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Vuelven is a movie starring Paola Lara, Juan Ramón López, and Nery Arredondo. A dark fairy tale about a gang of five children trying to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war.

Other Titles
Siempre vuelven, Tigers Are Not Afraid, Ils reviennent..., ザ・マミー, Os Tigres Não Têm Medo, Tygrysy się nie boją, Tigers are not afraid
Running Time
1 hours 23 minutes
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Fantasy, Mystery, Horror
Issa López
Issa López
Hanssel Casillas, Nery Arredondo, Juan Ramón López, Paola Lara
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Estrella is 10 years old and has 3 wishes: The first one, that her missing mother comes back and it happens. Her mother returns but she is dead and follows Estrella everywhere. Petrified, Estrella tries to escape from her by joining a gang orphaned by violence. Soon she realizes that dead are never left behind and when you are in the middle of brutality and violence, wishes never come true the way you want them to be.

Comments about fantasy «Vuelven» (23)

Roger Peterson photo
Roger Peterson

To me, this was the scariest movie of the year. For starters, I thought that the last few minutes were the scariest. For starters, the story was well done and I found it to be very suspenseful. Also, the ending was very good. Another good thing about the movie was the fact that there wasn't any sexual scenes. The only sexual scenes were in the last ten minutes of the movie, but even those were not that sexual. I am not a big fan of horror films, but I really enjoyed this movie. It was very suspenseful, very well shot, and very well acted. Overall, I give it an 8/10.

Eric James photo
Eric James

I think that's a perfect description of this movie. It's dark, it's creepy, it's exciting, and it's a very original story. But what I really loved about it was the little touches. The character of Vuelven is very creepy and threatening. The whole movie is about him being hunted by the police. There's a scene where he takes on the police officer by himself and the cop is like, "Come on, let's do something about him." I also really liked the story. It's pretty well written and there's a lot of twists and turns. But the most enjoyable part of the movie is probably the little bit of humor that I found in the movie. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that the humor is kinda unexpected and I thought it was funny. I liked the acting and the music. I think that's the best part of the movie. I thought it was really good and the acting was really good. I didn't know that the movie had such a good cast. I really like how this movie was made. It's really creepy and I really enjoyed it. It's a really different movie, and I think it's really good. If you like good horror movies, you'll really enjoy this movie.

Deborah Hansen photo
Deborah Hansen

I am not a fan of vampire movies, however this movie was very entertaining. The beginning is very slow but I was entertained. The story is pretty good and I think it is worth watching.

Ethan Medina photo
Ethan Medina

I was really impressed with this film. It's based on a play and it was shot in a way that gives the audience the sense of the claustrophobic environment, but without having to get a claustrophobic feeling. The acting is really good, and it's nice to see people who aren't actors. It's a lot of fun to watch. The film was directed by the same guy who made the film "This Is Where I Leave You", which is also based on a play. I liked that film, and I hope this one is similar. The story is about a man named Viktor, who is played by F. Murray Abraham, who is haunted by a mysterious woman who works for the police department. Viktor is haunted by her, but he doesn't know what to do about it. He's not sure if he should do anything about it, because it is a mystery. The main thing that keeps me from giving this film a 10 is the fact that it's not scary at all. It's kind of a cheesy horror movie that I would watch just to watch the actors and see the director's name. I recommend it for people who like something different from the usual horror films. I would recommend it to people who like movies that are different from the usual.

David photo

I don't know what else to say. I really like this movie. It's a good movie, not the best but good. It's not a horror movie, it's more like a thriller. It's not scary at all. It's not a very good movie, it's more like a good thriller, but it's also very good. I think that the director did a good job. The actors were good, and the effects were very good. There is one thing that i really like about this movie, and that is that it was very good. If you like Horror movies, I think you will like this movie, but if you don't like Horror movies, i don't think you will like this movie. I think that this movie is a good one, it's not a masterpiece but it's good. I really recommend this movie to people, but if you don't like Horror movies, don't watch this movie.

Victoria W. photo
Victoria W.

The "Scary Movie" franchise has become a staple of summer movie season, and it's fair to say that I'm not the biggest fan of the films in the series, but the series is still a very fun watch. The film starts off with a mysterious masked figure attacking a couple on a beach, and it's not long before the hero and his girlfriend find themselves at the mercy of the masked maniac. The film then takes a back seat to a bunch of teenagers having a party on the beach, and the film is basically a series of close up shots of various characters from the series. Some of the cast are returning, and some are new to the series, and it's a fun ride of a film. The film is definitely a teen horror flick, but it's also one of the better ones out there. The film is surprisingly dark and suspenseful, and it has a great sense of style. I would recommend this film to anyone, but there's some parts of the film that are pretty silly. The film is definitely worth seeing, but if you're not a fan of the series, you won't be able to enjoy the film as much. But if you are a fan of the series, you'll probably enjoy the film. 8/10.

Carl Mills photo
Carl Mills

I'm a huge horror fan, and this movie wasn't the most entertaining to me. I mean, it had some scary scenes and some good acting. But that's about it. It's pretty predictable. I mean, the killer is a mystery, but if you didn't know that you would just be like, "Oh yeah, that's a killer, but what is he doing?" It's just that, the killer, the police, and the medical examiner. They all know that the killer is a woman. The only real mystery is, who killed the woman? Who was it? I guess it was some kind of a cult, but I couldn't tell. It's kind of a cult movie, and that's why I give it an 8/10. The director did a good job with the camera work and the special effects. He made the movie seem real, which is something I've never seen in any other movie. The acting is pretty good, and it's nice to see some female characters in horror movies. It's just a good movie to watch with your friends and have a good time. It's also worth mentioning that the movie has a pretty good plot, and it's easy to follow. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would enjoy this movie. I don't know if this movie would be any good for teenagers, but if you liked it, I think you would enjoy it. I think that the movie would be a good choice for the horror fans. I would recommend this movie to any horror fan. Just don't expect the best movie out there, and you will be fine.

Jennifer Palmer photo
Jennifer Palmer

When I heard that this movie was being made I was excited. I went to a preview screening and was impressed by the sound and visuals. After seeing the movie I was so disappointed. The story is good but the story itself is not unique. The acting is very poor. The villain is not scary and the movie is very predictable. I could not wait for the ending. I am not a big fan of horror movies but I was really disappointed with this movie. There are some good scenes in the movie but overall it is not scary. The story was very predictable and the film itself is very boring.

Patricia photo

This movie was very good. It started with a little bit of blood and it was good, but it could have been a lot better. The killer in the beginning of the movie looks very similar to the killer in the video game Silent Hill. The music in the movie is pretty good and the cinematography was pretty good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies and is looking for a good horror movie.

Linda Walsh photo
Linda Walsh

The movie is not for everybody. There are some parts which might seem too scary or too slow. The actors were good. It is worth a watch. You might not be so scared after all.

Megan photo

Vuelven is a very different film, as you can't expect to be able to compare it to other films by the same director, because it's very different from any of the other films in the genre. However, it is very good, and very original, and very atmospheric. It's a story about a young boy (Kirsten Dunst) who finds out that her parents are dead. She is brought to the island of a guy who she has been following from her childhood. It's hard to tell what happens next, and some parts are quite strange, but the overall atmosphere is very creepy. The film is very atmospheric, and it is very well shot, especially the island. There is very good editing, and the camera work is very well done. It is very creepy, and you are always on the edge of your seat. The acting is good, but it is hard to tell, because some of the acting is very strange. It is also very atmospheric, and it has a very good ending. The film is very good, and I recommend it to anyone who is into the genre of the horror, because it's very unique, and it's really scary. 8/10

Brandon Beck photo
Brandon Beck

The movie is a perfect movie, the director wanted to make a horror movie, but the story is not scary, there is a little bit of comedy, but that's it, the actors are good, the movie has good special effects, and the acting is very good. If you like horror movies, you should watch it. 8 out of 10

Heather M. photo
Heather M.

I had to watch this movie for a final project, and it was very well worth it. It has a lot of great aspects to it, including the horror aspect. The story is pretty simple and straightforward, but the mystery aspect is quite intriguing and thought provoking. I think that it is very effective, as it keeps you guessing, and wondering, until the very end. The acting is pretty good, with a great performance by Ria Savani as the main heroine. The ending is also pretty creepy and creepy. Overall, I think this movie is a great thriller, and definitely worth watching. I would recommend it to any horror movie fan. 8/10

Patrick W. photo
Patrick W.

I had heard good things about this movie and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. The storyline was different and the acting was good. I enjoyed the camera angles, camera movements, and acting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch something different than the typical horror movies. If you like psychological thrillers, I think you will enjoy this movie. This movie is good for teens and adults. I would rate this movie a 8/10.

Jose Armstrong photo
Jose Armstrong

One thing I noticed about this movie is that when the killer is in the basement, the whole story is in the basement. There's no plot, no characters, nothing. Just a bunch of things happening in a basement. And that's what makes this movie so good. It's an old-school slasher, with a bunch of kids in a basement. It's not original, but it's a lot of fun. And the characters are really, really, really fun to watch. Some of the performances are really, really good, and some of the characters are just really, really bad. It's a good time, and I recommend it to anyone who loves slasher movies. 8/10

Brandon Thompson photo
Brandon Thompson

It's not the best movie I've seen, but it's one of the best zombie movies I've seen. It's really good, the acting is really good, the plot is good, and the zombies are great. The thing that I love the most is the fact that the zombies are not really the good guys. They have this bad side to them, which makes them so scary. Overall, it's a really good movie that you shouldn't miss.

Jason Cook photo
Jason Cook

I haven't seen a German horror movie before. "Gross" was really good, but the last one was really bad. This one was good, but not great. The story is not that good, and the music is not that good. But the special effects are great, and there are some creepy moments. There is a small subplot with a young girl who gets killed. But it doesn't affect the movie too much. All in all, it's a good movie. 7/10

Michelle G. photo
Michelle G.

The movie is a dark thriller about a man who has been missing for two years. The director of the movie is Dirk Bogarde and he is a genius when it comes to suspense. The movie has several intense scenes and a strong visual style. The plot is really original and the ending is good. The movie is very suspenseful and you can't predict what is going to happen next. It has a very good cast and a good story. It is worth watching.

Larry photo

This movie, despite the score, is quite entertaining. It's about a little boy who has a death wish and one that's quite impossible. As usual, the viewer is right there with him. The story is very interesting. I was surprised to see that it had been made on a low budget. It was very atmospheric. There were some scenes where you felt like you were in the past, and the camera lingered on the faces of the actors and on the scene's dialogue. The movie was very well acted, and that's what's most important. The story is well written, and I think it's great that this movie was made. You would be surprised at how many times you've seen the same movie. I think it was very well done. I thought that the special effects were very well done. I don't know if it's because I'm a fan of the show or not, but I think that the special effects were quite believable. I think that this movie was very well done. I was very impressed. The only thing I thought that I didn't like was the ending. I think that the ending was a bit of a stretch. If you don't watch this movie for the ending, you're missing out. I think that this movie will be a classic, and I think that it's a good one. I think that it's well worth the watch. I think that it's a great film, and I think that it's worth a watch.

Samuel D. photo
Samuel D.

I watched the movie a few days ago and I found it interesting. Not only is the movie worth watching, but it is also very entertaining and quite scary. I really liked the special effects and the story of the movie. I recommend to watch it!

Gerald photo

I had heard about this film and read about the things it did. I wasn't sure how to watch it, but I had heard a lot about it. So I watched it and I am glad I did. It is a very good film, with good acting, good atmosphere, good atmosphere. It is a little bit different from the horror films, but it is also a little bit different from the thrillers. I think the director did a good job in this film. I think it is a very good film. I also recommend this film for people who are looking for something different. I recommend it to all people, and I hope that this film will do well.

Amber photo

I am a sucker for a good ghost story, and this one is not bad. I like the setting and the look of the film, the movie is full of Gothic elements, the atmosphere is perfect, the story is interesting, the characters are interesting and convincing, the music is nice and atmospheric, the acting is not bad, the ending is pretty good, the acting is good and there is one very nice performance from Francoise Boileau, she is the star of the film, the film has a very Gothic feel to it, and it is not a cheap scare. The film is very good and not bad. I recommend this movie to all fans of Gothic horror films and it's worth watching.

Kathy Spencer photo
Kathy Spencer

I was excited to watch this movie because I loved the book. However, I was greatly disappointed with the movie. I thought the movie had the potential to be a very good movie, but the director and screenwriter made it so boring. I thought the movie could have been better, and I think the director and screenwriter should have given the director a better script to work with. The director and screenwriter did not give the director the freedom to do what he wanted to do. The director was very much involved in the screenplay. The director should have had the freedom to make the movie he wanted to make. I do not know how much they spent on the production, but I am sure it was a lot. If they would have spent a little more on the production, the movie would have been a lot better. The acting in the movie was good. The characters were very well developed. The movie had a lot of suspense and it was really good. I think that if the movie was better, it would have been a much better movie.