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Valley Girl

Valley Girl is a movie starring Chloe Bennet, Alicia Silverstone, and Peyton List. Set to a new wave '80s soundtrack, a pair of young lovers from different backgrounds defy their parents and friends to stay together. A musical...

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Fata din vale
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Comedy, Romance, Musical
Rachel Lee Goldenberg
Andrew Lane, Wayne Crawford, Amy Talkington
Mae Whitman, Peyton List, Chloe Bennet, Alicia Silverstone
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Set to a new wave '80s soundtrack, a pair of young lovers from different backgrounds defy their parents and friends to stay together. A musical adaptation of the 1983 film.

Comments about comedy «Valley Girl» (21)

Amber S. photo
Amber S.

This is the first time I have seen this film. It was advertised as a "boy meets girl" type of film, but I found it more of a romantic comedy than a boy meets girl type of film. It is funny and entertaining, but not the best film I have seen in a while. It was worth seeing, but it was not a film I would recommend to anyone.

Evelyn photo

This movie was not what I expected. I expected a chick flick with a lot of crude humor, and I got it. This movie has a lot of great scenes, and it is very funny. The only thing I didn't like was that the director didn't really explain anything about the characters. It was kind of confusing, and it was kind of hard to understand. I really liked the characters, and I thought they were very well developed. The movie is very well made, and the music is great. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Lori photo

I really enjoyed this film. It was funny, well acted, and very entertaining. It was definitely a high point of the year. It's a shame that it's so low rated. It's a very funny movie and it has a great soundtrack. The characters are all very likable and you really get to like them. I thought the film was very well made and I was very surprised at how good it was. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys comedy and is in the mood for a good movie. I give it a 7/10.

Cheryl C. photo
Cheryl C.

I think this movie is very underrated. I think that the plot is not as complex as the other movies in this genre. The main character is not as likable as the other characters. I think the movie is a bit too long. The first half is very slow and boring. But the second half of the movie is great. I think that the movie is worth watching.

Joan photo

I am not a big fan of teen movies, but this one was not bad. The movie has a good message, and the actors did a good job. It was a good movie to watch, and the music was really good. The movie is not a comedy, and it does not have any nudity. This is not a movie for everyone, but if you like movies that are not overly serious, then this is the movie for you. I give it a 7/10.

Brandon Torres photo
Brandon Torres

This is a very fun film. I enjoyed it a lot. It's very much a "girl movie" and it has some very funny parts. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

Adam Rice photo
Adam Rice

I loved this movie, I have watched it a few times and it's always good. I was really disappointed when it didn't get a release in the UK, it's great. The soundtrack is great, the acting is good, and the story is great. I really hope that it gets a release in the UK, because it's a great movie.

Robert Hanson photo
Robert Hanson

This film is a brilliant parody of the romantic comedy genre. The cast is perfect. The plot is also great. The characters are very well developed and the chemistry between them is wonderful. The direction is also very good. The music is very well chosen and fits the mood of the film perfectly. The film is very funny and the jokes are very original. The characters are also very likable and the plot is very believable. This film is a must-see. It is a comedy masterpiece and I think it deserves the Oscar for best comedy. It is a very funny film that is very funny and has great chemistry between the characters. It is also a very original film and the plot is very believable. I give this film a 7/10.

Joshua B. photo
Joshua B.

I watched this movie on the spur of the moment.I hadn't seen it since the 80s,when it was a huge hit.I am a young woman who has been to all the movies.The movie is fun and very funny.The way the characters react to the situations and the reactions of the other characters are totally believable.The thing that makes this movie a hit is the fact that it was made before the computer age.The characters,both male and female,are real and believable.I like how they keep using the language.It's nice to see a movie where the main character is a woman.I don't want to spoil the movie for you but I think you will be impressed.It is a great movie.A must see!

Lori Schultz photo
Lori Schultz

This is a very funny movie, not only because of the whole fairy tale concept, but because of the characters. The story is interesting, and it is made very well. Some of the jokes are really funny, especially the one with the penguin. I really recommend this movie to everyone. I've seen it twice, and I will be seeing it again.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

Meryl Streep in an extremely successful comedy? I haven't seen such a success since there's been a new release every year since 1977! "The River Wild" is a delightful, funny, fun, charming film that leaves the viewer feeling good. The plot is simple and straightforward, but the production design is so well done that you almost forget it's a feature film. The script is so well written that you feel like you're part of the movie. And the characters are just so well written that you could easily mistake them for real people. "The River Wild" is a very well crafted movie and it's an instant classic. The movie also has a wonderful soundtrack that adds to the movie's charm. A great ensemble cast, a fun, charming story, and a big laugh all round make this a great movie to watch. This is the kind of movie that is highly recommended for all ages. It's fun, hilarious, and full of laughs.

Joan Castro photo
Joan Castro

i found it to be very funny and romantic. and i also found it to be very touching. it also has great scenery. and a great cast. i highly recommend this film to anyone who likes romantic comedies. and also for people who love to watch "drama/romance" films.

Kathy B. photo
Kathy B.

It was the first film I ever saw as a teenager. I remember going to the theater to watch it and laughing out loud. I liked the fact that it was made by the same people that made "The Princess Bride". It was funny and entertaining. I loved that it was a family movie, and the songs were all good. I loved it because I remembered that movie when I was a kid. I loved that I could now look back and see it when I was young again. The humor of the film was great. I still remember how funny I was. I thought that all of the other actors did a great job too. I am glad that they did this movie. It is a fun movie to watch with the whole family.

Jeremy Reynolds photo
Jeremy Reynolds

I love this movie! It's definitely a family movie, but I really enjoyed the whole movie. It's very funny, and I'm not even sure if it's for kids. I was the youngest in my family and we loved it! The cast was amazing! I loved the voice of Adrien Brody, and Paul Rudd was so cute and funny! I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to have a good time!

Henry Delgado photo
Henry Delgado

This movie is fantastic. It's a gem of a movie. The cast is all fantastic. Steve Martin, Helen Hunt, Christopher Walken, Ben Stiller and a great performance by Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman is great. He's hilarious and great to watch. I recommend this movie to anyone.

Brenda H. photo
Brenda H.

Tears. Confusion. The odd dance of a very small number of people. For me this is an underrated gem. For those of you who haven't seen it, get it. It's one of those movies that you'll want to watch again and again. This is definitely a film that will stick in your mind for a while.

Julie Johnson photo
Julie Johnson

I've seen a lot of Bollywood films in my time. All are OK, but " Valley Girl " is definitely a special one. I have to admit that it is a bit different from most Bollywood movies. But this is not a problem at all. It is a very pleasant movie. The songs are well-done. The screenplay is very well-written. It is quite a different style from other Bollywood movies. And I think it is very much enjoyable to watch. I liked this movie a lot.

Dorothy photo

The movie "I'm So Excited" was a great family movie. It was a perfect family movie because of the innocence and the uniqueness of the characters. It is a classic and very difficult movie to find a good way to start. The movie has lots of surprises, and the good thing about this movie is that you don't have to see the first scene of the movie to understand it. I recommend it to all families who like a movie that is good for kids, especially with all the funny and funny moments. It is a very good movie for kids and for adults who want to watch a great family movie. The soundtrack is great, and the songs are very nice to hear. The movie is very good and very good for the whole family.

Ralph photo

This film is very funny. I watched it with my husband. We both loved it. My husband said it was very funny. I agree with him. I have seen the movie more than 10 times, and I still laugh at it. We enjoyed the acting of Jon Heder. I liked that he wasn't afraid to act. I liked the different roles of Heder. I thought it was funny that the director cast Jon Heder in all the different roles. He played his character very well. I think it was good that the director cast Jena Malone in the role of the woman who is in love with Heder. She was very funny in her role. I think the actors all did a very good job. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy.

Larry D. photo
Larry D.

I really enjoyed this movie. I am not really into musicals or other musical type movies but I have seen this one and I really liked it. I can't really think of a reason to dislike it. I really liked the movie and I don't want to give anything away but it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I really like the movie so I give it a 9. I think it is a great movie to watch and I think the cast did an awesome job. I also think that the soundtrack was great and it was very fitting for the movie. I also think that if you like musicals you should watch this movie because it is a really good movie. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and I think it is a really good movie to watch.

Matthew P. photo
Matthew P.

I was very pleased to find out that there is a sequel to "The Valley Girl", and I think it is the best film of all time. The first film was enjoyable, but it lacked the many characters, and as a result, it was hard to relate to it. But now that I've seen the sequel, I was able to understand why it is so wonderful, and I have been able to relate to it as well. I am surprised that this movie was not a box office success, but I'm glad it wasn't, as I think it was a great film. The acting was brilliant, and I loved the chemistry between Joan Cusack and Ellen Burstyn. Ellen Burstyn, who played the beautiful Mrs. Bloom, was an excellent addition to the cast, and it was great to see her in a role that was so different from what she had played in the first film. It was very difficult to follow the story of the film, but it was still very enjoyable. The music in the film was great. I loved the music, and I especially loved the ending, which was very good. I think it is one of the best musicals ever. The plot was very unique, and it was great to see so many characters from the original film. I think this film is a must see for everyone.