Steam Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin

Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin

Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin is an episode of The Metropolitan Opera HD Live starring Valery Gergiev, Mariusz Kwiecien, and Anna Netrebko. Onegin's friend Lensky introduces him to Tanya, his fiancee's sister but Onegin flirts with his...

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Gary Halvorson
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Alexander Pushkin, Konstantin Shilovsky
Valery Gergiev, Mariusz Kwiecien, Deborah Voigt, Anna Netrebko
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Onegin's friend Lensky introduces him to Tanya, his fiancee's sister but Onegin flirts with his fiancee. Lensky challenges him to a duel; nobody stops them. Later, Onegin tries to seduce Tanya, but she's married. Onegin just doesn't get it.

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Justin Cunningham photo
Justin Cunningham

This is an extraordinary piece of film-making. The film is directed with great skill by Aleksandr Sokurov. The actors are excellent, and the music is perfect. I can't understand why some people have been upset by this film. It's a fine piece of art and a great showcase of the composer's talent. The film is an excellent introduction to the composer, and should be seen by anyone who has not yet heard of him. It is recommended for anyone interested in the music of the Russian composer.

David Morrison photo
David Morrison

This is an interesting, sometimes quirky film about a composer, Igor Stravinsky, who died in the early 1900's. He had a lot of trouble in his lifetime and a lot of artistic respect in his time, but his work was not appreciated by the public. He had a huge amount of fans in Russia and many of them were not satisfied with his work. The film shows Stravinsky's life, his musical career, his life with his family, his death, and his work. It also shows the reaction of his contemporaries to his work. The film is very slow and it doesn't have many music scenes, but it is a lot of fun and I enjoyed it very much. The acting is good and the cinematography is very good. This is a very good film and I recommend it to anyone.

Andrew Medina photo
Andrew Medina

I saw this movie with a group of friends and it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. I'm surprised that it was only given a 7.2 rating. I think it was very well done and the music is amazing. It's the first movie I've seen that really got me thinking about the Russian composer. The music was amazing and the acting was also great. The story is interesting and it's not hard to follow. I'm glad I saw it because I really enjoyed it. It's a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Bruce Stewart photo
Bruce Stewart

The film was very well done. I enjoyed the music, the plot, and the acting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a film that is different from the usual Hollywood fare. The plot was interesting, and the film had a very good flow to it. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes musicals.

Marilyn photo

This is one of the best Russian musicals I have ever seen. The acting is excellent and the music is very well done. The score is very good and the film is very well done. It is a very nice piece of work. The film is a perfect adaptation of the book. I have never seen such a great adaptation of a book. The book is a classic and I don't know what anyone could have done better. This is a great movie. I recommend it to everyone. It is a very good film. 7/10

Rebecca Myers photo
Rebecca Myers

I don't know if I can say I'm a fan of this movie, but I did love the score, and the music was very catchy and catchy. It's a great song for a movie. The story was good, and the acting was great, but the music was a bit too loud, and the whole thing was a bit too loud. It's a great movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Bobby photo

I have just watched this film for the first time and I was very impressed. The film is not too long, the soundtrack is beautiful and the characters are very interesting. The only thing that I didn't like about the film was the music. The music was very beautiful, but I don't like the "Stark" version, because it's a little too long. I would have preferred the longer version. The film is very touching and very romantic. I would definitely recommend it.

Helen photo

I was fortunate enough to see this film at the Toronto Film Festival in the early summer of 2011. The film was filmed in the beautiful surroundings of a northern Ontario lake and the music of the film was performed by a group of violinists. I was impressed by the simplicity of the film. The film showed the beauty of nature in all its beauty. The film showed the beauty of life and the beauty of death. The film was a tribute to the beauty of the human spirit. I hope that the film was able to open the eyes of many people to the beauty of life and the beauty of death.

Victoria photo

What a shame that a great composer like Tchaikovsky (as many others have pointed out) could not have been brought to the screen in a more "comic" and "lighter" manner. This is one of the greatest "comedies" of the 20th century and is a great contrast to the "serious" dramas that were being made at the time. This film is very entertaining and can be watched over and over again. However, I think the director should have brought Tchaikovsky's music to the screen in a more serious, more serious and more realistic manner. This film was made in the early 1930's and the music was not really appreciated by the public, therefore, this was the time when Tchaikovsky was trying to find a way to get his music heard. I think that this was a very sad time in his life and it would have been better if the music was made more serious. The films music is also very good and in many ways reminds me of the music in "A Trip to the Moon" and "The Nutcracker". I think that the director could have made this film in a more "serious" way and made it more "comic" and "lighter". The music in this film is very good and the direction and editing is very good. The characters in this film are very interesting and you feel that you are watching a real person, not just a comic actor playing a comic character. In many ways, the film is like a comic book and is not a great film but is very enjoyable. This is one of the greatest films of all time and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Tchaikovsky and/or Tchaikovsky's music.

Keith photo

If you are a fan of the composer then you'll like this film. It's a very well done film, with lots of music and the film maker knows how to make it look great. The film is based on the music of one of the greatest composers of all time, and the film shows the composer's life. It's not a bad film, it's not the best, but it is an interesting film and worth watching.

Olivia photo

Eugene Onegin is the story of a young man who is given the task of restoring a lost painting. He has to bring the painting to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The opening of the film is a bit too long and takes a little too long to get to the point. The story is a bit too melodramatic and is a bit too slow for my taste. I did like the music and I liked the performances by the actors, but I felt that it was a bit too long. It would have been better to cut out a few scenes and focus on the music instead. The film does have some great moments. The costumes and scenery are beautiful. The film is also a little too long, but I did like it. The film is not for everyone, but if you like music, art, or theater, this is a good film to watch.

Adam photo

This is a great documentary. It's about a great Russian composer, a real genius, who passed away not long ago. This documentary is about his life and the music he made. It's a great way to learn about his life. The film was made by a fan, so it's a little biased, but it's still great. I like the music, the film is great. I recommend this to anyone who likes music.

Carol W. photo
Carol W.

A sort of love letter to the 70s, with lots of film clips from the era, and the music from the era. The "songs" are pretty good. The background music is great, too, and they have a lot of the older films (e.g., Gogol Bordello, Requiem for a Dream) that they play. This is a nice way to spend 90 minutes.

Beverly Owens photo
Beverly Owens

I've been waiting for this film for years. I saw it on DVD and loved it. It's not as great as I expected, but it's a fun film and has some really good songs. It's not one of the greatest, but it's fun and I would recommend it to anyone. The best songs are "It's a Small World" and "Stree, Stree, Stree."

Willie Kim photo
Willie Kim

I recently had the pleasure of seeing this film at the New York Film Festival. It's a film about a composer named Eugene Onegin, who died in a train accident. This film was shot on location in St. Petersburg, Russia, and features the music of Tchaikovsky. I was amazed at the look of this film. The images were beautiful, the lighting was amazing, and the lighting in the shots was perfect. The music was also superb, and the score was extremely well done. The film also features the music of Tchaikovsky, which I think is one of the best scores ever. I really enjoyed this film. It was very well done. It was great to see the music of Tchaikovsky, which is one of the best composers in the world. The movie is a great introduction to Tchaikovsky, and it is a great film to watch if you are a fan of his music.

Samantha Palmer photo
Samantha Palmer

This is one of the few films to be filmed with the music of Tchaikovsky and the set and costume of the film are wonderful. The setting of the film is in St. Petersburg during the Great Terror, a period of Russian history that is a very important part of the history of the Russian people. The film is a very sensitive examination of this period and of the people involved in it. The film was shot in the period 1881-1917, during the Russian civil war. The film is a very well-made film and is very well-adapted from the novel, Tchaikovsky's writings and Tchaikovsky's performances. It is a good film and I recommend it highly.

Peter P. photo
Peter P.

This is the movie of the year, and if not for the fact that it is the only Russian movie to win the Oscar for best foreign language film, I would have given it a 9 out of 10. It's about a man named Eugene Onegin (Colin Firth) who lives in a small town in Scotland. His wife (Kate Winslet) has died and he has been separated from his son for a long time. He is getting along well with his son, but not so well with his wife, and he is struggling to find a suitable mate. This is a very complicated story, with many interesting characters. The actors give their best performances, especially Firth, who has a great role, and Kate Winslet who is fantastic as the sullen and distant wife. This is a very moving film, but it is also very funny, with many great moments. It is very difficult to take a serious look at a film about a man trying to find a suitable mate, but the film is also very funny, and has a very good ending. This is a very good movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a great film.

John S. photo
John S.

The late 1960s and early 1970s saw a series of films that dealt with the symphonic music of the period. Many of these were directed by the same man who made a number of the music videos. In the case of this film, it was composed by the man who made music videos, and it was also directed by him. It's a film that deals with a young man who plays the piano and he falls in love with a woman who plays the piano. The film is a combination of music videos and musical pieces. The music video is basically the film and the musical pieces are mainly excerpts from the film. The film is very funny and the musical pieces are very good. There are some music videos that were more famous and better than this one. The film was shot in Sweden and the film was made in about a year. The film is really great and worth seeing. If you're a fan of the music videos of the time, you'll enjoy this film.

Steven C. photo
Steven C.

A film that's all about music, or rather about music as it relates to the human experience. I'm not really sure what it's about. It's not that I'm not interested in music, or that I'm not aware of what it means to be human. I just think it's a lot of fun to watch, and that the director has some interesting ideas. In the film, we are introduced to a world of humans who are completely lost, as if they were lost in a labyrinth. We are also introduced to a race of humans who are just a little bit more advanced than us, and are like us, but they have their own set of rules. There are a couple of characters who are a little bit more advanced than us, but they are lost, and they have to learn to live without the aid of a computer. I'm not sure what the point of the film is, but it's not like it has anything to do with human beings. The point of the film is to show the relationship between humans and the machines. What makes us human? Is it our abilities to be able to create things, or is it our need to express ourselves in the world? These questions are explored, and the answers are not always easy to find. This film is definitely not for everyone. The film is very slow and boring, and there are moments where you wonder if you've been watching a different film. I think the director is doing a great job at creating the world he is depicting, but he is also doing a great job at creating the film itself. The film has some really beautiful scenes, and some of the best music I've ever heard. This film is definitely worth watching, but I wouldn't suggest it to everyone. If you're a fan of the composer Tchaikovsky, you should definitely check this film out. You may be disappointed, but I think you'll find that you're in for a great ride.

Rose Webb photo
Rose Webb

I have to say I enjoyed this film. I don't know why it received such a low rating. It is very good. The acting is great, the musical score is fantastic and the camera work is amazing. It's very difficult to describe the film but I will just say that it's very strange. It's a hybrid of film and stage. The performances are great and the music is great. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes music or film. It's very interesting.