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Gukgabudo-ui Nal

Gukgabudo-ui Nal is a movie starring Hye-su Kim, Ah-In Yoo, and Joon-ho Huh. Si-hyun (Hye-su Kim), the monetary policy manager at the Bank of Korea, predicts a massive national financial crisis and reports it to the Director. The...

Other Titles
国家が破産する日, Sovereign Default, Default, National Bankruptcy Day
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Kook-Hee Choi
Seong-min Eom
Joon-ho Huh, Hye-su Kim, Ah-In Yoo, Woo-jin Jo
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Si-hyun (Hye-su Kim), the monetary policy manager at the Bank of Korea, predicts a massive national financial crisis and reports it to the Director. The Director doesn't schedule an emergency summit until 10 days later and does it without notifying the public of the situation. Si-hyun urges for the crisis to be announced in order to warn people of the looming disaster, but her plea is ignored. The summit is held behind closed doors. Jung-hak (Ah-In Yoo), a financial consultant, notices Korea is suddenly hemorrhaging foreign funds, and he learns the reason is that international finance firms have ordered an all-out investment withdrawal from the country, which has caused its credit rating to plummet. He hands in his resignation and decides to play the odds on what he's sure is a coming crisis. He secretly starts gathering investors willing to do the same. Gap-su (Joon-ho Huh), a family man who runs a small tableware factory, has a big break and wins a contract with a department store. The fact that the price settlement terms equal to little more than a promissory note concerns him only briefly, and oblivious to the looming financial upheaval, Gap-su signs the contract. The Managing Director of the IMF (Vincent Cassel) comes to Korea just one week before the country goes bust, and that is when those who try to prevent the crisis, those who seek to take advantage of it, and those only trying to protect their livelihood are caught in the wake of a national bankruptcy.

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Arthur photo

The story of Uma Thurman's love affair with a Buddhist monk and his struggles to resist his Buddhist faith is told by author Robert Kiyosaki. It is a richly interwoven story of a woman's inner struggle to connect with herself. This film is not a film about Buddhism, but about one woman's struggle to keep her life on track. Uma Thurman is convincing in the leading role as a woman who has chosen a life that is much different from what she has known. She has to learn to make sense of the way her life has changed. Her relationship with her husband is strained and at times the relationship seems to be about as real as the film itself. The film is full of twists and turns, but it all works to provide a fairly well told story. The film is not about the religion or the faith, but rather the struggle of Uma Thurman to become more than she has known.

Alexander C. photo
Alexander C.

A good friend of mine brought home a documentary film on Gugudan, which is a very good film, because it tells the story of a group of friends and their lives. This film tells the story of two sisters who are close friends of each other, and of their struggles and friendship. I'm still in shock that I watched this documentary, because I was very impressed with the way this film was shot, and how the camera used to move around the characters and the story, making it like a documentary. If you're a fan of documentaries, or of Japanese cinema in general, I recommend watching this film.

Jack McDonald photo
Jack McDonald

This movie shows that if you really want to do something that is really hard and not that easy, you have to take some risks. There are some characters that are also very difficult, but in my opinion they're worth it. And I can say that this movie is a great tribute to the characters in this wonderful series.

Diana photo

A great film. This film is just a dream and an adventure, a dream come true. You will fall in love with the characters and will be able to recognize them as you would your own. As for the movie, it is not a typical American love story but is a film that will make you feel as if you are there. The colors and the photography will make you think that you are there and that you are in this movie. In fact, the director has captured the experience of the beautiful and fascinating place called New York City. The cast, the story, the cinematography are all just perfect. The only thing I could say bad about this movie is that it is not one of my favorite movies, but that does not make it a bad movie.

Ralph Cunningham photo
Ralph Cunningham

Paprika is a very old film, but is quite different from its time. In the middle of the war, an old man is waiting for his daughter, and he has forgotten his wife and his son. He is asking for forgiveness, but he is an old man. The movie has some problems, but it's the most perfect film of this century. There is not a single bad scene, it's like a drama. The performances are good. My vote is nine. Title (Brazil): "A Minha Escozeu" ("A Life in the Mountains")

Sandra Newman photo
Sandra Newman

Even though the characters are more or less ordinary, the feeling of loneliness and the general atmosphere is one of very important meaning and emotion. In addition to that, the screenplay also gives a clear idea of how to deal with the death of a parent, with the loss of a child, with the loss of a friend. All this is presented in a very convincing manner. But the film is more than that. The audience can see that everything in the film is a result of a very powerful personal experience. The camera-work and the acting is also highly expressive. If you want to know how to deal with your parent's death or the loss of a friend, watch this film. I recommend it to all viewers who want to know how to deal with loss, who want to see a film with very strong emotional feelings and who want to understand what happens to a person after a great loss. The film is a great example of how the cinema can be the most powerful medium for the education of the public.

Teresa photo

Worst movie of 2008. The plot is really weird. The characters are totally weird. What's with all the help of a guy that was a high school football player? The main character is so out of character that it's unbelievable. The movie has no point. The film has no climax. It just doesn't end. In the end, there is no point. This movie is like a nightmare for me. I was like "oh no, this is the worst movie of 2008". This movie is totally not worth watching. I am really sorry for all the people that enjoyed this movie. This movie is not worth watching.

Donald V. photo
Donald V.

The movie is about a family whose life goes into crisis when a drug addict with a child grows up. At the same time, the wife's affair with a male prostitute goes on. The movie presents a picture of poverty, hopelessness and a normal life, but also shows how the poor family has a lot of problems. The film is very emotional, which can be understood only by the most sensitive viewers. The director has taken the best of his talent to make a movie that gives a kind of information about a very complex situation. The movie is very moving, and should be watched in the first place. The movie is a very good documentary, but also a very good drama.

Thomas Jensen photo
Thomas Jensen

This is a film about the existence of the Filipino in modern times. But that is not the only thing it explores. The story explores how the Filipino in the present age is trying to find out who he is. He is trying to find his identity and identity as a human being. I have been watching a lot of Filipino films in the last couple of years. The films are usually in their own category. Some are uplifting, some are depressing, some are nostalgic, and some are just plain stupid. This is the first Filipino film that I have seen in which the themes are not clear. The characters are not really clear. What is the point of watching this film? I will not spoil it for you. But it is a film that is good for what it is. It is an important film in my book. It is a film that will touch you in some way.

Harry photo

I really enjoyed this film. I had no prior knowledge of the Japanese culture before seeing it. I found the film to be very entertaining, but it left me with a lot of questions. For example, in the film, a woman says that a man must "look at the moon and earth." I have never seen this expression used in Japanese culture. I understand that the film is based on a novel and that many things are left to the imagination, but if this was actually how Japanese people view the world, I would not feel so pleased that they chose to put it in this film. Also, the soundtrack was very good, especially the "Takashi" track. I enjoyed the film, but I would have liked to see it translated to English.

Kathryn Palmer photo
Kathryn Palmer

The film is a master piece of the Filipino cinema. The movie captures the essence of the Philippines and its people. The movie explores the question of "How do we deal with the uncertainty of life" by introducing a character who struggles to find himself and the people he is with. The movie does not say what it wants to say, and it does not explain why it wants to say it. Instead it shows the strength and the love of the Filipino people. It is a beautiful movie that shows the humanity of the Filipino people and how they deal with the uncertainty of life.

Scott D. photo
Scott D.

I have read many reviews of this movie. I can tell you that this is one of the best movie I have seen. I am surprised that this movie has received such a low rating. I think that the people who are giving this movie bad reviews are the ones who don't like Thai movies. This is a movie that is very realistic. It is a movie that is very well made. I think that this movie is a must see for everyone. The story is very realistic and I think that everyone who has seen this movie will agree that this movie is very well made. I hope that the Thai government will consider the possibility of releasing this movie to the public.

Tiffany Riley photo
Tiffany Riley

I'm not a big fan of Asian cinema, but I did like this one. It's not the best movie I've seen, but it was good. The story was well told, and the acting was good. I didn't think the movie was bad, but I can't say it was the best. The movie is based on a short story from a famous Japanese author, and I was surprised how it was done. It was very well done. It's not a movie you'll enjoy once, but it's good enough to watch once. I liked the movie, and I recommend it.

Katherine Coleman photo
Katherine Coleman

Dawson's Creek is a good movie that tries to be different from many other "family" movies out there. The film was made for television and features a large cast of actors that is mainly Caucasian. This is a big problem because most of the actors are white, and the lead character in this film is played by a white actor, Mia Farrow. The film is about a family that is both dysfunctional and dysfunctional in the same family. The movie is centered on a father who is mentally ill and his son who is obviously mentally ill. This is the core of the film and it is a good film to watch. The film has a very good story line, and a great cast. It also has some great comedic elements. The film is based on a true story and is well worth watching.

Catherine photo

It was an important movie for me because it was different from other movies I have seen. The two main characters were very good. I have a sense of nostalgia for that time when there was very little information in the media and there was a sense of individuality. People had their own way of living, what was acceptable and what wasn't. The music was great. This is the only movie I have seen in which they used the Japanese classical music. The actors were good. They made their characters believable and made their acting very realistic. The film was very well made. The cinematography was nice and beautiful. The editing was a bit slow but it was okay. The music was wonderful and there was nothing wrong with it. It was a wonderful movie to watch.

Walter G. photo
Walter G.

I watched this movie for the first time in my life and i was moved. It was a movie that had me hooked from the beginning to the end. It is a movie that i will watch over and over again. The acting was excellent and the plot was good. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie and a great story.

Russell G. photo
Russell G.

I am very much surprised and disappointed by the numbers of people who didn't even get the chance to see this film. I've always liked Sinise's work and have admired his talent, but I thought that this film would have been an accomplishment to be watched, to see what Sinise could do in a film that he is not normally given a chance to do. I was very much disappointed, though, because this film had the potential to be the one to finally shine on the list of great films that Sinise has been making. Unfortunately, his directorial debut, this film, simply does not live up to its potential. There are many reasons for this. First, the script was hard to follow and in some places, you may be confused about what is really going on. You will see the cast, but some of the dialogue is hard to understand, while others may be hard to understand due to the dialogue. Another thing that could be a problem is that Sinise's style of filming is a bit off. This may have something to do with the fact that Sinise didn't take advantage of the beautiful outdoor shots he shot in the beginning of the film. He doesn't seem to know how to capture the scenery of the early scenes of the film. Also, the editing is choppy, as well. At times, the editing seems to be random. In some parts, you won't even be able to make out what the character is saying. You'll be forced to listen to some random snippets. Overall, this is a very poor film. It really doesn't stand out in any way, and just seems to be the standard for Sinise's films. In short, a film that is almost perfect in terms of execution, but still lacks the ability to be enjoyed. In the end, I'd recommend watching this film to see what Sinise is capable of. This is not a bad film, but it's not the film that you want to see. I know that many people will compare this film to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but Eternal Sunshine was a fantastic film, and I think that this film could have been much better if he had taken advantage of his medium to make a film that is better than the two films that he is typically given the chance to make.

Martha P. photo
Martha P.

This is a great and moving movie, and the movie has great acting. The direction of the movie is great, and the camera work is great. It's a good story, and the story is good. The story isn't too complex, and I found it very easy to follow the story. There is also great acting, great cinematography, and great acting. All around the movie was great, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a movie about a young girl and her family. This movie is worth watching.

Keith photo

I watched this movie on DVD in the first week of its release. I just had a bad experience in the theater. It was the worst theater experience I ever had. The movie is slow, the characters are uninteresting, and the movie is just plain boring. I was only able to watch about 25% of the movie. I also saw the movie on the internet. My son and I have been discussing the movie since. I am really angry that I could not understand what the director was trying to say. I am very much interested in Japanese movies, but this is just a waste of time.

Jason photo

This movie is a great example of what you can achieve with a lot of talent, dedication, and dedication to the craft of film making. I am very proud of this film, and I am very excited to see what the future holds for the talented director and writers. If you are a fan of the Japanese animation industry, this is a must see!

Lauren Jones photo
Lauren Jones

A good documentary that is also a very moving, emotional and dark tale of a Chinese family. A very detailed and gritty account of the struggle between the pain of loss and the pain of guilt and pride. The whole movie is very real and touching. The director and the actors really pulled the story through very well. I have watched the movie so many times that it has become a part of my life. The movie is very honest in many ways. It's not a family drama, it's a drama about loss and forgiveness. If you're a person who has been in a similar situation, I would definitely recommend this movie.

Victoria Sandoval photo
Victoria Sandoval

This is one of my most favorite movies. It is a wonderful story of a simple father who is as ordinary as the people around him. He has a daughter, the beautiful Yuko (Nana Tokudome) who is given to him in a relationship and becomes the center of his love. A few years later, the daughter is older and she returns to her father's house. This is the beginning of a difficult relationship and father and daughter become much more complicated, but they have to face the problems they have with each other. This film is a great example of Japanese film and it is a must see.

Tiffany A. photo
Tiffany A.

After watching this movie, I can say that it is the best movie I have ever seen. It has an amazing storyline and brilliant cinematography. The script is so amazing, it has no mistakes, and you can't tell if it's a real story or a fictional one. The music is also brilliant. I am not a musical fan but this soundtrack is so amazing. There is no songs that are really bad. The music is the most important part of this movie. The acting is also very good. This is the best movie I have ever seen in my life. My rating is 9/10.

Jordan photo

After seeing this movie, I am glad to see that many people who have seen it also have found it to be a great movie. I agree with the other comments that this movie does not really get anywhere near the level of sophistication that is really needed for a movie to be interesting. That being said, this movie was not a fluke. I believe that many movies that are not well received, and many movies that are poorly received have actually been about great ideas and acting. I do not know what movies are meant to be about, but this movie was about great ideas and acting. This movie was about what it means to be a human being and about the importance of the right kind of relationships. I believe that this movie is the first in a new genre of movies that are being made. I believe that it is a must-see movie for anyone. I am not sure how this movie will be received, but I am sure that many people will find it to be a great movie. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. If you do not like it, I do not blame you. But if you do like it, I hope that you will see it again.

Theresa E. photo
Theresa E.

I was lucky enough to see this movie at the Tokyo International Film Festival in May. I have always loved Japanese movies but it was very difficult to get to know Japanese movies. The movie is about a man who comes from a poor family and takes care of his sick mother. His life changes when he meets a girl from his hometown who is much older than him. This film is the story of two brothers. The older brother has a bad temper and thinks he can do whatever he wants. The younger brother is the person who works hard and doesn't mind making mistakes. It's a very different story of two brothers. It's very different than the traditional story of two brothers. I loved the movie because it's very different. It's very funny and also very emotional. It's a story about two brothers. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie is that the story is a little bit predictable. It's like the movie is going to end when the movie starts and then it goes on to the next scene. I think the movie could have been a little bit longer because it's a story about two brothers and I think that would have been better. The movie has a lot of comedy in it. I think that's why it's so popular because of the comedy. The story is very good and I think that's what makes the movie so popular. I think the movie will have a good success. I think it's a great movie.

Gloria Romero photo
Gloria Romero

I am not a fan of this kind of movies but this one is not bad. I really enjoyed it and thought the director did a good job with it. The acting is good, the direction is good, the story is good and the camera work is great. I have to say that I am a fan of the director and I really like his work. If you are looking for a good story and some good acting, you will enjoy this movie.

Ruth S. photo
Ruth S.

The story is very different from the one you might expect. I found this film very unique and enjoyable. The story is very moving and the actors portray their characters very well. It is not your typical Hollywood film. I found it to be a very good film, but I am not sure it is for everyone. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film that is different from the normal Hollywood films.

Michael photo

I remember watching the original version of this movie many years ago. I thought it was a very well done movie. I had forgotten how good the movie was. So when I saw this version, I was very surprised. I remember the story as well as the actors. The main characters are all very well known actors, and the main actors are also well known. The movie is not really a comedy or a drama, it is more of a drama. I don't think it is a masterpiece, but it is very good. It has a very good story and the acting is great. I am a big fan of John Hurt and I was very happy to see him in this movie. I think this movie is one of his best performances ever. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves John Hurt and wants to see a good drama movie.

Linda O. photo
Linda O.

I'm very surprised by this film. It is not my kind of film, but I loved it. It is very strange to see a film with such a great cast, with a very unique story and with such a great director. I think this film is a must see for everyone. It is a masterpiece and I'm sure that it will be an Oscar winner. I can't wait to see it again. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. It is a wonderful film and I really think that it deserves the recognition it has been given. It is a film that will be remembered for a long time.

Harry C. photo
Harry C.

This movie is a brilliant portrait of a man who's life has been spent as a penniless, homeless wanderer. He has a pet dog and a family. He has a great capacity to love and is very close to his family. The story is told from his point of view, and in a way that the viewer can easily understand how he thinks, what he feels and how he feels. It is an extremely moving and beautifully photographed film.

Jerry Jordan photo
Jerry Jordan

If you like Bollywood movies, you must see this movie. It is a typical Bollywood movie. But if you are not a fan of Bollywood movies, you will not be able to enjoy it as it is not the same kind of movie. I would rate this movie 8/10. The movie has a great cast, the characters are well developed and the story is simple but intriguing. The movie is a lot like the movie "Love story" where the father and son's love is strong. The movie also has a similar ending. A very good movie.

Douglas W. photo
Douglas W.

In the south of China, a dark age is dawning. The government has outlawed a tradition of ritual sex that has been in place since the ancient times. After the Communist party came to power in 1949, the government closed all of the village temples. All the boys were forced to be "educated" in the family's temple. This resulted in some of the boys taking up prostitution and violence. To hide their crime, they hid their blood and their bodies. Now, some are attempting to resurrect the traditions. They are preparing for a sacrifice. But when they are all in one room, a fight breaks out. This movie is set in the south of China. The story is told through flashbacks and contains an occasional violence. It is a character driven movie that is also a story of love and passion. It was based on a play and is a good deal more serious than most of the other movies of the same genre. Some of the scenes are very dark and sad. But the viewer will not be disturbed. The film is excellent. It's well worth seeing.

Janice photo

This is a documentary about the last days of legendary late-night comedian - comedian - Tony Huang. It takes place in the early morning, just after he has lost his life. Huang was a national treasure, a little-known Chinese folk hero who had, by all accounts, a fine sense of humor, a unique style of comedy, and was highly respected as the greatest comedian in China. This documentary is just an attempt to remember Huang and try to put some kind of value to the life and times of this legend, and the stories and anecdotes about him. It's a very slow and hard-to-watch movie, and very melancholy. I liked it, though, because it was a movie that had a lot of heart and emotion. There are very sad scenes, and the actors were very good. They showed all the emotions you can imagine in the character of the late Tony Huang. There is a lot of drama in the movie. I have seen a lot of movies about people losing their life, or of people losing their limbs. But there is something different about this one. You see Huang in a very critical way, and you can sense how much he was a human being. He was no joke, he wasn't just some figure of fun. He was the hero of his age, and you can feel how deeply his heart was in love with his country. It was a tragic story, but a very sweet and romantic story. This movie is not meant to be a stand-alone documentary about Tony Huang. It is a piece of work. It has an emotional content, but it is not meant to be a musical. The performance of the actors is very good. There are many actors who have performed in the movies before, but none of them could match the performances of the late Tony Huang. I give this movie a 7.8/10. It is a good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jordan Perkins photo
Jordan Perkins

The woman who played the prostitute in this movie is no ordinary prostitute, she is an international known actress who has worked with some of the biggest directors in Asia. She also won the Best Actress award in the 2014 Asian Film Awards. The movie is based on a true story. I think the story of the movie is very interesting and well told. I think it was a good choice to use this movie as an example for how to film a movie in Asia. The movie shows the different ways that Asian women are treated in society and how they are treated differently by men. The movie also shows the views of Asian men towards Asian women and how they view them. I think this movie is very entertaining and interesting.

Patricia photo

The movie starts out as a typical coming-of-age story, a teenager having a rough first year of high school and is considering leaving the community to go to college. The movie's story then veers off into an interesting philosophical debate about what constitutes true identity. The first half of the movie is focused on this debate and the second half is about the life of the teenagers. I will say that this movie was pretty decent. The acting is great and the story is interesting. The acting is mostly the fault of the young actors who are generally good but sometimes I felt like they were just doing it to make a paycheck. However, the story was still interesting. The main character was very interesting. I liked the dialogue and the way the movie portrayed the main character. The main character was very strong and the movie was showing the main character as the strong one and how he was acting and how he was trying to prove his identity. There was one scene in the movie where I felt the movie was going too far in terms of violence and the violence was just really unnecessary and unnecessary. The movie has some moments of violence that are just too intense. The movie was really good but I think the second half was a bit weak.

Crystal B. photo
Crystal B.

Films like CURSED (1985), LAPOON (1988) and TURN YOUR PUSSY INTO A SPINACH (1992) often claim to be able to capture the effects of the war, but we are left to wonder, how can a film with such a story have so little impact on the viewer? This film aims to do just that, it tells the story of a young girl who lives in a small town in Japan, and the harsh realities of war in her own small community. A young Japanese girl finds comfort in the company of her uncle, but her brother and sister find it difficult to trust the uncle and feel that he is trying to manipulate them. The uncle eventually learns that he was a killer and one of the few remaining "honorary" members of the Japanese army. So he embarks on a journey to the home of his late friend and turns his "honorary" body into one of a Japanese soldier. This journey brings the two young sisters together and the sister is more willing to trust the uncle as he tries to make sense of his memories. The uncle's past becomes the backbone of the story, but he also comes to understand that there are too many aspects of his life that he does not understand. This film has a very good concept that I believe can be applied to other films, but I am not sure how well it will work in a cinema or audience that is not Japanese. The acting is great, the story is strong and it seems to move the viewer in ways we cannot see in the modern day. I would recommend this film to anyone, especially to those who are still dealing with the memories of the war. 7/10

Larry photo

I felt like I had seen it before. I don't mean that it was worse than before, but the story was much like what I remember seeing in the movie theater when I was a teenager. I remember very well the way the movie had the whole theater in tears. I am a girl, so I know it can be hard to relate to these kinds of stories. I think it is a great movie for the teenagers, for the adults, and for all the fans of historical dramas. I don't think there is much to say about it. The only thing that I can add is that I think this is a movie for the fans of historical dramas.

James Jones photo
James Jones

Just watched this movie. I saw the other movies of the director, and I am impressed. All the people are played well, the story is pretty good, and the actor's performance is really great. I really liked the Japanese school and the time period, and the romance and the environment of the film is very well done. I hope to see this movie again at the cinema. Overall, I liked the movie, and I am sure I will see it again in the cinema.

Brandon photo

This is a story about a young woman, whose life is going downhill. She has no friends, no husband, no job, no future. She lives in the streets, with her mother, and her friend dies. She then tries to get a job, but the company doesn't want to hire her. Then she finds a friend in a monastery, and she becomes a nun. The movie shows her life in the monastery, and the nuns in the convent. She has a strong will, and she wants to have a good life. But the nuns don't want to have a nun like her. And the main character has a very serious problem. I really liked this movie, because it shows that there is hope in life. Even if you don't have a job, you can still have a good life. I also like the way the movie shows that even if you have a bad life, you can still be a good person. I recommend this movie.

Michael B. photo
Michael B.

I was very pleased with this movie. It was very well done and I was moved by the story and the characters. The story is about a young boy, a boxer who is fighting for the right to the title of champion. He is also fighting for the right to his family. There is a lot of drama and struggle in this movie. It is well acted and it is interesting to see the relationships between the characters. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in martial arts movies. I give this movie an 8/10.

Emily E. photo
Emily E.

This movie is about a young man who's father died in an accident when he was very young. Now he lives with his mother and grandmother and he has to go to school every day. When he has a chance to go to school, he doesn't want to go because he feels that he doesn't belong there. But he goes anyway because he wants to help his mother and grandmother. At the school, he meets the beautiful teacher and his heart starts to change. I really liked this movie. The characters are very likable. I thought that they were very realistic and they had a very good chemistry. The plot is good, the characters are very likable and the story is very good. This is a great movie for the whole family. The only problem I have with the movie is that I don't think that the movie would have been as good if it was more realistic. But I think that the movie is good. It's a good movie and I would recommend it.

Brenda Medina photo
Brenda Medina

This is a great film. It is all about family, but not the family-that is all about the people. The film is a superb portrayal of the love and support from all people and the endless gratitude from all people. The only thing I would like to add is that there are some obvious stereotypes that come up in the movie, but they do not get in the way of the actual story. All the characters are very well developed and the performances are superb. The film is also very inspiring and gives you some ideas about living life in the modern world and living your own kind of life. I would recommend this film to anyone, regardless of your religious beliefs. I hope to see more movies like this in the future, and if you are a fan of the Nairobi Film Festival, please give it a try.

Alexander photo

This is the kind of movie that I think people want to see more of nowadays. I love the story, the characters, the humor, and the style of the film. The first half hour is so good, the second half hour is so good, and the final hour is just so good. I can't say much about the acting, but I would have to say that it is done very well. The ending is one of the most touching I've seen in a while. It's so tragic, so realistic, and so sad. The director did an excellent job of using the camera to show the most natural emotions, which are sometimes hard to see when you're watching it. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story, a good cast, and a good film. I recommend it to everyone.

Megan Gomez photo
Megan Gomez

I have just returned from a movie in which I had the opportunity to see it in a theater. This movie had a large public following in Japan. I went with a friend and we both really enjoyed it. The storyline is very well done, and there were many people who left the theater wanting more. I also enjoyed the songs. The acting is good, the characters are well developed and well written, and the special effects are also very well done. I highly recommend this movie.

Donna C. photo
Donna C.

The title of this movie may sound like it is a sequel of Hooray for The 70's (1972) but it is not. The story is very much different from the first one. This movie is about the music industry in Japan and it is about a group of young people, mostly women, who are trying to make a name for themselves. As I have already said, the music is good and the film does not miss any of the major aspects of the music industry. The characters are all well developed and each one has a distinct personality. The story is about the history of the music industry in Japan. It is not only about the Japanese but also about the history of the country itself. The acting is great. The first half of the movie was the most interesting because it focused more on the music industry. It showed us the inner turmoil of the young people and the growing pains of their career. The second half is about the characters developing and growing and the growth of their personality. The plot is very good, the story is a bit confusing at times, but the director makes it work. The music is great. The only thing that I didn't like about this movie is the Japanese actors. It is not their fault, it is just that the actors seem to be doing their best. They do a good job but their characters are a bit boring. If you liked the first Hooray for The 70's, you will definitely like this one.

Phillip photo

A lot of people in the UK have complained about this film. I find it hard to understand why. I suppose it is because it has a "Korean" cast, with the same actors, in the same country. They are all Asian. But they are all superb actors. And they are all superb in this film. This is a beautiful film. And a really good film. I found it very beautiful and very moving. The film is about a young man, played by the very good young actor, Sung Kang. He is a very shy young man. He is on the brink of his 20s, and is a great actor. He is the "pig farmer" in this film, and he does a wonderful job. He has a great voice, and he can actually talk like a pig. The film is also about the younger actor, Hee-jin. He is very good, and I believe he is a great actor. The film is very much about relationships, and the things that people do to each other. I found it very touching, and very moving. This is a film that is well worth seeing. If you are into Asian films, and you like Asian films, then I recommend you to see this film.

Sandra photo

This is a great movie about a person who has lost his parents and is in search of them. His life is a struggle because he is afraid to lose his parents again. I really liked this movie because it showed a human situation. It is very realistic and touching. The director used to use this idea in his movies. The story is very simple and there is no unnecessary violence. The director does not want to show any unnecessary violence. He makes the audience feel that he is a human being. The movie is a little bit slow in the beginning but it is the story of a man. The main character was very convincing and I really liked the way he made his life. He is a very good actor and he showed it in this movie. The way he makes his life is very convincing and I liked it. The director did a good job in directing this movie. I hope he will make more movies like this. I really liked this movie. It is a great movie about a human being. It is a movie about a man who has lost his parents and is in search of them. It is a great movie.

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Ann Reyes

A film that can really take you on a journey of understanding and emotion, that can really move you. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that it's a beautiful film about friendship, loss, and the meaning of life. I can't believe that this film was nominated for a Best Film Oscar, but I'm sure that it will get nominated for many other awards. The film is really emotional, and I'm sure that it will make you cry at some point. I think that the Academy should give it an award for Best Screenplay, because it's really touching and heart-wrenching. It's a really moving film that will really make you think about life and what you're doing in your life. It's really a beautiful film, and I think that everyone should watch it.

Donna photo

I have seen this movie many times and I still find it amazing. The film is about a young girl, Nana, who lives in the slums of Tokyo and she has a dream to become a model. She tries to make a living by selling the photos of her models to magazines and newspapers, but she is still not able to achieve her dream. She finds a man, who is a successful model, and she falls in love with him. But the man is not interested in her. So, she decides to leave him and start a new life. The film is a wonderful story about a young girl, Nana, who is trying to become a model. The film is really a beautiful film. I recommend it to everyone. I give this film a 10 out of 10.

Bruce Watkins photo
Bruce Watkins

this is a very moving movie. the story is very interesting. it gives you the impression that there is not a clear answer. i mean the story is very simple. it shows a mother who have a daughter who is caught in the middle of a war. and she is trying to stay by her daughter's side. and the same mother has a son who has a past which might be a different issue from the mother. in the end you realize that there is no clear answer to be found. and that is a very good thing in this movie. i think this is a movie which will be a big hit for a long time. the scene with the mothers crying at the end is very powerful. this movie will bring tears to your eyes.

Gary photo

I've seen this movie twice and it is still not what I expected. The first time I was just blown away by the story and the intensity of the acting. The second time I watched it I realized how good this movie was and the story was even better. It is a powerful movie about an ordinary young man trying to overcome his own inner demons and bring his best out in the world. The movie deals with a lot of personal issues and I think it is a great story that deserves to be told and even better than the story of a great novel. It's not a movie that will make you think but it will make you feel what it is like to be a young man in the world. It is a movie that will make you cry and make you laugh. The acting is amazing. The directing is great. The cinematography is great. It is a great story about the world of being young and how it is important to be yourself and find the balance between the other side of life. The story is about a young man who is struggling with his inner demons and his feelings about his family. He is a good man but he is also an ordinary young man who is trying to be a good father. I really enjoyed watching this movie and it is definitely a movie that will stay with me. It is one of those movies that will change your life and make you want to see it again and again. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie and is interested in the world of being young and what being young is all about.

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I have just seen the movie and it was very good. It was a good movie that I could watch over and over again. It is not a drama, it is a story that is not to be taken seriously. The movie is set in 1960's in Tokyo, Japan, and is based on a book by author Junichiro Tanizaki. The movie is based on the book "Shirow's Childhood" by Junichiro Tanizaki. This is a very good movie, I can recommend it to anyone who has a great love for cinema. I give it a 8/10.

Kevin photo

I haven't seen a movie that's been so moving and also so realistic in a long time. It has a very good story and the characters are real, not just cardboard cutouts. The film has a good flow and the story doesn't get bogged down in the first few minutes. The acting is very good and the characters feel real. The story is extremely moving and has an almost documentary-like quality to it. The fact that it is based on a true story, I think it really works and makes you feel what the characters are feeling. I think the film is so realistic and I can't wait to see it again. I don't think I've seen a movie that's been so moving and realistic in a long time. I have to say that this is one of the best movies of the year, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it again.

Roy C. photo
Roy C.

This is a film that could be the best Korean film ever. The story is powerful and touching. It has a brilliant ending that will make you cry. There are no ending credits, but the ending credits are very important. This film is not just a story. It is a story of forgiveness, love, and courage. If you are able to see this film, it will change your life forever. The only thing that could have made this film better is if the director would have focused more on the characters and less on the story. I would have loved to have seen more character development. But, I am happy that this film has such a powerful and great ending. It is hard to explain the ending, but it is very emotional and meaningful. It is so good that you will remember it for a long time. There is no way that I could have done this film any better. I would have loved to have seen the director focus more on the story and less on the characters. This film is so well-written that it is hard to believe that it is based on a real story. I highly recommend this film. You will be surprised by how good this film is. This is one of the best films of all time. If you are able to see this film, you will never be able to forget it. I can't wait to see the director's next film, so I can also recommend this film to all my friends. This is a film that you will not want to miss.

Billy M. photo
Billy M.

This is the best movie I've seen in a long time. The story is so powerful and the actors are so amazing. I really can't understand why people are saying that it's not worth to see. It is so powerful. It makes you think about how you're going to live your life. I would like to see a movie like this one again. This movie is the best movie ever made in my opinion.

Eric photo

I enjoyed this film a lot, it was so moving. The story of an ageing man who is haunted by the death of his father and is haunted by his son. I think this film is a masterpiece, it is so tragic but the emotion is so strong. The movie is so beautiful, and the performances are great, especially the mother. I have never been so moved by a film, I can't describe it. The son is very good too. This is a must see film, the story is so powerful, the film is so moving. I recommend everyone to watch this film, it will move you. I am sad that this film was not given much publicity because I think it is a masterpiece. I hope they will release it in DVD format soon. I love this film.

Megan C. photo
Megan C.

Some have said that this movie is a mere rip-off of "The Trip," which it is not. I've seen the movie a few times and have come to realize that the original movie is actually quite a good film. It is a drama and not a comedy, which is the case with this film. What makes the film really stand out is the realism. The scenery is beautiful, the colors are beautiful and the story is believable. The main character of the film is a great actor and does a great job of acting. The film has a great message about independence and the importance of family and friendship. I highly recommend this film and would like to see it again. I think it is a great movie for anyone to watch.

Jesse photo

This is a powerful film that captures the serene beauty of the landscapes of Japan in the middle of a war. This film is a beautiful piece of work. It is not a film that is bombastic or flashy, and the characters are simple and realistic. I highly recommend this film.

Joseph Thompson photo
Joseph Thompson

I saw the movie in Paris and it was so touching and so moving, the scene where the actor played the role of the rapist was so real. The scene where the woman played the role of the young girl was so amazing. I felt so strongly that the woman could not have done anything. It was so much pity for her. I also felt sad for the young girl who had to be the victim of this horrible thing. And that the young boy who was the main actor in the movie played his part so beautifully. I really feel sorry for the young boy who was the only one who tried to help the mother. And the last scene where the director told the mother to give up on life and get rid of her son. I was so angry and sad. It was so sad. I feel like I was watching the real story of the movie. I feel so sorry for the young people who live in this world. This is one of the most moving movies I have ever seen.

Louis Henry photo
Louis Henry

A human spirit is so hard to make. I love this movie. It is a movie about the Japanese experience of their childhood, and about the Chinese people's human spirit and spirit. The movie is filled with humor and the most important is to think of this movie as a good family entertainment. I love the Japanese and Chinese culture. I love the way the movie is filmed. It has a beautiful cinematography. The Japanese language is beautiful. The characters are very good. The way they act is very funny and very moving. The movie is filled with a lot of funny and wonderful scenes. The movie is so wonderful. I really love this movie. It is so wonderful.

Beverly Harvey photo
Beverly Harvey

I saw this film a few months back, and I am very pleased to say that I have watched it a second time. It is beautifully filmed, and the story is gripping. I have read some of the reviews, and I am sorry to say that a lot of people have missed the point. The main point of the film is that the Japanese government are willing to let their people suffer for the sake of their own self-interest. They are going to war not because they are forced into it, but because they have no other choice. They will lose millions of people in the war, but they will not lose their own lives. The story is gripping, and it is so moving. If you like the film, then I strongly recommend reading the book first. It is a very good book.

Heather Ortega photo
Heather Ortega

I watched this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is the story of two brothers, a young man who is a university student and a young woman who is a university student. The young man lives in an apartment with his parents, and he is looking for a job to help support them. He is a student at an Asian university, where he gets a free ticket to the university. This gives him an opportunity to attend the school. He has a friend who has a girlfriend, and he meets her and they have a relationship. He likes the woman very much, and he falls in love with her. The woman is very upset, and she thinks he is sleeping with her. The woman has a friend who is gay and she thinks he is sleeping with the woman. This is a very hard film to watch. I could not watch it because I was so upset, but I had to watch it to get to the bottom of this. The director does a great job at telling the story, and I am glad I did watch it. I recommend it.

Aaron Long photo
Aaron Long

I first saw this film on TV in the early 1980s, and then rented it, expecting a typical Chinese soap opera. I was wrong. The characters are all well-drawn, and the performances are very good. I would say that the only bad thing is that it doesn't have a proper plot or a clear ending. It ends abruptly and the viewer is left with a feeling of emptiness and despair. If you are a fan of Japanese films or a fan of classic Western movies, this is a must-see. However, if you are not a fan of Western movies, this is not the film for you.

Amber Phillips photo
Amber Phillips

I was not expecting to like this movie, but I have to say it was great. The acting was great, the story was good, the directing was great. All in all, I think this is the best film I've seen in a while. If you like dramas or any kind of movies, I highly recommend this one.

Richard photo

I am one of the people who wanted to see this movie but could not get it because of my work schedule. But after I watched it, I have to say I'm happy I did. It is a very honest film, and it shows what could happen in many countries where there is so much corruption. The film is also very funny, it makes me laugh a lot. My favorite character is of course A.A. Rahman's character. He is really a guy that could be anyone. I recommend this movie to anyone who is tired of the country, or just looking for a good movie. I'm happy I was able to watch it.

Brandon F. photo
Brandon F.

I was fortunate to have seen this film when it first came out in Hong Kong in 1983. This film has become an icon of Taiwanese cinema and one of the best in the world. Although this is the third of four films in this series, it is the only one which is in English. The story is simple: a widower in Taipei, who is forced to relocate with his daughter in the city. He decides to sell the house and take a job in the city. The main characters are both children and grown-ups. One of the children is a shy and quiet girl, the other a lively and confident girl. They both work in the same bank, as clerks. They live a relatively simple life, with one exception - a very young boy, who comes to the house to play with them. The boy, named Asa, is an alien, and is fascinated by the sisters, especially the older one. The young boy is bullied, and at school, he suffers from constant teasing from the other students. It is not until one day that he gets bullied himself, when he gets caught in the act of urinating in the shower. His father's reaction is very telling. He doesn't want to do anything to Asa, and his attitude towards the boy is similar to his attitude towards his wife. At this point, the film shifts into a more serious and dramatic mode. The father and son make an attempt to deal with the situation, and Asa finds comfort in the arms of his mother, who tells him to keep quiet and just accept the bullying. This film is very touching and emotional, with beautiful music and great acting. It is also very dramatic, and it shows us how people can change in the face of adversity. This is the best Taiwanese film, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Jose photo

This is an incredible film. It's a shame that it only gets mentioned on this website as a cult classic. It's not one of those films that just gets panned because it's cheap or because it has a young lady in it. This is a film that is completely different than what you'd expect to see on the big screen. The story is quite extraordinary and it manages to tell it's story without the usual exploitation or sex scenes. The acting is superb, the characters are all believable, and the setting is truly beautiful. There are many films that deal with the Vietnam war, and this film does it with an authenticity that many other war films lack. The acting is also perfect for the lead character, who is a depressed and lonely girl who is trying to get by on her savings. Her father is abusive and she is determined to get out of the house. The film is beautifully shot, and the direction is very good. It's a film that I recommend to people of all ages, and that anyone who has any interest in war or girls will love. I give this film an 8/10.

Maria Valdez photo
Maria Valdez

While I've never been a fan of Japanese cinema, I have to say this is a very good film. It's like a cross between an American gangster movie and a Japanese film. But this is because the director is based in Japan. It's a different approach to the traditional movie and it gives it a fresh feel. It also shows how films can be much more than a vehicle for violence and sex. The acting is top notch, especially the lead actor. His performance was so realistic and was almost as if he were on the set. His character is played as a street thug who has the same feelings as you and me, which makes him very realistic. The story is very good and does a good job of showing the contrast between gang life and the life of a normal person. There is a bit of romance thrown in that works very well and also provides an excuse to have a love story between the two main characters. The direction is excellent. It is very different from other Japanese films in that it has a style of it's own. The characters are all very different from one another and the director makes a great use of that to make the film a unique experience. The plot is very simple but has a twist at the end that I won't spoil. There is a lot of violence and it is a bit graphic, but it's not what I would expect from a film like this. It's a film that should be seen by all and will keep you interested for a while. It is a film that I will see again.

Lori Collins photo
Lori Collins

This is an interesting film about a relationship between two people, who grew up together. This is not a sad story of love, nor is it a love story. The film is not about love, but about a father-daughter relationship. This film tells us that love is not so much about love, but rather, about the power of love. The film shows the love between the father and his daughter, and the power of love to influence and change the lives of the people around the father and daughter. The film is about the power of love. The father's love for his daughter is the driving force that drives the film. I think the film is worth watching, even though it is a little slow at times. This film is good for both women and men.

Vincent R. photo
Vincent R.

When a movie is directed with so much passion, it can bring me to tears. "Hee-Kyung" is a movie that has made me cry. It is a film that depicts the suffering of a family that cannot get out of the misery of their lives. It is a movie that touches the soul and shows the humanity in us all. A movie that portrays the poverty, the hard times, the humiliation, the unspeakable grief. This is a movie that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is a movie that will stay with me forever. A movie that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Joyce photo

Mimiko Takita's cult classic "Amusement Ride" is a simple film that is deeply rewarding to watch. Its simple story is wonderfully simple and without any complex layers. I will not go into a very detailed explanation of the story, but I will say that it is a simple story about a woman who loves motorcycles and she feels that she has a unique gift. But her brother wants to marry her and when she finds out that her brother is going to marry a woman from a family of motorcycle riders, she goes to a motorcycle race to make sure that her brother is not married. At the race, the woman goes into a motorcycle accident and is paralyzed. She is a widow and has a hard time finding a new husband, so she goes to a motorcycle dealership to find a new husband for her. But when she goes to the dealership she meets a beautiful motorcycle mechanic and that's how she starts her love for motorcycles. The story is simple and yet the film is very touching, it has the simple message about loving what you have and finding a new love is hard but it is worth it. The acting is also great, everyone is great and they all are great at their roles, which makes it even better. The film is not a long film but it is still one of the most touching films ever made. It is very simple, it has no complex layers and yet the story is simple and yet the message is so touching and it is very easy to understand. I have seen this film many times, and I like it so much. It is a perfect example of a cult classic.

Austin Reid photo
Austin Reid

The movie is based on the story of a young woman who is forced to marry an older man and has to put up with a lot of abuse. The movie is based on a true story and I'm sure it's not a movie that has a happy ending. I found it very interesting to watch. I would recommend it to everyone. It's a must see.

Kyle Bell photo
Kyle Bell

This is a great movie, it shows you a different side of Korean culture. It's one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I've seen a lot of movies but this is one of the best. The characters are really good and you really feel for them. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a passion for the culture and the movie is a great way to show it.

Victoria Myers photo
Victoria Myers

I really enjoyed this movie. I think the way it is shot was really great. It was very beautiful to look at. The story was very touching. It really made me cry a few times. It was very touching. The acting was very good. The plot was very good. I loved it. I think the message it was trying to give was very powerful. I recommend it to everyone. It's not a movie you can watch once and forget. It's a movie you have to watch and think about.

Lisa Hansen photo
Lisa Hansen

A highly absorbing, deeply meaningful drama. I would recommend this film to everyone who is in the mood for something that is both a little surreal and also involves a good deal of spirituality. It is also a good film to introduce to a younger audience, and it's best for families as well. It's based on a manga that is published in Japan. This film was shown in the 2014 New York International Film Festival, and it won the grand prize at the American Film Institute's awards ceremony. The film is about a man who is the "son of the land", and he is at war with the Japanese soldiers who are searching for the birthplace of his family. The film is strongly written, and I think that it's hard for American viewers to grasp the essence of the film. This film is quite an achievement. I'm giving it an 10 out of 10.

Stephanie photo

I saw this film as a student, and in a way, I still think about it as a student. The story is so simple, and so simple in that you don't need to be an artist to get it. The film is told in a simple manner, without the pompousness that other films are capable of. The director is just taking a real story and using it to tell the message. I'm a big fan of Antonioni, and he has done many films that I enjoy. It is one of the best of his films. This is the first film he directed that I would say is worth a watch. There are few films that I've seen where I thought that they were the best films of their genre, but this film is not one of them. I give it a 10, and recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet.

Mary Rivera photo
Mary Rivera

This is one of the most unique and striking films I have ever seen. It is set in a village in a remote area of Indonesia, where the local people live in small huts and watch the world through the window of their huts. The village is ruled by a former plantation owner who has not changed his ways since the plantation was closed. The film is based on the experiences of a group of villagers who visit the village to learn more about life in their tiny village. The film takes place during a time of great turmoil in Indonesia. The main character, the village chief, is forced to leave the village when the plantation owner, the local government, and the military come to confiscate his land. He ends up staying in a small village, and in the midst of the turmoil, becomes a fisherman. He is not the traditional leader of the village, but his humble personality and compassion for the people make him a very effective leader. The film features some truly striking scenes, such as the scenes when he gives away the fish to the fishermen, and when he is attacked by an angry crowd of villagers who have lost their fishing boats and are now angry about the fact that the fishermen have not returned. The film ends with a dream sequence that is so powerful that it is not to be seen by the human eye. This film is a wonderful example of how a film can be about more than the story. It is an example of how to create a film that is powerful, and at the same time, makes us feel the emotion of the story.

Joshua Lewis photo
Joshua Lewis

I would like to start by saying that I'm not a huge fan of American movies. I have never been to the cinema, and I have never watched a Japanese movie, but I am a huge fan of Japanese movies. I have seen a lot of them. This is the first Japanese movie I have seen that I felt was so well done. This movie is a beautiful, dramatic, and emotional film. I cannot say enough about the acting in this movie. I have seen a lot of Japanese movies and this is one of the best ones I have seen. I think that this movie will be a success. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves movies and is a fan of Japanese movies.

Howard Herrera photo
Howard Herrera

I can't believe the number of negative reviews here. I really enjoyed this movie. I don't think I've ever seen a movie that has made me feel so angry, and yet I couldn't stop watching. I had to see it three times to get it out of my system. I loved this movie, and I'm so glad I found it on Netflix. I'm not usually into Japanese movies, but this one really hit the spot. The characters were great, the story was great, and the acting was great. I highly recommend this movie. I give it a 10 out of 10. I've seen it three times now, and I plan on seeing it again soon. I'm looking forward to the second part of the movie, which is coming out in 2018.

Julie W. photo
Julie W.

The music by James Horner is also great, and the characters are very well developed. The plot is interesting and a great way to develop a movie, because the plot develops slowly and isn't as simple as the movies of the 80's. It's an extremely interesting movie and it's a must see for the student of film.

Diana M. photo
Diana M.

I thought this movie was just incredible. It was one of the most meaningful movies I have ever seen. The characters were all real and unique. The plot was interesting. And the ending was beautiful. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It will make you think about what you see, what you do, and how you live your life. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it. You will be amazed.

Ethan photo

I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that really made me cry. I cried watching this movie. When the movie ended I started sobbing uncontrollably. The acting in this movie was great. I loved the chemistry between the main characters. The plot was simple but the story was full of drama. I really think that this movie would be a hit in the Chinese cinema market. This movie is for anyone who wants to experience love and life. This is the best movie that I have seen in a long time.

Frances photo

The film was excellent, and I had a very positive experience. It was very fast, and had a very good ending. This is a must see for anyone who likes Asian cinema, and I can only imagine that it will be very popular with Japanese people. I would recommend this film to all people who want to see a good movie. It is also a very good example of how to make a film that is not overly serious and is not boring.

Harry photo

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Every time I see it, I cry. It's a movie for everyone, I'm glad it has become a hit.

Peter Bates photo
Peter Bates

This is a Korean drama about a Korean woman and her older brother, who is trying to reconcile the past. There is some drama in the beginning, but it really slows down towards the end. There are some funny moments, especially when the brother is eating with the two women he has dated. This movie is definitely worth watching. I give it an 8/10.

Crystal Perry photo
Crystal Perry

As I have said before, I loved this movie, but at the same time I have to admit, I was very disappointed in the ending. The first 15 minutes I was totally interested, the next 15 minutes I was completely turned off, and the last 15 minutes were so incredibly well done. In the beginning I thought it was going to be a terrible ending but it was not, the ending was so strong and well done that I could not look away. To me, the movie was perfect, the actors did a great job, the effects were great, the direction was great, the camera work was excellent, and I loved the songs. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes action, romance, and the story line. This is a movie you would love to watch. 10/10

Gary Carroll photo
Gary Carroll

This is the best Indonesian movie I have seen. The story is very touching, it is full of symbolism and symbolism can make the movie even better. The actors are superb, the music is perfect, the editing is great and the music of this movie is the best. I recommend this movie to every person, I was a big fan of John Kostner but I have never seen him in a movie so I would like to watch this one. I am very impressed with this movie.

Kathryn H. photo
Kathryn H.

I watched this film last night, with my parents, my brother, and my younger brother. My brother watched it first, and I watched it after his. Both of us enjoyed the film. We felt the love and friendship between our characters. My brother felt that his character was very different from the others in the film. I felt the same. The film also felt like a slice of life. My brother felt that his character was kind of a 'retired' person. I felt that the film showed that there were many people in the world, who were 'retired'. This film was a true gem to watch. I give it a 10. It is definitely a film that I would recommend to others. I will watch it again and again. I think that you should too.

Jose photo

Just finished watching this movie and felt like it was a little more than I expected. As a matter of fact, the plot was very interesting and the story really pulled me in. The cinematography was amazing and the soundtrack was excellent. The actors did a great job, especially the lead role of Mr. Ji-Young. It is one of the best dramas I've seen in a while and I plan on watching it again soon. If you like films that involve your emotions and you like movies with a deep plot, this is definitely one to watch.

Patricia photo

The film is very realistic and powerful. There are many scenes that are very difficult to forget. When we watch the film we think about the history of the Korean War and how the history is told to us through the actors. The film also tells the truth about the way the South Korean government treated the people and how the people were treated during the Korean War. I really like this film.

Douglas R. photo
Douglas R.

This film has made me a better person. It shows the difference between good and bad and how it can make or break your life. It is a great film that should be seen by all. I recommend this film to anyone who has the desire to live a life full of meaning.

Carl photo

I had heard about this film from a friend and when I finally saw it, I was impressed. I am not a person who gets caught up in plot twists or in-depth character development. I enjoy a film for the acting and the atmosphere. This film did both. The acting was superb. The plot was complex, but it did not seem that way. The setting was beautiful and the characters were believable. The music was spectacular. This is a movie that can be enjoyed by both males and females. It is a film that is hard to categorize, but I will say that it is a beautiful film.

Brittany A. photo
Brittany A.

This is the most beautifully shot movie I have ever seen. It is the movie I would have bought for my mom when I was ten. The camera is completely in the movie, and it makes it almost feel like you are a part of the movie. It is so realistic, yet so realistic that you can't help but love the characters. It is a true masterpiece that every Japanese should see. It is also the most beautiful movie ever.

Brittany M. photo
Brittany M.

This is a good movie. It does not deserve to be compared to any other films. If you are a Buddhist you will feel the drama and pain of the character. This movie is about what a real life person would do. You feel the agony and guilt of a person who made a mistake and how he/she deals with it. But in the end you can't help but feel the compassion and forgiveness. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a Buddhist, and a lover of good movies.

Doris P. photo
Doris P.

I had the pleasure of watching this film at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. The film is about a mother and daughter who are in their 30s and the mother is a struggling writer. The daughter is an aspiring filmmaker. The mother and daughter spend most of their time together and have a great deal of respect for each other. Their friendship develops over a number of years. The film is a very well crafted film. The story is both heart-breaking and uplifting. The film's director, James Wan, is a highly accomplished filmmaker. The acting is wonderful. The actors in this film are extremely talented. The music in this film is also excellent. The music is so appropriate. This is a very well made film. I highly recommend watching this film. It is a very unique and powerful film.

Doris Burton photo
Doris Burton

When I first saw this film, I was enthralled by the very raw and spontaneous energy of the dialog. The director is not trying to be politically correct but tries to show a clear picture of how life is in the real world. There is no right and wrong but there are a lot of misunderstandings. The film is very energetic and does not feel dull. The story of the story is the same in all cultures and countries but the film has its own unique style. I recommend this film for everyone who is curious about how people lived during the 20th century.

Roger J. photo
Roger J.

The one thing I really liked about this film was the real-life character of Nino. The first two stories were more so true to the real life, the last story, the one that wasn't based on real life was kind of a rip-off of the movie The Last Days Of 'Lucky' Joe, and that was great. This film was just as good as the other two. I was very impressed with the acting and the direction of the film. The characters were portrayed really well. I found that the performances of the actors were really believable. The one thing that surprised me was the setting. I was expecting a good looking film and I was happy to find that the settings were quite nice. The settings were very close to the real life, the people that were in the real life were very similar. I found that the lighting of the film was a little bit too dark at times, but other than that it was good. The lighting was really good, the scenery and the real-life setting really added to the film. This film was a great movie. It was entertaining, interesting, and had a great story. I think that anyone who is into Asian movies will really enjoy this film. I give it a 9/10.

Henry photo

The movie is a total gem. The story is so unique and so wonderful that I was surprised that it could be translated into English. I can't say it is my favorite Korean movie but it is certainly my favorite movie of all time. It is the movie that made me feel like a little kid again. The movie is about a woman who is a high school student who falls in love with a college student. He is the only one she knows. When she finds out that he is gay, she wants to help him but he doesn't want to be helped. The movie is so unique and so wonderful that I felt like I was watching the world in a way that I had never experienced before. The movie has so many twists and turns that it's hard to predict what will happen next. This movie is definitely a must see for everyone. It's a movie that every person should see.

Jose R. photo
Jose R.

For me, this is a classic and my favourite film of all time. This film shows how a simple human being can make a difference and how we can be a part of the change in society. The story is about two sisters who are struggling with their very different families. The older sister wants to start a new life with a new man and the younger sister doesn't want to have anything to do with her brother's new boyfriend. But when a young man is found dead on a beach, the older sister begins to realize that maybe she should change her life and start to live life. The film shows the consequences of her choices and how she begins to realize what she is really trying to avoid. The film is about how we can be involved in the change in society. When you watch this film, you can see that people have forgotten the simple things that we take for granted. It shows that life is not always about what you get from the government or what you get from your job. It shows that there are many different people in the world and that we should never forget that.

Catherine Wallace photo
Catherine Wallace

My first reaction was to feel that I had just seen a film that was as dramatic as any film I have seen. I know that people may be upset by the portrayal of the natives, but they don't have to be. What they have to be concerned about is the film's depiction of the characters. I was so taken by the portrayal of those that I felt the need to leave the cinema. I know it is a common thing to feel like you have seen a movie before, but in this case I felt like I had seen a masterpiece.

Emma photo

The story of the woman from Asia who falls in love with a Caucasian, is told in a simple, but unique way. I really enjoyed this film, because it had a good message and was beautiful to watch. I would recommend this film to everyone.

Catherine photo

This film was very impressive. The storyline is very interesting and well told. The story is well told and not one dull moment. The ending is also very powerful and the film is very well made. The cinematography is very good. The costumes are also very good. The acting is very good. The film is very well made and very well acted. The film is a must see for anyone. You should watch it. The movie is very well made and it is worth watching.

Patrick M. photo
Patrick M.

I watched this movie with my wife. We were both pleasantly surprised. The story is about the life of a woman in Japan who was very active in the early 70's and the relationship between her and her husband. The movie shows that the relationship is based on a certain psychological condition, and not a love relationship. The movie does a good job of showing the relationship between the husband and wife. The movie shows the conflict between the two and also shows that the wife is not satisfied with the husband. The movie shows that the husband did not accept the wife's reality. In the end, the wife realizes that she must accept the reality and she should not cling to her husband. In the end, the wife accepts the reality and the relationship is restored. The movie shows that women should not make excuses for the men. They should accept the reality of their relationship.

Jordan photo

The two main actors were able to pull off a good performance. The script was good, the story was good, and the movie was a good movie. I can't believe that it's rated so low. It's not the best movie ever, but it's a good movie. It's a little bit slow, but it's a good movie. It's worth watching.

Julia F. photo
Julia F.

A very strange film about a man who is completely obsessed with his job as a taxi driver, but who also has a very strong desire to be with a woman. This film is very strange and it is not easy to watch at all. The film is very dark and there is a lot of sex and violence. But the film is really good and you will really enjoy it. This is a very strange film and I recommend you to watch it.

Gregory Cruz photo
Gregory Cruz

This movie is a romantic comedy with a dash of drama. The story of the movie starts with the life of a poor peasant. The film shows how he starts his life in a new village and how he is constantly bullied and humiliated by his father. But after he goes to the village of his father's old village, he finds a new life. The village is full of problems and they are all going to be solved by the next generations. However, there is a problem with the old village. The old village is dying and the villagers want to bury the old village. However, the old villagers want to have their old village, so they start to destroy the new village. The whole story is very funny. I would like to say that I liked this movie a lot. It's a good movie to watch.

Grace K. photo
Grace K.

I've never heard about this movie before, but I decided to give it a try. I was expecting something like "Dancer in the Dark" or "A Walk to Remember" but was surprised to find it's very different, even more funny. The story is about a man who lost his wife and had to face the loss alone. He's not the type of person to cry, but when he does, he is completely crazy. He's an alcoholic and feels like the world is on the verge of collapsing around him. He can't cope with the pain of the loss. I think the most surprising thing about this movie is that it's about a man who's not married. I don't think I've ever heard of a guy who's divorced and living with his mother. Maybe I'm not the target audience for this movie but it was a great movie and I'm happy that I watched it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Eugene H. photo
Eugene H.

A beautiful piece of work, the film tells a story that everyone should be able to relate to. A couple in their 40s decide to try and raise a child. Their struggles are apparent from the start. The film then tells the story of a man, and how his wife decides to abort the child. The man is heartbroken. He tries to find ways to take care of the child, but his wife refuses to have an abortion, so he decides to put his wife in a coma, and to have her commit suicide. This movie is a heart-wrenching tale, and will leave you with a strong feeling of empathy. The acting in this film is excellent. The director is known for his unique style of making films, and this film is no exception. I was amazed to see how much of the film was shot on location. I also loved the photography in this film. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The only criticism I have of this film is that there are several instances of language that is a little harsh. I don't understand why it was necessary to have a scene where the husband's wife had to speak. There were a lot of scenes that were very emotional, and this is the only one that made me want to scream out. Overall, I loved this film, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Harold photo

I remember this film quite clearly when I was at school in Hong Kong, not long after it was released. I was a really big fan of this movie, it's just such a brilliant portrayal of a family being torn apart due to their love for each other. This film is really worth the watch, and I can say that I would recommend it to any single one of your friends, or even to a family member that might be suffering from the same issues as this family. The acting is truly great, I don't know how anyone can not love this film. This movie is just beautiful, and the characters are so believable. It has been long since I watched it, but it's definitely one of the most moving films I've ever watched.

Raymond H. photo
Raymond H.

It is wonderful to see how movies are adapt the books so well, and how their impact on our lives is so great. Even more, how they change our way of thinking and how they touch our hearts. I was struck by the incredible poetic beauty of this movie. I was mesmerized by the three main characters - Kang-Joo, I-Mi and B-Joo - which brings me to my thoughts: There is no doubt that the mother-daughter relationship has been the most moving, even more so, is that this story is very true to life. So many parents do not know what to do with their daughters, and more and more will not be able to keep their daughters as they would want them to be. The beautiful story with the three main characters is truly outstanding. The set design is beautiful, the acting is very strong, and the cinematography is excellent. Every moment, every moment in this movie makes me forget about life and I am completely absorbed in the movie. I could not see any flaws in the movie. Not a single one. The quality of the movie is like no other. It is absolutely extraordinary. I feel it is very easy to make movies like this because, quite honestly, the movies I have seen lately are terrible. I mean, we all know they are terrible. This is not the case of the movie I just mentioned. This is not a movie made to be entertaining, or to have a large impact on the audience. It is a movie to be remembered. And for that, I am happy.

Catherine photo

I have been a huge fan of Jackie Chan since I was a kid and I have always been a fan of Hong Kong cinema. After seeing this movie, I have to say that I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan. This is his best movie to date. He is in top form and his character is very well developed. The movie is filled with action and it is very enjoyable. The movie is filled with humor and it is very entertaining. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes Jackie Chan movies. It is a must see.

Raymond D. photo
Raymond D.

I was a little apprehensive about watching this movie because of the rating of the critics. I was wrong. I am a huge fan of Wong Kar Wai and the movie is so worth watching. I don't know why there are so many negative reviews on this movie. It is a great movie and I think everyone should watch it. It is not a movie you can watch once and forget about. I hope everyone gets the chance to see this movie and I would recommend everyone to go and watch this movie. I think everyone should see this movie.

Nancy Hoffman photo
Nancy Hoffman

It's been a long time since I have seen a movie that has made me cry. The story of the movie is so beautiful, that I don't know where to start. The cinematography, the music, the characters, the story.everything was so real and so perfect. I could not stop crying. The movie is so touching that you want to watch it over and over again. The ending was so sad and so beautiful. It made me cry. I don't want to give away the ending. The movie is so touching that you will want to watch it over and over again. If you don't have a heart, you will never know how much you will love this movie. I am sure you will love it!

Gerald photo

I saw this movie at the Taipei Film Festival, and I must say, it was a great experience. It was not only a movie about the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, but also a movie about a family's struggle to survive in the face of the Cultural Revolution. The movie was very moving, and I was left with a feeling of relief and hope. I was also impressed with the performance of the cast. I have never seen a movie before that was so moving. I hope that the movie will be shown in other countries. I highly recommend this movie to all people who are interested in the Cultural Revolution.

Peter photo

Well, it was not exactly my first time to watch an Indonesian film but it was still a very pleasant surprise. It was a very different experience for me, I had been expecting to see a very Hollywood-like film but I found it more touching, thoughtful and funny. The story is about two women who are raised in the same family. One of them is a maid and the other is a housewife. Their life is very similar and they are all very attached to each other. One day, the maid is sent away to work for a foreign business, the other is told she has to return to Indonesia. They end up getting along very well but, one day, the maid sees the other maid being interviewed by a foreign company. She is in tears, she is angry, she is very angry. She runs to the maid and begs her to come back to Indonesia with her. The maid is so happy to see her, she gets her friend and family back and they start their life together again. This film is very uplifting, it has a very interesting story. The film has a very emotional tone and it is very realistic. There is no forced happy ending, the ending is not what you would expect. There are many funny scenes in this film and they are not forced in the least. The cast is perfect. The leads are very good, the supporting cast is also very good. It is not one of the best Indonesian films but I would recommend it to anyone.

Edward photo

I have seen this film twice in the last few days, and it is now my favourite Japanese film of the last few years. It is a very personal film, and the performances by the cast are very well done, especially the leading character of the main character. I liked the contrast between the lives of two young women and their families, which is what the film is about. It is a very powerful film, and I would recommend it to any person who likes a good drama, or is interested in Japanese cinema. The director's name is Kinji Fukasaku, but he was not an actor, but a journalist who worked for a daily newspaper. He directed the film with the help of his friends, and he did not have any real money to pay for the film's production. The film is not a household name, but it is one of the most significant Japanese films of the last decade. The film is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Nobuhiko Okamoto, who was in his twenties at the time. The novel is set in the early 1900's, and the story of the film concerns the two young women, Yuuko and Yukari, and their lives in the 1920's and 30's. It is a fascinating story, and I would recommend it to any person who likes a good drama. The film is a very personal film, and it is worth seeing.

Charles photo

The movie is a Korean film that I can say has done the best job of it's kind. It's a true story, a small film that can be enjoyed by everyone. The movie was well written and the performances were superb. The story was quite simple, but the movie makes you think about your life and how you are dealing with it. It makes you think about what is important in life. This movie was extremely well written, the acting was great, and the characters are easy to relate to. The movie is so realistic that you can see what is happening in real life. The acting is truly superb. I can't say enough good things about this movie. If you are able to see it, I think you will enjoy it.

Jean Salazar photo
Jean Salazar

The movie is about the relationship between two sisters and their father. The story is really beautiful. The best thing about the movie is the performance by the main actress. She really did a great job. I really liked the movie. The story is a bit sad but overall it is a really beautiful story.

Jerry Miller photo
Jerry Miller

A word to the wise for all my fellow who may watch this movie: you may be wondering why this movie is not available in your country. That is because this movie is not available in Singapore. When you go to a foreign country, there is a lot of things you have to look out for and this movie is one of them. This movie is an important message for all people who want to live life with their own heart and soul. This is a movie which can be enjoyed by all ages. I have seen a lot of movies from other countries and they are all great, but this is by far the best of them all. There is not a single flaw in this movie, which can be blamed on the actors or the production crew. All the elements of a good movie have been put in place. If you want to be entertained and live life to the fullest, watch this movie.

Judy Lynch photo
Judy Lynch

Some people have said that "A Death in the Family" has no meaning. You may disagree, but this film, even with its huge action, can be difficult to digest, especially when the basic facts are of your mother's side, where you're told that her brother had killed his wife and raped his sister. And there's a shocking ending, in which you'll remember what happened. The only reason to watch this film is for the explanation of the story, and that's very, very good. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "A Death in the Family" ("The Family")

Julia R. photo
Julia R.

After a brief appearance at the opening of "The Man With Two Brains", David Jaffe is a must for any film buff. This film's premise is simple. A nameless moviegoer meets a mysterious character that begins to help him when he's blind and out of work. But it is not a matter of saving the day. David (Jaffe) is a jobless man who believes that there is something supernatural in his life. As the mystery of David's world is revealed, his life becomes a labyrinth of love, loss, and hope. But the film's director does not get bogged down in the supernatural realm. In fact, the entire film is nothing but the supernatural. In this film, it's as simple as the sun. David is not a savior, but a man who wants to see his dream fulfilled. It's a compelling story, even if it isn't realistic. The story of David's world is told through David's relationship with the most unlikely of characters. This is a very beautiful film. It captures the beauty of life in all its forms. David's world is full of hope, but also filled with sadness and loss. He finds that he has a great love for his job, but that love is destroyed by the loss of a loved one. His dreams of having his vision restored are crushed by the inability of the blind woman to see his vision. But he is saved by the love of his life. The film's beautiful cinematography, excellent editing, and wonderful acting make this film a must see. Jaffe is truly amazing in this film. The look and feel of this film are a delight to the eye. The direction and sound editing are great. The cinematography is really good in this film. The music is also excellent. The actors in this film all perform beautifully. Jaffe, O'Rourke, and Walla in particular are perfect in their roles. O'Rourke gives a stunning performance, and Jaffe is convincing in his role as the deaf mute. Both David and his wife have great moments, but O'Rourke is just spectacular in his role. David Jaffe is a wonderful director, and his best film yet. "The Man With Two Brains" is a simple yet beautiful film. I look forward to seeing more of Jaffe's work. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of art-house films, or a true lover of movies. This film is a must see. 8/10

Christine Rice photo
Christine Rice

A year after the real reason for the riot is revealed, an old and powerful woman gathers her "old" and "dear" friends and neighbors to fight for the land and the common good. The result is to be a fable, and the fable tells us more about the situation than any of the arguments that arise in the movie. The acting is marvelous. That's one thing the movie makes me think of. The other thing is that you feel that you are watching a movie. This is not a movie where you have to have a special movie taste or be a specialist in a certain genre. It's a movie that will bring you in an emotional and intellectual kind of mood. I think the directors and the actors did a fantastic job, I don't think they could have done a better job. All the actors gave their best, the director did a wonderful job, the script was very well written, the camera work was excellent. The movie is not for everyone, but it will get you thinking about the problems in the world. It's not the end, it's not the lesson that you will take home with you. It's just a movie, and it's a good one. This is a movie that will get you thinking. You should not miss it.

Evelyn P. photo
Evelyn P.

I just came home from seeing this film and was not disappointed. The production is high quality, the acting is strong, and the story is very interesting. It was very touching and thought provoking. I don't know why people would say it was not deep. It's really about the meaning of life. I believe people who were not interested in this film when it was first released were disappointed after seeing it again and again. I think it is a very good film. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a love of art. A very good movie.

Daniel Flores photo
Daniel Flores

The first time I watched this movie was in the late eighties when I was about ten years old. When I saw this movie in the movie store, I was surprised and I started watching it again recently. I never saw the TV series in my childhood, but I still think that this movie is worth watching. The acting was very good, although sometimes it felt like actors were too young to be acting. The movie is about a woman who is working at a supermarket in Japan, and she's the daughter of the owner of the supermarket. It's a movie about the relation between her and her father. When I watched the TV series, I didn't really like the ending because I think the movie's main focus was the relationship between the mother and her daughter. But the movie itself is very good. The cinematography is very good. The color pallet is very different from what I'm used to see in Japanese movies. It's a very dark movie, which is very well suited to the storyline. I think the first half of the movie is the best. The ending was good too, but the second half was also very good. It's a very funny movie, which I think is a perfect fit for kids. When I watched it, I felt a lot of emotion. The story is a good one, and it's very realistic. The acting was very good. All the actors, especially the woman, are very talented. They're all very good at acting, and I think they deserve an Oscar nomination. The characters are very well played and you actually feel like you know them. This is a movie that is suitable for kids. I recommend it to all the fans of the TV series. I think this movie is very underrated. It's a very good movie. I'm giving it an 8/10.

Daniel Medina photo
Daniel Medina

This is a great movie. I would not recommend this movie to people who have trouble sleeping and want to be scared. But if you like a good story with great cinematography, and an interesting plot, and not to mention great acting, I can see this movie as a movie that is better than many "Top 30" movies I've seen. This movie is a film that shows that sometimes a great idea can only come from a simple idea. If you are tired of watching movies with good acting and only a simple plot, you can always look for the next great idea. This is a good idea. And I am very happy I found it.

Eugene photo

Well done movie. As a male, i will confess i am not an action movie fan, yet i liked this movie. It has a lot of passion and a lot of style. I also liked how the stories kept changing and were about a bunch of friends who met a lot of problems in life. The ending was good, but i do not like how it ended. I also liked the group shots where they are filming and playing their instruments.

Willie Weaver photo
Willie Weaver

A great journey of a self-discovery and personal experience of a young man. The camera is always focussed on the face of the protagonist and rarely on anything else. In a society dominated by "culture", the reality is that there is no particular definition of what culture is. This film proves that in a society that is totally shaped by the constant application of norms, it is the people who are really in control. You can use to think that in this country, where the lack of a sense of identity, "there are no rules", but this film shows that the lack of identity, rules, or standards are not necessary to be happy. The film also shows that you don't need to be rich, famous or young to be happy. This film has a message that goes to all people, without any means of communication.

Sean M. photo
Sean M.

An all-star cast of Taiwanese actors and actresses - such as Jenny Chen, Yang Chu, Tong Yik Fei, and others - return for the second installment in the "Gongfu" series. Although I didn't have much of a problem with the story as it is quite unusual, the action scenes were more than acceptable and the plot line was very good. The big difference is that in the first movie, the main character (Tian Lin) was very much different from the one he was in the first one, but the sequel has done away with that as well as the subplot of his mother. The first movie was really about his mother, but now he seems to be more of a hero. The sequels also seem to be making it easier to focus on the hero's actions. It's a shame that this sequel failed to be very good.

Roger W. photo
Roger W.

A well made and intriguing movie. It is not at all like the typical movies in the genre. The characters are well developed, the cinematography is great, and the music is an exception. In particular, the music is haunting, but well-suited to the mood. The characters' motives and actions are quite realistic. It is a movie that you have to watch twice to fully understand. And the ending is very good. Overall, I liked it very much.

Crystal photo

At the end of the day this movie was about a human condition and in my opinion it was a very good one. Its' a great example of how to portray a subject matter on film. The story is actually very simple. A man meets a woman and their relationship and their relationship becomes very strong and this keeps them apart from each other and they start a relationship. After a while he leaves and she leaves and he goes on a trip and that is when the movie starts and that is when the movie started. The story is very simple and this film was very good at portraying the relationship between two people. The cast is really good and the music in this film is good also. The cast did a really good job in this movie and they did a very good job. The story itself is really interesting and the way they portrayed the relationship between the two characters was good. The two characters do really well in this film and the story is very good. The movie is really a good film and I think that it deserves more than it got in the theaters. I really recommend this movie to anybody who is looking for a good movie. The cast and the story is really great and the actors did a really good job. This is a very good movie and it deserves to be watched.

Nicole photo

I saw this film at the Royal Festival Hall in Singapore. I have never seen a film so exquisitely shot. I was impressed with the film's intricacies, in terms of structure and rhythm. But I didn't see it as a story of a lonely girl growing up in a strange environment. As for my comments about the protagonist's obsession with the ouija board, I think that this is a theme that has been tackled in other films, which I don't know. The director's explanation of the origin of the board is also plausible, though I don't think it would have been an essential part of the plot. This film is very evocative. It is intriguing, sometimes mesmerising, and sometimes fascinating. I think that it would be interesting to compare it with other films that dealt with the same subject. And the acting was very well done. I would like to point out that it is a British film, but I think it would be interesting to see a film with British actors, to make this film more accessible to non-British audiences. The film has a special aura, which can be very difficult to capture on film. And it can also be challenging to translate the ideas in the film into a film, and so on. I think that this film is worth watching. It is also a very beautiful film. If you are a film buff, or a film student, or a film critic, or a film lover, this film will be very hard to miss.

Lawrence Ferguson photo
Lawrence Ferguson

I watched this movie in theaters and thought it was a good movie, it had a story that is a bit complicated, and it is very depressing but so is life in general, but I enjoyed it, but if you want to watch it to be depressed, you won't like it. In the movie I think it was more about the family and their reactions to a very sad situation, than a story about the weather and their fates. There are a lot of characters and all of them have to deal with something, but the main character has to deal with his mother's suicide and his father's murder and I think that is what this movie is about. I think it is very realistic, it shows a lot of emotions and that is a great thing about this movie.

Kyle Morales photo
Kyle Morales

So, when I first watched this film, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I mean, how can a movie made by a teenager be so great? Well, it is actually quite good, although some things aren't perfect (like the ending), but the acting is great. I think the director took a lot of advice from his older brother, if I'm not mistaken. Overall, this film is great, but only if you don't expect too much.

Janice Ferguson photo
Janice Ferguson

From the opening scene, I was enthralled by this film. What I love about it is that it is not a typical Korean film. There are no song and dance sequences and all the other typical Korean movie cliches are not present. Even the photography is breathtaking and the performances of the cast are great. I loved every moment of this film and I have watched it a number of times. It is an instant classic!

Michael photo

All I can say is: Awwwwww. I can see how they tried to copy "Funny Games" from Eastwood's "Wild at Heart", but I'm not a fan of that movie. That movie had a strong anti-materialist tone, but Eastwood did his best to be a decent father-figure. The good thing about "The Haunting" is that it really has something in it. Maybe it's the fact that Eastwood takes the lead role and he's actually the one playing the character. Maybe it's that the cast is so good that they don't have to show their faces much. Maybe it's that the movie is so simple, but you just can't help but fall in love with it. The movie is a modern re-telling of the old-school Gothic Horror movies of the 1930's, with a little bit of time travel thrown in. It's a story about a young woman, her husband and their daughter, who are haunted by a group of demonic spirits. The story is actually very interesting, and it's more than the basic plot, with a lot of twists and turns. The entire plot is told through the eyes of a 13 year old girl, and she's the one who brings it to light. I'm really not a fan of Eastern European movies, because I don't find them as scary as I did in the 70's, but the movie "The Haunting" is really something. The movie has a very dark atmosphere, with a lot of foreshadowing, and there's a lot of Gothic horror elements to it. It's also a really touching story, with some really beautiful scenes. I loved the acting in the movie. I really love the performance of Tommy Lee Jones as the young girl. He's really very underrated, but he really is good in this movie. You'll never be able to see Tommy Lee Jones in anything else. He's like a legend in Hollywood. I like his role. There's also great performances by Linda Blair, and Elisabeth Shue. I'm not really a fan of her, but she's fine in this movie. The movie is very enjoyable and it's well directed. I can see how Eastwood wanted to be a father-figure for the film, and he did it very well. He does a great job at being the main character, and you'll be glad that he was cast in the movie. I really don't like the fact that the young girl is only about 12 years old, but I can't deny the fact that she was very beautiful. Overall, "The Haunting" is a really good movie. I think it's one of the best films of 2002. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Bryan Silva photo
Bryan Silva

Yokawo (F. Murray Abraham) is a writer of mystery novels, whom a publisher (James Hong) proposes to work with to create a new book of his own. So, he decides to collaborate with writer Lulu (Uma Thurman) and her father (Sung Kang). However, this novel that will be created in the future, has a mysterious story behind it, and the identity of the author, who will make the world a better place. This is a quirky, yet fascinating story, told through a seemingly boring and ordinary, novel. The first part of the film is full of eccentric characters, from the father to the daughter, which is not usual for films of this type. So, it is very hard to understand why these characters would have such interest in this book. The story is fascinating and a little bit sad. In the end, it is not a great film, but it is still a good one. My Rating: 8/10

Denise G. photo
Denise G.

I had heard of the Opeka movie, "I don't know how to die", in order to read the novel "This Is The Forest", by James Russo. So I took the risk of watching "I don't know how to die" on DVD. While I do like the acting, I do not like the dialogue, for some reason. Some scenes are too long, and some dialogues are cliche. However, the movie is not a bad movie, but I do not like it very much. It is a good movie, that you can enjoy with friends. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to read Japanese, or likes to watch the Japanese movie genre.

Joyce C. photo
Joyce C.

I didn't have high expectations when I rented the film because the title is a bit hard to figure out. But the film turned out to be an excellent story with an interesting plot and lots of twists. I can't say how I like the film, but I'm sure that I'm going to watch it again. Some reviewers have said that the film has bad dialog. I didn't see any of that in the film, at least not to me. My friends who saw the film with me said that they liked it, too. The dialog is what I think is the best part of the film. It was at times quite funny, but also sad and some scenes were really emotional. So if you don't mind a bit of a dramatic and emotional story, you should really watch this film. It is worth watching.

Diana B. photo
Diana B.

Some parts are very painful and I think most of the scenes are pointless. However, there are some very good scenes, in particular the scene where it's still raining and people are playing with a rock and the scene where a boy is moving a truck and it's raining, it's very touching and the shot looks like a painting. The scenes are mostly shown in a very slow, disjointed way. I was very confused by the pace of the film, but I understand that they were trying to make the film look like it's more long than it really is. I think the slow pace worked well for the first half of the film. But the second half starts to drag. I think it's about three-quarters through the film and I feel it's dragging. I think the main characters are good and the story is good, but the story is very disjointed and sometimes it's hard to follow what's happening. Overall, I liked the film, but it's disjointed. It has some good scenes, but I don't think it's worth watching.

Kelly F. photo
Kelly F.

The story of a group of young Japanese people, they are the children of a soldier who died in the war, they live with their grandmother and father who just lost their jobs. They live in the big city of Kaga. One day a guy from the neighbourhood comes to their house and asks for help. They go to the police and are informed that the man is a terrorist. Their job is to collect information about terrorists. As a result of this, they become friends with the neighbours. It is then when a terrorist group named the "Kaga Flying-Skys" begins attacking their neighbourhood. This movie has many aspects of the Japanese society. The people of Kaga are the lowest class. The younger generation is mainly affected by the military. The older generation has grown up in the US. They are very strict and have lots of traditions. The people are very religious. A lot of Japanese people are very traditional. This movie makes you think about the different views. They show the views from a different point of view. In the movie, there are many changes in the way Japanese people see the world. People in the movie see themselves as being better than other people. There is a lot of religious views, there is a lot of hard work. The way they work is the most important thing. The way they work is what makes them special. The best way to think about this movie is by thinking of the different views. This movie is very important for you. You should watch this movie.

Jessica M. photo
Jessica M.

I was quite impressed with this movie, despite its slightly "muddled" plot. It is a beautiful film, yet I felt it lacked the same "meatiness" of other movies from the same director. It is definitely worth seeing if you enjoy the director's other works.