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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a movie starring Barry G. Bernson, Herb Caillouet, and Bill Camp. Steven, a charismatic surgeon, is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice after his life starts to fall apart, when the behavior of a...

Other Titles
Ubijanje svetega jelena, Uciderea cerbului sacru, Kutsal Geyiğin Ölümü, O Sacrifício do Cervo Sagrado, Ubojstvo svetog jelena, La'harog a'yal kadosh, Zabicie świętego jelenia, Il sacrificio del cervo sacro, Zabití posvátného jelena, Ubistvo svetog jelena, Sventojo elnio nuzudymas, Ο θάνατος του ιερού ελαφιού, 聖なる鹿殺し キリング・オブ・ア・セイクリッド・ディア, O Sacrifício de Um Cervo Sagrado, Egy szent szarvas meggyilkolása, El sacrificio de un ciervo sagrado, El sacrificio del ciervo sagrado, 聖鹿之死, Mise à mort du cerf sacré
Running Time
2 hours 1 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Drama
Yorgos Lanthimos
Efthymis Filippou, Yorgos Lanthimos
Raffey Cassidy, Barry G. Bernson, Bill Camp, Herb Caillouet
Ireland, UK
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Steven, a charismatic surgeon, is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice after his life starts to fall apart, when the behavior of a teenage boy he has taken under his wing turns sinister.

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Henry Kennedy photo
Henry Kennedy

I was not at all surprised to see that this movie had been nominated for the Oscars. But, I was shocked to hear that it was only nominated for Best Picture. To me, this is a film that was made on the same level as "The Sixth Sense" and "Silence of the Lambs." There is so much to the film. The photography is simply spectacular. I was not impressed by some of the "breathtaking" shots, which were more of a credit to the director's cinematography. The acting is superb. The direction is absolutely stunning. But, it is the story that really drives this film. The directing and acting is so well done that it would have to be seen to be believed. The only flaw I found in the movie was a couple of scenes that were a bit cliched and just didn't work out. But, all in all, this is a wonderful movie that deserves all of the recognition it received.

Joseph K. photo
Joseph K.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The movie has some twists and turns, and is more than a thriller, it is a story that touches you, and makes you think. I enjoyed the suspense and the mystery. I like the movie a lot. I also enjoyed the actors. All of them did a wonderful job. There was nothing I didn't like in the movie. It was great, the acting was good, and the story is very original. I recommend this movie to everyone. I don't think it's too late to see it.

Cheryl Montgomery photo
Cheryl Montgomery

I just saw this film last night and I really enjoyed it. It is very realistic and full of suspense. The director and cinematographer did a fantastic job of showing the beauty and dark underbelly of all of the different cultures that exist in different parts of the world. The story was very well-written and it really made me think about what it means to be a human being and what it is to be human. The film is very well-acted and well-directed, so you can't help but feel the emotions that the characters are going through, and it makes you question what you would do in that situation. The cinematography was also very well-done, and it really adds to the film. Overall, I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a film that is well-acted and well-directed. I give this film a 9.0 out of 10.

Sarah Munoz photo
Sarah Munoz

Loved this movie. Director has done a great job. The camera is very well crafted. It has a very good suspenseful feel. The suspense starts and end. The ending of this movie is one of the best and most powerful in the last 10 years. The acting was really good. Overall, this movie is an excellent thriller.

Benjamin photo

A strong horror movie that brings a level of mystery and terror to the viewer. The plot has many twists and reveals. The movie is great in showing us the relationship between husband and wife and their relationship in a society that has no love. Their relationship should be the center of the movie, and it is. Watch and see what happens. This movie does not make any political statement or deals with homosexuality. This movie is about the relationship between a married couple and their spiritual relationship in the world. The movie does not question the relationships of the female cast members and the movie is not preachy. All in all, this is a great movie that was very well done. It's dark, it's dramatic, it's touching and it's scary. This is a great movie and should be watched by everyone who wants to see a good movie.

Charles Edwards photo
Charles Edwards

Oh my, how I've missed this one. I don't remember what it is about - I only remember the title. It's not the first time I've seen it, I haven't watched it at least a dozen times, but it always grabs me. The mystery behind it was so profound and captivating that I was left wondering why I had missed it so often. I don't think I've ever seen it (nor will I ever want to), but I will definitely watch it again to discover what it is all about. And, I also love the use of dialogue in the movie (for example, when he keeps saying, "I'm a psychopathic killer," instead of saying, "I am."). I'm also impressed with the use of the "sentence of conscience." I don't know what's the meaning of the phrase, but it's a great moment. "You're just a regular guy," he says. "A weirdo." I think that phrase alone is the main reason I love this movie. But, the best thing in it is probably the use of narration, which is really unique. It helps me to piece together what's going on. In the first scene (before the murders begin), we see a newspaper clipping of the man who killed the previous victim. The headline of the article is "Like a Man," and the last line in the newspaper is "I don't think I'd be here if it wasn't for him." This episode (involving the murderer who murdered the previous victim) sets the tone of the movie, and shows how different people respond to situations in a way that everyone else can easily see. So, we get this unusual use of narration, and that alone is worth the price of admission. In the end, this movie is very well written and filmed, but the magic comes from the small amount of narration in it that keeps me on the edge of my seat. I think it's also beautifully shot, with an excellent sense of atmosphere, and one can't help but see the beautiful nature of the movie. I never tire of it. If you've seen the trailer, you can see why I love this movie so much. But, if you haven't seen it yet, give it a shot. It's a great mystery with a few twists that will make you happy.

Virginia Watson photo
Virginia Watson

The story of a young girl, the body of a young girl found on a beach and a movie adaptation of the story were shown on a Japanese television show, and was considered very famous. It was actually the film "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" and it was the most popular film during the 1970's. And the story itself was truly disturbing and strange, and it was an unexpected twist that not many people were expecting. However, for some strange reason, this film was incredibly popular, and I was actually very surprised. When I first saw the film, I thought it was an extremely poor film, but then I watched it again, and I was very impressed by the acting and the story. This film is definitely a must watch, and I hope that people will understand the meaning of the story and see it as an artistic and brilliant film. I really hope that this film is underrated by a lot of people, and that it will be viewed as a great film, as it was in the 1970's. This film is a must watch, and it is also a very unusual and exciting film.

Keith photo

First of all I must say that this is one of the most underrated movies of all time. This is a film that is truely disturbing, but also an epic to the movies. The style is such that you can only watch it twice in a lifetime. And if you do watch it, be prepared to not forget it. The use of black and white is incredible. The shots are just so mesmerizing. The symbolism in the use of the water, the location, and the location of the school are all so intense that you cannot help but to wonder. The characters, the relationships, the atmosphere, the overall impression are all fantastic and unforgettable. The film is not a straight thriller but a horror/thriller and the last part is so full of symbolism that you don't see it coming. The atmosphere is so good that you get the impression that you are in a dream and the last half is so amazing that you just can't help but to wonder. The photography and sound are perfect. The music is incredible. The editing is perfect. The editing is one of the most perfect things I have ever seen. The pacing of the film is perfect. It seems like you are watching the film for the first time in your life. There is no point in any of the shots. There are no pauses. The imagery is so powerful and so affecting that you just can't help but to marvel at what you are watching. The film will continue to have a lasting impact on you. I will always be reminded of it.

Linda Perry photo
Linda Perry

It's not often that I'm in a cinema when I feel so sickened by a film. I know the sense of dread, I know that it's like being in a concentration camp, but still I must admire this film, and for that I am grateful. This film is a work of art, and should be nominated for a Golden Globe, and for that I am forever grateful. This is not some kind of slasher flick, its nothing like that, this film is one of those movies that gives you the chills, makes you think. Its not the best, but it is so very good. This film is a rare beast, a good film that people would not want to be forgotten, its a masterpiece. I watched it more than once and it's still fresh in my mind. (honestly, its one of the best films of all time) This movie deserves so much more than it gets, so I ask for your support! Please, support this film, because its in the Oscar race, and this film deserves to win! Please, give this film the resources it needs, that it deserves. See this film, be it for your own sake or the sake of a friend, and get off your butt and watch it!

Juan A. photo
Juan A.

I must admit that I did not know the story line of this film as I was watching it but after seeing the end I am now in a position to understand the history of the film. As for the ending I thought that it was very sad but I was not prepared for what I was seeing. The last part of the film made me cry but I still had hope that things would get better. The music that was played during the ending was fantastic and really brought out the best in the movie. The cinematography of the film was so good and the camera movement seemed to not be following the characters as they would be falling. This was a very clever movie that has something for everyone. People who like thrillers and dark stories will not be disappointed and those who like drama will have to look elsewhere to see this movie. If you are not into drama or suspense it may not be for you but if you like mystery and suspense it is a must see.

Anna photo

I went to see this movie expecting another teen teen sex movie with 'a bunch of naked teenage women' being used as plot devices. I didn't get that. I think this movie had a good plot but lacked originality in the way the characters were portrayed. The cinematography of this movie was fantastic and brought a very different film to me. From the creepy nature of the woods, the constant 'overrun by wild animals' I was taken to a different place. This movie isn't in the same league as the 'underworld' or 'gladiator'. It has its fair share of gore and violence but it never becomes too gory or too dramatic. The gore effects were very good and the gore scenes were used to help build up the tension and suspense in this movie. The reason I give this movie 10 out of 10 is because I enjoyed it very much and would definitely watch it again. I would also say that the ending would make the viewer expect the ending of this movie. If you like creepy suspense movies with good plot twists, you will enjoy this movie.

Peter photo

I don't normally comment on movies, but in this case I have to. This movie is superb, more than the average thriller. It is intense, with an excellent use of music and atmosphere. This is what a thriller is supposed to be: effective, engaging and frightening. The characters are well developed, and the ending is shocking. This movie should be seen by everyone, because it has a lot to say about how society is, and how we can choose to live our lives. If you haven't seen this movie yet, watch it!

Victoria photo

This movie is my favorite film of all time. It is a mixture of indie, mainstream horror and mystery. It has a great cast and great plot. It has a great mystery. This movie is filled with music and the story is best described as, "You have no idea where you are." It may be underrated but definitely worth your time. It is a classic in the genre.

Kathryn C. photo
Kathryn C.

.all of the above. Now the premise of the film could have been enough to sell me into this movie. However. I had a feeling that I wouldn't like it. To my surprise, I did. I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that this movie is very disturbing. It has absolutely nothing to do with the supernatural. And I have read the "holy book", and have read "angel" and "satanist". This movie doesn't make any sense. The ending is really confusing. Maybe it was because I did not fully understand what had happened in the beginning, but I had a bad feeling after the last scene. I was definitely expecting something a little bit different. The movie is very beautiful. The cinematography is amazing. It's very lyrical. The editing is simply amazing. The visuals are simply beautiful. I think that the filmmakers must have had a good budget. The music also has a hypnotic quality. I have never heard music like this in any other movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies. There is not a single bad scene in this movie. The movie has some disturbing scenes, and has some very graphic scenes, but it does not detract from the storyline at all. This movie is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Benjamin Hicks photo
Benjamin Hicks

This is my first review. I have just watched this film. I felt moved from the beginning to the end. I was crying with sympathy. The film portrays a chilling and mysterious story. The events that lead to the conclusion are well executed, though it may leave you a little open to the audience's interpretation. But that's what you'll get out of it. It's about love, emotions, feelings. It's about friendship, betrayal, and the painful choices that you make. It's a perfect example of how beauty can come in any shape and form. 10/10 for "The Killing of a Sacred Deer".

Adam photo

An excellent film, and the best film of the year so far. It has everything - suspense, shock, thrills, intrigue, and above all, the story. There is a lot of things that are not so well known, but there is much to learn from this film. This film had the potential of becoming a classic, but unfortunately it was overshadowed by films like IT and Saving Private Ryan. So many people have criticized this film for not having an ending, but to be honest, the ending is not that important in this film. The ending is also important because of the suspense and it is a fantastic way to end the film. It also gives a little more background to the film as a whole, and it gives you an understanding of what the film is about. I would have liked to have seen a more original ending, but that is what the film is based off of, so it is not that big of a deal. It is a great film, with amazing actors, a great story, and it is extremely well made. The only reason it is not a 10 is because there is a lot of things that are not good. This is one of those films that you have to see at least once, because you cannot not like it. The film is excellent, and one of my favorite films of all time.

Bruce Wagner photo
Bruce Wagner

When I first saw this movie I thought it was great, but I didn't really get into it because of all the other ones I had seen before it. But when I saw the DVD I saw that I had seen it all before and this one wasn't as good as the others, but it was still good. I'm giving this a 10/10, because it's an excellent movie, but it is also a good movie that can be watched again and again.

Vincent photo

This is the most graphic, disturbing, and terrifying movie I have ever seen. It is almost impossible to describe what this movie is about. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it! This movie is not for the weak of heart. In fact, this movie will scare you so hard that it will make you lose control of your own life and your own body! It is quite possibly the most terrifying movie I have ever seen! This movie also has a very strong message. I know that this movie can be a little disturbing for some people to watch. But this movie really has a message to it and it is a powerful message. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that is scared of any kind of movies. If you have never seen a horror movie, you are probably going to be scared the first time you see this movie. If you have seen a horror movie, you should definitely see this one. You will never look at your house the same way again after seeing this movie!

Edward McCoy photo
Edward McCoy

It is not every day you get to see a movie that was written by the same people that brought us the Matrix and Fight Club. If you are looking for something a little different, and you are not a fan of either, then this is the movie for you. From beginning to end, I was at the edge of my seat. I have to give this movie a 10, because it was so much better then I thought it would be. It is scary, gory, and it is also very interesting. If you like movies like Matrix and Fight Club, this is the movie for you. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Charles C. photo
Charles C.

Wow. Really nice movie. Really got my attention. A very interesting story. Lots of mysterious and very good actors, very good acting. Really, really.Really. Good. The story is not straightforward and the mystery is kind of a hint about a future threat. Good movie. Highly recommended.

Susan Baker photo
Susan Baker

This film is fascinating, and at the same time is extremely sad. What makes this film so different from other thrillers is the language, which gives the film a very different feel. As well as this, it has no real ending. This means that, although the story will continue in some form, there will be no real ending. The only ending you can see is that the new murderer will be caught. While this may sound unrealistic, this is how it was portrayed in the film. There are several scenes in this film which will make you look at the murder scenes in Psycho a bit differently. Although many of the murders may not seem to be very realistic, the acting, and the "sleepwalk" make the murder scenes seem more realistic, instead of just being simply done to be scary. I was surprised to see that the director gave this film a 12 certificate. It is clear that the director knows this film is really unusual, and if he were to make another film it would have to be rated 12. The use of the camera shows the director is very concerned about the plot and not using the camera as a gimmick to get a higher rating. The use of the camera is very creative, and I liked it. The film does have many minor flaws, however it is still a very interesting and suspenseful film.

Anthony Wells photo
Anthony Wells

The movie has a lot of hidden symbolism. As I've been reading comments on the internet I've come across quite a few comments that mention "the redemption of the brother" and the father's hand in the killing. I think a lot of people would have understood it if they have read some of the other comments. The only reason I am not giving it 10 is because it is very slow at times. I found the way they were shot to be interesting as well. The two brothers share a lot of chemistry, especially when they are together. I think that the two brothers are quite different. The older brother is a complete jerk. The younger brother is much more patient and doesn't need to be told what to do. I would have to say that the older brother is the least likable of the three. However, the younger brother is the most sympathetic. I think that both brothers are good people who are being wronged. There are some wonderful scenes that were omitted from the DVD version. I think the title is misleading. I would have liked to have seen a scene where the older brother has a flashback of what happened when he was younger and the younger brother is watching. It would have made more sense and maybe revealed a bit more of what happened.

Gary Stone photo
Gary Stone

I must first admit that I had no interest in seeing this movie when I went to see it. Being an obvious and dedicated movie critic, I never thought I'd be interested in the making of a movie, let alone have it brought to me. I was even more surprised that I actually liked the movie. I was able to understand how the characters were becoming psychotic in such a way that they could not see the horror of what they were doing. I was absolutely thrilled to find out that it was the director's idea, and the same was true of all of the acting in the film. I am also impressed with the way it has been brought to the American audience. The language, the cinematography, the soundtrack. I was completely amazed at how good it was all around, and most importantly, how many people actually enjoyed it. A lot of people may think that there is no point in showing a person suffering from a mental illness in a movie, but I am not one of those people. This movie is definitely going to be talked about long after it comes out. No doubt, I will be talking about it for the rest of my life.

Jordan B. photo
Jordan B.

There's so much to like about The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Most of it stems from the two leads. Sophia Coppola and Michael Wincott are incredible, conveying a lot of warmth and humanity and also playing off of each other quite well. They are two actors who are both talented but can also be very annoying. Their characters' relationship, the motivations behind it, and the various repercussions are all well-developed, and perfectly balanced. I'm also very impressed with Director Neil Jordan's work. The way he uses the camera is extremely impressive. Even if you don't have any idea how he does it, it's hard not to stare at the camera while you're watching something. The cinematography is also fantastic, with all the dirt and fog on the screen seeming very realistic. The camera never lingers or jumps, just keeps rolling through, giving it a quality that I can't really put my finger on. While there are some flaws with the film, I do think there are plenty of strengths. Some of the most interesting moments take place within the psychological frame of the film. The first half is full of tense and oppressive imagery, but the second half pushes all that aside and turns into a playful thriller. We're introduced to a couple of characters and what happens to them is interesting. The end is completely unexpected, and it's great fun to find out exactly how it plays out. Overall, this is a very well-made film. The performances are top-notch, the direction is great, and the cinematography is top-notch, leaving the audience with a good feeling. I'm not normally a fan of supernatural thrillers, but this is one of the few that I really enjoyed, and I'm willing to buy this on DVD. It's on par with Orphan, and has better action and production values than that film, too. It's certainly not for everyone, but it's definitely an entertaining watch.