Steam La battaglia di Algeri

La battaglia di Algeri

La battaglia di Algeri is a movie starring Brahim Hadjadj, Jean Martin, and Yacef Saadi. In the 1950s, fear and violence escalate as the people of Algiers fight for independence from the French government.

Other Titles
Bătălia pentru Alger, Η μάχη του Αλγερίου, アルジェの戦い, La batalla de Argel, 阿爾及爾之戰, La bataille d'Alger, Schlacht um Algier, Taistelu Algerista, Slaget om Alger, I mahi tis Algerias, Maarakat madinat al Jazaer, Kampen om Algerie, Taistelu Algeriasta, Bitka o Alžír, Alžirska bitka, Nabard-e aljazeere, Bitka za Alžir, Az algíri csata, Aruje no Tatakai, La batalla de Argelia, Slaget om Algier, Cezayir Savaşı, Bitwa o Algier, A Batalha de Argel, De slag om Algiers, The Battle of Algiers, I mahi tou Algeriou, Ma'rakat aljazaer, Bitva o Alžír
Running Time
2 hours 1 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, War
Gillo Pontecorvo
Gillo Pontecorvo, Franco Solinas, Franco Solinas
Samia Kerbash, Yacef Saadi, Jean Martin, Brahim Hadjadj
Italy, Algeria
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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1954. France, after the independence of the nations comprising Indochina, turns its attention to incidents in French Algeria, which they have ruled for approximately one hundred thirty years. The National Liberation Front (FLN) is leading the resistance in Algeria against their colonial rulers, the FLN who the French authorities believe, or want to believe, comprise only a small minority of the Muslim Algerian population in wanting Algerian independence. Specific incidents in this battle in Algiers between 1954 and the time of independence in 1962 are presented. The FLN began their campaign in shooting military police in the Casbah, the predominantly Muslim quarter of the city, as they were able to blend back into the scene with the support of the populace. These initial one by one attacks escalated on both sides to mass killings, where collateral damage was seen as being acceptable. Both sides also worked toward the United Nations discussion on the issue, each wanting global support for their cause. The events largely focus on two people, one on each side. The first is Ali La Pointe, a lifelong petty criminal and illiterate who the FLN recruited after being politicized while in prison. The second is French paratrooper Colonel Mathieu, a lead French strategist whose main goal is to dismantle the FLN activities by "cutting off the head of the tapeworm".

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Russell Miller photo
Russell Miller

A small town in Algeria under siege by the Germans during World War II. The town is a place where people are generally nice and helpful to each other. The townspeople are the real stars of the movie. They are the ones who are in charge and make the decisions. The townspeople are the real heroes of the movie. The Germans are the villains and the movie is about the people who try to make the best out of a bad situation. The movie is about what happens when people do not understand and have a hard time communicating. The German soldier is the villain and the townspeople are the heroes. The Germans are the villains and the people of the town are the heroes. This is a good movie that shows the people of a small town in a very realistic way. There are some people who do not like this movie but there are also people who really like it. I recommend this movie to everyone who likes a good movie that shows people of a small town in a very realistic way.

Heather P. photo
Heather P.

This is an amazing film. I was shocked when I saw the film in the cinema, that is when I had first seen it. It is the first time I have ever seen a film that made me feel such a deep emotion. The acting is wonderful. There are so many layers to the story. It is a story about the genocide of Algerians and how it is being used as a way to justify the war. The movie is about love, hate, friendship, and compassion. It is about the cruelty of war and how people can turn to violence in order to survive. It is about how difficult it is to be human, and how important it is to be human. I cannot wait to see it again. I hope to see it in the cinema in the near future. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Dylan A. photo
Dylan A.

I'm not sure what the original version of this film was, but I am certain that this film is not what the original version was. What I like about this film is that it shows how the war affected people, and how people in Algeria became more aware of their plight and their situation. This film is not so much about the war, but about the people in Algeria. In a way, it shows the people as they were, rather than the war. If this film was not a war film, it would be an interesting film about the war and the people in Algeria, but this film is much more than that. The film is a comedy, and it is funny to see people reacting to the situation in Algeria. There is a lot of slapstick in this film, and it is definitely a lot of fun. This film is a masterpiece, and I would recommend it to anyone. I give it an 8/10.

Gerald Munoz photo
Gerald Munoz

I saw this movie for the first time at a film festival in Germany and was absolutely blown away by it. The movie has everything you can think of in a war movie: brutality, suspense, and intense emotions. It also shows the horrors of war in a very realistic way, especially in the last part of the movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a war movie with a more realistic plot than the usual Hollywood stuff. I have not seen the original film, so I don't know if the storyline is exactly the same, but I think that this movie is an excellent one to watch. If you want to see a film that will stay with you, this is a movie for you. If you want to watch a movie that will stay with you after you have seen it, this is the movie for you.

Lori Wilson photo
Lori Wilson

Not a movie that I would recommend for everybody. It's a beautiful story about the life of a family during the Algerian War. The movie is very well done and the actors are also great. The only thing I would say that I did not like in the movie was the pace of the movie. I think the movie could have been a little bit longer. Overall, this movie is a very good movie and I would recommend it to everybody.

Rachel Pierce photo
Rachel Pierce

I've just watched the movie and was very moved by the story. I thought the acting was superb. The movie is about a war between Algerian soldiers and the French who were trying to force the Algerian army to surrender. The movie is very realistic and captures the emotions of the soldiers. I thought it was very interesting and a great movie. I'm very impressed with the story, the acting and the directing. I really hope they will make a sequel.

Joshua P. photo
Joshua P.

I watched this movie with my 14 year old son. We both were very impressed with it. I have never been a fan of most movies about WW2. The movie was different. I really liked the acting, especially the portrayal of the German soldiers. The movie is about the courage and sacrifice of the soldiers. It shows how the German soldiers were in a difficult time. It was a very important time for them. The movie also shows how the German soldiers were treated. I am not a big fan of movies about WWII, but this movie was very different. I will buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. I think it was very good. I hope they do more movies about WW2.

Richard photo

This movie is a must see for anyone who has ever wanted to know more about the Algerian War. The film is based on a true story and it is hard to believe it was actually true. I am very surprised that this movie is not rated higher than a 6.0. This movie is a must see for anyone who is interested in World War 2 history.

Hannah H. photo
Hannah H.

It is an honest, but real depiction of life in the Algerian war. It is not about war but about the way people think of war, of war and of the war itself. It is a picture of a country in the midst of war and it is very important to see it through the eyes of the people, of the people who are living it. This film is not about the war itself but about the people who were involved in it. There are no bombs and explosions and the people live their lives with a lot of tension and the people in the film are not heroes or martyrs but the ones who tried to live their lives in the most difficult circumstances. I am not sure if the director made a statement or not, but the movie itself is a very honest depiction of the war.

William Payne photo
William Payne

One of the most interesting films I've seen in a while. The movie starts off as a straightforward drama. But after the first few minutes, it suddenly becomes a much darker and more complex film. The ending is a bit too rushed, but it is still worth it to see how the story is developed. The movie is shot beautifully and the acting is great. The direction is good, the production is good, the cinematography is great and the editing is pretty good. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good drama and also to anyone who likes war movies. You will not regret watching it. This movie will leave you thinking about it for days.

Alan Larson photo
Alan Larson

This is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. I've seen it several times and it never gets old. It is also a movie that can be viewed by anyone who is a fan of the cinema. It is not just a film that deals with the Middle East, but it is about a country and the people who live there. It is about love, loyalty, loyalty, and loyalty. It is about the problems and the solutions. It is about the war and the war. The film is beautiful, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good film. It is a very powerful and moving film. It is not just a film about the Middle East, it is about a country and the people who live there.

Olivia Garrett photo
Olivia Garrett

In the same way that "A Man Called Horse" was a masterful piece of art, "Emanuelle and the Saint" is a masterful piece of art. The story is simple, but the message is very powerful. We see a young Algerian girl (played by actress Julien Aouad) who is the only child of a wealthy family who has not been able to support her family. She is a genius and a scholar and in this film she has been working on a project for several years, which is the invention of a machine that can detect the presence of radioactive waste in the environment. Unfortunately, her father is opposed to the project and believes that it is too dangerous and will cause the contamination of the environment. Emmanuelle (played by Isabelle Adjani) is her main assistant and mother and is working hard to persuade her father to reconsider the project. One day, she receives a letter from her father, informing her that he is going to meet with a group of people who are all concerned about the project. The group consists of the mayor of the city, the head of the city council, a doctor, the head of the hospital and others. They are all worried about the contamination of the environment and how it will affect the health of the citizens. Emmanuelle is the only one of the group who is willing to go along with the project. She decides to go and discovers that the project is going to be funded by the French government and that the project will be able to detect the presence of radioactive waste. The French government, being a supporter of the project, wants to go ahead with the project as soon as possible. Emmanuelle decides to try and persuade her father to change his mind. The movie is very well made, with an interesting script, good acting and a great performance by Adjani. The idea of the movie is very powerful and has been well executed. The message is very powerful and the movie is worth watching. I would recommend this movie to everyone who has a love for art and for people who are interested in social issues. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Emanuelle and the Saint"

Amy Perez photo
Amy Perez

I must admit, I am not the type of person who enjoys war movies. I think they are very cliche and very boring. But I have been very impressed with this film. I have seen it three times in the last week. The first time I saw it, I had never heard of it, and I thought it would be a war movie about a battle of a bunch of soldiers in Algeria. I was very wrong. This movie is more about the people and their feelings about the war than about the war itself. The people in the film are not all bad, they are all just trying to survive. The soldiers are not all bad, they are just trying to survive. I think this movie is very underrated. I think it is underrated because of the fact that it is a war movie. I think people should see this movie, because it is more than a war movie, it is a human story. It is about how people can survive in a war, how people can learn from the war, and how they can be different people in the end. The war itself is not the main focus of the movie, it is more about the people. I give it a 10 out of 10. I would recommend it to anyone who likes war movies or wants to see a human story.

Brittany photo

The first thing that comes to mind when the movie starts is: it's a real "war movie". It's an interesting look at the Algerian war (the first one), the aftermath and the people who survived the war. The movie is very short, but it's well worth it. This movie is about war and survival, about the madness of war and the madness of war survivors. I really enjoyed the movie. The first part is very realistic. The war is played out in real life and it's very sad. The war scenes are realistic, and I was impressed with how it was done. I didn't think that this movie would be so good, but it was. It's a very good movie and it's worth a watch. My favorite scene is the one where they're showing a movie. It's one of the best scenes in the movie. It's very intense and really emotional. The war scenes are really well done, too. I also really enjoyed the music. The music really helps with the mood of the movie. It's really nice. The war scenes are realistic, but it's also sad. It's not a very good movie, but it's a very good movie. It's a real "war movie". It's not a movie that you can watch in a theater, but it's a real movie and it's a good movie.

Austin Gibson photo
Austin Gibson

I've seen several of the Nola films and they all have a certain charm about them. This film is no exception. The story is about the men of the African war in Algeria. It's about a British officer (Dalton) who's been sent to the front and tries to get to know the men who are fighting. He meets a French officer (DeCaprio) who also tries to understand what's going on. It's interesting how the film is shot and the people in the movie are also interesting. The people in this film are not white or black. They are all Algerians. The movie is very true to the actual war and shows the horror that the soldiers went through and the suffering they went through. The acting is great. Dalton is great as the British officer. He's believable and he shows the same qualities that he has in his other films. He's not a one dimensional character. He's very real and you can relate to him. Dalton is believable and also has some great lines. The rest of the cast is also very good. The director of this film is Gianni Amati who also directed "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". He is very good at telling the story. He also shows us how the soldiers feel and the story is told from their perspective. He shows us the horror of war. This film is a must see.

Diana photo

I really liked this film. It was so dark and moody, I can't remember the last time I saw a film that was so intense. It was also very disturbing, and the film made me feel very uneasy. I think it was a good idea to show the story in the middle of the desert, because it would make the film seem more real. The movie has a lot of symbolism, like the movie "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", but I don't think it was necessary to show it in the middle of the desert. The story itself is very interesting and well-written. I think it's a very good film.

Daniel Stephens photo
Daniel Stephens

I have been following the debate about this film since it was first shown in Paris. I have always been puzzled by the general attitude of the French and the Americans towards this film. If you want to make a political statement, go and watch "The Thin Red Line". If you want to watch a good film, go and watch "The Wild Bunch". So I am not surprised that I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the "A History of Violence" was not shown in my country. I am happy to say that the film was shown in the cinema of my city. I could not have expected a better result. The film is very important. It shows us the history of the Algerian war, the conflict between the French and the Algerian people and the struggle of the Algerian soldiers to preserve their country. It shows us the violence of the French soldiers and the cruelty of the Algerian people. It shows us the development of the Algerian society, especially the economic and political situation. It shows us the French attitude to the Algerians. Finally it shows us the social problems of the French people. I do not want to give away too much of the film. I will only say that the film is excellent, in many ways. I am sure that this film will become a classic in the future. I was a bit surprised that this film was not shown in the US. I would like to say that this film should be shown in every country and in every language.

Bruce D. photo
Bruce D.

I just saw this movie, in English, at a press screening at the London Film Festival. It was absolutely fantastic! The movie was very well written and directed, and the acting was superb. It was very realistic, and the story was very good. The characters were very well developed, and I really found myself caring about the characters. The movie was a bit slow in parts, but it was still a very good movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a movie fan. It's very different from most other movies, and I think it was very well done. It was very well done, and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a movie fan.

Jerry photo

I'm going to start by saying that I am a fan of Italian cinema and I have seen this movie many times. I like to see a movie that I know I can relate to. I'm not going to tell you how the story is told, because it is so amazing. It is so deep and so beautiful. I'm not going to tell you what the movie is about because I don't want to spoil anything. I will say that this movie is very well made and the actors are excellent. It is very difficult to find a movie that is so well made and so beautiful. I think this movie is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen and I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I highly recommend this movie and I will watch it again and again. This movie is amazing. I have seen it more than 10 times and I am still watching it.

Samuel photo

I have seen this movie about ten times. I was surprised to see that the only person in the audience that did not like the movie was my mother. She is a very old lady, and she loves war movies. The whole audience seemed to agree with me that it was a great movie, and that it was worth the money to see it. I have also seen the movie in the theaters, and I still like it. It's a movie that is more about the human side of war than the military side. It is very well written, and the acting is excellent. The actors give the impression of being real. If you want to see a great war movie, this is one to see. I can't wait for the DVD.

Timothy Harrison photo
Timothy Harrison

This movie was made in the midst of the cold war, when the Soviets were still very much in control of Europe, and the West was split between the "Axis of Evil" and the "Axis of Good". The result of the war was the collapse of the Soviet Union and the West's complete isolation. One of the few countries left in Europe that had a say in its future was France. It was an easy decision for the French to make, but one that they would regret. It was not only France that had to take the decision to leave the Soviet Union, but Germany also. That decision was not easy for Germany either, but it was also not a bad one. The German people, like the French people, had their own reasons for leaving the Soviet Union, but it was the Soviet Union's decision to leave Germany that was the real problem. The story of this film is very much like the story of another film, "Der Untergang", about the German and Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. Like that film, "Algeri" is a very well made film. It is full of scenes that are very realistic, and that helps to bring the story to life. The film has an interesting story, and although it is not a great film, it is a good one. The actors in the film are all excellent. The only two that I did not like were Edouard Dacke and Silvia Ruhle. I did not think that either of them did a good job. Edouard Dacke, as the "insider" in the Soviet Union, was a very good choice, but Silvia Ruhle was not very convincing as the Soviet agent. She was just too wooden. The one that I did not like was the actor who played the Russian general. He was simply not convincing. The Russian general was an interesting character, but I just did not believe that he could be convincing. Overall, this film is a very good one, and it is definitely worth watching.

Wayne J. photo
Wayne J.

The history of the Algerian War in the 1960s is a good story that is told in a very effective way. The cast is very good, the performances are very good. The film is very slow at times, but it is worth it. The story is not just about the war, but also about the people who lost their lives. The people of Algeria who were in the war are shown in a very accurate way. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Algerian War or history.

Emma B. photo
Emma B.

I have seen the movie and it's a good one. The movie is about the Algerian war. The movie is not about the war itself, but about the soldiers who fought in that war. The movie is about what happened during that war. The movie is very well done and very realistic. The movie has a good message. The movie is very realistic and the movie is very well made. I like the movie and I recommend it to everybody.

Louis D. photo
Louis D.

A War of the Worlds with a little love story between two war heroes, and the power of the English language. It is a very good movie, with a lot of action and a good ending. The main reason that it is a good movie is the great acting and the good story. It is very hard to find a movie with the acting of these two guys, and they are not the best actors, but they do a great job. The story is good, and the ending is great. It is a very good movie, and I would recommend it to everyone.

William F. photo
William F.

This film is a beautiful piece of work. I have to say that I have never seen such an excellent film on the subject of the Algerian War of Independence. It is simply amazing to see the intensity of the character portrayed by the actors and the incredible courage and bravery of the soldiers. This film was made by a true Italian hero. It is simply a must see. I can't wait for it to be released on DVD and I can't wait for this film to be re-released in the United States. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Algerian War of Independence. It is a truly beautiful piece of work. I am very happy that this film is being released on DVD in the United States. I hope that it will be re-released in Europe and I hope that this film will be re-released in the United States as well. This film is a must see. Thank you for this film. I hope that you will be able to see it on DVD soon.

Linda photo

This is an interesting and thought-provoking film. The first scene is a visit to a French military base and then on to a forest where the battle scenes take place. The army's camp is very different from the rest of the base. The soldiers are dressed in different uniforms and are all wearing helmets. This is to give the impression that the soldiers are living in a war zone. The entire film is filmed in a grey, uncluttered, yet richly detailed environment, with the soldiers walking amongst trees, in fields, and through the woods. The atmosphere is very atmospheric, and is enhanced by the unique war scenes, which are very real. The film follows the soldiers as they walk along a road, a crossroad, through fields, and through forests, and then through the forest. They encounter two types of people in the forest, the locals and the enemy. They are surrounded by a jungle, but the enemy seems to be quite content to be in the jungle. The movie is very tense, and has a very strong and compelling plot. I was quite surprised by the ending, which I felt was quite ambiguous. It's not a particularly dramatic ending, but it did give me some hope that perhaps there might be more to the film.

Angela photo

I don't know if this is a spoiler, but I was thinking about the whole film when I saw this movie. It is not a good movie, but it is a movie that I will remember. And that's because of the performances of all the actors. I really like this film, because of the acting. I have to say that it is not a good movie, but it is a movie that I will remember. It is a film that I will watch over and over again. I would give this film an 8 out of 10.

Gary photo

I really liked this movie, I have to say. I'm not sure why it's rated so low. It's not a movie you'll be bored by, but it's definitely a movie you'll enjoy. I thought the movie was very well done, and I found myself quite immersed in the movie. I also thought the characters were well developed and I felt sorry for them. I also thought the acting was great. I don't think it was overdone, but it did seem to be a little over the top. I also thought the ending was a bit predictable, but I didn't mind that. Overall, I thought the movie was very well done, and I highly recommend it.

Lisa photo

I've seen this movie many times and it is one of my favorites. It is a great movie about the war in Algeria and the people who lived in that war. The movie is very real and shows the reality of that war. The movie shows the people and how they live their lives and how they feel when they are in war. It is very emotional and very well done. It is a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Matthew photo

I have been a fan of the Italian war movies for years and never heard about this movie until now. I was told that it was a war movie and it is, but it is a really good movie, it is very moving and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the war and the Italian Civil War. The movie has a great cast, especially the two leading actors. I really liked the relationship between Franco and Franco. It is very emotional and it is very well acted. The movie has some beautiful scenes and I was very impressed by the movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone who wants to learn about the war in Italy, especially to people who are interested in the Italian Civil War. I would also like to thank the director for making this movie. I would like to see more movies like this one. It is a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone.