Steam I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland

I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland

I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland is a movie starring John Rhys-Davies, Moe Dunford, and Toni O'Rourke. I AM PATRICK peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick. Through historical...

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I Am Patrick, I AM PATRICK
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1 hours 33 minutes
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Documentary, History, Biography, Adventure, Drama
Jarrod Anderson
Jarrod Anderson
John Rhys-Davies, Toni O'Rourke, Moe Dunford, Seán T. Ó Meallaigh
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I AM PATRICK peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick. Through historical re-enactments, expert interviews and Patrick's own writings, experience the journey from man to saint.

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Nancy photo

I've always enjoyed Irish movies (Belfast or even Ireland) so when I learned this one was on HBO I thought it was a perfect fit. With that said, I did want to watch this as I was able to see a similar Irish movie with my girlfriend. For the most part this film is interesting, but there is a lot of humor in this. One of the most enjoyable parts is when Patrick and the Black Watch are at the bar. Patrick is a hero because he is a hero. Patrick's fight against the Irish is like that of The Godfather. He fights to bring honor to his family, especially to his father. That's just a taste of what the humor is in this. I have to mention one thing that I really liked about this movie. One of the characters, The Black Watch, is named after the Black Eagles, a student of the Battle of the Boyne, a student who led the way. A reference to the epic battle that had so many casualties. I enjoyed this movie and I would recommend this to anyone. This movie is worth watching.

Timothy photo

I am a fan of Richard Gere and I was excited to see this movie because of the great reviews it had received. When I saw that it was a 10, I was almost in tears. There is a great deal of information that is not readily available for people outside of Ireland. The story is compelling and I was impressed with the direction and cinematography. I have been to Ireland many times and I have never before witnessed such a beautiful landscape and such a beautiful spirit. Many people have commented on how "shaky" it was, and that is true. I am not a camera operator and I am an avid traveler. I often wonder if I was being too tight in my seat, as the camera may have been shaking. The pacing was perfect and I felt that the director was not looking for action or a lot of physical contact. The story is very human and sensitive and is not to be taken too seriously. There were many moving scenes that I felt were very important to the story and I was moved. I can't imagine how much the director sacrificed on the production side to make this movie. I can't wait to see the DVD because I plan to buy it. To me it was a great movie because it is about a real person who has a gift of healing. There are many, many stories about saints and miracles but this story is one of love and forgiveness. It is not a movie about miracles or miracles but about love and forgiveness. Richard Gere gave an amazing performance. I think that everyone who sees this movie will enjoy it and I would encourage everyone to see it.

Eric photo

This is a great movie, and a very good one. It shows a very complex relationship between a drug addict and a recovering alcoholic. And the addict, though is trying to make up for his past mistakes, has a very dark side of his personality that can cause serious harm to a loved one. But in the end he goes through with his redemption. The reason this movie is so great is because it is a very good portrayal of the life of one Irish man who did not turn to drink and drugs. He really tried to turn his life around and took responsibility for his actions. But, in the end, he came back to the very same thing he had done before. I really loved the way the Irish were portrayed in this movie. The movie is very good because it is based on a true story. It shows the good that Ireland has to offer the world, and it gives a very clear picture of the human condition, of the good things and bad things that we can do to others and to ourselves. So watch this movie, and you will learn about the real life of a very complex human being who had no real future, and got a chance to turn his life around. I really hope that this movie gets some acclaim.

Gerald A. photo
Gerald A.

I was looking forward to this documentary as I was very interested in the work of Bernard Manning. His role in writing the novel 'The Spirit of St Patrick', about a different Irish-Catholic history and culture, had so much impact on me. The documentary was quite good and left a lot of questions unanswered, but there were also good parts that were good and good parts that were bad. A big question about this film, like many others, is about the ending. The film is very short and focused on the life of Bernard Manning, who, as the film points out, was always fighting to get more people to know about the Catholic Church and the history of Ireland. He was always the underdog, the one trying to keep his work from being banned, even when the Church was trying to censor it. He always got the Catholic Church to comply and sometimes, even if it was only in the smallest church, they would be happy to show the film. He was always the only one who did that, and when the film was finally released, it was when the Church was finally able to show it to the public. This was one of the more important moments in his life. This documentary is very good. It will definitely interest the Catholic Church as well as the Catholic education system, which had an almost complete blackout of this kind of information for many years. I hope this documentary will show people that, in fact, we all have the same mission and that we all have different roles in life, and that we all need to stand together for the good of humanity.

Bruce L. photo
Bruce L.

The director, Anthony Hopkins, has done a fantastic job capturing the atmosphere, the music, the actors, and the culture. The Irish people are portrayed in an amazing and authentic way, showing the real spirit of the people of Ireland. If you go to see this movie, you will find that the movie doesn't rely on special effects or shots, and it focuses on the spirit of the country, the people, and the history. The movie also doesn't use any acting techniques or dramatic moments. It focuses on the people and their spirits, and the story of the Patron Saint Patrick. The film starts with a slow-paced introduction of the Irish people, and it quickly shows the history of the people of Ireland and how the Patron Saint Patrick changed the lives of his people. It gives an insight on how the patron saint helped his people out of trouble and what his role in the history of Ireland. This is really cool, because the film doesn't rely on special effects, or special actors. It is a true history of the Patron Saint Patrick, showing the people's history and how he helped his people out of trouble. I also think that the acting is amazing, because the entire cast was amazing. I think that the real person who does the singing is amazing, and the characters and the people are incredible. You really feel for all the characters. There are a few scenes where there is a lot of darkness, and there is some strong language, and that can be off putting to some people, but I think that it adds to the atmosphere. Overall, the movie is great and I think it deserves more attention than it's getting.

Juan photo

I'm really amazed how this documentary turned out. It is quite simply amazing. I am a huge fan of the so-called Christian folk hero, the Irish patriot, the rugged lovable guy who always comes out on top, the all-American, and especially the hero, the perfect American. The film is the first non-fiction film to tackle the subject of Patrick's religious awakening. The film is very good. It is true that the film is a bit repetitive, because it does not really get into much detail of Patrick's life, but then, there is no point in filming him in the first place. We don't really need to know anything about him. His life is full of miracles, and this film really tells the story of that miracle. The film is very well done, and beautifully put together. If you don't know anything about Patrick, don't worry. I think the documentary is mostly for non-believers. It tells us the story of one of the most significant figures in Irish history, and it does so without proselytizing. It tells us about a man who didn't really believe in God, but, like all people, he was waiting for a miracle to come to his rescue. The film is a wonderful example of how to tell a story. It is a tribute to Patrick, but it is also a tribute to the filmmaker who has done so much with such a small budget. It is a great film. It is a testimony to the power of miracles and the power of one's faith.

Barbara photo

I am a Catholic and I have followed the life of Patrick O'Brian and his stories from the days of the Eisteddfod to the present day. This film is a must watch for all of the faithful. I do not like what the Republican party is doing to the Catholic Church and I see nothing but contempt in the Republicans attitude towards their Irish relatives. Please, as we go forward, let the republican party stay away from the Irish people, their country and their culture. The rest of the world needs to know about their struggle for a republic.

Victoria Wheeler photo
Victoria Wheeler

I'm never afraid to watch a documentary and I have to admit, this one isn't too bad. What happens in our country in the short time span of a week is mind blowing and I didn't think it was possible to capture that in a documentary. This is a beautifully shot documentary with interviews, it is quite insightful and if you're into history, it will leave you pleasantly surprised. This is a MUST WATCH for anyone who's ever been a foreigner in Ireland and I think it's an important documentary to have.

Stephanie R. photo
Stephanie R.

The movie chronicles the life of one of Ireland's greatest nationalists and the man behind the gun. The time spent on the making of a historical documentary is wonderful. Not only does the movie cover his life, but the camera captures the beauty and majesty of Ireland. I'm particularly impressed with how the camera is able to capture the Irish countryside without ever leaving the camera. I'm not going to give away the ending, but it is satisfying and one of the best endings in movie history. If you are into documentaries, I would highly recommend this movie.

Ann Kim photo
Ann Kim

The documentary on my favourite Irish band, FACT, is a great show and well worth a watch. When I first heard of this documentary, I thought it would be more of a biographical documentary of the band. However, once I got into the film, I realized it was more about how the band had changed the world for the better, or at least for the better in the eyes of people who knew the band. The documentary talks about the band's road to the success of their first album "F* Your Face" and the way the band handled the press. The documentary shows how they developed the song "This Time Around" and even goes as far as the band performing it in a concert. At the end of the documentary, they go as far as to say that the band changed the world, so that's a pretty big statement. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who likes rock music, but if you're looking for a biographical documentary on a band, this documentary is not for you. The documentary starts off with a great performance on stage, so it's great to see how the band first came to fame. I also really liked the fact that they talked about the band's highs and lows, the band's struggles and they even show interviews with people who played with the band. However, they didn't give any real stories on the band itself, but they did talk about some other people. So, if you're looking for a documentary about a band, I would recommend this documentary. It is a great show, but I wouldn't recommend it if you want to watch a biographical documentary on a band. It's a good show but not a great documentary. I give the documentary 8/10.

Tammy J. photo
Tammy J.

I am Patrick was a great documentary about one of Ireland's greatest heroes. It was very touching to hear from Patrick's family, friends, and even the missionaries who traveled to Ireland to save his life. His struggle to become a well respected member of society was also shown through his writings and stories. His struggles in seeking his fame and gaining respect for his church and his ministry were amazing. I love how the story of Patrick goes back to his childhood and how his devotion and love of God and for his church and ministry is shown in his writing and stories. The movie was so powerful and I highly recommend it.

Billy photo

This is the second time I have seen this movie. The first time was in 2000 and I enjoyed it very much. Now I am going to give it another try. As for the others who commented that it is a documentary, I would like to state that the movie is full of real interviews and personal testimonies. It is also very inspiring, as well as entertaining. The humor is mostly dark and the subjects are, obviously, very sensitive. The people in the film are both people who are very aware and, at the same time, people who are very aware and very funny. The most important thing about the film is that it is the same regardless of age, nationality or nationality. It is not a documentary for one group of people. It is a film for all. In order to understand the director, you have to know the history of Ireland. There are many people who can relate to what the director is trying to say, but to each person it may take a few minutes to understand what the director is trying to say. In the end, I will definitely recommend it to everyone who has not seen it already, and I will say that it is a must watch.