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Night School

Night School is a movie starring Greg Henson, Shynika Jakes, and Melissa Lewis. A documentary about three students determined to graduate from their high school in Indianapolis, despite the fact that the institution has one of the...

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Andrew Cohn
Shynika Jakes, Greg Henson, Melissa Lewis
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A documentary about three students determined to graduate from their high school in Indianapolis, despite the fact that the institution has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.

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Ryan photo

I've seen many documentaries about the history of the film industry, but this was the first I've seen that dealt with the history of the television industry. While some of the footage was certainly informative and well-produced, a lot of it seemed a bit rehearsed and the film was too long. It was also a little bit too long, which didn't help matters. The editing was a little bit choppy, too, but I was able to follow the film. There were a lot of clips that were very interesting, like the early days of network television. I also liked the behind-the-scenes footage, like the opening credits and the production of the first hour of the show. There were a lot of clips that I had never seen before, like the very first episode of The Andy Griffith Show. It was also nice to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the early days of the network, like the beginning of the show. I found that the editing could have been a little more precise. Also, I liked the interviews with many of the people who worked on the show, like the producers and the writers. They gave great insight into the process of the show, and I thought they were really entertaining. Overall, it was a good documentary, but not a great one.

Lori Jordan photo
Lori Jordan

This documentary was a bit of a let down. I have seen the film many times, and was excited to see it again, but it was a let down. The film is not as well made as it could be. The editing is not consistent, and the voice overs are not very convincing. It is like it was filmed in a rush. It is just not cohesive in any way. It is just a very basic summary of the life of Jason Collins. I will say that the documentary does a good job of bringing the story of Jason's sexual orientation out in the open. I think that it would have been better if the story was told in a more thoughtful manner. I think the film makers should have done a better job of explaining the reasons that Jason had to come out to the world. The documentary would have been a much better story if it had just been about Jason's career and how he became the player that he is today. The way he came out to his family, and to the world was probably the most important part of the story.

Albert photo

You can't say that The Wire is the best TV show ever. I didn't think so, but this documentary is better than the show. It's a well-written and well-directed documentary, with interviews with many of the people who worked on the show. The documentary is very informative, but I didn't find it that great. I didn't find it as compelling as The Wire. I think the documentary could have been better. But I don't know if that's the case. I think this documentary is much better than The Wire. The documentary is more entertaining than The Wire, and it's also more interesting. The documentary is better than The Wire, but not as good as The Wire. The documentary is a good show, but it's not as good as The Wire.

Justin Riley photo
Justin Riley

I love this movie. It is a very entertaining film that doesn't take itself too seriously. I also think that it is a lot like how my life was for the first few years of my adult life. I would say that I was a good student, but I wasn't very good in other areas of my life. Then one day I just got the idea to take a year off to do something different. The idea was simple, but I was nervous. What if I got into trouble? How could I get out of it? I was very worried. Then I started thinking about it, and I just figured it out. The first thing I did was to get my girlfriend and my best friend to help me out. We got a place to stay, and we met all the people who could help me. I was very excited. I didn't think that I would get out of it, but I did. I was very surprised to see how much fun it was. It was a really good experience. My best friend is a psychologist, and he was a really good friend to me. We talked about this new job, and he thought it was a great idea. He helped me out of it, and I was very happy. It was very good, and I didn't know what to do. I just wanted to get out of it. I felt like a fool for taking this year off. I didn't think that it would be good, but I just did it. I have never been so happy. I think that this movie is very funny, but it isn't just funny. It is a good film. I can't wait to see it again. It is definitely worth seeing. It is also very good for people who are not into this kind of thing. It is a great way to spend a day or two.

Matthew photo

The wonderful thing about this film is that it is based on a true story, and a true story about a young man who was kicked out of school for wearing a t-shirt with the words "I am a communist." (and the rest of his shirt). The film is wonderful because of the fact that it doesn't make fun of the students who were kicked out, but rather it shows the parents and teachers who were against the student, and they don't deserve any praise for doing their jobs well. The film does a good job of showing the education system in the US and how it is not a perfect system, but also the families that are at the mercy of the system. In some ways, it's a little like the film "The Pledge" because both films show the attitudes of a group of people who have been forced to live under the system. The film also does a good job of showing how hard it is for those who are in the system, and how hard it is for those who are not. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It's definitely not a film for the kids, but for adults, it is a great movie that should be watched.

Charles K. photo
Charles K.

The opening scene of the movie is really, really good. The kid is actually doing some real talking with the cops and their supervisors. The kid is definitely a hero. I was really impressed by the story that was told. The kid was a good kid who was just trying to do the right thing. He was doing what he had to do. It is definitely a movie that I will watch again. It is definitely a movie that you should watch. It is a good movie to watch.

Ruth photo

I am a fan of Jay-Z, and I am a big fan of Jay-Z. I love his music, and I love his performance. I am so glad to see him doing something besides the music. I also thought the interview was very interesting, and I would love to see more of him. I would love to see him on a different film. I really liked how he talked about the 'Illuminati' and the government. It was interesting to hear him talk about the Illuminati, and I like that he talked about how he is not a member, but is an advocate of them. I think that if he really wanted to, he could talk about the Illuminati and how they have done a lot of good things. I am glad to see him on a different film. I think it was a good interview and a good film. I think that Jay-Z is a great artist, and I am glad that he is doing something else, instead of just doing music. I think he has a lot of talent, and I am glad that he is making films that are different. I really liked the film, and I think that it was a good film.

Richard photo

This documentary examines the not-so-secret life of a school in Austin, Texas. Students may be funny, bright, or mean, but they are the same in every way that any other person in their school. It also reveals their hopes and dreams. There are some great details that are almost unbelievable and there are some awesome performances by both actors and the director. This is an interesting look at a high school in Texas. A special mention to Josh Hutcherson who plays Roxy. He is a truly amazing actor. He was nominated for a Golden Globe, and was nominated for a Golden Globe. It is a truly inspirational story.

Helen Jackson photo
Helen Jackson

The master of over-the-top imagery, David Filner, has sent us an entertaining exploration of a group of high schoolers who have decided to make their own reality television show. The main protagonists are Joe Meyers, the master of improvisation, and a bunch of his pals, all of whom have come up with their own ideas of how to keep the series afloat. Joe is a neurotic flake, who spends his free time fantasizing about other people's backsides, and Thomas White, a nerdy geek who loves to drink and smokes. It is Joe's audacious persistence that eventually brings this rag-tag bunch together, and even though it means getting them in trouble, Joe's determination to keep the show on the road is contagious. It is a low-budget production with a big budget, and a lot of behind-the-scenes drama, but the biggest surprise is the presentation of some real-life teens from middle-class backgrounds. Sometimes it is refreshing to see real people, who are not the media objects they are so often portrayed as. It is a rare moment when a director manages to get a true story about the human experience, instead of focusing on the story, or instead on the subject of the movie. If you are interested in learning more about the ideas and methodology behind an improv show, check out The Improvisers, where I review the new film version of the documentary.

Steven photo

I don't know why it is that so many people are so negative towards this documentary. I think it is very important and very educational. If you want to see something that is based on the real events, see this. It's not a documentary, it's a documentary about the events. It's not a documentary that will tell you what happened in this case. It's about what happened and how it affected those who were involved. I think it's a very good documentary. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Kathryn photo

I liked this documentary very much. The only thing that I found a bit irritating was the fact that I don't know how they managed to get a lot of people to see it. I was very disappointed to see that they managed to get just a couple of people to see it. However, I still enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to anyone.

Charles photo

A very nice documentary, but it is very disappointing that there are so many people who have not heard about this movie. For those who have seen it, you will know that it is a movie about an excellent teacher. But the subject is very controversial, and there are people who are very critical of the teachers. It is a very interesting movie, but you need to watch it with an open mind. This movie is very much about the teacher's life and the problems that he had with the students, and that he was unable to control the students, or even a little bit. So, if you want to know more about the teacher, see this movie. I think that the movie was a very good and very important movie.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

Not everyone is able to understand or appreciate this film. It's for those who can't relate to it's depiction of life in the ghetto and its characters. It's not a documentary, but more of an investigation into the life of the people who live there. This film doesn't say that you have to be a white person to have been in the ghetto to understand it. It shows the different types of people and their backgrounds, but that doesn't mean that you have to be white to understand this film. I think the film was very well done, and that it was well done for a low budget film. It shows the hardships of living in a ghetto, and shows that the people in it are not happy, and can't even get along with each other. The movie isn't a documentary, but more of a real look into the lives of these people. I think that the people who have not been in the ghetto, and don't understand the life that it's like, can really appreciate this film.

Ralph R. photo
Ralph R.

This is a fantastic documentary on the life of rocker Bob Dylan. It's a good look at the man and his work, and a look at his music. It's a documentary that gets right to the heart of the music. It's a lot like watching a play or a documentary, and it really works. It's a very moving and interesting look at one of the great American musicians of all time. I really recommend this to anyone who's interested in Dylan, rock music, or music in general.

Ethan C. photo
Ethan C.

In the UK, the school was closed down after an investigation that failed to find any evidence of a sexual abuse. However, the documentary shows that the school's staff had a strong interest in the children's lives. The documentary also reveals that the parents of some of the children were very happy to let their children attend the school, even though they had not been told the school would close. It also shows that the staff had a strong interest in the children's social and physical well-being, and were prepared to support them if they needed help. This documentary is an important document to highlight the strength of the community and the strength of the school's staff. It shows that it is possible to provide an education for children without resorting to inappropriate or unethical practices.

Crystal photo

This is a really good film. It's hard to find an American film on the subject of schooling that's not in English, but it's not the only thing to be interested in. I think the main problem with the film is the fact that it's based on a French film, and the English is lacking. There are many other films that focus on the impact of schooling on the individual, and the school system in the US is a prime example. The English is very good, and the film is well worth seeing. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. It's not a great film, but it's worth seeing.

Juan R. photo
Juan R.

I liked the documentary a lot. This movie is not about the cultural gap between the two countries. It's about the culture gap. The story of a teenager who got bullied in school and the story of a middle school teacher who has to deal with it. The movie is very well made. It's about a very important topic: bullying. This is a must see for everyone who loves movies and they are looking for a good movie to watch. This is a great movie for kids. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Craig B. photo
Craig B.

I just got back from watching this documentary and I'm in awe. It is truly an incredible movie. I felt like I was a part of it. The subject matter is serious but the film is so incredibly funny. I laughed so hard during this film that I was on the floor of my living room. I loved the fact that this was not a documentary but a documentary of a documentary. I don't know why but I love documentaries. This was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I really loved the way they did this. It was not a documentary, it was a documentary of a documentary. It was great. I really recommend this documentary to anyone that loves documentaries. I love documentaries and this was the best documentary I have ever seen. The way they made the film was amazing and it was really a joy to watch. It was so cool to see this happen. I really don't want to spoil it but it was so amazing. This was definitely a must see documentary. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves documentaries and movies. I loved this movie so much that I would recommend it to anyone.

Edward photo

One of the movies about the Boston jamboree that I've watched and thoroughly enjoyed, I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. It's not a particularly uplifting or motivational movie, but it was pleasant enough and actually quite funny. The story is interesting and nothing is known about the other athletes, so the audience knows absolutely nothing about their lives. So if you enjoy that, by all means go see this movie. As it is, this is one of the best documentaries about one of the most fascinating events in the city's history.

Russell photo

As a young adult, I loved going to school. It was a group of people I looked up to. It was so weird to have a high school that was filled with people you looked up to, and then the world was against you. How can you have a high school and be against the whole world. I was that kid who's favorite book was "Breakfast Club". And when I was about fourteen, I became a special education teacher. I got to do all kinds of crazy things, like make all the rules of the school. I was not there for anyone, I was there for myself. But I was able to pull in kids like Tyler and Heidi, who were just like me. I was able to get them on the straight and narrow. They thought they were going to be athletes, but they knew their talents lay in the arts and sciences. And Heidi knew that her talents lay in her relationships. But she knew that she could make it on her own. And I liked to think that this movie was just like that. I think Tyler's story was a little different, because he was only a kid when he had to do this stuff. But that's kind of cool, because I think all kids have that idea of what they're going to be. And I think Heidi's story was a little bit different. She's a straight-A student, but she thinks that she has an IQ of about 150, and she's actually much smarter than that. But I think that the biggest thing was that it gave a lot of insight on what's going to happen in high school, if you're going to make it. You have to put the stuff that you think is important on top of your to-do list. And all the kids were smart. So I think that's one of the things that made it fun. The cool thing was that they used all the stories, and then they put in different perspectives, like they put it on top of the timeline. They put all the different stories on top of the timeline, and then they put all the pictures that Tyler has done on the wall. So they put the different stories on top of each other, and put the pictures on top of the pictures. It's like an educational movie, but it's also a movie that I think all kids would like to have a good time at. So I think that if they were to do a sequel to it, they should put out a sequel to it, because I think that it's an educational movie, and I think all kids would like to have a good time at.

Jason B. photo
Jason B.

Back in the early 1980s, William H. Macy, Sandra Bernhard, William Hurt and Richard Dreyfuss were all "the real men" in comedy. Michael Cera is the next one in that league and he is undeniably funny. I will go as far as to say that he is the funniest comedian working today and this is a very good documentary to go along with it.

Teresa Moreno photo
Teresa Moreno

What a great story of sex and gang life on New York's LIPSTICK COLLEGE. The footage here is what makes this one of the best documentaries about the life of one of the city's infamous groups of punks. In fact, the story here is so interesting, that I found it nearly impossible to turn it off. And the topics it covers are the topics of the movie. How the gang started. How their dealings with the police changed over time. How the girls' influence made the group impossible to leave. And many other important topics about this infamous group. They are not violent, but they are people with a lot of personal demons. The group formed when they were in their teens and are not very happy with their lives, although it is not clear what is driving the group. You can't help but empathize with them, because of how they feel, and that is the reason why this movie is so good. If you ever have the chance to see this film, it is worth it.

Mildred photo

The film is about the character of Joey's (Guy Pearce) relationship with his wife. The film is a brief look at his life and how his wife has been very supportive and happy. It is about how Joey and his wife are trying to deal with the pressure on their marriage and managing the ongoing crisis. Some of the negative comments posted about the film are based on the absence of any background material. As such, it is an educational film and leaves out all of the "why" of the character's actions. So it's very important to say that the only background material provided in the film is to establish how Joey is dealing with his husband's disability. I am not sure if the film is trying to depict Joey as a good or bad father. I doubt that it is. Joey's ability to keep his family together with his disability is commendable. But so is his ability to work in a factory in a skilled capacity. The film makes a strong statement that Joey's disability cannot be mitigated or fixed and his inability to work in his factory leaves him isolated. The film does not leave any explanation as to why Joey's disability has interfered with his relationship with his wife. The only reference to Joey's wife is the comment by another character that Joey has to do the dishes and she forgives him for taking care of their two kids. This comment is not elaborated upon. I will admit that the film is moving and the performances are impressive. However, for me the film was too brief and the character of Joey's wife seemed artificial. This is not to say that the film does not represent a positive portrayal of a disabled individual. It does. However, the film's length made it hard to go beyond the content of the film and get to the deeper social discussion of disability in relationships.

Grace C. photo
Grace C.

The makers of "School" are doing a series of school trip projects, as part of their preparation for the British show, "Planet Earth", which will be held in Sheffield in June. The theme of "School" is pretty self-explanatory, with an introduction to "the most innovative school in Britain", followed by various exercises, from the discovery of food, to the connection between personality and work, and the mental health of a student. Each project is broken down into a series of questions, which are asked of the audience and the director, and are then repeated several times. The subjects are: the importance of technology in education, the history of drug abuse, why people feel the need to run away from the consequences of what they are doing, and how a group of good intentions, can lead to such disastrous consequences. "School" is an interesting, but somewhat unnecessary film that is probably worth seeing, for the opportunity to learn more about the "makeup, comedy and some very difficult subjects".

William photo

Being a nerd myself, I thought it would be cool to watch this documentary on geek culture. Being able to identify with and relate to those who are nerdy myself, I was interested in seeing how this doc would change my perspective on those who are not. This film was not predictable at all. I felt every movie twist and turn. The interviews with the major players and the interviews with actual people who identify with that particular fan culture were well done. I thought it was very interesting and refreshing to see the actual answer to those questions, which is very rare for these types of documentaries. Overall, I would recommend this documentary for anyone who is interested in geek culture and would enjoy it.

Ann photo

For a documentary about the A-list of Hollywood actors, being about them, it is remarkably good. We get some excellent insights into their lives, including details on their career, what their parents and mentors have to say about them and about the film business. The interviews have depth, even to those who are barely aware of the movie industry or Hollywood. They are not fact-based, but the conversations are fascinating. Their goal is not to show their personal lives, but to shine a light on how they view their profession and show that no one can do it alone. The interviewees are basically saying, "Hey, this is what I do, and this is why I do it, and this is what I have to keep up with, and these are my constraints, and this is what I can't do, and I am going to make it work." It is also amazing that no one talks about the money involved in Hollywood, although a few do talk about how it has affected their families and how it affects their personal lives. I think this is a very honest portrayal of Hollywood, and I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in movie making.

Christine W. photo
Christine W.

While watching the documentary "Getting Off On It" with Steve Lopez, I noticed a lot of these same phrases. This documentary gets very confusing at times, especially when you're watching it alone. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it and it gave me a sense of peace about the sexual abuses I had suffered. Unfortunately it gets very difficult to follow when one is around other people. I don't recommend this movie as a comedy or a drama. The commentary and interviews with people in the program are only helpful in the last 2 minutes of the movie.

Ryan photo

You know, I don't understand why they call this movie a documentary. They call it a "doc", but it's really not a documentary. They talk about their love for school and their hate of it, but they don't talk about school. I don't see the point of all this, because they never actually spoke to anyone in school and I don't really see the point of this either. I think that this movie is very powerful, but the people in it did not actually speak with anybody in school. It's just a bunch of random people talking about their love of school and their hatred of it. I wish that they would have interviewed teachers and other teachers in school more, because that would have been interesting. If you're gonna make a movie about what school is like, it should be about school. That would be more interesting. Even the actors weren't interviewed at all. The only thing I like in the movie was the ending. It was really powerful, and it was sad, but at the same time it was great. I definitely recommend this movie, but if you like what you see, you'll like what you see, because it's really not any different.

Kathy S. photo
Kathy S.

Very seldom do documentaries, documentary films or films of any type get a warm, gentle, human, nuanced, mature look at the complexity of a culture. All too often, documentary films feel forced, uninteresting, boring, and we only experience moments of real-life connection that really don't have much meaning behind them, if any at all. Films like THIS are different and in most cases, deeply personal, and one can feel their heartbreak, pain, courage, and joy when they're about to end. They aren't for everyone and should be seen by those who don't want to think about culture for hours on end and their point isn't about those "complex" cultural facts. The director, Nathan Gerritzen, is not a great film director, and this is the reason why the film didn't really hit me that much. I can't really understand why a person like Adam Curtis who has created such a film would want to make this. I feel like the director had an opportunity to do something really special, but unfortunately he felt the need to prove something more important by making the film. It was all about the money and it wasn't really about the film. The art of documentaries is done by the human aspect, and I just didn't feel that. I didn't get the tears. I didn't feel the pain. The whole thing was extremely dull and unexciting. I didn't feel like they were actually giving us a warm, gentle, human, nuanced, mature look at the complexity of a culture. They wanted to make an emotional connection between the actors by showing us their emotions, but I felt that it was overrated and self-absorbed. I've heard other people say that they felt it was super accurate and that there was no point in making the film because it was true. But I felt like it was about the more personal emotional moments between the people, and I didn't feel any kind of emotion from the film. And I don't see how it would be an accurate look at the culture. It would only be an honest look into the people's private lives. Even then, it would only be a very short film and should have ended by now. This film would have been so much more powerful if it went on for another 15 minutes. I just couldn't get into the film at all and I wasn't sure if it would end in the end. I don't get the point.

Christopher photo

I'm a late 30's divorcee who took my kids to see the film. The movie was very good. The first time I saw it I was in shock and I just kept saying to myself "How could this be so bad? This is good." A good example of that was when the guy with the room service girl at the subway station. He was out of line so he screamed at her. Then I looked over and I thought, oh crap, this is just how women are! She had to pick up her food and leave because that's just what these people do. Later I realized that this was a great message to those of us who are in these kinds of relationships. Also, the movie was very realistic. We don't have things like that. The movie actually gave me a little bit of hope and reminded me what my kids can do, even though they are in the legal system. But when I think of all the issues these people have to face, I'm sure it will remind you how good the film is.

Julia West photo
Julia West

From a young age, James "Jimmy" Stewart was a troubled and misunderstood child who was taken advantage of by his own father who was an alcoholic. He didn't know his biological mother (at that time, she was widowed and living with her elderly mother). At the time, the actor was actually 5-years-old and had suffered from mental problems. What he did to others, he did to himself, and it drove him to self-destructive behavior. That's all I have to say about it, other than I can't really think of a lot about this film. I liked the fact that it was pretty open, and I think it may be more relevant today. I wouldn't say it's a documentary, but at least a documentary about a person's life. There's not a lot of background on him or his family. This is probably one of the best film I've ever seen on the subject. It's not preachy, and it's about a man who had problems and acted against them. If you don't like this film, then you probably don't like anybody in this film. It is not a docudrama, it's more like a drama that tries to show what it's like to be a troubled child who's found his place. It's not preachy, or trying to make you feel good, but it is based on the real life of a troubled child who abused others, including himself, but with the help of a real life therapist who helped him. This film is about a child who abused others, and the problems that grew out of that. As far as the politics or right-wing politics, that's really irrelevant to the film. I don't really care about that. I think this film is really about a troubled child. As far as who James Stewart was, I think he was a troubled child, and he was abused by his own father and by others. I think that the film doesn't really show him as a happy person, but as a troubled child who got help. His behavior changed over the years, and at some point he was pretty much in a whole different place. That's all I have to say about that. It's about a troubled child who abused others and had to change his behavior. He got help, and it's about him and his dad. It's a really important film. I really recommend it to anybody.

Maria J. photo
Maria J.

The movie covers a bit of everything in respect of this topic: bullying, student politics, the divide between "the black and the white" in a school setting, the "race card," etc. I believe this movie really brought to the fore the current obsession of being "the cool" among your peers, and the profound effects it can have on a young child's psyche, development, and ultimately the quality of their life. Unfortunately, I didn't see this movie before the recent outrage over the banning of the term "nigger." It was only a few days after the movie that this topic was brought up, and it seemed to be a local issue. The parent of the 11 year old boy in the movie said that "bashing" his son would "bring it on yourself." The head of the school heard about it from a neighbor and said that it would be a good idea. It wasn't so popular to see a movie about this topic, and with good reason. It doesn't make any sense at all. From a purely visual point of view, it is an interesting look at a part of the world that should have been left alone and left to the professionals. It does have some good moments and some shocking moments. It is a long movie and to be honest, I found the movie dragged on at times and it was boring at others. The acting and cinematography was superb, but the time seemed to be lost in an attempt to make an "art film." The narration seemed too clunky and unnecessary. Overall, I liked the movie, but it was simply put, a long movie. I recommend this movie to those who are interested in the subject, but I would have liked to see this movie shot on digital and better edited. The real world is more real than a screen.

Martha Banks photo
Martha Banks

I saw this at the San Francisco International Film Festival and found it to be a timely comment on how much money the education system can pour into producing yet another generation of sheep in need of proper educational management, with a strong emphasis on training the masses with a logic which is unaccustomed to the blind consumption of the masses. The growing mass of low-educated 'average' folks who remain without a 'normal' sense of identity and purpose with no real connection with the forces of society, are a perfect negative example of what appears to be the mainstream reaction against a number of countries and their failures to recognize and support what is required in order to build a prosperous and stable society. Some countries have successfully 'left the welfare states', even 'unplugged' in order to create a society which is worth the time it takes to get there. The issue of education is a matter of great concern to many Americans, and of great concern to the world at large. People should learn about the 'facts' of how education makes people less aware of real power, more narcissistic and even more racist, and what it does to the future of the nation. The fact that America has become such a declining nation which it is difficult to think of a nation to replace it in the future, is one of the most fascinating aspects of this film, and I think this is what is needed if we are to reach the level of countries like Australia or Great Britain who have that much funding to undertake the education for the masses of people, who would otherwise have no way to realize that their future is not in the hands of politicians but in the hands of educated citizens who are willing to rise and change the system. A one-sided perspective, without any relationship to what goes on in other countries, or indeed any clear understanding of the political-economic systems of the countries which have the most success, will be a great disappointment to the world.

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This documentary is quite one of a kind, its not a good documentary as a whole, but the second half is quite something. An interesting look into the struggles of school at every level, how many kids are being educated in a filthy, abuse of academic work, bad teachers, and real problems with super-predators (this is not a snarky comment). The hope for some change is shown by the facts as to why teachers and principals are doing this, while teachers and principals are allowed to do what they want, and they keep doing it. The documentary is very informative as a whole. The reality of how low school is can be seen as seen by kids, parents, and the community at large.

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Sara Hunt

I knew immediately that the argument that 'We should all become Christian' is a distortion of Christianity. After all, according to a local church preacher, who made a point of saying, "I've had a change of heart about everything. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, and I never will be. I went through the idea of becoming a Christian because I was raised in the catholic school system, and I could see that the religion was a disgusting piece of crap. I am a pacifist, I don't believe in killing for the sake of killing. I don't believe in violence and war. I think that is the very definition of violence and war. As far as the Anglican/Episcopalian church, I am not a huge fan of them. My children and I were never, nor do I now, plan on going to the catholic school system. But there are several big sins of the Anglican/Episcopalian church that are not going to be changed by their vote to vote for this resolution. For example, being the modern-day version of the Protestants. The Protestant revival of the late 1500s was about the strong, one-sided attitude of the church. Protestantism was never about the Bible. Protestantism was a cultural movement. Protestantism is not about the Bible. I agree that the Protestant church has changed. The British aristocracy and the church have both changed their attitudes and beliefs, and with them the Anglican church has changed too. One of the more interesting points that I learned from this film is that the Anglican church is even more 'self-centred' than the Catholic church. Even though the Episcopal church has a hard time admitting that it isn't the only true church, the Anglican church only got that recognition after an incident in the church. After a woman accused a priest of sexually abusing her, the church ended up going to the woman and agreeing to have an independent tribunal to handle the case. Before this incident, the Anglican church had no problem admitting that its priests have behaved like paedophiles. The Anglican church claimed that this would be the most extreme thing they would admit. Even though the Bishop of the Catholic church admitted the church is still only a union of Roman Catholics and Anglicans. The church knows that if there is going to be an investigation into child sexual abuse, it will be the Catholic church that will handle it. After this incident the Anglican church decided that it would be the Catholic church that would handle it. Many of the churches were still arguing whether or not the Episcopal church would be the one to do it. The church was in a quagmire trying to decide what to do about the problem. When I first heard that, I thought, "Well. This is going to be interesting. It seems that every church is going to be different. We've already got Protestant churches with crazy attitudes to homosexuality, Buddhists with crazy attitudes to masturbation, Jews with crazy attitudes to women and so on. It's going to be like that. And they'll all be different. That's what the Catholics say. That's what the Protestants say. How long are we going to have to continue with the Anglican church?" Then when I heard that I was like, "OK. If they're going to be different. They're going to be different. The Anglican church is already different." If the Anglican church were to refuse to admit the accusation of paedophilia against the paedophile priest, then we could probably be grateful for a safe space for homosexuals. The Anglican church will always be different, and people will always be different, and I can't wait for the day that it stops being different and starts being the same. The Anglican church is different. Even if the Catholic church admitted that its priests have behaved like paedophiles, and said that it would be the one to handle the case. It's still the Anglican

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Rachel Nelson

This documentary-ish look at the acting career of Will Ferrell is probably the best documentary of his ever made. Ferrell plays some pretty stereotypical, lazy, and cackhanded characters that we've seen countless times before. But it's good stuff, for sure. Here's hoping he sticks with this stuff for a long time.

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Great intro to almost anyone who's watched a film before and wants to understand why certain things have happened. The 'Starlite' documentary that Tom's father put together to prove that he was not a 'supposed' spy, and how they went about it. The mad scientist story, where you also learn that Tom actually met his father.The conclusion is not to be so sure about Tom's true story, and in fact leaves you guessing until the end. Interesting to hear how Tom handles what he sees as a 'disaster'. It shows how he begins to understand that he did not leave the country. Great stuff!