Steam Time Freak

Time Freak

Time Freak is a movie starring Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner, and Skyler Gisondo. A genius teenage boy is in love with a girl who breaks up after a year. He invents a time-machine and tries to fix the break-up repeatedly. He...

Other Titles
Time Lovers, Loucura do Tempo, Szerelmünk napjai, Zaman Yolcuları, Zakochany geniusz, Ljubav prkosi vremenu, Zurück zu dir - Eine zweite Chance für die Liebe, Time After Time
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Andrew Bowler
Andrew Bowler
Skyler Gisondo, Will Peltz, Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Physics prodigy Stillman (Butterfield) is destined for great things, only to be derailed when his girlfriend, Debbie (Turner) suddenly dumps him. But Stillman isn't beaten, he does what any heartbroken genius would do - he invents a time machine to get a second chance at love.

Comments about drama «Time Freak» (26)

Raymond G. photo
Raymond G.

What a fantastic story, the cast is great. The cinematography is top notch and the story is so rich, and so well written. It's a must see!

Timothy photo

I loved this movie and i hope you do too! I thought it was amazing, it had a great cast, it had good pacing, and it was funny. The story was not as deep as some of the other movies I have seen, but it was still interesting. It was different, it was not the same old sci-fi crap we see in Hollywood. It was a unique, different kind of sci-fi. It was well written, and the actors did a fantastic job. I give this movie a 10/10. This movie should have been nominated for an Oscar.

Martha photo

I love this movie so much. It is one of those movies that I get excited to see when it comes out on cable. It is funny, sad, and exciting all at once. Everyone should see this movie.

Ashley W. photo
Ashley W.

One of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite of all time. It's the best Sci-Fi movie I have ever seen. It's the kind of movie that's hard to describe, you just have to see it for yourself. I just can't express my love for this movie without showing the images. The original posters are magnificent, and the entire movie has that dark, surreal quality that's so important to this movie. This is a movie that needs to be seen, this movie is so deep, so deep it's amazing. What a wonderful movie.

Vincent Hall photo
Vincent Hall

I saw this movie a few days ago and I have to say I am still in a state of awe. I'm not a fan of Christian Slater, but I was absolutely amazed by his performance. The look on his face and the tension he creates with the women is amazing. The film is very funny and unexpected. I can't wait to see it again. The only bad part of the film is the soundtrack. I'm not a huge fan of Kieslowski's music, but it is perfect for this film. They should have given the soundtrack to the soundtrack, since the movie doesn't deserve the music, but it's ok. I will be surprised to see it again!

Linda photo

I loved this film! I have a weakness for films about science and science fiction and this was one of the best films I've seen. The film was funny, sad and filled with intrigue. I didn't care for the ending at all. My two faves were both with Bill Murray and they both ended up on the same boat. The final scenes were the most shocking I've seen in a long time. But that doesn't matter. This film is brilliant and has great chemistry between Murray and Gosling and a great ending. I rate this film a 10/10.

Nancy Castro photo
Nancy Castro

I'm a SciFi fan. It's very hard to do a movie like this. The big problem I have with this movie is that it's not so much science as it is a story told in the style of a TV show. And it works because of the cast. Every actor and actress in this movie is perfect. It would be easy to say that they are all the best things in the world. Well, they are not. But that's why it works. I just wish there were more people like them. The story is pretty simple. Basically, Earth is at the edge of destruction. In order to keep a deal with the "Jurassic Age" one billion dollars, the government and the leaders of the "group", a group of people who are famous for their foresight, are going to need a super-weapon. They say "they don't have one" but soon find out that the "Jurassic Age" are building one. And soon, things are not as they seem. The movie starts off on a rather negative note. The story is very depressing. The movie seems to be trying to show us that there is nothing to be happy about. The ending is more of a happy ending. It's a mystery. The movie is actually very original. You don't see the same thing happening in every sci-fi movie. The characters and situations are different. And some of the scenes are really disturbing. I do recommend this movie. It's a good sci-fi movie. There are no flaws. You could even say that it's a good remake. The movie could be much better. The movie could have more humor. It could have more action. It could have a little more drama. But the film doesn't work. The movie is actually a good remake. And I recommend this movie to anyone. Anyone who likes sci-fi movies. This movie has a good plot. This movie is made for Sci-fi fans. The movie is not a masterpiece. But it's good. I think this movie will do very well in theatres. I just hope that they don't let people know that this is a remake. This movie will go far in the future. And the movie will be well liked. There is an after effect with the movie. People will remember this movie. The movie will be remembered. It's just a movie. But the movie will be remembered. And people will remember the movie.

Patrick photo

This movie is about a boy who gets caught up in a bizarre case, in which the police are all against him, and where he finds that everything he says is believed. If you liked this movie, you will definitely love "Follow that Train".

Michelle Shaw photo
Michelle Shaw

I like this film because it is funny and it is real. My mother is a lesbian but I have never met a lesbian that isn't a girl. This movie shows the life of a couple that have nothing in common. They are having a horrible time together and the movie shows their lives. The only thing that annoys me is the ending. What is the ending? It's a disaster. I would prefer that the movie be over and done with before the ending of this movie comes into play. But it is a very touching movie.

Eric Barrett photo
Eric Barrett

This movie is a must see for everyone. Not only because it is an amazing movie with an amazing cast, but it is also because it tells a great story and it is pure genius. I think this is the best movie ever made, hands down. This movie will blow you away! I believe that this movie was all based off a comic book. And that is one of the reasons why I think it was a great movie. I can't say that I wasn't a little bit excited for it when I heard it was coming out, but I knew it would be a good movie and it was. Even though the story is a little different, I think it is a pretty good movie. And if you love movies, then you will love this movie. It will blow you away!

Lauren R. photo
Lauren R.

This is a great movie. The characters are very well developed. The actors portrayed their characters very well. The story line was great. The ending was very interesting. You really feel you got a great movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. I also recommend this movie to people who like a movie that is suspenseful. This movie is not for the young ones because of the sex and violence. This movie is very violent. I would give it a 10 out of 10. Great movie.

Marie Riley photo
Marie Riley

I'm not a big fan of cyberpunk or cyber thrillers. The one I really liked was "The Matrix" but not "The Usual Suspects" and not "Wall-E". But that is not a reason not to watch this movie. And this is one of those movies that I just watched. It was so good, it was something that I'd like to watch again and again. One of the most interesting things is that it is a very well made movie. There are some parts of this movie that are very strange, but that adds a new perspective to the story. It is also very well acted. "The Usual Suspects" is a very typical Hollywood movie and "Wall-E" is a typical movie of 90's. But this is not a typical Hollywood movie. This is a very good movie that is very innovative. I like this movie a lot. I like it a lot.

Joshua Fernandez photo
Joshua Fernandez

I loved this film, it was a fresh, original and creative story that had a great story and well written. I also liked that the film didn't take itself too seriously, which is a major flaw with many films nowadays. This is a must see film and I hope that many other people will love it as much as I did. I will be purchasing the DVD, so that I can give it a 10/10 rating.

Gloria C. photo
Gloria C.

I thought the movie was really funny and I like how they put all the songs in there. I think it was really good.

Ryan T. photo
Ryan T.

I have seen this movie twice and its still a good watch. I'm glad i saw it, its still enjoyable and thats what makes this movie worth seeing. As the title implies, this movie takes a look at the 10 year long existence of the planet earth. The movie is not about aliens, it is about the end of the world, the existence of all life on earth and the struggle of people to survive. This movie takes place in the future, not in the past, although it seems to take place in the past. The movie does a good job of capturing the feel of the future and the journey of the human race. It is a sci-fi movie, a classic, not for everybody, but for those who like it.

Diana R. photo
Diana R.

My favorite movie ever! I don't know what happened to me, but I loved it. I saw it at the movies when I was 8 years old, and I still have the same feeling about it. It's the perfect movie. It was a great script, great cast, great story, perfect. The movie is about a couple who go on a vacation, but when they are on the trip, the whole place becomes a nightmare. The other thing is that the couples is actually friends, they are both, at least in the beginning. They talk to each other all the time, and what else, they try to communicate with each other. This is what makes the movie so great, it's a perfect story, with the perfect characters. It's so great, I'll be telling everyone about it.

Gregory photo

If you like sci-fi and action, this is the movie for you. This is a fun movie that was a big hit with everyone and has been around for a long time. I saw it when it came out in the theater and I was very excited about it. I was very disappointed that it didn't make it to DVD. I recommend this to anyone that likes sci-fi and action. Also, if you are a fan of Kevin Smith, this movie is a must see. You will not be disappointed. I loved the movie, loved the actor, and I have seen it at least 5 times. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Carol O. photo
Carol O.

I was actually disappointed when I heard this was directed by the same guy who directed "Ghosts of Mars" and "Mirrors". Because it was a good director, but it wasn't a good movie. But after watching this, I can't really believe that it was that bad. The story is more interesting than "Mirrors". I haven't read the books, but I can tell that the movie is in the same style of those books. But, because it is so different from the book, it is actually more interesting. Even though the story is different, it still has the same plot. The whole movie is like the book, it has a lot of twists and turns. This movie is so different from other sci-fi movies, that it is actually good. This is the first movie I've ever seen with a very interesting plot. The actors are good, the special effects are good, and it is entertaining. The story is good, and it's so good that you can't help but love it. I love this movie. I think it is a great movie. I give it a 9/10.

Alexander photo

I think this is a great film and a real nice surprise, it kept me interested and entertained. I do agree with some of the other reviews, though. The concept of the movie, the idea of a couple having a child, is kind of hard to swallow. We see the progression of the child and its progression into the teen years. Some people are saying the family is perfect, but I just felt it was very imperfect. They have been together for 20 years, and are struggling with many issues, including the problem of infertility. The movie is a little bit over the top, I would say. However, I loved the character development and the characters, and I think it's the best way to do it. I thought the story was very good and the acting was excellent, the dialog was very good. I think people may be turned off by the unrealistic plot or idea of the movie. I think the main reason people are not liking it is because they are expecting it to be some typical Hollywood/Pixar formulaic movie that they can have a good time with. It's very well done, and people should go see it. It's not a Hollywood blockbuster.

Kenneth photo

Not a comedy but very funny! My wife and I watched this with our 10 yr old daughter. I was surprised how many laughs we had. The characters were a bit cliche but that was the point. The 3 main characters had great chemistry and the actors played their roles well. We liked it so much we want to buy it on DVD! Highly recommended. We especially liked the special effects and the ending.I wonder if there will be a sequel?

Carolyn Thompson photo
Carolyn Thompson

I saw this movie in New York on a Friday night. My wife and I had seen it in Dallas, so we went to see it. We both liked it. I thought the actors did a very good job with the material they had. I would like to see a sequel to this. I am a great fan of the original and this movie did a good job of recreating that. The director was not given much to work with. I think the movie was a little too short and had a bit of a plot twist in the end. I am sure there will be a sequel. The original was a big success and has become one of my favorite movies. I think this movie is better than the original.

Raymond W. photo
Raymond W.

I found this film to be very clever. I thought it was a very original take on the phenomenon. I thought the cast and the acting were all very good. I thought it was very clever, but the best part of this film is the writing and the writing. The characters and the stories are all very unique and they are all very interesting. I thought it was very clever and I would definitely recommend this film. I think it is a very clever film and I would recommend it to anybody who is into film. I would recommend this film to anybody.

Olivia W. photo
Olivia W.

I saw this movie a few weeks ago, and I was left speechless. The movie is about a man who is being chased by his ex-wife and her lover, but is saved by his brother, who has an agenda of his own. The brother is a computer genius, and has an idea of sending a message to the most popular person in the world, thereby preventing his ex-wife from cheating on him. The brother starts talking to this person and ends up helping him in many ways. The movie also has many references to the idea of what is real and what is not, and how sometimes a computer game can have a more real life meaning than you think. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially to people who like to see a lot of action.

Diana B. photo
Diana B.

The first time I saw this film, I was about seven years old, and it had me mesmerized. But the more I see it, the more I find the film becomes more profound, with a mind-boggling story. The plot may not be entirely new to most people, but it's something that I haven't seen done so well, and with such a unique perspective on the world. My opinion may be a little biased because I was ten when I saw this, but I just don't think it's an entirely believable story, but I think it's the best I've ever seen. The premise of the story is definitely something to be commended. The characters are all so unique, and it's impossible to find any faults with them. Most of the acting is excellent, and it is so unique that it's difficult to find a fault. It is something to be commended. But for me, I think the plot's problem is that it's a little too "out there". It's not the type of plot that you're used to in films, and for some reason I felt that it took me out of the film. This is something that would make it worth seeing, but it just didn't strike me as being that great. Also, the film has a few plot-holes, but they're not too bad. Most of them are found in the first half of the film, and I believe most of the flaws were from the first half of the film. I think this is a film that is recommended for people who are into the paranormal, but I don't think it's a film for everyone.

Ethan photo

I first saw this movie in the early 90s when it came out and I really loved it. I was then again about 12 and it was in the local video store so I picked it up and it was much better than I remembered. I had not seen the sequels and now have watched them a couple of times, and I liked them much better than the original. I like the two films that this was based on, but I really like this one. It has the same message, it is about communication and I like that. I liked how they portrayed the technology and the importance of it and how it changed the world. It is so different from the original film and I love how it really is. I hope that more people like this movie as I do.

Jesse Palmer photo
Jesse Palmer

Let me first say I am not a huge fan of gay movies. They usually do not do very well at the box office. But this film I really liked it. It is very realistic and it is definitely worth watching. I was very impressed with the performances of all the actors in this film. Especially Ryan Reynolds who was very impressive in this film. I also really liked the chemistry between these three actors. I found the movie very believable. I think that you have to go into this film with an open mind. But this movie is definitely not for everyone. The movie is very realistic and realistic actors played the parts well. They really did a good job. They did not try to overdo it. I think that this movie was very well done. This movie is definitely worth watching. I think that it is worth watching if you like realistic movies.