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L'insulte is a movie starring Adel Karam, Kamel El Basha, and Camille Salameh. After an emotional exchange between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee escalates, the men end up in a court case that gets national attention.

Other Titles
Uvreda, Insulta, I prosvoli, L'insulto, Der Affront, El insulto, Hakaret, The Insult, 判決、ふたつの希望, 你只欠我一個道歉, Fornærmelsen, Qadiat raqm 23, O Insulto, Η προσβολή, Zniewaga, Case No. 23, Förolämpningen, A sértés, El Insulto
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Thriller, Crime
Ziad Doueiri
Ziad Doueiri, Joelle Touma
Camille Salameh, Adel Karam, Kamel El Basha, Diamand Bou Abboud
France, Lebanon, Belgium, USA, Cyprus
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After an emotional exchange between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee escalates, the men end up in a court case that gets national attention.

Comments about drama «L'insulte» (24)

Hannah photo

I just saw this movie in my local IFC theater, and it was great. I was at the beginning of my film studies, and it made me realize how much I really don't know about French cinema. The entire production design and costume design was brilliant, with the actors and actresses representing the regions, and the various actions and plot elements which would bring about a history of the time period. The characters and the plot were interesting and I really liked how the movie "thrilled" me with its potential. It wasn't the usual thriller or a dramatic film, but it had an artistic and musical quality to it. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to get more in-depth with French film-making.

Charles Gordon photo
Charles Gordon

This movie is amazing, the scenes, the acting, the director, everything is perfect, I have to recommend it to everybody, if not for that reason, for the great feeling that you get from watching a great movie. An absolutely perfect movie, a must-see.

Adam photo

I'm an avid moviegoer, and have seen hundreds of films and I'm always surprised when I find something new in a film. 'The Insult to Injury' is a real treat for the eyes. If you've never seen it, then get out your video camera, grab a few friends, and make it a night. The film is made up of three intertwined stories. One of the stories tells the story of the former millionaire, Milt. He has left behind a wife, his son and a successful record company. He has been moved from place to place, and he's come to grips with a loss of his power and self-confidence. Milt's new life is much different. He is the CEO of a successful movie studio. He is a man that is all in and not concerned with the ways of the world. He is the kind of man that would rather go to bed than wake up. Yet, his ability to manipulate people is now gone. He's lost his way, and he has to learn to do it the right way. In the second story, a young man named Kurt. He has just broken up with his girlfriend, and is starting to find himself again. He's a man that is just starting to find himself and he is a man that is about to get his life back on track. Kurt's wife, Liz, is more than a little annoyed at the way her husband is handling himself. His new life has left her feeling like she is just being used and she can't handle it anymore. In the third story, another man, William. He's a man who has been gone from his life for a while now. His wife has a daughter that doesn't care about him. He has been pushed out of the family home and is now trying to rebuild his life. He's a man who has been moving through the motions, but is finally reaching a point where he can finally be himself. He has finally found his way back to his place in life. William's life is a living nightmare, as he is forced to live with a blind man, who won't let him see the world. He has had a very hard time with this man, and now has to fight his own brain. At the end of the movie, the viewer is left with a feeling of knowing that there is someone out there who has been left behind, and has to fight for his life. The first time I saw this movie, I thought that it was the most depressing movie I had ever seen. It is that bad, and it is only on the DVD. But, this movie is still a great movie to see. It is the kind of movie that the viewer can feel better after they see it, because they can see the positive aspects of the story. When you watch this movie, you will definitely feel better, and you will want to see it again. I recommend that you get this movie because you'll need it. You'll have the opportunity to see a great movie, that will make you feel better.

Dylan B. photo
Dylan B.

I was once asked to watch a movie in my room and this film was on. I've had a sense of how this movie was going to go but I had never thought about it. The book was quite scary so this movie had some scary things to it. The audience I watched this with was quite tense as it was going to be the ultimate showdown between the two. I didn't think much of it at first but after the movie ended and all the other guests went to the bathroom, I thought to myself, "Oh man, this is one of the best movies I've ever seen!" I have never before thought that I would sit through a movie for 90 minutes. I would have ended up standing up on the edge of the chair with my arms over my eyes but I didn't and the movie had me all riveted. I was stunned at the story and the action. The action sequences were intense and had me on the edge of my seat. In the end I thought it was brilliant, brilliant! This is one movie that is definitely worth watching! I give it a 10/10.

Jason Berry photo
Jason Berry

I saw this film at the Cannes Film Festival where it won best foreign film. I thought it was excellent and a masterpiece. There is nothing like an art-house film to make you feel warm inside. There are so many scenes where you just feel so transported. It's a cinematic journey through the hearts of a group of people. From the beginning, you feel an immense love for everyone in the film. The acting was superb and so was the photography. I thought the film was a character study of a group of people who have such intense feelings about each other. The film is a great metaphor for life, love, death and the loss of innocence. All the characters in the film had a perfect balance of empathy and anger. I loved this film so much and recommend it to everyone.

Ashley S. photo
Ashley S.

The focus is the relationship between the killers and the victims, the story is fascinating, the cinematography is beautiful, the music is perfect. It is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it is not predictable and not boring, I am still in a complete state of disbelief. It is very strong when it comes to the politics and the paranoia. What a wonderful job and I congratulate the whole crew of Alexandre Aja and the director for making such a masterpiece.

Austin S. photo
Austin S.

Being a true fan of good movies, I thought this one was even better than that of "Devil's Advocate". I have always been a fan of Denzel Washington. I loved this movie and I think everyone should see it. Denzel is amazing in this movie. Every scene in this movie is so intense. Every single person in the theater I was in was in tears at the end of the movie. Denzel Washington has really been great lately, but this is the best performance I've ever seen from him. He is amazing in every role he plays. He was so great in this movie. He really is a "star". I think everyone should see this movie. Everyone should see this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, go out and rent it. You won't regret it.

Bryan F. photo
Bryan F.

I have seen the movie twice in the past couple of weeks. First time I saw it I thought the movie was very good. I had read a couple of reviews that said it was a "soft" movie. It was not soft. It was very graphic. I was surprised that the movie did not turn into a political statement. It is a movie that will have you thinking and questioning what you are doing. The "soft" movie is really a "hard" movie. Not the violent violence of a child's murder or murder of a victim. The murder of a mother and the innocent bystander is a sick and twisted revenge that could only happen in the mind of someone who lost a loved one. If you want to see a movie that makes you think you will be disturbed by the violence and the pain that a mother goes through.then you will enjoy this movie. The mother wants to give her son a last name that will be remembered as not to offend her. The movie makes you think that she is wrong to want to give her son a name that would cause her pain. The only thing that I don't like about the movie is the way they choose to end it. I would have liked to have seen the director take the family out to dinner with the family before giving the movie to the newspaper. I think it would have been a great ending for this movie.

Ryan Santos photo
Ryan Santos

Fantastic movie. It is a serious story, the greatest I ever saw, not just entertainment. You should not miss this movie. I saw it three times at the cinema and I was touched every time, and I love this movie. The actors are really good, as always. The story is so clever, and the best of this century. If you like sad movies, this is the perfect one. If you like very well made movies, this is the best one. There are no weak points in the movie. It is a perfect one.

Emily photo

I watched this movie about 6 months ago, and it still has an effect on me. The story is very simple and quite simple, but it's very realistic and very compelling. It's a movie with no action or violence, but you will get many emotions. I think this movie is a success for everyone who likes a movie that is not a soap-opera, and who will find a unique movie from the category. This is a must-see for all movie lovers. If you haven't seen this movie yet, then you must go and see it now. I can tell you that this movie will make you feel so alive, and you will want to see it again and again.

Jacob J. photo
Jacob J.

This movie is great. I love it. I have seen it many times. I've watched it several times. I have a few friends that love it, and they always ask me if I still like it. I am not a great fan of De Palma, but I think this is one of his better films. I've seen a lot of his films and this one is the one I like the most. It's just a great movie and I recommend it to everyone. You won't be disappointed.

Arthur Coleman photo
Arthur Coleman

Ah, hello again. In France, there's no more movie that I can't watch with pleasure. This is the first time I saw the movie "Cage" (with Mr. Gregory Legrand), and I just loved it. Now I can tell you why. It's a revenge movie, and it's real, without any blood and gore. Even the real gangsters - which may have committed many crimes - didn't cause the violence, they're victims. They're just sad, lost people. They've been murdered. This is the way to describe them. They're not people like you see in any of the "action" movies. They're victims, and they're really hurting, but not like the ones in the movies. It's also very, very serious, and some parts of the movie are even very sad. So if you want to see a good revenge movie, see "Cage". And the "Cage" is an action movie, not a romance or a comedy. But it's not a revenge movie, it's a good movie. And if you like Mr. Legrand, go and see this one.

Robert Carlson photo
Robert Carlson

I had no idea what I was watching, it's about a young German who wants to be a writer and is supposed to meet the girl who runs a publishing company, but it's never made clear where she is. So she comes to Paris to meet her publisher and a lot of things go wrong. This is an excellent film with an incredible cast, which includes one of my favourite actors here in France, Celine Dion. She is great in this film and she is the best actress I have ever seen. This is also a great film to see with a friend. It has an original script, which tells a story, but the story is never really explained. I don't know how the film was made, but it's very stylish and has an interesting ending.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

The film was not at all what I expected. But it was good. I'm going to say it was pretty good. But the thing that made the film really special was the actress. She was really good. The acting was very good. The background score was great and really helped build the mood of the film. The cast did a great job and I really liked all the actors. It was a really good film.

Jordan Carroll photo
Jordan Carroll

One of the best films I have seen in a while, nothing like I had expected. The acting was superb, the story was compelling and the overall theme of revenge and the violence was very realistic. It reminded me of the more realistic version of American Psycho. I would recommend this film to anyone. All of the actors did a great job, including the teenage boy who played Jacob. If you can't see this film I would not recommend it, I have seen it three times and can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Joan Hughes photo
Joan Hughes

Fantastic and gripping movie. The story unfolds slowly, keeping us thinking about the film. The director has created a perfect style of film. The actor who played the character of Charlie was really excellent, he put a real strength in the character. The character of the wife was also portrayed very well. The actions of the characters were perfectly written. The story was really fascinating, but the movie was not at the level of Hollywood, it was on the level of French film, which was almost at the level of Tarentino. That is, a great movie. I really enjoyed this movie and I hope that others will enjoy it as well.

Edward photo

I was expecting a typical 90's movie but this is much more. Well worth watching.

Deborah R. photo
Deborah R.

The first part of this movie (a bit of a far-fetched plot, but we have to keep going to the story) had the strange feature of involving two characters (one a lawyer, the other a detective) who knew each other, but never met in person. The last part (the actual story) kept the two characters together, yet that is what really made this movie. The first part was not that great, but the last part, well, it was amazing. It was a great movie, and I give it an excellent rating, 10 out of 10.

Dennis Ford photo
Dennis Ford

I saw the film last night and I really enjoyed it. It is a good movie with many intense scenes, great directing and great acting. It is very violent and quite emotional in some parts, but that is part of the charm of this movie. It is a very strong and very true film about the life of an organized crime gang. I recommend this film to all people who want to see an amazing and real film. It is a great film and I would give it a 10/10.

Deborah Welch photo
Deborah Welch

From the title of this movie, it is pretty clear that I expected to see a dark and twisted movie, but what I got was a more serious and poignant film. It is about a group of robbers that are pulled in the dark for a robbery that they don't want. When the robbery starts, they try to protect themselves and are forced to flee from their own fate. When the film was over, I felt as though I had been on the train, experiencing the atmosphere of the train from the very beginning. When the train started rolling, I was still thinking of the train as a train. The songs of the movie were incredible, and I have been waiting for a release of the soundtrack to listen to. I will definitely buy the soundtrack when it comes out. The acting was good and very well written. The movie is very realistic, with very realistic characters, very realistic situations, and realistic situations. The characters are well developed and you are emotionally invested in them. The movie is also about the characters and their decisions and how they react to the situation. If you like movies like City of God and Wrong Turn, I would definitely recommend this movie to you.

Peter Fisher photo
Peter Fisher

I have to admit, I don't understand how many people hated this film. I was involved in the production, which included my two brothers and two sisters. To put it bluntly, I enjoyed it a lot. It's an awesome film with a good cast, excellent story, great plot twists and a killer ending. I thought it was a lot better than most other films of its kind that come out nowadays. I thought the performances were great and the plot was fascinating. I was very surprised that this film received so much hate when I saw the poster for it. I can understand why it didn't win any Oscars and why it got so many bad reviews. I don't know if it's because of its use of the sub-genre, or because it was not the best film of its genre, or just because people are so damn angry with Hollywood. Whatever the reason is, I think that it's a great film and that people should see it, just for the love of cinema. I think that every movie lover should give it a chance.

Katherine G. photo
Katherine G.

What a movie! A real eye opener. The movie started slow and languid but ended abruptly in the middle of a dance. I will never forget it. When the end came, I was like that moment, but never saw it coming. Why? because it was so different. I want to go to the cinema to see it again. And I have to say that, the people who liked it and the people who didn't, you have to see it again. It's very different, but it's a movie. So do yourself a favor and go see it again. You will never regret it. Finally, I have to tell you that I am in love with the beautiful actress Marina Visconti.

Brenda photo

One of the great "Black Hawk Down" films. Notable for its surreal sense of self-reference and atmosphere. Still a great film to watch over and over.

Keith Gordon photo
Keith Gordon

This film is an exercise in how to tell a story with a powerful script. It is a thrilling adventure into the world of organized crime and the corrupt judicial system. The film shows how far the mafia goes to get what it wants and how high-level people can go to get what they want. At the same time it shows how the politicians are just as corrupt and how a little honest person can turn into a monster. At the same time the film is not about the corruption but about the story itself. If you are a fan of films of the 90's and 90's you should check this out. It is a masterpiece of cinematic storytelling. I am a fan of all the movies of this genre but this is one of the best.