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Soorma is a movie starring Diljit Dosanjh, Taapsee Pannu, and Angad Bedi. Soorma is the story of the triumph of the human spirit, about a player, who made headlines for his miraculous comeback after facing a near death experience...

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2 hours 11 minutes
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Sport, Drama, Biography
Shaad Ali
Shaad Ali, Adhir Bhat, Suyash Trivedi, Siva Ananth
Taapsee Pannu, Angad Bedi, Diljit Dosanjh, Vijay Raaz
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Soorma is the story of the triumph of the human spirit, about a player, who made headlines for his miraculous comeback after facing a near death experience through sheer determination, hard work and unrelenting passion for the sport.

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Michelle photo

I can't believe I didn't see this before. It's one of the best movies I have ever seen. I think it was released in May and the movie is shown on the Discovery channel in November. I'm so glad I saw this movie. It's a very interesting story and a very good movie. I think you will like it.

Janet Greene photo
Janet Greene

To watch this movie is to realize that there is not one single word in the English language that can convey the true feelings of love and devotion that exists between a father and his son. Not only the children are very emotionally alive, but also the adults. No matter what country or religion this movie is about, it is about a father and son bonding and love. The movie shows that even in the most serious of times, father and son love is as strong as ever. That is a precious thing, and I'm sure that many of the viewers of this movie are not able to express it in words. The movie is a rare gem that is not only for those who have children. I wish I had a copy of this movie to show my grandchildren.

Joshua photo

This movie is excellent. It is a true story about a legendary wrestler who was a great human being and he's also a fighter, who believed in his family and his friends. It's the best movie I've ever seen. I recommend everyone to see it.

Michelle Baker photo
Michelle Baker

This is the most emotional film I have seen for years, it makes me cry. I was crying myself. It was one of the best films I have seen this year. The story is amazing. We see how an aspiring wrestler is bullied and makes his parents hate him, but his dreams are to be a wrestler. His father is a big name in the wrestling industry and wants to support him to be a wrestler, but he is afraid that he will lose his family. His mother wants to be supportive, but is afraid to be supportive. She also is the one who is supposed to look after his younger brother, but when she finds out that she wants to be with him, she wants to be supportive. It is really sad, that the film didn't do better. The acting is amazing, we see the story from different angles. I am happy that I watched this movie. It made me cry and I am so happy that it is the best film I have seen this year.