Steam Mile 22

Mile 22

Mile 22 is a movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, and Iko Uwais. A small team of elite American intelligence officers, part of a top-secret tactical command unit, try to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive...

Other Titles
Mile 22: Misiune secreta, 22 Milhas, Red Zone - 22 miglia di fuoco, 22 mérföld, Cible 22, Milla 22: El escape, 22 Miles, マイル22, Eskorta, Milja 22, Milla 22: el escape, 22. jūdze, 22. miil, Milla 22
Running Time
1 hours 34 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Action
Peter Berg
Graham Roland, Lea Carpenter, Lea Carpenter
Lauren Cohan, Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais, John Malkovich
China, Colombia, USA
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An elite paramilitary team called Overwatch is tasked with transporting a police officer (Iko Uwais) with vital information about a potential terrorist attack 22 miles across Southeast Asia from the American embassy to an airfield. With the help of high-tech communications expert Bishop (John Malkovich) and second-in-command Alice (Lauren Cohan), leader Jimmy Silva (Mark Wahlberg) and his team must outrun local military, police and gang leaders to complete their mission.

Comments about thriller «Mile 22» (23)

Carol photo

Another great movie from Hollywood. The cast was amazing, and the action was great. The story was great too. I can't wait to see it again. I really liked it.

Jessica Jones photo
Jessica Jones

If you think one of the best action movies of all time is Die Hard, then you'll love this movie. I was absolutely shocked by the violence in this movie, and I think that's what makes it so great. The movie is violent, but in a fun way. It doesn't just have a bunch of explosions and gore, but it also has a lot of suspense, and just a few plot twists that will keep you guessing. This movie will leave you in a good mood, and even if you hate action movies, you'll definitely love this one. If you love thrillers, or just love action, then you'll love this movie.

Wayne Franklin photo
Wayne Franklin

I was excited to see this movie, but I had a very hard time understanding what all the hype was about. I didn't understand the whole "die hard" thing. After a while, I thought maybe I was just too young. This movie was great. It was a very entertaining, action packed movie, that I will definitely watch again. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because it was way too slow at times. There are too many scenes that were just too slow. You could literally do anything else and it would have made it a much better movie. Overall, this was a great movie and I will definitely be watching it again. I think it is the best film I have ever seen, and I am going to go buy it when it comes out on DVD. Don't be so hard on this movie, it deserves it!

Ethan B. photo
Ethan B.

I'll keep this short and simple: This is an extremely underrated movie. I have not seen a movie like it since the mid 80's. It is action packed, fast paced and extremely enjoyable. It is definitely one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. I think that this movie is not only an action movie but also a drama and an adventure. It is a great story that can be enjoyed by all ages. It is a movie that will have you laughing, crying, jumping and touching your heart. It is one of the most underrated movies ever made. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Helen photo

i saw this film yesterday in this years film festival in the east-european. the film was very good, very realistic and very entertaining. the first half of the film is really good, the second half is quite well but if you expect a plot, you are disappointed. but if you want to see some real action then this film is for you. i think the best action scene is near the end, at the park where a biker and a cop clash. that scene is really cool. i think the film is worth a 7.5/10

Kathryn M. photo
Kathryn M.

I just got back from watching "Mile 22" in theaters. It was a great action movie and I found it to be more than action. It was also an interesting look at the human condition. It was very entertaining, suspenseful, and it had a great twist at the end. However, I did have a few issues with the film. The first issue was the amount of time that was spent in the desert. It was too long. The second issue was the lack of romantic interest between Caine and Ella. The movie ended without much fanfare, and I found it hard to believe that a love affair between these two characters could not happen. The third issue was the direction the film was going in. I found it to be very simplistic. I would have liked to see more action and suspense. There was little action in the desert. There was a lot of suspense in the desert, and the movie was great, but it could have been better. The fourth issue was the ending. I thought the ending was pretty corny. There was a lot of action and suspense in the desert, but the ending was so corny that I couldn't help but laugh at it. I also thought the film was too short. It was a good movie, but it could have been better.

Catherine photo

This is a great movie! The opening was very cool. It has a lot of action and is definitely worth watching. I was surprised that there were no long running scenes and some of the action was very well done. I thought that the acting was great! I loved the way they made the movie in my opinion. The film really did a great job with it's storyline and it was very interesting to see how the characters developed and made decisions. I loved the direction they took the movie in. The action and editing was great! The only reason I don't give this movie a 10 is because of some minor issues I had with it. I really hope that the director will fix those issues in the next movie! Overall, this is a great movie!

Harry Taylor photo
Harry Taylor

This movie has it all. A fast paced action packed movie, it shows that you don't need to have a good story to make an awesome movie. This movie has good acting, some very cool action sequences, great photography, great special effects and a great storyline. All the characters are very unique and interesting and the cast is just perfect for this movie. The main characters are very likable and you can root for them to succeed. I really enjoyed this movie and hope that it gets the recognition it deserves. I really hope that the original concept of the movie gets adapted into a good movie like this one.

Joan photo

Great action, great action, great action. God damn it, I really love this movie. I am a huge fan of Denzel Washington, he's amazing in this movie. Denzel is in his best acting ever, and the other actors do their best to make the movie good. I will say it's not a great movie, but it's definitely worth watching, and it's got action. I'm surprised it's not a perfect 10.

Robert Munoz photo
Robert Munoz

This movie is a well made movie. From beginning to end the movie keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. The plot is great. The story is simple. However the director, writer, and cast of this movie, have done an amazing job on the plot. It is a great movie. It's a good movie to see. But I think this movie should be called "I Can't Believe I Am Talking About It". I think that it should be called "I Can't Believe I am talking about it". 9/10

Betty Simpson photo
Betty Simpson

This movie was great. I didn't want it to end. Great ending. The best thing about it was that the characters were very real and believable. I think everyone should see this movie.

Jacob photo

If you are in the mood for a movie that is well made and has great action scenes then this is the movie for you. The acting is great and the special effects are brilliant. However, the movie doesn't really say anything about terrorism. That is a very important part of the world's problems and needs to be addressed. The movie tries to be a counter-terrorism movie and if you are a person who is really worried about terrorism then it's worth seeing.

Melissa photo

It was a great film with lots of action, but I felt it lacked substance. The ending was really good and was perfect for the film, but the way they ended the film wasn't that great. Overall, I enjoyed the film and would definitely see it again.

Johnny C. photo
Johnny C.

This is a simple, direct and brutal action-adventure flick. The story has a high number of deaths, lots of crashes and stuff and I guess it would be a waste to put in details about it. But if you want to see a well-made action-adventure flick, you should give it a try.

Sarah photo

John Woo's Fast and Furious films are often hailed as some of the best action movies of all time, and rightfully so. It has to be said though, that there are a few issues with the film. The first being the script is very much predictable and predictable leads to some things being rushed through, the final action scene which happens to be a little over the top in it's action, the bit with the Chinese accent in the beginning of the film, and the first half hour. The second issue is the pace, which doesn't really do it justice. If you've seen the previous films, you'll know what I mean. They're very much in the vein of the first two movies, where you know the story, and there's no real need to think about it. They're still pretty action packed though. The third issue is the plot. There is a good amount of depth to the plot, but it feels a bit rushed, and some of the scenes feel a bit forced. The biggest issue though is that the film just drags a little bit, and the plot doesn't really make you care about any of the characters. There is a good amount of car chases and a few more gun fights, and the action is still there. But for a Die Hard film, it really isn't the best. It's not too bad though, and it's certainly watchable. Just not one of the best films of the decade. 8/10

Jane Wagner photo
Jane Wagner

The first time I saw this movie I was blown away by the very emotional, realistic acting, by the intense, all out action sequences and by the plot, which doesn't rely on a massive budget and fast-paced action sequences. What I really love about this movie is the cinematography. It's like you're in a real underground battle. The car chases are well choreographed, and there are lots of gunfights, but mostly this movie is a story of how the man lives, and how the man dies. This is definitely a film that I would love to see again, I've seen it several times and it never gets old. It's definitely one of my favorite movies, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Juan Wade photo
Juan Wade

I don't really know what to make of this movie. I went to see it with some expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The movie is in the vein of a "Rocky" or "Rocky Balboa" where the movie is a "buddy" movie where you need to have a "friend" in order to get through the movie. A good example would be when Rocky runs into his friend, Paulie, who is in the hospital and there is a fight in which he has to save Paulie. The movie had a lot of action in it and kept you on the edge of your seat and at times I was so involved in the movie that I was thinking "When is this movie going to be over?" There were also parts where I was like "Did they just leave me there?"

Jessica Wade photo
Jessica Wade

I read the book "I am the walrus" by Peter Nickleby. When I read that story I knew it was going to be an adventure film, a period piece. I didn't know it was going to be a zombie movie, but it was. The idea of a zombie outbreak in the 1920's was so amazing and original. The characters are quite believable, and the plot is not too complicated. The actors were just right. I was always wondering how much it would cost to film this story, and when it was over I was quite happy that I got my money's worth. I'd say if you are a fan of any Peter Nickleby, you should definitely go see this film. If you are not, I suggest that you give it a chance. It's not the best zombie film ever made, but it is a very good film. You'll be glad you saw it.

Brian Patterson photo
Brian Patterson

I enjoyed the movie. It kept me entertained and my mind has been brought into a new reality. I had no idea what to expect, I was very surprised at how much fun it was. I have seen a few other movies, some good and some bad, and I was a little unsure about this one. The plot line was pretty good, and I really enjoyed the whole "open door policy" thing. I like that they didn't make it too easy for the bad guys. They had to break in, and when they did, they had to take care of business. The acting was pretty good. I enjoyed the chemistry between the lead actors, especially the son. I thought the gunfight was pretty cool, and the movie did a good job of building tension and mystery. I thought the movie was a little slow, but I can understand that, since the main character is still trying to make sense of the past. I thought the pace of the movie was good. The movie kept me entertained for about 90 minutes, and I enjoyed it. I think it's a good movie for all people, I give it an 8/10.

Patricia photo

I don't know how many people have seen this movie but it's worth a watch, if only for the brilliant acting of Charles Bronson. Although I think the film is an over-hyped movie, it's great to see a classic action movie that will stay in the memory. The plot is simple, an assassin (Bronson) is on the trail of a secret agent (Bronson) who has stolen a bomb. Bronson needs to find the agent and destroy the bomb before it explodes. There are a number of interesting action scenes that are sure to entertain, even if you have seen the original the film has plenty of action to satisfy the action junkies. I'd say this is one of the best action films I've seen in a long time. If you're in the mood for a classic action film then I would recommend you see this movie.

Kenneth photo

The movie has a very clever plot and all the characters are well developed. The movie is quite funny and some of the actors perform very well. The movie is well made, I really enjoyed it. It is interesting and suspenseful, it has a good story and well thought out characters. I really enjoyed the movie, I think it is a good movie to watch.

Marie F. photo
Marie F.

Killing us is how the movie starts. But once the adrenaline kicks in, the movie slows down. You can tell that it was made by a small studio, but still the cinematography and the direction is very good. But the reason why it gets a 9 from me is the end. I've watched movies that are very much recommended to die hard fans. I'm not a die hard fan, but I loved The Exorcist and I've been told that this movie is one of the best. But the story is totally different, not a supernatural or a horror movie, but a love story. And there is a message to be learnt. I would like to see it again, maybe I will love it. The movie is good. But not great.

Dylan G. photo
Dylan G.

I was not a fan of these kind of movies. However, after watching this movie, I have to admit, I was not expecting a movie like this. This movie is a lot more realistic than usual. All of the acting was very well done, and the cast members did a good job. I especially liked, Luke Perry, as he was very convincing as a high ranking official. I think this movie has a lot of things to learn from it, such as how to deal with the problems of a corrupt government, how to make your own life a better one. I think this movie was much better than the original movie. This movie was way better than the original movie in my opinion. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I give this movie a 9/10. I give this movie an A+