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Milosc i milosierdzie

Milosc i milosierdzie is a movie starring Kamila Kaminska, Maciej Malysa, and Janusz Chabior. Docudrama tracing the life of Saint Faustina Kowalska, whose visions of Jesus Christ inspired the Roman Catholic devotion to the Divine...

Other Titles
Faustina: Love and Mercy, La Divina Misericordia, Miłość i miłosierdzie, Milosc I Milosierdzie, Love and Mercy
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Family, Biography
Michal Kondrat
Michal Kondrat, Eliza Bahr
Janusz Chabior, Maciej Malysa, Kamila Kaminska, Remigiusz Jankowski
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Docudrama tracing the life of Saint Faustina Kowalska, whose visions of Jesus Christ inspired the Roman Catholic devotion to the Divine Mercy and earned her the title of "Apostle of Divine Mercy".

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Ralph Hunt photo
Ralph Hunt

A real eye opener, if you want to see this for the first time, then this movie is for you. If you are a fan of the music genre, then you'll love this movie as well. This movie is about the life of a young boy, who lives in a small village in Romania, with his mother. One day his mother takes him to a doctor and tells him to stop smoking, or he will die. When he's not smoking, he's talking about his life with his mother, who has died. I thought this movie was good, because it showed the life of the boy in Romania and his mother, and how the boy deals with his mother. There was a lot of scenes with this movie that I liked the most, the first one was with the boy and his mother. This scene is really sad, and I'm glad the boy's mother was like that, because this scene really made the movie. The second one is when the boy meets a girl. The girl was the first girl that he ever met, and the boy had to deal with her a lot. The last scene is when the boy's mother dies. I thought that the boy did a good job, because he's the only one who didn't smoke. I really enjoyed this movie, because it was a great movie for kids to see. I give this movie an 8 out of 10, because it's a great movie for kids to see.

Jennifer D. photo
Jennifer D.

This is a wonderful film, one of the best films I have ever seen. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys film, a great story, a wonderful cast, and an amazing plot. I have seen this film over 20 times and I would like to see it again. I have to say that this film has changed my life. It is a great film to take a family to see. I would like to see this film again.

Peter Beck photo
Peter Beck

This movie is not for everyone, but I think the way it is told is really good and gives you a good idea of the tragedy that has affected the people of the village. If you like documentaries, or if you are interested in rural life in Lithuania, this is a movie for you. The film shows the love and friendship that the villagers had with the local water in the village. In the movie, you can see some of the villages residents, and you get to know them as people, and not as animals. I think it is really nice how the director showed this relationship of the villagers with the water and the people. The way that the villagers were treated and the way that they treated the locals, was a really good example for us. It shows that sometimes the villagers are just people and not animals, and that it is really important to treat people as people. It is a very sad story, but it is also a really good story.

Judy Riley photo
Judy Riley

The real life of the boy "Rosa" is portrayed in this film which is about a 12 year old girl who had a mental breakdown and killed herself. Rosa was the daughter of a carpenter, her mother was a prostitute and her father a doctor. The girl was a member of a religious group and she used to hang out at the church. One day she started to think about killing herself and wanted to see what it would be like. She bought a gun and took a trip to the woods, she shot herself and killed herself. The film shows her and her family as they are trying to cope with the tragedy. The film is very moving, it makes you want to know more about the girl who committed suicide. She was very emotional and the acting is very good.

Ralph photo

I watched this film last night with my family. My husband and I are not big film fans, but we enjoyed this movie. I felt that the acting was above par, and I also enjoyed the characters. We found it a good watch. I think we could all relate to the characters. I also thought the chemistry between the characters was very believable. I was very surprised that the kids would have a relationship with their father. They were very believable in their relationship. I think that this movie is a good way to introduce young kids to what it is like to be a single parent, to have a mother who is not very happy with her life, and to have a father who is not very happy with his life. I think that most parents would understand what the young children feel about their fathers and how the young children react to their fathers. It is a good movie to introduce young children to the concept of single parenting.

Kevin C. photo
Kevin C.

Loved it! I'm not a big fan of the show, but the movie was great. I felt the movie was more of a documentary about the trials of the trials of the trials, than a movie. I was sad and sad to know the deaths of the kids that were in the film. I felt it was very moving, and I think they captured the whole trial very well. I thought the movie was very beautiful, and the acting was very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves movies, or anyone who loves documentaries. I loved it.

Olivia B. photo
Olivia B.

I was very excited to see this film, and I was very disappointed when I saw it. The story was good, but the acting was very poor. It was like a soap opera, and I was not impressed. I think it was made for a TV movie, and it was made in such a way that it would appeal to a lot of people. The cinematography was very good, and the colors were beautiful. But the acting was so poor that I was not impressed. I found it to be boring, and it took me a long time to get through the whole film. I think it was made for TV, and the director wanted to make it appealing to a lot of people. I think he made a bad film. I can't believe that people are giving this movie such good reviews. I think it is a movie that should be left alone.

Ruth photo

I was very much looking forward to watching this film. After all, it was the second film I've seen with the same director, after Mira Nair's "The Golden Compass", and the first Polish film I've seen with the same director, but I must say that this film is one of the best I've seen. It's a very realistic and meaningful story of a young boy, who is trying to find his place in the world. The main character, who we follow throughout the film, is a little boy, who was born with a rare disease, and is struggling to live a normal life. It's a very touching story, and it's told with a very personal style. I really liked the fact that there was a great scene where the child is being punished by his parents, and the mother is crying. I think it was one of the most powerful scenes in the film, and it was one of the most touching moments of the film. The other scenes that were also very touching were also very sad, and the music was very moving. I think the film is very much deserving of all the awards it received. It's one of the best films I've seen, and I hope the director will continue to make more films with the same director.

Arthur Kelly photo
Arthur Kelly

A beautiful story about the life of a little boy in a small village in Yugoslavia. I saw this movie a few days ago and I can not stop thinking about it. I think that it is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. I would give it a 10 if it could. I am sure that there are lots of people who would like to see it and I hope that they will give it a chance. The movie is very emotional and I think that the actors did a wonderful job with the parts they were given. It is a movie that I will remember for a long time. I would recommend this movie to everyone who likes to be touched by movies and have a good time.

Ralph photo

Just because you have a dog doesn't mean you can't be a hero. This movie is about a young girl who, for whatever reason, becomes a fighter for the animals. After losing her family, the girl starts to take care of animals and her determination keeps her out of trouble. When she becomes a parent herself, she is determined to help her family and the animals as much as possible. The movie is about determination and passion. It's about love and fighting for what you believe in. In the end, she wins over her family and her animals. This is a beautiful movie that will make you cry. I am so glad that there is a movie about this subject that is available. I'm also glad that there is a movie about animal fighting, because this is what the movie is about.

Christina Armstrong photo
Christina Armstrong

I found this movie very moving. I feel like it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I've seen a lot of movies, and this one tops the list. It shows how important it is to be true to yourself, and the importance of family and family values. I think the way that the film is structured, and the way that the actors portray these families is very moving. The family that everyone in this film represents is definitely one of the most important in my opinion. I think that this is a movie that everyone should watch. I'm very happy that I watched it, and I hope that you will too. I'm sure that you will love this film as much as I did.

Lori photo

It is a story about a guy who lived in the 70's and was in the army for over ten years. I just found it really funny. The film shows a lot of guys coming back from the war and telling their stories about how they met their spouses. The stories are really interesting and the way they are told is very interesting. I am really looking forward to see the next film by this director and I think he is going to be a really big filmmaker in the future.

Harold A. photo
Harold A.

This is a good movie. It has a great story and some great acting. I would give it a 9 out of 10. The reason I didn't give it a 10 is because I think the movie could have been better. It's kind of slow at times. I think they could have made the movie faster, faster, faster. The first half of the movie is slow, but I would say the second half is pretty good. I also think it would have been better if they used a different director. It's a good movie, but I think it could have been better.

Samuel Banks photo
Samuel Banks

This is a great film for all ages. I was always a fan of the original movies, but this is a great movie to watch with the kids. The two main actors in the movie are really good, they really capture the essence of the original characters. The story line is well written and the story is great. The best part is the characters. They really make you believe in the characters. I love the friendship between the main character and the dog. The main character is very good at doing what she needs to do to protect the people she cares about. She is strong and has courage. She knows she has to fight for the people she cares about. The story line is very great and keeps you guessing and wanting to know what is going to happen next. It is also very entertaining and very educational. I highly recommend this movie for anyone. I love this movie for it's message of friendship, faith, courage, and friendship.

Jacqueline R. photo
Jacqueline R.

I remember seeing this movie when it was first released. I had a friend who was in his late teens and said "I have to see this". So, I rented it and went to see it. And when I went to see it, I was amazed. I was really touched by it. I saw it again recently and I thought it was even better. This movie is great. I like it. It really touched my heart. I would give this movie a 10/10. This is my favorite movie of all time. If you haven't seen it, rent it or buy it. It is a great movie.

Judy H. photo
Judy H.

I am a huge fan of the English version of this movie and it is quite hard for me to find a copy of the German version. This film is the best version I have ever seen of the book, and that is saying a lot. I know that there are many who disagree with me, but I think the English version is the best one. There are lots of scenes that have been changed in the English version, but that doesn't matter. The main thing that matters is that the film is still good. I haven't read the book, so I can't compare the two, but I can say that the changes don't detract from the overall experience of the film. The story is extremely well-written, and you can almost tell that the director and screenwriter spent a lot of time thinking about how the film should be made. The acting is just as good as it was in the English version, and that is saying a lot. The film is about a man named Janis. He is a young man who has a life of his own. He is not a real rich man, and he never will be one. He has just enough money to live his life, but he is not rich. He lives in a small town, and is a quiet man. He is a great cook and he works very hard to make the best meal he can. Janis' life is changed when he sees a man named Rolf (Peter Stormare) who works as a cook. Janis comes to know that Rolf is in need of help, and he decides to help him. He takes him to a local inn, and Rolf is very surprised to see that he is a free man. He is in need of money, and he has no one else to help him. The next day, Janis comes to see Rolf, and he is very happy to see him. He makes a deal with Janis to help him out. He will give him money, and he will do his best to help Rolf. Rolf agrees to help Janis out, and he gets the money. But that is not the end of it. Janis decides that he must get the money himself. He meets the old man who owns the inn, and they go to a small fishing village to get the money. Janis goes to the inn, and they find that the owner is a man named Karl (Peter Stormare). Janis goes to him, and he is very surprised to see that he is a man with money. He asks Janis to help him, and Janis agrees. They get the money, and they start a new life together. The ending of the film is extremely emotional, and it is a great film. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes to see a good story told in a very good film.

Robert photo

This movie is a gem, but one that should be seen by anyone. It tells the story of a young boy who grows up in a poverty-stricken town in the late 1980s, where he meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman. He's an orphan who is sent to a boarding school where he's forced to work for the school's owner, and the two of them learn to survive on their own. The movie is done in a very realistic way, showing the struggles of the kids and their families in the town, but it's done in a way that's so real, it's hard to tell how real the story is. It's a very emotional movie, and it shows the struggles that a young boy must go through, and it shows the love and respect that people have for each other. I really recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been in a poverty-stricken town, or anyone who has ever been a young boy. It's a movie that is really inspiring, and it's a movie that you can watch over and over again and it'll stay with you. I highly recommend it!

Barbara photo

At the beginning of the film, two young boys, like my son, enter the forest, as a result of the German invasion. The forest is inhabited by a tribe of children, who are all orphans. The men of the tribe give them food and wood, but the children have no way to survive. The film follows them as they come across the forest, and meet the people. The film is amazing. The children are quite different. There is one boy, who has a heart of gold. But, at the same time, the children are all orphans. This film shows a life of hope, despite everything. A film which will never leave your heart.

Heather V. photo
Heather V.

The movie is about a young boy named Boris who starts to write poetry. The movie has a lot of realism but at the same time it's very touching. The fact that it's a fictional story is just a device that will bring the viewer into the boy's world. The young boy, Boris, starts to write and express his feelings through his poetry. Then, he is kidnapped by a woman who asks him to write poems for her. He gets to know the woman, Petar, who is an elderly man who has difficulty speaking. In return, Boris tells him stories about his life, how he was a boy and how he was kidnapped. Petar is also an old man who has trouble speaking. The movie, according to the director, is very well made. It is a very touching movie about a young boy who is used to a very close-knit family. The boy is very close to his father, who is very intelligent and self-sufficient. The boy is very attached to his mother who is very loving and caring. This is the most important theme of the movie, to show that every child has a mother and a father. Boris is a very loving boy. He also loves his dog, who is very gentle and kind. This child has a great relationship with his father. But, as the father said, he is a very selfish boy. His father has a very difficult time speaking. And this is also the reason that he has difficulty to communicate. In the end, Boris gets his freedom and begins to express his feelings through poetry. He feels that he is at a very close-knit family and he has a good relationship with his mother. This is the meaning of the movie.

Virginia W. photo
Virginia W.

This movie is so beautiful, I can't say enough about it. I can't even describe it. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I've never seen a movie that's so beautiful. It's like the world is opening up to you, and you just want to be part of it. This movie is amazing. I just hope there's more to come from this talented director.

Peter C. photo
Peter C.

I just saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival. It was so beautiful and I can't wait to see it again. The story is about a young boy, who lives in a small town in the Czech Republic, with his mom and his sister. After his mother dies, he is adopted by a young man who is looking for his son. The story is about the bond between the two and the way they deal with the difficulties. The director did an amazing job, he made the story very real. The camera shots were also very nice, the whole film looks beautiful and the colors are perfect. The actors were also good, the boy did a great job and I think that he is going to be a good actor. The older sister was also very good, she is very sweet and her acting was also good. The only thing that I didn't like was the music, it was very cheesy. Overall, I really liked this film and I recommend it to everyone, it is a very good movie and I recommend everyone to watch it.

Debra W. photo
Debra W.

You have to be very, very patient, like I was, for this film to get its point across. The film was way too long, I was waiting for the inevitable sequence of events, that I assumed would arrive, but it never did. For the first hour, I thought I was watching a documentary on the hippie movement, but the end came as a shock. I was stunned that this could happen, especially since I knew there was a lot of government involvement in the movement. The children in the movie are perfect, but that's not what this film is about. The first hour, I was confused and anxious, and I didn't like how the movie changed in tone as the second hour went on. The film just wasn't very funny, which I have to say was a disappointment, and the last third was a bit dull and dry. Still, if you're in the mood for a story of two kids, it's worth a look. Overall, not an amazing movie, but if you're in the mood for something educational, this film is worth a watch.

Russell photo

This is a great, heartwarming story. It shows how a lot of things can go wrong and how a family is able to cope and adjust with it. The story has many funny moments. Especially the scene where the family buys the new car and when the man says, "This is a brand new car", you just have to laugh. It is a wonderful movie.

Terry Murray photo
Terry Murray

I loved this movie. I was lucky enough to see it at the Sundance Film Festival. It was so moving. The cinematography was stunning, and the acting was great. The story was really interesting and I was impressed with the direction. I really enjoyed this film and I'm going to see it again.

William Sullivan photo
William Sullivan

The biopic about the world's first successful helicopter pilot is one of the most important stories in aviation history. The story of Avi (Antonio Banderas) is a tale of a person who devoted his life to flying and dying before he had fulfilled his life's dream. The story starts in 1940 when Avi was only 17 years old, his mother and father were killed in a plane crash. Avi was left orphaned and not able to fulfill his life's dream of being a pilot. After a lot of hard work he finally became a successful pilot. The film is based on the true story of Avi in the movie Avi, the man who was flying an aircraft made by a German firm. The film does not show his adventures in the air, it shows the daily life of a man who was so dedicated to the profession. The film is very inspiring, it shows the way to success, the sacrifices he had to make to fulfil his dream and the relationship between him and his father. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves aviation history and a good movie.

Jesse Brooks photo
Jesse Brooks

I've never seen a movie so beautifully photographed as this one. It's such a beautiful film. The story is based on a true story. I like that. It tells a story with true events. The acting is so good. The actors are good. The film is well made. It's a good story. I recommend it to everyone. I give it a 7/10.

Janet Valdez photo
Janet Valdez

When I first saw this film I thought it was so sad and depressing. After watching it a second time I felt so much better. I had not read the book before but it seemed like this was really what the movie was about. The acting is so perfect and you can really feel for the characters. You can really relate to these people and it makes you want to go out and help people. It was really touching and the movie really makes you feel like a part of these people. I don't want to give too much away because I want people to see it. But if you haven't seen this movie you need to. This movie is so good and you can't find it anywhere. If you have seen it and liked it, I highly recommend it. This is definitely a movie that I will be watching again. I am a big fan of this movie and I am going to watch it again soon. This is a movie that I will remember.

Justin Greene photo
Justin Greene

I was lucky enough to see this movie in Poland, and I must say that it is a great movie, but it is not an easy movie to watch. The first part is more like a documentary, and the second part is a really emotional movie, because you can really feel the pain of the children and the suffering of the parents. You can feel the guilt of the parents, the pain of the children, and the hope that they will survive. It is a really strong movie, and I can't understand why it is not shown in the US. It is a must see movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a little bit of heart.

William Nguyen photo
William Nguyen

I think this movie is very touching and it makes you feel good. I was actually crying when I saw this movie. It's a very sad movie, but it's also a very funny movie. It's a good movie for everyone, because it's not a bad movie, it's just a movie that doesn't make you feel sad or depressed, it makes you laugh. This is a good movie for anyone, I don't think it's a bad movie, it's just a movie that makes you feel good.

Cheryl photo

At the age of six, in the fall of 1972, I watched this movie on television and immediately wanted to see it again. It was the first movie I'd seen in a long time that was truly worth seeing. I can't remember the title or even the first five minutes, but I was gripped from the very beginning. The movie was so well made and the story so true. I believe that I'd be able to watch this movie again in the future and even buy the video. I'd recommend this movie to anyone.

Ann Rios photo
Ann Rios

We had never been in a plane crash before, so we decided to see this movie. We loved it. I was always interested in airplanes, but never before have I been able to understand the culture of flight so well. I think the story is great, but what really makes it great is the actors. They really do a great job. The scenes between the pilot and the copilot are great, and they really work well together. I really enjoyed this movie and will definitely see it again. This is a movie that everyone can enjoy. It's about a plane crash, but it's more than that. It's about people and their way of thinking, and how it affects them. I think this movie is great for everyone, and I hope that you will see it. Thanks,

Ralph photo

This is a wonderful story about a young boy, who can't find his mother. The film shows the sadness of losing a child, and the joy of seeing him grow up. The film has a wonderful sense of humor, and the ending is very touching. I think this is a film that every family should see. It is a story that everyone should see. It is a film that will stay with you for a long time. I can't wait to see it again.

Paul photo

I was lucky enough to see the film at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and was moved to tears by the beauty and humanity of the main character, Viktor. The story is told through the perspective of Viktor's friends, family and the town. Viktor is a 20 year old Ukrainian refugee who is sent to a refugee camp in Poland. Viktor is forced to survive on his own in a harsh and hostile environment. He does not know who he is or what his purpose is. When Viktor returns to his hometown he is overwhelmed by the beauty of the city and the community. He is determined to return to his village and find his people. Viktor's journey to find his people is the heart of the film. The story is told in a moving and humorous way. The film was directed by Mike Nichols and it is a great example of a film that focuses on the human condition. The acting is amazing and the direction is wonderful. This film is the best film I have seen all year and it is a must see.

Emma photo

I think the movie is really great. It's not a family movie but it's a good movie. It's really inspiring for kids, it's good for the parents and it's really good for the whole family. I think it's a movie you should watch. It's really good for everyone. I really recommend it. I think you should watch it.

Douglas photo

I have been watching this movie for several years and it is a very important movie for me. My father was a miner for decades. I have been watching this movie for many years. It was very touching to see how the miners are living and how the children are being treated. It was very emotional and I had tears in my eyes. The story of the miners and the children is very touching. This is a great movie that I will watch over and over again. The movie is very important to the miners and the people of the area. I highly recommend watching this movie and I hope that it will be released on DVD in the future.

Kenneth West photo
Kenneth West

I am a big fan of cinematographer, and Milosz Mladiak, I am not an expert on Polish movies, but I have seen some Polish movies and I know the director's name, but I don't know who directed this movie. The story is about a Polish couple who is trying to survive in the occupied Poland during the war, and their daughter, a girl, who is sick. The father was a medical doctor, who lost his wife and daughter during the war, he doesn't think much about his own death. He tries to get a job in the occupied Poland, but the Polish authorities, don't want to hire him. They put him on a boat, to Poland, but he is too late, the boat sinks. The family is left in the boat. In a short time, they get a letter from America, and they get on the ship. The ship has a small boat with a Polish crew, they find a little boy who is sick, and they try to get help from a doctor in America. They discover that the boy is a great fighter, who lost his family during the war, but he is able to fight with his fists, and to survive in the small boat. In the end, the father, and his family get on a ship, to America. I really recommend this movie, because it is a great story. It's a drama, a love story, a story about survival, and a story about hope.

Stephen photo

This is one of the best movie I've seen in years. I have watched it several times and it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. The story is beautiful and it's full of beautiful, poetic moments. The way the camera moves is amazing and the cinematography is amazing. The story is about a young boy who has to live with his father in a small town. When he leaves the town to go to college he gets separated from his father. The movie is about how he tries to reunite with his father and how he deals with the loneliness and the sadness of it. I really recommend this movie and I hope it becomes a cult movie. I also recommend to watch it with friends and you'll feel good.

Nicholas Carlson photo
Nicholas Carlson

I was really excited to see this movie and I was a bit disappointed at the end. The movie was so much more than what I expected and it did not show the whole truth of the story. The movie did not show the real life of this woman. I think the movie is not only about the life of this woman but also about the life of the entire world. I think that the movie does not show the whole truth and that it is not good to show the whole truth. I think the movie was good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see a movie about the real life of this woman. I think the movie is a good movie and I would like to see the movie again.

Nicholas photo

I saw this movie when it first came out. I thought it was a great movie and i wanted to watch it again. I was not disappointed. I love the movie, and the whole idea of the film. I have watched this movie many times. I can't get enough of it. I love the music. I love the fact that this film is made by Polish people. I also love the fact that the movie is made by Polish people. I think that the movie is great. It's a great movie and I recommend that everyone should watch it. I give it a 10/10

Amanda photo

A wonderful film with an excellent message. A very moving story about a little boy who is left behind at the end of the world, and a young girl who is left with her family, and must face the world alone, because of the mother who has lost her faith and is now gone. A very touching story, and very moving. The actors are great, especially the little boy, played by Michal Blumberg. The mother is played by Czegor Jakobowski, who was also the child actor for the movie "Dark Water". This movie is worth watching, and it is a movie that should be seen by everyone, not just by children. It is a great movie, and it should be shown to the people of the world.

Charles photo

One of the best movies of all time. It's so sad that the only thing it has going for it is its excellent story. But what I loved most was the performance by Robert Redford. He gives a powerful and touching performance, and even though it is hard to believe that the same guy who gave us "Lone Star" and "The Graduate" could give such a powerful performance, it's so true. The way he deals with his family is the best part of the movie. His characters are not easy to sympathize with, but you just feel the pain they are going through. He also gives a wonderful performance as a father. It is a sad thing that he is gone, but he will be missed.

Samuel O. photo
Samuel O.

I've watched this movie twice. It is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The story is gripping, the characters are believable and the film is captivating. It is a bit of a puzzle and not a "one-trick-pony" but it's still a great movie. There are some great scenes, like the scene with the water and the mountain-girl. The story is very well told and the characters are very believable. This is a great movie, and it is an understatement to say that it is a masterpiece.

Marilyn Ruiz photo
Marilyn Ruiz

I think that this film was great. I thought the acting was great and the story was very good. I loved how they showed the pain and suffering that the people of the world go through. I think that the characters were very well portrayed. I think that this film was one of the best I have ever seen. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

Jean G. photo
Jean G.

The story is about a boy who had a serious accident, a car accident, and his parents are in a serious financial crisis. The boy and his parents are in a good financial position, but the boy is not able to provide for his parents. The boy goes to see a medical doctor, but the doctor doesn't know how to help the parents. The boy then goes to the lawyer, but the lawyer doesn't know how to help the parents. The boy then goes to a lawyer who has the skills and the money to help the parents. This movie shows how a child can change his situation and how hard it is for a child to get a good education. The movie is about how the parents are a little bit scared, but the boy shows how the parents can help the boy to change his situation. The father gives the boy his first car, but the father is a little bit of a drunk, and when the father dies the boy decides to get a car for his father. The boy meets a beautiful girl who takes care of him, but the girl also helps the boy to change his situation. The boy is in school and the parents don't want him in school, but he is in school, and he is learning how to do something he can't do. The movie shows how the parents can help the child to change his situation, and how difficult it is for the parents to help the child to get a good education. This is a very good movie, very good story, a very good movie.

Alice photo

An unusual and very moving story, which is both tragic and hopeful. The fact that it's set in the 1970's tells you that this movie is more about the social changes in Poland in the 1970's, than about the old guys who take their old army jeeps on the road to the war. There's a moral lesson in the movie, but it's not about Vietnam, and it's not about the changes in Polish society. The moral lesson is about the value of life, and about the need to protect the preciousness of the human life, especially for the young. I loved this movie, it's really unique. I think it is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Virginia photo

I just wanted to comment on the film "A few days ago I had the pleasure of seeing a movie at the ICA - an amazing movie called "The Mountain" that I didn't think I would be able to understand. But it was a very good movie that I think all people should see. I was in tears when I left the theater. I felt like I was part of the movie and it made me feel happy. It is very emotional and the movie really shows the people's suffering and the need for help and for help of those who can help. I think it is a very good movie and it will make you feel sad and happy and it will make you think about the people that are dying and the problems they are having. I hope you will watch this movie and I hope that it will make you feel good.

Jordan S. photo
Jordan S.

I'm a Polish citizen living in a small town in the middle of Poland. I am a middle-aged man, and I had to watch this movie, and I have to admit that it's one of the most moving movies I have ever watched. I hope that the next one will be better. This movie shows us what really happened in the history of Poland. It is a great movie that has to be seen.

Gary H. photo
Gary H.

This movie has a bit of everything for a Disney film. Story, music, comedy, emotions, drama, and so much more. This movie had an incredible cast, and the characters are all special to Disney. The story was very emotional and the movie had the perfect amount of comedy and drama. I was happy with the overall look of the movie and the whole story. The music was very appropriate for the scene. This movie had a very good message to it, and the ending was great. Overall, this movie is a perfect choice for the family, and I can't wait for the next Disney film that will be released soon. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. Rating: 7 out of 10.

Henry Henderson photo
Henry Henderson

For me this movie is not just about the friendship between two boys. It is about the bond between parents and their children. It is about the love between children and parents. And about how they should be. It is about the importance of family. It is about friendship. It is about the struggle of family. And most of all it is about the life of a boy who loves his father and his mother and wants to be a man and wants to know what is his destiny. I was so moved and touched by this movie that I felt I had to write this review. The quality of the movie is amazing. The acting is outstanding and the story is very deep. I am still shocked that this movie is not in the top 250 of IMDb. This movie is a masterpiece.

Scott S. photo
Scott S.

I have been a long-time fan of "The Wolf of Wall Street". I can't remember the last time that I saw a movie where the actors were so convincing. Leonardo DiCaprio was the perfect choice for this role. He was truly spectacular in this role. Tom Hanks was also great. I found myself cheering for him in the end. I never thought that I would be so emotional during a movie. It was so touching and heart-wrenching. It has to be seen to be believed. I have been a fan of Martin Scorsese since "Goodfellas". I had no idea that I would be so impressed by "The Wolf of Wall Street". I have no idea why this movie is getting such bad reviews. Maybe it is because Scorsese is a very different director. I think that is what made this movie so good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies. I give it an 8/10.

Maria photo

I had the privilege of seeing this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. I can't think of a single word to describe the film. It was beautiful, touching, and heart-wrenching. It was an honest and compelling story of a young boy who was born with a disease, and has been given a second chance to live a better life. The movie was beautifully shot, and the acting was great. I wish I could've been there to see it. I'm glad I saw it. I hope that this film gets the recognition it deserves. Please, if you can, see it!

Patricia Castillo photo
Patricia Castillo

A very sad story. A young boy is living with his two parents, in the rain forest. In the beginning they are on vacation together and his mother goes into labor. But the boy's father is on vacation with his friends. When the boy is old enough, he leaves home and goes to live with his grandparents. There he falls in love with his grandparents and starts a new life. In a way, this is the same as in the movie "Cast Away". In the end, the child is happy and the grandparents are happy too. I think this movie is very sad, but I liked it very much.

Kelly Barnett photo
Kelly Barnett

My favorite character is the white one. I found it very interesting how they all acted, and how they all looked. It's really nice to see real people from this part of the world, as opposed to the representation of the Roma. I was happy to see that so many people were not afraid to be visible in the film. We've seen so many bad movies about this, and it seems like the Roma and the Roma's side of the story are so well ignored. It's nice to see people who aren't afraid to be shown as "normal." It's sad that in real life, these people are not as known, as well as this movie. I really loved the references to other movies. It's good to see the reference to "Boys and Girls" and "Grosse Pointe Blank." It's also good to see that the characters in the movie have the ability to act. It was really good to see some people who were going through the same thing, and it's also very interesting to see how the different cultures relate to each other. It's great to see how the different cultures interact with each other, and I can only imagine that some people are really getting to know each other, which is really nice. I really loved the movie, and I hope that people see it as well.

Sandra photo

I was a little skeptical about seeing this movie for several reasons, the first being that I am a big fan of Finnish cinema, and second being that I am generally not a huge fan of young filmmakers. I was wrong. The movie was shot on a high budget, with very good cinematography and a very good, intense, and very funny soundtrack. This movie is a realistic and inspiring account of a young man's struggle to survive in the war torn Finnish countryside during the final days of WWII. The movie is set in the tiny town of Kaala, in the early 1940's, and it centers on the life of a young boy named Simon Ojala (Gudjonsson), who is living with his family in the farm where he grew up. Simon has lived with his family since he was a little boy, and he has never really known anyone other than his family. When the war ended, Simon and his family went to live with their new neighbor, the local Nazis. There they met the most popular German boy in town, a young man named Rinti (Kestenberg), and they fell in love. Rinti and Simon became instant friends. They soon became lovers, and they were married. The movie was told in a very realistic and real way, and it told the story from the people's point of view. I also liked the fact that the movie was shot in black and white, and the music was in Finnish, and not in English. The movie is extremely sad, but it was also very inspiring. The movie has a very strong message, and it is not just for the people who are going through difficult times in their life, but for everyone. I highly recommend this movie, and I think that everyone should see it.

Austin N. photo
Austin N.

I am not a big fan of animals, but I am an animal lover and I really enjoyed this movie. It was really well made and made me realize that these animals are still wild and have the same natural instincts and feelings that we all have. I felt bad for these animals. I also found it very realistic. Some of the scenes were very moving, but some of the scenes were just hard to watch. They were sad, sad, sad, but still they had the same sad emotions that we have. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It was good. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves animals and wants to understand more about them. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

James W. photo
James W.

A very touching film. A young girl has to take her own life because her mother has to work. The film is set in the year 1950, but the story of the girl's life is very relevant to us today. The film is based on the life of Gia, a girl who was orphaned when her mother was killed by a train. Gia was raised by her grandmother in a boarding school. She became a nun and a nunnery worker. She died of cancer in 1988. The film is based on the diary of Gia. It is a very moving film. The acting is very good, especially from Maria Schneider. She is very good as Gia. I really liked the way the film shows the life of a young girl. I hope the film is shown in schools. The film has to be shown to all of us. The film has a great message. I hope the film will be shown in schools and other places. The film is very touching and very sad. The film is a very good film.

Victoria Reid photo
Victoria Reid

This is a great movie about a young boy that makes a deal with a vengeful spirit to get his mother back. The movie has a lot of heart and it is also a good movie to watch when you are feeling down or just want to watch a great movie. This movie is based on a true story and it is very sad that this movie did not win any awards because it is a great movie. The acting is excellent, the special effects are amazing and the story is really well written. This is a great movie that you should watch. This is a movie you should watch.

Johnny Rodriguez photo
Johnny Rodriguez

I saw this movie when it was released in 1977 and I am still thinking about it, twenty years later. The actors in this movie are top-notch, so great that I have seen it five times in my life. The movie portrays the life of an English teacher of young children. His life is of course a complicated one, but you are never at a loss about the man. He is a great man and an inspiration to many people. This movie is a must see for all children and their parents. This is one of the best movies ever made.

Brandon Butler photo
Brandon Butler

I just saw this movie in the theater and I have to say that I loved it. I'm not a big fan of the "happy endings" but I thought this was a great movie. I've seen this movie many times and I still think it's a good movie. I think this is a great movie to watch with your family or friends. It has a great story, it's very emotional and it's a great movie to watch with your kids. The actors in this movie were all great and I think they did a great job. I give this movie a 10/10.

Judith G. photo
Judith G.

Possible spoilers. A real treat for anyone who loves animals. The movie centers around four different animals - a female lioness, a cheetah, a python, and a squirrel - who form a team to save a mother and her cubs from the destruction of their home by a human hunter. The film focuses on the mother and her cubs, and the relationship between them. The mother, Lina, is a zoo keeper who volunteers her services to save her family and her animals. The lioness and cheetah are siblings and the cheetah is looking for her mother. The python is looking for his family. The mother and cubs are the result of a cruel act of a human who killed the cubs of another lioness. This human's behavior is a reminder of how animals are treated and used by humans. This is a story about what happens when people's emotional reactions to animals are too strong and what happens when you are the one being treated with cruelty. I really recommend this movie to anyone who loves animals. It is a gentle film that teaches us that we should always be caring for animals and should never put ourselves above them. The emotions that are expressed in this film are quite real. I think that it is a great movie and it is a great lesson for anyone who loves animals.

Mary S. photo
Mary S.

One of the best documentary of the decade! Well, I am not quite sure about the title. We all know that many movies from the first half of the 20th century are historical. Such as "The Man in the Moon" or "The Great Dictator". I did not expect to find this documentary more than a cultural icon, but it has a lot of value, as it is able to show the big history of "The Transitional People", who lived in the 20th century. In my opinion, the portrait of the transitional people, not only their stories, but also their characters, is very inspiring and inspiring for everybody. The same goes for the movie, which deals with the problems of the transition and how people tried to cope with them. The use of very specific political methods, as "Mountain of the People" and the "Final Solution" of the Jewish people, are just some of the topics of the movie. It is very true that the first half of the movie is not all that impressive, but it is not completely boring. It is not an experience of the transition, but an experience of the transition. It gives a good message about the transition and shows us that history does not repeat itself, and that people will always try to deal with the same issues.

Jane Berry photo
Jane Berry

This is an excellent, great movie. I loved it, so I thought I would write a comment. First, I think you would have to like these types of films to appreciate this film. I really enjoyed the films of Milos Forman, Steven Spielberg, and Erich Segal, all of whom were involved in making this movie. I also loved the movies of George Cukor, Tim Burton, and Ed Wood. I loved the movie "Funny Farm", and have seen the movie "The House of the Devil". I think "The Ice Storm" was a good film, but this movie was better. I think the film is about the life of Robert Mapplethorpe, who was a famous opera singer in the 1880's. The life of Mapplethorpe changed his life and his family life forever. He became a respected man in the music business and helped start an opera company. He also wrote some of the music for the most famous opera in the world, "Il Trovatore" ("The Voice of the Mountains"). His life was full of controversy. The Catholic Church and the Mapplethorpe family fought over the rights to his name. I think Robert Mapplethorpe was the most misunderstood man of his time. His story is an example of how people can change their lives by loving others. He was a great artist and singer and a great man. I love how the movie was based on his life. The film is excellent because it tells the story of a man who was good at what he did. He was a very successful opera singer, and the music was great. He was a nice guy and had a good family. I would say that this is a great film, but I think it is also a great film for families and people who like opera. I think the movie is very good and a good family film.

Charles photo

One of the most beautiful and moving movies I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it!

Jane photo

This is a great family film that really captures the magic of the original Greek epic, Trojan Horse. The story takes place in a family who are farmers, and that is where the story starts. One day a large, mysterious creature is seen riding through the fields. At first it is assumed to be a beast, but as the family get closer to the farm, they discover the creature is a horse. The family and their friends decide to take the horse back home, but it is attacked by a large, unknown creature. While the family, with the help of their friends, try to kill the creature, the creature is trapped in a strange device that is supposed to keep it contained. The family and friends are trapped in the device, and the family must find a way to escape. The story is very well written and I really enjoyed it. The acting is also good, and the acting is not cliche, and that was good to see. Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I recommend it to anyone who has seen the original Greek epic, Trojan Horse. My Rating: 8/10

Tiffany photo

Being a student of the violin I was thrilled to see the real life video of a real violinist performing a truly remarkable piece called "The Best", a track which was never recorded on tape. Being a musician myself, it was a real pleasure to see the real life video of my favorite violinist playing the real thing. With an incredible band and cellist (Piotr Kowalski) who played the violin on the original recording of the original "The Best", I can only recommend this film to anyone who has a love for classical music and can appreciate the kind of talent that the violinist possessed. I hope that other music fans will enjoy this movie as much as I did.

Maria photo

The first time I saw this film, I was only 10 years old, and I had never seen anything like it. The movie really grabbed me and I could not get it out of my mind. It is not an ordinary movie, but it is so beautifully made that I cannot help but love it. The story is very well done, the cast is wonderful and the direction is top notch. I think it is a very important film to watch because it tells a story that everyone should know about, and I am sure that it will be passed on to many people. I can watch this movie again and again and I am sure that I will be able to watch it over and over again. I cannot find a single fault with this movie and I recommend it to everyone who has never seen a movie before.

Jesse Gomez photo
Jesse Gomez

A man who is imprisoned in a glass cage that is too small for him. We get to know this man who has such a strong will that makes him fight for what he wants to be and the outcome is positive. What a story, this one. And the film, the movie, is an amazing depiction of what happens in prison and what you do when you are locked in a cage. We get to see the man struggling in his case, which, even though he has a strong will, he cannot control himself. The movie has a very complex story that is easy to follow and watch, and the characters are very believable. You get to see what happens to people and the results of it. The story and the characters make the film a very good one and very good. I highly recommend this film to anybody, young or old, who likes good stories and a good movie.

Billy Richards photo
Billy Richards

This movie is a real must-see for anyone who is interested in the life of a musician. It tells the story of a man who was a great musician, but suffered from a horrible illness. This illness made him lose his ability to play, but he did not give up on his music. He continued to play even though he was sick, and in a way he was able to make his music again. I have seen this movie a few times and it is still a great movie. It tells a story about a man who could not live without music. This movie is a must-see for anyone who is interested in music.

Jeremy photo

I had never heard of this movie until I was browsing through Netflix and I saw it. It was the first movie I had ever seen. I was blown away. It's so heartwarming and I felt so moved. I don't know what it was, but it just drew me in. I think it's because of the actors. I'm not even sure who they are. It's really hard to explain. It's just so nice. I have a feeling that I would have loved this movie if I were not a teenager. I mean, it's not like a chick flick, it's a real life story. It's really touching and really heartwarming. The story is really touching and it's really good. The actors are really good. It's really a good movie.

Sharon Barrett photo
Sharon Barrett

I saw this film last night. I am so impressed with it. It is a very unique story of a small boy who gets fascinated with animals and after he gets older finds out that he has a dog in the family. I think that this film is so different from the norm. It has a wonderful story, a very emotional story, and it is so touching and is great to watch. I would recommend this film to anyone. I just can't get over the fact that this film was nominated for 3 Oscars, and it got all of those. It is amazing how the Oscars are run these days. I am so glad that it was nominated, because if it didn't win then the world would be in a state of utter chaos. I am so glad that it won the Academy Awards. I hope that other people see this film and appreciate the movie that it is. It is a wonderful story, and it is one of the most beautiful films that I have seen in my entire life. A 9/10.

Brandon photo

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. And I don't see why it isn't a box office hit. I have watched it over and over and it always amazes me. I can't understand how this movie wasn't more popular. It is a wonderful movie, it has a message, it has an edge and it is a fun movie to watch. I highly recommend it.

Ralph Brewer photo
Ralph Brewer

I have only seen this movie twice. The first time I went to see it on DVD and it was better than the first time I saw it, but it still seemed to be a bit to long. The second time I watched it, it was so much better and much better. I never expected the movie to be so touching and so well done. I will never forget the film, and I will never forget the story. It is the movie which has taught me so much. I have never seen a movie like this before, or the other way around. I loved the movie and I will probably never forget it. It is so touching and it will touch you in a special way. One thing I did not like was that the movie was not long enough. It could have been two or three hours long. If they made the movie longer, then I think it would have been more touching and meaningful. I liked the movie very much and I think it is very touching. I loved the movie and I will watch it again.

Heather H. photo
Heather H.

Some people say this movie is for children. Well, I think they are probably exaggerating a little. This movie is a wonderful look into the lives of three men in their forties and fifties. And all of them were completely faithful to each other. Of course, there was also the occasional hitchhiker who would drop by and ruin things for everyone. But these things were in a context of constant, constant friendship. Of course, some people think it is wrong to have a movie about friendship. Well, it is a movie and that is what the movie is about. If you want to see a movie about friendship, watch "The Ides of March". In my opinion, the best friendship movie ever made.

James H. photo
James H.

I have just seen this movie and I am very much impressed. In my opinion, it was the most successful Polish movie of all time. It's really wonderful and at the same time very painful. A girl (a very special girl) is left behind by her parents when she is in the army, and later becomes a cook in a military hospital. One day she starts to hear strange sounds coming from the basement of the hospital. After seeing the inside, she starts to believe that there is something out there. And she ends up in the place where she had been so long ago. And the more she goes through the place, the more strange things she discovers. This movie was really very good. I think that the most important thing is that the story is quite plausible. There is a lot of horror, but also a lot of magic and fantasy in this movie. For example, the story has a lot of incidents that happen that never happened in real life. For example, at one point, when the girl is in the basement, she asks the lady to write down some messages on the wall. The lady does, and they end up in the girl's notebook. After she writes those messages, the lady tells her a story. The story is about a man who was hanged by a man, and his wife, because he loved her so much. And then a weird thing happens: The lady and the man's wife both die in the same way, and the woman is left to live in the basement with the man. But she finds that there is something else out there. Also, she finds a stone that could make the earth tremble. And it does that in every single time she goes through the place. For example, when she goes through the cellar, the earth shakes and rumbles. And the person who watches over the girl also watches over her, even though she is the one who is supposed to be watching over her. And the thing is, even though she is supposed to be watching over her, the person watching over her is the one who is supposed to watch over the girl. The special thing is that the girl doesn't believe the story. She just doesn't believe it, and she thinks that the movie is made up. The story is good, but the acting is really good. Especially the guy who plays the boyfriend is really good. He has such a good smile and he makes you laugh. And I don't know if this movie was filmed in the 80's, but he is one of the most beautiful actors I have ever seen. I think that he has one of the best faces in Poland. And it's not just the face, he has a beautiful, smooth voice, and he is also really good in everything he does. This movie is very interesting and it is very well made. You will not regret seeing this movie. I think that this is one of the best Polish movies of all time.

Phillip C. photo
Phillip C.

I grew up watching MST3K. My friends and I often found a love of life and food in this show. My favorite scene was the "Green Monster" scene. It is just awesome. I wish that MST3K was around all the time, but sadly it is not. I think this movie is very underrated and should be at least given the 10 star rating it deserves. My favourite scene is the "Museum Of History" scene. I can't stop laughing watching this scene. I am going to watch it again and again and again. I also have the MST3K-DVD and will buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. The movie also shows how "Farm Boy" is treated by the people of his life. The ending is also very cool. Overall this is a great movie for kids and adults alike. This movie shows the hardships that anyone would have to face to be able to love someone. The best part of the movie is that you don't have to think about it.

Frances Pierce photo
Frances Pierce

The children in this film are incredibly realistic and beautiful. The acting is excellent, and the story is so real. It is not a film for children. It is a film for adults to watch. If you have not seen this film, you need to. It is truly amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Heather M. photo
Heather M.

This is a wonderful, thought-provoking film that will bring out the depth of a young boy's thoughts, feelings, and actions. While he was growing up in his hometown in Romania, the people who would become his life-long friends and neighbors were not like the people who would become his family. This film is based on the autobiographical book by Marcelo Marinho, and it is the story of a boy growing up in rural Romania in the early 1970's. The film shows how he was able to express his feelings in words to his mother, how he was able to communicate with other people, and how he experienced the emotions of his family and friends. It is a story that tells the story of how love can overcome the distance between people, of how different people can learn from each other, and how the smallest gestures can bring out the strongest of feelings. It is a movie about an boy, about love, about growing up, about family, about life, and about learning to be yourself. This movie is not one that will appeal to everyone, but it is a movie that will be very inspiring and very moving to those who have lost someone they love, and those who have lost someone they love. It is a movie that will touch your heart.

Angela Berry photo
Angela Berry

A wonderful film, and I can't believe I didn't see it sooner. The story is simple and believable, and the characters are not at all over-the-top. The story is set in a small, unimportant town in Northern Italy, and the story is told from the point of view of the children. The children are not described as "super-heroes", but as normal, ordinary people. The director and the actors make the story come alive, and the music is also an important part of the story. The actors are all good, and the children are wonderful, especially the young boy who plays the lead role. The film is set in the early 1990s, but I'm not sure that's how it would have been in 1990, when the film was made. But if you're looking for a good story, and are not easily offended, you should see this film.

Martha photo

Dianne Wiest is an American actress and journalist. She is a great actress, but her performance in this movie is so good that she deserved the Oscar. I must say that I'm a very big fan of her, so I would have liked the movie much more if I hadn't seen the documentary. The most amazing thing is the way the director has managed to make you feel so strongly for the main character, even when she's not the main character. I won't spoil it for you, but this movie is truly a masterpiece. If you don't feel that you are being pulled into the story by this movie, you must be a very weird person. The trailer is so wonderful that I could hardly stop watching it, I only wanted to watch it. I've watched this movie 2 times already. I'm sure that it will be in my top ten of all time.

Sarah photo

I watched this film about a year ago and it has stayed with me ever since. It's a beautiful story about an ordinary man who is in a position of power over people. He is so brilliant and so smart and yet so human. The movie is very touching, it's a true story and so touching. I can't understand how this film doesn't get more attention. It's a real gem.

Kathryn Lee photo
Kathryn Lee

The story of a boy who is left on his own by his parents, who did not have a heart, but instead, took care of him. The movie is about the last two years of his life, and the difficulty he had to endure, in order to be with his father, who was not able to find the love for him. I think that this movie is a great story of a young man who wants to find a way to express himself. The story is very interesting, and the acting is also very good. The characters are very well developed, and the actors do a very good job. I really liked the story, and I think that this movie is a great success.

Willie Dean photo
Willie Dean

After a long time, this is a movie which i could not pass the time of. If you think it is boring, please don't watch it. I was so immersed in the story, I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed it. The cinematography, the acting, the characters. I loved every minute of it. It is a beautiful story about a boy who discovers his mother is not his real mother, and he is moved by the kindness of strangers. The director did a fantastic job of directing, I loved every moment. I think this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. This is definitely a movie to watch.

Bryan photo

This movie was really excellent. The story was outstanding. The story was a bit strange, but very well done. It was quite hard to figure out what the movie was about, but I was very surprised when I saw the ending. I loved the music. The music was the best part of the movie. It was just wonderful and it made the movie great. It was very nostalgic to the movie. I was really glad that the actors were young, because I felt like that was a great reason to have the movie made. The story was good, but the music was just amazing and the story was just great. The acting was great. I loved the movie. It was very good. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I think the movie is great, but the music was just great. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. I think that this movie was really good.

Richard Reyes photo
Richard Reyes

Stunning portrayal of life on the Polish underground, dealing with the high-class world of drug-dealing, prostitution, money-laundering, prostitution, and prostitution. The film is told in a historical setting, as told by the characters in the film. The film is based on the life of the Zwierzanski brothers, their family, and the struggles they had to face while trying to survive the communist era. The main character, Lech Szczeczek, was arrested at the age of 10, then sent to the prison camp of Dachau, where he met other Polish children that were forced to work in the camp, and was sometimes held against his will in a room. The film is told in a factual fashion, and not as a documentary, so you can easily see the real events that happened. The movie is extremely well made. I highly recommend this film to any fan of the film industry. It's worth seeing, and I highly recommend that you watch it. (9/10)

Justin photo

I love this film! I do not know why it has not been distributed or shown in the U.S. It is about a father and his son who join a circus in their childhood. In their training they realize that their father has always been a circus performer, and he has been dying of cancer for years. He tells them that he is dying, but they are determined to take the show as far as they can. He tells them that they will have to go through their father's shows in order to "feel" his spirit. They find out that they do not know how to act, and that they are not able to perform the shows they were taught. Eventually, the father dies, and the son decides that he must leave the circus, and learn the means to perform the show. He goes to a doctor and learns that he has cancer. The circus decides to put him up for the night, and he realizes that his death was not the end of his dream. This film is full of emotions. I think that it has the best dramatic plot I have ever seen. It does not have a happy ending, but it does show that life can go on in spite of what you have learned. It shows that even the most difficult things are not always the hardest thing. It also shows the importance of love and how it can heal us.

Virginia photo

This is an old folk tale, based on the works of Gogol, the famous poet of old. This is a story about a couple of hardworking poor peasants, who in their spare time live in the forest, and fight for the lands they share with others. The film is, in a way, very beautiful, and very touching. It's not so much about politics and philosophy as it is about love and friendship. The story is told through the eyes of two characters, the farmer and the horse. The farmer is named Ivan, the young man is named Boryana. Ivan and Boryana are very different. The farmer is a simple farmer, always doing his work, and always thinking of the betterment of his fellow. The farmer has very little empathy for the animals, and is not very fond of children. The horse is not very big, but he is a very brave and loyal companion, and his name is Ivan. The story is told in a fairly linear fashion, and the end is somewhat predictable. This film is worth seeing, but not necessarily for any artistic or philosophical reason.

Cheryl photo

In my opinion this is the best film I've seen in a long time. This film is very touching, moving, and inspirational. I recommend this film to everyone, especially to people who are in a similar situation. I think that everyone should watch this film.

Brandon photo

I am a little disappointed by the film's reception. I found the movie very powerful and moving. I was especially moved by the relationship between the boy and the dog. This is one of those movies that is more than just a film. It is a testament to the power of the human spirit. It is not only about a dog but about the human spirit. It is a very moving film that has a very special message. It is not a film about a dog, it is about the human spirit. I think that the film is very well made. The cinematography is very impressive. The sound and music are very effective. The acting is excellent. It is a very touching and powerful film. It is one of those films that is best left to the viewer to decide. It is a movie that you should see, I recommend it to anyone.

Theresa Moore photo
Theresa Moore

I saw this movie in the theater and I was not disappointed. I thought the acting was great. It was a little slow for my taste but it was still great. I think it's a good movie for anyone who has ever felt sad or alone in their life. I think the movie is a great role model for all people who have never felt like they were anything more than a number in their life. It shows how much better people can become when they start to learn to love themselves. I recommend this movie to anyone who is sad or has ever felt alone in their life.

Kathleen photo

I have not seen the movie, but I have seen the play. I enjoyed the movie, but the play was much more moving. I liked the play because it was so realistic. I think it was more emotional, and the music was very good. I also like the actors because they did a good job. I am very surprised at how good the movie was. I am a big fan of the play. I was surprised at how good the movie was. I think that this is one of the best movies I have seen. I hope that this movie will be shown in other countries. I hope that there will be more movies that are like this.

Deborah Myers photo
Deborah Myers

It was a long time since I last had a chance to see a "silent" film (with a soundtrack), but I am glad I watched this one. I am a man who is a bit of a film buff, and I must say this film is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. The beauty of this film is that it is so believable, and yet so real that I found myself not caring about the ending. It is a film about men and boys, which are treated so horribly in the film that I found myself on the edge of my seat. I was amazed at how the story line flowed, and that's the whole point of a silent film. I was not disappointed at all, and I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know.

Denise C. photo
Denise C.

The best movie ever, I hope there will be more movies about this subject. I also hope that movie will be a success. When I saw this movie in the theaters, it was the best. I am writing this just to say that I want to help get the movie on the screen. Please get this movie out there. Thank you!

Jason photo

I am sorry to say that I have seen this movie once before, and only a few minutes. It was one of those movies that I have not seen before. But after seeing it, I want to see it again, since it is very close to my heart. I have always considered myself a serious movie watcher. I don't like movies that show to easy and bad things about life. For example, that the reality is like what the movie shows. I know the movie has its flaws, but I will never forget the beauty of this movie. I hope that you will see it once, but don't miss it, because you will find it very important. I don't know if the movie was made in Polish, but I think that the whole thing was in English. But it was very good, and the actors did a great job. I was crying a lot at the end, and I'm still crying a lot after seeing the movie. I want to recommend this movie to everyone. It was one of those movies that I have always wanted to see and I have been waiting to see it. I hope that you will watch it.

Harry B. photo
Harry B.

I saw this movie in June, 2014. I thought it was wonderful. It had a very strong message and a real emotional power to it. The story of this family was very well told and really touched me. The performances by the cast were very good. In the beginning of the movie, I thought it was going to be a typical "thriller". However, as the movie continued to unfold, I felt a lot of sadness. The movie was very realistic and it made me think. The whole thing was so moving and I enjoyed it very much.

Jacob photo

Amazing story and show. I'm sure you'll find something new in it.

Carl Lee photo
Carl Lee

The story of the Olive Trees is really beautiful and inspirational. Especially during the second half when the human and animal bonds become very visible. The film has a wonderful light-hearted atmosphere and manages to keep the mood very good throughout. The cast is great as usual and the action is super. There's a few cheesy moments but overall it's a great film that will be remembered for a long time. This is definitely a film that needs to be seen on the big screen and the special edition includes a beautiful and lovely soundtrack. Highly recommended.

Lori A. photo
Lori A.

With the worldwide success of this film, I think it is very likely that it will become a favourite of children of all ages. A beautiful story and some very touching moments make this film a favourite of mine. It is a very realistic story about a little boy who is a very successful chess player, but after losing a match, his life is forever changed. His father wants him to learn to play chess again. He decides to take his son to a private school in order to teach him the game. The only problem is that the school has no suitable chess players, so he is forced to hire some. But it is not just about the school that is struggling, he has to cope with his parents and his own new found knowledge. The movie is a good mix of drama, romance and love. The parents are really wonderful and the boy is really sweet. This film is a great film for children and adults.

Janice photo

This was not a movie I expected to enjoy much. My perception was that of a documentary which made me wonder what the big deal was. Well, I am happy to say that the movie was very entertaining. It is hard to imagine that an infant would learn English, just like the movie portrayed. In fact, the movie went a bit in depth into how this event is portrayed in the news. It was a film that made me think of all the kids around me in the U.S. who grew up in the '80s and '90s and are now going through their 20s, with similar experiences. They all have the same type of experience and are struggling to maintain their independence, trying to be taken care of when they are young, and how they would want to be taken care of as they grow older. Although the parents don't speak much English, the children do understand how to read and write in English. Some of them start to participate in formal school, even though they don't know how to read or write. The older generation will be the ones most affected by these changes. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I do not think I could have gotten into the movie a more easily. It has a great message. I would say that the director has had a long time to study the English language and that the movie is not just one of many films he's made with similar subjects.

Ann Bishop photo
Ann Bishop

I haven't seen this film in a long time. I had heard about it, I had read some of the reviews but after seeing it I had to tell everyone I knew to go see it as soon as they could. I am a big fan of Hungarian movies and this movie brought back my love of the country and it's films. It's a story of the struggles of a very ordinary man who faced the challenges of his existence, the doubts and miseries of life and the fight to keep it all together. I thought this movie was amazing and I would recommend anyone to go and see it. It's an important movie to talk about life in a country where millions are struggling for a better future. It's a must see for every Hungarian who can relate to this story and the challenges of life.

Gloria photo

In the movie "The Little Mermaid", a young mermaid named Ariel finds a strange little pearl that her father gave her. She learns that it is a key to the mystical city of Gaston, and that she has to give it back to the sea creature before the end of the day. But she can't because she's a human and is about to be married. Now, the little mermaid has to find out if she's a human before she gets married, and prove her love for her father. She does this by going to a fair, where she meets the mermaid, a mermaid named mermaid, who's a little bit more human than Ariel. I loved the movie because it was a wonderful family movie. The characters are very likable, the story is very heartwarming, and the songs are good. It's a great movie for all ages. If you like Disney movies, you will love this movie. My score: 7 out of 10.

Lisa S. photo
Lisa S.

My children have seen this movie a couple of times, but they have not liked it very much. I think it is better than the previous Polish movie about a mother's love for her son. I would recommend that this movie should be shown in a few schools, because the messages are very important for kids. It is a good movie to show to kids who have not been exposed to movies about the Holocaust.

Gerald photo

I was not expecting much from this film, I thought it was going to be a sort of story of how a mother made her child strong and tough. The film was more about the transformation of the father, from a loving man to a bitter man who was responsible for his son's death. The first half of the film is very depressing, and while the second half was pretty good. There is no love in this film, and I was really disappointed that this film was rated R. The film is not depressing, but it has a lot of messages and emotions that are difficult to watch. I don't think that this film is a good film, but I think that it is an excellent film. This film is a great film that shows a father who makes a difference in his son's life, and is a must see film for all parents and children.

Virginia C. photo
Virginia C.

From my perspective this movie is good and it is a lot better than the other Romanian movies. I am very proud of this movie. It was very nice to see a Romanian movie that is different from the other movies. I also like that they show the story of the car accident, but they didn't show the family and the relatives. This movie is really good. It is better than the other movies I have seen. I recommend this movie. I really recommend it.

Patricia O. photo
Patricia O.

A very rare event, a Polish film of about a month (2014) that was done by Polish directors. The director has done many films (including another one from this year) and I believe he's done one of his best. This film is about the life of a father and son and how they grow up, both of them are at different stages in life. The father is an architect who's career has ended, but still his son (the son who is a doctor) wants to be an architect himself. The father has trouble adjusting to his son's goals and he's also not happy that his son is becoming a doctor. This is a very touching and emotional film that will make you cry. This is the kind of film that you'll either love or hate, but I think you'll love it.

Virginia photo

I've never been a big fan of Turkish movies. I guess that's why I went to this one, because I had heard so many good things about it. The movie itself was good, but I just couldn't get into it. It was slow and I couldn't get into it. And the acting was pretty bad too. I didn't feel any emotion for the characters, because I didn't care about them. But it's a movie, so I can't complain too much. Overall, it was a good movie, but it didn't bring me any emotions. It was slow, boring and the acting wasn't very good. I give it a 6/10.

Ashley R. photo
Ashley R.

I saw this film as a 20-year-old guy, just looking for some crazy story about war, and found a good one. Its a little slow in some places, but the execution of the story is superb. The film is a little unrealistic but still the director did a good job. The movie is centered around a minor villian who is trying to overthrow the government. He has a regular guy actor who tries to convince him to step down but he doesn't want to. As a result, he is forced to do the opposite. The hero has a hard time believing that he was trying to step down but the two actors convince him. Eventually the two end up being friends and the hero decides to try to become a dictator himself. The movie is a little melodramatic at times, but the actors and the director really make you feel for the characters. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good story about a dictator. 8/10

Janice Allen photo
Janice Allen

In "Ovidiu Manescu", the poet appears to be telling us the story of a man who "lost his family" in a single tragedy. In this case, he may be speaking of the kind of grief of which we are not all endowed. If he were to allow himself to adopt the language of the characters, he could be talking about the loss of a loved one who has been kept "inside" his chest and who has simply not left him. In his poems, "Icras" contains no names, no faces, no names of people, no names of places. He simply shows us what a family "crashes" together. By doing so, he has managed to give us an accurate and riveting picture of what can happen to a family when they are set adrift in a sea of grief. However, there is a certain restraint, a certain balance, a certain strength, in this film. The poet, Lucian, tells us, during his "lifeless" years, that he was robbed of his family. His "genius" was therefore, in a sense, given away. But his father is here shown to be what is important to him, to himself. Lucian himself is also shown to be childishly, even, naive, in his life. And when he is confronted with the loss of his mother, he is shown to be a man of rare strength and courage, who turns the horror of that loss into the strength of a passion. He has a vision of his "father", a vision of what he sees as the future of his family, and in the end, in his violent way, he throws it away, in the way a child would do. The poet, however, does not give up his father. He is the father to Lucian, not to his mother. And in his father, we see the strength of a man, the courage of a father, the loving and loving and loving love of a father, the love of a father for his son. The "lost" son has a vision of himself, and he is himself in his youth, not unlike the poet. And there is a love between the two men, a love which has its place in the film. There is no question here of conflict between the father and the son. There is only the love of a father for his son. In that respect, "Ovidiu Manescu" is a fine film. This film is very special, very remarkable, very important, very powerful, very affecting, very moving. In short, I think that this film deserves the same kind of praise that this film deserves. It is a film that is not only very moving, but which also has a lot of strength and beauty in it. It is a film that also is very beautiful to look at, and it is a film which is both very beautiful and very moving. In other words, this film is a film which can be enjoyed by all. And in a way, it is a film which everyone can enjoy.

Amanda Patterson photo
Amanda Patterson

This is a very important movie. It shows how a young boy learns to survive on his own and how the old people deal with him. I have to say that this movie is very different from the usual 'child' movie. The acting is really good and the film is not boring. The movie is a little bit over rated but I give it a 7 out of 10. It is a good movie to watch and will definitely inspire you to be more selfless.

Elizabeth photo

I found this film very well done. It has an impressive cast and a real story. The story centers around a small Romanian village which is besieged by a force of rebels from the country's east. The townspeople are a mixed bunch and the rebels have no real advantage over the villagers. The rebels are trying to capture a military base in the village, but the villagers are able to resist and defend their own. It is a bit slow moving but the acting is top notch. It is good to see a Romanian village being portrayed in a different light than what is often shown on the news. The characters are well played and believable. The ending is a bit predictable but it is still a very good film and worth seeing.

Nathan Barnes photo
Nathan Barnes

I've never seen a movie about a mountain lion before, and I liked this one. It was not the best film ever, but it was a good movie nonetheless. It is hard to believe that this movie is made by the same people who made "The Lion King" and "Troy". This movie was great and it was a good movie to see. It was a great movie to see because it was good. I like that I didn't feel like I was watching a documentary. It was great that they didn't try to make this movie a "Disney movie". I think it was a great movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good film.

Albert Stanley photo
Albert Stanley

I enjoyed this film and I think that it is a good example of what can be done with a well-written story. I think that it would have been more interesting if it had been a true story, but it was a children's movie. So it is not a story that would really interest adults. But if you have the time to watch a children's movie, I think that this one is good. I think that it is the best children's film ever. I would have to give this movie an 8/10.

Adam Richardson photo
Adam Richardson

A real classic, but one that could have been even better. It's still not an outstanding film, but it's a really good one. The way that the film is shot is really nice. I was taken back a few times, and I wasn't going with a great sense of "wow, I can't believe they're not in a lot of good movies anymore", but the way that the director created these scenes really work for the story. I was really impressed with the cinematography. One of the best things about this film is the fact that it isn't a lot of action or shooting. It's more of a docu-drama, and even though the characters are acting in a weird way, I really liked that. There is really nothing wrong with that, because it is a pretty effective style. I think this movie does an amazing job at showing the life of a person who is living in a beautiful place in Romania, but is still struggling with a lot of issues. I don't know if I can say that I loved this film, because I'm not sure that it's a film that I'd like to watch again. But I definitely think that it's a good one, and one that I'd recommend to others, because it's just so good and that it's so good for the story. I think that this is definitely a great film to watch if you're a romantic, or just in general a person that appreciates a good story.

Rose photo

In a post-apocalyptic world, young girl Liv (Shailene Woodley) struggles to survive in the harsh conditions. In a world where human life is almost impossible, she has to rely on her mother and father (Toni Collette and Clive Owen) and is forced to live in a world of hardship. Liv is one of many young women who have grown up in the wasteland of post-apocalyptic Earth, and her life is filled with fear and pain. As she learns to cope with life, she also learns to fight back against the forces that have turned her world into a cruel place. After her father is killed by the ruthless forces of the world, Liv is forced to fend for herself and her young sister. This film was directed by director Andrei Konchalovsky and written by Konchalovsky, as well as the director of the original movie, Aleksandr Sokurov. It's not your average teenage girl flick, it's a story that is not only about the harsh conditions that many young girls live in, but also about the strong relationship that develops between a young girl and her mother. It's an excellent film that is both a character study of a young girl, and a look at the life of a woman in a post-apocalyptic world. It's not a perfect film, as it has some moments of overuse of shaky cam, but it is still an enjoyable film that has a message that is quite poignant. In this day and age, when people are treated like the animals they are, this film shows how important it is for all of us to be treated with respect, and it also shows how important it is to be able to stand up for yourself. I give this film a 7/10.

Benjamin photo

This is a very touching film. It is sad, and wonderful at the same time. It tells a story of a young girl, her father, her brothers, her parents, and her grandparents. I had the pleasure of seeing this movie at the Cleveland International Film Festival, and I think it was a good one. I think it was a little bit more overrated than it should have been, but it was good nonetheless. It's a little sad, but it's also a little bit wonderful. It has a nice message, and it's a good movie to see with your kids.

Louis Moore photo
Louis Moore

A film that is very realistic and easy to understand, though with a somewhat "dumbing down" feel. The film is about the true story of a Greek boy who as a child was taken into a mental institution and was subsequently "cured" of his schizophrenia. This film is a bit of a downer to say the least. The film is based on a book by Paul Goodman, and was directed by the same director who made "Birdman of Alcatraz". The film is very interesting, but not very believable. The film shows us the events that took place in the mental institution, but it also shows us the feelings of the people who lived in the asylum, and the overall negative impact it had on the community. The film also shows us the anger of the parents of the boy, and the reason why they were so angry. The film is very good, but not very realistic.

Debra photo

A must see. A very sad story about one of the world's most honest or good humanitarians. a wonderful performance by Christoph Waltz. I saw this film when I was young and I was a bit skeptical because I knew Waltz was just a kid, but he brought the real essence of a man, made us feel for him. This film is about the tragedy and the promise that Martin Luther King, Jr. had with people. he had a way of communicating with people that was clear and really thought provoking. the film is a must see and I really recommend it to everybody.

Ronald H. photo
Ronald H.

This movie is about a mother who is trying to find a way to raise her four children. Her husband, who has been away for a long time, is finally back. The children are all growing up and the father is an old man. There is a lot of talk about growing old and getting old. There is also talk about the children being a little rebellious. But the mother always tries to make things work and to make sure they have a good life. The children are all very much in love with the mother and want to be like her. The mother does have a lot of stress as the children grow up and she has to find a way to keep them all in their home. The children are very close and the mother and father get along very well. There is also a lot of talk about what is going on in the world. There are some very interesting scenes in the movie, but some of them are a bit over the top. I thought the movie was very well done and I liked it. I would recommend it to people who are into this kind of movie.

Mildred H. photo
Mildred H.

I saw this movie when I was about 12. I had seen the trailer for it and thought it was pretty cool. It was, but I wasn't sure what to expect. After the movie I went back to see it again and was amazed at how good the movie was. The acting was great, the story was good, the humor was very good, and it was very touching. It is a very sad story, and I loved it. The ending is very strong, and I was not expecting it at all. It is sad, and so is the movie, and I was very sad when it was over. It is very good, and I recommend it to anyone. It is a very good movie, and it is a movie that I would love to see again. 7/10

Timothy O. photo
Timothy O.

Not much in the way of special effects but still a good movie that deserves much better than what it got. In my opinion, the strength of this movie is the fact that the whole team made this movie, including the writer, director, editor and producer. The plot, the animation and the music were all very good. The acting was very good also. A must-see movie.

Russell Pierce photo
Russell Pierce

MARK RAYHOFF'S "ABOUT LAST NIGHT" is a gorgeous, heart-rending tale of the love between two strangers. Even in the 80s, when gay relations were still socially condemned, this movie clearly shows the issues and stigma of homosexuality without compromising quality or acting. The characterizations are carefully and accurately drawn, with love and loyalty and vulnerability being their main focal points. The cast is excellent, with Trevor Jones as the hero, Peter Donohoe as his idealized self-righteous, Aaron Paul as the heartbroken lover, John Franklin as his teacher and Michelle Pfeiffer as the lesbian who has a lot to learn from him. Overall, this is an excellent movie, and one that will be a favorite for many years to come.

Jonathan R. photo
Jonathan R.

This is a beautifully made movie about the life of the great composer, Bartok. It is set in a small town in Poland, where Bartok lives in a little cottage with his wife, father and two sons. In this small village, he is celebrated as a saint and an icon for peace, not just because of his music, but also because he is a very kind man, and because of his kindness to his neighbors and to those who have served him in the past. The story is based on a true story. This film is the story of Bartok's life and his struggle to make his place in history. Bartok is a very humble man. He does not have a huge social life. He is a very modest man. He does not want to get involved in the world, he just wants to be happy. In the beginning of the film, we see Bartok walking through the town, looking for a job. He is looking for a job because he feels that he is not good enough for a job. When he meets a woman who works at the train station, he asks her for a job. She tells him that he must be a musician, and Bartok becomes very excited. He asks for the job, and the woman tells him that he is not good enough, and that he must be an icon for peace. The film ends with a message to Bartok and to the whole world. This film is very moving. It is a beautiful film, very sad at times, but beautiful at others. I recommend this film to people who want to learn more about the life of Bartok. It is a very well made film, and it is definitely worth watching.

Patricia photo

I've seen "Elucidating Life", and I've enjoyed it, because it explores the important question of the essence of life, without lecturing us or leading us astray. "A Simple Life" is the story of a typical young Italian woman, Fiamma Vittoria (Sobry, looking like a spoiled brat, and not really working hard in this role), who comes to a village of children, to work as a babysitter. She tries to teach them to read and write, but the children are too smart for her. There's also a young orphan, who has an unusual quality, which no one seems to notice, because he is trying to help the teacher, and he also teaches the kids. The movie does not focus on the children, but on the teacher, and what she has to learn to keep her job. Even the young orphans are treated as having a role in the story. The movie isn't about adult learning, it's about the lesson of life, which is the essence of the word. No lesson is too difficult to learn, and no lesson is too easy. It's like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope, the characters are constantly changing, looking to find a new perspective. There is no particular end, or a story to tell, but the essence of life. The movie may not be suitable for the younger audience, but I really liked it, it is a story which reminds me of another similar movie, "No one can love me without my permission", and this movie is very similar in this respect. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in film. "A Simple Life" is the most interesting movie to come out of Europe in the last year.

Frank M. photo
Frank M.

I saw this film at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival and was really impressed. I think the performances were very well done, particularly the lead actor. He plays a strong and capable man who is completely undone by the death of his son. I think that the film is extremely well made, and the use of the flashback structure was excellent. I particularly liked the ending, which was very moving. I recommend this film.

Deborah Gray photo
Deborah Gray

You probably have seen one of the other reviews here before. but i think this is the best and the best Ukrainian movie I have seen. Everything is perfect, so much passion, so many emotions. For me, it was the best movie I have seen in my life. I am extremely happy to see such a great story and with so much feelings, and that feels so good. A great story, so much emotion, so many feelings. I felt a lot of emotions, I will always feel them. Great job. And this one will be in my DVD collection, if there is a still for the next movie. It will be a masterpiece for sure.

Jean Duncan photo
Jean Duncan

Very well produced, very well acted. I don't know if this movie has the 'death' message. But as a rule, movies are supposed to be about life and death. This is not a 'Disney movie'. If that is the case, don't watch it.

Amy R. photo
Amy R.

This movie is about the daily struggles of the lives of children growing up in the Soviet Union. The children of the parents who fled to the USSR were brought up by relatives who were forced to take care of them until the parents either died or got pregnant. The kids were brought up by Communist Party members and their friends. It was one of the worst times for those children. These kids were bullied and humiliated at school. They had to beg their parents to send them to school to help them cope with the new school culture. But those parents were considered "uneducated" and they had to go to prison. Their children were forced to perform the tasks that their parents didn't have the courage to do. The only other option that they had was the on-the-street or off-the-street school. For these kids, life was difficult and we see their struggles in great detail. I was moved by this movie. Even though it's far from the reality, it still moved me. Many times when I go to a movie, I feel more at home. That's what makes me watch this movie.

Jack R. photo
Jack R.

This is a movie about the life of the late, great, and revered (at least in Poland) painter Jarmo Sislo. We follow him in his formative years as a child, as a young adult and as an adult. We also see him dealing with the pressures of his fame as well as the pressures of his new wife. Jarmo has several visions in his life, some of them affecting his art and some of them affecting his family. This movie is interesting in its depiction of how Sislo's life changed after his wife died. In the beginning of the movie, we see him as a young boy (as seen in the opening sequence). He's a curious, playful child who is always interested in his mother. Later in the movie, when he is a young adult, we see him as an adult, and we see how his life changes after his wife's death. When he is an adult, he goes to the studio to paint and paints the same way that he used to paint. His drawings are nothing new, but he still paints them like a young boy. The painter has a son who is a painter, and he is one of the most famous painters in the world. Jarmo sees this as a threat to his career, as he has to give up his wife. So he decides to give up painting and go back to the studio. The movie ends with him having to decide whether he should stay in the studio or not. This movie is definitely not for everyone. It is too long, too slow and too somber. But I do recommend it to those who are interested in painting, or in the life of Jarmo Sislo.

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Gerald B.

An interesting, if somewhat disturbing, documentary about the lives of three teenage girls who spent a couple of years in a psychiatric hospital. We follow the girls through the years of their youth, as they try to live normal lives in a world that they barely understood. The film is very hard to watch. I was very surprised to see a young girl of 16 actually being able to speak fluent English, and all the girls were very attractive. The film shows that the girls were not the only victims of the school system, and that the system itself was itself a problem. I do not recommend this film, but I will recommend it to others.

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Mildred Butler

A brilliant movie for the family to watch. In case you are not ready to watch the movie, try to stay on the 2nd quarter. It will make you think about everything. You will be captivated by the story and the story will still give you goosebumps. It shows how love affects people in a very realistic way. You will want to see it again and again.

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Elizabeth D.

I was always a big fan of the book, but not a big fan of the film. The book is a much more simple, humanistic, and realistic story. The film is about the conflict between the Greek and Turkish countries. I liked the film a lot, but it lacked a little bit of realism. The film is a lot more violent, and realistic, than the book, and the movie is a lot more violent than the book. I don't really mind that much. I would recommend the film to people who liked the book, and I would recommend the book to people who liked the film. The book is much more simple, and more realistic, than the film. I don't think the film is very good, and the book is not that good, but the film is not very bad, and the book is not very bad.

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this is the kind of movie I watch over and over again.It is a very good story, filled with so much drama and so many surprises.At the end of the movie i got a little disappointed because of all the scenes and events that happened in the beginning, but they were good and i think that they were the best part of the movie.In my opinion, the best part of the movie was the kiss scene between Emilio and was a beautiful moment.In my opinion, Emilio has a great personality and is very hard working.His life is full of troubles and he has a hard life.I believe that this is one of the best movies ever made in my opinion.It is a movie that will leave you with a feeling of happiness and peace.

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Betty G.

I'm not a fan of the theme music of the film, but it was well chosen and perfectly fitting to the mood of the film. The film is not a documentary, nor a documentary about a political party or movement, but about the Greek people who, despite the hardships, managed to get a second chance and a second chance to live the dream. In some sense, I believe that this film is a comedy. Although it is very well made, and is not that predictable, it is also not funny, and is not meant to be. This is a film about the Greek people, and about the Greek people's struggle to get their rights, and the struggle of the Greek people to overcome their hardships, and their struggles to overcome the hardships of their own country. This film is not for everyone, but it is certainly for people who are interested in the Greek people and their struggle for democracy and their struggle for justice and equality.

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A life time effort, one that has been given a thorough historical treatment in the recent Hollywood film "A Beautiful Mind." The film itself is good, but the narrative does tend to be a bit confusing at times. I found it difficult to follow the characters at times, and sometimes I was left with questions in regards to the events of the film. It is a shame, as the film is based on an excellent novel. It is a shame that the novel was not given a more thorough treatment in the film, as the film does a good job of portraying the novel, and the novel is very good in itself. The novel is set in the 1960's in New Jersey, and was originally written by Stephen Knight and Alain Barry. It is interesting that it was so difficult to get this film made, and that they even had to cut some scenes in order to meet the film's budget requirements. It is interesting that the film was set in New Jersey, as it is a beautiful place. I think that the film is a great film, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. The film is definitely worth watching.

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The creative process is rarely about what you do with the story as much as it is about how you tell it. This is what happened here. We have the time of day sequence as well as the great juxtaposition of the moments. Let's first cover the temporal chronology of the film. Each character in the story, is placed at a different time in time (based on their relationship with the mentor), and from that moment on, they have been living a different life. This moment of time sequence is very well thought out. Each character's life is based on each other. We see flashbacks of their past life, and we see flashbacks of their present life. What we are watching is a representation of their relationship. We see that they were brothers at a time of tragedy and danger, but at the same time, their lives are so very different. We see each character have a different outlook on life, but at the same time, they have the same experiences and to have the same personality traits as each other. We also see the relationship between each character, and how their relationship grows, and that is what I find this film about. The second most important aspect that you should focus on is the visuals. This is the core of the story. It is a very unique film, because the visuals are so well crafted, it is almost impossible to tell when one of them is a flashback. The film really takes you through the flashbacks, and just as we watch each character, they are showing us a different aspect of the life they were living. It is so well thought out, I love the way they have layered the story, and you get the most out of the film if you see it from each character's perspective. The third aspect you need to think about is the acting. The acting is top notch, and I truly don't understand why the film did not get nominated for Oscars. There is some of the best acting I have seen in a film, and everyone really shines, but I will go into detail on a few, and I will end with the legendary Tim Roth. Tim Roth, you are a legend. You are one of those actors, that no one could ever really replace. When I first saw you, I knew you were special, and now, I really don't know what you could possibly be doing at this point in your career. You are just amazing. If you see this film, you need to just pay attention to how good you are. You are amazing, and this is why I am not a big fan of other actors, even those in the films I enjoy. I just want to see you, and see the way you do everything else. You are the greatest. You are a legend. I love you. THANK YOU.

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Kathleen Davidson

While many people say this is a horrible movie, I say it is amazing. It really shows what happens in a life to someone who is misunderstood, bullied, and abandoned by her family. Everyone is pointing out the flaws in the story, but it's something we all go through. There's a lot of crap in life, but this movie shows that. And that's something every human should see.

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This film is really remarkable. You can't help but think that it has a message, or what it says is important. Or at least that it could be useful. The cinematography is superb, and the characters are just plain likable. The cast is terrific, with an outstanding Ian Holm (played by actor Danilo Petri) playing a Norwegian geologist in present-day Italy. The younger versions of all the actors are very good as well, and the use of shadow and sound in many scenes is truly brilliant. I also liked how the story evolves throughout the film. It takes you through a very deep journey and many good points are brought out. There are also many scenes where a lot of thought is put into what they say, especially by Petri. The plot is very important. I feel that if the film had been only about the trip, I would have missed the message. Some might say that the point of the film is that these animals are wild and dangerous. I can see how that could be an important point. Animals have a lot of what we would consider "freedom" to live, just like humans do. But the film is not about the animals. It's about the human beings who are affected by the animals. It's about human being capable of loving these animals and understanding their place in the world. This film is about human beings. It's about what the movie is about: love. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to understand why animals are wild. It has an incredible message. It's a must see.

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This film is about the experiences of the 8 year old boy, Gali, and his parents. The film tells the story of their son and his mother, and the experiences they had with his father. The film is very touching, even though the characters of the characters are fictional, the emotions of the characters, which they face are real and well realized. The acting of the mother and the father is wonderful. The little boy is perfect for the role. The mother is always looking out for her son, and she always sees the good in people, like a mother would never, in a million years, do. The father, in this film, is in his first year of prison, and is a very brave, and almost animal-like person, who must do what the law tells him. This is the role for the father in the film. The boy's father has his own problems, because of his own past, and is doing what the law tells him to. The father is on the edge of getting the maximum prison time, and he has no time for his son, and thus he can't be with him when he gets out. But then, the boy's father makes a decision that he will get out of prison, and this will allow him to be with his son, and to get to know him, and do all the things his father has done to him. After that, the boy makes a decision to go with his father to go visit his mother. He does not want to go, because he can't go home. But, then he makes a decision, and he decides to go with his father. And it turns out that he has a new mother, and he is very happy to have a new mother, and he gets to meet her, and everything is ok. The child's father becomes a good father, and a man of honor, and his wife accepts him for who he is, and they make a wonderful family. And the son, after being in prison for eight years, can go home and he can make peace with his father, and he can be with his mother. Then he goes home and has a wonderful reunion with his mother, and he makes peace with him, and they are happy. The film is not like any other film you have ever seen. It is touching and touching and touching. The emotional scenes are very powerful and touching, and the story is great. You cannot be sad when you see this film. You can see why the mother was kind to her son, because she knows what he is like. And, the father is a man of honor, and he will never give up. The film is wonderful, because it is wonderful, and it is beautiful. But, the film is not just great, it is wonderful. It is a great film, and I recommend it to everyone. It is a film that anyone, young or old, can relate to. 9/10