Steam Chef Flynn

Chef Flynn

Chef Flynn is a movie starring Flynn McGarry, Meg McGarry, and Paris McGarry. Ten-year-old Flynn transforms his living room into a supper club using his classmates as line cooks. With sudden fame, Flynn outgrows his bedroom kitchen,...

Other Titles
Sefas Flynnas, Chef Flynn - najmłodszy kucharz świata
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1 hours 22 minutes
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Cameron Yates
Meg McGarry, Paris McGarry, Will McGarry, Flynn McGarry
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Ten-year-old Flynn transforms his living room into a supper club using his classmates as line cooks. With sudden fame, Flynn outgrows his bedroom kitchen, and sets out to challenge the hierarchy of the culinary world.

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Christopher photo

A documentary about the food we eat and how it affects our health. The food industry has been doing this for a long time, but not like this. I thought this film would be about the food industry, but I was wrong. It's about how people eat, how food is grown, what happens to the food once it's made. The movie is a bit slow and not very informative, but it's still very interesting. There are a lot of pictures and some of the subjects are interesting to look at. I think it's very important to make a documentary about food and how it affects people. It's really sad that this documentary is only for foodies, but I think the food industry should make more documentaries about what happens to the food once it's made. I think that people should watch this documentary and see what's happening in the food industry.

Wayne photo

I don't usually watch documentaries, but this one was so good, I had to see it. I was excited to see the story of Chef Flynn, the cook who is featured in the documentary. The story of Chef Flynn is so inspiring and the food he prepares is so delicious. Chef Flynn is a man who has dedicated his life to his profession, but is only 50 years old. He is the oldest chef in the world, and he has made a name for himself in the restaurant industry. Chef Flynn is also a cookbook author and a cook for the White House. This documentary is a must see for everyone who loves food, and for anyone who loves to cook.

Alexander photo

This documentary looks at the life of a man who is not your typical American celebrity. He is a man who is just trying to live his life and not trying to get famous. His life is so rich and full of life that it is hard to believe that he has a family. There are some things that are not very clear and the documentary does not really go into depth about some things. But overall, this documentary is worth watching. It is well shot and the information given is very interesting.

Louis P. photo
Louis P.

I have not been a big fan of Chef Flynn and was looking forward to this documentary. It was a great documentary. There were some great stories told about the Chef Flynn. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is a fan of the Chef. The stories are incredible and it's a great story of how Chef Flynn has worked and what he has done. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who likes cooking or wants to learn more about the Chef Flynn.

Scott photo

I saw this at the Vancouver Film Festival and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It is one of those films that you'll want to watch again and again. I have a soft spot for documentaries and cooking shows, but this is the first film I've seen that is so well done. The cinematography and editing are both top notch, as is the acting. I enjoyed the way they made the film look, and I was very impressed with the production values. I was very impressed with the director's ability to make it look like a real documentary, and I was impressed with the way he used music to complement the video footage. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes documentaries, or cooking shows. It's well worth the watch.

Johnny photo

This is a very good documentary on the early life of the great chef, Alton Brown. It covers his childhood, his early years in the military, his work in the restaurant he worked in, and his early life in prison. It also covers his time in prison, and his time in prison and how he got out. The documentary is very informative and well done. It does a great job of telling his story and the people who knew him. The way it was shot was very interesting. It was a great documentary.

Rebecca photo

I found this documentary very interesting, but I was somewhat disappointed that I did not see more of the actual events. I thought the story was interesting enough to make me want to watch it, but I could not make myself watch the entire thing. I thought the narration was pretty good, but I think the narration could have been more clear and concise. I would have preferred more footage from the actual events. Overall, I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in cooking. It is a very interesting look at the food industry, and I think anyone interested in cooking will enjoy this documentary.

Charles Wagner photo
Charles Wagner

Yes, I know there are other versions out there, so I'm not getting to that part of the review. This film is just so well done. It really shows the behind-the-scenes of a very successful chef. It's not the typical Hollywood happy ending where you're happy the guy won. You see a chef make mistakes and there is a real and honest examination of that. The characters are all as interesting as you'd expect, and that is a rare quality in films. I can't recommend this film enough, it will be in my DVD collection for sure.

Christian Bradley photo
Christian Bradley

Even though "Bacon is My Hero" was a good documentary on how to cook a pig, it was lacking in what I consider to be the backbone of the documentary. It didn't show what it was like to be a food critic. I was expecting a bit more out of it. I'd be interested in seeing the film again and hearing what people said about it. I hope people will go and see the documentary. "Bacon is My Hero" was pretty good but could have been better. So, if you want to see a documentary on cooking a pig, check out "The Bacon Book" or "The Pigs of Zanzibar".

Bobby B. photo
Bobby B.

I remember reading in a magazine that the movie was on the eve of a new American president who was a vegetarian, and I was intrigued by the story. I had never seen a movie about food politics. This was a very interesting movie, not for the food or the politics, but for the way the story was told. It's almost like a documentary, except there are no characters or actors. The movie shows the rise of McDonalds. At first it seems the corporations have no desire to serve food that is healthy or affordable. But as the power of the companies grows, it's clear that they have found ways to make money by serving food to the rich and getting people to buy it. The famous lobbyist Jack N. Goldman shows the power of corporate lobbyists to get congress to pass legislation that would make a company's products and products more affordable. The movie is a remarkable picture of how corporate America has become a force for good. It's a great movie, because it makes you understand what is good and what is bad about corporations and what is happening to our health. You see that there are good people and corporations out there, but the corporations are more powerful than they think. This is a movie that will make you think and hopefully you will be interested in the story. Highly recommended!

Alan Larson photo
Alan Larson

By far, this is my favorite "Making of" documentary of all time. And to make matters even more awesome, this is the 3rd "Making of" documentary for Chef Flynn. Now there's a trend. Chef Flynn has become a household name. This documentary is a must for all of his fans. After watching it, you're going to be thinking "I knew that would happen." When I saw the film, I was stunned. In my opinion, this is the most emotional, entertaining, and best documentary of all time. It's so different than any other Chef's film. This is a cult classic. And I hope people are as emotional and entertained as I was when I watched it. This documentary is the most entertaining, emotional, and best documentary ever. It was funny, it was exciting, it was captivating. It's a very special documentary, I know it is.

Dennis Larson photo
Dennis Larson

This documentary about the celebrated culinary genius Michael Pollan is a fascinating read and I agree with those who said it was his best work yet. The film traces Pollan's many steps as he is his own mother's keeper and artist and as the author of "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma" who is to the Washington Post. The documentary was great and I am a fan of Michael Pollan and most documentaries and I think he has a great story to tell. This film is a wonderful showpiece of cooking and food and food and the stories of his family and his parents and how his childhood really shaped his adult life are all interesting and thought provoking. This documentary is about Pollan and his family's journey from childhood to adulthood and the intimate moments that form the fabric of his life and the film captured the essence of this story so well that it made me cry and re-evaluate my own childhood and upbringing. This documentary is very well-done and I think anyone who loves food will love this film.

Tyler photo

In my opinion, this is a must see documentary and a very good combination. It provides the viewer with excellent insight into the selfless and amazing work of Chef Flynn and his life. The film, in my opinion, is based on a true story, but the truth is not always presented in the documentary. The true story is just enough to give you an idea of how a man who worked for nearly 20 years at the top of his profession could lose all his money, his home and his beloved children and in a matter of a few weeks turn into a "villain". The documentary does a very good job at keeping you on the edge of your seat, keeping you on the edge of your seat with information that no one else would tell you and in the end you end up crying on the floor because you were involved in a very painful experience. You can not tell the truth without a tear or two, but if you have never been touched by a human being and how they can be in pain just by asking, then you will never know what it feels like to be human. I highly recommend this film for anyone who has ever worked at a restaurant or is a restaurant owner. If you have, you will definitely want to see this documentary. All you have to do is see it. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Judith Garcia photo
Judith Garcia

During his year-long vacation in Hawaii, filmmaker Michael Sorkin made this offbeat documentary. Director Michael Sorkin, who co-wrote the script with Mark E. Smith, and their fellow cast members discussed the project over a meal and a couple of drinks in an offbeat venue. From the production meetings to the overall shooting of the film, all of the participants did an excellent job in capturing the chaos of the moving shoot and the delicate work of the filmmakers. I have to say, I am rather fond of the themes in the film, which are not always about a state of health. It's about the human interaction that leads to those environments. And it's about the experiences of individuals with diseases, who in many cases, are not as sick as they claim to be. Yet, the filmmakers made this film with a clear and focused point of view and is quite entertaining. I'm really glad that the film makers, Michael Sorkin and Mark E. Smith, are doing more and more documentaries like this one. And I hope more filmmakers will follow their lead. Not only for their authenticity and excitement, but also for the subject matter. The food and alcohol abuse topic is complex and not easy to share. It's usually a very personal topic that many people may not be willing to deal with. It is very easy to dismiss the subject as just being a matter of personal experience, but it is a powerful topic that needs to be addressed. That's why I think that this is a very important film. It should be seen by all of the people who care about the subject matter.

Daniel M. photo
Daniel M.

From a family of loyal Russian-American cooks, to the owners of this restaurant and the real life stories behind the place, and their lives, "The Chef's Table" is a riveting, provocative look at what it means to be a chef. We follow the search for the perfect Russian cuisine and the challenges of making it, the problems of the restaurateur, and how the time in America really can do a lot of damage to a chef. I found this movie to be as fascinating and as intense as any I've seen about the immigrant experience. There were many references to American culture and a strong emphasis on making your place in the industry. I especially liked the mention of the I-love-it-but-it-hurts-when-I-leave-the-country message of "Pinchot's Plumeria," a really good film from 1988.

Rachel B. photo
Rachel B.

Michael Pollan has been my hero since I was about 11. I was on a sleep disorder medication, but I think that's the only relevant aspect to my interest in watching this film. Pollan is a master of capturing life in a video and for that, I'm grateful. I had a talk with his family and friends, and they praised Pollan's work, which is obviously true. To make a film like "The Omnivore's Dilemma" with a great cast of unknown actors and a great subject matter, it's really a labour of love. On top of that, the film is so engaging that I think it's well worth watching. It really can't be put into words. I'm happy to give it a 9.5/10, because there are so many good things in this film that it's hard to give anything else. I recommend this to everyone.

Jonathan Schmidt photo
Jonathan Schmidt

I was a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay's cooking show, but he seems to have left the show in the past few years. I just saw a bit of what is left of that show and decided to give Gordon Ramsay a try. To be honest, I didn't like his show, and I don't like cooking, but I enjoyed Chef Flynn. It is a documentary about Gordon Ramsay and the people that worked on the show. Gordon Ramsay is not afraid to go off on tangents and try some of the weirdest stuff that comes out of the kitchen. His experiences with Korean food, and how he ate in a Korean restaurant as a child are just some of the oddities that he shows. This is not some gourmet, celebrity documentary. It is a compilation of his food videos. I found some of the videos really interesting, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see Gordon Ramsay in action. I was a big fan of his, but I am not so much anymore.

Evelyn Sanchez photo
Evelyn Sanchez

Having recently read the book "Flynn's Fortune" by James Kimball and watching "Flynn's Ghost", I was more than a little skeptical about the use of his word "ghost" in the title. After all, it's not often a chef from the 1950's is described as "ghost". However, to my amazement, it is in fact a ghost! Kimball is a chef in the 1950's who spent nearly 30 years in a coma for brain cancer. For over a decade, he was unable to speak. After all that time, he was able to record the oral history of what it was like for him to be "out of words" at the time. What makes this documentary so wonderful is that it's fairly accurate. The documentary is done in a non-chronological manner. The interviewees are allowed to speak and give their own perspective about the other chefs. Through the interviews and words spoken, it is clear that, at times, there were many cooks working at the restaurant. Therefore, the title "Ghost" makes a little more sense than the title "Flynn" would have. Also, it is not commonly used to describe a cook, chef or anyone in general. To put it simply, the title "Ghost" is only used by the author of the book who is based in New York City. This title was originally used to describe the chef of "Ghost of the Fall" in China, who died in 1951. Overall, this is a very interesting documentary that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Daniel Cox photo
Daniel Cox

This is a nice, well-made documentary about a man who is going to be the next Chef Tom Crucis. Flynn is a former kitchen veteran who turned to cooking and opened the restaurant, Red Barn, in the middle of the night in the working class community of Fenton, WI. What he does best is build his own recipes and techniques for cooking up things like pork chops, hot dogs, eggs, fish, vegetables, butchers, BBQ, etc. His restaurants also serve quality, quality ingredients at prices that locals can't get anywhere else. The film is funny and informative and, more importantly, offers a positive message. I would recommend it for people of all ages to see. Although I don't think a lot of children will see the film, I think it is interesting for parents. If you are going to cook, you will learn some great stuff. If you are not going to cook, you will be a great story for children to hear.