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Wu ming zhi bei

Wu ming zhi bei is a movie starring Jianbin Chen, Suxi Ren, and Binlong Pan. While two criminals hide out at a woman's apartment after a botched robbery, an ex-cop tries to find a missing gun.

Other Titles
A Cool Fish, 无名之辈, 無名之輩
Running Time
1 hours 49 minutes
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Xiaozhi Rao
Zhilong Lei, Xiaozhi Rao
Binlong Pan, Jianbin Chen, Suxi Ren, Yu Zhang
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

While two criminals hide out at a woman's apartment after a botched robbery, an ex-cop tries to find a missing gun.

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Aaron photo

A lover of Allure magazine writes a film about their girls' school. This film does not move in a historical sense, it is just a random collection of light-hearted slapstick. It is not really a parody, but it doesn't really deserve to be. Its purpose is to be a time capsule of a time when girls' school was the center of society and boys were in a sense tolerated. The style is loose, but the story is OK. There are many jokes, but they are not really funny. Sometimes I laugh out loud, sometimes I find myself laughing anyway. It is not a high school comedy, and its target audience probably don't want it to be. There is no awkward, awkward romance. The girls' school's cheerleaders are not the main focus of the film, which is kind of a mistake. The one real romantic note is a little bit of G-string love. Overall it is an OK film. If you enjoy this type of comedy, watch it, otherwise, pass.

Dennis photo

The Marriage of Qiao shi and Wei zi is a film by Lee Sheng-Meng about the relationship between the two in 1974. It is a straightforward romantic comedy that features the usual hysterical twists and turns that make modern Chinese films so enjoyable. It's a fair film, however, for a film from the era. While this film doesn't have a great deal to it, it has an engaging and engaging screenplay. The film focuses on the relationship between Qiao shi, played by Li Keqiang, and Wei zi, played by Wang Zi-Min. Qiao is the seemingly older man who is married to a rich woman and Wei is the younger man who is married to the same woman. They are separated by generations in age and are not even close to each other. Their relationship is portrayed as a complicated one, and its message is that one should not fall in love with someone that you have a close relationship with. As the film progresses, they gradually learn to respect each other and the result of this is a loving relationship between the two. This movie is something that will appeal to any love movie fan. It is a good film to watch if you are in a romantic mood, and there are a few funny moments throughout the film. But it is not a film that you will be disappointed with. It is definitely worth a watch for the genre. Just don't expect much.

Matthew Matthews photo
Matthew Matthews

In this film, the main character finds himself in a romantic relationship with a professional pianist. He meets her at a play and feels she is right for him. However, he also meets a woman who seems to like him very much and is not opposed to the sexual relationship with the pianist. This is the kind of film the film-makers wanted to make. It is the kind of film they got a lot of luck to make. The main character, who is a very shy and reserved person, is no exception to this. The film starts with him at a restaurant and is about 10-20 minutes into the film before the main character decides to meet the pianist at a play. He gets his date on the phone with her (I guess because it is her birthday and he was wondering why she would do that to him on her birthday, which is also her birthday on his). It is great because the whole film, he has to carry this one conversation and all of it is very important. You get to see his heartbreak over what he feels for this person and you can see how he feels about this relationship. The film is pretty funny too. It has some funny lines and some emotional ones too. It is also very sweet. They tried to get a sense of what the average Chinese would feel about the relationship between the pianist and the professional pianist. However, the movie isn't just about this. The focus is on the relationship between the pianist and the professional pianist. The story also has a message about love. A lot of the humor comes from that. They did a pretty good job at making this movie because of the film-makers. They did a good job of not straying away from what they wanted to make and they did a good job of creating a romance. They have a very good sense of timing and timing is always a priority in this kind of movie. I can't say that this is a perfect film but I really liked it. This is not a movie to watch with your parents, not your friends or a girl who you don't like. But, if you like romantic comedies and you are easily entertained, you might find it to be a good movie to watch with your friends or on a night when you just want to relax and just have fun.

Angela photo

I don't think there is a single way to answer the question that is asked here. It seems this movie is meant for those who have never heard of Shakespear, and for those who don't know what this movie is about. It is very obviously a b-grade comedy, but if you have the guts to watch it, you will certainly be in for a good time. I saw this film on the eve of its opening, and the previews did make it look like a piece of junk. I have watched it several times since, and each time I find myself laughing out loud. The performances are spot on and the story has been done many times before, but there is something about this film that I don't see anyone else around me noticing. I would watch it again if I could, but I doubt I will.

Hannah Dixon photo
Hannah Dixon

You may have heard the bad reviews by watching the critics, or even a more recent one by one of my friends. But let me just make sure that you understand that this is NOT an American movie, and, unlike the American remake of Annie Hall, I believe that the audiences of China are actually smarter than the American audience. The other thing that struck me was that many Chinese fans also didn't like the film. The last few years of Hollywood have been dominated by cookie-cutter western movies and popular tastes have changed. After TARZAN, there was a definite shift in the Asian-American population and American audiences did not like it either. Now the Chinese are growing up and realizing that audiences of other countries do not hate them like they hate the Americans. This is how this movie should have been made. The story is about two lovers, a successful hotel worker, Sun-tao (Sui Yin) and a conservative social worker, Ren Zhen (Ming-Na) who get married to be together, but their wives come up with a plot to kill their husbands. So, they go on a quest to find the truth, find a killer, and finally, get the hell out of there. I liked the movie because it was different from the American remake, and because it is actually a Chinese-American movie. Also, the movie didn't play like a romantic comedy where the characters are bickering and having fun. It was actually a thriller where we wanted to see what the killer would do. The main character has a strange personality, and I thought that the villain was more evil than the hero. Another thing I liked about this movie was that it wasn't trying to be "China's answer" to American movies. It was actually made for Chinese audiences. So, there are also some Asian characters in the movie, but they are mostly depicted as normal people. Finally, I liked the ending. The murderer was actually a very beautiful woman who was actually a reporter that told the story of the two lovers. The two killers were actually one and the same. A complete mystery solved, but what really happened was that these two were connected in some way. Overall, the movie is worth watching if you have the chance. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Frances photo

China has very few western actors or actors, from that point of view, that can really pull off being Chinese, if they are Chinese. Zhang Ziyi is one of the few, and she is superb. One of the things that makes this movie so great is her performance. It is not just her acting, but her way of being. As a Chinese, I have never seen her act, but I will take any chance that she is in the movies, and hope that she will do more western movies, so that I can learn to do what she does in this movie. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to see an outstanding performance from a Chinese actor. I was very impressed with how well this movie was put together, and that the storyline was believable. It has many subtleties and subplots that make this movie very enjoyable, without making it so gory that it is over-dramatic. I was very surprised with the amount of things that happen in this movie, and how well they were done. I enjoyed it very much, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good western movie.

William Mills photo
William Mills

This movie is like an amazing game, one you have to play a lot, and that in itself makes it pretty unique. The movie starts off by introducing the basic concept of the game, and it then tells you the basic rules of the game. You are not allowed to cheat, even if your friend tries to steal the last card from the hand of the villain, and even if you try to change the rules to cheat, you must explain to your friend why the new rules are needed. And finally, you must not pick up the winner's hand. You can do that if you are good at the game, but not if you are bad. I love how the movie plays out. There are lots of references to other movies, that all work really well. The best of these are when the movie references the movie "City Hunter" and "Snow white". The movie is basically City Hunter without the sleaze, but you can still enjoy the movie. There are some funny scenes, and some scenes where you can really laugh. The plot is simple, but I like how it unfolds. It tells a very simple story, but it has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The movie is very well made, and it works really well. The cast is awesome, and they all have great chemistry together. The actors who play the villains are also very good. They are really enjoyable. The plot is pretty good. It is predictable, but it has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The movie is well written, and I think this is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's so easy to watch, you can do it in a matter of minutes. The actors really make this movie. The movie was so easy to watch. The acting is really good. The movie is well made, and it works really well. The movie is very entertaining. The movie is a must-watch. It has a lot of humor, and it's just so fun to watch. If you are not a fan of the movie "City Hunter" or the movie "Snow white", then you will really enjoy this movie. It's a great movie, and you can watch it over and over and over. I give this movie a 9/10.

Rose photo

I loved the film, and so did all of my friends who were watching the movie with me. My friend said it was like a cross between a parody and a satire, with the characters having no special qualities whatsoever. At times, it reminded me of National Lampoon's Animal House, with the characters all having a good-bad sense of humor, but with more more tastefulness than usual. The humor was real, which means it's not supposed to be what you think. It's meant to make you laugh, not to make you think. I also enjoyed the almost-philosophical dialogue between the characters, and the fact that it was actually taken seriously as a comedy. The script was very funny and thoughtful. In a time when films with mediocre writing are being made, a film like this can keep my attention for hours. I saw it on a plane, and I enjoyed the movie so much that I took my wife to see it on the screen. Even now, I can watch it and enjoy it, as I did with my friends. I'd definitely recommend it to any serious movie-goer who wants to laugh a little.

Sharon Bennett photo
Sharon Bennett

This movie is a pretty funny and very funny movie. The story of a middle aged man (Meng Fong) who is a banker for big corporations and he is looking for a younger man to share his life with. They fall in love and get married. Then the older man (Meng Fong) marries a girl he met at work and the man loses his job. This is a really sweet story and the ending is so romantic and sweet. If you want to watch a really funny movie then you should see this movie. It's very funny and very funny movie.

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

In Ayesha's past life, she is a peace activist. She gives birth to a son named Jiyan and the government allows her to marry him. He is a little boy, but he gets to wear all kinds of clothes. He is taught the love story of the Chinese. She also shows how to use new technology to create a Web site. It all leads to a beauty contest. She doesn't win, but she shows how powerful a computer is. She also teaches her son how to use the Internet. She wants to be a girl, but her father has doubts. But the Chinese Internet community will help her win. The film is very well-done. It is a very good Chinese film. It is definitely worth seeing.

Gary Nelson photo
Gary Nelson

This movie is not one for big expectations. In fact, one should watch it with a few expectations in mind. For a while, one may think that "this movie is really hard to watch". After all, the movie has all kinds of graphic violence. But once you realize that, you'll start laughing. What is so funny about this movie? The movie is not about violence. It is about humour. But with this, you know how to say: "Why the hell is he doing that? Why does he have to do that? WHY?". At first, one may think that the violence is not funny. But that may be a bit excessive. But once you realize how strong the humour is, you can forget about that. The characters of the movie are just so hilarious. It is really so funny when they fight with each other, or they talk about themselves and how they are in love with each other. But that is what makes them so funny, they are so witty. And it is so hard to tell if the characters are funny or serious, because there are so many moments of comedy and serious moments. If you really want to laugh, you can watch this movie. Just don't expect a lot.

Ashley photo

This film is a great example of how a great film can be made in China. The film itself is not a comedy. It is a family film with great storytelling, a lot of humor, a lot of surprises and a lot of amazing Chinese culture that is not seen in Western films. The acting is very good, the story is told very well, the characters are very well developed. It is the first movie that I have seen that takes place in China that takes place in the 60's and 70's. And that is very interesting to see how the society changes and the culture changes. I have seen a lot of movies that were made in China that have the same style and the same story, but they were not very good, but this one is very good. So, if you are going to see this film, don't take it too serious. This is a great family film. If you take it too serious, it will be boring. I have never seen a Chinese film that has such a high level of humor. I don't know why it is not seen more. This film is very entertaining. It is not perfect, but it is very entertaining. This is a great Chinese movie, if you like comedies, if you like Chinese culture and if you like movies about a village, then see this film. 8/10

Karen R. photo
Karen R.

The plot of this movie is something you may recognize from the other Kung Fu movies on this site, but the plot doesn't matter. The action is based in the castle where the king is supposed to meet the Shao, the supposedly most powerful Kung Fu master in the world, who is also his apprentice. This movie isn't exactly a Kung Fu movie, but it is a drama about two people trying to cope with their grief. It is about learning to accept a stranger's way of life. This is a movie that you may enjoy if you want to watch something that has a unique concept. It is not something you will find a great deal of in movies like DTV's, but for Kung Fu fans, this is a good film.

Denise Reed photo
Denise Reed

In my opinion, it is the best Chinese film of the decade so far. It's well casted, well directed and well acted. What's not to like? Not one scene is boring, not one character has a bad side, not one scene is overplayed. Not one word is wasted in this film. So many Chinese films can't be this good, even in my own country. This is my first Chinese film review, and I think it's worth the effort.

Virginia photo

This is a movie that I can't decide what it is. I think it's a comedy but it's also got a scary undertone, or a thriller. The performance of the cast is nothing to shout about either. The dialogues are mostly funny and sarcastic but a little bit too melodramatic at some parts. The story of the movie is OK, and some of the actions are unbelievable but this isn't enough to be an insult to the audience. I would definitely recommend watching this movie if you are bored and you have nothing better to do.

Anthony photo

Not very original (and predictable), and you have to suspend your disbelief to appreciate the performance of the main character. You can call it a "gangster movie" if you like. A simple theme, which, although it's simple and simple enough, never gets old. "Gangster" is a film I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun, energetic, and almost upbeat action movie. There is some serious content in there too, but not too much. I think everyone should have a chance to see this film if they want to. I loved the music in it, and the pace of it. The DVD is a must have for anyone interested in seeing a film of this type.

Judy photo

Cute movie, which I would definitely recommend to all those who are looking for a fun and exciting romantic comedy. The movie is about a Chinese man who lives with his mom and brother. He loves his mom's cooking, and loves to try out new things in Chinese culture. However, when his mom decides to go back to the United States, he decides to marry his sister. However, he is not happy about this decision, and he wants to keep his mom and sister together. This film will definitely bring a smile to your face. The acting is very good in this film, and the characters are very likable. You can definitely tell that all the actors are very talented in this film. I definitely recommend this film to all who like romantic comedies. I give this movie an 8/10.

Nancy photo

I love this movie. It's not as good as those "a-ha!" moments, but its not bad either. The story isn't too bad and the characters are all good. The only real problem is the cast. The only people that I can really tell apart from the crowd are the characters played by the lead actress and the villain played by Mr. Lee. The main actress plays a character that is basically all that you will ever see her do. She's probably the only character who really stands out from the rest. That being said, the movie is still an okay one, it's not a great movie by any means, but it's not a bad one either. I wouldn't even consider it a bad movie. It's not perfect, but it's not bad. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that has a good plot, decent characters, and great cinematography. 8/10

Megan B. photo
Megan B.

I can't believe it was a Chinese movie. It was a good one, and worth seeing.

Willie photo

I'm going to start out by saying that if you like comedies that you like the same way I do, you're going to like this movie. This movie does not follow the American movie formula, and as a result is far from the American standard of film. All in all, it's a funny movie that anyone can enjoy. The characters were not overly developed (except for our lead character, who is completely bland) so you never really know them until the end. I especially like how the main character is forced to become a martial arts master. He doesn't take to it all that well and doesn't want to. But he has to. Because he's the main character. Even if you're not into martial arts, you will still find this movie entertaining and fun to watch. This is a movie that you can watch with a few friends and have a good time. I'm glad to see a Chinese movie that is making money for the movie industry in China. I have a feeling that we're going to see more movies like this one.

Nathan F. photo
Nathan F.

I saw the Chinese original version of this movie last night and I am impressed. The acting was good, the story was good, the plot was great. The action was exciting and the story was just awesome. This is the best movie of the year, hands down. I am surprised that no one has commented on the Chinese version, because this is better than most of the Hollywood remakes of other movies. I highly recommend this movie. You will be completely engrossed in the story, and you will cry and laugh at the same time.

James W. photo
James W.

The first part of the movie seems to be a very light hearted comedy with a bit of action thrown in. After the first few minutes, it starts to become a bit darker and serious with some humorous scenes of real violence. One scene I really liked was where two men have sex, while they are fighting and get hit by the other man. The other man then leaves, but the girl stays and gets hit again. She then has a breakdown and does some very violent things to herself. This scene is pretty funny. This is a movie where you are pretty much never sure what is going to happen next. I thought it was a very entertaining movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers.

Steven Ford photo
Steven Ford

While there are many movie themes in this movie, the one which was so hilarious and almost made me cry was the scene where the prince tries to seduce the queen in a mirror. It is such a very emotional scene in a comedy. I really enjoyed this movie, and am now very happy to be able to buy the DVD. I have seen this movie several times, and have watched it so many times that I have become a big fan of "Ji qi zhi xiao".