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En équilibre

En équilibre is a movie starring Albert Dupontel, Cécile de France, and Patrick Mille. Marc Guermont used to be a very much sought after horse stuntman in films. One day unfortunately, he had a bad fall from his mount during the...

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Im Gleichgewicht, En Équilibre, In Harmony, W harmonii
Running Time
1 hours 27 minutes
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Denis Dercourt
Véronique Pellerin, Denis Dercourt, Bernard Sachsé
Cécile de France, Carole Franck, Albert Dupontel, Patrick Mille
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Marc Guermont used to be a very much sought after horse stuntman in films. One day unfortunately, he had a bad fall from his mount during the shooting of a historical movie. And not only has he become a paraplegic but his insurance company tries to rip him off into the bargain. Two good reasons for Marc to feel bitter and enraged. Needless to say that Marc resolutely waits for the coming of his insurance "advisor". But when the latter reports to him, the insurance man happens to be a... seductive woman, Florence Kernel.

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Lori Ross photo
Lori Ross

The movie was well made and entertaining. The direction was quite good and the actors were good. I felt that the movie didn't really take advantage of its time. I found it slow in parts. I don't know if this was a lack of effort or the movie didn't take advantage of the time. I did like the look of the movie, the acting, and the music. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is not the most sophisticated movie, but it was entertaining and worth watching.

Christopher J. photo
Christopher J.

The way I see it, if you don't like it, then you don't understand it. And if you don't understand it, then you don't like it. This is not the case. I really liked the movie, but I don't understand the movie. I think the movie is about the child's parents and how they treat him. He is not a child. He is not even a teenager. He is a kid. I am not saying that it is bad. It is not that bad. But I don't understand the movie. And that's the problem with movies. Movies are about the people. The people are the stars. And I don't like the movie. I just don't understand the movie.

Samuel Turner photo
Samuel Turner

I loved this movie. I would watch it over and over again. I do not understand how it has such a low rating. I loved this movie and would recommend it to anyone. This movie is a great comedy with a tragic ending. The acting is excellent, the story is well written, and the characters are developed well. The story is not for everyone but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great comedy. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I would give this movie a 9/10.

Samantha G. photo
Samantha G.

I really liked this movie. The story line was very good. The acting was great. I also liked the setting, the "French house". It was very interesting to watch the French house. I think that the movie is about the relationship between two people. The movie had a great message to tell about the way we live our lives. I was very surprised when I watched this movie. I really liked the movie and I think it is a very good movie to watch. I think that it is a movie that everyone should watch. The movie is great to watch.

Vincent Perry photo
Vincent Perry

At a time when French films are on the rise, I was surprised to see this film. I thought it was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who liked French cinema. The movie is about a father and son relationship, and how one of them is sexually abused. The son eventually decides to end the relationship with the father and he starts a new relationship with another man. The son eventually realizes that he can't trust the father, and that he can't control his sexual desires. I thought the father and son relationship was interesting and I thought the movie was well done. The movie has good acting and is very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes French cinema.

Elizabeth W. photo
Elizabeth W.

The story is an exploration of the effects of loneliness and the life of a family, the parents, the children, the siblings. We watch the lives of the two siblings, a teenage boy and a girl, each having his own life of solitude and frustration. The two siblings are very similar, and the father is a violent, manipulative, and unstable person, who keeps his distance from his children. We watch their lives through their eyes and hear their voices, and feel the loneliness and frustration of the family. The father makes a deal with a woman in the hospital, and this gives him the opportunity to escape from the life of solitude. The movie ends in a final scene that leaves us thinking, "What will happen to the family?". There is no resolution, no answer to the questions the film poses. But the film leaves us thinking about the effects of isolation and loneliness, and the choices we can make for ourselves, for others, for our family.

Beverly Perez photo
Beverly Perez

It's hard to believe that the first part of this film was made in one week, when in the last two years, I've seen the release of three other "Italian" films in one week: "Olympia Rising", "The Sun's Last Train" and "Paprika". The film is very ambitious, the director and the actors do an outstanding job of bringing the story to the screen, but the end is a bit anticlimactic. The film is also extremely long. I've seen the film at least ten times, but I still don't understand the ending. And I don't know why. The film is a bit long, but it's a very strong story, that you have to see in order to understand it. I'm not sure that it's possible to make a film about a family with a very small budget, but this one managed to do it, without losing any of the originality of the story. The acting is great, the cinematography is great, the editing is very good. I recommend this film to everyone who likes films about small families with very important messages. I rate it 7 out of 10. Recommended!

Crystal photo

It was a year ago that I saw this movie at the Cannes Film Festival, and I am pleased to say that I had the opportunity to see it again at the same festival. It is not a bad movie, but it is also not a great movie either. The story is about a man who has had a stroke, and he starts a life of solitude in his apartment, with only the television and his small radio to listen to. One day, he finds a letter in his mailbox, and he opens it. The letter tells him that he has been awarded a special prize from the city of Montreal. He does not believe it, but he begins to believe it. He finds out that the prize is for a play he wrote about the time of the Great War, and he decides to start writing his play. It is not a typical movie about war, and I am not sure what exactly I would like to have from a movie about war. I like to see a movie about war, and the way it is portrayed in this movie is a bit too shallow. It is a bit too long, and the movie ends too abruptly. It is a bit too Hollywood, but there is also a bit too stylized, with the great big bangs of the bombs and the explosions. I would have preferred a movie that had a more realistic look to it, but then again, this movie is not for everyone. It is not a bad movie, but I do not think it is a great movie either. I would recommend this movie to people who like to see a movie about war, but for those who are not interested in that sort of thing, then I would say that this is not a movie you would want to see.

Walter Matthews photo
Walter Matthews

I was not aware of this movie until recently, but I am now compelled to see it. The director's debut is the story of a woman, Raquel, who is an artist in her own right, and the subsequent consequence of her new found fame and wealth. She is alone and on the run from the law, but finds a new love in a handsome young man, Emilio. The story is told in flashbacks, and the actors all do a great job. The cast is full of beautiful actors, including the star of the show, the beautiful Antoine Bejo. The story is told in a very slow, but still very moving manner. The music is excellent, and the scenery is very realistic. I was not sure of the ending, but I am glad I was not confused, and I was able to guess it at the end. The film is very different from the other movies of the same director, but I liked it very much. I recommend it to everyone, and I am glad I did.

Teresa photo

I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time. The first time I saw it I was in awe, but now, a few months later, I have the same feeling. It's not a bad movie, it's just not great. I don't think that it's the direction of the film that's the problem, but the script and the character development. I can't think of any one actor that stands out. The acting is good, but not great. The only two performances that stand out are the two boys. They're both very convincing, but their characters are not very well developed. This is not a problem in the plot, it's just that there is not enough character development. It's like the actors just went to see the movie to see the boys. I can't think of one single character that is written well enough. The only good thing is that the movie has a very nice cinematography, the shots are really well-done. However, the cinematography is not enough to save this movie from the 'average' category.

Deborah C. photo
Deborah C.

I found this movie a little bit slow and had a couple of parts that didn't really fit together, but I was still very much into it and enjoyed it. I thought it was very good, even though I had a few problems with it. One of the main problems I had was that it didn't really seem to really take itself very seriously, and I don't know if that's because of the director or the scriptwriter. The main characters were not very sympathetic, but that's okay. There were some moments that were very funny, and some were really sad, but it didn't really feel like a sad movie. The main character is the main character. He's a lovable and lovable guy, and that's what makes this movie so special. The movie was a little slow, but it wasn't a horrible movie. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch. It was really good, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Helen Douglas photo
Helen Douglas

This film was recommended to me by a friend. The cinematography was quite breathtaking. The acting was good and there were a few twists that kept me interested. I did not expect much, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It is a slow, emotional film that will not appeal to everyone. I have not seen a lot of movie reviews, but I have heard that this film is "boring" and I would agree. It is slow and it does not have a lot of action, but that does not mean it is not good. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to be moved and have a good cry. The film is not for everyone, but it is not for everyone.

Justin Stanley photo
Justin Stanley

This is one of the most interesting movies I've seen in a while. The story is a little bit confusing at first, but once you understand it, it is quite a good film. I really liked the acting in this film, and the cinematography. I was really impressed by the camera work, especially the close-ups. It really made the movie. I also liked the music. It was a very powerful and beautiful piece of music. The best thing about this movie is the acting. I really enjoyed watching the actors portray their characters. You really get to know each character. This is a great movie to watch with friends, or even alone.

Tammy H. photo
Tammy H.

This movie had me glued to the screen. The movie was about a couple, in their mid 30's, who just got divorced and decide to get back together. I love it when the two main characters are in a relationship. It makes you wonder what the heck is going on in their lives. The story goes from a serious situation to an innocent one, which makes it feel so real. The acting is great. It is hard to watch this movie because you want to be able to tell them apart. The main character is so good at it. You just want to have them together again. It is a movie that is made to be watched with your spouse or partner. It is a film that you can watch with your significant other and not have to worry about sex. The movie is about an honest relationship. It is not for everyone. It is a movie that you will have a hard time not thinking about after you have seen it. It is a great film that is hard to forget.

Crystal photo

A young man gets dumped on his doorstep by his long-term girlfriend who is unable to understand why he is so attached to her. The result is a series of events that lead to him going to a group home where he is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. The film starts out slow and picks up as it progresses. The acting is decent for a low-budget film, the acting is very good for a low-budget film. It is very believable and the story is very interesting. It is very difficult to find out why the main character is so attached to his girlfriend. The film shows the struggle of Asperger's Syndrome and how it affects people. It is a good film for a low-budget film. The ending is good, the film is very slow, and the story is good. It is worth a watch, and it is good for a low-budget film.

Susan F. photo
Susan F.

I think this movie was an important and thought provoking film. The themes of the film are extremely important and reflect the type of society that we live in. It was very interesting to see how society deals with this issue. I also liked the movie because of the characters that are involved. I think that this movie will have a very positive impact on the people who see it. The main characters are very well portrayed and I thought that the acting was very good. I think that it is a very important movie and should be watched.

Gary photo

Theodore Monden's great book, "The Green Mile", is a terrific and chilling tale of the true story of the death of a man who was wrongly convicted of raping and killing a young girl. The film is directed by Alex Thomson and stars Ben Afleck, Tim Blake Nelson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Matt Bomer. The film takes place in a high-security prison in Michigan. Led by Warden Jackson (Blake Nelson), the prison guards are able to keep the inmates in line, as they see that they are kept in a cage, with no communication with the outside world. However, a new inmate, Peter, (Tim Blake Nelson) is not a true prisoner, but a free man. He wants to speak with the outside world and see the outside world, even though he is a murderer and rapist. In a desperate attempt to get Peter to the outside world, Warden Jackson assigns the prisoner to clean out the prison and find Peter. He does this and then, they get together and talk. The film is very suspenseful, as it shows how the guards are manipulated by the inmates. It is also very gruesome, and is filmed very well. The film is a great film, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good prison film. My rating: 7/10 Rated R for violence, disturbing images, and brief language.

Marilyn photo

I'm still in the process of thinking about this film, and I'm trying to come up with a review that will be helpful to others. I'm not sure what to say. There is so much going on, and it's so interesting to see what comes out of this film. The film is dark, mysterious, and has a lot of interesting twists. The story is told through a series of flashbacks that are intercut with the present. The flashback sequences are interesting, and it's always fascinating to see what comes out of them. This film is definitely a lot of fun, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Joyce Gardner photo
Joyce Gardner

This movie is a fictional story about a group of people who become close friends over the course of a week. They become so close, they actually forget to be friends, and when the day comes that they must split up, the people are still friends. The story is told in the form of a short film that seems to be the movie, with a lot of dialogue. But I didn't like the way it was told. I liked the way it was told, but the characters were not so believable, and some of the acting was not up to par. But I really liked the way the movie ended, and I think that it was well written, and the ending was a great twist. Overall, I really liked this movie. It is well written and well acted, but the characters were not as realistic as I would have liked them to be. I did not like how the story was told, but I did not like how it was told, and I think that it was a good twist.

Andrea Smith photo
Andrea Smith

I don't like a lot of movies that are very complex or that are so complex and that you have to work very hard to understand. This is not one of them. The whole movie is very easy to understand and yet very hard to understand. I had no problem with that. I liked the way the director presented it. He made it very easy to understand and the end is very interesting. The way he used the music was very clever. I really enjoyed this movie. I have to admit that I am a fan of Sergio Martino, but this movie is very different from his other work. I am very interested in his movies and this one is a very good one. The whole movie is very interesting and has a very good story. I have to say that I really like it.