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The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime,...

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Вук са Вол стрита, Volstrītas vilks, O Lobo de Wall Street, Sói Già Phố Wall, El lobo de Wall Street, O lykos tis Wall Street, Gorg-e Wall Street, Ο λύκος της Wall Street, Vlk z Wall Street, Hua-er Jie zhi lang, Ha'ze'ev mi'Wall Street, A Wall Street farkasa, ウルフ・オブ・ウォールストリート, Le loup de Wall Street, Vuk s Wall Streeta, Volk z Wall Streeta, Wall Streeti hunt, Volstryto vilkas, Wilk z Wall Street, Para Avcısı, 華爾街之狼, Lupul de pe Wall Street
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3 hours
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Drama, Biography, Crime
Martin Scorsese
Jordan Belfort, Terence Winter
Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill
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Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.

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Diane photo

A bit of a weird film in that it really doesn't quite feel like a real film, but is really more of a guy-man drama that has some brilliant moments and some really strange scenes and it isn't particularly memorable. Leonardo DiCaprio is great in this, and he definitely pulls it off, the film moves along just enough and really doesn't do anything to waste the running time. Martin Scorsese was a bit disappointing in this, it felt a little hard to be serious and that this film was far too long, and was also a bit too much of a character study at times. I really really liked the film, it did have the same vibe of the other films in the series, but it wasn't quite the same. I just found it a little too hard to get invested in and on my first watch, but on my second watch, I could get into it a little more. It's definitely a film that I'd recommend to the guy who wants to watch the films of the franchise, but would be the same for the guy who wants to watch the films for the first time. I'd say it's worth a look, but definitely not a definite recommendation, but it's definitely worth the watch.

Nicholas photo

As a huge fan of Michael Douglas, I came to watch this film with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was in no hurry to see it because I was so disapointed with his last work, "Thelin Men" (an alternate title). The fact that this film had won the Oscar that year made me curious enough to want to watch it. I was thoroughly pleased with the conclusion of the film, "Million Dollar Baby", which I will leave to be read by another reviewer. This movie is essentially a spin off of the "Big Lebowski", though it is more like the third chapter in that trilogy. The action is in general much better than that of "The Big Lebowski", but you can also see some flaws. For example, the exchange of drugs for sex at the end does not have the same credibility as the bar scene in "The Big Lebowski". The exchanges in "The Wolf of Wall Street" were much more impressive. As for the remaining characters, the cast is amazing. I liked Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez as well as Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas and Jonah Hill. The plot is decent, but the characters are also very interesting. This is definitely one of the best films of 2013, and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in film.

John C. photo
John C.

I am going to be a bit generous with my positive comments, but also somewhat skeptical. I think that this movie has something, I can't say what. It's way overrated. The world that Leonardo DiCaprio's character grew up in was so different from the world of the people who wrote the script that it's hard to tell whether he'd become a "jackass" or a "swagster". From what I remember of the story, I don't think he did. But his character was clearly so jacked up on drugs that he was totally oblivious to his surroundings and just wanted to show off and get paid off. I think he deserved the Oscar for Best Actor that he won for this. When he was wearing cowboy boots in the commercial, I thought he was in the middle of a ball of passion, but now, after seeing the film, I think he's just so jacked up on drugs that he can't even appreciate the world around him. And the sex scenes were tasteless and seemed more like that director's personal playground. And what did Larry David do? He created a filthy, disgusting, vulgar, and poorly written character. I know he could act, but he does not know how to write, as in his screenplay is so devoid of dialogue that I'm not sure how it's received in the movie. I'm thinking, at least in the United States, that he should have read the script, but, apparently, he didn't. At least the sex scenes were tasteful, and all for a reason. The acting was decent, the photography was decent, the acting, well. the main actress, Christina Applegate, is only okay, as is Tobey Maguire. And, of course, the screenplay was obviously written by a crack head. But in all, the movie was better than average, and I think that those who did vote it so high on the IMDb page should get that. It's not good, but not bad either. It's merely above average. That is to say, a '7'.

Nancy Tucker photo
Nancy Tucker

The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie that is entertaining and definitely worth a watch. I was a little apprehensive about seeing this film as I have never seen a movie about Wall Street before, but it was well worth the watch. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. I am a big fan of DiCaprio, but he was very good in this movie. I really enjoyed the fact that the movie did not have any over the top scenes or action. It was just a realistic portrayal of what the world of Wall Street is like. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into movies about Wall Street. It is definitely worth a watch.

Elizabeth Bell photo
Elizabeth Bell

Man's ingenuity is equal to his genius. In "The Wolf of Wall Street" we see that between vices, stupidity and self-confidence, money, or any other commodity, is equal to life. And if this movie doesn't convince you that, the picture might remind you of the incomparable "Straw Dogs", even if the latter is a commercial disaster of a film, which doesn't show what it's about at all. That might have been the intent of the makers, if they hadn't made it overrated, and totally misunderstood. One way of showing that stupidity comes in equal amounts is by showing that being stupid is twice as good as being smart, as our so-called stupid friend Dean Martin so wonderfully proves in the movie. If that doesn't convince you that stupidity is an equal.well, then watch "Straw Dogs". Now, on to "The Wolf of Wall Street", which at least shows that while we can go around the world with a tool called a gun and a body of flesh, we are the luckiest people who never have to pay a gun-toting bureaucrat for his thesaurus. Dean Martin plays Oscar-winner-of-the-Year Sal Mineo, who as a classic-beautiful-jazz-girl-jumper is by far the greatest on the face of the earth. That doesn't impress a bureaucrat, who thinks of him as a flaky, or a "coward", or a "pen-pusher". He's more of a "federal investigator", or a "loser", which isn't at all what Sal is, and it isn't what he does either. He just wants to give his best to society at large, and not to be humiliated by crooked bankers, or by looking like a prostitute. Sal finds solace in his relationship with his "girlfriend", and in his loving partner. In a sense, Oscar-award-winner Sal is the Anti-Man and all the morally guilty bankers, but he's just another man in a world of corruption. No, Sal doesn't like to put his money where his mouth is, and he doesn't want his personal life to be dictated by anything other than himself, just like the beautiful, and strong-willed Oscar-winner-of-the-year himself isn't the normal "nice guy" you find around with his girlfriend. At least, Sal finds peace in this world, and he doesn't blame anyone, or indeed any of the officials or bureaucrats, for taking advantage of him. What he does want to protect his girlfriend from is the old devil of Wall Street: a complacent, stupid and arrogant banker named Sal Gable (Martin Scorsese). Sal is also smart enough to realise that there's a special bond between him and his beautiful girlfriend, that's more than just a simple affection, and that his work on the stock exchange can't be done otherwise than by Sal himself. Sal and Oscar have a certain perfection, which can't be found anywhere else in the world. Sal is so in love with his girlfriend, that he spends all his time trying to win her to his side, even if it means risk all the time, and even though he's bad at it, at least he tries. Sal wants to be a "supermarket broker", but he'll never be able to do that if he doesn't have the courage to push his morals on those who don't respect his wishes. Sal's easygoing friend Benny (Ralph Fiennes) agrees to help Sal, but when Sal does, he wants to do it as soon as possible, and he uses Sal's high-paid job to make it a success, so that Sal can do what he wants to, whatever that may be. If Oscar and Sal were the only two people in

Paul photo

Like director Jordan Peele, Michael Showalter doesn't turn his camera on the subject of money as a hero, instead, as if the way these people are wasting their lives is the most important thing in the world. He doesn't wax poetic about money and wealth. Instead, Showalter's direction is heavy on the social messages and light on the stories. All of the actors (Martin Freeman, Jonah Hill, and Joseph Gordon Levitt) pull off their roles with a great sense of believability. Jonah Hill's good ol' boy facade really comes off as self-serving and mean-spirited. Showalter draws us right into the inner circles of the money boys and girls. Levitt is the most interesting actor in the film. His typical jovial tone is used as a way of showing his characters' selfishness. However, this element is limited to the film's very short duration. Overall, there is a decent amount of smart dialogue and plenty of street smart sarcasm. On top of all of that, Showalter keeps the film moving at a reasonable pace. I'm not sure if this is a strength or a weakness of the film. It's definitely a strengths, but if I had to choose a weakness, it would be that the film isn't very compelling. The film shows what these characters go through and they don't feel like there's any change in their lives. The movie was able to keep my attention with its strong dialogue and smart writing. Showalter and company pull off their objectives perfectly and it gives the film a very engaging and highly entertaining atmosphere. Even though it's an enjoyable film, I wouldn't call this a great film. There are more important things to discuss than the story of the movie itself. If you're looking for a deep movie about greed and crime, you'll find it in The Wolf of Wall Street. For a movie that focuses on the problems of the day and the message it provides, it's very satisfying. When I was watching this film, I felt like I was on the inside of these people. You find yourself on Wall Street and, like the characters in the film, you're well aware of what you're doing and why it's going to have a negative effect on the world. This is a great movie, but it's not going to give you the answers to the problems of our times.

Rachel Ellis photo
Rachel Ellis

What a great movie. It was like watching the life of an addict. I had to stop and take a few breaks just to breathe. This movie made me think about the way that I view the world and the way I view myself. The acting was great. I thought the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio was very convincing. The story was very realistic. It was very real and made me think about how I treat my family and friends. I think that this movie should be in the top ten best movies of all time.

Alice photo

Who cares that these bad kids are just that, bad? There are lots of bad people out there. We're not trying to demonize them. It's what we expect of a movie. If you have an open mind you'll enjoy this movie. I can't get it out of my head.

George Soto photo
George Soto

With all the hype and confusion surrounding Jordan Belfort's huge fall from grace, I was expecting this to be a flop, that would ruin his career, making his fickle, disreputable family legacy tainted. Instead, this is a tale of redemption, of the brave decisions he has made, of those he has made, and of the end of his drug-addicted life. It's also a tale of redemption and recovery, of how you can build a new, better life from a corrupt past, even when that past still hurts you. What I found to be the most heartwarming about the film is that after all this time, one man, who is more honest, caring, and tolerant than anyone I've met, is still struggling to find his place in a world that wants nothing to do with him. I loved the mix of rich and poor, light and dark, what is real and what isn't, and what separates the good from the bad, what matters and what is just a story. This story also has a lot of comedy, but I found it was also touching, at times, but mostly in terms of how Belfort managed to survive the alcoholism, his downfall, the fame and fame's setbacks. All in all, this film is highly recommended for those of you who are interested in what it means to be honest, and for those of you who think Jordan Belfort is a bad guy, just wait till you hear the truth.

Kathy C. photo
Kathy C.

Now, if you haven't watched the movie yet, make sure to check it out and judge for yourself. Personally, I have enjoyed it from start to finish, I was extremely entertained throughout and I didn't feel lost at all. I believe this movie is very underrated and one that should be a must see for any actor, director or other who wants to shine in a career as he dreams about it. I was touched and entertained. This movie is definitely worth seeing if you love partying, partying, partying.

Elizabeth photo

There are two ways to describe The Wolf of Wall Street. One is how it is supposed to be; that is, the story is about a money manager being disgraced by his profession. The other is what it is actually like to be a Wall Street hustler. So, which would you like to see? And which is more Hollywood? Yes, The Wolf of Wall Street is going to make millions. But at what cost? The question will be asked by the men and women who have spent years working their way up to the top and are about to get pushed down again. The low rent, Hollywood set that "Wall Street" has always been. The only difference is it is set now in that cesspool of corporate greed and wastefulness, greed that even the better world is but a shadow of. It is the final bastion of the industry. But this time it is not just people who have sold their souls. The economy is crashing. The economy is collapsing. America is a more and more dangerous place. And in this latest incarnation of greed and corruption the downfall of the powerful, wealthy and powerful people is that much more inevitable. Don't miss the world of Wall Street, Wall Street's worst nightmare. I think you will enjoy it. But then again. Who doesn't?

Gregory photo

I had high hopes for this film after seeing previous comments by most people who were enthusiastic about it. I have to say I was disappointed. The movie is very graphic and will definitely offend some people. However, if you are open minded, with a thirst for thrills, you might find this film to be extremely enjoyable. I'm a big movie fan, and this film touched all the right chords. Good visuals, good music, good story, a lot of nudity and of course, the wildest dancing scene ever (but not as violent as say the "Rocky Horror" movies). Very well done, and not a typical Hollywood production. Don't watch this film expecting a sequel, think of it as a standalone story. 9/10

Amanda Bailey photo
Amanda Bailey

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the Los Angeles Film Festival. It was a great film and I have to say that I'm not usually a fan of Ben Affleck, but I enjoyed this film a lot. I think it's a great film that has a lot of great performances and I think it's one of the best films of the year. It's a very entertaining film that's very funny. It's a great film and I'm going to go see it again. I really liked it. I think it's one of the best films of the year.

Arthur photo

I am disappointed that these two movies have not been nominated for Oscars, and I am also disappointed that they were not up for some other big awards. The Wolf of Wall Street is an example of the modern trend of Hollywood movies, showing every line of every movie, and showing the same part of the movie. I think that this is another reason why this movie didn't get nominated. It was a nice movie, yes, but it was just the opposite of what a real film would be. People that are interested in finance in general, etc. I think this was a great movie, but the story wasn't very exciting. The story was basically a story that took place over two years. But how is it that the stock market crashes the day of one of the biggest parties in the world, and we don't see any money changing hands at all? That makes no sense. Again, how is it that a person that is supposed to be wealthy is so pathetic, and so pretentious? How is it that a person that got the world's best job is so humble, and how is it that he has to use drugs? How is it that he has to go to those parties? I just could not get the plot and the plot of this movie made sense. It was just too complicated and it didn't make sense to me. This is a shame, because I like to see what I pay my money to see, and I was really disappointed. The ending was also a little bit disappointing, but I think that's the truth. I recommend this movie to people who like movies about business. I am also recommending this movie to people that don't like movies about business. Overall I give this movie a 7/10.

Linda photo

This is a movie that perfectly captures the times of the 70's and 80's, and it really is a classic, especially for a comedic film. Leonardo DiCaprio brings a man that, who is always in debt, even though he works for a company that has enough money to pay him off. This is part of the effect that is created by the movie: why does he do this? Is it because he loves her? Or does it come from an abundance of power and money that he has access to? Or is it just to have a good time? It is a true role reversal that has to do with the audience of the movie having no idea of the story from start to finish. Is it good or bad for this to be true? There is a lot of humor in the movie that can be used for comedy, and in a good way. The humor that is created by the audience can be used for comedy if it is done well, and the movie is very effective in making us laugh in many different ways. The movie has a lot of events that happen that can create a message or image that the viewer can use to understand the movie. The cinematography and the art direction are well done. The songs are used very well by the actors to create a feeling and a mood of the time period, and the different music that is used will be used for different reasons. This is a very fun and entertaining movie to watch. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch on a Saturday night.

Samuel Welch photo
Samuel Welch

I was a little disappointed in this movie. The first part of the movie was a little boring, but the second part was pretty good. I also thought that the music was a little annoying at times. The only good part about this movie was Leonardo DiCaprio's performance. I thought that he was really good in this movie. I think that he is one of the best actors out there right now. I really like this movie. I give it a 9/10.

Jonathan S. photo
Jonathan S.

I don't know why people are giving this movie a bad review. It is one of the best movies of the year, and the cast is incredible. I thought the movie was great. I didn't really like the first movie, but I liked this one. I think it was a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes to see movies like this. I give it an 8/10.

Ronald photo

There's nothing like the first time watching a film. This was a great film. The story is great. The acting is great. The directing is great. Everything about this movie is great. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Arthur P. photo
Arthur P.

I'm not going to get into the plot of this movie, because it's a very complex one. What I will say is that this movie is very entertaining. It is also very well made, with great acting. Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing as always. He has some of the best lines in the movie. I also really like Jonah Hill, he was very funny in this movie. Overall, this movie is a must see for all movie fans, and anyone who wants to see a great movie. I give this movie a 8/10.

Marie Ruiz photo
Marie Ruiz

I just saw this movie last night. I have to say that I'm not a fan of movies about the sex trade, and I didn't really know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised. I think that this is one of the best movies about the sex trade I have ever seen. I found it to be very realistic and very realistic. This is not a movie that shows the "good" side of the sex trade, it shows the bad side. I think that this movie shows that the sex trade is not good or bad, it is just a part of human life and it is something that people need to think about. It also shows that we should not try to change people's minds or change people's lives. It is just a business. I don't think that this movie is meant to be a great movie. It is meant to show what really happens in the sex trade. I think that this movie is not meant to be a "party movie" or anything like that. It is just meant to show the truth. I really liked this movie. I think that it was very well written, and I really liked the way that it was filmed. I think that it is a very good movie and I think that it deserves the Oscar. I hope that it wins it.