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The Hole in the Ground

The Hole in the Ground is a movie starring Seána Kerslake, James Quinn Markey, and Kati Outinen. A single mother living in the Irish countryside with her son begins to suspect he may not be her son at all, and fears his increasingly...

Other Titles
Hole - L'abisso, Η Τρύπα, ホール・イン・ザ・グラウンド, Kuyu, Impostor, Hố Tử Thần, Rupa u Zemlji, Bosque maldito, A gyermek, El bosque maldito, The Hole In The Ground
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Horror, Drama, Mystery
Lee Cronin
Stephen Shields, Lee Cronin
James Quinn Markey, David Crowley, Seána Kerslake, Kati Outinen
Finland, UK, Belgium, Ireland
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A mother moves with her son to a rural town in Irland at the edge of a forest with a huge hole. She senses that her son has changed and a crazy, old woman tells her, he's not her son. She gets pills for her anxiety at the doctor. What's with the hole?

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Craig L. photo
Craig L.

There are those who will suggest that there is nothing worth seeing in this movie. Well, one could go as far as to say there is nothing worth seeing. That's why you need to go to the movies with an open mind and with an open mind you will never regret watching this film. The reason for that is the beauty of this film. The beauty of the film is that we know that there are two sides to every story, the one we hear and see, and the other we don't. All of us have had our share of unrequited love and jealousy. Those stories run deep in our hearts, and so it should be in this film. Instead of going for the gore and sex scenes, go for the story and the message it provides. Even if you don't end up liking the ending, you have to admit that it is pretty unique. I'll let you decide if it's just your style, but I have to admit that it is unique and does get one right at the end of the movie. Just keep it open mind and you will never regret it.

David Turner photo
David Turner

I found "The Hole in the Ground" a tense, dark, and atmospheric film. I saw this at a midnight screening at the Pacific Film Archive in Los Angeles, and I was worried that I would lose the movie to the noise and dust of the city and the general size and blurriness of the audience. But the movie seemed to hold up remarkably well and the audience did not seem to realize the film was about to end until the credits rolled. Although the film seems to be set in California, the setting of the "Hole in the Ground" is set in southern New Mexico. The film feels very isolated and dark, as if there were no one else around the movie theater. It is the most haunting of silent movies because there are no noises, and it feels as if no one can hear what the characters are saying or what they are about to say. To me, this is a dark film about the psychology of a family that is torn apart by a murder. The movie is extremely tense, because there are no lines. I was very impressed with the work of the cast and the director. The film is truly a gem of the silent era. My vote is nine. Title (Brazil): "A Mujer" ("The Hole")

John photo

I like this movie. The lighting is fantastic, the dialog is quite strong, and the characters are well developed. If you like British culture in horror movies you should check this movie out. This one really stands up to scrutiny. See it, and see it again. I give it a 9/10.

William L. photo
William L.

This movie, if you haven't seen it, is a totally different beast. I must say this is my favorite movie that I have seen, because this movie is not about what the two people were going to do. No, it's about what it would be like if a grown man was trapped in a tiny, empty house for years, if not decades. It's about the fear, the sorrow, the joy, the happiness, and the pain. It's not a remake. It's a whole new story, and the story it tells is that of loneliness and loneliness and suffering. We were left with questions. We were left with emotions. We were left with a renewed appreciation of life. What would you do if you were trapped in a small house for years? I would probably take a shower and then go to sleep. I would likely make love to my wife. I would probably go fishing, and maybe watch some TV, and I would probably go to the park or something. I would probably hide in my own home. What would you do if your wife wasn't there? Would you do anything at all? Would you go to the attic and get into the bed of a dead man? I would not do anything at all. I would love my wife very much, but I would go to my deathbed and go "What have I done?" It's like the characters in the movie. It is different and it is weird and it is sad and it is beautiful and it is disturbing and it is fascinating. For me, the most remarkable thing about this movie is that it's not all about the two people. It is about the characters themselves, and their relationship to each other. The other actors are also very good. I really like the way the camera is used, like the way it pans and pans and pans and pans. There's a lot of camera work in this movie. And I don't understand why it's not the most nominated movie of all time. I think this is a movie that would be amazing to watch again and again and again. It's a must-see movie. And I think this is a movie that, for me, made me feel really good.

Cynthia photo

I'm not sure where to start, but when I read the reviews, it really does bring down the bar for me to watch a film and not be disappointed. So I had to see this film first. It had a weird opening with all these 'bait' reviews. The reviews were obviously going to be bad, or it could have been a horror, or romantic drama, or whatever. But they were all terrible. So I started to look at the reviews and all I saw were 'hot chick films' (which I don't like at all) and 'literary' films (which I love, and I'll explain. Why, cause this film is the best movie ever, right?). So I went on IMDb to check out what the film's rating was, and all I saw was a 5.7. It was weird. But what's the difference between a 5.7 and a 9.3? The rating. The rating should be 8.1. I wasn't so sure what the film was, but I tried to look into it. I found out it was an Australian film, but the other reviews (I think) are all from America. So I thought I'd see the film. Now, I've never watched a movie like this. You're going to be disappointed, but for some reason I was. The film is about the last person to see their son die. It is an Australian film, and there are all these stories with the cops in it, and it is all similar to how a police would go about investigating a death. There are some dark scenes. The first time I saw the film was when I was like nine years old. I'd been drinking at the time, and I felt it was so creepy. I had nightmares about it, and I even got a big erection at one point, so there you go. This is definitely an adult film, and it is quite scary. It is about a man who is in his forties, who is a police officer, and he has to go home, because he has no time for other things. The police officer has to go home to see his son, and because he doesn't know how to react, he ends up being a coward. The policeman is tormented by his former colleague, who now is involved in a criminal case. The film is so good. The first scene when the policeman is having his coffee, the coffee is like chocolate. You can see that it is going to be a good film. I saw it in one of the cinema chains and I couldn't get out of my seat. The film is very frightening. It is like a horror movie in a fantasy. When you go into the cinema, you may think that you're going to see a horror film. The film is a thriller, like in a Jack Twist story, and it makes you feel you're in a fantasy world. It makes you like the film, and you're terrified. I enjoyed the film, and I'm glad I saw it. The film is dark, it is violent, and it is dark. I think it was one of the best films I've ever seen.

Andrea H. photo
Andrea H.

I liked the movie. It is not the best horror movie ever made, but it's not as bad as most people say. It is a pretty decent horror movie. I think the only problem is the "horror" part. It is not scary at all. It is a little creepy, but nothing to write home about. I am glad I saw it. It is not really a horror movie. It is a drama, but it is not a scary movie either. If you want to see a scary movie, I suggest you watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or a movie like The Exorcist. The Hole in the Ground is a decent horror movie, but it is not a very good one.

Jack Taylor photo
Jack Taylor

I'm not sure what the people who gave this film a bad review were expecting. If you're looking for a horror film with some mystery to it, then this film is not for you. I was hoping for a better movie, but this film was not bad at all. It was a good movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good horror film. I give this film an 8 out of 10. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a good horror film. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Joe Gardner photo
Joe Gardner

The movie began with a simple framing device - a man is standing on a street in the middle of nowhere, and is suddenly stopped by the police in plainclothes. He is asked what he was doing there. He tells them that he was working on a new building that day. The police let him go, as they could not afford to pay him and they would probably have to let him go anyway, as he was not charged. This little flash of clarity (or, perhaps, of not-clearness) was perhaps the highlight of the movie, and I saw no reason to think otherwise after the first few minutes. I kept asking myself, what was the point of the movie? But I kept watching, and I kept asking myself that question until the end. In a movie that is technically a black and white, silent film, which cuts its scenes in different speeds to give us a sense of depth, this is the only way the movie seemed to make any sense. Maybe this was the point of the movie, but I found it a little bit over-the-top, I found it to be a bit distracting. The art direction was great, even though it was mostly drawn in by a cheapie computer graphics program. If it was, it was just as good as the pre-digital video era, without the bling-bling. I found the movie to be truly gripping and unpredictable, because it had such a great premise. It was unlike anything I have seen before. I was completely shocked and the most riveted by it. I have a bit of an aversion to things that are not very scary, but I found this movie to be a lot more frightening than most movies I've seen recently. That's probably because I was too used to the horror movies I've seen in the past few years. I'm also a big fan of John Carpenter's "The Thing", and I was blown away by this movie, and I've now seen it two or three times in the past two years. I think it was the scariest movie I have ever seen. I highly recommend it, but it has many other elements to it that I find extremely frightening.

Jean Montgomery photo
Jean Montgomery

A very odd film, about a man who gets his brain resected when he falls into a hole, and becomes a killer. It also shows us the lasting effects of the experiment on his wife, who is now in a stupor. The premise of the film is very intriguing, and it really does make you want to see the film a second time. The acting is very good, and it keeps you interested. The ending is very bizarre. Overall, a very good horror film, that actually has some twists in it. The script is very interesting, with some interesting twists. The direction is very good, and there are some really interesting images. Overall, this is a great film to see, that will give you something to think about for the rest of the day. I give it a B.

Roy Contreras photo
Roy Contreras

I was not expecting much out of this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had not heard of this movie before and I think it is an excellent movie. The movie starts out very slowly and slowly builds up to the ending, which I won't give away. I would say that it is a very realistic movie about a girl who is in a mental hospital. The acting was very good, the story was good, the acting was good, and the ending was good. I think that this is an excellent movie to watch with friends, and it will definitely make you think. I think that it is a good movie for any age. I think that everyone should watch this movie, it is a good movie. I think that the people who rate this movie low are not real fans of horror movies and not real fans of movies in general.

Bruce photo

Well, I watched the movie "The Hole in the Ground" recently and I was really impressed with the cinematography, especially in the underwater scenes. This movie is a little bit like "The Room" in terms of how it is filmed and also in terms of the characters. The characters in this movie are really interesting, and you feel as if you are watching a movie. The acting was also really good, and I think that this is the best acting in a horror movie I have seen in a while. Overall, I really liked this movie and I think it is definitely worth watching. I think that this movie is definitely worth watching and I would recommend it to any horror fans out there.

Alexander H. photo
Alexander H.

I saw this film last night at a preview. I think it was the best film I have seen in a long time. The storyline is very unique and you really get into the characters. There is so much tension in this film, it is almost painful to watch. It is a bit scary and very disturbing. There are some scenes that are very graphic. The acting is excellent. The acting is very good by all the actors. The story is very interesting and you really feel for the characters. There are some really good performances by all the actors. The ending is very emotional and very powerful. I really hope that this film gets more recognition. I really think that it is one of the best films of all time. It is a very unique and very powerful film. I would recommend this film to anyone. I give this film an 8/10.

Matthew E. photo
Matthew E.

You know, this movie is a good thriller and then the ending was a "total lie" but still it was a good movie. I think that everyone who watch it is a "corker" and should not watch the real ending of the movie. But that's my opinion. You should watch it just to see the ending.

Alice photo

The Hole in the Ground (1997): Dir: Patrick Sharp / Cast: Helen Mirren, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dermot Mulroney, John Cleese, Patrick Stewart: Patrician politics take center stage as a family drifts toward the brink. Before the disaster the home of Ruth (Helen Mirren) has lived for the past two years with her two daughters, Abby (Rosemary DeWitt) and Julia (Dermot Mulroney). Julia decides to sell her house and go into debt. Abby loves to do her housework but feels neglected. Unbeknownst to Abby, Julia also wants to sell and Abby helps in the deal. Ruth tries to find employment but is fired for working in a brothel. She decides to take on more debt to go to a black market and sell her house to afford her children's education. She becomes a victim of the crisis but when the house goes up in flames she realizes that she is losing control. Her daughter and daughter's boyfriend (Patrick Stewart) offers to help her because he knows the house is too valuable. Despite their promises, the pair are completely opposed to the idea of selling. The house is destroyed but the house becomes a shelter for the displaced families. They are unaware that their mother was previously sold to a wealthy businessman named Stephen (Dermot Mulroney). In the meantime Ruth sells her house to a developer who wants to turn it into a ski resort. The house is a symbol of the neglect of the middle class and the residents eventually become victims of their own greed. It is not long before the house is destroyed as well. The film is highly entertaining and shows us a unique point of view. While it lacks a deeper moral tone, the movie leaves us in a positive light. It is not a one-sided film and certainly more than allows the viewer to look at the characters and the struggle they have. We may not like what they have done but we do understand their motives. The script does not hide the plight of the characters and the acting is far above average. Helen Mirren leads the cast in a powerful role. She and Patrick Stewart play off each other well and their chemistry is special. Dermot Mulroney has a major role and he is both funny and shocking. Rosemary DeWitt is Julia and she is very effective. John Cleese plays her husband. John Cleese is also great in his role as the real estate broker. Patrick Stewart portrays a man who can not grasp what is going on. This was one of his first films and he has a great voice. This film was directed by Patrick Sharp and is set in the mid-1930s. There are no special effects or special effects of the era and this is a nice touch. The film did not really appeal to me as a period piece and as a family drama. The scenes with the family's deceased father are also not very effective. There is a sense of gloom throughout and there is a distinct lack of humor. The characters are as unlikeable as the two sisters Abby and Julia. This is a work of fiction and should not be taken as a real event. This is a downbeat story of a family with very few members. This is one of those films where the only message is to be good for yourself and make some money. Score: 9 1⁄2 / 10

Christian F. photo
Christian F.

The Hole in the Ground is a supernatural horror film that takes place in a small town in Wisconsin. A family moves into an old house on the outskirts of town. It's been abandoned for years. The father and mother of the family, a father and a mother, have been divorced for many years. The mother has become obsessed with writing a book about the story of the mysterious hole in the ground. She makes a deal with a local preacher that she will return the home to him for $100,000, but she must first write a book about the hole. The pastor, however, is suspicious of the woman and wants to know what her motivation is. The woman comes up with an elaborate plan to cover up the hole. A young boy, Max, and his mother, Maggie, get sucked into the hole and must survive a night in the cold, dark, and dark. The Hole in the Ground is a good film with a good story. The acting is decent, and the special effects are decent. The story is good, but it does drag a bit in the middle. The ending is a bit of a letdown, but the movie is worth watching. Rated R; Violence, Language, and Brief Nudity.

Raymond Schultz photo
Raymond Schultz

I don't know what this film is about, but I know it's great. The film starts out with a father and son walking along a road in their tree-lined vacation home in California. They seem to talk to each other by talking to tree branches. The son's father is an evangelist preaching to the people, saying that Jesus is the son of god. The father talks about the importance of money, telling them to give the godless people "the light of Christ". The son is taken out of the home to start a Christian community where they will fight against the forces of evil. When the father wants to set the house on fire to chase away the evil spirits, the son leaves the group and goes off to do his own thing. When the son returns, he brings his friends back to the town where he claims they were never really there. I have to say, the movie just had me on the edge of my seat. I'm not a great believer, but I know there are many people who are. I went in expecting a typical horror flick and ended up finding it to be a high quality film with great acting. It's definitely a film to watch when you're in the mood for something good to watch. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good thriller or action film. I can't wait to see this movie on DVD so I can watch it with my friends.

Brittany W. photo
Brittany W.

The Hole in the Ground is a film that will be remembered in years to come for the way it brought this horror classic to the screen. The movie is about a young man named Thomas (played by Luke Kirby) who is caught in the middle of a love triangle between his sister (played by Laura Dern), his sister's boyfriend (played by Luke Kirby) and his sister's boyfriend's fiance (played by George C. Scott). He ends up spending the night in the same bed with the fiancee and her friends. Thomas is terrified of the fiancee and the boyfriend. However, this is not the end of his nightmare. When Thomas finally breaks free from his tormentors, he is taken to a strange place called The Hole in the Ground. He is told by the man that the whole of his life has been a lie and that he is truly in the center of a cosmic vortex. He is told that his past and future are connected. He must go back to the beginning of his life and destroy the fiancee and her friends. The film was directed by Richard Matheson and adapted by John Carpenter. This film is definitely a classic in the horror genre. The movie is very unique and original. The film has a good story and good acting. I definitely recommend The Hole in the Ground for anyone who wants to see a good film that is different from most horror films. The film is worth seeing and I highly recommend it.

Sean C. photo
Sean C.

This is one of those movies that you will not forget. I've seen it 3 times and it never gets old. It's a very well made movie. It's not your typical slasher. The characters are more complex. There's a lot of things going on and you can't quite see all of it at once. You have to pay attention to understand everything. I'm not sure how much I liked this movie but I'm very glad I saw it. It's not the best movie ever made but it is a great one and I recommend it to anyone.