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Echo in the Canyon

Echo in the Canyon is a movie starring Lou Adler, Fiona Apple, and The Beach Boys. A look at the roots of the historic music scene in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon featuring the music of iconic groups such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys,...

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Andrew Slater
Andrew Slater, Eric Barrett
Fiona Apple, The Beach Boys, Beck, Lou Adler
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A look at the roots of the historic music scene in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon featuring the music of iconic groups such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, and The Mamas and the Papas.

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Albert R. photo
Albert R.

I watched this documentary last night and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The footage is from a handful of years ago, but I still get goosebumps every time I watch it. It's amazing how the music has stayed with people and continues to be played in clubs and festivals. The director and a bunch of the people involved in the project have been in touch with the people involved with the music and have been able to get some really amazing interviews. The music is incredible, and it's hard to believe that it's all been done in a couple of years. It's amazing how they've managed to preserve the sound and the musicians and the musicians' performances. I'm very interested in seeing more from this group of people and hope that they can do more documentaries in the future.

Teresa photo

I was fortunate to see this movie at a screening in L.A. back in 2004. I can only assume that it was more difficult to make this movie than it was to make a "Hollywood blockbuster" and the original idea was to show the whole film, but since the film is so long and has so many musical numbers, it would have been impossible to fit all of them in the time allotted. But the film is a great deal of fun and I would recommend it to anyone. The movie also features several songs that were written for the movie, and they are all good. The only problem is that the songs are so good that you can't wait for the next one to come out. The songs are not bad, but they are not great either. The film is a great way to spend an evening, and I think it is worth watching.

John James photo
John James

I was a big fan of the band Echo in the Canyon when they were at their peak. They are still very popular in the states, but in the UK they have been replaced by a different band, and this documentary looks at their story and how it has changed them. The documentary has a great cast, with some great actors, but there is not enough time given to each of them to really get to know them, and there is a lot of talk about the music of the band, which is a good thing, but I think it could have been better, because I am not a fan of the band, and I was looking forward to hearing more about them. However, the documentary is very good, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes rock music, or just a good documentary.

Kathryn N. photo
Kathryn N.

There is something deeply and oddly haunting about the images that emerge from the documentary. The images of the filmmakers in the studio, sitting around the campfire, their thoughts, their actions. The filmmakers are a band, so of course they are going to get a little introspective. But I found this film to be a very compelling and thought-provoking documentary. It is a little hard to follow at times, but that's because there are so many images that come and go in the film. It is a little too long for me, but it is still an important film to see. I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the band or of the music.

Kathleen Marshall photo
Kathleen Marshall

The documentary, "The Echo in the Canyon" is an interesting look at the lives of the three main performers in the band, The Echo. The film takes us through the band's history and the personalities of the three main members. The film also explores the themes of art, music and politics. The film also includes interviews with musicians and other notable figures in the music scene. The film also includes clips of The Echo's early performances and their early shows. It also features interviews with some of the band's friends and family members. The film is well made, the music is great, and the film is interesting. The film is worth watching. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Dennis Dunn photo
Dennis Dunn

The man who gave us the documentary "Echo in the Canyon" has been at it again with a new movie called "Echo in the Canyon: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan." This documentary is for those who are not aware of Dylan's music, but for those who are, this is a great documentary. I've seen the documentary and have to say it was very interesting. It is very well made, and it was interesting to see the music of Dylan, from the time he started, through to the present. Dylan's music is very interesting, and it is very interesting to see the way he has changed his style over the years. Dylan is very passionate about his music, and he shows that in this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a Dylan fan, or even someone who is interested in music. It is a great movie for anyone interested in Dylan's music, and I recommend it to anyone.

George Mills photo
George Mills

I've been a fan of Echo in the Canyon since I saw it in its initial run. I loved the story, the music, and the performances. I had never heard of the director, but when I saw him on the screen, I knew I wanted to see more of him. I'm happy to say that I have. He's done a masterful job of capturing the spirit of the songs, the energy of the crowd, and the energy of the performances. The DVD is excellent. It's full of extras and features, including a lot of behind the scenes footage. I highly recommend it.

Wayne A. photo
Wayne A.

The documentary tells the story of a group of musicians who were involved in the early days of the Motown movement. In the early 1960's, the group was trying to break into the big time, and were a bit of a joke, but they did succeed in the mid 60's. But then they were let go, and went on to other projects, like the Grateful Dead. In the late 60's, they were trying to revive their musical legacy, and tried to record a few albums. But it was a huge failure, and the band went on to other projects. But one day, they were approached by a producer who wanted to sign them, and to help them get their act back on track. So they got together, and decided to record a new album. They got the idea that they could make a record, and that it would be a hit, and get them back on track. But, they were not prepared for the results. The movie was very interesting, and gave a very good insight into the early days of Motown. The movie was very informative, and very well done. I thought it was very good. I recommend this movie to any one who likes music.

Shirley W. photo
Shirley W.

I saw this movie in the theatre when it was first released, and I was blown away. I still feel that way, even though I'm 32 years old and I'm not into the music anymore. But, it's still one of my favorites. I thought the movie was well-made and well-acted. It's also a great movie to see with friends. The director is a very talented guy, and the music is great. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes music and doesn't mind watching a movie about a band that doesn't have the best of music, but still does a good job. I think it's worth the watch.

Russell photo

In the early 80's, I was a big fan of the Who, and had a lot of influence on their music. My favorite song is "Sympathy for the Devil" and I'm also a fan of all the other rock bands that they were part of. This documentary is a great collection of the Who's "old friends" and their stories. It has interviews with former members like John Entwistle and the late Jonathon Morris and also the band members and some of the other musicians who were part of the Who and the Beatles. It's really cool to see the early Who performing live. They were a very talented group, and it's a shame that they didn't do much more. But they did do some of the best stuff of the early 70's. The documentary is mostly the Who's stories. They tell stories about how they met, their careers, and their music. The documentary also has a lot of stories from other musicians who were part of the Who and the Beatles. I'm glad they recorded "Sympathy for the Devil" and made it available on CD. It's a great album and a great tribute to a great band.

Margaret M. photo
Margaret M.

I was at a screening of the film "The Echo in the Canyon" at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was impressed with the film. I have never been to the area where the movie was shot, but I know that the movie is based on true events. The film has a good story line, and the acting was excellent. I also appreciated the historical context of the movie. I am from a rural area, and this movie captures the spirit of the area. The movie is based on the real life story of singer and songwriter Eric Clapton. The movie is about his life and how he ended up in the canyon, and his journey to become a successful singer. The movie is about the power of music, and the importance of the music industry. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in music.

Mary photo

I know I'm in the minority, but I enjoyed this movie. It was different, it was well-made, and it had a great message. It's one of those movies you can sit back and enjoy as you see a great story unfold. It's not just a story about drugs, it's a story about humanity. In this movie, the characters were interesting and well-played. The story was well-told, and the overall message was clear. The music in this movie was also good. There are some good songs in the movie, and there are some great ones. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the drug culture.

Donald Sanchez photo
Donald Sanchez

I'm a bit surprised that this movie has been so poorly reviewed. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the film. I saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival, and I think it is worth seeing. It is an interesting look at the lives of a small group of musicians. It is shot in a way that is more realistic than many films. I felt as if I were watching a documentary. I had to wonder how much of the film was staged and how much was real. I also think that the film is not very long, as the clips of the band members playing the songs are not very long. The clips are kept brief and to the point. I think that the filmmakers did a good job with the material they had. The film does a good job of portraying the diverse lives of the musicians. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in music.

Richard photo

This is an interesting documentary that shows the history of The Doors, from their early days to the present. It does a good job at showing the different people who have influenced The Doors, including the people who have influenced them. I would say that this documentary is a great way to learn about the history of The Doors. If you like The Doors, then this is a must see.