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Invisible Hands

Invisible Hands is a movie starring Kailash Satyarthi, Ben Skinner, and Mark Barenberg. Invisible Hands is the first feature documentary that exposes child labor and child trafficking within the supply chains of the world's biggest...

Running Time
1 hours 20 minutes
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Shraysi Tandon
Chad Beck, Shraysi Tandon
Mark Barenberg, Siddharth Kara, Ben Skinner, Kailash Satyarthi
Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, India, USA, Ghana
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Invisible Hands is the first feature documentary that exposes child labor and child trafficking within the supply chains of the world's biggest corporations.

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Albert Daniels photo
Albert Daniels

I saw this movie at the Toronto Film Festival and was very impressed. I am a former Marine who served in Iraq and I thought this movie was very realistic and the director did a great job of getting the facts straight. The acting was very good, especially the veterans and the actors who played the military personnel. I think this movie is a must see for everyone and I would recommend it to anyone. I think this movie should be shown in every high school and college and the military is the same as everyone else. I think this movie is very realistic and very powerful. I think that people should see this movie to learn about the war and the sacrifices that the military men and women have made and the sacrifices that we have made.

Martha photo

The movie looks like a documentary, but is a very well crafted piece of art. This is a film that I will see again and will recommend to all my friends. The director does a very good job of capturing the zeitgeist of the time. The film was made in the era of the Cold War, and the message of the movie is very relevant to today. I was so moved by this film that I was surprised when I heard that it was made in 2007, and that the director was a woman. I think the director should have won the Oscar for best director. It was very well made and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Christopher C. photo
Christopher C.

This is an interesting documentary, which is very well done. Unfortunately it's also a bit underwhelming. The footage is of the most disjointed quality. There's a lot of talk about the difficulties of finding or filming the events, but they never seem to explain why they haven't filmed it yet. There's a lot of talking about the importance of "quality" as the criteria for any kind of documentary, but there's no clear indication that the quality of the interviews is an important criterion. It also seems to have a bit of a political bent, which isn't always a good thing. It also makes it difficult to make a judgement about the film as a whole. The information is quite general, and it's almost impossible to understand all of it. Also, it's not clear that it's clear what the intentions of the film are. The title itself is misleading, because there's no mention of the war in Vietnam. All we really get is an explanation of the idea behind the documentary.

Dennis Stevens photo
Dennis Stevens

The film is very interesting and informative, and it is a good reminder of the importance of nonviolence in the world. It is also very touching and inspiring. It's a very uplifting film, and it is very well made. I highly recommend it.

Carol Hart photo
Carol Hart

The movie was very well made. The cinematography was very good and the music was excellent. The narration was very well done. The director did a good job in directing the movie. I think the movie was very good. I would give it a 9/10. I think the movie is very well done and very well done. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

Joseph photo

The movie is excellent and has a nice balance of documentaries and the actual incident itself. It is amazing to see the reaction of the family members, doctors, and the general public. They are not going to like this, but it is in a good way. The main message of the movie is that these people were never able to talk about their own experiences because they were afraid. They were afraid to talk about the pain that they were suffering. It shows the reality of the people that this happened to, and it is so true. People should be made to talk about the trauma that they have been through. It also shows that the medical community was not completely in support of the mother. It shows that doctors did not know what to do about the mother, because of the stigma that was attached to the doctors. It shows the family was not helped by the doctors, because they did not know what to do. The movie is very well made, and I hope it will be made available to more people.

Theresa M. photo
Theresa M.

One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It shows how the weak can lead the strong to ruin. It shows how the strong can become the weak and how the weak can become the strong. It also shows how a strong can become the weak and vice versa. It is very well made and it does not resort to cheap tricks to get the point across. It is really difficult to find a movie that can do this without falling into the trap of making a celebrity out of the people who have been victimized by the strong and the weak. This film is truly a masterpiece.

Brandon photo

The idea of filming a single day of life in a refugee camp in South Sudan could be a promising one, but director Jeff Nathanson and crew have come up with a disjointed, confusing and at times overlong film that runs 2 hours and 20 minutes. It's really disappointing, and it feels like it's missing important scenes. Nathanson was given a mandate to make a documentary, but he's not sure what he's trying to accomplish here. I'm not sure what it is he's trying to accomplish, but he doesn't seem to be doing it. This is a film that could have been interesting, but it's not. I think the reason for the longer than expected runtime is the sheer number of actors involved, as well as the subject matter. At times it's difficult to tell who is who and who's who, and we're constantly watching actors interacting with one another, which makes it difficult to understand who's who. In the end, it seems like a lot of effort went into the filmmaking, but it's not enough to make this film interesting. In the end, the film is disjointed, confusing and at times overlong. At times it feels like we're watching a documentary, but it's not. In the end, I was disappointed with this film.

Grace photo

I was very disappointed in this documentary. It was not entertaining or entertaining at all. The people that were interviewed were all great artists. They told great stories. It was interesting. The point was made very well. I feel like I wasted my time watching it. I would not recommend it to anyone.

David C. photo
David C.

I watched this film without knowing what to expect. It's based on a true story and I can't help but feel as though it should have been more "true" but the story is told so well. It's a shame that the quality of the film is so low considering the subject matter. If you enjoy documentaries and you don't mind watching a film about a guy who lost his wife and his daughter in a plane crash, this is a must-see.

Laura M. photo
Laura M.

This documentary offers a startling insight into the lives of a group of Jehovah's Witnesses that does not serve as a cult but rather serves as a family, a culture, a way of life. The movie follows the lives of three families, one in North Carolina, another in Germany, and a third in New Zealand. One of the highlights of this documentary is the director's deep personal journey into Jehovah's Witnesses. This film tells the story of a group that really feels like a family, and I believe this film is a must-see for any Jehovah's Witness. The directors journey was so personal that he had to take time off work to go to the meetings and meet the Witnesses. This documentary is a must-see for any Jehovah's Witness.

Doris photo

I saw this movie in 2005 in New York City, and was greatly impressed by it. It is a well-made, historically-based documentary that focuses on one man's quest to expose the dark side of the Secret Service. It's a story of a man who has always been at the mercy of his job, and a man who feels like he has been abandoned by the Secret Service. The movie is well-made, and the footage is very compelling. I was particularly impressed with the interviews with the agents and officials. The movie also has a few disturbing moments, but in the end, it's a very well-done story. I would recommend this film for anyone interested in the Secret Service, or in American history in general. 8/10

Harry P. photo
Harry P.

I am a big fan of the history of the western. The movie was interesting to watch and the people interviewed were all very interesting. I am not sure if it is a documentary or a documentary on the history of the western. It is very interesting to see how people have lived and what their beliefs were. I would have liked to see more of the men that were interviewed, but the movie is very well done. I would have liked to see more of the history of the Indians, but it was very interesting to see the way they lived. The movie was very informative and I would recommend it to anyone.

Sandra Ortiz photo
Sandra Ortiz

I first saw this film in the late 1990's. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the subject matter. I knew it was a documentary, but I didn't know the subject matter. I have since seen it again and again and have grown to love it. It is a wonderful film, full of information and action. I also have to mention that this film is extremely well done. It is very well edited and the acting is very good. The story is also very well done. It is a very well told story and it is very well told. The film is also very well done in the way that it is filmed. I have seen this film a number of times and it never gets old. It is a great film and I recommend it to anyone.

Howard photo

I saw this documentary at the London Film Festival. It was good, but was definitely not a great film. It had a lot of talking and no action. The film looked and sounded great, but I felt like I was watching a video and not seeing the film. I felt like the film should have been longer, I think they should have done more with it. The film made me think a lot about my own life. I felt like I was there, which I think is important. I think that this is the type of documentary that needs to be made more often. People should watch it, but they need to understand that it is not a great film. It is a good documentary, and the director did a good job, but I feel that this film should have been longer.