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Fast Color

Fast Color is a movie starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Strathairn, and Lorraine Toussaint. After years in hiding, a woman is forced to go on the run when her superhuman abilities are discovered. Years after having abandoned her...

Other Titles
Poderes extraordinários, Fast Colour
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Julia Hart
Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Christopher Denham, Lorraine Toussaint, David Strathairn
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After years in hiding, a woman is forced to go on the run when her superhuman abilities are discovered. Years after having abandoned her family, the only place she has left to hide is home.

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Nicole photo

I'm not really sure why this movie has such a low rating here. There are good points. It is interesting and intelligent, and at the same time it is very scary. It's well made and it has a good ending. The story is not bad, and the acting is decent. The main problem is the ending. It is a very good ending, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. This is not a problem of the movie itself, but the end leaves too many questions unanswered. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery or a thriller. I'm not sure if I would watch it again, but I have watched it a few times. I would definitely recommend it. Rating: 8/10

Donna Mendoza photo
Donna Mendoza

I don't know how to begin this review. I have watched a lot of movies and I have watched them in different ways. I have always been interested in film. So, I have to say that this movie really surprised me. I really wasn't expecting much. I have never been a fan of the genre and I had never heard of this film. I had been watching a lot of other movies in the past and this movie just blew me away. It was really different from what I expected. The story was different and the way it was told was different. I am really glad I watched it and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the genre or just likes the type of movies I enjoy.

Andrew photo

After seeing this film in the cinema I was amazed. A film with the potential to be a great movie. Unfortunately it was a film that was poorly shot, with a storyline that could have been better, and it seemed that most of the cast just wanted the money. I guess it's a pity, because there are so many talented actors in this film, that I'm sure that they could have made a great film, had they been given a chance. The film was shot in black and white, which I thought was a very good choice, because it was a film with such a great story, but the cinematography was poor. If you are in the mood for a film with a good story, this is the film for you. You can't go wrong.

Tiffany photo

A unique and disturbing look at an era where people are unable to communicate with each other. A man, who wants to protect his son from the dangers of the world around them, but is powerless to stop the world from collapsing. This is a must see for anyone who has ever felt helpless and powerless in a world that has no rules and no protection. People are not only afraid of the unknown, they are afraid of the unknown as well. The film makes a great statement that if the world is truly collapsing, then there is no need for rules and laws. The world is collapsing and no one can protect us. The film portrays this without the need for a lot of special effects. The characters are realistic, the acting is great and the music is haunting. It is a movie that is definitely worth seeing.

Jessica photo

I saw this film when it was first released in the late 90's. I was in high school and it was a great film for a college film class. It was a bit too long for a college film class but it was a great film for a movie night. I liked the film a lot and it's been sitting on my shelf ever since. I'm not sure if it's still in circulation but I'm sure that it's out there. It's about a group of young people who have been kidnapped and held for ransom by a gang of armed criminals. When the gang is released, the group must find their way back to the kidnappers and find out what happened to them. It's a great movie and it's one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to see a film. It's an enjoyable film and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good film.

Paul photo

I'm not going to waste any time with the plot summary. I will just say that I really enjoyed the movie. I had a lot of fun watching it. The acting was good and the movie was interesting to watch. The only reason I gave it a 7 is because it was a little too long. I think it could have been shorter. I think that the movie would have been a lot better if they had cut a few minutes out. The movie was so interesting that I would have liked to have seen more of the future world. I would have liked to have seen more of the history of the world. I think that if they had made the movie a little shorter, the movie would have been much better. The movie was interesting to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good Sci-Fi movie.

Cynthia S. photo
Cynthia S.

I'm not a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr. in his films. I think he is a great actor, but his role in this film is a bit of a letdown. I was surprised that he didn't play a bigger role in the film. I'm not sure why he didn't. The story of the film is a bit boring and the ending is not great. But it's still a good film. It has a lot of heart and it has a lot of action. I think that this film will have a good following because it is entertaining and has a good message. It's a good movie, but it's not a great film.

Julia Reynolds photo
Julia Reynolds

I have to say, I really liked this film. It was very tense and the story was very intriguing. I was also very pleased with the acting. I thought the characters were very realistic and the acting was quite good. I was really impressed by the character of Frank and his transition from "spunky" nerd to "preacher". I thought that the relationship between him and Rosie was believable. I also liked the relationship between Frank and Rosie's brother. I thought that Frank was a good character and the relationships he developed with the other characters were also believable. I also liked how they portrayed the first and second World Wars. I thought that the film was well made. I also liked how they captured the power of music in the film. I think that this film was a good way to introduce people to a bit of modern day terrorism. I think that this film is very well made and worth seeing.

Christopher photo

I'm a big fan of sci-fi and even though I knew I was going to be watching this movie, I was still surprised that it was actually a good movie. I wasn't expecting the ending to be so "brilliant" but it was. I also thought the acting was great. The movie was also very visually beautiful and I think that made the movie even more special. I also think that the director did a great job of showing the movie from the viewpoint of the people in the movie. It was really cool to see the people from the movie's POV. I think that the movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi and/or action movies. It's definitely a movie that I would watch again.