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Halston is a movie starring Liza Minnelli, Marisa Berenson, and Joel Schumacher. Prodigiously talented, Halston reigned over fashion in the 1970s and became a household name. But everything changed in the Wall Street era. With his...

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Frédéric Tcheng
Frédéric Tcheng
Liza Minnelli, Joel Schumacher, Naeem Khan, Marisa Berenson
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Prodigiously talented, Halston reigned over fashion in the 1970s and became a household name. But everything changed in the Wall Street era. With his empire under threat, Halston took the biggest gamble of his life.

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Patricia photo

As a former gay student who had a great many friends who were in same sex relationships, I can say that although the movie is accurate in presenting many of the factors that affect the outcome of sexual relationships in a gay culture, it is still not an accurate portrayal of what actually happens. Being a gay man, I will not be so harsh as to call this film anti-gay propaganda. It is just a movie about a human being's struggle with an illness, and how his life is so full of problems. That is why I found the film to be honest. It is based on the personal stories of a few people who are from different cultures and backgrounds, and we are left to draw our own conclusions about the truth of their stories. I have been to many gay bars, and was not aware of what was going on in the sex life of the gay community. The movie does show a lot of them, but it doesn't paint the whole picture. It does not give you a great look into the lives of people in a gay community, it only gives you a story. The story is of an illness, and how people deal with that. The movie is factual, but it is not accurate, because there are many people who have been there. Many people are not happy with their lives. They do not have the money to go to a gay bar and have sex. But they are just as unhappy with their lives, and they are dealing with this illness, and not with a same sex relationship. Many people are working hard to try and get themselves out of it, but this movie does not present them in a good light. The film does not paint them as good people, they are just people, just like anyone else. If you have ever been in a gay bar or have been in a gay community, you would probably agree with me. If you have ever been in a gay community and you have seen how some of the men act, or how some of the women act, you might not. I know I would have if I had been there. This movie does not paint the gay community in a good light. It does not paint the gay community as loving, caring, and supportive. It paints them as being crazy, and being self destructive. But this is a movie, and the main character is a gay man. This is a story about a man, and a story about the gay community. This is a story about a man who has been in the gay community, and not a gay man's story. This is a movie about a man who has been in the gay community and not

Ralph photo

One of the best documentaries I have seen. It's so much about the lives of people who work in the theatre and who have to live on a budget. They are all people who have been a part of the business and who want to make sure it doesn't end up in the hands of the people who are behind the counter. I think that the film is very realistic. You really feel like you are there, with the actors, and with the crew. The camera work is very strong and at times almost too close to the actors. But you are there. And it's really great to see how the film is being made. It's not a documentary and it's not a feature film. It's a collection of interviews with people who have worked in the theatre. It is not a film about theatre. It's a documentary about theatre. The film is great because it shows us the reality of the theatre. The people who work there. The financial crisis. The end of the theatre business. It shows us that theatre is not a money making business. It's a great documentary that is well worth seeing.

Andrea Barrett photo
Andrea Barrett

I have seen this movie twice now. First was on Netflix and then on Amazon Prime. I love this film and have recommended it to others who haven't seen it yet. I hope you will too. I'm also a professional producer who has worked on a number of documentaries on the modern world. I really love the way the director made this film. It is like a documentary with a little bit of music and sound effects. And it also had great performances from all of the actors. You don't know who is who until the very end of the film. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a great film about the past, present and future of the human race. I hope to see a sequel to this movie and to see if it is possible to film some more and possibly do a documentary on the internet. I also hope to see the director do another film and a sequel to this movie. All in all I would say it is a great movie that you will love or hate. It is an emotional movie with great acting and a very good story. Watch it and you will be surprised. I rate this film 10/10.

Barbara Lewis photo
Barbara Lewis

This is a great film, and it's worth seeing. I am not a very big fan of the Academy Awards, but this year, I am glad to see that they nominated this film for a Best Documentary Feature. The story of Tim O'Brien and his sister, Janet O'Brien, is a powerful and powerful story. I was in tears as I watched this film, it really touched me. I am really proud of the film, and I want to see more documentaries made about the life of Tim O'Brien. I would like to see more documentaries made about Tim O'Brien and his sister, Janet O'Brien. I believe that this film should be nominated for Best Documentary Feature, and I am going to be voting for it.

Nancy F. photo
Nancy F.

This is a very moving documentary about the life of Michael Landon, a young man who was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, epilepsy, at age 11. Michael lived for about 4 years, then his condition became worse and his life went into a downward spiral. He died at age 16, without ever being able to speak or eat. I have never met anyone like Michael Landon, who has never once wavered from his beliefs, from his religious beliefs to his beliefs on cancer and the environment. This film does a great job of showing the problems he faced and how his parents dealt with them. His parents were a wonderful, loving family, and Michael's mother, Andrea, was able to use Michael's illness to her advantage in many ways. I felt that the film had a very strong message, and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a documentary to watch.

Jason G. photo
Jason G.

I have seen a lot of documentaries on the media, and I have come to the conclusion that the media is not very good at handling the truth. I found this film to be excellent, but not perfect. The director was good, and it is worth the watch. The problem I had with it was that the film was a little too long, but not as long as it needed to be. The director did a good job of showing the media's bias, and the good that it does to help people. The film had a great message, but the length of it made it a little too long. But overall, I think this is a very good documentary. I would recommend it to people who are interested in media bias, and its effects on people.

Carol E. photo
Carol E.

For a non-political film maker like myself, the way in which this movie is shown should be in the context of a propaganda film. And while I do think that some very well done editing was needed, I don't think that the overall content was an excuse for a false identity. I am glad I saw this movie. That was not the intent, however, I think it would have been a very good film if the CIA had never been involved, and if the investigation had been done by people with no political connections or any connections at all. I think it's very disturbing how much of the Bush administration has to do with the global oil industry, and I believe this movie is showing the best of what could be done to find out what really happened. I found it very interesting how they were able to get "real" interviews with people who actually knew a lot about the Gulf War. If you really want to understand what really happened, it would be better to do that with someone who has not been paid for it, or at least someone with very little connection to the story. I feel it would be best to do a documentary, because at least then you would have some idea of what really happened and how much information was gathered. For now, though, the movie is really good, but the question remains: What is the intention of this documentary?

Emma A. photo
Emma A.

I just finished watching this documentary on PBS. I loved the film. It was a great representation of the struggles faced by this very special community. The documentary covers many of the major issues facing the Black community in the 1960s. The documentary does a great job of showing the hard times and difficulties faced by the community, and then at the end shows the community at the time in the light of the positive changes they were seeing. There are some really touching scenes that I thought were really powerful. Overall, I think this is a great film. It is well done and is worth watching. I would recommend it to anyone who has a heart. I also think this documentary is a great representation of the many different cultures that live in this country. I think it is a great example of how our country is changing.

Joshua G. photo
Joshua G.

I just got out of a screening of this film at the Tribeca Film Festival. For anyone who didn't know that Ben also wrote the screenplays for "Grizzly" and "Coraline", this is an excellent companion piece to those two movies. It's a documentary about Ben, as well as a love story between him and his brother. This film will be well received by anyone who has ever loved or even loved animals. I think that "Grizzly" was a more polarizing film, but I think "Coraline" is just as much about the cruelty of factory farming and the other problems with the meat industry. I think that this film is a must see for anyone who wants to see the consequences of the animal rights movement. I recommend that anyone who hasn't seen this film go out and buy it, and watch it a few times to really get the message. Ben will be missed.

Cynthia Bailey photo
Cynthia Bailey

This is an amazing documentary, about a very unique and amazing man. It is so rare to find a documentary that is completely unbiased and no bias. The subjects are all "humanitarians" and all have strong ties to the human rights movement. I found it amazing how many of the subjects had worked for years on issues of human rights. I also loved the documentary's use of music and pictures. The pictures are very evocative and I felt that they were very fitting to the subjects. I hope that there will be more documentaries like this, because they are very unique and very inspirational. There are many documentaries that are either sensationalistic or offensive. This is not one of them. It is a very balanced and unbiased documentary. I highly recommend it.

Brittany Collins photo
Brittany Collins

This movie was like a breath of fresh air, and it really hit the spot for me. I think it's a great movie, not just because of the raw footage and narration. I've heard some of the critics ranting about this, but I don't agree. It was a very unique, honest, and raw look at a very complex issue. It's not about the politics of our time, or who is the greatest president, or what is the best music, or the best writing, or the best film, or what's the best history lesson, or the best science lesson, or the best way to tell a story. The film is really about an issue, about the true nature of war. I've always been fascinated with war and the toll it takes on those who are involved. It's about how it impacts and corrupts people, and how many people can be affected by it. The film really is a great eye-opener, and I think it should be seen by everyone.

Frank Taylor photo
Frank Taylor

The main thesis of the movie is that people with low IQs should not be allowed to vote. The main argument for this is that voting is a very important part of democratic society. I think that the movie was very well done. The movie showed that the United States is an outlier in many ways. The movie could have been made a bit better. However, this movie has changed my life and my perspective on the world. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see the full scope of the American democracy. I believe that this movie is very important for the world. I am not a citizen of the US. I am a citizen of Canada.

Debra D. photo
Debra D.

No I don't think it was the worst documentary I've ever seen, but it was certainly a documentary that I liked a lot. When I first watched it, I thought it was really boring and nothing more than an accumulation of other people's opinions of the present-day world. I decided to watch it again, this time with the help of a friend who thought it was one of the most brilliant documentaries I had ever seen. Since then I've found more and more reasons to like it, and I've decided to give it a 10/10. What can I say about it? It's a documentary that not only tells a very entertaining story, but also tells it in a way that is easily understood by anyone with even a passing interest in the subject. It gives the viewer a pretty clear idea of what the people interviewed have seen, and also gives them an understanding of how the people who were interviewed saw the world. It also gives the viewer an idea of what the world was like in the 1970s, and of how these events shaped the lives of these people. It does this in a way that has nothing to do with a bunch of annoying film makers putting their foot in their mouths. It's all based on personal interviews, so they're all easy to watch. In my opinion, it was a very honest, very interesting documentary, and a much better documentary than I was expecting. So I can say I really liked it, and I think you should definitely give it a chance.

Jerry L. photo
Jerry L.

This is a fantastic documentary about the very few realists in our society who were able to make their voices heard and to influence society in a positive way. It's not always easy to be a realist. It takes a lot of guts, dedication and belief. I was lucky enough to see just one person do this, and that person is Steve Jobs. For some reason, people want to point the finger at others for the behavior of the corporations that run our lives. I find it insulting that people think that the people in charge are responsible for the actions of others. Jobs was just one of the few realists who could stand up and say that the corporate entities in charge were not the ones that were causing the harm. Jobs was great at creating great products that people loved, and he was the one who did it with the power of his voice and his creativity. If you like documentaries, if you like to understand things, if you are interested in how ideas can change our lives and the lives of others, this documentary is for you. If you're interested in the history of technology and what it has done to our lives and our world, this is not for you. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates good movies. 9/10

Rose Garrett photo
Rose Garrett

What a wonderful documentary. It was a fantastic combination of humor, mystery and sadness. Every time I watch it, I am surprised at how accurately it portrays the life of Helen Keller. The film was excellent and made me more aware of how much I love her. It is a testament to her character that she is a person I am proud to have known and loved. The documentary did not end the way I expected. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to view this film and look forward to viewing it again.

Diane S. photo
Diane S.

This documentary is one of the most important I've ever seen. The story of how an ordinary guy from a small town in India became the director of the world's largest independent film festival. The movie is about a man named Harish Salve, who is a complete unknown. The movie is a must see for everyone who has ever thought about making a film, or who has ever had the urge to make a film. The movie is really funny, and the story is so unique that I could not believe that it could actually happen. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending. It was kind of predictable. I think that the story should have ended differently, but it didn't. I think that the best part of the movie was the end credits. The music was amazing. The best part of the movie is that it's not just a documentary. It's also a story of a man and his family. The documentary is not just a documentary, it's also a story about a man and his family. The movie is a must see for everyone who has ever thought about making a film. I highly recommend it.

Carl W. photo
Carl W.

Wow. What an interesting, revealing documentary. I have to say that the film makers did an excellent job in getting to the heart of the issue. It's a great film and if you don't agree with me, I don't know what to tell you. I really loved it and I encourage everyone to see it. It is definitely not a movie for the faint of heart. I was very surprised to see that the director of the film is an old Navy Seal. It was like watching a documentary on the Iraq war. It was just a lot of information that I didn't know. I think the documentary is great because it tells a lot of information and it doesn't just tell you what is going on. I loved it. I would definitely recommend it.

Joshua Barrett photo
Joshua Barrett

I have been a fan of Mr. Kilmer for years, and the movie "Concussion" was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. This documentary is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate movie I have ever seen on the subject. It shows the truth about concussions and how it is affecting every athlete, even those who are not athletes. The film is great for anyone who wants to know the truth about concussions and why they are dangerous. The film is not only accurate but it is very inspiring. It is important to remember that concussions are a problem for all athletes, even those who are not athletes. Concussions are the number one cause of injury and disability in sports. There is a growing number of concussions in high school and college sports. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about concussions. The film is a must see for everyone who wants to know the truth about concussions.

Margaret Cruz photo
Margaret Cruz

This film is a portrait of the modern day youth of New Zealand. The film is excellent and the directing is incredible. It shows the true story of the way the youth is being manipulated by the system in New Zealand. It also shows the efforts of other youth groups, students and organisations to confront the government about its failures. They also did a great job of collecting video evidence to help prove their case. The film has amazing footage and incredible interviews of youth from across the country. All in all this is an outstanding film.

Keith Carlson photo
Keith Carlson

This movie is about the birth of the nation. The citizens of this nation of immigrants who have come to America to escape war and poverty. They have no other choice than to fight for their rights and freedom. I was very interested in this film because it is an interesting look into the immigrant experience. I was glad that the film did not focus on the immigrants or on their struggles. It was about the birth of the country. The movie is a true story. It is a great lesson about freedom. People who do not want to live in a free country must never lose their faith in the ideals of freedom. The film also shows how easy it is to become a slave to your beliefs. However, the film has some bad points. The way that the immigrant's rights were not presented. For example, the film never mentions the ten percent of the people who left the country before the Immigration Act of 1924, which allowed for immigrants to remain in the country as long as they could support themselves. This would have shown that immigrants often had trouble adapting to their new country. The movie also does not show much of the politics of the time. There was not a lot of social or political commentary about the immigrants. This is a good film for everyone to watch because it shows how immigrants from all walks of life brought a lot of different ideas to the country. However, if you are interested in immigration and the U.S. immigration history, this movie will not be for you.

Jeremy photo

I remember as a child that I heard stories about this movie, especially the part where Barbara Hershey died. It was after I was old enough to understand the story, and I was traumatized for some time afterwards. It was only after I heard the actual story that I understood why it happened. We all have dreams that become nightmares. When I heard the actual story, I could almost see the dream taking place. It was like the movie was happening to me, and I was dreaming. I felt like I was in a movie playing the part of Barbara Hershey, but I was really Barbara Hershey, the real Barbara Hershey. After watching this movie, I realized that what happened to me was the same for others. I watched this movie several times and could not shake the nightmares that my own dreams are. I hope to one day see the movie again, because I can see my own life as a dream, and that is why I wanted to share this movie. It is a powerful story, and a reminder of how we can all have our dreams become nightmares. This movie shows how easy it can happen, especially if you are young, and how hard it is to get out of it. I hope that this movie will inspire you, because you may not realize how far you can go when you try to escape from reality.

Tammy photo

I love documentaries about the early history of the United States and this is a great one. I felt I was privy to a lot of history and I was able to learn about a lot of things I never knew. The acting was excellent and the camera work was amazing. I highly recommend this film and I hope you see it.

Sharon R. photo
Sharon R.

It was a great movie, great acting, great story, great story, great movies. Movies don't make you feel like you were there, they just let you get lost in the story. Don't let this one go.

Janice photo

I thought this film was brilliant. It shows us that it is a great thing to believe in something, even if you have a hard time believing it. That is why I think this film was so good. What the filmmakers did was allow the camera to move around the room. They moved the camera so you could see what they were seeing. They showed us the people they interviewed. In this way you could see the effects of prejudice. To me it was an important film because it had so many different views about people. You could see all the people that the filmmakers met in different parts of the world, and it was amazing to see how much they were affected by the same prejudice that is faced by so many in their own countries.

Daniel W. photo
Daniel W.

I was amazed at the amount of violence shown in this film. We've all heard about the streets of L.A. as a place to stay and get a fresh start. The violence that was shown in this movie was extremely hard to watch, but at the same time I couldn't help but laugh at the excessive violence. The police were portrayed as corrupt and murderers. They were so busy doing something else that they didn't have time to do their job. They were very much involved in this violence, and when it ended it was over too quickly. We're all used to seeing this type of violence in the media. It's almost too much to take. There's too much going on in the news and it's hard to believe that this is what people have to deal with. It's just very sad.

Scott Carter photo
Scott Carter

I've always been a sucker for documentaries, and this film, although probably a little too long, was extremely well done and gave me a deeper insight into the world of politics and the people involved. I especially enjoyed the interviews with Senator Bob Dole and Senator Bob Dole's wife who, despite her public position on the issues, had an excellent understanding of the issues facing the country. She spoke candidly and not always in a very detailed fashion. There were many candid shots of people standing in line for hours in order to get a chance to speak with the Senator, as well as the people who were lining up at the end of the movie. I especially liked the interviews with Newt Gingrich. He was a wonderful interviewee, as were the people who were interviewed for the film. The focus was on the politicians who actually held the seats of the president and vice president, and on the people who were charged with the responsibility of carrying out the orders of the president. Many of these people had very different backgrounds and perspectives from the others. I have always been amazed at how often politicians can make you feel like they are out of touch with reality. This film is a great example of that. I also loved the interviews with a number of people who had something to do with the movement for a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution. The movement was a very important part of our country's history, and the film is a wonderful depiction of the current situation in the country. It also gave me a chance to talk to people who, although they weren't involved with the movement, were passionate about it. I really hope that this film does not receive the attention it deserves. Although I am a Democrat, I don't consider myself a fan of the Republican Party, and I believe that the current situation is extremely unfair to the Republicans. I hope that the film is successful in bringing attention to the Democrats' position on the issues. The most important thing that this film did was to bring to light some of the most powerful people in the country. I hope that everyone will see this film, and that everyone will be able to see the important aspects of this country and its history. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this film with you.

Jeffrey photo

I was always a fan of Lina Wertmuller. She's an incredibly talented actress and she was able to convey a lot of her message about the film industry in a very delicate way. It's a very sad film but I think it was very important. It's not about the film industry, it's about the way we think of ourselves. It's about our self-esteem and the ways we take ourselves seriously and make a lot of assumptions about others. It's about being in a little bubble and not knowing that everyone is so much more complex and different than you think they are. It's about how people with a lot of money, or who are at the top of the world, have a lot of power over others. It's about how it's not how much you have, but how much you are willing to give up. It's about how we think we're "different" or "different" but we're really the same. It's about how the media tries to control us and how we end up taking control of the media and our lives. It's about how people are so confused and so focused on their own problems and problems of others, and they don't realize that they're just as confused and they're just as frustrated. It's about how we're so caught up in our own problems that we don't realize that we're also taking care of the people around us and the problems in our own lives. It's about how we're so focused on ourselves that we don't realize how much we can take care of others. I think it's very important to watch this film and to think about it. I think it's a very important film. It's about a very personal issue that many people deal with.

James photo

I first saw this film at the '63 Festival in Vienna, Austria, and was very impressed. I have always been interested in the history of the U.S. in the 19th century and especially in the West Indies. This film covers the history of the Spanish, British, and American colonies and is a great introduction to the subject. It is interesting to see how the Europeans viewed the new world and how the natives viewed the Europeans. The film also shows how the natives viewed the Europeans and the colonial powers. The film is extremely well-made and is well-edited. The color is dark, but it is not a boring film. The color is very realistic. It is worth seeing and I recommend it to anyone interested in the history of the United States.

Sharon Kim photo
Sharon Kim

This is a true story, and as such I would recommend to people not to watch it if you do not want to see what really happened. It is one of the best documentaries ever made. I never liked a documentary before this one. It got better every time I saw it. I was so moved by it that I was motivated to start a facebook page for the film, so that I can continue to share the good that comes from it. I am glad that people are more aware of the rights and wrongs of the holocaust. It has been my dream to be able to tell people what happened. I could never do it in my lifetime, but this film is making a difference. It is so important that people learn to recognize what is right and what is wrong, and to not judge. In the end, all the people that are alive today have witnessed something that changed their lives forever. I hope that one day we will all be able to look back and be able to remember the good that came from it. Thank you, Alan

Kathryn S. photo
Kathryn S.

One of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. I was especially moved by the story of the four men who perished on the high-speed train. I wish they could have been on the train to tell their stories, but they were not. I don't know why the filmmakers didn't go to see the accident scene themselves and talk to people who were there. But it was amazing to see the reactions of the passengers when they saw the dead bodies of the four men. I hope that more people will see this film and learn about the death of 4 passengers on the New York City subway on the night of September 17, 2005. I had heard a lot about it, and I didn't think it was worth seeing at the theater. But I was shocked to learn that it was so much more than a documentary. I highly recommend it. And I can't wait to see it again!

Alice C. photo
Alice C.

A powerful, intriguing and informative documentary on the workings of the prison system in the US. It tells the story of the plight of the mentally ill inmates at the Boston State Hospital, and the difficulties faced by them when they finally are released. While the film focuses on the history of the prison system, the documentary itself is divided into chapters detailing different phases of the history of the institution. It begins in the early 1940s with a brief overview of the institution and the men who lived there, as they prepared to go on the first world war. Then it moves to the 1950s, where an English teacher, Alice Kershaw, is brought in to help care for the mentally ill patients, while the older prisoners are transferred to the "State Hospital" in Salem. There is a lot of history in the movie, as it seems to have been filmed over a period of many years. The actors who play the main characters are all excellent and really bring to life the characters. It is really interesting to see how different the characters were, as the people who committed them often acted very differently. It is also interesting to see how different the inmates' stories were and how different they were from each other. I think that this is the reason for such a great diversity in the subjects discussed. For example, the history of the prison system and the people who worked there were discussed, but also the behavior and attitudes of the patients and their relatives, the prison officials, and the doctors who worked there. I think that the movie is very well done, but it was not meant to be an academic film, as there is no explanation of any history in the movie, and there is no history in the characters or in the film itself. It is meant to give a general overview of the history of the institution, and it does this well. There is no problem in getting it, as it is available on YouTube. I highly recommend it.

Vincent photo

The documentary "The Silencers" is an hour and a half of pure awesome. For me, the most interesting part is when they interviewed the inventor of the silencer, who has since passed away. He is a former factory worker, who in the late '80s, decided to make his own silencer out of a piece of aluminum. He did it by hand, using a table saw and a small metal plate. He was not very successful, and eventually, the price for his invention was too high. The film shows how he took on the challenge and continued his work on his own, eventually opening up a factory in Israel, making thousands of silencers. He died in 2007, and his daughter, who is now living in Germany, started the Silencers for the World campaign, a project to make a silencer that costs just a couple dollars to make. The documentary ends with a clip of him speaking about the Silencers for the World campaign, and his thoughts on the current climate of political unrest in the US. I will definitely be watching this documentary a second time, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys documentaries about people's lives and passions. It is an awesome documentary that I will watch over and over again.

Virginia G. photo
Virginia G.

As the host of the popular W.F.K. radio show, W.F.K. host and actor Ben Stein has been involved in several of the largest social and political scandals of our time. He has been a frequent guest on "60 Minutes," "Newsweek," and "This Morning" and has appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman." In this documentary, Stein reveals the true nature of the CIA's MK-Ultra Project Bluebook program, which involved the use of mind control techniques. The program, as revealed in this film, involved the abduction and use of children as well as the abuse of a number of U.S. citizens. While some of the abuses described in this film may be considered torture, this is an issue of great concern to the American people. I believe that this documentary is the most important documentary I have ever seen on the subject of MK-Ultra and it should be required viewing for all Americans. This documentary shows the world that the CIA is still the biggest threat to our civil liberties and the use of torture is still allowed to happen. The CIA is still operating with impunity and it is time for them to be held accountable.

Carol C. photo
Carol C.

I would say that the film is very effective in showing the contrasting life styles of the middle aged in the US and the younger in the UK. I found the characters interesting and the performances were excellent. It's a good film to watch if you want to know what life is like for the middle aged in the UK compared to the US. It's interesting to see what the different attitudes of the middle aged are like in the US and vice versa.

Catherine Valdez photo
Catherine Valdez

I'm not sure why this movie hasn't had more publicity. I'm not a fan of Tipper Gore, but she gave a strong and inspiring performance as a mother who is prepared to risk her life to help a dying child. She spoke with great compassion about the importance of public education. The documentary is well done and it's clear that this is a genuine story. I'd like to see more documentaries like this one that look at a broad range of issues that affect the lives of children. They also make the point that kids with disabilities, like Caine, are the "model minority" of today. I'd recommend this documentary to anyone who has a child with a disability, or is a parent. It's an important movie.

Andrew Munoz photo
Andrew Munoz

There are many interesting things about this film, but for me the most interesting thing was the setting and the atmosphere. The slow introduction of the drug makers, then the all-out war between the drug makers and the industry, the beautiful scenes of drug users talking and making art. Then the incredible city of Prague that is so well captured. The narrative of the film seems to be telling the story of people who can't live their lives, but can't go on living in a failed utopia. The narrator also acts as a narrator. He says what he wants, but he also speaks to the viewer about the problems he and the people around him are facing. If you're interested in art and art history, this is a good film. It's beautiful to look at, the art is well made, and the acting is solid. Definitely a film that will make you think.

Zachary Henderson photo
Zachary Henderson

To view the film and discuss it is to see a documentary. It shows the struggles of an African-American woman to take charge of her own life. The film begins with the early days of her life. The short term memory loss that she experiences in the early stages of her Alzheimer's disease. The fact that she cannot see. The final stages of her illness, and the final stages of her dementia. She eventually becomes a "loner" and feels isolated and alone. The film is powerful and very emotional. Her thoughts and emotions are very poignant and leave you feeling strongly about the film. This film is a must see and should be viewed by everyone.

Willie R. photo
Willie R.

I believe the best film of 2009 was 'Bicentennial Man' starring a talented cast, and a brilliant story. As for 'The Arrival' directed by Thomas McCarthy is something a little more less interesting. It's not a bad film, but it is not great either. It has an interesting plot, but it does not make for a good film. I will be watching the film again, and I will continue to look forward to the next film. The ending may be a little over the top, but I will have to watch the film again to find out. I rate it a 4.5 out of 5. Hopefully I can get to watch the film again.

Jonathan C. photo
Jonathan C.

I was a little skeptical when I saw this documentary, since I thought it would be something like "60 Minutes." The way the whole thing plays out is fascinating and amazing. The documentary is a fascinating look into the world of fashion, drugs, and the music industry. It is also a look at the "world of gangs" in the hip hop music industry. The documentary isn't a full documentary. It has a lot of behind the scenes clips and the film does not have a very linear narrative. It's more like a mosaic. I think it is well-made and even if you are not a fan of fashion, you will be able to enjoy it. I would definitely recommend this documentary. It is quite the eye-opener and I would say it is worth it.

Barbara S. photo
Barbara S.

This film is about the life and times of the late Robin Williams. It's an emotional documentary about a man who lived his life with a sense of humour. I personally feel it is more than just a film about Robin Williams. It is about life and how we try to live our lives and get out of our comfort zones and enjoy the life that we have. It also shows how Robin Williams was able to live his life and not be judged for things that he did in the past. It is a film that I would recommend to anyone who wants to know more about Robin Williams.

Louis Olson photo
Louis Olson

I am a longtime follower of George Lipsitz, and I watched this documentary about him without knowing anything about it. It was a refreshing change to see him speak about the 1960s with the lightness and humor that comes from his genius. He gives interviews with friends, family, and fellow artists and filmmakers, and the quality of the film is very high. He's a very generous and helpful interview, and it's amazing that he talks so openly about his most personal and private feelings. This is a story of a man who was able to share his life with others, and was able to connect with the people around him. I believe he would be very proud of this documentary.

Frank Garza photo
Frank Garza

My friend and I were not sure what to expect when we decided to watch this movie. We found it to be a very good film. The movie followed a very small group of people who lived in the New Orleans area. Many of the people interviewed are still alive and talk about their experiences with the hurricane. It is a very interesting story. The majority of the movie was told from the perspective of the people who were in the city during the hurricane. I was surprised at how different the people were from the people who stayed behind and the people who were living in the outlying areas. The people interviewed were not as accepting of other people and I think it was a good representation of the culture in the city. They were also very much affected by the hurricane. The city was completely destroyed and some of the people are still trying to rebuild it. The documentary does show what some people saw as a normal day in the city. I think it was a very good documentary and very well made. My friend and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good documentary.

Nathan photo

People are going to take one look at a picture and think it's some sort of art piece. I've seen a lot of films, but I've never been so impressed by a film in my life. I was so taken by this documentary that I wanted to watch it again and again. I've heard some people say that it's a documentary about race relations. I think it's a film about the way people behave. Some people will say that it's just a collection of photographs. That's the way I would describe it. But I think that it's a very honest look at people's lives. It's a must-see for everyone. The thing is, I've never met anybody who didn't say that this film changed their lives. I was so impressed by the way the film was made, and I'm very happy to know that people think that way.

Joyce G. photo
Joyce G.

Faced with the suggestion that a small group of friends at the height of their fame would have the moral courage to break up and move on, the group of friends in question - the Cosby Kids - don't budge. They decide that instead of splitting up, they will get themselves married and follow a strict set of rules. When the rules are broken, a funereal family dinner is arranged. The other rules include a vow to never smoke, abstain from sex for the rest of their lives, and refrain from drinking or using drugs. The rules are tested by their numbers. Although they are a tight knit group of friends, each has his or her own problems. Bill Cosby (played by Richard Pryor) suffers from a life-threatening brain tumor and is surrounded by three 'non-believers'. Lisa Marie Presley (played by Bette Midler) has a stuttering problem. In her youth, she suffered from severe depression and is said to be a virgin. She is also prone to wild behavior and an outburst that is recorded on video. Tom Hanks (played by John Travolta) is an alcoholic and a drug user. He has a habit of sleeping with other women and is hated by his mother and stepfather. Linda Carter (played by Rosie O'Donnell) is an alcoholic and has had her share of sexual encounters. She lives with her son and a teenage daughter. She is torn between her desire to be with her son and the demands of her stepmother. Everyone in the family has a negative attitude. The Cosby Kids are happy with their own situation. They decide to stick with the rules and go on with their lives. The Cosby Kids are a quirky and somewhat offbeat group of friends. They talk about the most random things. One of them has a machine that makes cheese balls and another has a microwave. They also seem to know everything about everything. They can recite the entire bible and they know about everything. They know all about everything. Even though they break the rules, they keep the promise of never smoking, abstaining from sex for the rest of their lives, and never drinking or using drugs. They also keep their promise to never speak ill of anyone. Bill Cosby and Lisa Marie Presley were the most famous of the Cosby Kids. They are the 'Crosby Kids'. The rest of the family are very unhappy with their lives. They have a strong sense of isolation. The Cosby Kids are also 'rock star' people. They are celebrities. The other members of the family live in the comfort of their own homes. They own a home

Roy Hansen photo
Roy Hansen

i read the book, loved the book. Then, i watched the was a mess.the people who made it didn't read the book. They were trying to make a great movie out of the great book.but they just couldn't make it. They had the worst casting for the two most important characters. Andrew Largeman was completely out of place.he was so boring. The movie seemed more like a Sunday Night Football game than a Harry Potter movie.I can't wait to see the movie again. If you loved the book and loved the book.don't see this movie. I really don't want to tell you to go see the movie. You have been warned. I hope the director is reading this and knows what they did wrong. But, at least go see the movie and see for yourself.don't go in expecting a great movie.

John White photo
John White

I've seen this film twice already and I really do recommend it to anyone who wants to be a bit more informed about the history of the Holocaust. The film is a good source of information about the Holocaust and shows the realities of the human suffering of the victims and the cruel treatment of the survivors. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the Holocaust.

Joe Taylor photo
Joe Taylor

I think this is the most important documentary I have ever seen, to me. What it is, is a telling of the story of what happened to Patrice Leconte, a young man who, at the age of 18, became the youngest ever kidnapped in history, and the only one to have his captors return him to his family within 24 hours. Patrice Leconte was a 19 year old student, and he would be one of the youngest ever kidnapped in history. The documentary, called "The Leconte Affair", is a long running series of interviews with Patrice, his parents and his siblings, all of whom have lived through this event. The story goes from the time the kidnappers abducted Patrice, until the day they returned him, to a one-on-one interview with Patrice's father, John Leconte. While the story is a very sad one, it is important to the viewer to know what happened. The kidnapping of Patrice was, for many, the beginning of the end of the Haitian Revolution. The police who were supposed to be keeping the peace were, in fact, more interested in their own personal gain, than in public order. This was a story about a young man, with a good life ahead of him, being taken away by a corrupt system. What happened to Patrice was a great tragedy, and a good example of what could have happened, if not for the efforts of the international community, and the Haitian people. The film will have you feeling for Patrice, as you will see him suffer, but will also show the courage of a man who was willing to go through all the suffering, and make the effort to reach his parents. The way the filmmakers are able to show the family's pain, and the fear that they have for their son is remarkable, and very realistic. The real life of Patrice Leconte is the most realistic example of what it is like to be a young man, caught between the forces of a corrupt government, and the society which is more interested in the money, and the wealth of the country. The main issue with the film is the length. It is very long, and the film could have been much shorter. They cut a lot of scenes, and only talk about the kidnappers. The film should have been much shorter, with a few stories, instead of a long running time. All of the interviews were well-done, but the film could have been better. The film is very moving, and is the most important documentary I have ever seen. I recommend it highly, and highly recommend the DVD, as it will show you the entire film.

Roy L. photo
Roy L.

I have been looking for a good documentary about the mysterious sex life of the late great TV host, Ellen Tilly. So when I first heard that Tilly was the subject of a documentary, I was pleased. But when I found out that it was done by filmmaker, Steven Soderbergh, I was even more pleased. He's done great work before, but never like this. He put together a cast of "experts", who were all women, and they interviewed them about the lives of Tilly and her male friends and co-workers. They were in their 40's and 50's, and they were still working, playing in bands, and having sex with women they met as young women. There was no shock value in this movie. What's more, it was done in a way that made it clear that the filmmakers were not trying to sensationalize the subject of sex. There were no explicit sex scenes, but there was plenty of heartbreak, frustration, and fear. I'm sure Soderbergh, who's also a terrific director, was satisfied with his piece, but I was. And that's why I'm giving this film a 10. It's just too good to be true.

Deborah M. photo
Deborah M.

This is a very well-done documentary about the history of the Canadian armory, and how it has survived the many changes in its use. It also looks at the past and present of Canadian arms and how they have come to be. We are used to seeing Canadian arms and ammunition being just that. But there is a lot of historical and cultural background to this film, and I think it is well done. It is very interesting to watch it unfold and see what has happened and what has been added, to what has been lost. I particularly enjoyed the information about the history of the armory, and the histories of some of the historical figures. I was particularly impressed with a historical video clip of a gun show held in Oshawa, Ontario, a few years ago. This particular clip shows a Canadian-made M1 Carbine being used in a parade in an Oshawa parade. It is a very well-done clip and I found it very informative.

Jean Stanley photo
Jean Stanley

This documentary was certainly one of the best I've seen. It tells the story of a man who was at one time an iconic hockey player, but is now basically retired. His life story is something that could easily be told in one or two hours, but the film spans over several years and covers the life of Mr. Lecavalier from his childhood to his current age. It gives us a window into his entire life and what was going on in the world at the time, even though the time period he was living in is completely fictitious. He tells us how he got his nickname, how he met the man who eventually became his wife, and how he got the nickname "The Godfather." He even tells us how he is far more important to the game of hockey than the other players, as well as the people who made the game what it is today. I really enjoyed this film, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I don't think this will become an instant classic, but I'm certainly glad that I watched it. I rate this film 9/10.

Samuel T. photo
Samuel T.

I agree with the other reviewers that this movie is a real eye-opener. I was skeptical, as I have been warned. However, I came out amazed and thrilled. I am a programmer and I am a software engineer. I was very pleasantly surprised by the documentary. I was a little wary of the interviewer, but it was a smart man and I enjoyed his honest and straightforward approach to the subject. I found it very inspiring. It really does get you thinking. Not everyone is a computer geek or engineer. A great deal of the information here is real and I think that the real world is much more colorful and fascinating than the computer world. I recommend this movie to all. I have found a lot of people like me who are not computer geeks or engineers but would like to. Just ask them.

Russell Morris photo
Russell Morris

I saw this documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and found it very moving and interesting. It is also a very personal story, but it's not your typical documentary. It is based on a book by J. Scott, the director of the film, and it was filmed on location in and around his home town in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Scott's life is an incredibly successful one. He is a multi-millionaire, with many corporate and personal successes. He is also a respected artist, writer, and poet. He is not a saint or a saint, but he is a kind and gentle person who has given away so much of his life that he feels he owes something to his community and to his fellow humans. He feels that the people who have made his life possible have done it very well, and he feels a deep responsibility to share that with the world. He is a great deal of the reason why this documentary is so moving and important. He is a man of great love and compassion and he has had a very successful career, and has a good life. He has had his share of tragedy, but he has never lost his sense of humor. His friends, his neighbors, and the people he has met are his friends and neighbors, and he has had a lot of success with them. It is a bit strange to have a documentary about a man who is so successful and successful, but it is what it is. I found this film to be very moving, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding and feeling compassion and love for others. My rating for this film is 9 out of 10.

Robert photo

From the opening to the end of this documentary you will be fully engrossed and even give a little to yourself to appreciate the message. I found it very refreshing to see someone having the courage to speak out against the corporate giant that is the tobacco industry. One thing I noticed about this film was how much you need to actually be a member of the industry to truly understand and appreciate the harm that it has caused to the people of this world. What is the reality of all the people that died from smoking, not just the ones who were tobacco employees, but the kids and the mothers that died from smoking. It was a wake-up call that if you really want to save the world, the corporate people should be the ones who are responsible for the death of the kids and the mother that died from smoking. I don't understand the harsh comments about this film. I think it is very important that people understand the truth. If you don't know the truth, you are just living in denial. And if you know the truth, you will never be able to go back in time and change it.

Julia C. photo
Julia C.

I can't believe that this movie was not nominated for an Oscar, it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is not "objective" in the sense that the documentary itself has no agenda other than to show the life of Robin Williams as he was. I have a real hard time finding a way to describe the greatness of Robin Williams. This is one of the few documentaries that will be ever remembered.

Brandon P. photo
Brandon P.

I watched this film recently and was taken aback by the sheer beauty of this film, the beauty of life. I saw that the star was no longer Martin Sheen, but Will Smith, and that struck me as a mistake. I love Smith's acting but Smith is not a great actor. I don't believe he was a great actor, but I did see him as a great man, he was not a great actor. If you can watch this film without the cringe-inducing scene of Smith smoking crack and partying with his buddies in his apartment, I would say give it a try. But don't watch the film just because of Smith. Watch this film just for the beauty of it. The film is beautiful. Not just the visuals. The music. The sound effects. The film is beautiful, and the beauty of this film is something I cannot describe.

Adam M. photo
Adam M.

One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It's so heartwarming to see how many kids who live with autism struggle. The documentary also shows the changes that can be made in schools and the city in which it takes place. A must see for anyone who has children with autism. Great job by all the people involved. In the end I felt more connected to the kids who are on the screen, than I do with my own. I wish more documentaries had the same effect on me. Very interesting. And for me, there is no way to forget this movie. Thank you for this beautiful movie.

Denise photo

The documentary I saw, "Freedom" by Aaron Smid, did not deliver the message of Mr. David Berg and his colleague, Peter Conrad, when they were making the film. I saw the documentary on the way home from school one day, and was very moved. I read the book the night before and had hoped to see it again. It was wonderful. David Berg did an outstanding job. The film didn't just tell a story, it spoke to me. The director did a great job of bringing that message of "freedom" to the public. The book is a perfect accompaniment to the movie. I also have to mention that I had never heard of either of the authors, so I was curious about this documentary. The "Freedom" documentary is an excellent choice. I highly recommend it.

Mildred M. photo
Mildred M.

For a very long time I never really understood the distinction between "art" and "art-making". I never understood why certain ideas should be "art" and others should be "art-making". However, I've decided to finally go and see this movie, and I must say it's a very, very important movie. It's a very nice, entertaining, but also very, very important movie. The main theme of this movie is the importance of individuality, and the importance of the self. So, this movie focuses on two artists, Charles "Charlie" Severance and Tom "Tommy" Severance, and the importance of their artistic work, their ideas and their personalities. The way in which these two artists used to communicate and interact with each other. Each artist, though individually well known and respected, actually had a very different personality, which I can explain by saying that, they had very different interests, opinions and styles. So, to me, the main theme of this movie is to understand the importance of individuality, the importance of the self and the importance of the art-making. It really is a very interesting movie, very good, very interesting, very interesting.

Harry photo

I came across this documentary while doing a search on Google for "the Proust biography". I was surprised to see it was nominated for Best Documentary, and I am happy to say that it was. Director Lisanne M. Lau is an expert in the field of art. She is a master in creating art films and documentaries, and she is one of the most talented female documentary filmmakers around. I am pleased to see she has continued to produce these films over the years, and she has done a good job with this one. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes art films, and I would also recommend it to anyone who is interested in art or literature. It is a very moving and informative film, and I can't recommend it enough.

Gregory Vargas photo
Gregory Vargas

While I am not sure about his ideas or logic, this documentary is a must-see for all Americans who care about their country. If you don't care about the US, then I don't know what's wrong with you. This documentary is well-done and highly informative. There is no reason to be cynical. If you are, then you need to see this documentary.

Debra photo

Wow. This was the most amazing, fascinating, and disturbing film I have ever seen. I was stunned at the pure evil in every frame of this film. It is a must-see. This film has to be seen in the first three or four minutes. I don't even want to talk about the violence that is inflicted on this young girl. She was raped and beaten and left for dead in the desert by her father. I could go on and on about the horror that is inflicted on women by men, and the suffering and death of women. This film is not to be missed. It's like a documentary, but it's an artistic documentary. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves or wants to see the human spirit at its most raw and brutal. The actors in the film are so real and compelling, you could almost feel the pain and fear in their eyes. This is a must-see, and I will see it again. I really don't want to tell anyone anything about this film, because there are so many aspects to it, and I don't want to give away anything. Just see it. See it now!

Edward Simmons photo
Edward Simmons

I saw this film as part of the New York Film Festival, and it was very moving, both in terms of its contents and its subject matter. I can't remember a film that I have seen that made me feel so overwhelmed by a story. I have always felt a strong bond with a father, and this film really made me think about that. It was a great film to watch with a great group of people, and I think everyone should see this film at least once.

Andrew S. photo
Andrew S.

This is an incredibly well made documentary. The subject matter is very relevant, and the interviews are extremely well done. I have watched this film twice, and I plan to watch it again. It is not perfect, but it is very well done, and it is definitely worth watching.

Emily Contreras photo
Emily Contreras

I have been a fan of Dave Grohl since I first saw him on the Soundgarden tour. Since then I have followed his career in both music and acting. In 2007 he made a cameo in "Loose Change" and later that year he did the music video for "Bad to the Bone". As he became a big star with the grunge band he created, it was time for him to step out of the shadow of the other grunge bands. So we can only assume that he wanted to make a documentary about the origins of grunge. He did that very well, and I think it is a very important and moving film. If you are a fan of grunge, then you will love it.

Phillip West photo
Phillip West

After I saw "Moonlight", I was blown away. Not only was the acting amazing, but the message was so powerful. I had been working on "Moonlight" for over a year, and I was just as inspired. When I went to see "Moonlight" I was determined to see the movie again. I had never seen "Moonlight" before, and I had no idea what the film was about. I thought it would be some kind of love story, or some kind of anti-drug message, but instead I got a look into the world of the black community in Miami. I learned a lot about the drug trade, and it really got me thinking about the real issues facing the black community in America. This is truly a powerful film that I would recommend to everyone.

Kyle photo

It's no secret that the past 10 years of the 20th century have been marked by the presence of two global megacities. One was the United States, and the other was the Chinese mega city of Shanghai. The former was the most prosperous and developed of the two, and the latter was the most deprived and, in some respects, the most backwards. The documentary, Cities Made For Us, tells the story of the massive effort that was put into the creation of the world's largest metropolitan area, and the many problems that arose from it. The film is quite a good example of what the documentary school of film-making is all about. It's very well made, the photography is excellent, and the interviews with the residents of the area are very interesting. The film is, of course, biased, in that it portrays the Chinese as the more fortunate people, and the Americans as the more backward ones. But this is not a film about the American government, and it's not a film about the Chinese government, so it's not really a documentary about either one. I think that if you're interested in the topic, you should watch this film. It's definitely worth a watch, and it's a good film to put on the TV when you need something to watch.

Jeremy Howell photo
Jeremy Howell

We've heard a lot about this movie, but I didn't know much about it before I started watching. Now, after watching it, I'm amazed that it's been so little known. Although it's certainly not Oscar-worthy material, it's fascinating to watch. It's all about the people, and I think you'll agree with me. The documentary is kind of a trip, like walking through a museum. It's fascinating to see all these people's stories, and seeing what life was like for them, from the land they lived on, to the lifestyle they lived, to the people they loved and loved them back. I've seen a lot of documentaries, but none of them have had the depth, depth and breadth that this documentary has. I can't believe that this movie hasn't been shown more widely. It's a great film, and I'm glad I found it. I recommend it to everyone, even if you don't know much about it. It's an incredible movie.

Katherine photo

This documentary has two things going for it. First, the interviewees are very honest. They talk openly about how they got into the drug trade. And, second, they speak candidly about how their drug addiction turned their lives upside down. There is a great deal of footage of drug-related violence and mayhem, with these folks often taking the brunt of it. But, as is often the case, they seem to have a much more positive outlook on life. Their discussions are generally upbeat and hopeful, and their stories are just that: stories. And the film does a wonderful job of showing these folks' characters in a way that helps us to connect with them. There is no need to compare these individuals to other drug users. The main point of the film is to help viewers see the humanity in each of them. The fact that the interviewees themselves are in addiction should not be overlooked. Most people are surprised to learn that addiction is a complex disorder, and often a self-destructive one. The real tragedy is that these people are not alone. We should all learn from their experiences. To those of you who don't know the background of the people interviewed, I hope this film will give you a greater appreciation for the role that addiction has in our world. And to those of you who do know the people, I hope you can learn something about them that will strengthen your relationship with them. Enjoy.

Robert Butler photo
Robert Butler

I had the opportunity to see this movie at a screening in New York City. It is a documentary that examines the disturbing history of the McMartin Preschool in Detroit. A group of students who are from different backgrounds and schools arrive at the school in Detroit, Michigan. It is run by Paul McMartin, who is originally from New York. The children who come to the school learn to be self-sufficient, to work together to work in their own environment. The film examines their goals, their dreams, and their struggles. It also examines the effects of the school on the children, as well as the parents. In addition to the children's educational and social development, the movie also examines the psychological effects of the school. The children are coping with the trauma and trauma of the school, and also with the difficulties in adjusting to life after school. There are many moments of very disturbing and disturbing images in the film. These images are not filtered, and they are painful to watch. The film also examines the psychological damage that the school causes in the children. It is a very powerful movie, and one that I recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about the history of Detroit schools.

Vincent photo

It is a sad thing that when I first heard about the filming of this documentary, I was skeptical. I was very impressed with the acting of the film-makers, and I was impressed with the manner in which they managed to convey the reality of the situation. I have been in the prison system for many years and have personally witnessed many of the abuses and acts of cruelty that were detailed in this film. I was amazed to see the amount of time and effort that was put into this film. I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever been in a prison or knows someone who has been. I have been a member of the Christian Prison Fellowship for many years and I was very moved by the story of this film. I will be looking for the film in the DVD collection of the Christian Prison Fellowship.

Randy Sims photo
Randy Sims

A must see for all music lovers! Must watch for all history buffs. No fluff, no nonsense, just a simple, unvarnished history of the rise and fall of the King of Pop. Not for the faint of heart.

Sean G. photo
Sean G.

A man, a great man, a true American hero. How he and his fellow veterans are remembered and honored in a time when veterans are being disrespected and even attacked is beyond me. He was a great man and he is one of the few who survived the war. His bravery in the face of overwhelming odds and his selfless courage in the face of death is a tribute to a true American hero.

Debra Ortega photo
Debra Ortega

Amputee says, I've watched it twice, it was not good, the human side of the story just doesn't add up. This movie is great because it has the voice of an amputee. The quality is excellent. The film is engaging and the narration is very compelling. The documentary is more than worth watching. I found myself wanting to see the footage again.

Harry M. photo
Harry M.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I watched this documentary because I had been anticipating this movie for a long time. My friend convinced me to watch it because he is a movie fanatic. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I actually watched it a few days after the movie premiered. I was completely fascinated by the movie and by the stories behind it. I don't understand how someone could watch this movie and not get a deep understanding of the people and the culture of that time period. I really feel like the movie has a message. It's a reminder that even if we don't like what we're being taught, there are still people who love and support us. I really hope that more people watch this movie. It is truly a wonderful story.

Debra photo

This is a very sad and sad story. It's not a story about the Russian Revolution, but about the aftermath of the Soviet Union. The filmmakers were able to show the most horrible things about the collapse of the USSR. The documentary was very well done, and the information about the Soviet Union was quite well presented. It is hard to believe that this documentary is only available in Russian. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know what it was like for the people in the Soviet Union.

Anthony photo

In a word, "Shameful". An entire nation of men were targeted and executed for what they were. The first one to die was a great and hardworking man. The killers and the men responsible for the murders have been silenced. I'm sure you will agree with me. It's a shame that this film was not allowed to be shown in some places and I hope they will be able to restore it to it's rightful place in the history of film. The town and the citizens of Salem were devastated by what happened to these men. They deserve to be heard.

Michelle P. photo
Michelle P.

This documentary focuses on the lives of four people: two gay men, two bisexual men, and one straight man. It's interesting to see how they deal with their sexuality, and it's also interesting to see how the society treats them. The gay men have very little to do with the society at large, and they have very little control over what they do or say. The bisexual men are also very different from the gay men, in that they're often more visible in society, and therefore more vulnerable to the negative comments that come their way. And the straight man is also different from the other two, in that he's less visible to the society, and therefore less likely to be rejected. This documentary shows us how they deal with their sexuality, and it also shows us how society reacts to them. It's interesting to see how different these people are from the rest of the society. It's a good documentary, and I recommend it to anyone interested in sexuality.

Vincent P. photo
Vincent P.

It's rare to see such an objective and intelligent movie with so much of its budget directly related to climate change. It has excellent reporting and great material on climate change and its effects on the planet. It has a lot of great quotes and thoughts from some of the most important people in the world. It's a must see. However, this film is not just about climate change. It is about a scientific topic that is being ignored, maybe for no other reason than that scientists don't like hearing it. I would love to hear more from those scientists. Some of the quotes they included are not suitable to the film. However, I don't think it would be as accurate as the documentary is. However, that is just my opinion. I hope you will enjoy this film as much as I did. In this world that we live in, people will continue to be there to help, or rather the planet will continue to be there to help. This film will be relevant for many generations.

Rebecca photo

I thought that this movie was very well made. I was afraid that the movie was going to be boring, but I was wrong. It's a very good movie that you should see. I was surprised how many people that it's a true story. I thought it was very realistic. The movie also tells you about how America has changed. It's a bit boring at times, but I guess that's the point of the movie. I think that people should see it. I think that if you want to see a really good documentary, then this is a must see. I hope that you like this movie, and I hope that you like it, because I did.

Marilyn S. photo
Marilyn S.

I am a great fan of Halle Berry and I am a huge fan of Andy Warhol. But this documentary really made me love Halle Berry. It was so great to see Halle Berry work with this amazing crew. It was a very emotional experience. I was moved to tears at the end. It really is a must see. I think it will get a 9/10 from me.

Elizabeth photo

I liked the movie. It has great music, cinematography, actors, and editing. What I didn't like is the ending. I understand the ending was changed from the book, but what was the point? And the ending seems very forced, especially in the last 10 minutes. I hope that they made a better version of the movie. I will watch it again, and it will be for the soundtrack alone.

Tyler Bennett photo
Tyler Bennett

I watched this documentary today and can't stop thinking about it. The film starts with a typical young black boy named Chiron from another dimension named. "Robbie." "Robbie" is played by none other than David Alexander, who is a director, writer, actor, producer, and host of the first African American talk show in the country. In the end of the film, we are brought back to the present where we find David Alexander is still alive and doing what he does best. David is still a great filmmaker, producer, and entertainer, and he has turned his passion into a franchise, which is now in its 17th year. This documentary also includes some great clips from the first and second seasons of the show, and the first season of the show as a whole is really good. The DVD is well worth the purchase, and if you have a few hours to spare, you should go out and watch the first season of the show. I will definitely be looking out for more from David and his team.

Eric photo

As much as I admire the work of the Canadian documentary filmmaker David Suzuki, I feel his presentation of his experience in the oil sands region is simply too superficial. For me, this was Suzuki's first major documentary film, but the story that unfolds is essentially Suzuki's version of a long-winded tell-all from a man who had a grand time in the oil sands, but could not put a finger on the very reasons why. The film's essence is Suzuki's recounting of the time that he spent in the oil sands in Alberta, a region that is rapidly turning into Canada's new industrialized heartland, but that is now undergoing a major transformation in oil sands production and technology. It's hard to know whether to find Suzuki's personal tragedy in the failures of his job and personal relationships with his family, or to see the ecological impact of the massive oil sands operations that are pushing the planet toward climate change. Suzuki has been out of work since 2004, and he's been unable to find work in Alberta, a situation that would likely have put him out of work in any state. Suzuki's focus on his personal life and relationships is all well and good, but for someone who has devoted his life to the environment, the environmental consequences of the oil sands are a constant threat to his personal life. Suzuki's personal life is very much his focus, but there's a lot of film that would have been helpful. He spoke with the oil industry, he spoke with the environmentalists, but he has been unable to find an industry that will take his story seriously. There are no environmental organizations or policy makers willing to deal with his problems or to confront the destructive power of the oil sands. He says that the oil industry was willing to meet him, but he was always turned down. Suzuki would have benefited from a long interview with a well-known environmentalist, such as a Dr. Bronwyn Shaughnessy or the renowned Naomi Klein. He would have also benefited from a serious look at the environmental impacts of the oil sands, as the US EPA had found in a landmark study. Suzuki, like many other Canadian documentary filmmakers, relies heavily on interviews to tell his story, but his interviews are a little too short, and he doesn't seem to really want to have a substantive conversation with anyone. His scenes with Ken Kiefer were somewhat interesting, but he seemed too interested in his own work, and the feeling was that he wanted to end his life on a high note. He would have benefited from having a longer and more interesting interview with Dr. Jack Horner, the manager of the marine processing plant that is producing the oils from Alberta's oil sands. It was also very important to have a deeper look at the environmental impact of the oil sands, but he was too obsessed with his own story. The film ends with a message that Suzuki says is "There is no

Johnny photo

After reading many of the comments, I think this film really resonated with everyone. People don't realize how difficult it is to survive in today's society. They think of a tough life of hard work and survival, but there is more to this life than that. I also think it is important to remember that, if we can get out of the current system, it will be because we worked really hard and had our own ideas, and that is what makes us unique. That is what this film is about. I also hope that we can make a difference in our own lives, and I would like to ask everyone that has had to go through this to give this film a chance. The world is very bleak, and the time to stand up for yourself is now. It's good to hear from the people who have been through this. Please, be careful.

Nathan Allen photo
Nathan Allen

I am an avid music lover and this documentary tells the real story of Bob Dylan. It is amazing to me that so many people think he is a fraud and a hack. It is sad to think that he has destroyed so many lives by giving us a very superficial view of his life. Dylan is a genius, but he is also a flawed genius who has never lived up to his potential. The real question is what is it that makes Bob Dylan such a great artist and what makes his fans such fans. It is a mystery to me that so many people think he is a fraud and a hack. It is a shame that so many have not seen this documentary. It is an amazing story. I highly recommend it.

Emma S. photo
Emma S.

I have been following this project for several years, watching the many documentaries, reading the book, and seeing the movie, and am blown away by the way it was done. I've always been a fan of Steve Redford, and believe him to be a very good and dedicated filmmaker. His films are not without their flaws, but this film is even better. He clearly made a passion project with his director, and will continue to bring us more documentaries and features. This movie is a gem. The words of a friend to me, who knows and understands the man and his work, were, "Steve Redford has done it again."

Kathy photo

I had never heard of Colin O'Donoghue, until he made this film. I'm an accountant and I'm a big fan of Dr. Phil. He was my first doctor and now I've seen his work. I love his ability to get to the bottom of things. I am now a practicing doctor and I feel the same way about his approach. His approach is one of the most important in medicine today. He makes a point of letting his patients know that even though they may seem ill, they are in fact very healthy and capable of living long and healthy lives. When he speaks to the families of people who have died and tells them their loved ones died while they were enjoying their lives, he seems to be sincere and he really does not seek to profit or manipulate his patients or the people around them. He just wants to help them. He also is so serious in his approach that he doesn't do the same for his patients. He treats them like people, he doesn't try to sell them anything, he treats them as if they are just people and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. This film is an amazing and emotional story about a man's life and the impact he has had on the lives of people around him. I had never seen a documentary film so well done. I have not seen a documentary film that has made me cry so much. I could watch this movie for hours and hours. I felt like I was with Colin O'Donoghue all the time. I think the emotions that he brings out of his patients are amazing and he is a wonderful person to be around. I am really glad that he has given this film to people who have been affected by the death of a loved one, to tell their stories. He is also a great friend and mentor to many people. I hope that he is not the only one who is affected by this and I am sure that he will continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

John photo

The world has known about the impact of drugs since the early 1900s and that there is no need to fear them anymore. But, the story of drug addiction is still a controversial one. I thought this documentary would be just like any other documentary. But, I was completely wrong. This is not just another documentary. This is an outstanding documentary. I think it is an excellent movie. It tells the story of people who are addicted to drugs. How they live and what they have to do to survive. And, it also shows how the government and the media portray drugs. It also shows how drug abuse is a modern problem and it is not a small problem. The film also explains how it is made. It shows the reactions of people when they find out that they have been taken by a drug. It shows how the government tries to control the people. It also shows how the drug industry is the biggest threat to the people. Overall, I think this is an excellent documentary. I would recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries. I give this a 10/10.

Harold Knight photo
Harold Knight

I just watched this documentary on television a few weeks ago, and I was really blown away. I've been a fan of Winston Churchill for many years and as far as I'm concerned he is the greatest British leader ever. The film gives a very good look into Churchill's personal life and how his life was affected by his military experiences in World War II. A lot of people probably saw this film as being biased because the British were in the war, but I really don't understand why people wouldn't give this film a chance. I loved the way the film explored Churchill's love for hunting. I also loved the story of how Churchill became a vegetarian when he was older and how that helped him relate to the people around him and make him more likable to the people he served. I think the documentary is also a very entertaining one. In fact I think the whole film could be categorized as a comedy/drama. The problem I had with this film was that the information was presented very carefully and seemed very logical. The documentary makers did a great job of showing that Churchill did have a personality disorder, and that is something that I think is very important to show the viewer. In my opinion, the documentary should have included a lot more of Churchill's personal life. It would have made the movie much better if they had included more of Churchill's personal life, which I think would have been an interesting addition to the film.

Michelle Reid photo
Michelle Reid

This movie is a good snapshot of the last two decades. It seems that in the meantime the USSR has become a very good friend to the United States. It was a good time to say "we're sorry", when a lot of people lived in fear of the KGB. There were no Russians there, and they were afraid of the American police and military. I think that in the 1990s it was also a good time to say "we're sorry". But now it is difficult to say "we're sorry" and that is because we were under such a dictatorship that it was hard to say it and it was impossible to live in peace and safety.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

I just got back from seeing this documentary. I thought it was very interesting and I was very impressed with the way the filmmakers did it. The film was very well done and I thought that the filmmakers did a great job of showing the reality of the situation in the United States. I think that this is an important film to show because it is very important to people that are thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton. I thought that the film was very informative and it was very well done. It was very important to show the reality of the situation and the people that are working for Hillary Clinton. I think that it was very important that the film was shown because it is very important to people that are thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton.

Jennifer Marshall photo
Jennifer Marshall

This movie is about a homeless woman who worked in a drug rehabilitation center and decided to try her hand at writing a book. I thought the film was very well made and interesting. I found myself relating to the characters and thinking about how many people these are. I'm glad I did not see the movie in a movie theater, but at least the movie's not too expensive.

Janice photo

This film is a real eye opener. It is definitely a film that I will want to watch again and again, but I must say that some of the information was a bit difficult to understand. That being said, the movie is a must see for anyone interested in environmental issues and should be seen by anyone interested in how the environment can affect us. The documentary is an essential addition to anyone's library.

Bobby photo

I grew up in the same time period as the stars in this documentary and have been in love with the music since the 1980s. I grew up with the Beatles, The Stones, AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses and The Beach Boys and have been fascinated with rock and roll ever since. A documentary that digs deep into the music and people involved in the music world is rare. This documentary also covers a number of celebrities who became major rock stars in the 1980s and 1990s. It covers such stars as: Robert Plant, Brian Wilson, Kurt Cobain, Tom Petty, Jimi Hendrix, Huey Lewis, Axl Rose, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Eddie Vedder, Aerosmith, Slayer, Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, and many others. The documentary also covers the music that started in the 1960s. It covers The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Byrds, The Band, The Tubes, The Replacements, and Led Zeppelin. The documentary covers many musicians and their music and their lives in the 1960s. A great documentary for the history buffs. 10/10

Elizabeth photo

The only way to truly appreciate this documentary is to see it. The story of the actress and the film itself is fascinating. I would have preferred a more conventional narrative, but this is a film that is only worth seeing once. I was also impressed by the way that the film was shot. I have always been interested in the history of film, but the film makers did a great job of not giving the audience a history lesson. They only showed the actual events of the film and the actors. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys films that tell a story.

Brandon Garcia photo
Brandon Garcia

This is a really great documentary, I think everyone should see this. It was very informative and made you think. I had a great time watching it and was really impressed. The film really left me with an understanding of what happens when you spend too much time on something you don't like and forget to do something else. It shows you that all you want is to be able to enjoy the things that you love, but you have no control over how much of it is put into you and how much you take from it. The director did a great job with the footage, and he didn't show anything that I wasn't aware of. I think it is very powerful, and even if you don't like the music or the subject, you should still watch this.

Janet Meyer photo
Janet Meyer

I got the chance to see this movie at the Portland International Film Festival and I was blown away. It was amazing. I have to admit that I didn't know a lot about Dr. James Lovelock and the documentary does a great job of explaining what makes him tick. While the subject is interesting, it is not at all controversial or "controversial" as a matter of fact. What is actually controversial and controversial is the way some people think he does. They either either like or hate him. This is just a factual movie that shows the side of the story that most people don't know about and it also shows how much Dr. Lovelock did for the world. He did more for the world than all of the other politicians combined. You also get to see the evolution of the lovelock's views over the years. This movie is very interesting and very powerful and it shows how important and how much he did for the world.

Cynthia H. photo
Cynthia H.

This is an absolutely beautiful movie that will take you away from life and the world for awhile. You have to be on your toes for the whole movie, because you won't be able to predict what will happen next. This movie is not just about a bunch of celebrities, but about the whole country. It's a beautiful story, that you have to see, if you ever meet one of the people involved. If you love the stars, you must see this film, because they are all so great and amazing. I know I have been lucky to see some of them and have enjoyed them a great deal. I recommend it to everyone, because this is a movie for the whole family. It is a true story and it's all true. I would like to thank everyone involved, especially, Louis, his family, friends, and the whole city of Toronto.

Jason Burton photo
Jason Burton

This film is a fascinating look at how the media influences popular culture and how that media affects the way we see ourselves, the people around us, and the people in power. The movie starts off by showing that the news, especially the stories that are labeled as news, can be very misleading, and that the media's choice of stories and the stories they put out aren't always based on fact, and there are times when the stories that are put out aren't the stories that are usually put out. The film then focuses on the representation of the media in the media itself, with interviews with writers, producers, and editors. There are lots of opinions about how the media influences popular culture, and how we are influenced by what is put out in the media, especially the stories that are labeled as news. The interviews with people involved in the media and how they view the media are also fascinating. In some ways, the interviews are a little too negative, but that's because the people in the film are mostly talking about the media themselves. In general, there are some really good and interesting interviews that are presented in the film, and that is why the film is worth watching. The other major problem with the interviews is that a lot of them are already aired on other channels, and so it's hard to get a good sense of how the people see the media in general. However, this film is also worth watching because of how it uses the interviews to tell its story. The interviews are also fascinating because of how they show the different perspectives on what is usually called the news. Some of the interviews are especially interesting because they're the first ones that come up, and they seem to give a great insight into how they see the media. Another problem is that the interviews are too short, and it's difficult to get a sense of the different points of view, but that's also not as bad as it could have been. Overall, this film is a lot of fun to watch, and I think it's also worth checking out.

Robert Collins photo
Robert Collins

This film is a must see for anyone that wants to understand the disease. This film also covers the research of the WHO in the 1970's, making it possible for a single disease to be researched and researched worldwide. The story is very well told, with the scientists showing the humanity of these victims and how a simple medication could prevent their suffering. The effect this medication could have on these victims was an amazing documentary. The information in this film is very accurate, which is a huge plus. This documentary also shows how great research and research studies are, which is a very important part of the research process. I was very impressed with this film, I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the human condition.

Jonathan photo

In the span of two days, Winston Smith's 12 years of life turned his world upside down. He was the victim of child trafficking, an incarceration, a legal battle, and a criminal record. He was also the author of the infamous 'Jungle Book' series of children's books, which was the basis for Disney's 'The Lion King.' Winston was a dedicated activist for the children of South Africa during apartheid, and was a national hero in his country. However, he had a secret, a dark secret. His autobiography, 'Jungle Book: A Tale of Two Kitties,' was the first work of fiction based on his life, and the story was based on real events. Not only was he a poor and homeless child, he was an illegal immigrant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The world is a dangerous place, and Winston is a child who will be remembered for the book and the films he helped make. It is a wonderful story of bravery, courage, and, ultimately, a kid who refused to be bound by the law of the land. It is a testament to Winston's love for his country and his book, and his enduring love for his community. It is a powerful and inspiring story of one man's courage in adversity and a place where no one is safe. It is a story that is relevant today. We can only hope that the real story of Winston's life will be told and the film will be made.

Martha Kim photo
Martha Kim

The Power of The Word, with great production values and a touching message. An important film for the world. We need more films like this. You could have an effect on millions of lives.

Jack photo

I have to say that I had some reservations about the film because of the possible political messages it might be portraying, but it actually turned out to be a great film about true humanity. The fact that these two men are so different in age and appearance (a bit like the interracial "Lincoln") is what makes the film so unique and refreshing. The film is also about the power of love, and the fact that every relationship can be altered in some way or another by the love in them. This film is a MUST see for anyone who loves their children. It is the kind of film that will make you re-examine what you think about the way your life is going. There are few films that do this for me.

Paul R. photo
Paul R.

This documentary will not disappoint. Every last detail of this extraordinary story is covered in detail. Its an important story, that should be told and appreciated. It's a story of a man who changed the world. And how he did it is only a small part of what he did. An amazing story of perseverance, dedication, love and support from everyone he met. This documentary is one of the most powerful I've seen. A must see. He's a wonderful man. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Theresa photo

This is a fascinating documentary that charts the life and times of a famous "doctor". It's interesting that Bill Watterson, the author of Calvin and Hobbes, is one of the subjects in the documentary. He was often criticized for being a sort of "creepy man" on the internet. I think he made a sincere effort to address these critics. He certainly seems to have gone through a lot of personal growth and a lot of change in his life. Watterson goes into the true story of Dr. Dementia who is the leader of a very, very unorthodox group of psychiatrists and psychologists. They used to be very controversial and today they're not. He goes into a lot of detail about his life and how he came to the kind of position he has in his life today. It's fascinating that he is in a profession that is so controversial, yet so, so misunderstood. The film is very well made and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in psychology and psychiatry. The movie will keep you guessing for a while. One thing I'd like to mention is that the documentary takes a few tangents that don't really make much sense. There are a couple of random scenes that are introduced without much explanation. It's just a random thing that happens. Overall, a very interesting documentary that's well worth watching. It's a good change from the usual documentaries.

Mildred C. photo
Mildred C.

Eminem and writer Noah Hawley are at the top of their game in this thoughtful documentary. The two seem to have a great rapport and seem to be enjoying being part of the process. I would be interested to see more of their work, as it was so well-done.

Paul photo

It's a rare treat when you get to see a documentary on a movie that you've seen, and this is one of those rare occasions. This is a film about the struggles of a group of people in a small town in the early 1960s, and how their lives changed after the riots in Watts. It's a little bit of history that the average viewer probably doesn't know, and this is a good thing. For one, it's an eye-opening documentary that will give you a good idea of how things were back then. It's also a story that you'll want to see again and again, so you can catch all the little details that you didn't catch the first time. The film is well-shot and well-edited, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in the problems of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. It's definitely worth a watch.

Diana Washington photo
Diana Washington

All you people who were at the concert, just stop screaming at the people who are the closest to the stage. I was the closest to the stage and there was about 3 other people close to me. People were screaming at the people who were on stage and even the person who was helping the wounded people. If you are screaming at the person next to you, you are too close to the stage. It was really rude to the people on stage and it was too loud. Also, don't cry if you see someone who is in the hospital. It is very important to not cry at the hospital. Especially if you are from here in CA, I do not understand how people can be so harsh. I will go see the new movie when it comes out. It is a good movie.

Jacqueline L. photo
Jacqueline L.

This documentary was a very good look at a man who is a genius. It is about a man who created a new language called Esperanto, and made it available to the world. He is a man who is an innovator, and a very interesting one at that. He is a genius, and has a very good heart. This documentary was very informative and well done. The documentary is very well made, and is well worth watching. If you are a fan of Esperanto, you will love this film.

Charles R. photo
Charles R.

This documentary is a great opportunity to discuss the fact that we are human beings and not animals. It is a great way to get a better understanding of the human side of this issue. It is my opinion that it is more important for the general public to see the film because they will be able to come to their own conclusion on whether or not the prison system is causing the problems we are seeing today. We are constantly being bombarded with news of the crime rate in the US, and I believe that this documentary is an answer to the questions that are being asked and the things that are being done about it. The film does a great job of showing that the prison system has become a system that is out of control and that there is no way to escape it. It shows how the government feels that it needs to break every kind of rule in order to keep the prison system running smoothly. It does a great job of showing that the only way out is to break the law, and this film provides that insight in a way that it will touch the audience and it will make them see the injustices that are being done in the prison system. In the end, this film is great because it is a reflection of how the human race views this issue, and it is a great idea to share this with the general public. This documentary will open the eyes of the general public, and hopefully the prison system will change their ways and give people a better understanding of the real problem. I highly recommend this film, but I also strongly advise that you stay clear of the media at all costs because it is filled with lies and misinformation.

Roger photo

I am a recent graduate of the University of Toronto and was lucky enough to see this documentary at the Toronto Film Festival. I was completely blown away. The film tells the story of one woman who was the victim of a horrific rape by a stranger, and the tragedy that followed. It is a very intimate look into the woman's life, the rape and the recovery. The film makes the point that rape is not a one-off event, but rather a recurring cycle that is often a part of the lives of women. This is not a "one-off" event, but rather a regular occurrence in the lives of many women. The film is very powerful, and it is a great insight into the lives of many women who have experienced this type of incident. This is a film that I would recommend to anyone. The film is incredibly well-done and is very powerful. I highly recommend it.

Henry F. photo
Henry F.

Another great documentary about cancer and the challenges it brings to the survivors. Unfortunately the film starts off a bit slow and takes a while to get to the point. However it picks up and it's a great documentary about the people and the disease that is causing them to die and this can't be good.

Gary Porter photo
Gary Porter

Filmed in black and white, without any music, words or any special effects, this film is a classic. It's sad to say that we will never see another film like it again. It's a heart-wrenching film, about a family who have endured unimaginable pain for years. The fact that this film was made is a miracle. After all, this film is a work of art. It's a simple film, that is beautiful to watch, with the beauty of the American landscape and the incredible story of how a family is torn apart by life's hardships. It's a film that cannot be ignored, it must be seen, and loved. This is a must see film.

Bruce photo

To tell you the truth I was hesitant about seeing this film, but when I saw it I was blown away. This is a story of a man who took his own life. It's a story of a man who felt alone and had no one to turn to for help. I was shocked to learn that he had no support system. I think it's a story that all of us should be able to relate to, if we are able to get through a crisis. The man in the film is shown as a very weak and depressed man. He has no friends and no family, and he was in a position of needing help. It's very clear that he needed help and that he was just not ready for it. I thought the film was very moving and very inspirational. The film also gave a very clear view of how the lack of a support system can affect someone's life and lead them to suicide. It showed the impact of this lack of a support system on the man and the woman he had a relationship with. I would recommend this film to anyone who is going through a crisis and wants to know more about how to cope with a crisis.

Dennis S. photo
Dennis S.

When the world's eyes are turned towards the troubled countries of the Middle East, the West has an obligation to provide aid and shelter to the innocent. Yet this film takes a critical look at how we are doing this. From the perspective of the individual. The film is a combination of interviews with women from Syria and Iraq, and it is very well done. It is also very effective in showing the impact that the war has had on the lives of the women. Many of the women are just as devastated as the men are. This film is a must see for anyone interested in the world's refugee crisis.

Lawrence Taylor photo
Lawrence Taylor

This is a remarkable film, to be sure. As a British film maker, I found it to be far more sympathetic than I had expected. The depiction of the differences between the British and Irish people is beautifully done. At the time, many of the Brits were very much in love with the Irish, and the film captures that. As to the Irish, the film seems to show them to be some of the most intelligent, intelligent people that ever lived. Some have argued that they have never done anything that any Brits couldn't do, and this is true. However, this movie also shows how their lives were completely different. They were different from the Brits, in many ways, in every way. They were able to dream and create. They were able to make things, and live a life. It was a unique time, and for some, it was even better than the time that we Americans were living at that time. The Irish were able to dream and create, and their life was unique. There was no way that any Brits could have lived this way, and this movie shows the British way of life. I do not like to compare people, but the movie has some excellent interviews with both Brits and Irish, and the Brits and Irish have a great chemistry, so that makes it more enjoyable for those who know about the other culture. I highly recommend this film, as it shows the beauty of both cultures, and how they were able to combine their different life styles, and even the differences between them. I think that the people who want to see this film, should not look at it as a comparison of the two cultures, but rather, as a comparison of how different the Brits and Irish are. I am glad that I saw this film.

Elizabeth S. photo
Elizabeth S.

I was very impressed with this film. I am a little hesitant to put it on the same level as the Pulitzer Prize winning stories, but I think this film is really great. The story of the American Indian is just as interesting as the story of the Jewish Holocaust. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to see a documentary that has a message. This film has a message that I personally believe is the most important message I have ever seen. My favorite part of the film was the little girl's story, which really touched my heart. She was a very brave little girl who overcame all the odds. The people who made this film are real heroes. There are no stereotypes. They showed the good, the bad, and the ugly of the American Indian. This film is definitely worth the watch.

Kathryn photo

I watched this movie after reading a review about it in the newspaper. I didn't know it was made by Spike Lee but I was expecting a different movie. I was pleasantly surprised. This is a very moving movie. It tells the story of an immigrant family who is in the middle of a battle to stay in their home in Chicago. When I first saw this movie, I was very upset. I felt that the movie was trying to be a love story but it was very hard to watch because I felt the movie was not done right. The movie changed my mind about Spike Lee. I was very happy to see him speak and work with so many different people. I loved the part when he spoke to his family. I was amazed by the stories that were told about his father. The mother was the greatest and she made me cry. It made me realize that she really cared about her children and she always did what she could to help them. I was very impressed by the acting in this movie. They were all excellent. It was so touching that the mother, played by Patricia Arquette, would take her children to the bus station every day and she would stop at a bus stop and pray for her children. It was so sad that this woman, who I knew nothing about, would go to the bus station and pray for her children. I cried a lot during this movie. I felt that it was very real. This movie really changed my mind about Spike Lee. I was very happy that he did a wonderful job at bringing this story to life.

Keith M. photo
Keith M.

As far as i know, this film has never been shown in Belgium and i would like to know if this is true. One of the best documentaries i have ever seen!

Christopher Tucker photo
Christopher Tucker

This is a film that is hard to watch. At first, I thought it was going to be a doc on the dangers of taking drugs, but it turned out to be a biopic on drug users. I found it very informative and I found myself rooting for the characters. But, the thing is, it's not just a movie about drug use, it's also a movie about how people will do whatever it takes to get what they want. If you can make yourself watch this, I think you'll understand that it's not just a movie about drug use, it's a movie about how people will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Jane C. photo
Jane C.

I am not a fan of the current crop of documentaries, and I have never seen a documentary that I did not like. This one, however, is the exception. It is a truly remarkable and thought-provoking film. I found it a lot more realistic and believable than most of the other documentaries that I have seen. It is not a documentary that you can just go and watch, but rather one that you must watch several times, as you see different aspects of the story, different perspectives, different points of view, and different approaches to the same subject. The film is a great example of how to tell a story, and how to tell it in a way that is not preachy or too much. I am not a big fan of documentaries, but this one is very good.

Linda J. photo
Linda J.

I saw this film at the Sundance film festival and loved it. It was funny, touching, and very original. I am so glad that Sundance had the guts to showcase this film and it was one of the best films they screened at the festival. You will see some amazing film-making, but the bottom line is this film will change your life. It is an honest look at how our society treats the mentally ill. It is about a man who spent his life trying to "break the ice" with a woman who he barely knew. It's about a man who used alcohol to numb the pain of his wife's death. It is about the cost of addiction to our society. It is a documentary that will leave you thinking about it for a long time. One of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time.

Christopher Murphy photo
Christopher Murphy

I watched the movie with my family and I have to say that it was very good. I did not understand why this movie was such a big hit. I think that it is because of the great nature and the scenes which are very shocking. If you like movies like "Deep Blue Sea" or "Hannibal" you will like this movie. I liked the scene where Will sees his dead wife in a mirror and he is thinking of her. He also likes to see his dead sister in the mirror, because it is funny. It is a movie which makes you think a lot about death and how it can affect the people. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Samantha Sanders photo
Samantha Sanders

Before watching this movie, I had no idea what to expect. The fact that they were also living in a homeless shelter gave me some idea. But I had never heard of the 2 boys who were living in the shelter. So when I saw this movie I was prepared for something else than what I got. This movie was extremely sad. I could tell from the beginning that it would be emotionally disturbing. I didn't expect this. I expected a movie that I could laugh about, because that's what I like about this movie. I also didn't expect to be so moved by this movie. This movie was a tear jerker. I couldn't watch it. I couldn't talk to my husband. I couldn't get out of the house. The last 10 minutes of the movie were the most painful I've ever been through. It made me cry so much. I don't even remember the last few minutes. I just got back from the theater and my husband and I were crying so hard that we needed to go back in and watch the rest of the movie. The director did a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere of that time period. The scenes that were filmed in the shelter were very realistic. I had never heard of the war on Iraq before watching this movie, but I realized that I have now. This is one of the most moving movies I've ever seen. It made me cry and laugh so hard I couldn't control myself. I had to leave the theater. My husband was like, "Let's go!" The only thing that could make me stay in the theater for another hour and a half was if I had to leave the theater to go buy some Kleenex. This movie is for everyone. I think everyone should watch it. If you haven't seen this movie, I strongly recommend it.

Nicole Davidson photo
Nicole Davidson

I love life! I am a lot of fun and love to be in the moment. I love the sounds of music and the ability to enjoy them. I love all of the colors of the rainbow and the ability to embrace them and enjoy them. This documentary is about all of the beauty of life. There is the ability to be very creative, to do whatever you want, and to do it completely outside of your normal circumstances. I love that feeling. This film is for anyone who has a beautiful life, and who wants to know more. I know it sounds cliche, but this film is about beauty, and I love it. It is beautiful to be the one who loves you, and that is the essence of life. I will never be able to give you all of my power, but I will give you all of my love, and I will be just as happy as I was the day I first saw your face.

Anthony photo

I thought I would try to write a review about this film, because it was so good. But I just couldn't, I just couldn't say anything about this film. I was stunned by the depth of this documentary, as well as the beauty of the images and the experience of this incredible woman's life. If you don't know who she is, if you have never met her, you really should watch this movie. It is very well filmed, very well produced, and very well written. For me, I am not one of those people who can relate to the stories of other women, so I had to figure out why this woman was so important and interesting. It is a very powerful film, but also very easy to watch. But I am so glad I watched it, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in life, women, love, and creativity. I give it 10/10.

Janet H. photo
Janet H.

It's been a long time since I have watched a documentary. The "life" of a "genius" is the most interesting thing about any film. I saw this film with my two younger children and they were both impressed with the story. However, I think the amount of time that was spent on the children's appearance, the music, and the look of the family is misleading. I think that, if you are not a parent, you would not be able to understand what is going on. We were sitting next to each other during the film and I could not understand what was going on. All in all, the story of genius is fascinating but I think it would be a little better if the focus was on the family and how their lives have changed. It's not about the genius, it's about the family.

Donald M. photo
Donald M.

I am not surprised that the film was nominated for an Oscar. All the details were great. The only real disappointment was that I was only watching one piece of the movie. I would have preferred to have seen the complete story, because then I could have been able to see the balance between the freedom of the film maker and the freedom of the subjects, and this would have made it a more entertaining film.

Lawrence S. photo
Lawrence S.

This is a great documentary about the nature of childhood trauma. While it is hard to go through as a child, being abused, beaten, raped, etc. with no relief. There are many things that we take for granted and are forgotten about after we have grown up. This film is a visual testament to what it was like for these children. If you are looking for something on the psychological side of things, I recommend "A Woman Under the Influence" by Ann Radloff. It's a very powerful film and I highly recommend it.

Steven May photo
Steven May

I really enjoyed this movie. The subject of the film was difficult to follow, and I think that probably contributed to the length of the film, but it was interesting. The film would have been better if I'd read the book first. It's a bit sad, but at the same time it's an inspiring film. I really think the film should be available on DVD. You can still see a lot of the film that you can't see in the book, but I think the movie would have benefited from more information about the book.

Juan Fowler photo
Juan Fowler

Cute, funny, insightful. This movie is not just for women. Although the movie is about a man's story, it is not just about men's stories, it is about all men's stories. It is about male privilege, male pain, male sexuality, male masculinity, male guilt, male need, male shame, male suicide, male frustration. There is an underlying theme of love and self-acceptance in all these stories. The film is loaded with wonderful performances by some great male actors. And the editing and cinematography are also excellent. But what is most impressive is how these men, in all their story-telling, all in their pain and in their joy, all in their ability to tell a story with truth, with empathy, with dignity, with love, with self-acceptance, with compassion, with humor, with wisdom, with love. all in one beautiful, powerful film. Very well done. There are many other very fine works by this great team, including films from "Show Me Love" and "Autumn in New York."

Craig W. photo
Craig W.

I first saw this film at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival and was blown away by the courage it took to film this story. The film takes us on a journey of a single mother's journey from a hardscrabble upbringing to becoming a single mother herself. The film is beautifully shot and shot beautifully. The performances are fantastic. It is very moving and a must see for all who are parents and those who care about single mothers. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever known a single mother or has been a single mother. It will change your life and you will want to go back and see it again and again. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Russell G. photo
Russell G.

The film is made by a man who suffers from a rare and rare disease that is found in only 2,000 people in the world. But there is hope for people living with the disease. The film is very powerful and does an excellent job of showing the personal and cultural impact the disease has on the people living with it. You get to know the people on both sides of the story and the impact they are having on their family and their communities. The story is compelling and heartbreaking and you can tell that the people who do live with the disease feel a huge amount of guilt and responsibility for the disease. The medical people at the conference gave very interesting and informative presentations about their disease. The biggest lesson the audience should take from the film is to know the facts. There is information about the medical research that has been done about the disease. There is information about how some individuals have lived with the disease. There is information about what the treatments are doing for the people living with the disease. It is important to know that these treatments have not been approved by the FDA and that some of these treatments are not safe or effective. Also, the information about the financial resources and the funding for the research is important because it shows that there is a lot of money that is being spent on medical research and that these treatments are being researched and have not been approved by the FDA. You will learn the history of the disease, the medical research, the people involved in the research and the people who are trying to find a cure. You will learn how some people live with the disease and others are living without the disease. You will learn how the disease is passed from one person to the next. You will learn how to live with the disease. This film is an excellent and entertaining film for people who are interested in health and disease.

Jane Cox photo
Jane Cox

Many people have written comments on this film that are very short and overly technical. I agree. This is a technical documentary. There's a certain elegance and technique to it that is appropriate for the subject. It's just the only way it could be. But I think some people misunderstand it and they think it's a highbrow artsy-fartsy film about a highbrow artsy-fartsy subject. It's not. It's more of a personal experience, and a very personal experience with a very personal subject. I hope some of you find the film enjoyable and I hope some of you can connect with it and gain from it.

George Alvarez photo
George Alvarez

This movie is a wonderful and enlightening documentary about how men can be and sometimes are maladjusted and their male behavior is often the cause of their problems. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen about the male condition. An insight into the dark side of male nature and a tour de force of a documentary. A true documentary. A must see for everyone.

Gary Robinson photo
Gary Robinson

I really loved this movie. It was really inspirational, and I was touched by the end of the movie. The director was very upfront about what he did and the people that he affected, and it was very well done. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that touch you and make you think. The movie will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you think about the things you thought about yourself, but you never really had a chance to. And it will make you think about all the things that matter most in life. I'm so glad that I saw it, and it made me feel so good. It was very well done, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Philip George photo
Philip George

I really enjoyed this film. It was a great story about the struggle of the poor and the powerful. I really liked the way that it was told, and I thought that the acting was very good. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a chance to see it. I would also like to see the director's other films, because they are very good. I hope that he gets the chance to make more films.

Lauren photo

I think the movie was pretty accurate about the feelings of people who have lost a child. It was also very moving, and made me think about how I felt. I also think it was very entertaining. The people who made this movie were very well chosen to be the parents of the children who lost their lives. I think the movie was very realistic and realistic about the feelings of the parents. I think it was very well done, and I think it is a very good movie.

Carol C. photo
Carol C.

The Disintegration of British Piedmont is the ultimate study of the evolution of British socialism. This film was directed by Michael Moore and based on his autobiography, A Time to Kill. The film explores the rise of Nazism in Britain and the fallout that followed the brutal bombing of Dresden. It is very informative, a must see for all. The film tells the story of Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine in the 1920s. Churchill and his wife have five children, two sons and two daughters. One son is Adolf Hitler. The other son is Oliver who is a famous political scientist. The children are known as the "three lions." Each has a different political ideology. The youngest son has always been a socialist, but he comes to the conclusion that his beliefs are far too utopian and is interested in studying the political system in Europe. The middle son is interested in the military and is not afraid to criticize the government. The youngest daughter is interested in fashion and has her own fashion show. The oldest son is an uneducated and idealistic young man who has always been more interested in political ideas than the military. In the end, there is no doubt that the youngest son is a Hitler follower. The film explains the motivations of the three lions. The documentary shows clips from the films and talks about the influence of their father and grandfathers. It also shows clips from the films from both sides. The film also shows clips from the literature on the politics of the time, the speeches of Winston Churchill and Clementine, and Hitler's speeches. It is very informative and goes into the social and political beliefs of the world at the time. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the political side of the 20th century.

Bobby P. photo
Bobby P.

What a terrific documentary. I had no idea the real purpose of their existence. I had not known that the girls had to wait to have the operation until they had the permission from the girls' families to have their organs transplanted. I was amazed to see how real they were. I'm surprised at the 8 stars given to the documentary. It does not portray the girls as good children. The operation itself, however, was very painful, and it was not always a fun experience. But the girls did not feel like they had to use their voices to make their feelings known. They were able to let their voices and their thoughts speak for themselves. They did not feel they had to be used. I recommend this film to all who want to learn more about the reality of organ donation and organ recipients. I think that the actors in the film have done an excellent job of showing the pain of having to wait and the embarrassment of having to go through a procedure. It is heartbreaking to have to wait and have your body not come back in perfect condition, but it is not the worst thing that could happen to you.

Eugene J. photo
Eugene J.

This movie really hits home, it made me feel and think and it made me laugh and cry. This movie is a big block buster. But most of all, it is an awesome eye opener to women, or at least for men, about the price of virginity, and the impact it has on our lives. I think women are more sensitive to this subject matter, I mean, I don't know why but women seem to have a stronger need for women. I think this movie really speaks to women in a very powerful way. This is an awesome movie, watch it and think, and then watch it again and think again. It is a great story, a great movie. And I can't wait for the sequel. 9/10.