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Onward is a movie starring Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Two elven brothers embark on a quest to bring their father back for one day.

Other Titles
Truy Tìm Phép Thuật, 2分の1の魔法, Napred, Hadi Gidelim, Vpred, Φύγαμε, Fremad, Unidos, Onward: Keine halben Sachen, Dois Irmãos: Uma Jornada Fantástica, Eteenpäin, Onward - Oltre la magia, Naprej, Kadima, Előre, Naprzód, Pirmyn, Naprijed, En avant, Framåt, 'Bora Lá, Напред, ½的魔法, Tot înainte, Bora Lá
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation
Dan Scanlon
Keith Bunin, Keith Bunin, Dan Scanlon, Jason Headley, Dan Scanlon, Jason Headley
Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Teenage elf brothers Ian and Barley embark on a magical quest to spend one more day with their late father. Like any good adventure, their journey is filled with cryptic maps, impossible obstacles and unimaginable discoveries. But when dear Mom finds out her sons are missing, she teams up with the legendary manticore to bring her beloved boys back home.

Comments about fantasy «Onward» (6)

Kyle A. photo
Kyle A.

In some ways, this movie is a sequel to a cartoon that I saw years ago. And it's pretty interesting to watch. The story is about a bunch of animals who are led by a mule named Doodle, who runs a circus. But Doodle is a poor, and very mean, guy. The animals feel very, very sorry for him. And the story of the animals who don't feel sorry for him is told through a series of flashbacks. The main character of the movie is a talking monkey named Monkey, who is the owner of a circus. And it's interesting to watch how he and the other animals interact with each other. And when Monkey finds out that Doodle is a horrible, and cruel, guy, he decides to leave the circus and find a better life. And that's where the movie takes a different turn. The movie goes from the circus to the forest, to a very interesting setting. The movie takes a lot of twists and turns, and you will be surprised at how it all ends. It's also interesting to see a film where there are no special effects. It's very good, and very worth watching. It's pretty good and well worth watching.

Tiffany Patel photo
Tiffany Patel

My two year old daughter got to see this movie. I told her it's a kid's movie, so she didn't want to watch it. I really wish I had told her. I got a chance to see it for her birthday, and it was worth it. It's a nice movie for the whole family, with a nice message about not only good, but good for the world. The movie is fun and entertaining, but I think the message is better than the movie. I'm not sure what the message is, but I think it's good. I think it's good for children and young adults to understand that all people are created equal, and all people have the right to live without discrimination. The movie is great for adults, too. It's a movie that has a great message, and it's one that everyone should see. I think it's a good movie for kids and young adults to see, and it's a great movie for adults. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and I would even say it's a good movie for all ages.

Carolyn S. photo
Carolyn S.

I think it was a great movie and everyone who watched it should be proud of themselves for trying to make a good film, I think they succeeded. Some of the more obvious problems were: The main character is a little annoying and seems to think that everyone is out to get her, and her other friends are in the military and they're all so well behaved. I didn't understand why she was in such a hurry to get out of the place and then didn't really care when she did. And I think that the problem with the plot was that it was too complicated, and they didn't make enough connections to the other characters. But the movie is still good. I didn't like the ending, but I don't think it was bad, because it was really unexpected. All in all, I think it's worth watching.

Andrew T. photo
Andrew T.

I think it's safe to say that Disney's most recent animated feature, "The Lion King" is the best of the bunch. The movie is charming and funny, but also has a strong message. The story of a young lion named Simba, and his journey to reclaim his pride from the evil king Mufasa. This film is a lot more mature than most animated films. There is a lot of humor in this film, but also a lot of heart. The characters are well-drawn and the story is very engaging. This film is not just a fun movie, but also has a lot of heart. I really enjoyed this movie and think it's a great family film.

Dennis photo

This is a very enjoyable film, and the voice cast is great. It's definitely a kids film, but there are some adult themes too. I loved it. I don't know why it's rated so low. I think it's a good film, and it's definitely worth a watch.

Margaret Wells photo
Margaret Wells

Greetings from Lithuania. "Onward" (2016) is a movie with a very nice story and a nice animation. This movie was directed by Scott Neustadter and it's a little bit "Die Hard" with a funny side. In this movie you will meet a lot of colorful characters. The movie has a very nice story with an adorable twist. The movie is directed by Scott Neustadter and he's the guy who directed the 2D "Die Hard" movies. The story is a little bit slow and it's not like a "Die Hard" movie but it's still a good watch. "Onward" is a nice movie that's worth watching. Recommended for all the family.