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Generation Wealth

Generation Wealth is a movie starring Lauren Greenfield, Bret Easton Ellis, and Paris Cronin. A documentary that investigates the pathologies that have created the richest society the world has ever seen.

Other Titles
Wealth: The Influence of Affluence, Besatta av rikedom, ジェネレーション・ウェルス, Generation Wealth - Der Preis des amerikanischen Traums, A geração da riqueza, Pokolenie pieniadza, Generación riqueza, Den superrige generation
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1 hours 45 minutes
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Lauren Greenfield
Lauren Greenfield
Bret Easton Ellis, Paris Cronin, Mijanou, Lauren Greenfield
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A documentary that investigates the pathologies that have created the richest society the world has ever seen.

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Emma M. photo
Emma M.

This movie has been out for a long time, and I thought it was well worth the wait. It is a well-made film, well-written, well-directed, and it's a true representation of what it is like to be a young person in the early 1990s. The director, Tom Wessl, has done a very good job at telling a story that is interesting, and one that is not too over-the-top. This is the type of movie that will stick with you for a long time. The people who made this movie have done a great job, and I hope that everyone involved in making this film has a great time.

Edward Patterson photo
Edward Patterson

I'm not a great fan of the music industry, but I really enjoyed this documentary. It's a well-done look at the history of the music business, and it's fascinating to see the culture of music from the standpoint of a music-obsessed country. The film also looks at the industry in a more contemporary way, and the documentary has some really good, funny, and interesting interviews. I thought the film was very well done and very interesting. It's a bit long, but the documentary itself is very interesting. I'd definitely recommend this documentary.

Cheryl Weaver photo
Cheryl Weaver

This is the most important documentary I have ever seen. It takes a story that is supposed to be a revelation, and then shows it from the perspective of the average person. The documentary is incredibly well done, and the content is so unique, it is truly amazing. This is an incredibly important story and one that I will never forget. It is truly a powerful and powerful film. I recommend it highly to everyone. It is a very important story and I hope you will watch it. I hope you learn something from it. I hope you will leave the movie theater with something you can talk about for days after.

Donald Clark photo
Donald Clark

I attended the screening and immediately sat down at the other end of the theater and made my way down to the front row to watch it. I could not have been more pleased with this film. It was extremely funny and extremely moving. The movie could have easily been a boring movie for the audience, but instead it was a captivating, informative, and inspiring movie. I can not say enough good things about this movie. Although this movie has a predictable storyline, I believe it will draw you in and it is certainly not a film you are going to find predictable. I do believe that the story line would have gotten boring to the audience if it was not so funny and captivating. I can not wait to see it again and I do believe it will make a great sequel to it. The film can not only make you laugh but also tell a story. One thing that really stood out for me in this movie was the references to real life and what is happening in the world today.

Samuel F. photo
Samuel F.

I can't believe how people find the title to be offensive. I mean, "generation wealth" isn't that offensive, so what is it. I just happened to see it and I thought it was very nice. I was thinking how they didn't have much to work with in this film and that I didn't know many people in this country were still millionaires. I think most of the movie is focused on what people are really doing and not where they're from, what's their personal story, what their motivation is. There's some criticism in this film about those who are still in the game and what they need to do to become millionaires, but there's no one like that. They're good people, they're really just doing what they have to do to make their money, and have it as a source of happiness and health. And, the film is full of positives. There are some of the comments about the problems with capitalism, but I think the negative comments are taken out of context, so take them for what they are: ideas. As a matter of fact, I just watched a recent documentary on two economists from the U.S. who are struggling to become millionaires. They're not in business, they're not making millions of dollars, but they've got some of the ideas behind making money. They can't seem to get these ideas out of their heads, but if they knew how to take their ideas, they could make millions. And this film is full of positive comments on these ideas. If you go to watch it, take it for what it is, like the documentary. But please don't compare it to the Hollywood one, because it's very different and it should be viewed as such.

Jean D. photo
Jean D.

This is the first feature film to be released by Los Angeles-based The Factory, and one of the most insightful film-related documentaries ever produced. With this, the filmmakers have made a documentary that both engages the audience and pushes them to make choices they would otherwise not have made, just to show them the impact of these choices on their own lives. Director, producer and Director of Photography Josh Galloway has never had such a hard time getting this documentary released to the public. The only way to understand it is to watch it, and seeing it is hard work! The film follows the financial struggles of six characters over the course of four years, but they are not alone in their struggle. Rather, it is a group of friends that live the struggles of these six, who in turn reflect the impact their struggles have on their own lives. These friends are often referred to as the "Rich Mob", but it is the opposite. The actual "Rich Mob" is made up of people like them, and not everyone in the group is "rich". They live in a filthy, very expensive apartment. They are in debt. Their spouses are making most of their money for them, rather than out of love. They have children and/or grandchildren that they have never had, and their relationships with their children and grandchildren are all the more strained by the fact that they are now in a series of nasty, bitter custody battles. The last thing these people need is the world to know that they are 'rich'. These people are "poor" because they are far from "rich". The film will make people think about their own financial situations, and perhaps learn something about themselves. Some of the other things that will come out of the film are the impact of this family's income disparity on the parents, the impact of divorce on their children, and the effects of youth poverty on the children of the parents. The production of this film is phenomenal. The cinematography is excellent, the editing is top-notch, and the cast is just great. This is the first film from The Factory, and I am so proud to say that we have had some of the best art in the world produced in L.A. The footage is gorgeous and in many cases takes us back in time, as we are introduced to the families, or interviews with their respective children. These stories are all interesting, because we know that we can learn something new about how people get by. All of these people are good people, and they are going to make other good people for many many years to come. The director and producer have the support of friends and family to help them along the way. This film is not just for people that are "rich". There are many stories in the film, and the truth will make you feel something. There is much, much more that you can learn about this film from the website at This is an amazing film that will make you think about how you can make choices that will affect the people around you, and have more of an impact on your own life. You don't have to be rich, but you do have to be wealthy enough to care about the people around you. This is truly a movie you will want to

Brenda Black photo
Brenda Black

This is the most comprehensive and insightful look at the wealth inequality problem in the United States, and it's the most honest and comprehensive look we have ever had at the issue. This is a movie that should be seen by anyone who has an interest in the issue, because it's an honest look at the problems and the solutions. It's an eye-opening movie that will leave you with a sense of hope and a sense of how much we can do to help solve the problem of income inequality. I was really impressed with this movie. It's a movie that needs to be seen by every American, and it's one that needs to be seen by everyone.

Hannah photo

After reading some of the reviews here, I was afraid the documentary might not be entertaining or too original. Then I realized I had a pretty good understanding of the story and what really happened. So I guess I have a strong bias here. It was so beautifully done, I felt like I was in the room with all of the people involved. Many of the other reviewers have tried to explain the story, and I have tried to give an overview, but then there's a lot more going on. The part I found most captivating was the final 5 minutes or so. I was watching this and I was genuinely touched and teary eyed. I can't describe it in words. But I think it was true to the whole story. This movie is not trying to be too smart and clever. It was trying to be simple and to tell a story in a simple and direct way. The ending was perfect, with one of the most moving and meaningful endings I have ever seen in a documentary. The people involved in the story are really sincere and passionate about telling their story, and I can't imagine anyone doing anything differently.

Catherine photo

I watched this on HBO this evening and it was one of the most inspirational and powerful documentaries I have ever seen. It hit a nerve with me because the movie was made by the late great Jim Rickards, a friend of mine. I first heard of this documentary in the early 90's. Back then I was working for a major high-end jewelry company. When I first heard about this documentary I was excited about it. It really hit a nerve in my gut and I remember telling my boss about it. He told me to ignore it, to stop researching and to just get over it. I did what he said and went to bed. I never heard back from him again. In my mind I was not going to give this documentary a second thought. Two weeks later I was at the movies and I finally had to see this movie. I was so happy to see that it was a great movie, great acting, and great directing. I felt I was watching an authentic documentary. I decided to rent the DVD and I watched it right away. I am so glad I saw it. There were some parts in this movie that made me laugh and cry. It was a good, honest, and realistic story that was very uplifting. I think everyone needs to see this film. It is really worth seeing. Everyone should see it. Jim Rickards should be given an award for his acting skills. He was truly incredible.

Howard Cox photo
Howard Cox

Excellent documentary. There are many reasons for wealth. The documentary does not feel like one of those people leaving "their" reality. It looks like a person trying to connect with and understand his/her "own" life. No one can be "rich" in this world and just try to be rich. The documentary is very good, at some points a bit dry. And some parts are difficult to understand but the documentary overall is very very good and should be seen by all.

William Valdez photo
William Valdez

I went into this documentary blind, and just like I thought, this would be a pretty bad film. I left the movie theater not caring about what I had just seen, it was just amazing. This documentary has provided me with a lot of new ideas, and I am so grateful for seeing this on screen. My fiance and I are thinking about going to a second viewing of this film, it is such a powerful and powerful message. For a documentary to have such a profound impact on me was extremely rewarding. I would encourage everyone to see this film. I don't want to give away anything to spoil the film for you, but it is truly an amazing documentary. I think all people need to see this film. If you are interested in learning more about the financial system, or just an emotional documentary, you need to watch this film. I think that people need to be educated about the system, about what is happening, and just see this film. We need to help create a new generation of selfless, caring, and passionate citizens, who will lead our country into a brighter future. This movie was truly amazing and amazing. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the next movie, and thank you for this one.

Sarah T. photo
Sarah T.

I am a fan of the original Star Wars movie. It was a huge cinematic achievement. I was introduced to this movie when I was a very young child, around 7 or 8 years old. The beginning of the film sets up the story and the characters as the original trilogy. The acting is outstanding and the special effects are amazing. I believe that George Lucas, the director of the original trilogy, should have directed the other three installments of the original trilogy as well. This film has a message that has never been seen before, and is hard to forget. The only negative aspect of this film is the lack of character development in the second installment. I believe that is was planned before the film was released, but was executed badly in that regard. The first movie had a very good, well written script and all the other movies have good characters. I believe that if George Lucas directed the other three movies, he would have been able to maintain the level of quality of the first three. The movie shows what the original trilogy was about and what it did to change the lives of many. Overall, I believe this film is a great piece of cinema. I think that people who had not seen this film before, should see it. If you haven't seen it, go see it, it is a must see.

Cynthia photo

This is a fabulous documentary and I think I will go watch it again. It is a very well-made, extremely well-made film, with many examples of very well-crafted footage. I was particularly impressed with the footage of people talking about the effects of global warming on their daily lives. I was particularly struck by the footage of the "Delhi Rise" demonstrations in India, which was the first demonstration of the sort in India to have taken place in over ten years. It is not only the sheer quantity of images that makes this movie so valuable: it is the way the film's makers have blended them together and juxtaposed them with the way they relate to them. In particular, there is a wealth of images of children in Bangladesh whom the film was able to use to create a world-view, and make you care for them. Other countries featured in the film include France, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and the United States. I was particularly struck by the images of German adults looking at themselves in the mirror, while they talked about the imminent, catastrophic effects of global warming and what they could do about it. It is not only a fine example of film-making that is creative and well done, but it is a fine example of film-making about a topic that is very important and very timely. I am sure it is not only because of the seriousness of the topic that the filmmakers chose to make this film: it is also because of the very important and very timely theme of the film that was showcased, that the film was able to generate such powerful images. In fact, I find it hard to believe that this film was not made by someone who was passionate about the topic of global warming and its effects on the planet, especially considering the issue's wide spread popularity. Although, there are many directors and films out there that are "fine-tuned" about the topic of global warming, this film was the first to bring the issue to a whole new audience. The fact that this film, so far, has received very few awards from various categories, shows the strength of the film. The film is very well made, and I recommend it to anyone who likes documentary films about the effects of global warming.

Tyler Silva photo
Tyler Silva

I never thought I would watch this movie, but I am glad I did. I have enjoyed this movie for a while now. I am only 21 years old, but I've heard about the family history. I was going to get something to read on, but the movie wasn't available. This movie has a great message, and shows how some people's lives have been changed due to money. I really liked this movie.

Donald P. photo
Donald P.

My friends and I have been asking this question of each other for years. How can someone be part of this country who is proud of his heritage, his country, and of his tribe? And what about his people? How can he be so blinded and ignorant? One of our closest family was on the front lines of the civil war. It seemed to me that he did not know the difference between democracy and democracy under the sword, between self-government and servitude. I am from the Dakota Indian reservation, in North Dakota, in the northwest part of the United States, and I know for a fact that we have many white supremacists and people who worship the KKK, who believe that it is good to be a slave and who will do anything to maintain that status. And we do not have any leaders who believe in the equality of all men. It is easy to say that we don't have any leaders who believe in equality. They could be "free" men who believe in the rights of all men and are opposed to equality. But I do not believe in that type of leadership. The way we live is based on our roots and on the ways in which we have lived with our people. If we lost our roots, if we moved away from our people, if we became impoverished, if we lost the way in which we have lived with our people, I believe that many of our people would be moved to do bad things. And I would think that many of our people would do good things. When we are with our people, we respect them and are not afraid of them. We listen and we listen and we listen to them. We listen to them when they speak and when they tell us the truth. We listen when they are angry and we are not afraid to listen. And our people do not believe in dishonesty, but we do. And the more we learn to listen and to listen to our people and to our people listen, the more we will be able to protect our people and to protect our people from tyranny. That is what makes us Americans, is that we respect our people. And we have kept the balance, the balance of our people's rights and their rights. I was interested in what this documentary was about because I am interested in Native American history and culture, and I am interested in our people. This documentary was great and I encourage everyone to see it, and to take an interest in our history and our people.

Emma R. photo
Emma R.

Although I am not an idealist, the news of how the corporations have made their money out of the state's decrepit infrastructure through the exploitation of people and animals is an absolutely stunning indictment of the evil of wealth. The last person I heard say that with any certainty was Albert Einstein. As soon as I saw the documentary I started to understand the many ways that corporations have been violating the public's basic rights. This is a well done documentary, which speaks to the utter hypocrisy of the people who sit in judgment. As people like Walt Disney and the Walt Disney company could have stood up against what is wrong with the world and profit, instead they cower in fear of being labeled "anti-capitalistic". If this was a movie, it would have been a minor failure, but as it is, it is a major disgrace to the 20th Century and has been very thoroughly reviewed by both the critics and the general public. In conclusion, the movie "This Planet" is not meant to glorify what is wrong with the world, it is to take a look at the hypocrisy and corruption of capitalism in general and to give the viewer an opportunity to analyze this issue in a more direct and honest manner. All in all, a must see.