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The Third Wife

The Third Wife is a movie starring Hong Chuong Nguyen, Long Le Vu, and Nu Yên-Khê Tran. In 19th century rural Vietnam, May is ready to become the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Little does she know that her hidden desires will...

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Trzecia żona, Vợ Ba, Người Vợ Ba, 第三夫人と髪飾り, Treća žena, 落紅, La tercera esposa, A Terceira Esposa
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1 hours 36 minutes
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Ash Mayfair
Ash Mayfair
Maya, Nu Yên-Khê Tran, Hong Chuong Nguyen, Long Le Vu
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In 19th century rural Vietnam, May is ready to become the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Little does she know that her hidden desires will force her to decide between living in safety and being free.

Comments about drama «The Third Wife» (24)

Craig Foster photo
Craig Foster

I feel that the whole movie was directed in a very artistic way and very intriguing. When I saw it for the first time I had no idea what it was about, but after seeing it again for a second time I really understood the movie, and what it was trying to say. There was so much love and respect between the characters, and the way they acted made the movie just full of color. I really like it. A great movie.

Ryan Cook photo
Ryan Cook

I loved this film. It was a really moving story that kept me on the edge of my seat and I think that is why it has such a powerful impact on me. I have never been to a gay pride parade in my life and this film gives the viewer a sense of what it would be like to be there and I think that is what makes it so special. This film is a wonderful representation of the gay community and the struggles they face everyday. It also has a message of hope that we can overcome any struggles and I really hope this film does not fall into the hands of anti-gay groups because it is a wonderful message. I hope to see more films like this in the future because this is what has kept me watching and feeling for the past year. I highly recommend this film.

Ann photo

I really do not understand the negative reviews of this film. I have seen a few but this one has some of the best acting I have ever seen. I had read that "the third wife" was the most expensive film ever made but I think it was well worth the money. The acting is great, the cinematography is amazing, the scenery is stunning and the story is heartbreaking. I saw the trailer for this film before I even saw the movie and I knew it was going to be great. The whole cast did a fantastic job and I will definitely be seeing this movie again. You will not be disappointed. I cannot wait for this film to come out in theaters. You have to see it.

Grace Guerrero photo
Grace Guerrero

I saw the movie and was a bit confused. I really enjoyed it, and felt compelled to write a review, in the hopes of providing some clarity to the confusion I had with it. I had never heard of it before, and was therefore in the dark about the plot until I was able to watch the movie in my local library. The acting was very good. I had a hard time understanding many of the lines and details in the movie, and had to watch the movie again to make sure I understood everything. This was one of those movies that, while watching it, made you want to watch it again to be able to put everything together in your head. The music, cinematography, and score were all excellent. The cinematography in the movie was very realistic. I liked the use of flash photography. The story was very well told, and the acting was excellent. This is a great movie. The story is interesting, and very believable. It has very good acting and a great plot. I would recommend it to anyone.

Heather photo

This movie is brilliant. It is the epitome of the film that we all hope for, a drama without over the top gore and blood. I had to watch this movie with my mum (who I normally hate and hate her), but she liked it and actually cried at the end. It's not as sad as you think it will be, and not as "good" as you think it will be. It's really clever and it does feel like you're watching a documentary. I think it is worth watching, but it might be a little bit too long for some people.

Jennifer Clark photo
Jennifer Clark

This is a wonderful film and I think everyone should see it. A film you can watch over and over and still enjoy it. The characters are not stereotypical and you feel as if you know them and the story is more believable than many films. I think the fact that this film is a great story about a little boy and his sister made this film more realistic than other films of this type. The actors were great and the film also has great cinematography and great locations. I think this film should be nominated for many awards, and if it is nominated I will be very disappointed. The director did a great job of filming this film and he did it with love and patience. I recommend this film to everyone and everyone should see this film.

Judith King photo
Judith King

An excellent performance by Vincent Pastore! Without a doubt, the best movie of 2018. A movie of much maturity. A movie of a brilliant director and a great cast!

Robert P. photo
Robert P.

I believe the world will never know how to deal with divorce, and it's best to remember that no matter how you have your problems, your problems are not the world's problems. It's up to us to have the courage to face our problems. And to remember that it's always our own fault, and not the other way around. The woman who becomes a caretaker, the man who has his dreams dashed, and the woman who suffers from physical, emotional, and psychic torture. How could any of this happen to one person, how could any of it happen to so many people? How could any of it happen to you? You're not the one who's to blame, it's all the other people. But the other people are the ones who are truly responsible, and they will never forget what they have done to you. I wish you the best of luck in your new life, and I hope you find the strength to face the problems you have suffered and face them with a smile on your face, and not a tear in your eye.

Joseph C. photo
Joseph C.

Saw this on the big screen recently. I expected to see the most horrific attack on the human spirit, the most self-destructive behavior, but I got a lot more than I expected. There is a certain message of "live, die, and learn" being presented. I also feel that some people are influenced by the film's message. I think this is one of the most intelligent and realistic films I've ever seen. It is definitely worth seeing if you like historical fiction films. Also, I've seen the director's other films, and I'm amazed at his ability to make a modern day story feel like a classic, and how he can do this with so little money. I think his films are going to be very popular in the future. Check it out!

Kathy photo

This movie is beautifully written, acted, directed and edited. From start to finish it is a great movie. I am so glad it was made. It is worth watching again and again. I'm glad I have the opportunity to see this movie.

Harry photo

What a strange movie! I didn't expect that a movie about an art student who left her family and husband would turn out to be as good as it was. It was well shot and had a lot of laughs in it. In fact, I laughed all the way through the movie and it had me on the edge of my seat. But the movie is not without flaws. For one, it was a little slow at times. Another was that I thought that the young woman's brother was not that much like the man she married. It was not a bad movie, just a little more for women than men.

Ralph photo

This is a really good movie about marriage. It's not like the other movies that are about this topic, where the husband is always being a jerk and the wife is always having to go on the run. This movie does not have that problem at all. The husband is portrayed as a decent man who just wants to have a good marriage. The wife is portrayed as a spoiled brat who is always on the run and does not know how to express her feelings. In this movie, they show the two sides of the story. Both husbands are portrayed as being nice, caring people who just want to have a good marriage. The wife is portrayed as being a spoiled brat who is always on the run and doesn't know how to express her feelings. The husband does not have a moral problem with his wife, and is only on the run for her. They just need a better way to communicate. It is a good movie, and not too depressing. It's funny at times, and at other times you just feel sad. I really liked this movie. It's very nice to see a movie about marriage and a side of it that is not always told.

Ethan M. photo
Ethan M.

The three wives are a typical Italian mafia family and in this movie, we get to see them in a whole new light. The story goes in the background of the three wives: the mom, the grandmother and the daughter. The grandmother's problems with her daughter are very common, as she also has a condition with lice. This is a problem for every grandmother in Italy. It is very important for a grandmother to take care of her granddaughter and to make sure she has a healthy pregnancy. The movie contains some very nice, good and important scenes that make you fall in love with the characters, like the funeral of the mother and the funny scenes of the grandmother's mom. This is an excellent movie, that is very hard to find, but it is very worth watching.

Barbara photo

The Third Wife is a "feminist" movie. It does not try to be something else and it does not try to be something it is not. The reason is that feminism, as an ideology, is inherently weak and inauthentic. Feminism, as a movement, is a failure. As such, it is not at all feminist. However, the content of the movie is not entirely inauthentic. It is about the inability of the women to trust their husbands. The scene in which Gail waits for the call of her husband from prison is very powerful. This movie is not "feminist" because it is about women. It is about the impossibility of trusting women. I know this because I am a woman and a feminist. I would be hard pressed to say that I was fooled by this movie. It is powerful. The way the story is told is interesting and that is about it. This movie is not the feminist movement. It is a failed movement that needs to be abandoned.

Jeremy Walsh photo
Jeremy Walsh

First of all, this is a rather strange movie, I really think that the main reason why I liked it so much was the mystery it was creating. The question it raises about the relationship between Sarah and Oskar was a great plot line, I really liked the way the movie was developing. I also liked the part when the movie was focusing on the separation of Oskar and Sarah, I really liked how this part was developed. The movie really lets you experience the feeling of loneliness and isolation. I really liked how the movie tells a story about love and marriage, and it also tells a story about loneliness and isolation, which is something that you don't see in a lot of movies. This movie also has an amazing soundtrack, the movie also has a great ending, I really liked it.

Jeremy photo

The movie takes place in the 70's, and focuses on the relationship between a woman and her husband, who are both coming of age. The wife is a young women, and the husband a young man. This isn't a traditional "he is married, and she is a young woman". This is more of a "they are both young and need to find their place in life" kind of relationship. It is a very interesting relationship. The movie is about life, and its ups and downs. It's about how we all live our lives, and how we look at things, from a different perspective. It is a really interesting movie, and it is very interesting to see these two characters that we've come to love so much. I'm really sad that they aren't together in the end. The movie is very moving, and it has a really good ending. I recommend this movie to people who love movies like the "Sex and the City" series, and "Ally McBeal". I think this movie is a great movie for those of you who have been on the path of life and the journey of the human race.

Raymond photo

I don't have a great deal of sympathy for people who are married to someone who is cheating. But this is not the movie to watch if you're looking for a good movie. To be honest, I did enjoy this movie. It had a great plot, and it was fairly funny, but I didn't find it particularly "entertaining". I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that I do think that it would have been better if the husband had not been cheating on the wife, and the wife had not been cheating on the husband. But the ending is so cliche. The "I'm mad at you for cheating on me" ending is way too obvious and is so cliche that it is cliche's downside. The only other thing I found to be a bit odd was the woman's husband's fascination with the radio DJ. He was obsessed with him, and she's never had an affair with a man. I do think that the movie was worth watching, and it's very entertaining, but it is not very good.

Samantha photo

This film is so powerful and so true to the reality of life in Los Angeles in the late 1970s. We see the inside of an ordinary life and how the owners of the popular clubs are able to destroy the lives of people and how the entertainment world was controlled by the top elite. The director of the movie also knows that his subject is a very sad story. It is about a young boy and his family and how his life changed when he went to Hollywood. The fact that he didn't have a home in the early 70s doesn't make his family unhappy because it's the same situation all over the world. When he went to Hollywood, he was able to live his dream. It's very hard to be in a normal situation. You have to find a way to escape and not the way you choose. It's a really great movie. It's a story about a life gone bad. It shows the same things as real life. It's really sad. This is a movie that makes you think about what it's like to be young in the 70s. It's a movie that shows you that life is a big and hard battle. It's a movie about what happens when the world's entertainment world is controlled by a few people. This is a very strong movie that should be seen.

Jessica Wade photo
Jessica Wade

Falk and Hanks are good, but I do not feel they have any chemistry, which is the first problem. The second problem is that, the film moves too slow. I kept expecting something to happen but nothing ever does. The other problem was that the story line and the characters were not developed well. The film is too long. It drags. I give it a 7/10.

Thomas photo

A masterpiece. Excellent actors, well directed, script, music. My favorite actor, Jude Law, is extremely good. The story is about a marriage of two parents who are widows. The story is not a big one, just a small one but the theme of this movie is great. You get attached to the main character, you cry, you get annoyed by her, but you feel for her. And that's the essence of the movie, to move you. Jude Law is excellent, I cannot imagine a better performance. The other actors are good too, if you like musicals, don't miss it.

Sarah Barnett photo
Sarah Barnett

An interesting look at a few years in the life of a couple who are seemingly on the verge of divorce. One is a very successful lawyer and the other is a part-time priest. This is a must-see movie.

Dennis H. photo
Dennis H.

I thought this movie was good, a bit of a fantasy about love and the modern world, some symbolism. Good acting, but the story was a little weak and the ending was disappointing.

Diane R. photo
Diane R.

Caught this on cable and enjoyed it. A number of the actors were solid. Jennifer Jason Leigh is terrific as well. I don't remember her from 'I Married a Witch', but she was OK. She does play a role here that was more classic horror movie than horror movie-type. I felt that she was quite the opposite of Mia Farrow, who I remember as a bit of a silly girl. I feel like Leigh's character was a bit more extreme than that. I also enjoyed the way that the characters were different than what I've seen on screen before. They were the sort of people you wouldn't expect to see in the modern day. The chemistry between the two leads was very nice. The movie was well acted and I was surprised by the ending. It's a bit odd to see Leigh doing something so different from her usual roles. I enjoyed it.

Deborah photo

This movie is a very interesting look at the old society of the british upper classes in the seventies. It also reminds me a little of Edward Scissorhands, a great movie about a girl who is fascinated by a strange old man, but his secret life is the same. The movie has some good actors and is a good drama. But it is not as good as Edward Scissorhands. I give it 7/10.