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Les misérables is a movie starring Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, and Djebril Zonga. A cop from the provinces moves to Paris to join the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montfermeil, discovering an underworld where the tensions between the...

Other Titles
De elendige, 'Alouvai Ha'Kha'yim, Nyomorultak, I miserabili, Os Miseráveis, レ・ミゼラブル, Οι Άθλιοι, Jadnici, Sefiller, Nędznicy, Die Wütenden - Les Misérables, Les Misérables, 悲慘世界, Die Wütenden - Les misérables, Nožēlojamie, Los miserables
Running Time
1 hours 44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Thriller, Crime
Ladj Ly
Giordano Gederlini, Ladj Ly, Alexis Manenti
Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, Issa Perica, Djebril Zonga
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Assigned to work alongside unethical police veterans Chris (Alexis Manenti) and Gwada (Djebril Zonga) in Paris' Anti-Crime Brigade, Brigadier Stéphane Ruiz (Damien Bonnard) - a recent transplant to the working-class suburb of Montfermeil, where Victor Hugo wrote his famous novel Les Misérables - struggles to establish a working relationship with influential community leaders while attempting to maintain some semblance of peace between his disreputable team and the citizens of the local housing projects. When what should be a simple arrest goes tragically awry, the three officers must individually reconcile with the aftermath of their actions while angling to keep the neighborhood from retaliating with mob violence. Beginning as a Cesar-winning short film, the film was inspired by the 2005 riots in Paris. It was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize (in a tie with BACURAU) and was selected as France's entry for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.

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Michael D. photo
Michael D.

I've seen the book a few times and I love it. This movie is more like an adaptation of the book. The difference is that the book is more about a family and the characters are more real. It's more dramatic. The movie also has a lot of great action scenes. I think it was better because the director gave them a more graphic version. All in all it's a great movie. If you have seen the book, then you will love the movie. If you haven't read the book you will be amazed. You will laugh, cry and you will learn a lot. The director does a great job and the actors did a great job with their parts. The actors were perfect for their roles and the book was well written.

Amanda photo

the musical version of "moulin rouge" which was shown in my theater was a great success. the film is an excellent adaptation of the book, with the exception of the last 5 minutes, which are not in the book. there were a few changes from the book which were somewhat necessary for the film to be approved by the MPAA. a must see.

Theresa Ryan photo
Theresa Ryan

I have to admit, I watched the original movie after seeing the remake and I must say, that this movie is even better. The only difference is that the remake was shown with the original music, and that is what I would recommend for the original version. The way that the story is told is just as amazing as the original. I mean, if you haven't seen the original, then you're missing out on a lot of the "magic" of the movie. It's amazing to think that this movie was made in 1990, and that this movie is still going strong 20 years later. I think that this movie is just as good as the original and I recommend that you watch it. This is the one movie that I would recommend that you do not see if you haven't seen the original.

Nancy photo

I saw this movie and was surprised how good it was. The acting was excellent, especially from Vincent Cassel. I thought that he gave one of the best performances of his career. This movie is a great piece of cinema. It is beautiful to look at, and it has a great soundtrack. If you don't like movies with a message, and want a movie with great action and special effects, then you will probably not like this one. It has great special effects, as well as a great story. If you don't like a movie that is dark and sad, then this is not the movie for you.

Susan M. photo
Susan M.

A perfect movie to watch when you are on vacation, can't choose something else. This movie is about a man that decides to leave his wife, the daughter, his friends and even his family because he is crazy about a woman that he has fallen in love with, an innocent, very sweet, innocent woman. The story line is very well done and it keeps you guessing till the end. The acting is great. I could watch this movie over and over again. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that wants to be scared and feels sad.

Kathryn photo

In my opinion this film is the best movie to come out of the French film industry in the last ten years. It is not a documentary. It is not a historical drama. It is a thrilling, violent and fast-paced thrill ride. It is a French film that the rest of the world should be reminded of.

Harold G. photo
Harold G.

I have never really been interested in watching Hollywood movies before but my girlfriend encouraged me to watch this one, she said it was a good movie. I went with her because I am an obsessive fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme, I am also a huge fan of Guillaume Canet's work. I was not disappointed, it was a good movie, with a great cast, great story, great music, great direction, great actors. This movie is not for everyone, it is a very dark story that is full of violence, torture, and emotion, but it is a very good movie. Jean-Claude Van Damme is in his prime here, his work is great here, he is a good actor, the acting is very good, he does a great job, but his body and his face are very bad, which makes him look very bad. This is very bad, but it is not that bad, but his acting is not that good. This is one of the best movies I have seen this year, and it is very good movie.