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Served Like a Girl is a movie starring Nichole Alred, Jas Boothe, and Rachel Engler. Director Lysa Heslov's documentary, "Served Like a Girl, provides a candid look at several American women as they transition from active duty to...

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1 hours 43 minutes
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Lysa Heslov
Lysa Heslov, Tchavdar Georgiev
Jas Boothe, Hope Garcia, Nichole Alred, Rachel Engler
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Director Lysa Heslov's documentary, "Served Like a Girl, provides a candid look at several American women as they transition from active duty to civilian life after serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our wounded U.S. female service personnel often return to a stark reality, one that is rarely discussed or considered. Struggling with PTSD, homelessness, broken families, serious illness, physical injuries, and the aftermath of military sexual abuse, these amazing women find ways to adapt and overcome debilitating challenges through participation in the "Ms. Veteran America" competition. Guided by event founder and veteran, Jas Boothe, the women leverage their experiences gained through competition to recover the parts of themselves and their personal identities they had lost on the battlefield. Called "Engaging, Honest and Powerful," this film is a beautiful tapestry interlaced with poignant moments, social commentary, and humor.

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Kathryn photo

I was the only one who saw this film. I thought it was interesting. It's a pretty interesting story, and it's not a film that is solely about sex, but about gender and how it's so intertwined with relationships. I thought that the idea of a man being a gay man was interesting. It was a little hard to watch at times, but it was a great idea to tell the story of the father's reaction to his son's sexuality. The only problem was that it seemed like the film went on for way too long. I was glad when it ended. The film doesn't have any really big surprises, but it's an interesting story. I liked it, and I would recommend it.

Randy B. photo
Randy B.

Some of the best documentaries you'll ever watch. "Served Like A Girl" is a fantastic, inspiring film that shows a true story of a woman who rose above the odds and worked to become an example of what it means to be a success. I'm a young woman, but this movie definitely opened my eyes. The main character, Valerie, was extremely inspiring. I am proud to have the woman in my life and I believe we all should be proud of her.

Johnny W. photo
Johnny W.

If you haven't heard of it, you should. It's a film about a group of 14-year-old girls from a small village in England who have been bullied and harassed by their schoolmates. They've been called names, spat on and used as "paedophiles" by their classmates. One of the girls even had a girl in her class take her panties off. That's right. This is a documentary that is actually about the abuse that the girls have had to go through. The story of the girls is amazing and moving. It's really something to see. The director has a great eye for detail. There are many things that she does that really make you think. She focuses on the girls, her friend and her parents. This is a great documentary. It really makes you think about the way we treat each other and how we can hurt others. It really gets to the core of why we don't want to go to school. If you're a parent and you think you should be there for your kids, then this is a great documentary. It really gives you an understanding of why it is that your kids are bullied. It also shows you how they're not the only ones in the world who have problems at school. It really makes you think. I really recommend this film.

Harry Barnett photo
Harry Barnett

This is the only documentary I've ever seen that is entirely about the journey of a single mother in the inner city. This is a fascinating film, and should be seen by anyone who has a desire to see the world through the eyes of a single mother. There are some personal moments that may not be comfortable for some people, but are very important for the people who are watching. This is a film that is able to capture the essence of the struggles that single mothers face every day. I believe this film should be considered a must see for anyone interested in the struggles of single mothers. The acting is excellent, the dialogue is realistic, and the film is very well made. I believe that this film has the potential to be a film that will help change the world, and I hope that this film does more than just change the world.

Heather Contreras photo
Heather Contreras

My mom always used to say that the last 30 seconds of a film, and sometimes even the last 20 minutes, makes a film. This film does that. This film will make you question your assumptions about the last 30 minutes. It will make you question your own beliefs and beliefs that we have about the story of Mary. And it will make you question whether you will believe it again when you find out that the Jesus of the bible is actually the original Jehovah. That is why this film is so good. You will find yourself believing the story again, even when you don't know that the story was based on a real historical figure. You will see that there is more to the story than the Mary Magdelene story, and it is true. Even if you are Christian. There is also another good reason why this film is great. It will force you to think about what is actually going on in the world today, and whether your beliefs are being compromised by media. The media is out to get you and they are out to hurt you. There are good things that are going on in the world today. This film will be a good source of information for you, and also a good source of information to use to guide you. Just try to see things in a different way, and you will see that it is actually better to believe in the world and you can live in it. You may find that the Mary Magdelene story is true, but that the Jesus of the bible is real, and you can be one of the only ones who believe in him.

Willie R. photo
Willie R.

A documentary about a girl who was sexually abused by her father as a child, and her journey in healing. Her story is heartbreaking and you will feel like you are a part of her journey. The documentary is very well done and well-paced, and very well done. The cinematography was excellent, and the sound was very effective. The production value is very high, and the overall quality is very high. It is very well-done and very well-directed. There are many people who are dealing with similar situations in their lives, and the documentary gives you a great sense of how important it is to be able to go to the police, and to have a trusted person who can help you and help you get through your emotional trauma. I highly recommend this documentary. This is a must-see for anyone who is dealing with any type of trauma. It is a must-see for anyone who is going through a sexual abuse or incest.

Justin T. photo
Justin T.

This documentary about the life of Louise & Melissa, the couple who have been married for 30 years, and the great challenge of getting the state of their marriage recognized by the courts, and the impact this has had on their family. It is a must see for anyone who is a spouse, or just a friend or family member. The film is very funny, and well told. It is a very personal story that is touching and emotional. The two lead actors, Mark and Renee, have done a wonderful job in bringing this story to the screen. The story is worth seeing!

Eric photo

What a tremendous film! I read the book a few years ago and was very impressed with the writing. I was very surprised that the film didn't go into much detail, except to say that the book was a lot more graphic and gritty. The film is about the lives of the women in the movie, but it is really about the women. What is interesting is that it's very hard to know how the women feel about themselves and the world. I don't know if the film makers could have done more with this material, but I was so impressed with the subject matter. I can't wait for the DVD to come out!

Sharon Morris photo
Sharon Morris

I'm a typical Internet user. I never post here or here, but I make a habit of checking out the other comments posted in the other threads posted on this site. I really think that someone who's been in an abusive relationship should know what it feels like to be in one. I think this movie is the very best depiction of what it feels like to be in a romantic relationship. I've seen a lot of movies about abusive relationships, but this one really hits home. It's very real and emotionally intense. It also has some really good shots of rain and of the different faces of the people that live there. It's more about how they make it, and how the people who have to deal with the loss and abuse feel about it. I've seen a lot of other users review this movie and not being able to relate to it. But this is one of those movies that really hits home with those who are in abusive relationships. It's really entertaining and sad and uplifting, but always with the same message. This is the best movie of the year. (It would be even better if it wasn't for the "predictable" ending.)

Tiffany Guzman photo
Tiffany Guzman

I was very excited to see the film after reading some of the reviews. I was not disappointed, the viewer's are not put off by the subject matter or Hollywood waffling. The director/writer/producer/co-star of the film was rather transparent and honest in his writing and his comments. He knows what he is talking about, and lets the viewer have the privilege to decide. "Not The Best of The Best" however, must be remembered as it's the only real word used by the actors. If you liked this film and it has been a source of inspiration, I would recommend watching the movie and re-watching it as many times as you can!

Emily Myers photo
Emily Myers

As I watched this documentary, I couldn't help but feel sympathy for the man. The circumstances were not easy for him to overcome and he didn't get to see his daughter grow up. But he did the best he could with what he had. I was moved to tears at one point, and I think he would have been even more so if I had seen this film. He was a remarkable man and one that will be missed by all who knew him.

Donna C. photo
Donna C.

I didn't even know about this movie until a friend of mine recommended it to me, and I just had to see it. I am in love with this movie, I love how confident and positive it is. I think that it is a movie that most women can relate to because it deals with the issues of mental health and how life can go out of hand and things can get out of control. It is a movie that will have you crying and laughing. The characters are unique and the story is very realistic. It is a story about a woman who had to leave her husband, who was a great man, and how he was abusing her in the relationship. I really hope that they will make more movies like this because I feel like they have been neglected. I really wish that they would make more movies about mental health in Hollywood. It is not only a topic that needs to be talked about, but also a topic that people should see, because mental health is something that everyone should know about. Thank you to all of you who participated in this movie, you deserve a huge thank you.

Gerald Graham photo
Gerald Graham

This is a documentary about the adventures of the 3 American soldiers in the Lebanon and their experiences during the Lebanon War. The three soldiers are friends who met during the war, one at the University of Michigan, the other in the US Navy. They meet and bond as they both have a passion for women and they all have the same goal: to go to Europe and work on a boat, and they all fall in love. There is no doubt that the three were a normal guys who were never in trouble with the law. They had no problems with their parents or with the other adults in their lives. The film shows the normal highs and lows of their lives and their friendship. I thought the film was very well done and made a great story. I would recommend it to anyone.

Cheryl C. photo
Cheryl C.

I don't want to give away the entire plot of this film, so I will just say that it is not a happy movie, and it's not one that will make you feel good. However, it is a must see for anyone who is a feminist, and anyone who is a person who wants to see more about men and women in the media. It's well worth watching.

Austin Barnes photo
Austin Barnes

I first discovered this film when I saw a review on I didn't remember who wrote it, and in fact I'm not sure why, but I remember the idea. What a beautiful film! It shows, among other things, the early days of the Internet, when I was a teenager, and how the medium has been a savior for humanity. At the same time, it also shows how horrible it can be when it comes to the portrayal of women. On this film, you get the sense that they were real people with real feelings, and that they deserved better. It's an incredible film, and I highly recommend it.

Kelly M. photo
Kelly M.

The subject matter is very important, and I'm sure some of us who have had a problem with our own parents' or grandparents' behavior have been searching for help. I saw this documentary and I thought it was extremely well done. I found the people in the story to be very real and very real. They all had a common problem - they all had to deal with someone or something that made them unhappy. I think they all had a very hard time dealing with it and most of them were just so caught up in their own feelings, that they didn't really see the bigger picture. This movie is a good introduction to the subject matter, and it will probably be a very good introduction to other people who have a similar problem. It is also a good example of how not to get help, and how to treat someone who needs help. A great documentary.

Philip H. photo
Philip H.

The majority of the information is sourced from interviews with individuals and from scientific data. The information is presented as an instructional DVD. The documentary was made as part of the "Summer of Love" and is based on the book by the same name by Lise Ouellette. The book is interesting, but it's very easy to forget that it's a history book. A lot of the interviews are hard to get. I kept thinking that I didn't hear from them, but I did and the DVD shows many different comments. A couple of them are very well crafted. I like the way the director shows the process. I'm sure there are a lot of people that have different views. I've got to say that the information is a bit dated. I'm sure that there were people that lived during that time period that had their own experiences. It would be interesting to see if they had similar attitudes or experiences. I'm not a scientist, but I guess it's possible that some of the information in the book is wrong. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that it would make a good guide for people interested in seeing documentaries, because of the lack of people that actually have a scientific background. I found the interviews to be very interesting, especially the ones that were done in L.A. I have to say that if you have a little time, you should really watch the documentary.

Mildred Vasquez photo
Mildred Vasquez

A film that answers questions that everyone should have. This film is a small slice of the world, in a world that is small, and often quite different. It is an expert's view of the land, and a personal love story that is anything but ordinary. Everything that is strange about this world, and its people, is shown here, and it is fascinating to see it all through the eyes of a filmmaker who shares so much with her subjects. The pace is just right, the cinematography is quite stunning, and the story is quite simply beautiful. It is about the beauty of the natural world, the beauty of people, and the beauty of the human being. This is a film that everyone should see.

Deborah photo

We're supposed to feel bad for the characters, but how about for the folks who contributed to this film? I mean, I'm sure they had some of the happiest and most successful lives imaginable, but the problems in their lives were so obvious and obvious that they were unable to empathize or understand what the women were going through. This is the story of Elizabeth Taylor, not Frank Sinatra, and it's a story about the success of women, not just the success of women, but of their ability to communicate through the use of technology. The most important thing about this movie is that we can see that the experience of being a woman doesn't have to be like every other experience we've ever had, or experience we'll ever have. The most important thing is that women who have lived this experience can become empowered. As in the movie, "We're in Your Face."

Marilyn photo

This movie is about the dangers of early and unwanted pregnancies and how you can't afford to be a virgin, despite being portrayed as a pretty girl. It features Sandra, who was the chief guest speaker at the Cambridge Women's conference last year and is the main character in this movie, as well as Kate Hudson, who is a young writer and an advisor to the program. It tells us how these young women can be manipulated and they have to be aware of the risks of this situation. The real life story of many young women who are pregnant and trying to conceive as a teenager. This movie is a must see. It will make you think about how important it is to have sex and how it will affect you and your future.

Gloria Bell photo
Gloria Bell

I loved this film! The first time I saw it I was just watching it because I didn't want to be missing out. I now view it as a classic and will watch it over and over. If it is not on my list I will stop watching until it is on.

Mary photo

I'm not a doctor or anything. I'm just a regular guy. I'm pretty sure that I can relate to most of the issues that these girls are dealing with. I know that a lot of these girls feel like their lives are on the line because of the addiction that they're trying to kick. I think they need to be able to have some guidance in order to feel like they can make a decision about their future. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone. I would definitely suggest that you watch it.

Ruth photo

I'm not a big fan of Mary Beth Hurt. I don't consider her as a very talented actress. But I found the documentary she did about the death of a young boy named Jeremy Hough at a Cleveland school. I found it extremely interesting. I had never heard of a teacher named Rachel Martineau (who was subsequently fired), but I did know she did a very good job in her TV show about troubled children in school. The documentary was quite a well made. The director gave credit to the parents who made the mistake of leaving the boy in the truck at the end of the day. I'm not a big fan of using the term "emotional trauma" in a documentary, but it was the right word to use. The other children were crying. One boy was crying in the water. One girl had tears running down her face. It was just horrible. It's not very often a teacher or a manager of a school has the power to make a difference. And it's even rarer that they use it on a child. But I don't know if it's possible to do the right thing. That's a hard thing to understand. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As you watch it, I realized how sad the situation was. But I wasn't sad that I couldn't find some way to help. I just felt sorry for the kids. I'm not sure if there's any way that we can change things.

George Cruz photo
George Cruz

As one of the original filmmakers on this film, I can only describe this film as a celebration of artists and their creativity. I enjoyed this film because it was not directed toward any particular audience. It was truly a unique experience. Having spent more than a decade in the film industry, I was able to relate to the feelings that this film elicited. The feeling of loneliness, the thrill of knowing that you were part of something that transcended the boundaries of time, space and culture. As an older director myself, I felt that my experience was an all too common one and that this film had created a new perspective for me. I felt like a real filmmaker in my own way. I found myself in an odd position as a professional and also as an artist. I had to approach this film with a skeptical mind. For the first time in my life, I realized that this film was my life. To me it seemed like the way a real filmmaker views his work. I knew that there were people out there that had no access to the freedom that the people in this film did. It's not a film that I would give out to anyone else. If you have the chance to view this film, do so. It is something that you will not forget and certainly something that I will remember forever.

Terry H. photo
Terry H.

In this insightful look at an oft-forgotten political leader, I couldn't help but to think of the true American dream, but rather of the American dream of hope. In the true American dream, no matter where you were born or what time of day, you had the right to be whatever you wanted to be. This movie does an excellent job of exploring that dream, and why it was lost. I've seen this film a few times and will continue to do so. This film, with its emphasis on history, should be mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to understand the past. I hope it's released on DVD, as it's a must for anyone interested in American history.

Patricia V. photo
Patricia V.

First of all I want to state that I am not gay, but I am a heterosexual male who has been through a lot and who has experienced various kinds of pain and suffering throughout my life. I have been through therapy and a variety of other treatments to help me deal with my internal conflict over my sexuality. I would like to know who has not suffered from this and I would like to know who has not given up hope. I was fortunate enough to have met a guy who is gay and I have been very lucky to know someone who is, he was a partner with a woman, had one kid who is now a teenager and is completely integrated in the family. This wonderful guy told me about his childhood and we bonded over his favorite movies and music. After my first meeting with this wonderful guy, I couldn't believe how much I liked this guy. I was so lucky that I was able to meet this person and he was able to take me in his family and we become good friends. I had such high hopes that this would be an important step in my life and it did not disappoint me. It helped me to identify with other men and to understand my own fears. I was able to know what it felt like to go through some of the things my friend had experienced. I was able to share this with other men, so that we could gain a sense of understanding. I was able to share this with a few of my friends in my local high school. Myself and my two best friends were really sad that the mom had died. My friends are now in their 40s and we are really close now. We share many of the same experiences and we still talk about the things we had. I would really like to help out those who are not able to get help from the gay community. If you have a problem or a friend who is not able to get help, please let me know. I would like to help in anyway I can.

Janice photo

I have seen this movie twice now, and I still love it. It is so true to life and I can't say enough about it. This is one of those movies that really makes you think and it doesn't fall into any kind of common cliches. I think it is great. It is very inspiring and I think everyone should watch it. It will show you that no matter what you are going through, you can overcome it and that there are many different ways to look at life. I think that it is important to watch this movie because you will learn a lot from it and that will make you feel good about your life and make you want to be a better person in the long run. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, then this is the one. It is very inspiring and makes you think.

Gloria photo

This film has a wonderful balance of humor, drama, and and artistic experience that is rare to find in any film. It's a great little "behind the scenes" story of the making of a film. The director, actor, and crew have really done a great job putting together the collection of great home movies that are featured here. They are really exceptional. The story is very personal, but so well done it also makes you want to be a part of the making of this film. It really gets you involved. The director has really shown us that we can make great films that the big studio could never make. I truly think that this film will be a lasting film that will stand the test of time, and then some. It is truly a story worth telling.

Louis T. photo
Louis T.

The simple title of this film tells you everything you need to know about what happened to Denise. This is a story that needs to be told. To the world we live in, what happened to Denise will never be forgotten. People need to know that some people do act like crazy killers who have no conscience. They think that people are stupid and can't think for themselves. They have no conscience. The way Denise was murdered was barbaric, the way she was beaten. There is no other way to describe it. To those who did this, the world will never forgive you. Denise was the first victim of this terrible crime. There will be many more. Please watch this film and learn to appreciate life. Denise was a woman who lived her life to the fullest, that was the only thing that mattered in her life. This film is important to those of us who think that our beliefs are right and those who disagree. She was very, very lucky that she had the support of her family and friends. The world needs to know that people who commit this crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Life is so precious and these people who committed this crime will never be forgotten.

Benjamin photo

If you haven't seen this film, you should, it is a wonderful story of hope and courage. If you are one of those people who thinks that children are meant to be servants, please watch this film and reconsider.

Kelly Pearson photo
Kelly Pearson

This is a true story and a brilliant film. My god the clarity of the footage - the extent and amount of time the footage covers is unprecedented. The film is truly wonderful and I urge everyone to go out and see it. It really is worth the watch. I will definitely be purchasing this film - and thank goodness for it. I also recommend to watch it in DVD format if possible. As the edit was very good it did cause some minor reduction in quality from the original footage. However it is worth seeing and in my opinion the quality of the film makes up for this. The emotional aspect of the film makes it so much more than a documentary on the lives of 3 women. It is an emotional ride through a journey of a woman and her journey to the pinnacle of her life. I will definitely be going and watching it again in the future.

Alice Murphy photo
Alice Murphy

Movies about women like this are usually pretty dull and uninteresting. "Girl" is the exception. It's a true-to-life documentary of an extraordinary woman that spoke her mind openly and honestly and gave us a glimpse of her life. The short run time also made it easy for the viewer to focus on the stories that the women in the documentary told us. I found myself identifying with some of the characters. I was reminded of a lot of my life, both good and bad, and I was always a little sad when I think about the things I never had. This is a movie about courage, persistence, and the need to fight for what you believe in, no matter how small the gain may seem. The only disappointment I had was that the movie was not more visually appealing. The cinematography was great, but the story and editing were not the same. I also wanted to see more of the women who had been the subjects of the documentaries and heard their stories. I hope that this documentary will inspire others to take their lives and put it on the line. This is a message that is worth spreading.

Steven photo

I was a teenager in the early 70's. This movie is a must for everyone. It's a unique look at a time in my life that I wish I had never experienced. It's true that the movie is a little slow in parts, but the more you see it, the more you realize that you should not let the "slow" parts keep you from enjoying the whole thing. There are a few scenes in the movie that are a bit over the top, but the real essence of the movie is the storytelling. It's a story about one girl who is misunderstood, but is misunderstood by others. It's a story about the challenges of growing up and growing up in the 60's. It's a story about one girl's struggle to be who she wanted to be. It's a story about the power of one girl to change the world. This movie is a must for anyone. I hope that more people will see it and that it will become a part of their lives. This is a movie that I will be proud to have.

Albert photo

An excellent documentary by a non-professional film maker about the relationship between the daughter of a young boy and a psychologist, and the young girl's 'career' in the industry. The psychologist, while clearly the hero of the film, is at the same time the villain of the film, and the daughter is the girl in the middle of the story. The relationship between the mother and daughter is very complicated and at times, un-appealing. The parents seem to have very little in common, and the daughter's mother is not really sympathetic either. The father seems to have no desire to understand his daughter, and it is not clear if his daughter has ever had any sort of relationship with him. This film is worth watching.

Charles photo

A documentary that does an excellent job of conveying the complexities of gender roles and how they can be both positive and negative. The film follows a young girl named "A" (played by "Tanya Ainsworth") and her older brother "S" (played by "Bobby Lee Jones") from the age of 7 to 18 as they try to cope with the realities of growing up. The boys' parents don't really understand or accept the fact that their sons are gay, so they're trying to find a way to accept the two boys and help them make sense of their feelings. The story moves along at a very slow pace and the scenes are very well filmed and edited. Although this is a documentary, there is a lot of information about the boys' lives, and there are some interesting interviews with the parents. This is an important documentary that shows a lot of insight and how gender roles can be very positive and negative. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a gender or sexual preference. This is a very thought-provoking film that shows the power of family and the positive and negative effects of the ways people express and define their gender. The director does an excellent job of conveying the importance of family in these situations.