in the end. But the ending was so sad and I just can't imagine how this situation would have ended otherwise. I mean, it's just so raw and brutal and you don't know how he would have made it. Just imagine this guy living with his father until he was 16. I think that's really harsh but also the way he got his dad to agree to kill this kid was so amazing. There were also some funny moments in the movie that I found funny and sweet. I recommend this movie to anybody who likes Bong Joon-Ho's other films.

Olivia Garrett photo
Olivia Garrett

A story of a business and a life, that is not too well known. Well written, well acted, well directed. It's not a big hit, but its worth a watch, it's a simple and honest work, well worth the time. From what I heard, the movie is based on a true story. A true story that makes you think about where we all belong, where we all belong. A movie that needs to be seen by all, especially those who want to be the best.

Grace photo

The story centers around a Vietnamese immigrant in Hong Kong, Suwon, who is sickly and in need of her own room. She has an "ecology of privilege" that does not allow her to access the basics. One day, her son, who has not seen her in two years, is sent to her to live in her house while she is in the hospital. There, he finds a picture of her on his parents' fridge. Soon, he visits her home and, upon visiting her room, finds the movie she has been watching. While having a long discussion with her mother, he finds out she has never watched a movie before and thus had no idea about her culture. He sees her mother and wonders how this woman learned to speak Chinese. She says she is the daughter of a tailor who used to watch movies, including old movies and hand-held cameras, when she was young. This raises the curiosity of Suwon, who is curious to know how she learned to speak Chinese. The story is about Suwon, whose son has not seen his mother in two years. She is sick and in need of her own room, so she decides to take the place of the younger son. However, the move is not well received by Suwon's family, who see it as an intrusion. Eventually, Suwon meets the old tailor, who teaches her the customs of the country. She is able to relax and see the world for the first time. All the family does is go to the shopping center in the morning and she has to take care of the shop. They are the ones who have to take care of the dog, who is sick. However, she realizes her family is not all bad, especially the old tailor who teaches her to make things. She decides to learn the language and thus begins her journey into China. I was surprised how the movie was not all that bad. I was able to watch it and not be bored. It was not boring at all. It was indeed a very good movie. I think that if you are a Singaporean, this movie may be interesting to watch. It is a good story about a woman who gets a new perspective on life. As well, it has some good moments. I highly recommend this movie. It is definitely a movie worth watching.

Andrea P. photo
Andrea P.

I've been going to K-Pax for years. I like most of their movies but this one is really good. There are some funny jokes but some of the female characters are too talkative. The dialogues are brilliant. But the plot is predictable and the romance in the end doesn't work. It's not a bad movie, but I don't recommend it to you.

Thomas Rogers photo
Thomas Rogers

I was told to look at this movie after seeing the first trailer. I did and was impressed with the design of the movie and some of the acting. I just want to add that the movie has a really deep emotional side, in which there is lots of pain, the good guy ends up doing what he wants, the bad guy is pretty weak and the female character has many flaws. However, there are some funny moments which I felt. I recommend this movie for anyone who is a fan of the genre. My vote is 7 out of 10. It's not the best movie I have ever seen, but it is a good one.

Rose K. photo
Rose K.

You know it's going to be pretty lame, but that's why you watch it. "Invisible" is a poor man's "Identity" but there is something about the characters that keeps the whole thing interesting. The ending isn't what I expected and when you expect it you're disappointed but it's interesting how the story goes on and the characters are all fascinating and great to watch. It's good to see Lee Byung-hun in a different role and that's the main reason I like this movie. Most of the other characters are pretty much forgettable and the movie can be a bit of a bore at times, but there are some surprises. The plot is pretty easy to follow and the characters are all likable and well-written. The movie is also filled with some amazing photography and good performances from the cast. The story is decent but I didn't really like the ending.

Jacob photo

This is not a story about evil. This is a story about how society reacts to one of the worst human mistakes ever made. It is a story about a young man's attempt to become a criminal in a small town. This movie is a must-see for all action fans. There are a number of fight scenes that are well choreographed. The movie is based on the book of the same name by J. Scott Campbell. The acting is excellent, the writing is brilliant, and the direction is flawless. All in all, this movie is a must-see for all action lovers.

Donna Delgado photo
Donna Delgado

I really enjoyed this film, the first time I've seen it. It is basically a cross between Bong Joon-ho's 'Not Another Teen Movie' and Dennis Lim's 'Lost and Delirious' and seems to have been adapted from a popular Korean soap opera, but I didn't really pay attention to that. The story is pretty good. The acting is solid, although I personally prefer Shi-Chang Lee as Seong-Il, the lead character. The main reason I liked this film so much is because it is a Korean film, which doesn't get a lot of attention outside of Asia. However, I wouldn't be surprised if a film like this gets a lot of attention in Hollywood. I saw this film in Seoul, and it actually seemed to work well at the theatre, although I didn't quite understand what they were saying at times, which is why I didn't really read subtitles. Still, I'd recommend it.

Tyler photo

The first time I watched this movie I really wasn't all that impressed with it. There were a couple of points where I thought the movie could have done a lot more with it's plot. But after watching it again I have to say it's still an enjoyable movie. The first half is a little slow, but after that it gets pretty fast paced. This is probably the only movie in my opinion that's actually worth watching just for the first half. It's a very fun movie and definitely a good movie to watch with your friends. I give this movie an 8/10.

Marie Peters photo
Marie Peters

I'd love to be able to sum up my love of this film in one word, but there is so much to describe. Ang Lee has written a masterful, dark film that refuses to let you know how it ends, or how you should feel, or even how it is that this movie was made. You're not left with an ending, but rather a tale. If you decide to watch this movie, let me say to you, I have seen this movie with my own eyes and it is still the best and most exciting movie I have ever seen. If you choose to watch this movie, it is imperative that you do so without watching any other films that this director has made. If you do, you are sure to be left feeling like a kid again and wanting to go home. If you do not watch this movie, I would urge you to take your daughter, your son, your parents, anyone you love and watch this film. It is a great movie. I am writing this review and writing this review to encourage others to watch this movie. I know that I am a huge fan of this film, but I want to spread the word and encourage others to go out and find a copy of this film. There is so much to learn, and if you do not watch this movie, it is not that big of a deal. It is important that we all watch this film, and if you do, be sure to watch it again and again and again.

Sean photo

For anyone who's ever seen the original of The Last Boy Scout, I think you'll find this one more exciting. This version has some notable changes to the story. Instead of the boys who are the subject of the film being picked on, it's the girl who gets picked on, or at least one who is being picked on. The other thing that surprised me is the high score this film has gotten from audiences. The movie is supposedly about a young man who tries to kill his brother. In the original, they thought it was the girl who did it. But that didn't happen in the original, and I think people would have figured that out before they watched this version. I think that's why they were rating this version higher. I didn't find the high score from the public very satisfying. I understand that some people didn't like the change, but it was mostly positive feedback from the public, and I thought it was silly for a movie to get that much critical acclaim. I thought that the changes were more appropriate to the plot in the original, but I still think this is a better movie than the original. I thought that the most interesting thing about the film was the acting. It was a very intense performance from all the cast members. I also thought the movie was a good representation of Korean film culture. I liked the change of the ending. The original ending was happy and hopeful. In this ending, it's a bit sad. I think that the ending of this version is better than the original. However, I also think that the ending of the original is much better. I hope the people who like the original are satisfied with the way it's depicted in this version. I don't think there's much I can say about the changes that made it better than the original, except that I think they're worth watching. Overall, I think this version is better than the original.

John Rogers photo
John Rogers

I had the privilege to see this movie at the London Film Festival. I'm glad that I did. The movie has an interesting story. It is a coming of age story. It is a character study. It is a satire on the Korean film industry. The movie has a realistic atmosphere, a unique and intriguing soundtrack, and excellent cinematography. There are many good performances and the direction is excellent. The movie has a deep, profound message. I highly recommend this movie.

Roger Mendez photo
Roger Mendez

Saw this film on its opening night and honestly wasn't expecting much. It's something I watch at home with my girlfriend and it's almost as good as they make it out to be. I had an open mind before I watched it, I just thought it would be another love story, but I was wrong. It's a good film, interesting, well written, intelligent and it is great to see Michael Cera in a new movie. I think he is going to be a big star. I think the casting was spot on and the actors were all perfectly casted. I've seen this movie 3 times now and I'm still shocked at how good it is. I give this film an 8/10. It's worth the watch and I'll recommend you give it a watch.

Jane photo

A very good film. Although there is a lot of blood, it's very light, and the movie doesn't try to get into any deep emotional situations. The idea is good, and the execution is quite good. However, there is a lot of language, and the movie may be hard for a person with limited attention span to understand. But for me, it was quite enjoyable, and it kept me interested all the way. I'm not too fond of the modern society, but I still find this movie very realistic.

Sandra Rios photo
Sandra Rios

This movie is a bit different from the rest of its kind. I feel it's a good movie. If you are a fan of the genre, you will be surprised by the movie. I think it's a must see.

Lauren photo

One can find a lot to like in this movie - the cinematography, the scenery, the acting, the plot. The plot, however, is not quite as solid as it is in most Hollywood movies. This was the problem with the plot: the writers did not know what they wanted it to be about. It might have been more intelligible if the writer had talked to other writers and filmmakers who have worked on similar projects, but instead they said "here, I want you to write a movie about three friends who get together to kill a guy." The movie is just too incoherent. It has a confusing first half that is hard to follow. Then it goes into a second half that is full of plot holes and missing connections. What we end up with is a movie that has too much plot and too little logic. A lot of the shots look a bit flat, especially the landscape shots. The background noise, which you normally associate with a movie like this, seems to be thrown in just for the sake of it. And there are moments where the movie seems like it is just showing you one image and then jumping to another. At one point the characters are almost hit by a car and the music is suddenly louder, so the movie is now all about an exploding city. I can see why the movie was a box office hit, but it would have been much more successful had it been intelligently written.

Scott B. photo
Scott B.

I'm sure many of you know the story, and if you didn't, I'm sure you could find it on this website. After the three guys who all play the same part, come to the realization that the one who is missing, has been killed, they come up with a plan to have the girl he is seeing die in a clever, but thoughtless way. If that wasn't enough, they also need to fake a murder. At the end, one of them decides to use the real murderer, to get the girl he loves back. I say, all three of the guys do a good job in their roles. They all give decent performances. There is a subtlety to the film. I think the film could've done without the third actor, who is quite uninteresting, and the one who is the missing guy, who isn't. I think he should have been replaced by another actor. I liked the ending quite a bit. Not sure if it is supposed to be as ambiguous as the film would like you to think, but I think it was done quite well. The acting is good, and the direction is quite good. A good watch.

Cheryl photo

This is a Korean movie that I loved. The movie is like a dream, a person who is trapped in a world that is just out of reach. It has a wonderful story that is easy to follow. I really enjoyed the music and how it reminded me of "The Wicker Man". The acting is good, the actors are really good and they are acting in a different way than in the movie. The movie is a good drama that I would recommend to anyone who wants to watch something that is good, different and different. The movie also has a good ending, you would not expect that but it is not a bad ending. I give this movie 8/10.

Joan C. photo
Joan C.

This movie is an instant classic, and even though it's a B-movie, the cast of actors and actresses all perform very well. The story is about a young girl who is abducted and raped by a mob, and then the real story is revealed. The movie is very dark, and the plot is very complex. I highly recommend this movie.

George F. photo
George F.

This is the story of a young man (played by Park Chae-won) who was recently released from prison for robbing a bank. He is now at a party with his friends, drinking and dancing. He then proceeds to rob a bank that was closed for the night, and to steal a briefcase containing a million won. This is the story of how he copes with the fact that he was released from prison for robbery. It is a complex story, and Park Chae-won is a very talented actor. He plays the role of a man who has been released from prison, but is not really happy about it. He finds that he has a strong need for revenge, and will do anything to get it. The rest of the story is about how he tries to find a job, how he is made to deal with the fact that he is not really fit for it, and how he tries to make it work. It is very difficult to find a role that fits the character. If you have seen "Hangover" and you have not seen "The Host" you might want to see this film. If you have seen both of them you will probably have a similar opinion.

Anthony Dunn photo
Anthony Dunn

This is a really good film. I saw it in the cinema last week and it was a great experience. I like the way the director directed this movie, I think that the whole film is very intense and very interesting. I have to say that the cinematography is great. The whole atmosphere is very dark, and the camera moves a lot. I think that this is a very good movie. The acting is really good. The director, Nana Akhgari, is a very good director. He is a very good director and he knows what he is doing. This is a very good movie. I think that it is a really good movie. I would recommend it to all people. I have to say that the film is very interesting and very good.

Kenneth photo

I really like how they portrayed the "English guy" as a genuinely funny character. He has a lot of comedy in him and the female characters are all good. There is a scene where he's having a heated argument with a teacher and that's funny because it's not just a guy yelling at a teacher. The female characters are all good and I really enjoyed the character of the Asian woman, who is hilarious in a different way than the other female characters. I thought that the acting was good for the most part, especially for the female characters. The characters were likable and I thought that the director did a good job with the story. I think that this movie is an awesome movie that I think anyone would enjoy. It's about love and friendship and everything that goes along with it. The ending of this movie is also good and it shows a different side of the characters. It shows how different people can be and it shows that sometimes you can't change the world around you. I really liked this movie and I'm going to go out and buy it when it comes out on DVD.