Steam Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Walking on Water is a movie starring Christo. An uncensored look into the artistic process and personal relationships of Christo, an artist known for his large-scale installations. For the first time since the passing of his wife...

Other Titles
Christo: Walking on Water, Christo - Walking on Water, Christo - Walking On Water
Running Time
1 hours 45 minutes
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History, Documentary, Adventure, Comedy
Andrey Paounov
United Arab Emirates, Italy, USA, Germany
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An uncensored look into the artistic process and personal relationships of Christo, an artist known for his large-scale installations. For the first time since the passing of his wife and partner, Jeanne-Claude, Christo sets out to realize, The Floating Piers, a project they conceived together many years before.

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Robert Dunn photo
Robert Dunn

I think that there are some things that are said in the documentary that are just plain wrong. The narration in the beginning of the documentary is so wrong that I could not believe that the narrator is not the man himself. I guess that they are trying to make it look like a documentary from the first place, but when you watch the documentary, you will see that the narration is not so important. In the beginning of the documentary, the narrator says something like, "Most of the people here don't know what the documentary is about", and he then says "This is how the movie starts", when it should be, "This is how the movie ends". I don't know why they went to the trouble of writing this narration, because it is just a bad idea. The documentary is very well made and I think that everyone who is going to watch the documentary should watch it.

Adam Romero photo
Adam Romero

Saw this film at a festival in London and was impressed by the creative presentation. The film is divided into three parts and it is well put together. The "pre-selection" selection process at the film festival is a really great idea, the film maker will get the most interesting stories and the ones that are picked will go on to be produced in the series. It is a shame that it was not picked up for a major feature film because this film deserves to be seen by the general public. The documentary shows how governments, corporations and private individuals conspire to harm the environment, and how this can lead to changes in the environment. The stories are very personal and the images are really moving. I would really recommend this film to anyone. 9/10

Debra C. photo
Debra C.

After reading some reviews here I was intrigued and I decided to check it out. I am glad I did. This is a documentary about the life of Cecil Rhodes, a man who made Britain rich and he got the war started, as well as destroying the reputation of the British Empire, while the US and the European countries didn't want to play ball with him. This documentary goes into his life, his marriages, his political career and his battles with the US government. It is not a documentary about Cecil Rhodes, it is a documentary about how he did it. It is also about his political career, which was a career filled with many ups and downs, which also had a major part of his downfall. The film is a must see for anyone interested in British history, and anyone who likes to learn about a man who is remembered in history books but has been forgotten in the present. Great movie!

Raymond A. photo
Raymond A.

This is an interesting film that seems to have gone under the radar a bit. I really enjoyed it, especially the interviews with the directors. However, there are a lot of negative reviews on this film. I think that the people who didn't like it were just looking for a fast-paced, fun film. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the critics would have you believe. The first half of the film is really boring, but then there's a really funny moment at the end. If you're looking for a fast-paced film, go watch THIS film. However, if you want to see a film with a great story, with characters you actually care about, go see this film.

Kimberly W. photo
Kimberly W.

I enjoyed this documentary, but I don't think it is the best of any kind. I think the only thing I could really criticize it for is that it tries to be too scientific, but in the end it ends up being about the history of the Holocaust. I think a lot of the clips that are used are just for shock value. For example, when the main narrator says that Hitler is a great artist, he makes the mistake of saying "Great" instead of "Great". It's a mistake that made me cringe, and it is very common in documentaries. But this was still a great documentary. The only problem I had with it was that it is too technical. But this is not a problem for the viewers. It is a problem for the producers, and it is a problem for the producers because they will not get paid if the people that make the documentaries do not get paid. But the only problem I have with this documentary is that it is too long. I think that if they cut a little bit out, they would make a much better documentary.

Daniel Cooper photo
Daniel Cooper

I didn't think it was possible for a documentary to be as good as this one. If you want to know how someone can have a 10-year career in climbing in one year, or how a team of climbers can save a life, or how a village can become a village, this documentary is for you. I saw it at the Chicago Art Museum and I was lucky enough to be able to catch a showing on a second-run VHS. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know how and why a rock climber can climb a mountain in one year.

Ruth Palmer photo
Ruth Palmer

In the last decade or so, there has been a realisation that not only have the films of great directors, like Mel Gibson, Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher and Spike Lee, been steadily becoming less commercial, but have also been getting less popular. What is most striking about this new wave of films, is that they have managed to capture the zeitgeist of the times, and whilst I am certainly no great fan of the cinema, I am certainly a fan of these directors, and I was excited to see what this film had to offer. The plot is fairly standard, but it does have an unusual twist that was a little bit of a let down, but it's not too bad. The cast are all very good, although some of them are not particularly well known to me, so I would have liked to see them portrayed a little more. I also did not enjoy the fact that there was no sex scene, although it is not really necessary for a film like this, and it was also a little bit of a let down that the characters were never shown to have a significant relationship with one another. But these were minor issues, as the film was a good watch, and the film is definitely worth watching.

Christian L. photo
Christian L.

Duke Nukem Forever is one of the most famous and beloved video game franchises of all time. The plot is a simple one, but it is a great one to tell. We follow the adventures of a virus-infected scientist, Duke Nukem, as he tries to save the world from a strange virus. It's the second movie in the series and it's about as good as the first one. The characters are all well developed, with good development for the characters of Duke Nukem and the villain, the Terminators. They have good development for the characters of the original cast, which includes Sam Jackson, Anthony Anderson, and George Takei. The villains are also well developed, with the Terminator being the best villain of all. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. It's very well-done, and it's definitely one of the best video game franchises ever.

Beverly Garcia photo
Beverly Garcia

I was pretty happy with the film, although it was a bit on the shorter side. It wasn't anything that you'd see in the cinema, it was more of a documentary and a fictional story that I'd like to see on TV or DVD in the future. I did think the film was very good and I think it deserves a lot of credit for it's success, but the cast weren't that great and the performances were weak, which I think really makes the film not as good as it could have been. The film was basically a story of how history was told and how it was also told about other places and times. The film has some really great quotes and moments that are very moving and a lot of it was very moving. The film does have a few faults, but I thought it was well made, and had good performances and that's why it was a good film. I'd recommend this film to anyone that is interested in history, because it's a great film that will make you think and understand what history is and how it was also told. This film is a great film that anyone can enjoy and anyone that enjoys history should see this film.

Theresa photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. It is a very enjoyable documentary about a very important topic, which unfortunately is largely ignored in this country. The reason I believe this is is because the issue of Native Americans and the treaty with the United States was never addressed as a major issue. The documentary does a great job of showing that the treaty was the main reason that this country was founded, and that the Native Americans were the people who gave the United States its most important weapon, its hard-earned land. The film is also very entertaining. It's full of great footage and interviews, and also does a great job of showing the differences between the people who live in this country, and the people who live in other countries. This is definitely a film that you should not miss. It is definitely a documentary that you should watch.

Margaret Johnston photo
Margaret Johnston

The reason that this documentary is so compelling is because it is so well crafted. It was shot in a way that only the filmmaker knows how to do. I found the soundtrack to be very engaging, but this is not the kind of documentary that I would expect from the director of "Boys Don't Cry." It is more along the lines of a documentary about a family's struggles, rather than a documentary about a man's journey. That said, the film is still well worth seeing. The music is quite engaging and it is worth noting that it is the music of Bob Dylan, not the band. If you are looking for a film that is about a man's journey, this is not the film. However, if you are looking for a film that is about a family's struggles, you will love this film.

Adam Austin photo
Adam Austin

The French are notorious for their strange visual styles, which tend to make them look more like a post-modern art film than a movie. In this film, they follow a group of people on a train to visit a religious cult, while the narrator narrates about the society and culture of France in the 20th century. The trip begins to go awry, and we get to see a lot of funny scenes, but also some horrific ones. The first scene of this film is hilarious, as the group is shown on a train traveling to a secluded cabin, which they find in the woods. A bunch of people in the car tries to get them to move, but it seems they are the ones who are the problem, because they don't want to go anywhere. As the train continues to go, more and more people start to show up, and the situation becomes even more awkward. The train's captain gives out a set of rules for the passengers, which lead to a group of people trying to get out of the car before it is too late. This film is not a masterpiece, but it's not bad either. The director, Caroline Fardin, is able to create a strange and amusing look at a society and culture, that is quite different from most other films that depict the same thing. The train itself is also quite unique, and the scenery is quite interesting. The acting is pretty good, with everyone getting their chance to show their skills. The only thing that doesn't work here is the story. The entire story is a bit predictable, and at times even a bit boring. If you want to see a French film, then check out "Les Voyages de l'Isle-Antoine", or "Avant la ville" by Gilles Sander.

Mildred Fowler photo
Mildred Fowler

I think this documentary is very interesting because it shows the many different ways the American film industry has affected the world, and the "special" way they did it. It also gives a real insight to the "business" behind the movies, and how the studios make a lot of money off of the films that get released. Some of the ideas that the filmmakers come up with are very clever, and I think that they do a great job explaining the process of making a film. It's a very interesting documentary that I would recommend to anyone. If you are a fan of the film industry, you will definitely enjoy this documentary.

Lauren F. photo
Lauren F.

This is the kind of documentary that would make you laugh out loud. This documentary is about a documentary filmmaker, Steve Orloff, and his life. He's been in the business for years. In this documentary, he tells the story of his films, including some of the most difficult and intense ones he's ever done. His stories and experiences are mixed in with some of the documentaries he's done, as well as some of the interviews he's done. This is one of the more personal documentaries I've ever seen. It's not really about him, it's more about his films. This documentary is more of a story than anything else, and the more you learn about the filmmaker, the more you understand what he's going through. The documentary is very short, but it really is a good documentary. There are a few laughs here and there, but it is really just about a man, who loves his work. The stories are told in a very personal way, which makes it very interesting. This is not a documentary that you can just watch because it's good. It is very unique, and you will be able to understand the filmmaker in a lot of different ways. This is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It's great to watch, and it's definitely worth watching. I give this a 7/10.

Henry W. photo
Henry W.

This movie is an "anti-zionist" film and is meant to counter the propaganda and stereotypes of the pro-zionist group "Million Palestinian March" (march in English). In the beginning of the film we are told the story of a Palestinian family and how they are trying to build a home on land they have owned for many years. We see how a young man is trying to "unify" the Palestinian family and how the families struggle to survive. This film portrays a different perspective of the Arab community than what is being presented by the mainstream media and the anti-zionist lobby. The main character of the film is not an Arab and not an Israeli. It is a Palestinian father and his son who are trying to build a home in the West Bank. The filmmaker is trying to draw a balance between the reality and the propaganda. He wants to portray the struggle of the Palestinian family as the struggle of the Palestinian people, but he also wants to show the Jewish people that they are not the only ones who are suffering from the oppression of the Palestinians. There are some interesting interviews with Palestinian and Israeli people, some of them also have a positive perspective on the conflict. It is not a perfect film and I would recommend it to people who are anti-Zionist and/or anti-Israel. But I think that it is worth watching for its story and perspective.