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Midsommar is a movie starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, and Vilhelm Blomgren. A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an...

Other Titles
ミッドサマー, Sredina Leta, 仲夏魘, Midsommar - O Ritual, Midsommar: El terror no espera la noche, Midsommar - loputon yö, Midsommar: el terror no espera la noche, Slnovrat, Средина лета, Midsommar - Il villaggio dei dannati, Festival straha, Saules kultas, Midsommar: solstice d'été, Μεσοκαλόκαιρo, Fehér éjszakák, Midsommar: The Director's Cut, Midsummer, Saulgriežu kults, Ritüel, Midsommar: O Mal Não Espera a Noite, Letný slnovrat, Midsommar. W biały dzień, Midsommer
Running Time
2 hours 28 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Ari Aster
Ari Aster
Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Florence Pugh, Vilhelm Blomgren
Sweden, USA
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Traumatised and still struggling to come to terms with an appalling family tragedy, the American graduate student, Dani, turns to her self-centred and distant boyfriend, Christian, against the backdrop of an inescapable break-up. In high hopes of repairing their disintegrating relationship, Dani tags along with two of Christian's fellow students and their cryptic Swedish friend, Pelle, to attend a once-every-ninety-years summer solstice festival at an isolated pagan commune in rural Sweden. Now, for the first time in a long while, Dani feels happy; however--in this friendly and verdant haven of peace, harmony, and constant sunshine--the welcoming community's peculiar traditions start to blemish the folkloric utopia, allowing the uncomfortable feeling of uneasiness to creep up on Dani and her friends. In the eyes of the uninitiated newcomers, the naturalistic rituals seem brutal. Could a numbing truth be hiding in plain sight?

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Dylan Beck photo
Dylan Beck

For some reason, I had never heard of this movie. I saw it on cable a while back and thought it was alright. So I watched it again today and it was really good. I don't know if it was the director's fault or the writer's fault but the movie was so much better. It is a little bit on the cheesy side, but that's not the point. It is a movie that has it's own story and a pretty good ending. The cast is great, and I really like the lead. I really liked him. He is a cool guy, and I like the way he keeps his cool. Overall, it is a good movie.

Tammy Wade photo
Tammy Wade

This film, directed by David F. Sandberg, is a drama about a woman who is being haunted by a ghost that she can't shake. The film is very well done, and has a great look. I'm not sure if the film is the best horror film I've ever seen, but I'm sure that it is a great one. The film is very original, and the use of music and lighting is very well done. The film is not scary, but the way the film is shot, and the music, make it a good film. The acting is good, the characters are good, and the story is good. I recommend this film to fans of the horror genre. 7/10

Jeffrey photo

If you're a fan of the genre, you'll find this one pretty decent. If you're not, I would avoid this one at all costs. It's far from the greatest horror movie ever made, but it's a good one nonetheless. This movie has a few different plot lines going on at once. There's a family feud going on, and the son is a bit of a rebel, who's a bit crazy. There's also a school teacher, who's a bit of a loner, who's a bit of a sadist. It's a lot to take in, and it can get pretty confusing, but it's good stuff. The cast is pretty good, too. Christopher Atkins, Morgan Freeman, and David Morse all do fine work. I particularly liked the acting of Amanda Plummer, who plays the school teacher. I especially liked her in this movie, as I had never heard of her before. She's a really good actress, and I'm glad I finally got to see her in this movie. The story has a lot of twists and turns, and it keeps you guessing. There's a lot of good things about this movie, but it's not one of the greatest horror movies ever made. It's a good watch, but not the best. I'd say, it's not a must-see, but it's certainly worth checking out, just to see what it was like when it first came out. If you do see this movie, don't expect a lot. If you do see this movie, just make sure you keep an open mind. I thought it was pretty good, and I recommend it to fans of the genre. 7/10

Albert photo

It's pretty hard to make a movie about an alien invasion in which the aliens aren't just any ordinary people, but the really bad people, with no regard for human life or the life of their loved ones. "Midsommar" succeeds in that regard, but it also has a few problems. For one thing, the plot is so far-fetched that it's hard to believe that any of it could actually happen. For another, the characters are all extremely flawed, so the audience can't really care about any of them. Plus, the movie is quite dark and depressing, so there's not much fun to be had here. Still, the movie has its moments. I won't say what they are, because that would spoil the surprise, but the movie is worth watching just for the performances. The cast is impressive, with a surprisingly good performance from Nicolas Cage as the head of the alien invasion team. His character is quite unlikeable and one can't help but feel bad for him when he dies, but his performance is solid and he manages to pull off the role of a selfish, arrogant, and somewhat evil man-of-steel very well. The other main character, the head of the defense team, is played by the great Tom Sizemore. He's a very good actor and his character is played well, even if his character is a bit over the top. The supporting cast is also good, with the great Laura Linney as the scientist who helps Cage's character find out about the alien invasion, and the great John Hurt as the commander of the defense team. The special effects are great, and I think that the special effects alone make up for the other flaws in the movie. I think that the most memorable thing about this movie is the music. It's quite moody and it has a great feel to it. The movie is quite dark, and it also has a great feel to it, so that makes it even more effective when it comes to the mood. I think that "Midsommar" is a good movie, but it's not the best I've ever seen. I wouldn't say that it's a good movie, but it's still quite good. It's not the best I've ever seen, but it's still a decent movie. I'm giving it a 6/10.

Matthew E. photo
Matthew E.

I really didn't expect much from this film, and I was right. I didn't expect much of anything. But it was good. There was a lot of really creepy scenes, and some really good acting. The only thing that annoyed me about the movie was the fact that the ending was so predictable. But that's not really a problem, because the movie is good enough to enjoy without that. I don't think it would have been better if the ending had been different, but the movie is good enough to enjoy without that. The film is a good horror film. It's not the best film out there, but it's not the worst either. I recommend it.

Nicole Harvey photo
Nicole Harvey

A nice little film about a woman and her husband who were trapped in their home for a period of time, when the woman finds out her husband has been having an affair with another woman. What follows is a story of the husband and his affair with a woman he met on the internet, and his attempts to find her again, but it's not easy to find her again, and the film is very slow moving, but still has a nice story. The film is made in Australia, which is why I believe it is dubbed, but I think it's well done. The film is a little bit slow, and it does feel like it's been a while since I've seen it, but I still enjoyed it.

Sandra Moreno photo
Sandra Moreno

A strange and very disturbing film from director Douglas Slater, The Sixth Sense is a psychological thriller about a young boy who believes he is a ghost. In his opinion, his deceased father is still out there somewhere, but not in the flesh. The film is divided into four parts, each part involving the character of Jimmy as he becomes more convinced of his ability to see dead people. The first half is much more bleak and atmospheric, with the film using the film noir style to great effect. This is a very effective approach and adds to the film's unsettling tone. The second half is much more bleak and atmospheric, and although the film does use some effective and disturbing techniques, the tone is still very dark and depressing. The final act is much more chilling and disturbing, and is a direct rip-off of John Carpenter's The Thing. The Sixth Sense is a very good film, which will appeal to both the horror fan and the psychological thriller fan. While the film has a dark, depressing tone, it still has some very effective techniques and great direction to it. The acting is very good throughout the film, with the only weak link being the lead actor. However, if you are a fan of the genre, then The Sixth Sense is definitely worth a watch.

Kevin photo

A thriller/horror film about a woman who is suspected of killing her husband in a hotel room, but is never found. She keeps getting phone calls from someone who claims to have been with her husband the night he died. It's a very well made film and I found myself enjoying it. It's not a perfect film, but it's a good film. It's very well acted and there's some very effective scares, and some very effective suspense. The story is very interesting and it's a shame that it's never really explained what the woman's motive was, but I suppose that's not the point. The ending is a little strange and it leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but that's not the point. The film is very good and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good film.

Jacqueline photo

You can't stop the audience from guessing at what's going to happen next. The twists are subtle, and the ending is more than just a predictable and predictable ending. It has something to do with the subconscious, and it's a mystery as to what's going on. I like it, but I'm not sure if I like it the way the director wanted it. It's not the best movie I've ever seen, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes a little mystery, and someone to watch it with.

Terry Tran photo
Terry Tran

It is a very rare movie that I can give a seven out of ten, because it is a movie that makes me think. The movie is about a college student, who is depressed, who is trying to kill himself. This movie has a good plot, and it makes you think about life, about the things you do, and about your own problems. The movie is not a horror movie, it is a drama. The movie has a good script, and it is a very good drama. The movie is a movie that you can watch it once, and you will understand it, and you will have a good time. The movie is a good movie, and I recommend it to everyone. If you like movies like "Memento", "The Sixth Sense", or "The Usual Suspects", you should watch it. I hope you like it, and I hope you enjoy it.

Howard photo

This is an excellent and well made movie. I had not heard of it and when I saw it, I was surprised to see it was directed by the great Robert Altman. The movie is definitely a slow burn and it is very well acted. The first half of the movie is about a young woman who is having a nervous breakdown. She is completely different from other people and is unable to connect with people. She is also afraid of the dark and can't sleep. The rest of the movie is about her being diagnosed with schizophrenia and what happens after. This movie was very well done and I can recommend it highly. There are some scenes that are very disturbing and will probably be too much for some people. But if you can handle the horror and the gore, this movie is very good.

John M. photo
John M.

The first twenty minutes of Midsommar are really interesting and pretty creepy. It's very unsettling to see a person suddenly walking around in a catatonic state, but the film loses its momentum when the killer begins killing people one at a time. The first murder is a bit out of place, but the next two are pretty interesting. Unfortunately, the killer's motivations are never explored. It's a shame, because this movie had so much potential.

Martha H. photo
Martha H.

In the last few years, I've been slowly getting into the "thriller" genre, and this movie is one of my favorites. It's definitely not the best movie in the world, but it is a good watch. The story is about a man who is a detective, but is under the spell of a serial killer. He's in a weird relationship with a reporter, who is also under the spell. He starts to question his own sanity, and the truth is revealed. This movie is not scary at all, but it's definitely a good watch. It's got a great plot, and it's got great performances. I'm not a big fan of Nicole Kidman, but she's good in this. The story is very unique, and it's a good watch. I don't really recommend it to people who are into scary movies. But it's definitely worth a watch. My Grade: A-

Christine T. photo
Christine T.

There's a good deal of elements in the movie that would have worked better as a short. However, the movie is still interesting and well-acted, as is the case with most of the movies in the genre. I think that the audience would have found it a little more difficult to accept the ending of the movie. However, I was still surprised by the ending. It is a bit more subtle than I was expecting, but it worked well. As a movie, it was very well-made, with some good sets and special effects, and the acting was fine. Overall, I found the movie to be more than worth seeing. It is one of those movies that you can watch again and again and never get tired of. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Frances O. photo
Frances O.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike this movie. For one thing, it's a complete mess. The film is incoherent, the story is illogical, and the acting is awful. It is a big shame that the people who made this movie thought that this was a good idea. The people who made this movie should have known better than to make a movie about a ghost who is going to kill his wife in a week. I think that if they had, they would have had better luck. And that's why I gave this movie a 6. I really wish that I could give this movie a lower score. I think that it's the worst movie I have ever seen.

Christine photo

I was actually quite surprised that I liked this film. It has a lot of things going for it, but it's still not something that is really my style. The plot is very slow, the characters are one dimensional, and the ending is just really predictable. However, I think the performances are quite good, and the cinematography is really beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful shots in this film, and it's just one of those films that is so visually beautiful, that you can't help but look at it again and again. Overall, I really liked this film, and I think it's definitely worth a look.